Out This Week / on 9 February 2018

Ramones / Vinyl reissues

Ramones, Leave Home and Rocket to Russia are reissued on standalone vinyl. Rocket to Russia is the album proper and not the tracking mix from the box! Read more

Toto  / Greatest Hits: 40 Trips Around The Sun

Toto release a 40th anniversary greatest hits collection that includes three new tracks.

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40 trips around the sun - CD


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40 trips around the sun - 2lP vinyl


Joan As Police Woman / Damned Devotion (new album)

After the decidedly mixed reviews of 2016’s Let It Be You (a collaboration with Benjamin Lazar Davis) Joan Wasser returns with her seventh Joan As Police Woman album, Damned Devotion. First single Tell Me, suggests this is a return to form. A European tour starts in March.

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Joan As Police Woman

Damned Devotion - CD


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Joan As Police Woman

Damned Devotion - vinyl LP


Moby / Play: The B Sides vinyl LP

Moby / Play: The B-sides (vinyl)

The 2000 compilation of Moby‘s Play flip sides makes it to vinyl 18 years later. Read more

Franz Ferdindand / Always Ascending (new album)

Scottish indie rockers Franz Ferdinand return with their fifth studio album Always Ascending.

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Franz Ferdinand

Always Ascending - CD


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Franz Ferdinand

Always Ascending - vinyl LP


20 responses to Out This Week / on 9 February 2018

  1. BRENEZ Alain says:

    I saw Joan as Police Woman live yesterday in Brussels. She played 10 songs either on piano or guitar in front of a fairly small audience at PIAS offices. The last song was a surprising cover of Prince’s Kiss. All the other songs were from the new album released today. I had the chance to meet with her after the gig and getting my copy of her new (yes pink) LP signed. A real lovely person with an amazing resume of collaborations (also I didn’t know she was Jeff Buckley’s girlfriend up to his death). Here’s a link to one of yesterday’s songs on You Tube : ; a song she wrote for her now deceased father.

  2. e.s. says:

    New MGMT album this week, too, right?

  3. Mark Jensem says:

    You can also get the Franz Ferdinand album on cassette if you order from Domino. That’s what I did, and it appears to include full cd quality downloads. I just love cassettes for playing at work on a Walkman.

  4. Auntie Sabrina says:

    I’ve had a few occasions were Amazon offered me a partial refund because the description was wrong. Just be polite and ask, you don’t get unless you ask…

  5. Larry Davis says:

    I really dig Toto, saw them live for the first time 2-3 years ago at Brooklyn’s then-new Barclay’s Center, co-headlining with Yes, supporting their 2014 release and they kinda blew me away and were better than Yes!! Lukather is an amazing guitar player, and like Ambrosia, Toto are a misunderstood & pigeonholed American prog band with a pop jones. This set is cool for a coupla reasons…new songs, cheap and won’t get in the way of bigger sets…and doesn’t leave out “Stranger In Town” either…

    • Shawn says:

      Larry, I love Toto. I’ve seen them several times in the past few years and they put on an amazing show. My understanding is this release is the kick off of a plan to release remastered versions of their albums, including unreleased material. The new tracks on this one are really good, especially the rocking Struck By Lightning. They also culled some really great tunes from their catalog that were never hits, like Lea, Afraid of Love, and Jake to the bone. Personally, I’d say Toto is a straight AOR/melodic rock band, about the only thing they ever released which resembled prog was Hydra back in ’79 – but that was a one off.

  6. Dave says:

    The Monochrome Set 1979-85 box set is out this week on tapete records,
    First four albums and two discs of A’s and B’s,
    and it’s Brilliant if not a bit overpriced !!!

  7. O(+> Peter B says:

    Franz Ferdinand’s last album was excellent, can’t wait to hear the new one.

  8. Mark Penny says:

    I still wonder whatever happened to that Sylvian/Joan as Police Woman collaboration album? Now that would be an interesting listen.

  9. Dan says:

    Joan As Police Woman featured on Placebo’s MTV Unplugged album a couple of years ago, I’ve been meaning to check her out, now would be a good time with a new album et al.

  10. elliott buckingham says:

    also a reissue/re-recording of w.a.s.p.s greatest album crimson idol complete with film of the album.

  11. EW99 says:

    I really enjoyed Let It Be You and saw her play most of it with BLD at Heaven. Great gig!

  12. Kev Moore says:

    Although I’ve got most of the Toto stuff on CD, an opportunity to get the vinyl with the extra tracks appeals- looks a good price in France. let’s see if they do free shipping to Spain!

  13. BRENEZ Alain says:

    Just bought ‘Let it Be You’ from Joan as Police Woman on vinyl last week (from an actual record shop) as it was 50% off. I will see her live this Thursday as she’s playing a solo set at PIAS offices in Brussels one day before the release of her new LP. Also have a ticket for her ‘standard’ live gig in April.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I was sure I’d bought tickets to the Royal Festival Hall gig in London, but can find no trace of my order, so maybe I planned to do it, but then forgot.. :(
      I’m a big fan and saw her play live when she toured Real Life.

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