Paul McCartney / Dub Sandwich

He has always enjoyed delivering the unexpected, and Paul McCartney is about to wrong foot fans – perhaps anticipating a new album or archive reissue – once more, by releasing Dub Sandwich, a new remix collection.

While not necessarily number one on anyone’s McCartney wish-list, the album will at least include a host of rarities, as the ex-Beatle brings together some of his most weird and wonderful audio excursions. These include the rare promo-only ‘Mole Mix’ of the playout version of 1984’s No More Lonely Nights (available very briefly when Paul’s music first came to iTunes), Deliverance (Steve Anderson’s reworking of 1993’s Hope Of Deliverance), an unheard version My Carnival (remixed by Gary Langan for the Spies Like Us single), the Dub Mix of 1986’s Press (along with rare B-side Hanglide), John ‘Tokes’ Potoker’s near seven-minute 12-inch mix of Pretty Little Head and the Bruce Forest Club Mix of the rare (but not actually very good) Party Party.

Additionally, the single CD set (a 2LP vinyl edition will also be available) features the ‘Tub Dub’ mix of 1990 US single Ou Est Le Soleil?, the seven minute ‘Groove Mix’ of This One B-side Good Thing. The promo-only Artful Dodger Mix of Silly Love Songs makes an appearance, as does a previously unheard remix of Dance Tonight.

Paul’s occasional turns as The Fireman (with Youth) isn’t forgotten and is represented by two cuts: the the ‘Out Of Body Mix’ of Fluid (taken from 1999’s Rushes and remixed by Nitin Sawhney) and Highway (Electro Dynamo Lemon Sherbet Sunrise Dubstep Remix) which was previously only available on the DVD in the now very rare Electric Arguments steel box set issued in 2009.

Also, Dub Sandwich sees the first official CD release of two Twin Freaks tracks. For the uninitiated, Twin Freaks is a 2005 project where producer/DJ Freelance Hellraiser was given the green light to create some proper mashups of some of Paul’s favourite Wings/McCartney tracks. Included here, are Coming Up and Longhaired Lady (Reprise). Until now, they have only been available officially on vinyl (long out-of-print) and digitally.

Frustratingly, this collection is less than comprehensive (being only a single disc set) and on first glance I’m not convinced it will necessarily ‘play’ well, either. It’s a bit random, to be honest, but I guess it’s something of a fool’s errand trying to please everyone with these kind of sets.

Dub Sandwich will be issued on 22 June about a month after the recently announced reissues of Thrillington, Wings Greatest, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard and New. Paul has persuaded Capitol to revive the Chinese EMI imprint Xao Hasiti especially for this release.

No Amazon links as yet, although it can be ordered from

Dub Sandwich / CD Edition

  • No More Lonely Nights (Mole Mix) 8.39
  • Coming Up [Twin Freaks] 4.46
  • Silly Love Songs (Artful Dodger Remix) 6.20
  • Press (Dub Mix) 6.30
  • Dance Tonight (remix) 3.43
  • Party Party (Bruce Forest Club Mix) 6.27
  • Highway (Electro Dynamo Lemon Sherbet Sunrise Dubstep Remix) 5.42
  • Deliverance (Dub Mix) 7.41
  • Ou Est Le Soleil? (Tub Dub Mix) 4.27
  • Good Thing (Groove Mix) 7.22
  • Hanglide (5.18)
  • Fluid (Out Of Body Mix) 4.23
  • Longhaired Lady (Reprise) [Twin Freaks] 5.01

Dub Sandwich / 2LP vinyl

Side 1

  • No More Lonely Nights (Mole Mix) 8.39
  • Coming Up [Twin Freaks] 4.46
  • Silly Love Songs (Artful Dodger Remix) 6.20

Side 2

  • Press (Dub Mix) 6.30
  • Dance Tonight (remix) 3.43
  • Party Party (Bruce Forest Club Mix) 6.27

Side 3

  • Highway (Electro Dynamo Lemon Sherbet Sunrise Dubstep Remix) 5.42
  • Deliverance (Dub Mix) 7.41
  • Ou Est Le Soleil? (Tub Dub Mix) 4.27

Side 4

  • Good Thing (Groove Mix) 7.22
  • Hanglide (5.18)
  • Fluid (Out Of Body Mix) 4.23
  • Longhaired Lady (Reprise) [Twin Freaks] 5.01

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  2. John says:

    Catching up on the site today and…Got me good…aaaah! LOL! :-)

  3. daveid76 says:

    I just discovered this was a hoax 9 days late. I didn’t click on the link before. Nice one. Given recent controversial releases a la Flowers in the Mud this was just about conceivable.

  4. LMTR14 says:

    not funny whatsoever, so I don’t see the point. I come here to read about real releases and not fake releases in the first place!

  5. Chris says:

    I didn’t realize that this was an April Fool’s Joke until just now.

  6. Mark Bumgardner says:

    Just now reading this. You had me going. I, for one, would pre-order this no questions asked. You should see the ruckus that the just announced Graceland re-mix album is causing over on the Hoffman boards. Unbelievable. I guess you either love this kind of thing or you don’t. I love it.

