Paul McCartney to issue a 3-track cassette for Record Store Day

Paul McCartney has announced that three tracks from the ‘download-only’ section of his forthcoming Flowers in the Dirt deluxe edition will be issued on cassette tape for Record Store Day.

The tracks in question are the three so-called ‘cassette demos’ recorded with Elvis Costello, namely I Don’t Want To Confess, Shallow Grave and Mistress And Maid. These tracks do not appear in any form on either CD2 or CD3 of the Flowers in the Dirt reissue, they are only available as ‘free’ downloads when you buy the £135 box set.

While thematically these rough and ready demos make some kind of sense on cassette, SDE readers who have been following the Flowers in the Dirt saga will surely agree that it is ironic that they are coming out on tape when they were denied a release on CD partly because Paul wants to stay ‘modern’ and embrace/drive people to streaming!

So to be clear, these three tracks are not available on CD or vinyl as part of the reissue campaign, just download (if you buy the deluxe) and cassette tape (if you are lucky enough to secure one on RSD from a participating store). It’s not even clear if you get a download code with the cassette, since it’s not mentioned in the announcement (we’ve asked). Update: This does come with a download code!

The other 13 download-only tracks on the Flowers deluxe remain download-only. Paul McCartney chose NOT to listen to what the fans said and didn’t take up SDE’s representations about offering buyers of the deluxe edition (that requested it) a free CD of the 16 download-only tracks.

Flowers in the Dirt is reissued at the end of next week (24 March 2017).

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Paul McCartney

Flowers in the Dirt - 4-disc deluxe book edition


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Paul McCartney

Flowers in the Dirt - 2LP Vinyl edition


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Paul McCartney

Flowers in the Dirt - 2CD edition




Deluxe 3CD+DVD book edition

1. My Brave Face (2017 Remaster)
2. Rough Ride (2017 Remaster)
3. You Want Her Too (2017 Remaster)
4. Distractions (2017 Remaster)
5. We Got Married (2017 Remaster)
6. Put It There (2017 Remaster)
7. Figure Of Eight (2017 Remaster)
8. This One (2017 Remaster)
9. Don’t Be Careless Love (2017 Remaster)
10. That Day Is Done (2017 Remaster)
11. How Many People (2017 Remaster)
12. Motor Of Love (2017 Remaster)
13. Où Est Le Soleil? (2017 Remaster)

DISC 2: (original Elvis Costello demos)
1. The Lovers That Never Were (Original Demo)
2. Tommy’s Coming Home (Original Demo)
3. Twenty Fine Fingers (Original Demo)
4. So Like Candy (Original Demo)
5. You Want Her Too (Original Demo)
6. That Day Is Done (Original Demo)
7. Don’t Be Careless Love (Original Demo)
8. My Brave Face (Original Demo)
9. Playboy To A Man (Original Demo)

1. The Lovers That Never Were (1988 Demo)
2. Tommy’s Coming Home (1988 Demo)
3. Twenty Fine Fingers (1988 Demo)
4. So Like Candy (1988 Demo)
5. You Want Her Too (1988 Demo)
6. That Day Is Done (1988 Demo)
7. Don’t Be Careless Love (1988 Demo)
8. My Brave Face (1988 Demo)
9. Playboy To A Man (1988 Demo)

Original B-sides, remixes and single edits:
1. Back On My Feet
2. Flying To My Home
3. The First Stone
4. Good Sign
5. This One (Club Lovejoys Mix)
6. Figure Of Eight (12” Bob Clearmountain Mix)
7. Loveliest Thing
8. Où Est Le Soleil? (12” Mix)
9. Où Est Le Soleil? (Tub Dub Mix)
10. Où Est Le Soleil? (7” Mix)
11. Où Est Le Soleil? (Instrumental)
12. Party Party (Original Mix)
13. Party Party (Club Mix)
Cassette demos:
1. I Don’t Want To Confess
2. Shallow Grave
3. Mistress And Maid


Music Videos:
01. My Brave Face
02. My Brave Face (Version 2)
03. This One (Version 1)
04. This One (Version 2)
05. Figure Of Eight
06. Party Party
07. Où Est Le Soleil?
08. Put It There
09. Distractions
10. We Got Married

Creating Flowers in the Dirt:
01. Paul And Elvis
02. Buds In The Studio
03. The Making Of ‘This One’
(The Dean Chamberlain One)

