Paul McCartney / McCartney III: official details of Paul’s new solo album

Paul McCartney announces new solo album McCartney III

“A stripped, self-produced solo work marking the opening of a new decade”

Paul McCartney will release McCartney III, a new solo album, in December.

Paul’s isolation in lockdown (or what he calls ‘Rockdown’) encouraged him to get on with working on new music as he fleshed out some existing musical sketches and created new ones.

The album is described as a “stripped, self-produced solo work marking the opening of a new decade” and was built mostly from live takes of Paul on vocals and guitar/piano, with him overdubbing bass, drums, etc. on top of this foundation.

The label blurb tells us that “McCartney III spans a vast and intimate range of modes and moods, from soul searching to wistful, from playful to raucous and all points between” and informs us that Paul has captured this audio with some of the same gear from his ‘Rude Studio’ used as far back as 1971 Wings sessions. Instruments used include Bill Black’s double bass (bought for him by Linda many years ago), alongside Paul’s own Hofner bass, and a mellotron from Abbey Road Studios used on Beatles recordings.

Click image to enlarge. Photo credit: Mary McCartney/MPL Communications

McCartney III will be available as a single black vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve with a printed inner sleeve and there are a few coloured vinyl editions in various retailers but the SDE shop is stocking a special indies-only white vinyl limited edition. Of course, there is a CD version too, and Target in the USA have a CD with exclusive artwork – although I don’t think it’s as nice (the dice is green). Target have a green vinyl too.

A special 333 limited vinyl edition – limited to 333 copies and pressed on ‘yellow-with-black-dots’ vinyl, and created using 33 recycled vinyl copies of McCartney and McCartney II – was available at Third Man Records for a blink of an eye, but has now sold out!

McCartney III will be released on 18 December 2020 (was 11 December).

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Paul McCartney

McCartney III - vinyl LP


Compare prices and pre-order

Paul McCartney

McCartney III - CD edition


1. Long Tailed Winter Bird (5.17)
2. Find My Way (3.55)
3. Pretty Boys (3.01)
4. Women and Wives (2.53)
5. Lavatory Lil (2.23)
6. Deep Deep Feeling (8.27)
7. Slidin’ (3.25)
8. The Kiss of Venus (3.09)
9. Seize The Day (3.23)
10. Deep Down (5.55)
11. Winter Bird/When Winter Comes (3.13)

200 responses to Paul McCartney / McCartney III: official details of Paul’s new solo album

  1. Stevie B says:

    Just got notification from the Paul McC store that my CD order had been dispatched today. I ordered it at the same time as the RED vinyl which came the day after release. Don’t want to be all conspiracy theorist, but do sales from an artists own shop count towards the charts, and does the Official Chart Compiler for the U.K. still use the old practice (that U2 exploited so well) where sales are divided by 7 days?

    Just feels strange that it should have taken so long to post out a CD ordered weeks ago. Can anyone explain how physical sales are measured these days, thanks.

  2. Stevie B says:

    As regards the limited edition RED VINYL available on Paul’s official site. It still says it’s a limited edition of 3000 (though now sold out). Seems the 3000 was the UK’s ‘share’ of what was actually 9200 worldwide. Perhaps someone can explain the missing 0001 – 3200
    (Perhaps it’s the ‘Violet’ edition?) (head exploding emoji)

    Capitol Records, MPL Communications and Third Man Records
    Hand-numbered on back cover (for USA `3201 – 6200` – for UK `6201 – 9200`)

    • Bob says:

      I asked the official uk store why when I preordered it said the red vinyl was limited to 3000 yet my copy is numbered in the 6000s out of 9200. I got no response of course but I see the line about 3000 has been deleted from the store site now. I’m more curious than annoyed and maybe I’ll put it down to the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, but it’s confusing/misleading. What’s the difference between uk red and third man red anyone know? Must be more than a logo on the front cover?

  3. Stan Stanton says:

    The album is quite frankly awful. Lazy tunes and worse lyrics. Macca’s insane obsession with being number one and getting down with the kids is also rather embarrassing. I think I’ll go back to The White album.

  4. Stevie B says:

    The edges of the back sleeve also vary in colour. The Red Vinyl have a RED border, the BLUE, a BLUE border…. except the ORANGE vinyl… that also comes in a BLUE border!

  5. Stevie B says:

    The HMV BLUE vinyl has a back cover shot of Paul looking right against a cloudy blue sky, as does the uDiscover ORANGE vinyl.

    The McCartney Official Site RED VINYL (Numbered LTD Edition of 9200) he is facing forward, eyes closed against a black background.

    Any other back cover variants? ;)

  6. Edward Bates says:

    After the first listen:

    Favourite tracks are – Long Tailed Winter Bird; Find My Way; Women And Wives; Deep Deep Feeling.

    Deep Down sounds like a Jeff Lynne track whilst Lavatory Lil reminds me of Mrs. Vandebilt (not sure why).