  7. Albert says:

    Good joke, but I would rather have some banging remixes of Lennon tracks. Cold Turkey, Give Peace A Chance, I Found Out etc. Hope Yoko gives it the green light…

  8. CJ says:

    For a sad moment, I actually found myself thinking, “Maybe I’ll actually start picking up McCartney albums again.” Didn’t even think about it being an April Fool’s joke (to be fair, I’m reading this on the 2nd.)

  9. Comic Book Guy says:


  10. David Michael says:

    We get this yet “Flaming Pie” sits not reissued yet on vinyl.

  11. Steven says:

    Missed opportunity. :(

  12. Beflox says:

    Were you just waiting for someone to write “Shit Sandwich”?

    • Paul Sinclair says:


    • Don says:

      Wow why would you say that?
      What a wonderful said it would be.
      It would be a dream for the Collectors as a lot of these remixes were exclusive to DJ’s only and it goes to prove that Paul was still very relevant at the time of these releases. A great collection that is worthy of any Paul McCartney Beatles collector

  13. Nick says:

    This is a very good and well written hoax, the first April fool’s in a long time I’ve even believed. Particularly nice after seeing Mixmag’s lame Jeff Mills DJ set in space ‘joke’.

  14. Stephen Morris says:

    April Fools

  15. Nice one, Paul. You suckered me in, all right.

  16. alan hansen says:

    i think i’m a little late to pile-on

  17. Bobo says:

    Nice one Paul. In fact when I saw the proposed sleeve I instantly read Club Sandwich and not Dub Sandwich as I was a subrscriber to Macca’s fanzine Club Sandwich many moons ago

    • Larry Davis says:

      I read Dub, not Club, but I can see the confusion…a lower-case D is like a lowercase C and L together…got me too, hoping it was real…who knows, it CAN be?? AKA like “Liverpool Sound Collage”?? But superior knowledge Paul…as most of the odds and ends mixes are real…

  18. Ex-Oligarch says:

    “Fluid (Out Of Body Mix) 4.23”

    Coffee (Out of Reader’s Nose and Onto Keyboard Mix)

  19. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    oh my god !
    i sent april fools to all of my friends today… and now this.
    it seems like fooling myself…. i’m soo sad ;(

  20. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    my first thought after reading only the headline was: okay it will be some remixes on the disc but 100% not the “mole mix”. but it is on the disc and that really makes my day. an easter egg that i found today!. i hope it’s only the first of a few more “sandwiches”. meanwhile: happy easter to all the users here! – maybe you have found your easter egg ! ( like me today with the “mole mix” ) ;)

    • J T says:

      That’s the brilliance of this, unlike the Wham! incident—which I believed for half the article, my hopes rising, and was just plain mean.


      This time around I thought it was all fake, but seeing Paul’s post that all but two of the mixes actually exist, it works on two levels as it does contain those Easter eggs for anyone who’d want this content yet not yet know about it all, that they now might begin the quest to track down to make an egg-salad Dagwood of their own.

  21. Kauwgompie says:

    Totally got me, just like previously with that Wham reissue. Haha!! You rock Paul. Keeping it interesting.

  22. AndyB says:

    Even better, just did a search for “Xao Hasiti” and noticed that this compilation made it into the stevehoffman forums already! Most excellent!

  23. AndyB says:

    And I really wanted this! Fooled me good!

  24. DP says:

    Bummed about this as I thought it was the lost reggae album he recorded at the black ark with lee scratch Perry.
    Oh well

  25. AlexKx says:

    Got me! :)

  26. Michael Fortin says:

    I fell for it LOL

  27. DaveM says:

    Thinking about it, if SDE had stated that is was a box set of 78 rpm records with a third of the content download only as a RSD release I might have actually believed it.

  28. Scott Overfely says:

    Spies Like Us, Pretty Litte Head i did not see on the track listings…its about time for a cassette-like eclectic versiin of this PERFECT well ORGAINIZED mix of NEEDED tunes for the true plastic mac fan!

  29. Mister Stick says:

    Well played. Certainly had me going at first, and if you Google “Xao Hasiti”, the SDE rankings and story-spread are admirable.

    If you want to see some April Foolery in absolute overdrive:

    The bit about returning all your Bruce CDs… Cute.

  30. Eamonn says:

    Fools Errand indeed! He gave clues in the text so Macca obsessives shouldnt sulk.

  31. Marc says:

    This will be available on Record Store Day 2018 as a cassette box set too (with 3 songs on each cassette)

  32. eric Slangen says:

    You fooled me, great joke.

  33. PC says:

    I’ll wait til the price comes down.

  34. artwwweb says:

    Nice one, Mr SDE! Now please say that the joke is a double bluff and that Macca has considered your idea and is going ahead with it! (With additions we can all argue about for weeks, obviously.)

  35. Ken.e says:

    I was thinking of buying it. Debating it anyway, leaning towards yes but I buy almost everything Paul puts out. WELL DONE!

