Paul McCartney confirms The Beatles’ White Album 50th anniversary release

Reissue confirmed • Demos will form part of the content

In an interview with DIY Magazine about his new album Egypt Station (published yesterday), Paul McCartney confirmed what was rumoured to be happening – a 50th anniversary reissue of The Beatles’ ‘White Album’.

Paul was asked if he had “finished preparing the 50th anniversary package” of the 1968 double album and responded by saying “It’s all in place, I’ve just got a couple of essays [to approve]. It’s all lined up and it’s really good.”

He went on to say that “The album itself is very cool and it sounds like you’re in the room; that’s the great thing about doing remasters. But we’ve also got some demos of the songs, so you get things stripped right back to just John’s voice and a guitar. You just think, how fucking good was John?! Amazing. We were just doing it; it was amazing. We were having a good time.”

The reissue is likely to be scheduled for November this year, to tie in with the 50th anniversary of the original release, so an official announcement from Apple Corps/ Universal Music could come as early as next month, although August/September is probably more likely.

How excited are you about the forthcoming reissue and what content would you expect or love to see as part of a super deluxe edition box set. Leave a comment!

Read the full interview over at DIY Magazine


183 responses to Paul McCartney confirms The Beatles’ White Album 50th anniversary release

  1. Benji says:

    I can’t wait More for this great Beatles álbum… One of the best Ever!! Thanks Paul!

  2. Kevin says:

    What i would like most is a clean intro to Dear Prudence without the fade out of Back in the USSR.

  3. Vince says:

    It would be nice to have remastered copies or the demos for the white album and any out take that are still in the vults unheard.
    Maybe like with the original issue it could smell of apples when you open the box that would be great
    I have the white album around 10 times already but there is always room for another Beatles album in my collection

  4. Katarsiz says:

    If they possibly are able to release the son Goodnight with John singing it instead of Ringo, THAT would be the holy grail of this album as nobody has ever heard john doing it and he wrote it for baby Julian.

  5. Simply, I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! Love the White Album!!! White Album reborn!!

  6. Kenneth Speelman says:

    Hey, it’s The Beatles!

  7. Henk schuur says:

    Looking forward to this 1968 masterpiece! Love “de luxe” box set; all the material is probably more expended and enriched with a lot of photographs and extra sleeve notes as well. Wondering how it will sound; especially George’s “while my guitar gently weeps”.

  8. I still listen to, as soon as I’d seen photo’s of each (as I also have) I knew “The White Album”….Wonderful 50 years!!

  9. Kathleen Carver says:

    This is great news!!! Cannot WAIT for the new release to go on sale!!!

  10. Dianne Baldry says:

    Fantastic! I’m actually on the poster, on the Hey jude recording at twickenham film studios.

  11. Fred Ryder says:

    Oh, Man, I can hardly wait, I remember when it came out, I felt like it really was like a present to the fans, And loved Every Min of it, Yes, Even Revolution #9, in a whole new way of listening, just one more breakthrough, for The BEATLES …….

  12. KB says:

    Be nice to have this edition with a proper photo book like the original Let It Be special edition, also a 4 LP vinyl edition with just the outakes! Let’s hope the Let It Be film gets re edited properly next year with the FULL rooftop gig…ah the rooftop gig also on vinyl wold be ace!

    • Diane Vezina says:

      I would love to see the FULL rooftop gig as well on this 5oth edition. Looking very forward to its release! Exciting official news – straight from the horses mouth

  13. Steve Witney says:

    As with the original release in ‘68, I’ll be counting the days once the release date is confirmed, and for me it’s got to be on Vinyl.

  14. Ken A says:

    I hope they give this album a proper remix. And please take some chances and don’t fade every song out exactly where it did in the previous stereo or mono mix.

  15. Sreve Sidoti says:

    The Sgt Pepper Remix is outstanding, was so looking forward to the White Album REMIX, but if you read Paul’s comments, he says and I Quote, “The album itself is very cool and it sounds like you’re in the room; that’s the great thing about doing REMASTERS”. I really hope he misspoke, but I’m bummed at the prospect of a REMASTER and not a REMIX.

    • Timothy A Goldich says:

      Yes that would be awful. A “remaster” would just have more compression added. I don’t think there’s anything else could be done to make the reissue sound any different. But a remix, wow, that could would just do wonders. But I would assume that Paul misspoke. Right??

    • Msrk Parker says:

      Me too at already was remastered with all the other beatle albums and singles in 2009 so anything short of a remix like sgt pepper would be verry disapointing

    • TedT says:

      Me too. I hope it’s a remix

  16. Martin Taylor says:

    This is going to be one of the great Beatles events that marks a truly wonderful record. I had my mono copy (156468) for Christmas 1968 when I was 15 and it still plays wonderfully. I bought the mono box set when it came out, and cannot wait for the anniversary issue, of course on vinyl with lots of extras.

  17. Stephen Collins says:

    I was born at the end of 67 and become a Beatles fan at the age of 15. They are amazing, the way the songs were put together, the lyrics etc.
    I cannot wait to hear new versions of songs from the White Album…looking forward to Dear Prudence. Lets have more please Macca…how about Rubber Soul, Revolver, Help! etc

  18. Dr Magus says:

    Hopefully Abbey Road box set next year!

  19. Dr Magus says:

    Looking forward to this more so because it means Abbey Road will be next for the big box treatment. Bring it on!

  20. James Ellis says:

    Demos are from the sessions held at Georges house ? Lot of good stuff there then, possibly an early version of Jealous Guy.

  21. Johnny says:

    Remix of Revolution No. 9 will quite certainly be excited :-)

  22. PeterM says:

    All I pray for is if we do get a remix of the White Album, its Peter Cobbin at the helm and not Giles Martin.
    Peter’s remix of the Yellow Submarine song-tracks were just phenomenal !
    whereas Giles’s Pepper attempt was just a sort of (Paul) hit and (John) miss effort.
    And by the way ,what happened to Magical Mystery Tour.