    Overall, not a bad album for a 78 year old.

  7. SimonP2 says:

    Not sure which thread we will be using for the inevitable McCartney discussions over next few days, but I’ll kick off here –
    The HMV Blue vinyl is the first to be delivered – it comes in what i presume is a generic gatefold. There is a blue coloured sticker on the cover saying “Exclusive – Limited Edition”. It doesnt say how many produced and it isnt numbered. It also doesnt mention HMV on the sticker, so presumably JPC etc Blue exclusives will be the same as this.

    • Tony says:

      The red one arrived today numbered in the 7000s out of 9200 ?. I thought it was a run of 3000 red copies. Any idea regarding numbering ?

  8. andrew r says:

    He wants the album to go to number 1 and
    all the coloured variants are simply a means to an end.
    Give the man his due respect ,there are very few artists of his age
    with enough ego and drive to still care about a chart position.
    He is a curious figure, simultaneously sure of his own genius
    while being convinced he has never been taken seriously as an artist.
    He still requires validation for some reason. Personally i would love an in depth
    interview that concentrates on his instrumental ability .Is there another artist
    now that Prince has left us ,who can master thec set of instruments that PM can
    The man deserves a medal just for his bass work on paperback writer/rain alone.

  9. Albert says:

    This push for a No.1 and all these gimmicks is getting ridiculous. Whatever happened to the days when an album got to No.1 simply because it was a good record?

    I’ll pass on Macca’s Coloured Vinyl Flying Circus and wait for 2021 and Let It Be and All Things Must Pass.

    • Ike Frasier says:

      Because o one buys music
      Now you need 65,000 units to go to #1
      In his day for had to sell half a million
      I got a white indie 1105 of 4000
      Barnes and Nobles Blue only “2000” lol of these days the sticker
      Green target cheapest price so far
      Violent yellow and Orange on the way

  10. Hoof Hearted says:

    The whole album seems to have leaked online over a week ago

  11. Michael says:

    I know this is Sir Paul McCartney, but it seems a curiously excessive amount of promotion for all these limited edition coloured versions of an album we haven’t heard one single song from yet. McCartney III may turn out to be great, or a mediocre mix of hits and misses. I still need to hear a few samples off this new release before jumping on the coloured vinyl spinning wheel of choices.

  12. Mike B says:

    Anyone know which of the coloured vinyl versions are still available for sensible prices – if any?

    • andy says:

      The orange vinyl on uDiscover is still available.

      • hendry doran says:

        Showing as sold out on Udiscover UK and has been for sometime. Albeit they are still advertising it. Crazy and misleading

    • hendry doran says:

      Roughtrade UK are showing the white vinyl as still available at £32.99 plus postage

    • Simonp2 says:

      For those interested- Mccartney Coloured vinyls – previously sold out – are appearing all over the place.
      WHITE vinyls are on numerous uk independent websites
      McCartney UK store now has RED & VIOLET copies on offer again
      UDiscover UK has ORANGE back and currently helpfully says “only 643 remaining”
      UDiscover DE has both RED and ORANGE

      Incidentally – BLUE arrived today ! HMV are seemingly sending out early

  13. David Fisher says:

    …and here we have it. Extra tracks on the Japanese release, probably the ones on the flimsy card slipcase “exclusive’ versions you have to buy four times in the UK. I’m definitely waiting for a deluxe version next year. Disgraceful marketing technique.

  14. John Vickers says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t update your earlier post which said that no track listing had been announced, Paul. It’s been out for some time now:
    1. Long Tailed Winter Bird (5.17)
    2. Find My Way (3.55)
    3. Pretty Boys (3.01)
    4. Women and Wives (2.53)
    5. Lavatory Lil (2.23)
    6. Deep Deep Feeling (8.27)
    7. Slidin’ (3.25)
    8. The Kiss of Venus (3.09)
    9. Seize The Day (3.23)
    10. Deep Down (5.55)
    11. Winter Bird/When Winter Comes (3.13)

  15. Catweazle says:

    The madness goes on: Orange vinyl by uDiscover (they have the purple vinyl, too)!

  16. John DeAngeli says:

    And now a Violet vinyl edition (3.000 copies worldwide) only for those who receive text messages from Paul. I signed up last time he played in Vancouver.

  17. SeanL says:

    Yet another variation! Yellow from the official PM store……when will this end !

  18. David H says:

    So is the blue vinyl being sold by HMV in UK the same as the blue vinyl being sold by Barnes and Noble in the USA??

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  20. bruce kelso says:

    i find it amazing that all this frenzy is about the color of the vinyl. what about the music ? it could be dreadfull or just typical ordinary mccartney. he hasnt even given a sample yet.

