Paul Hardcastle: 19: The 30th Anniversary Collection

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Paul Hardcastle is marking the 30th anniversary of his 1985 anti-war hit 19 with a celebratory vinyl and CD release that collects 14 versions of the career-defining single.

19: The 30th Anniversary Collection includes remastered versions of the original mixes: the full length version (from the original 12-inch), the popular Destruction Mix and The Final Story version – the latter actually being the ‘requiem’ element which is the second part of that remix. Also, issued for the first time commercially is Hardcastle’s demo of 19 that he recorded in his mum’s front room!

These originals are combined with a number of contemporary, creative reworkings (mostly by Hardcastle himself), some of which date from 2010 when he revisited the track to create variations such as History Keeps Repeating Itself and Welcome to Hell. The Inner Changes Mix is actually Victims of War (Pt 1) from 2010 and the Cryogenic Freeze Mix dates from 2012 when 19 Below Zero was issued.

This set also features a brand new remix 19 PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) which will be issued as a single. Paul says “The haunting PTSD mix is quite heavy, and reflects the fact that more soldiers have committed suicide since the Afghanistan war than actually died in battle, now that is a sad statistic.” Proceeds from the sale of the 19 PTSD remix will go to PTSD charity Talking2Minds.

19: The 30th Anniversary Collection is released on CD and 2LP vinyl on the 19 May 2015. Expect the Amazon price to drop and ignore ‘temporarily out of stock’!

CD Edition

2LP Vinyl Edition

Track listing

  • 1. Destruction Mix (remastered) 7.07
  • 2. 19 PTSD Mix 4.07
  • 3. History Keeps Repeating Itself 5.07
  • 4. 19 Cryogenic Freeze Remix 5.33
  • 5. 19 Inner Changes Mix 4.39
  • 6. Electronica Dark Remix 6.13
  • 7. 19 Original (remastered) 5.14
  • 8. 19 The Vision 5.04
  • 9. 19 Welcome To Hell Remix 3.38
  • 10. 19 NUA Remix (feat. Marvin Gaye) 4.42
  • 11. 19 The Rage Remix 4.26
  • 12. 19 The Final Story (remastered) 3.04
  • 13. 19 Jim Pavloff Edit 4.43
  • 14. 19 The Original Demo 5.11

47 responses to Paul Hardcastle: 19: The 30th Anniversary Collection

  1. Russ Hughes says:

    Hi Paul… wow what a great dialogue. I had no idea there were 3 CDs worth of this single! Great info. Just so everyone knows it is available on US iTunes now. I have purchased it and am listening to it now. Pretty good, although I would’ve truly dug that 3 CD set or even Michael’s version is outstanding. Thanks again for this awesome website!

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  5. NeilKelly says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for response Paul.

  6. NeilKelly says:

    Hi Paul. I wonder when you were working on this CD with Paul? Sounded amazing what a shame masters lost (again) and cancellation. I spoke to Paul about a couple of years ago and suggested a 19 CD project which he replied positively. I was expecting this release a few months and was terribly disappointed at the mixlist. Thought it was as many 1984 (Demo?) / 1985 versions that would fit onto one CD. I expressed my disappointment with him but i also went on to inform him that i would purchase. It’s about £13 delivered and signed, BTW

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi Neil – we were working on it for a bit mid-2013. EMI agreed to license to me which overcame what I thought would be the main hurdle, but in the end not enough boxes were ticked and I didn’t want to proceed with such a compromised product. It was pretty disappointing at the time. I’m glad Paul has got something out but he really could have done with seeking the advice of you or me on the final product! :)

  7. Darren says:

    I want to buy the version that “Michael” created above on 16 April. That is much more interesting to me.

  8. Gerry says:

    Yes the art needs a rethink and the edited Final Story mix is disappointing however I’ll definitely be buying this :)

  9. Nate says:

    I agree that the cover is completely inappropriate for this release. This makes it look like I should expect remixes of Toni Basil’s ‘Mickey’ on it.