    • Johnny says:

      Sorry but YS songtrack remix is terrible. Hey bulldog or It’s All Too Much are quite unlistenable in opposite with 2009 remaster.

      • Timothy A Goldich says:

        YS songtrack was a great remix; the problem is with the added compression (so everything sounds louder).

    • Russell Taylor says:

      I totally agree with you on the Yellow Submarine remixes, stunning! I can’t believe that no one talks about it. I guess minimal marketing didn’t help much. I was disappointed in the Sgt Pepper remixes, but the outtakes and alt. versions made it worthwhile.

  23. Rob Bersoul says:

    I am so looking forward to this release as it is my favourite Beatles album. A lot of people feel the original mixes are perfect, and while I admit that they are fantastic, the fact that there was so many people involved in the production, the sound varied throughout for better or for worse. A remix might very well make the album sound more cohesive as a whole. Bring it on!

  24. Gisabun says:

    Time to save up $200 [or equivalent!].

  25. Would love to hear a 5.1 blu-ray! Some video footage of that period, too! Hearing “unearthed” material of The Beatles is so awesome. Can’t wait!

  26. Reed says:

    This could turn out to be a 10 disc set. You figure, 2 stereo CD’s, 2 mono CD’s, 2 in 5.1, 1 Esher demos, 2 outtakes and a DVD of some kind. $$$$$$$$$$

  27. william mckinley says:

    One question. How expensive will this be?

  28. Gary says:

    Dead excited, like i was at xmas 1968.

  29. David says:

    Can’t wait for this to come out – then maybe we can get on with an Anniversary release of Abbey Road in Surround Sound…

    It does irk though that inorder to get the surround mix of Sgt Pepper last year (which could have been so much better – did Giles Martin hold back out of fear?), I had to buy the SDB. That said, the book inside is the BEST book I’ve ever seen in an SBD and that’s because of all the informative text. So many books are just boring old photos)

    Hope this set is just as good for content: there ought to be twice as many discs as a minimum…

  30. John Berry says:

    Hi Res version too, please! Plus half speed vinyl remaster! Bring it!

  31. Alan says:

    First, it would be a pleasing surprise to not have these issued at prices some can no longer afford. Members of my family have purchased every commercial release, first on vinyl in the 60’s and 70’s (and a few replacements since they wore out), and the UK CD’s in the 80’s and the Capitol CD’s in the 90’s, and once again some 5 or 6 years ago as a new batch of remastered CD’s were released. Plus add the one shot we took with the Swingin’ Pig six volume bootlegs about 25 years ago and the official three volume bootlegs based on the American docu-series. Then the times we purchased McCartney’s stuff (all on CD except a vinyl copy of Wings Greatest in 1980 or so). These special edition sets with prices higher than $20 U.S. is too much, especially since every McCartney album (except for Band On The Run and Venus And Mars) didn’t have a such a collection of music that made us want to listen to everything twice. To say we grew up with The Beatles and then McCartney would be an understatement, but after 50 years, we’re listening less and don’t want to fork out big dollars anyore. We never cared for Lennon’s solo material (Mind Games could have been better if they would have toned down that screeching damn guitar), Harrison’s songs were few, Starr’s / Starkey’s songs were also few and why we went for greatest hits for those three. McCartney’s Band On The Run and Venus And Mars reissued deluxe editions for over $30 U.S. was ridiculous and not worth it. McCartney’s DVD video collection for $20 was worth it. Too bad we don’t get a remastered blu-ray of a set like that, but fear it would be $75 or higher.

  32. Steve Benson says:

    A fair amount of WA demo and outtake material was officially released as CD1 of Anthology Vol 3 including some of the songs people are asking for such as What’s The New Mary Jane (which having heard explains why it was left on shelf!). Is there really much of great import we haven’t heard? I agree that the Sgt P box remix/remaster was impressive but apart from giving WA tracks a wash and brush up I’m a bit sceptical about this one.

  33. Will says:

    Some surround sound should be a must I would say.

  34. Bu Castro says:

    I hope the package will include the Esher or Kinfauns sessions (bootlegged as the Black Album), and a lot more outtakes and demos. Plus all the tracks that were passed over.

  35. Kenneth Tilley says:

    I’m looking forward to this one more than sgt pepper. I’d love to hear the long version of helter skelter, but i doubt that will happen. Also a “complete” set of demos, a complete set was mooted for anthology but Macca chose to keep his complete set in his archive, here’s hoping.

  36. MichaelP says:

    I was mostly satisfied with Giles’ remaster of Sgt. Pepper last year, but there were a few parts that were just too compressed (such as the intros to Mr. Kite and Good Morning), but other than that, it sounded great! So I hope The White Album isn’t too compressed in any spots. As for bonus songs I’d like to see on there, yes, demos are cool, but I really hope the outtakes get first priority, such as:
    – Sour Milk Sea, not only the demo, but a mixed together version of the demo and the instrumental Jackie Lomax version which George, Paul, Ringo, and Clapton all played on. There are some decent fan-made versions online, so I can only imagine how awesome a professional mix would sound!
    – Circles
    – Not Guilty
    – What’s the New Mary Jane?
    (and of course)
    – Hey Jude
    – Revolution

  37. 50 years down the track and over 100 responses to the news and counting.
    Impossible to describe how much “The Beatles” shocked and divided opinion at the time, and they are still doing it in 2018. Even their album sleeves were/are the source of much debate.
    I think we should give a small thank you for their interest in The Maharishi for providing the circumstances that led to so many new songs being written. Without their Indian sojourn many of these songs would not exist.
    Its not all great Beatle music, but its a good documentation of just where The Beatles were at the time of recording and for that we should mighty thankful.