  21. Alan m says:

    Off topic but does anybody still make holographic cds? Could be the next fad i reckon :)

  22. Nowhereman says:

    Why do they mark it sold out when it clearly isn’t? His own site was marked as sold out for all of yesterday so I managed to get a red one from Germany which of course costs extra in postage. Now today I could have got one from the uk. It’s all the same record company (Universal) so why muck us about like that? It’s difficult collecting McCartney. I wish I could stop

    • Chris M says:

      I am not sure if the red version that is sold in the German store is the same as the red Third Man edition. When I ordered the German store said “3000 copies worldwide” this note is now gone. Also the cover doesn’t have the Third Man logo.

      • Timo says:

        I‘ve ordered the german red version and now also the one on the uk site.
        Where is the red man logo on the uk edition?
        Can you please describe it.

        • bruno says:

          This is getting really messy ! The US site had a “third man” red edition with the third man logo being 3 men in a circle/globe all in yellow on the cover. That was advertised as 3000 units and is sold out and not even showing on the site. The German version is called “third man” edition but has no logo on the cover and was also originally described as 3,000 copies only. Third man also presses records so both the US and German could both be pressed by Third Man but look like different editions. If the German version is now no longer limited to 3,000 then surely Universal should allow those who ordered under the premise that it was limited to 3,000 to cancel their orders. If this is indeed the case then I am not sure why Macca thinks these shenanigans endear him to his audience.

        • Nowhereman says:

          Pretty sure the German one and UK one are exactly the same. The Third Man one just seems to have a small logo on the top right of the cover to differentiate it

    • Peter says:

      Can you cancel your order with them?

      The UK site stated that it was sold-out the first day and now it’s going on two days of being suddenly available. Was it ‘sold-out’ as a trick to inspire people who were on the fence or unaware the first day to grab it as a second chance? Was the 3,000 limited a lie? But then other sites with their different colors still show ‘sold-out’. The US Third Man edition will be hand-numbered. Someone said that UDiscover Germany and Paul’s UK site are selling from the same 3,000 stock. The UK site states that it is 3,000 but not hand-numbered. The German site state states that it is hand-numbered but not limited to 3,000. It would be nice to know what’s going on.

  23. Mark says:

    A quick heads up to anyone wanting the red vinyl – managed to get one from the official UK site – they must have found some more in the back of a cupboard somewhere. Be fast!

  24. Peter Mulholland says:

    Does the white vinyl version from the SDE shop include a download code?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      None of them come with a download code, as far as I’m aware.

      • Ben says:

        For sure not. It‘s Paul McCartney and Capitol/Universal. (What a shame, by the way. Take the Divine Comedy vinyl reissues for example who give you not just the album, but also all bonus tracks as download…)

  25. Steven Horsler says:

    Red still available on macca website

  26. Alvin says:

    It’s a colour. A colour ! To each his own, but are you guys really prepared to fork out your hard earned cash for a mere colour variant? Where’s the sense in this? Okay, maybe it doesn’t have to make sense, but this is taking it to extremes. Let me quote Zappa here: “There’s a big difference between kneeling down and bending over.” Anyone in for a brown version?

  27. David Rubin says:

    I think if Paul (McCartney NOT Sinclair) really cared he would make a box set of every color vinyl and just charge 1000.00(dollars, pounds, euros, rupies). This way he gets lots of cash and we get x-amount of lps on pretty colored vinyl. This would end the true fans running around crazy to every location (web or big box store) to spend money. This Super Deluxe box can include a hard cover book of the making of, a tea towel, a plectrum, maybe to really make the fans crazy, a broken bass string 5.1 surround, atmos, remix, remaster, and finally the original mix. Then he can make the SUPERSPECIALEXTRAVAGANZA box with all the above, plus a flexi, a download card for each color vinyl, and since the dice are there we need the marbles.
    My next idea is that each color vinyl have a single playing card. This way us fans buy 52 lps with the same songs just different colors. For the real completest, the super rare joker card with box for your playing cards will only be avaliable at the last Blockbuster store in Bend, Oregon.

    I think the different colored vinyl is becoming a bit of a joke. At least make each color have something extra so it is worth buying. And not just the instrumental lp with out the vocals.

    The madness has to stop!

    • Ben says:

      A broken bass string? You made my day. Macca should hire you as his marketing manager!

    • Andreas says:

      Why a joke? No one is obliged to get all of them (also because of availability). I will go for the black vinyl when the price becomes a bit more adequate – and be happy about it (in the end it is a single LP). The coloured vinyl is there for those who really enjoy it and prefer to spend the money on this (possibly instead of on something else). We should be mature enough to be able to decide what we really want.

      While I agree that the number of colour variations is a bit over the top, I don’t think options as such should be seen as madness.

    • David Fisher says:

      I am beside myself with excitement at your ideas – when you say “a download card for each color vinyl” I hope they will be needle-drops specific to each colour? There may be a subtly different tonality to each hue.

      In fact a few different LP needle-drops for each colour could reflect different qualities of turntable. Those of us that can’t afford one could hear how a Clearaudio deck sounds and the wealthy could hear the disc as the man on the Clapham omnibus would – on a cheaper rig. Thus we might unite the world just in time for Crimble! Rich and poor alike will sing from the same carol sheet: “Good ol’ Macca!”