Put it There:
01. Put It There Documentary


Flowers in the Dirt / 2LP vinyl

LP 1
1. My Brave Face
2. Rough Ride
3. You Want Her Too
4. Distractions
5. We Got Married
6. Put It There
7. Figure of Eight
8. This One
9. Don’t Be Careless Love
10. That Day Is Done
11. How Many People
12. Motor of Love
13. Où Est Le Soleil?* digital download

LP 2 (Original Elvis Costello demos)
1. The Lovers That Never Were (Original Demo)
2. Tommy’s Coming Home (Original Demo)
3. Twenty Fine Fingers (Original Demo)
4. So Like Candy (Original Demo)
5. You Want Her Too (Original Demo)
6. That Day Is Done (Original Demo)
7. Don’t Be Careless Love (Original Demo)
8. My Brave Face (Original Demo)
9. Playboy To A Man (Original Demo)


Flowers in the Dirt / 2CD Edition

CD 1
1. My Brave Face
2. Rough Ride
3. You Want Her Too
4. Distractions
5. We Got Married
6. Put It There
7. Figure of Eight
8. This One
9. Don’t Be Careless Love
10. That Day Is Done
11. How Many People
12. Motor of Love
13. Où Est Le Soleil?

CD 2 (Original Elvis Costello demos)
1. The Lovers That Never Were (Original Demo)
2. Tommy’s Coming Home (Original Demo)
3. Twenty Fine Fingers (Original Demo)
4. So Like Candy (Original Demo)
5. You Want Her Too (Original Demo)
6. That Day Is Done (Original Demo)
7. Don’t Be Careless Love (Original Demo)
8. My Brave Face (Original Demo)
9. Playboy To A Man (Original Demo)

164 responses to Paul McCartney to issue a 3-track cassette for Record Store Day

  1. Steve says:

    More nonsense from Capitol and McCartney’s mgmt. & MPL. I won’t be buying this cassette for three tunes especially since they’re not going include a 5th CD for the FITD box set.

  2. Adey says:

    If fans boycotted the boxset release, it may drive the price of it down, and certainly would teach Mr mccartney alesson!
    I think the reason many artists (or at least their record companies) take the p**s ripping fans off, is bacause they know there are people out there who will blindly pay the high prices without questioning it.

  3. Charlie Waffles says:

    Hey, Mac. What are you smoking now? This entire box set is bizarre.

  4. Ronnie says:

    And then we wonder why the music business is having hard times

  5. adam shaw says:

    Lets be honest here , any one who gets one of these cassettes are not going to buy it for playing purposes .
    Its a promo tool thats all and will become collectable .

  6. Jesper says:

    Hey Paul – what happened to that Trevor Horn interview about Flowers In The Dirt, that you teased in the newsletter?

  7. J says:

    Oh By The Way
    Young people are falling in love with cassettes. U can record your band super cheap & make a bunch of copies. Radio Shack & some Wal Marts still sell them. I still have my Luxman K10 Pro & Nakamichi 1000 decks and play them often. If you don’t have the Retro Tape Deck & Realwave apps get 1 soon. Big Fun

    Sadly, I just spoke to my local independent store and the odds of getting this cassette are slim to none. I guess I will have to track it down on Ebay

    I have never heard FITD. I gave up after Wings Over America, but I think I will buy this at Best Buy so Sir Paul can sell @ least one of these things. Thanks for posting the video Paul. Very cool watching Elvie & Sir P. I think this disc might be fun but will wait & see. Will not be doing and downloads though, I don’t have the time or the patience for this type of nonsense

    • Fatoldbloke says:

      CD burners are about $50 and blank CDs are 0.25 cents each. They are considerably better than cassette tape. I used to record onto cassette 25+ years ago and the ones I have left are mud.

  8. Gareth says:

    The demo for ‘Distractions’ has surfaced via the NME. It’s really good too:

    Am I right in assuming that this is not included on the SDE of ‘Flowers…’? I can’t see it listed above. Looks like it’s download-only from Macca’s site.

  9. Makaro says:

    Nice troll Paul (Macca) ! I will continue to buy the “normal” edition of these reissues, more than enough for me to go with the 4LP collection that I copped on a great price thanks to Paul (Sinclair) !

  10. DJ Boji says:

    Macca and his very clever manager seem to be absolutely lost in music formats. A laughing stock.

    • Fatoldbloke says:

      I was thinking of the words to describe issuing music on cassette rather than CD or even vinyl.
      You said it perfectly ‘laughing stock’ is how I describe bringing out music on a format I used to buy over 25 years ago and happily will never buy again as most of the prerecorded tapes ended up turning to shite.