    • Richard Starkey says:

      Well said Steve, and to that I would humbly add my highest recommendation to a book “The Beatles in India” recently published by Paul Saltzman. This book which contains dozens of gorgeous colour photos, details their visit to Rishikesh in great detail. It’s a truly fascinating read which describes much of what led, as you said, to this wonderful album. How Donovan made a great impact on John is just one of the stories.

  38. Derek Cornish says:

    Niles did such a fantastic job on Pepper of COARSE I want to hear him remix the White Album. But truly the album that will benefit the most of his remixing skills is Revolver. The original (mono AND stereo) is mixed terribly. It sounds muddy to my ears and the drums are way too low in the mix.

  39. Robert Britton says:

    An extended Beatles White Album would be superb, especially if there is a delux version incorporating:
    * the original album + the additional withdrawn tracks (Not Guilty & Whats The New Mary Jane)
    * the WA tracks from the Anthology album
    * the unreleased remastered demos (remastered) as a bonus album
    * Sour Milk Sea (remastered) & Dehra Dhun (Trident Studio version)
    * any other outtakes

  40. Tim says:

    The Pepper box was so complete and satisfying; I expect great stuff with this!

    • Nigel says:

      It was pretty jam-packed, aside from the glaring omission of the 1967 stereo mix. Now, I know the mono mix is considered by many (including John Lennon) as the definitive version, but I would have preferred the 1967 stereo and the 1967 mono to the 2017 stereo. Just to put it into historical context. Nevermind… I have the 1967 stereo in the Stereo Box. Just a thought though…

  41. Albert Tatlock says:

    I do hope John’s original demo of ‘Good Night’ has been found and will be included….

    And how about a 50th anniversary deluxe of ‘Beggars Banquet’? I’ll say this for Apple: they’ve finally got things moving after years of lawsuits and legal wrangling. But ABKCO continuously sit on their goldmine and continue to disappoint Stones fans. Back to the Fabs though: and I am looking forward to a deluxe White Album. I expect there will be Kinfauns material and I hope there are variations on ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ with alternate guitar work by Clapton.

    • Nigel says:

      Good point, Albert. I almost forgot… It would be fantastic to hear a snippet of Derek chatting to the Fabs during the recording of WMGGW.

  42. Ralph says:

    I’ve got blister on my credit cards!

  43. Alan B says:

    There is no reason why a deluxe box set has to coincide with a specific anniversary (e.g. 40th or 50th) so a deluxe version of Revolver can be issued anytime. It’s just a nice marketing tool. The super deluxe edition of The Smiths The Queen is Dead was issued last year on the 31st anniversary of its release for example.

  44. vinyl listener says:

    got enough beatles so couldn’t care less about another re-issue. i may be swayed if it’s all analogue and they keep giles martin away from it !

  45. Eliot Wien says:

    Would love to see a 2 LP picture disc with the 4 photos used on each side. Like the John photo on side 1, Paul photo on side 2, George photo on side 3, and Ringo photo on side 4. A white die cut gatefold sleeve would house the albums with the poster included in the package. Would also like to see Hey Jude and Revolution added to the album.

    • Michael says:

      Eliot, there was such a double picture disc vinyl release about 5 or 6 years ago (although I don’t believe it was an official Apple release) of the White Album with image of John on side 1, Paul on side 2, George on side 3, and Ringo on side 4. The copy I obtained on e-Bay back in 2013 has a white single (non-gate-fold) outer sleeve that houses both albums stored in separate heavy gauge clear plastic inner sleeves, which allows you to see John, Paul, George or Ringo’s face through the cut-out square on the plain white glossy front cover, depending how you configure the albums in the sleeve. There was no poster or separate photo portraits of the Beatles included in the set like the standard White Album release. Likewise, there was also a double picture disc vinyl release of The Beatles 1 album showcasing the 1967 Richard Avedon psychedelic portraits of the Beatles on each side. The Beatles 1 picture disc album I obtained is gate-fold, and replicates the standard release right down to the inclusion of the large fold-out poster and picture sleeves. Sound quality on both record sets are very good, but have some audible surface noise inherent in picture discs.

  46. Dante M. says:

    Ah the white album…my 16 year old self ingesting things I should not speak of! But man what an experience to blow my mind with with John,Paul,George,and Ringo!

  47. Philip Cohen says:

    There are some challenges in creating a SDE of “The White Album”. An “Alternate Album”? A few of the songs (“Dear Prudence”, “Martha My Dear” & “Revolution #9”) have no alternate take. And, remember, the stereo “Revolution #9” mixdown was a unique mixdown “performance”. The mono mix was a folddown. To what extent can a 5.1 mix be musically identical?

  48. PChang says:

    Include Esher demos, please.

  49. RJS says:

    I might buy it just for ‘Rocky Raccoon’. I love that song!

  50. Bill Hammell says:

    It was ultimately the 5.1 Blu-Ray that put me over the edge to buy the Pepper’s set. I would imagine this one will have the same. I do wish there would be 5.1 Blues for all the albums from Rubber Soul onward, but I’ll take what I can get I guess.

    • Timothy A Goldich says:

      So true Bill!!!! The jewel of the Pepper box was the surround mix. It was very tastefully done, and, most importantly, you get to hear this great music without the hyper compression applied (to make it all sound louder). If you want it to sound louder, that’s what the volume control is for.

  51. Stevie C. says:

    So first, I am of course going to buy it in the biggest SDE I can get… Knowing that I already have most of the material in several forms, stereo and mono, Japanese pressing, best bootleg quality, etc. It’s mostly great material and the rest is still ‘history’ so I’m excited..!!! (Going to be hard to top ‘A Doll’s House’, however….