      (I’ve just gone for the while vinyl – I’ll pick up the whistles-and-bells all-singing, all-dancing version with all the previously released “exclusive” tracks on one 3 disc edition at a budget price when it is inevitably released next year…

  28. Paul Murphy says:

    I can’t believe after all these posts that none of them have done the old “well I hope he gets better soon” gag [until now]. (variant McCartney III/McCartney ill, for those not watching Les Dawson in the early 70’s)

  29. Ron van Rossum says:

    Thanks (again and again) for this update.

    Paul: is there any news regarding a super deluxe edition, like the previous releases?

  30. Marc says:

    For the ones who like colored vinyl. The red vinyl McCartney III (with poster) is still available at Universal Music Germany for 33.99 Euro (but shipping to USA and Japan ist extremely expensive).

  31. Alan m says:

    The chat on 6music yesterday was split into three parts throughout the afternoon. Shaun Keavney was on (far prefer him in the morning).

    As for white vinyl? It’s the best for not showing any dust.

    £33 for a single album? Taking the piss despite vinyl increases this last year. Neil Young’s Harvest Moon reissue is that price but he’s a perfectionist.

    Joy in owning something, Paul? Yes there is but we all know its a hollow, soul destroying act at the end of the day. It’s filling a gap in our lives that should be filled with something important.

    And finally, they played on 6music yesterday (and I never thought it’d get airplay anywhere) Ordinary Secretary. I’m still not sure if it’s brilliant or crap but it gets into your head and stays there. But so did Gangnam Style.

    • Andreas says:

      I think we can feel joy in owning something without letting it destroy our souls. We should be able to decide ourselves whether we really want something. And in case our judgement has been wrong, we can still sell the item. I assume what you are talking about is addiction. And if it makes us unhappy we need to deal with that. But normally a purchase ought to make us satisfied and give us joy. Otherwise we shouldn’t buy the item.

      At least that’s the rule I go by. If I don’t feel certain, I just don’t buy it and accept it. If I am sure that I want the item, I know that I use it and not only put it on the shelf, then I buy it and feel happy about it. Then I also don’t want to feel hollow or get a bad feeling. No – then I want to fully enjoy it. And it doesn’t mean that my life is lacking something important. We can still cherish and cultivate friendships and enjoy family time, pursue other hobbies and still enjoy owning physical media.

      I think that downloads make us music fans more unhappy in the long run.

  32. Darren Linklater says:

    I have most of the McCartney albums and thought Egypt Station as a great album but this is where I get off the multiple coloured vinyl merry go round. Obviously making the variants to get a limited group of fans to buy every one and push up the sales to get that No.1 spot. If you want to collect them great, but at this price for a single album McCartney is showing an increasingly greedy side. There are lots of other releases this season that are far more deserving of my cash. For a fiver more I bought the Lennon 2cd/dvd box with great hardback book.

  33. Prince Fan says:

    This must boring going from site to site (and expensive!) for Paul McCartney fans determined to own as many colour variants as possible. I suspect in a lot of cases, more enjoyment is derived from the owning of it, rather than the listening to it!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Are people not allowed to enjoy owning something?

      • Harcourt Fenton Mudd says:


        But ….. someone who might have been a fictional character on a tv show said,

        “After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but is often true.”


        “It is curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want.”

        BEAM ME UP!

        It will be the CD version for me for this album release….. too many variants and too expensive on vinyl for my meagre budget.

        • George glazener says:

          @Harcourt; from Amok time and Balance of terror, respectively. And yet I disagree with Mr. Spock. I thoroughly enjoy reading the often voluminous liner notes, booklets, photo essays, etc, which are part of these SDEs. Several times a year I read through them again while playing the cds. Sort of like revisiting old friends I suppose. There is certainly a point where some of these offerings are prohibitively expensive, but most are reasonable enough that they bring a lot of enduring value and enjoyment to the hobby of consuming great music.

      • Steven Horsler says:

        Indeed. Strikes me odd that people use your mini forum to be negative – macca’s given me so much pleasure i don’t resent it. If not happy try North Korea instead.

  34. Bruno says:

    I think I can predict which album will be nr 1 in the album charts. Macca saw what happened with the PSB’s failed attempt to offer limited editions to get to nr 1 so he is not taking any chances. It’s all a bit cheap and tacky. I also predict in a month super deluxe with furry dice and demos.

  35. Superhoop says:

    Found on
    Still another 6 days of bidding to go!
    New listingPAUL McCARTNEY – McCartney iii 3 – Third Man TMR Yellow Vinyl LP 333 Copies Only
    Brand new
    Time left6d left (Wed, 14:53)
    37 bids
    Click & Collect
    + £5.57 postage

    • Steve says:

      You missed out on the one that sold for £1500 yesterday then :D

      • What? McCartney? Worry? says:

        or the one sold for £3,333 today (23/10)

        Seriously? who spends money like that on vinyl? I couldn’t justify spending that amount on a bit of plastic. I would assume the flipper bots got most of those anyway.

