Out This Week / on 9 November 2018

The Beatles / The ‘White Album’ 50th anniversary super deluxe edition

Jimi Hendrix / Electric Ladyland 50th anniversary super deluxe edition

Jimi Hendrix / Electric Ladyland 50th anniversary super deluxe edition

Jethro Tull / This Was 4-disc 50th anniversary edition

Jethro Tull / This Was: The 50th Anniversary Edition / 3CD+DVD deluxe

Dead Or Alive / Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know / limited white vinyl

Sheryl Crow / Live at the Capitol Theatre 2017 Be Myself Tour

Sheryl Crow / Live at the Capitol Theatre: 2017 Be Myself Tour

Suede / Studio Albums 93 to 16 / Limited coloured vinyl box set

Cast / The Vinyl Collection 1995-2001

80s Symphonic / 80s originals combined with orchestral arrangements

The League of Gentlemen / Vinyl Cuts vinyl box set

The League of Gentlemen’s Vinyl Cuts

Cast / Greatest Hits (clear vinyl)

Britpop favourites Cast have a new greatest hits package out on vinyl which spans six albums and the years 1995-2017. This is pressed on groovy CLEAR vinyl and is available to order from the SDE shop.

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  1. J T says:

    Muse releases its eighth studio album this week, called Simulation Theory.

    CD, Deluxe CD, Vinyl (1 140g black 12″), Cassette (!), download, and Super Deluxe Edition.

    Unlike the box sets they had for The Resistance and The 2nd Law SDEs or the gatefold packaging of Drones, Simulation Theory’s Super Deluxe is housed in a hardbound book:

    • Double CD (Including five tracks not on the Deluxe CD)

    • Double Clear Vinyl (12″, 180g, with all the tracks found on the Super Deluxe CDs)

    • Twenty-page book

    • Art print

    • Download codes

    I was sorry to see you didn’t even include it here, I remember you had done a separate post for Drones but otherwise I don’t recall seeing Muse around here much.

  2. Glenn says:

    Midnight Oil Armistice Day live set from recent world tour came out yesterday. Is available in several configurations on their online store. Only see the 1CD version on AmazonUS/UK.


  3. Derek Langsford says:

    Wednesday night, I checked to see which orders of my orders to cancel (,, and found more than 24 hours before the release date, my UK order had shipped and my DE order was in process to ship and I was too late to cancel. So two copies are heading my way. Sigh.

    Earlier this year Amazon UK took 3 days after release date to send me the latest Chvrches album. Never expected them to send out this set 1 or more days ahead of release.

  4. MARK LEVY says:

    I’m very pleased with this re-imagining of The White Album on CD. Easier to get the discs out unlike with the 2009 release. It’s done away with duplicating the lyrics in the booklet this time. As they were meant to just be on the back of the poster. So what was the point last time? Not the original black and white photos. I do have a replica edition of this on CD so it doesn’t bother me. A great improvement!

  5. Martin says:

    Beatles sgt pepper 2cd deluxe from last year is now 9.99 lowest its been at amazon
    Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

  6. Pablo says:

    Hi, this was actually released last week, but just in case it might interest somebody else in this site I would strongly recommend the recent box set by Hiss Golden Messenger named Devotion: Songs About Rivers and Spirits and Children. It contains remastered versions of the 1st four records and is available in vinyl and cd from Merge Records. Cheers and keep up the good work!

  7. Philip Birtwistle says:

    Isn’t the Judie Tzuke box out this week too?

  8. Regan Judson says:

    Wow…..I am getting a TON of packages this week!

  9. Golden Age Of S.D.E. says:

    Getting 4 of those, WA S.D.E. & 4LP box, Jimi, Jethro & Sheryl Crow. Still playing The Kinks VGPS, Imagine & Bob’s boxes. Jimi will be playing first on Friday, it would have been The WA but I’ve ordered from Amazon France so it may be next Monday-Wednesday. I’ve waited 50 years, couple more days I can manage.

  10. Simon says:

    Sorry that this comment isn’t directly related to this week’s releases, but Kate Bush Remastered 1 CD box is £45.99 at – much better than £59.99 at Amazon and HMV. They don’t appear to have the second one listed as yet. I hope it’s OK to flag up non-Amazon sites!

    • Steve says:

      Jimi Hendrix Box Set is £42.99 and White Album £119.99 at Best UK prices I have come accross. Neither of these sets has autorip so little benefit in getting from Amazon other than quick delivery.

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