Paul McCartney / Hope for the Future: 12-inch vinyl record


Paul McCartney‘s song Hope For The Future, written for the video game Destiny, will be issued as a 12-inch vinyl single in January.

Five versions of the Giles Martin produced song are on the record which is being issued by Virgin/EMI:

  • 1. Hope For The Future (Main)
  • 2. Hope For The Future (Thrash)
  • 3. Hope For The Future (Mirwais Mix)
  • 4. Hope For The Future (Beatsession Mix)
  • 5. Hope For The Future (Jaded Mix)

There were no physical singles from Paul’s 2013 album New and, incredibly, this is McCartney’s first vinyl single in the UK in over seven years – the last being Ever Present Past which was issued in very small quantities as a seven-inch in 2007. Christmas Kisses was issued in 2012 on coloured vinyl but that was US-only (again very limited, and like Ever Present Past now rather collectible).

Hope For The Future is hardly great value at over £17 on Amazon UK although at the time of writing but you can pick this up for about £10 from Amazon in Italy. In Canada it’s only $10 (less than £6!), so us Brits will try not to get too annoyed that we pay more than double! It’s not known how many of these are being pressed.

Hope For The Future is released physically on 12 January 2015

4 responses to Paul McCartney / Hope for the Future: 12-inch vinyl record

  1. Kevin Skory says:

    I’d prefer a CD single, but at least it’s still much better than a download. The song has really grown on me, especially the bridge (and the other mixes are much better than I was expecting).

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  3. Dave says:

    So dissapointing there is no CD release:-(

  4. Ben Mills says:

    Big Macca fan, but YAWN! 4 remixes? And the song is horrible…….

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