    • Andrew says:

      Have just seen the 333 yellow dot version at £4,000 on E-bay. Total madness!!

  36. Nicholas Dawson says:

    Had email about 3000 coke bottle coloured vinyl exclusive to signed up spotify Paul McCartney fans, just ordered then another email re the red variant and also an exclusive to independent record stores as you state in a white variant, I baulked at the price , so all in all 3 variants or 4 limited pressings,

  37. William Joyce says:

    White vinyl pre ordered . Thanks SDE. Can’t wait for this release. Apparently it’s been whittled down from 25 tracks to 11 on this album . No doubt we’ll be getting a deluxe version next year !

  38. F says:

    For those who collect colour variants of the same album, do they usually have their own runout groove numbers / matrix numbers on the records themselves? Or are they identical except for the colour?

    • noyoucmon says:

      F: I noticed that on the new Dylan album, the gold and black editions had different catalog numbers. This could be seen by looking at multiple places on the album as well as the bar code. On the spine, though, Columbia forgot and the same number is shown there. But in a word, yes–there are examples where colour variants have different numbers.

  39. Ben Williams says:

    White vinyl ordered from the SDE shop Paul – can’t wait to hear the album!

  40. Alexey says:

    added references to known colours to the album’s wikipedia page – eight so far including black

    mine would be white from rough trade

  41. Carlos says:

    Love the White one- just preordered in your shop. Thanks Paul!

  42. Roland says:

    For me, the black vinyl and the black/white cover looks the best.
    But I will wait some month till we can buy the double-LP-super deluxe edition “McCartney III” in a dice box…

  43. Tobias Åkerlind says:

    Thanks for making some white ones available! I preordered o e from your shop! Thanks again!

  44. Jarmo Keranen says:

    There’s a poor man’s solution. Just buy different colours plastic bags. Then put your black vinyl record to colour bag you like most at the moment!

  45. SimonP2 says:

    Just in case anybody didnt spend enough yesterday – Jpc is advertising an exclusive “opaque blue” vinyl at 29.99 euro – one per person. Is it the same as the HMV blue? Almost certain i would say, but the use of the word “opaque” leaves a little doubt.
    Jpc also have the green die/dice cover CD – also one per person.
    Shipping to UK is ridiculously cheap (it was 4 euros for both)

  46. Steve says:

    If you look at all the different coloured versions online you’ll see that the gatefold artwork is different in each too.

    Also loving the McCartney 3 / $33.33 / 3rd Man Records / 333 yellow pressings etc. Pretty certain it’ll play at 33 1/3 just a shame it’s not coming out on 3rd December! :D

  47. Tony says:

    After his last effort I am waiting to hear it first before spending anymore money as there are so many releases forthcoming .
    For anyone who is interested there is a photo of the artwork on CDJapan.

  48. Craig Hedges says:

    first thoughts when I woke up this morning

    I think this is the first studio album that Paul has released in the month of December
    It is being released ‘3’ days after the 8th
    What’s with the dice???
    I am still excited

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway were reissued in December incidentally, and Hope Of Deliverance was issued in December too, right after Christmas IIRC.

  49. Marc K. says:

    At this point in time the Dutch Universal Music linked site still has the limited red vinyl album for sale and they also offer a bundle -black & red together- with 5 euro’s discount.
    I don’t know if they ship outside The Netherlands, but you could give it a try.

    • Marc K. says:

      This red one also sold out now…..

      I guess that the edition on Black vinyl will be the real collector’s item in a few years, because nobody wants that right now (especially for the pre-sale price, which is absurd for 1LP)

  50. Steve Woodhouse says:

    Die, Paul.

    When you say “… although I don’t think it’s as nice (the dice is green). Target have a green vinyl too.”

    The singular of dice is die.

  51. Mike says:

    is there two Paul McCartney store exclusives of the Red vinyl version UK / US – as the UK store images and text are different to the US store, as it doesn’t mention hand numbered and sleeve has no Third man logo.

  52. SimonP2 says:

    There are apparently 7000 numbered white vinyls. North america has numbers 1 -4000 and Europe has 4001-7000

  53. Ex-Oligarch says:

    I for one am grateful that Paul is not selling a special deluxe cardboard box in which to store all the variant color vinyl albums.

  54. P says:

    Too many cooks spoil the soup. Too many editions spoil the album. Remember when the music was what mattered? There is an epidemic of collector nutters on Earth and record companies know just how to sucker them. That said, I ordered 3 red with prayers that I get hand-numbered 333.

  55. Rob says:

    If you want a Red keep refreshing the official store – just got one.

  56. Nick Love says:

    Those Hofner basses, geez, I mean, I get why he uses it live because that immediately ties the 78 year old man to the 21 year old on Sullivan, but there’s got to be about any option that sounds, plays, records, holds tune better than those. He sounded great with the Ric and the Jazz Bass; can’t believe he doesn’t just stick with those at home.

