Out This Week / on 14 December 2018

Depeche Mode / Construction Time Again & Some Great Reward 12″ boxes

Neil Young / Songs For Judy

Springsteen on Broadway / 2CD or 4LP

King Crimson / 1969-72 vinyl box

Creedence Clearwater Revival / The Studio Albums Collection / 7LP vinyl box

Various Artists / Deutschland 86 (original soundtrack)

Deutschland 86 is the follow up to the fabulous Deutschland 83, and although we are still waiting for it to be broadcast here in the UK (get on with it!), you can now buy the soundtrack on double CD with songs from Howard Jones, Falco, Level 42, The Cars, Talk Talk and Elvis Costello.

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Various Artists

Deutschland 86 (Original Soundtrack)


15 responses to Out This Week / on 14 December 2018

  1. Samppa says:

    Also worth to mention that some Siouxsie & The Banshees vinyl-reissues are being released this friday.

  2. Mirkp says:

    it is correct: Springsteen on Broadway CD this friday. Vinyl in January. Saw him last Saturday. It was a beautiful evening. There was a promotion with the 2 different dates for the CD and the vinyl.

  3. CJ Feeney says:

    Wasn’t Deutschland ’83 a “Walter Presents” discovery on Channel 4. The cover of the Deutschland ’86 CD says it’s a Prime Original, so unlikely to get a “terrestrial” TV showing. That’s disappointing.

  4. J says:

    Just picked up Bob Marley Legend on Gold vinyl @ Target for $24 while I was out getting milk. A great looking label on the LP

  5. tom says:

    Deutschland83 was a fantastic series…really glad to hear about another series and CD.

  6. Michael says:

    Hi Paul, last year you made an excellent video for the deluxe Sgt. Pepper box. Will you make one for the White album box too? I know it is already out for a month, but I’m interested to see what you think of it. Greetings, Michael.

  7. tonissive says:

    Super Furry Animals- Rings around The World -vinyl reissue by Music on Vinyl delayed until the end of 2019 ):

    • Caroline says:

      The END of 2019? Blimey. Surely they’d be best waiting until the reissue Kliph is working on with the band if they’re going to be that close together?

    • Paul Taylor says:

      That’s a bit worrying 3 days before release. Legal issues?

      • Eamonn says:

        Yeah, I wonder if the end of next year date is just a placeholder and likely not to happen if the band are planning their own vinyl reissue of the album.

  8. Dan says:

    What about the remaining 4x Siouxsie & the Banshees remastered vinyl reissues out on Friday? The Rapture, being given a proper U.K. release on 2LP.
    Why have you ignored all these releases, they’ve not been obvious or easy to keep track off.

    • Dan says:

      I read this back and it’s quite snappy, sorry about that, I just thought Siouxsie releases would be a priority on this site as they’re usually covered.

  9. Caroline says:

    Amazon are saying 25 January for Springsteen on vinyl now but still has Friday for the CD.

    • Phil says:

      I got an email from them the other day confirming 25th January. Disappointing but plus point is won’t have to pay for it till March!!

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