  52. Nick says:

    I can’t believe they Didn’t do A 50th Anniversary Of the Beatles Best Album Revolver!
    Or a 40th Anniversary Of Tom Petty Debut! Shame on you!

    Some of these Music Executives haven’t got a clue!

    • Mathew Lauren says:


      They ignore us despite ALL evidence to the contrary.

      More immersive surround-sound, geniuses!

      More reasonably priced cd/hires, surround-sound booksets would make for a good start.

  53. Michael says:

    This is the SDE box set I’ve always been dreaming about — my favorite Beatles album! It would be cool if they include “The Beatles” blind embossed printed on a white glossy outer sleeve with unit number printed underneath like the original White Album. Also hoping there will be a DVD and/or Blu-ray 5.1 surround sound disc included. I imagine Apple will also be releasing a separate triple vinyl edition in tri-fold album jacket, with the third vinyl disc containing demos, unreleased finished songs like “What’s the New Mary Jane”, etc., and “Hey Jude” b/w “Revolution”. Both the box set and a vinyl record edition feel essential. What a marvelous Christmas this is going to be :-)

    • George glazener says:

      Yep, absolutely agreed. Bring it on and keep bringing it. Baby boomers like me remember the thrill of each new Beatles release in the late 60s as well as the joy of discovering the early 70s solo releases. Then came the red and blue albums and those were amazing to have and to hold. This period we’re in now is as close as we will ever get to reliving those heady days of yore before we lose our hearing and eyesight. There’s not much in this world to enjoy so deeply.

  54. Rasputin says:

    I do not remember where, but recently wrote that Ringo last year announced the possibility of the release of the White Album and Abby Road in the same format as Sergeant Pepper, which was released last year

  55. Kevin M says:


    I wish he said he was about to bin the essays, rather than approve them. So tired of boring waffle that serves zero function in reissue packaging instead of rare band/memorabilia photos etc :(

  56. Normand says:

    The dream box of my favorite Beatles’ album: a sleeve anterior to the usual white one, 2 mono white vinyl, 2 stereo picture disc with the face of each Beatle, 2 mono cd, 2 stereo cd, 2 vinyls and 2 cd of demos of all songs, a vinyl and a CD of songs that did not do it : All Things Must Pass, Step Inside Love, Not guilty, Child of Nature, Circles, Sour Milk Sea, Junk, etc. And I’m anticipating a limited vinyl edition for Black Friday on November 23rd, probably a numbered embossed sleeve. Let’s prepare our wallets!

    • George glazener says:

      Wallet currently under reconstruction, new attic space and basement planned for the autumn spending spree. Have you guys ever seen on YouTube the long video footage of Paul developing Hey Jude at the piano with the others playing along from time to time? That’s the kind of video they ought to include on this SDE, as much as can be dusted off and added.

  57. Craig Hedges says:

    What will the packaging be? I hope it’s not just a White box. Hopefully they will do the lenticular cover again like Sgt Pepper.

    • Richard Starkey says:

      I’d love to see White Vinyl, just for the cool factor. But I wonder if (any) colored vinyl affects clarity of sound vs. black vinyl? I’ve haven’t played any of the colored vinyl that I collect, and my sound system thus far isn’t sophisticated enough to notice even if I did. What have you fellas noticed about the audio quality of all this recently released colored vinyl?

      • Kevin from Edinburgh says:

        I only have the Queen Studio Collection on coloured vinyl, and whilst I didn’t buy the black versions -so can’t compare the two same albums – a couple of the records in the coloured set are black, and I find them to be of the same quality to those in red, yellow, white, etc. I recall the pressing plant saying something about how they’d come up with a formula/process for ensuring there would be no discernible difference between black and the various colours, and on the basis of my experience, I would say they were right.
        (And I believe my system is more than capable of letting me hear any differences if they were present).

        • George glazener says:

          Cool, thanks Kevin. And lucky you for living in Edinburgh. I had the privilege of visiting there in 2001 courtesy of Trafalgar tours, and I absolutely loved your city. In fact I enjoyed all of the UK which I was able to see. I even went to 3 Saville row in London and asked the lady if I could please go up onto the roof. She was polite, but could not allow me up there. Oh well, such a thrill to be there anyway. England rules…!

    • Mark Phillips says:

      Brilliant! The white album with a lenticular cover! I can’t believe no one has picked up on this (surely tongue in cheek) suggestion.

      • Dave says:

        You know, they could do a lenticular cover with the white album photos with 4 alternate photos that flash on the cover.
        OHH how cool would that be?
        I just hope we get maybe 4 or 6 full cd’s of outages. I have the 12 cd bootleg set and man is it good.

      • Craig Hedges says:

        Mark, it was, Thanks for spotting ;)

  58. Howie says:

    Not wanting to wish my time away but its the 50th anniversary of Let It Be I am looking forward to and wondering if they could possibly pass this milestone without releasing a SDE or even releasing one without the film included.

  59. Pete F. says:

    Very well said Kevin from Edinburgh! 100% agree

  60. Jools Hedges says:

    Content should include the various u.k. and u.s. mono and stereo variations. Obviously the remastered double album. Outtakes and demos and possibly some previously unreleased material… of light maybe. In packaging that matches size and quality of the pepper box.
    As most Beatles fans alreafy have copious amounts of “white album” bootlegs….quality rather than quantity please Apple people.

  61. Jeremy says:

    Word is that there will also be a special 50th anniversary remix single of Hey Jude/Revolution (as was done with Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields last year). If this is the case, it needs to be made much more widely available – it was nearly impossible to find a copy of last year’s single at anything like an affordable price after the first week sell off. I can see no point in restricting the pressing if the demand is there (which clearly it will be).

  62. Paul Wren says:

    Are some people here confusing remixing with remastering, the latter being what it actually happening to achieve best possible sound?