    • Kenny III says:

      He’s getting old and the Hofner is so lightweight compared to the Rick and the Yamaha he used on stage as a younger man.

    • Harcourt Fenton Mudd says:

      Yeah.. that Hofner bass – old tat…. probably why Sir Paul also uses Bill Black’s double bass, which is EVEN older and has no electrickery or nuffink…. hold on that’s even WORSERER!…..
      ….. at least he is shown in the pic with a quite new telecaster…oh no – that guitar is a 70 year old design! and why is he using a mellotron when he can use a perfectly modern and excellent KORG KRONOS instead like every other 21st Century keyboard plinker.

      AND ANOTHER THING …… he has forgotton to take his washing off the drum kit where Nancy was leaving it to dry! FOOL on the stool!

      I mean, wot does he know? He is 78 himself, and probably cant stay in tune himself as easily as .

      Dear Sir Paul, if you recorded an LP of you eating a packet of crisps and it would still be brilliant and would outsell everyone else AND you could charge 50% over the odds like you are here and we would still love you!

  57. Gerbrand says:


    1. Long Trail Winter Bird
    2. Find My Way
    3. Pretty Boys
    4. Woman and Wives
    5. Lavatory Lil
    6. Slidin’
    7. Tbd
    8. Tbd
    9. Tbd
    10. Tbd
    11. Tbd

    • KevinK says:

      There’s an interview with Sir Paul on BBC 6Music this afternoon (Thurs 22nd).

      11. When Winter Comes
      “(Sir Paul) found himself tinkering with When Winter Comes, an unreleased track from the early 1990s that was co-produced by Sir George Martin … a rewritten version of When Winter Comes became the new album’s finale.”

  58. Jay says:

    Red vinyl back for pre-order again on the UK store –*/*/McCartney-III-Exclusive-Red-LP/6R2J0000000

    Be quick!

  59. Brian Scott says:

    Personal view, no refection on others who feel differently but £33 for a single album, released in multiple colours to encourage collectors to buy multiple versions strikes me as pure money grab. Much like the Premier League charging £14.95 for PPV games this just shows the huge disconnect between billionaires and the ordinary guy during these difficult times. Surely £20 would deliver a decent return for everyone involved?

    • Kenny III says:

      The CD is £10, it will be on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer etc. Agree £33 for a single LP is over the top and £20 is more reasonable but doesn’t fit the marketing campaign of 3

    • Ex-Oligarch says:

      They obviously should have made it 3 copies in 3 colors for $33.33.
      And the cd case should be a tetrahedron.
      The marketing department needs to tri harder!

  60. Paul Boyd says:

    Wonder if the gatefolds have different pictures and if you are a CD person (like me), would getting the standard disc and Target exclusive give you all the pictures?

    • Mike says:

      Looking at various images of the gatefold there are differences in the images certainly the red vinyl to the normal black, also some websites show difference colour vinyl entering the lp sleeve either at the side or from the top!

  61. Col. says:

    I found the HMV Blue Vinyl Edition now. Looks the nicest of the colours to me! The Limited 333 copies on yellow vinyl has sold already on eBay for £1,500 (Yes that says fifteen hundred pounds!)

  62. Grant says:

    Rough Trade UK listing:
    White Vinyl
    Limited and Numbered 4001 to 7000.

  63. thewildeyedboyfromfreecloud says:

    The two red vinyl versions are very misleading.
    Really glad I went for the US store and got the hand-numbered edition edition with the Third Man logo.

    • Steve says:

      Ah good spot Wildeyedboy!
      I can see now that the USA red version has the 3rd man logo on the sleeve but the U.K. doesn’t.(can’t see where it says it’s hand numbered)
      But they both say 3000 world wide.
      So is that 1500 x2 or 6000 red worldwide?
      Any chance you could do some digging for us Paul?

  64. MARK LEVY says:

    How about a ‘last minute’ Beatles re-issue/compilation of some kind? So far it’s been John Lennon and now Paul McCartney.

    • David Hughes says:

      Mark, my friend is high up in Universal in the US and apparently they were debating a toss up between the christmas album and a physeicla release of thos 63 demos they put out on streaming platforms to keep them in copyright as options for a christmas replacement for let it be SDE

    • George glazener says:

      @ Mark Levy, YES…..they should surprise us with a 65th anniversary Revolver for Christmas…!!

  65. Laura says:

    Coke Bottle edition sold out

    333 edition sold out

    Newbury comics doesn’t ship to UK

    HMV doesn’t ship to US

    how do you completists deal with this?

    • Col. says:

      Nothing comes up when I search for it on HMV site? Is it still available?

    • Nick says:

      Use Stackry for US to UK shipping

      • Andy says:

        For those living in the US or Canada, I using to get the HMV blue vinyl to my address in Los Angeles. HMV ships it to their warehouse in Milton Keynes, then they ship to any address worldwide. They charge $5 per item handling fee, then the shipping cost to the US, but I’m not in a crazy bidding war on eBay (currently $125 for the blues).