    Paul (Sinclair), Did Paul (Hardcastle) have any input on the mixes or is this purely another example of a record label urinating all over its catalog again?

  10. Darren says:


    Thanks for mentioning the German CD. I didn’t know about that. I can’t find one though, so it’s one for the increasing “Wants list”.

    The ones you asked about:
    Japanese 12″ version on a Japanese CD called “Dancing 80’s”
    French 12″ version on a French 5-CD set called “100 Tubes 80 Introuvables”

  11. Cal says:

    Also just found the 2010 remixes another 6 mixes there, what about including the b-side dolores, ive been after this for years?, not new remixes.

  12. Cal says:

    Looking through my collection, we have had welcome to hell remixes, 25th Anniversary mixes part 1 – 2 , the 2012 remixes, 27 mixes in the last 2-3 years, now more mixes, it would have been nice just to have seen the original versions along with the B-Sides,i will be giving this one a miss as well.

  13. Michael says:

    this release in an ideal world would look like this for me:

    english 7″ single (3:39)
    english 12″ extended (5:13)
    english the final story (8:30)
    english destruction mix (7:07)
    english lp/new-version (6:19)
    german 7″ version (4:07)
    german 12″ version (6:00)
    french 7″ version (3:36)
    french 12″ version (5:11)
    spanish 7″ version (3:47)
    spanish 12″ version (5:07)
    japanese 7″ version (3:42)
    japanese 12″ extended japanese mix (5:11)
    instrumental long (4:33)
    instrumental short (3:33)
    bonus beats (3:12)
    vox & fx sounds (3:42)

    all these original period mixes would fit nicely onto one CD as the total running time would be around 77 minutes

  14. Griffin says:

    @Paul S., the 3 CD set is not coming? Too bad! That one I definitely will buy. How about a 2 CD set? This one I’ll pass!

    And it’s indeed ashame how record companies could lose their valuable treasures (at least for the fans who are willing to pay for)! That’s why they always keep coming with the compilations with the same tracks/mixing because everything else were lost :D

  15. JonnyK says:

    … and the use of the “game over” logo is just crass and offensive on the cover of this particular record. Paul Hardcastle should have a serious rethink. It will be shameful if this is released with those images representing it.

  16. JonnyK says:

    That cover is someone’s idea of a joke, surely? A Rubik’s cube? A GameBoy? An ice lolly? This song is about the Vietnam war, for God’s sake!

  17. Francis says:

    As usual, like a lot of compilations or deluxe editions, some versions of the track have not been included! So, not a great collection of this hit song to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

  18. Francis says:

    Oh dear, the 12inch extended 8.30 version of the ‘The Final Story’ mix has not been included but instead it is just the standard version of only 3.04! I will not be buying this compilation because I would have loved to have updated the 12inch vinyl for the CD quality but it is been missed off.

    • Michael says:

      you can find the 8:30 version of the ‘final story’ in excellent quality on the latest release of the So80s series

  19. Eric says:

    That hideous sleeve is a complete n-n-n-n-n-no n-n-n-n-n-no.

  20. M Foster says:

    I actually quite like the 2010 versions of 19… same goes for the 1995 Mixes, which should/could have been included… – Well, I like the song, so just pre-ordered it via Amazon!

  21. James Blair says:

    I have to agree with the comments above. The (retro) completist in me wants all of the period remixes, even if a couple of (well-sourced & cleaned up) vinyl rips were required. And the cover is plain tacky: clichéd 80’s nostalgia in dayglo colours – and all completely at odds with the tone & theme of the music it contains.

  22. Darren says:

    This is exactly the sort of thing I would normally buy, but only if it was done right. I was actually speaking to someone recently and said they should release a “19 mixes of 19” CD to include all the foreign mixes as well as the UK ones.

    I have tracked down the French and Japanese mixes on official EMI CDs from France and Japan. I would have bought this if it included the German and Spanish versions. But it doesn’t and I’m not remotely interested in modern updates, so this is another lost sale from someone who should be the target market.

