Paul McCartney / Live In Los Angeles The Extended Set

Paul McCartney / Live In Los Angeles The Extended Set download

Paul McCartney has emailed premium members of his website today to offer a 14-track download of his 2007 performance at the L.A. Amoeba Records store in June 2007.

Dubbed Paul McCartney – ‘Live In Los Angeles The Extended Set’, it is the second in a ‘package of goodies’ designed to reward his premium members since the membership scheme is effectively at an end thanks to a website upgrade.

Four tracks from this show were originally released on an EP entitled Amoeba’s Secret, and then a 12-track version was available for one day in the UK and Ireland via the Daily Mail under the moniker Live In Los Angeles.

The 14-track download adds Memory Almost Full tracks Nod Your Head and House Of Wax which were part of the original set list, both previously unreleased.

**Update** – SuperDeluxeEdition reader Ian Jackson has pointed out that House Of Wax (live at Amoeba) was on the b-side to the Ever Present Past single! So only ONE track is actually ‘unreleased’. Very poor from McCartney’s team to make this error. Kind of dilutes the offering somewhat!

Unreleased tracks are an improvement on the previously offered Live Kisses download, but McCartney’s apparent reluctance to release any studio outtakes or alternates to premium members still rankles, especially given the size of his audio archive.


We have a copy of the exclusive CD – Paul McCartney Live In Los Angeles to give away to one lucky reader. This is the 12-track version of the Amoeba gig that was only available for one day in the UK and Ireland. To enter this competition click here.

Track list for the download only available to premium members of

1. Drive My Car
2. Only Mama Knows
3. Dance Tonight
4. C Moon
5. That Was Me
6. Blackbird
7. Here Today
8. Back In The USSR
9. Nod Your Head (previously unreleased)
10. House Of Wax (previously unreleased)
11. Get Back
12. Hey Jude
13. Lady Madonna
14. I Saw Her Standing Her There


13 responses to Paul McCartney / Live In Los Angeles The Extended Set

  1. kronning says:

    I have the 4 song cd. This would be nice.

  2. Armando Da Cruz (Venezuela) says:

    I WANT IT!!!!! LO QUIERO!!!!!

  3. Foo Koon Sang says:

    I have this CD but minus “Nod Your Head” and ” House of Wax”…….during the the time of The Beatles, they would never do this to their fans….

  4. I find it so encouraging that I’m not the only person out there over the age of 20 who doesn’t
    know any of this! Time to learn *about all of it*.

  5. Andy says:

    its ridiculous what is going. Things are getting re-released over and over again giving you a little extra. Why not giving all at once? Kisses is a perfect example. At the end its all money what matters. And this is something which Paul McCartney should have enough off. In my eyes it’s a rip off.

  6. Michel Drolet says:

    Not a premium member but I always prefer an actual cd rather than downloads!!

  7. Gino says:

    I dont have the 12 track version and would appreciate winning the contest!

  8. Dean Gallagher says:

    Has anyone received an email about this yet? Or an email regarding the free download of Live Kisses?

    I haven’t seen anything yet.

  9. Booyah says:

    ^ Unreleased on CD, I suppose? More than likely they just forgot it had been released before. They need discography geeks on staff…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, but “Unreleased on CD” isn’t what they said, rather “previously unreleased” which basically isn’t true. Not really good enough. How about they give us Rainclouds or I’ll Give You A Ring, if they want to concentrate on unreleased on CD tracks?! :)

  10. Booyah says:

    This version of House Of Wax was included on the Ever Present Past 7″ single in 2007 (probably with different fade-in/-out, though). Nod Your Head wasn’t released from this show, although if memory serves (and my memory is almost full – see what I did there?), footage from the performance was used for a Nod Your Head promo video at the time. Could be wrong on that, though.

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