        Here’s a $10 credit code too – 7SMKFHVU

    • Ex-Oligarch says:

      Beatles completists by necessity have infinite funds at their disposal, therefore don’t have to worry about buying on the secondary market from time to time.

      Don’t have deep pockets? You need to find another hobby.

  66. Grahame Andrews says:

    White version duly ordered from the SDE shop. Once again your site provides such a welcome read, look forward every day to see what’s coming! My wallet not so happy, John Lennon, Ultravox, King Crimson, Tangerine Dream, damn have I spent that much!!
    Also like to echo others, patiently waiting for SDE versions of London Town and Back To The Egg, before we all get too old. Also taking the risk of getting shot down in flames, would like to see Give My Regards To Broad Street (Bit of a guilty pleasure).

  67. Beechlander says:

    Exciting stuff! All you horse riders – come on now…

  68. Nick says:

    Afraid to say £33.00 – £35.00 for a single LP is totally Overpriced !

    Compared to 3 x LP Tom Petty Wildflowers bought for £32.99 and Free Postage from last week !

  69. David Bly says:

    As others have mentioned, TOO MANY colour variants is making this stuff very tiring. I like the small American indies who will give you maybe 2 variants, and then there’s no others. I got several options staring me in the face today and I’m sort of souring on them already. I do admit to getting coloured vinyl from Newbury Comics, and just the other day I was talking to a friend about how some of those seem to be on their site forever – of course, not much call for John Colttrane and Sonny Rollins these days as they’re not on Shindig! or Tops Of The Pops.

    But without yet looking, I imagine that Macca III will be gone soon, as NC is an oddity in that they allow you to ONLY get 5 copies of all their coloured vinyl exclusives. So those of you aching for one 0f those should be able to find ‘pre-orders’ of them on eBay by Friday.

    Now, about getting that Cosmic Gas-coloured variant of Sun Ra’s “Space Is The Place”…

    • Steven Cacciaroni says:

      does ANYONE in the UK have an interested in a trade? I will buy you the GREEN USA exclusive variant and ship it to you if you buy me the BLUE HMV Exclusive and Ship to me? HMV has never shipped to the US and I really want the blue one vs paying $300 on eBay…

      • Nathan Thomas says:

        HMV is owned by Sunrise which is a Canadian company so would assume the HMV exclusive may hit Canada too which might be a better deal than shipping from UK to US

        • Ex-Oligarch says:


          Actually shipping to the US from Canada is comparable in price to shipping from the UK.

          It makes no sense, but that’s how it is.

      • Paul Bamford says:

        Did anyone reply to you?
        I’ll happily trade, although the green ones appear to be sold out.

      • Jon says:

        hi Steven. Yes I’d be happy to trade

    • Andy says:

      They are already on eBay, $75 and above… :-(

    • Nathan Thomas says:

      “TOO MANY colour variants” ? I count 6 most of which are exclusive to specific retailers In specific countries – not exactly a tsunami of variants !

  70. Dave B says:

    For those wondering about (or being critical of) Macca’s 78 year old voice, he did an interview with Sean Lennon a few weeks ago, during which he sang a few lines from a pre-Beatles song (while playing acoustic guitar) and his vocals sounded great!

    It’s a lovely interview, with Sean asking lots of questions about his Dad (and grandmother) in tribute to what would have been John Lennon’s 80th birthday. It’s nice to hear Paul get so personal and warm with his old friend’s son, instead of just trotting out the same old anecdotes. It’s on YouTube.

    • AndyB says:

      Maybe a rest from touring has helped his voice?

    • Gary Hunter says:

      Just listened to the interview, really enjoyed it.

      • Dave B says:

        Yeah, Gary, I probably wouldn’t have bothered listening to the whole interview if Paul had just trotted out the same old answers, but hearing Sean asking about what his grandmother was like and Paul giving such a warm, detailed response was really quite poignant I thought.

  71. Craig Hedges says:

    Think there’s going to be an announcement from the Harrison Estate soon. A video was posted on You Tube yesterday. It’s obvious now why there’s no Beatle product this year.
    I wonder if there will be a version with all three albums released at some point?

  72. Steve says:

    I don’t mind all the colour variants, pick one and go with it. At least they’re telling you how limited some of them are.
    I made the mistake of buying multiple Morrissey Lowe in High School vinyl versions, don’t know what possessed me at the time.
    I do love the idea behind the yellow and black version being made from recycled 1 &2 even though I missed our on it :)

  73. GTR says:

    Elvis Costello will be pleased with the variety of vinyl options.

  74. Bill says:

    I wonder how long it will be to an inevitable deluxe version, similar to the stunt pulled with Egypt Station?

    • Petrr says:

      You’re right. That drives me nuts. I bought deluxe edition in pre-order and after many months or a year later they released expanded deluxe edition. I hate this stupid system.