  63. madman says:

    I’m excited about this, but I’ll wait until I see the actual contents before I decide whether or not to buy. The only reason this wouldn’t be an automatic buy for me is that I have so many different needle drops not just of the album itself, but the demos as well. I’m a sucker for Beatle bootlegs, what can I tell you?

  64. Trash says:

    And so the argument continues…
    “It would make a great single album!” vs “It’s great as it is!”

    So the question is: “If you HAD to make it a single album, which tracks would you leave off?”

    • Nigel Day says:

      O bla di Oh bla da.
      Wild Honey Pie
      Rocky Raccoon
      Yer Blues
      Rev 9

      Although, saying that, the thought of any of those tracks NOT being on the album ultimately pleases me none.

  65. Rett Russell says:

    As a hi-def disc collector, I’m totally amped to get this news. The Sgt Pepper blu-ray disc, to my ears, is the best hi-def disc available (& I have a few). Music sessions w/friends validates this.
    I was in high school in ‘68 and the impact of the White Album to listeners in the day is hard to overemphasize.
    If the WA SDE version adheres to the format of the Pepper SDE, and half the suggestions listed here are included, we’re in for a great ride!

  66. James K says:

    Hope they include the long lost “Carnival of Light”

  67. Kevin says:

    Hmm. I’m of two minds about this. I love the album and don’t really subscribe to this “It-should-have-been-a-single-album” thinking. (Nobody says that about Exile on Main St. or London Calling – it’s revisionist BS. Sandinista’s another story entirely, though) That said, I’m not sure what a new mix or 5.1 would do for this. The existing Stereo and Mono remasters from 2009 suit me just fine. I do think a wealth of in-Abbey Road alternate takes is in order. Clearly I must be the odd one out as the Esher demos do little for me.

    • CAB says:

      Sandinista is the single most underrated LP ever released. I wish people would stop giving it a hard time.
      It’s a rambling collage of musical and creative genius and I love it to bits.
      Then again, I really like Mondo Bongo by the Boomtown Rats as well.

  68. Leemer says:

    I agree with most that Revolver would have been very welcome. That said, this is quite exciting. I very, very much enjoy Giles Martin’s mono to stereo Sgt. Pepper, it makes it listenable to me. I can’t stand the exaggerated stereo of the original. I also agree that the white one can stand some sonic improvement. A lot of it sounds flat to my ears. Great songs, great performances, but a lot of the dimensionality is missing. Go ahead Apple, take my money. I am putting away for this.

  69. BritinDetroit says:

    SDE White Album => Imagine => BobBoot14

    Oh what a Christmas/Holiday season it will/could be

  70. fenwick says:

    I’ll echo many in saying I’m very excited for this and will most definitely purchase.

    I must admit, it always confuses me when people say this album has a LOT of filler and could have been a great single. While I’m a massive fan, I’d also like to think I’m a pretty objective listener and am not afraid to call foul when tracks just don’t work. (Like – say – how terrible a song Maxwell’s Silver Hammer is on the irreproachable Abbey Road album.

    But calling half the White Album filler is just crazy to me. If I were to carve out the songs where I may not agree, but I could see someone defining as filler, my list would contain:

    Revolution #9 (Which is admittedly a train wreck to me)
    Why Don’t We Do It In the Road
    Don’t Pass Me By
    Martha My Dear
    Wild Honey Pie/Honey Pie
    Ob La Di…

    Mind you, I rather like some of those songs. But could completely understand someone else calling them lesser thans….

    But that’s it. And that totals about 28 minutes on a 95 minute album. For me, I honestly think the presence of #9 followed by the saccharine Goodnight is what sets people down this path. Because the album ends in quite a lackluster fashion.

    But calling half of it filler is quite over the top to me….

    • StevieB says:

      I always found side 4 very off-kilter (in a truly magnificent way) and it builds to Revolution 9, and that’s what I like about Goodnight, the group are saying, ‘Don’t worry, we’re not really scary, Ringo’s here to comfort you all and get you off to bed safe and sound.’

    • Kevin says:

      I think following Revolution #9 with Good Night is pretty genius. Whatever one’s feelings about it are, Revolution #9 is not a pretty piece of music—so in comes Good Night as the antidote, the comfort food.

  71. David Stanley says:

    For those complaining about the White Album having too much filler–if they had reduced it to a single disc and the extra tracks put into the vaults, the excised tracks would have become legendary and holy grail material that everyone would be clamoring to hear and own now. Something about making something a b-side, bonus or a lost track makes it more appealing somehow than it would be on the album proper.

    • Jeremy says:

      Very interesting point that is no doubt true. As Paul said, “It’s the bloody Beatles White Album! It sold, shut up!” Lol

  72. jon says:

    i heard of a bootleg called “the whitecasts” tht is 11 cds of alternates, false starts, studio chatter and more

  73. elliott buckingham says:

    quite possibly the worst beatles album would have been a great single lp release but there is easily a lp worth of pure filler

    • Aaron says:

      “It’s great, it sold. It’s the bloody Beatle’s White Album”

    • Glenn says:

      That has got to be a minority opinion!

    • Larry Davis says:

      Not…it’s more interesting as a double, as a sprawling work…sure, a single disc would have been good, but would feel too short or unfinished…and the left-off stuff would be praised as a woulda coulda shoulda…it’s fine as-is, despite it being 4 solo albums mixed up and sequenced creatively…I even dig the collage known as “Revolution 9*…

  74. Nigel says:

    Remixing the album in stereo is pointless. It’s like asking someone to repaint a Picasso and get his approval. The versions that gave the album the reputation that it has 50 years later are those that were completed 50 YEARS AGO. It’s almost like saying there was something wrong with the 1968 mixes… Those that were completed with ALL FOUR of THE BEATLES & GEORGE MARTIN. Surround sound is at least bringing something with another dimension.