    • Alex says:

      @Darren: can you please tell me which official EMI CDs include the French and Japanese mixes?
      So far, these are the only available remix versions on CD that i am aware of:
      – 19 (The Final Story) 8:33 ===> Blank & Jones ‎– So80s (Soeighties) 9
      – 19 (12″ Version) 5:13 ===> 72 Original Hits – 80s 12″; Massive Hits! 80s Remix and many others
      – 19 (Destruction Mix) 7:05 ===> Retro:Active 6 (Rare & Remixed); I Love Disco 80’s Vol. 8
      – 19 (German Version) 6:00 ===> Freitag Nacht 5 – Mega-Maxi-Edition Volume 5

  23. ChristopherM says:

    I’m personally not a huge fan of the original song, but I do have great admiration for Paul Hardcastle for arranging for the proceeds from the PTSD remix to go to a PTSD charity. I can’t imagine many recording artists would do that with their biggest hit.

  24. Ricky says:

    Awful cover. It’s like Eighties clipart lazily chucked together.

  25. Peter says:

    Not many period remixes, no purchase for me

  26. MN says:

    The Frensh and Japanese 12 inch versions of 19 are official released on CD.
    Also the German version, but that is a vinyl rip off.

  27. Simon says:

    I agree with Michael, that sleeve needs to change. The modern remixes mean it’s less of an 80s piece. The cover should have reflected the subject matter as the original vinyl sleeves did.

  28. Guy says:

    Shouldn’t there be erm… ’19’ different mixes? :)

  29. omar says:

    The 1980’s remixes of course are classics, so i have all of them. Paul should consider having all his 80s albums remastered (Rainforest,Paul Hardcastle,No Winners,Sound Syndicate) with bonus material.

  30. Daniel says:

    What a great chance to celebrate a great 80’s classic,
    that moves me again and again I ever heard it.
    But…without the original different language versions
    ( especially the instrumental version from the US promo 12”
    + vox + FX sounds + beats from a white label UK 12” )
    this release is not interesting for me.
    Shame on EMI and Paul Hardcastle that he doesn’t saved no copies
    in his own studio at that time.
    Meanwhile: the 2010 remixes of “19” are horrible.

  31. Michael says:

    nice idea, has been floating around the internet a few years now. personally, i would have wished for a more purist selection, combining all the original mixes from the 1980s. but sadly, all those german, french and japanese mixes were ignored in favour of new versions… nevertheless, a really nice release (apart from the cover which is really a bit too much nostalgia for me)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I was actually working on a 3CD set of 19 with Paul for a bit, but it came to naught because I wanted to use all the seven-inch and 12-inch foreign language versions and EMI have lost the masters.

      • Paul English says:

        Surely needledrops should be an option?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Could have been an option, I suppose. There were a few issues like EMI wouldn’t license the promo-only FX, Bonus Beats etc. And to resort to needledrops for foreign language would have been compromising too much I think. Anyway, it was going to be called “19: The Full Story”. Clamshell box, three discs: Period mixes (10 versions) International mixes (8 versions) and Contemporary Mixes (12 versions). The plan was to include signed certificate of authenticity, booklet, maybe a metal 19 dogtag etc. Probably would have needed to retail for between £15 and £20 to make it work financially. Anyway, it didn’t happen, so it’s all a bit academic. The new set looks good, but if Paul had asked me I would have encouraged him to put ALL the period mixes on here as a priority and then work with what space he had left for contemporary versions.

          • pinkfloyd says:

            How many period mixes are there? Would like to track all of them down.
            Also I would buy your proposed 3cd box as it is more complete and appealing. Sadly, this one is incomplete.

      • NeilKelly says:

        When was that, Paul?

  32. ScrumptiousPrincess says:

    19 is a breaker’s classic – I only ever played the instrumental. The song voice overs and and all the Vietnam war samples make the tune so damn depressing, it cleared many a dance floor back in the day. Social commentary be damned, I’d rather have some remixes of “Rain Forest” myself.

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