    • Dean says:

      I was only thinking to myself I might not dive straight in and purchase, you just know a special edition will follow.

  75. Beatle Mike says:

    This is great news! Love that he is returning to the basics of I & II. Finally something positive comes out of the lockdowns.

    Now if we could get a release date for the Back To The Egg & London Town boxes we can end this crazy year on a good note.

    Bravo Sir Paul!

  76. Phil says:

    Ooops – accidentally ordered 2 red ones and no option that I could find to delete 1 – oh well, I’m sure someone will want it!!

  77. noyoucmon says:

    I’ll buy it, because I’ve bought him for so long I don’t know how to stop, but right out of the gate I’m turned off; umpteen different colored versions, continuing the completist-fleecing tactics of Egypt Station, but even worse because there are going to be people who want all the colors and there are simply so MANY of them (I’ll buy the standard CD with the white die). And speaking of, despite its title and shtick keep in mind this is a post-Egypt Station release and not the halcyon days of 1970 or even 1980. Macca’s taste in tunes has been dire as of late. I hold no expectation that the music will be compelling or even good, but I hope to proven wrong.

    • Nathan Thomas says:

      I love the attitude of ‘fans’ who constantly criticise an artists work then challenge them to ‘prove them wrong’ Lol

  78. Rich E says:

    Went for the red edition. Nice cover although a part of me would have liked a portrait of the man in keeping with volumes one and two.

    • Mike says:

      The image of mccartney in a face mask from the album gatefold sleeve would have been good and inline with 1 and ll, have you noticed that the gatefold sleeves all have different images for different releases, except cd and standard vinyl?

  79. Stuart Taylor says:

    Excited! Been waiting 30 years for this!

  80. Martin Zoczek says:

    I’m so happy.
    Best announcement of the year 2020 beside a new foo fighters 25th anniversary album (fingers crossed)

  81. mike says:

    brilliant marketing really. Multiple coloured vinyl variants, with one vastly limited one (Third Man) that triggers panic in Macca fans and scalpers alike so they all sell out as soon as possible (with half I suspect on eBay), regardless of knowledge of pressing numbers – what their actual value would have been without the frenzy only time will tell…

  82. John says:

    1970 – McCartney I
    1980 – McCartney II
    2020 – McCartney III

    Yes!!! :-)

    • greg sinclair says:

      On a personal note:
      Nana 1900
      Dad 1920
      Me 1950
      Son 1990
      thought it might be a nice change of pace, plus I didn’t mention colored vinyl (unless you count just then)

  83. Carl says:

    His own online store has a red vinyl, there’s an indie record stores white vinyl and HMV have a blue vinyl.
    Paul – will you be selling any of these at the SDE store?

  84. Steve says:

    Ltd Red on UK Macca site too now. 3000 world wide, pressed by Third Man

  85. Simonp2 says:

    Target – red vinyl
    Newbury – pink vinyl
    Indie shops – white vinyl
    Universal- green vinyl
    Hmv – blue vinyl

    How many have I missed?

  86. Gavaxeman says:

    Hmv have an exclusive version too

  87. Ben Williams says:

    I will await the UK preorder details before ordering anything.. looks like there is a lot of coloured vinyl options in the US. Let’s see what us Brits get :-)

  88. I was lucky enough to be looking at my phone when the tweet came through about the 333 edition.
    It did literally go in a blink of an eye. It looks fantastic.

  89. CraigE says:

    Lots of vinyl versions, so far:
    HMV – Blue
    Spotify – Coke Bottle Clear
    Third Man – Red + Red Cover (300 copies)
    Third Man – Yellow + Yellow Silkcreen Cover + Numbered 333 edition
    Newbury Comics – Pink (1500 copies)
    Indies (US?) – White (4000 copies)

    • LowPop says:

      Target now has an exclusive green vinyl available. The 333 code name I believe is the “Flipper’s Delight” edition. haha

    • Andy says:

      Thanks for the heads up on the Newbury Comics – got one from there and also the red version from Macca’s site.

      The Spotify green one is sold out now.

  90. Christopher Wilson says:

    I have a very good feeling about this!

  91. Ollie Carlisle says:

    It really will be a Wonderful Christmastime!

    As far as I can make out from a picture of the vinyl on Twitter where someone’s zoomed in on the label, the track titles on Side One are ‘Long Tailed Winter Bird’, ‘Find My Way’, ‘Pretty Boys’, ‘Women & Wives’, ‘Lavatory Lil’ and ‘Slidin”.

    Lavatory Lil sounds like it could be this LPs Temporary Secretary. Then again it could also be attributed to Paul McKhazi and The Log Chorus.

  92. ARNALDO D'URSO says:

    There is also another Third Man Red vinyl hand numbered version 3,000 copies Still available on Macca’s website!

  93. Larry Davis says:

    Sounds pretty cool, that clip…like the dice theme, I’ll buy the Target CD…

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