    • Bill says:

      Nigel: As you say, there was nothing wrong with the original mixes but they were as good as they could be, with technology of the time. George Martin and the Beatles stretched what could be done but, if they had had access to current technology, they would have used it. Having said that, the Beatles remixes have been fairly understated. For example, ‘Eleanor Rigby’ was remixed to correct the dullness of the original mix.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        I LOVE the Eleanor Rigby on LOVE!

        • Kevin M says:

          @SDE Paul

          “Love” is so cool. I don’t play it often because I cry every time! Even if I hold it together for some of it, when those sad, almost isolated horns come in on Hey Jude, I’m gone :) :(

        • Mathew Lauren says:

          Me, too, Paul. “Love” is the best immersive, surround-sound mixed and mastered Beatles 5.1+ disc, so far, thanks to GEORGE Martin (nearly deaf or not — remember Beethoven). When I play it, I can’t turn it off, it’s a “front to back’r.” (excuse the lp ligo). I have to play it through to the last note. For many, it’s become the standard for ALL Beatles & Beatles’ solo, 5.1 releases.

          It’s too bad music-politics squelched Elliott Scheiner’s “White Album” 5.1 of ~15 years ago, as he was supposedly ~half-way through the project.

          Giles has come along way, though, with his surround mixing. Maybe UMe will release the “Sgt Pepper’s…” ATMOS as a stand-alone 24/96 “hires” (4K) blu. Maybe this “hold” will allow Giles to revisit his ATMOS mix to ensure the discrete and immersive use of surround/rear channels, significantly (enough) separate from the height channels.

          Regardless, somebody PLEASE REMASTER this ATMOS and ALL future Beatles 5.1+, for the AUDIOPHILE, going forward, and NOT just HTiB owners.

          The “Sgt. Peppers…” 5.1 “lossless” Blu mastering is hideous — mastered hot with limited dynamic range. The *SAME settings I use to make the “lossy,” DD5.1 (ONLY), DVD-V, “FM ‘75” disc listenable, are the SAME settings used for the “…Pepper’s…,” “lossless” 5.1 Blu-ray Disc.

          (* some real problems with the “lossless” mastering, when this is the case.)

      • Nigel says:

        I’m sorry. What, Bill…? How has technology improved to the point that a human being can mix something better than the original mix (made by human beings)? Have you ever seen or used a mixing desk? You may be getting a remix confused with a remaster.

        It goes back to my first example… If someone in 2018 had better paintbrushes, better than Picasso did at the time, could they improve his paintings? Could they make them better? Please don’t answer that.

        And Eleanor Rigby is perfect in its 1966 Mono and Stereo forms – as the ARTISTS INTENDED. It may bring a ‘different’ experience to remix a piece of art, but it certainly won’t be better without the original artists being involved.

        • Timothy A Goldich says:

          A remix today can spectacularly improve on the original mix by drawing from the original first-generation multitrack tapes. All sound elements can be state of the art digitized then remixed from scratch with no tape-to-tape generation loss.

    • The Beatles didn’t attend the stereo mixes, they only cared about Mono as this was how most people heard it on the radio (not many people had stereo record players).
      Sgt Pepper was recorded on a four track machine and then bounced onto another four track recorder, this meant that decisions about levels and effects had to be made at the time and subsequent bounce downs created a quality loss.
      Giles Martin was able to synchronise the original tapes so that he had each instrument on its own track and control of effects, level and panning etc plus the benefits of automation for a proper stereo mix i.e. the drums and bass in the centre of the mix. Listening on headphones is SO much more enjoyable than the original stereo mixes.
      The White Album was recorded on a mixture of four and eight track recorders and some tracks were bounced more than twice so therefore a lot more individual tracks to play with and greater fidelity. The White Album and Abbey Road new stereo mixes should sound great, can’t wait.

  75. Michael Mason says:

    I don’t think it needs remixing. All-analogue stereo and mono vinyl transfers would be good, let someone who knows what they’re doing remix for 5.1, lay off the compression and limiting that renders Sgt Pepper 50th virtually unlistenable, complete Esher demos, long version of Helter Skelter, outtakes including Revolution RM20, numbered box, replicas of original inserts.

    • Michael O'Flynn says:

      I’ll be surprised if there’s any added compression, Geoff Emerick was a fan of the Fairchild compressor which he used on pretty well every voice and instrument to make them punchier.

  76. Dogfacedboy says:

    My wishes would

    New Martin Jr remix on white vinyl (Not part of SDE box to pacify CD peeps)
    CD of Esher demos from George’s masters used for Anthology
    3 or 4 Cds of sessions
    Full Helter Skelter or at the very least comp of best bits
    DVD of footage from Hey Jude & Revolution film clips with Lindsey Hogg commentary plus Experiment film and raw footage used for Lady Madonna etc

  77. John Orr says:

    At time of writing this, I still haven’t bought the Sgt Pepper’s super deluxe from this time last year. Possibly, like a few others, still hoping for a wee sale in the future. So, keeping an eye out for that. The White Album? Yeah, great, if it gets the same treatment as SPLHCB, it will be a great addition to our Beatles’ collections. But, like others have said, if any Beatles album ‘deserved’ a super deluxe treatment, it was Revolver. Why was that skipped two years ago? In my very humble opinion, Rubber Soul and Revolver are the best Beatles albums.

    • Mike says:

      “At time of writing this, I still haven’t bought the Sgt Pepper’s super deluxe”. This has been out of stock at Amazon UK (from Amazon themselves) for about six weeks now. So is this going out of production?

      • StevieB says:

        And not available on the Beatles own website either. HMV still have it for £95, although it was never said to be a limited edition.