  36. Wayne Olsen says:

    Unfortunate that it doesn’t have the Moby remix of Single Pigeon. It came free on a Mojo CD a while back; that Cd also had David Gilmour’s acoustic demo of The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking. I had it but I think my dog buried it in the backyard.

  37. Stephen K says:

    This news is still hot from the press, and already it is getting spread far and wide. Congratulations! I would have picked up a copy of this. Maybe the content holders will take note of the interest generated. I could go for a 2CD version!

  38. DaveM says:

    Ha Ha. Knew it was an April fool straight away as it made too much sense for the Macca camp to do something like this.

  39. Tony Orwell says:

    I keep trying that link but it does not seem to work, if i am going to pay £100 a month membership fee for this site the least you can do is give us the correct links!

  40. David M says:

    Superb work

  41. Martine says:

    Oh no, you got me there… Aprils fool…

  42. Eric M. says:

    The press release I saw last week had “Say Say Say” dub version listed. What an utter disappointment.


  43. Allan says:

    And, John ‘Tokes’ Potoker’s near seven-minute 12-inch mix of Pretty Little Head – not on the track list :-)

  44. Bill says:

    Good idea though!

  45. Mark H. says:

    I read the cover handwriting as “club sandwich”. Which it may also be.

  46. J says:


    I think you are reading the title wrong. I think it reads “Club Sandwich”
    Happy Easter Holiday!!!!

  47. Paul says:

    Got me! Love it.

  48. Adam Shaw says:

    Nice one Paul , got me going at one point .
    Good work as always .

  49. Hub Hamers says:

    Send a link to Sir Paul or his management and they might to release your compilation in real Paul…

  50. Jim Breeds says:

    I’ll buy the lot and corner the market.

  51. James Coles says:

    I’m holding out for the Oobu Joobu box set!

  52. Auntie Sabtina says:

    !sloof lirpA

    Happy Easter, 1 April 2018…

  53. Craig Hedges says:

    I would’ve ordered it if it had the Twin Freaks remix of Temporary Secretary on it.

  54. Dean says:

    The name of the Chinese record label read backwards sounds odd!

  55. Gra says:

    Nice one Paul! I was beginning to wonder… what tha!!!????!!!

  56. Donal Murphy says:

    Well played Paul !

  57. Don Balfour says:

    Got Mine ordered

  58. Gert says:

    Couldn’t resist at this price. Secured a copy asap. Will fit nicely next to my aquarium.

  59. Ben Williams says:

    I call April Fool lol!

    But wish this was real, I think it would be really cool to have Hanglide on CD :-D

  60. Andrew M says:

    Dammit, ok I suppose April fools is fair game but I was actually really excited for this until I read the comments :(. Well done Paul – grudgingly :D

  61. Joe says:

    If you pre-order today you get a free digital download of ‘We All Stand Together (7th Heaven Club Mix)’

  62. martin farnworth says:

    might inspire someone to do a spotify playlist or something similar :)

  63. Duncan says:

    Is this from the same label which has just announced the release of the long lost Beatles album,
    ‘The Old Kent Road’…which was sandwiched between Abbey Road…and the White Album?

  64. Brian says:

    Ha! Of course s**t sandwich would probably be more appropriate! Well done!

  65. Sam says:


  66. Darren Linklater says:

    Well done Paul…had me fooled.

  67. Marc K. says:


  68. Chris Squires says:

    I’d have believed you more if you had announced a full 10 album Kate Bush 30 CD and 10 DVD set reissue program.
    Is it that long since you did the Wham! one? As Roland says “Time Flies”

  69. Me2 says:

    Good catch “me” :-)

  70. Guy says:

    A very elaborate hoax that I saw through straight away, I’m afraid! :-)

  71. Darren Linklater says:

    Come on Paul, give the fans what they want. The drip drip style of the archival re-issues is very frustrating to the point where I haven’t bought into it for the last three. Simply lost interest. Meanwhile some classic McCartney albums languish out of print.
    Mr McCartney seems so out of touch with what his fans want, much like Neil Young, another artist who I have lost all interest in.
    Never mind, I will save my brass up for the Gomez box.

    • Larry Davis says:

      Both Neil and Paul are not fan-pleasers…they put out what THEY want only, which makes them more interesting and unpredictable in the end…sure, like you, I would like everything in such and such an order, bla bla bla…but to be honest, that CAN get a bit boring…

  72. unique says:


  73. unique says:

    it’s more interesting than coloured vinly and picture discs. i’m sure some of it won’t sound great, but i’m looking forward to this one

    btw i made my own weller dub cd years ago by doing the same thing, taking tracks from the cd singles and a few rare releases, and it sounds great, and there’s a clash bootleg that does the same thing which is also great. perhaps the average fan won’t like it, but it’s nice for the hardcore fan to get rarities collected together, especially on cd in the best quality, and sometimes non fans can appreciate it

  74. negative1 says:

    Not really a fan of mccartney.

    But actually, i might have heard some of these mixes.

    might be interesting after all.


  75. Me says:

    April Fool on the Hill

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