        • GentleRabbit says:

          It’s quite a pain in the arse, really – endless ‘limited edition’ announcements that never seem to run out of stock, and the bleeding 50th Anniversary edition of Sgt Pepper appears to be becoming more difficult to find at an affordable price – without even a mention of it being a limited edition. Another run please, people…

  78. Eamonn says:

    Yeah, how come Revolver was skipped the demi-semi-century treatment? Surely it has as much cache as El Disco Blanco ?

    • Adam Shaw says:

      Agree with Eamonn . Revolver was a big turning point for them as well as pop music and would have preferred a SDE of that .
      Personally I don’t get what is so special about the White Album . Lot of filler from all parties and as the great George Martin said “would have been a great single album “

    • Willy says:

      Probably because as Sgt Pepper is ‘The Big One’ it was used to test the water. No doubt we will get a Revolver box in due course.

  79. bob says:

    This awesome news. Would love if they did super deluxe Editions of Every Beatles album with both mono and stereo, and full uncompressed Blu-ray audio as well. Cant Go wrong with The White Album.

    • StevieB says:

      Unlikely to get mono versions of Abbey Road and Let It Be.

    • Larry Davis says:

      Abbey Road was only released (recorded??) in stereo…which is why it was not included in the Mono box…maybe they can make a mono version??

  80. Stephen Leigh says:

    Some great demo versions from this were released on the Anthology set. I hope those are included, remastered, as well as more we’ve not yet heard. will it become a 3 or 4 CD set, I wonder?

    • Edwin Muller says:

      It might be more, a three disk version will be simple: take the album and add the first disc of Anthology 3.
      If they do mono and stereo we already have four, the Esher tracks can easily fill a fifth disc. Sixth disc will be non album tracks and disc 7 alternative studio versions. And as a bonus a 7 inch of Hey Jude.

  81. Edwin Muller says:

    Looking forward to a lavish box, including the Esher demos as well as working versions of the songs. For some songs it would be great to show their evolution from demo to final version. For example for While my guitar gently weaps and Helter Skelter. Off course the non-album tracks need to be included as well as left overs. There is enough stuff, take into account that the first disc of Anthology 3 is dedicated completely to White Album, and only shows a tip of the Iceberg.

    White album was for me a bit unknown until I went to the Analogues concert where they played the whole album live with the original instrumentation (except for Revolution No 9, for which they simply put a tape recorder on stage accompanied by a great background movie). It made the record really come alive and filler tracks became suddenly great songs.

  82. Michael K says:

    What will be delicious about an official expanded edition is that the ‘unplugged’ Esher demos will be from George Harrison’s master tapes. To the best of my knowledge, no bootleg releases have been from other than the rough mix cassettes George gave to the other Beatles prior to going into Abbey Road to start the album project proper. Again, as far as I’m aware, there has never been any confirmation that the masters exist but, during the promotion for Anthology in the 90’s, George (and Paul numerous times since) mentioned ‘unplugged’ versions as a possible future Beatles project. (He also made first mention of what became the ‘Let It Be Naked’ project).
    Undoubtedly, the white album 50th is going to disappoint some though because the Apple team including Ringo and Paul will take an ‘artist’ approach to the material that won’t be completist or ‘collector’ and, once again, will involve editorial changes to the material.
    I don’t see this as a problem. The bootlegs are raw materials and to release from that raw material will involve processes that satisfy the band/team rather than collectors.
    That the new collection will be ‘new’ rather than official release of raw bootlegs is the Beatle approach rather than, say, the Dylan approach but there’s sure to be a lot of gripes. For me, having both is a boon and I don’t need the bootleg versions to reappear with an Apple stamp on them. Looking forward to this with excitement!

  83. Bob says:

    That’s funny, coz I always struggled with the White album too. Its got some great material on it but it always felt too sprawling and unfocussed. Sgt Pepper and Abbey Road felt like journeys, White album always felt like the Beatles weren’t in the same room when it was made.

    • DaveM says:

      @Bob, quote ‘White album always felt like the Beatles weren’t in the same room when it was made’ – funny you should say that, as whether they all were or not together on some tracks, I always see it as the template for what John and Paul would go on to do on their early solo albums.

    • Dogfacedboy says:

      I wouldn’t cut a damn thing from the White LP. Listened to Mono box from PPM to Mono Masters last weekend and White LP was such a joy.

      In fact Chuck on songs that didn’t make the cut like You Know My Name, The Inner Light, Not Guilty, Sour Milk Sea, Child Of Nature and Circles to make it a triple

  84. Elizabeth Ursula Hirst says:

    If it is as well thought out as the Sgt Pepper one it will be great. How about the LP on White Vinyl?

    • Paul J says:

      Okay a lot of talk on white vinyl which was a domestic UK etc release
      I have a German White Vinyl pretty much mint cover and LPs
      There are picture discs of the 4 photos far as I know Unofficial with alternate poster.
      However who else has the mega rare UK or South Africa CLEAR VINYL???

  85. Bogdan says:

    Beyond excited about this! The only other release that would make me equally excited would be a “Blood on the tracks” Bootleg Series volume.

  86. daveid76 says:

    The White Album has always been a bit of a grey area for me. I have listened to it through only a couple of times but couldn’t really tell you much about it. Whereas Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper have been lodged firmly in my head since c.1987, the White Album was one I came to later (although several of the tracks I knew very well ie Blackbird). My impression of it is being an overstocked throwaway album with a number of very good tracks but also a lot of self-indulgent filler.

    • daveid76 says:

      Sorry, throwaway is too harsh, but it certainly has too many tracks.

      • Larry Davis says:

        No it doesn’t… I always prefer sprawl than a shortened tracklist…

      • David M says:

        No it is perfect. It works as it is, so much variety, so many different styles, great songwriting, great singing. Take things away and it is weakened. In fact it could have almost been a triple album. You just have to live with it for a while.

  87. Friso Pas says:

    I hope Hey Jude and Revolution (the cool rocking version) will be added, just like Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane were added to the Sgt. Pepper boxset.

    • David M says:

      They will almost certainly in the package, but not added to the album, just as Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields were.

  88. CAB says:

    After being disappointed with the thin sound of the initial re-release of Sgt Pepper on CD about 20 years ago, I started tracking down alternatives. On eBay, I came across Beatles releases from the RF, which I ordered. I don’t know where the masters came from (I think Japan), but in my opinion the RF versions (which discogs now refuse to trade because they turned out to be bootlegs ) are absolutely perefct. Loads of dynamics and very similar to the vinyl sound.
    The artwork was also faithfully reproduced in mini-LP style and not ‘enhanced’.
    The RF CD version of The White Album is the only version I’d want.

  89. Michael Theobald says:

    Complete remaster for Vinyl up to the standard of the 50th Annivesary version of Sergeant Peppers Lonely Heart Clubs Band which was marvellous and including recording history information included.

  90. Tim H says:

    I’m happy with the original fatboy CD issue, but it’ll be interesting to see what demos are included, and hopefully that Revolution take 20 version makes it on there.

  91. MARK LEVY says:

    On one hand this IS a brilliant album which stuck two fingers up at Sgt Pepper but on the other hand it was the sound of a band falling apart at the seams. 1968 was the start of the end of a golden decade.

  92. DaveM says:

    What I would like (on CD) is a Giles Martin remix of the main album, a disc of studio out takes and a disc of all the Esher demos in a similar style box / book to Sgt Peppers. Hey Jude / Revolution single also included and related performances / variations of those as well. Yer Blues from Rock and Roll Circus would be a bonus. Hoping they don’t include the mono mix of the main album as its already in the Mono box.

    • Larry Davis says:

      Agree…and as Giles basically “Stereoizes” the mono, why include the original mono at all?? Or the 2009 stereo for that matter. That was one quibble with the Pepper box with me…pointless to include the original mono…shoulda left it off completely, lowering the price, or replace with more outtakes… Excited for White 50, new McCartney Egypt Station and SDEs of Red Rose Speedway & Wings Wild Life…

      • Mathew Lauren says:

        Or replace it with the Dolby Atmos mix of Sgt Pepper’s that’s MORE IMMERSIVE — where Giles finally learned to use the rear (surround) channels, discretely — with MUSIC!

  93. Charlie Waffles says:

    I want both mono and stereo mixes included. I would like a heavy book like Sgt. Peppers. I will pay top price for this box set if it is done correctly like Sgt. Peppers.

    Also, one disc with mono and stereo on Dolby Atmos! That would be sweet!

  94. chrrrr says:

    Dare I hope that “it sounds like you’re in the room” means there actually is a 5.1 or Dolby Atmos Version?

  95. StonedBeatles says:

    I’d like to see this scrapped completely disliking everything that Giles Martin puts his hand on.
    Remaster the stereo LP from the best analog source available and be done with it. The CD’s and all remixes will be compressed, dry and in your face. Prove me wrong..

    • Kevin from Edinburgh says:

      You’d like to see this scrapped; why? You’re clearly not interested in it, have no intention of buying it, and have already decided just how bad it’s going to sound, but maybe other people out there are looking forward to it, will probably like any new remix that’s done, and will enjoy the demos etc. Why impress your negativity on others’ positive anticipation of future enjoyment? Why bother to do that? This is a forum for discussing new projects, and we can accept that folks differ in their views, but if we’re honest, surely we can accept that this site is one that primarily celebrates new releases – at least until they have been released, at which point one can offer an honest appraisal of the final product, but until then…..why express your wish that it be scrapped? Sorry, I fail to see what purpose that would serve, and as you have already indicated, it’s no concern of yours anyway.

      Me? I enjoyed the Pepper set, and will look forward to this. I’ll defer more comments until more details emerge, but if it’s done with the same care and attention to detail as the last one, I am confident that it will be a success.

      • Trash says:

        Well said Kevin from Edinburgh!

      • RJS says:

        Kevin from Edinburgh: The article asked the question “How excited are you about the forthcoming reissue” and invited readers to post a comment, and StonedReader responded accordingly. You shouldn’t let opinions that you don’t share upset you so much!

        • Kevin from Edinburgh says:

          RJS. I disagree. StonedReader displayed the increasingly common (on the internet, at least) view that because he/she isn’t interested, there’s no need for this new product to exist. It’s this comment that I find so irritating. I understood fully Paul’s invitation to express interest/disinterest, excitement/boredom, etc., but to suggest that it should be scrapped – simply because you’re not personally interested in it – seems unnecessarily selfish.

  96. Bender says:

    Shame about lack of 50th anniversary edition of Revolver though…

    • Edwin Muller says:

      We will get Abbey Road I expect, maybe Let it Be movie included and than we can go for the 60th aniversary editions :-)

    • Alan Blevin says:

      I think they started at Pepper because commercially it was going to be the biggest seller.Its success might well mean others will follow and they may well go back to Revolver and Rubber Soul at the least.In the same way the Tull series started at Aqualung and they eventually went back to Benefit and Stand Up.Hope so anyway.

  97. ANDREW r says:

    This excites me more than Sgt Pepper which i always felt
    was more summer of love hype than anything. The white album
    by comparison was initially described as a sprawling mess but has
    grown into one of the all time greats alongside Exile and Physical Graffiti
    It remains ice cold not merely cool . As for contents a nice quality book ala mono masters would be nice plus the obvious outakes . Saving now!

  98. Klaus says:

    Very excited and i expect as many demos as possible and a stereo and 5.1 remaster.

  99. Domingo Martínez says:

    Helter skelter full version

    • Len Read says:

      Go on Spotify and listen too a BRILLIANT version of Goodnight by Vera Lynn, no less ! Much prefer the orchestration and she sings it better than Ringo….

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