  11. Nick Preece says:

    Must be bad when you get dementia Mr McCartney! You refuse to release certain tracks off flowers in the Dirt Deluxe edition on Vinyl or CD and only release them on download as you say ….. that’s the future….. your words! So you release this on cassette? Oh dear He’s lost the plot and a few more fans…..”

  12. Frank Otero says:

    So, there will a cassette released for RSD. Wonder if this will add more controversy to the debacle.

  13. Avitom. says:

    If no one will buy this SDE then I can propose a song that frusteared McCartney can sing, it’s called You Never Give Me Your Money. Maybe Sir Paul knows that song as someone mentioned to me that he thinks that Paul was in The Beatles but I doubt it.

  14. R.naud says:

    Although in hindsight it adds insult to injury – I can only assume this Record Store Day cassette release was planned yonks ago – it is in the spirit of the original tape so I’ll consider it as a quirky bonus hoping that I’ll manage to get my hands on one…
    Can you actually pre-order it from any participating shop? I though Record Store Day releases were on a first come first served basis…

  15. Nabobofdub says:

    Hell hath no fury like a Macca fan scorned!

  16. Mr X says:

    The Trump analogy is a good one!
    His spin team just put their head in their hands and think “how – in some way do we spin this to sound good?”

    Pretty much like the interview sde Paul had with macca’s guy.

    (And like Trump, no one has the balls to question the divine McCartney’s ideas)

  17. Peter says:

    I was hoping for a cassette box set: 3 cassettes (each one with one song) + T-Shirt and a button for 115 £ (plus a download code for another demo song)

  18. peter chrisp says:

    Back from the dead? A blast from the past. With so many formats in regards to music if my memory serves me well, i will never forget after buying vinyl way back in the 70’s and on import it was great to have brand new albums from your fave artists, and you could by blank tapes and
    each tape could have been 60 or 90 minutes or 120? The good thing you is you can “tape” your
    vinyl onto the cassette and have a lot of extra music and listen to it in the car or at home on your tape deck and lend it to your friends, what memories, talk about nostalgic, is this the future of music? Uhhhh let me know!

  19. Francis says:

    I have a Sony radio tape player so I could play the cassette but this day and age I do not want to as I prefer CD quality so this Paul McCartney release might as well be on an old tangled up 8 track cartridge, a cracked and dusty 78rpm record or a creased flexi disc for all I care.

  20. Dr Volume says:

    Not sure this was as pre-planned in advance as The Other Paul thinks – it really doesn’t take that long to get a tape manufactured (there are still factories in operation where you can get them done – like this one and the lead times are a few days – a tiny fraction of Vinyl pressings. The latter will be even worse for the past 3 months as all available presses will have been churning out inessential reissues, novelty picture discs and vanity projects for RSD 2017.

    The tape market has indeed come back somewhat, not least as a niche DIY format that is easy and cheap to produce for bands and has a bit of quirky appeal that a CD-R doesn’t have – they’re something to sell fans at the merch table and frankly how more weird is it to sell a tape with a DL code than it is a 7″ single? In many cases neither physical item will be played.

    There are weird and wonderful avant garde/electronica/esoteric artists making contemporary Tape releases today which make a feature of the LoFi sound quality and in some cases these sell like hot cakes and become very collectible. I’ve got a few of these things, and also things like the Marine Girls (Tracey Thorn’s first band) Cassette reissues and bought an old Sony Walkman on eBay so I can play them.
    It’s a bit of fun and there’s something quite enjoyable about hooking up a tape to your system and hearing some hiss and that compressed sound you only get from Tape.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You might be right… although my understanding was labels need to submit their RSD product lists to the RSD guys WAY in advance – but maybe not.

  21. RikTheHib says:

    So – he can’t produce an extra CD (costing pennies) with the download only tracks and then let purchasers of the SDE download everything in hi-res (24-96 usually) – keeping to the “thee shall stream” (even if downloading isn’t actually streaming – but he can produce an expensive self-degrading product with a half-life of a few years and charge a wad for it.

    Am I right?

    Just want to know which way round to insert the pineapple.

  22. Ern says:

    While Sir Macca is going all retro on us, any chance the dvd will get a solo release for the View-Master?

  23. FROM MARS says:

    Peculiar. This is precisely what RSD is about.

    • Nick Preece says:

      Erm….. Record store day is for erm…… records…. it’s all in the Name, if they want to do this save it for Tape store day! …….

  24. mike says:

    I thought streaming was the future, macca….

    • Francis says:

      I bloody hope Streaming is not future or the music chart will be full of s**t music by only a few artists that kiddies listen too.

  25. baward says:

    elliott buckingham, maybe the tape inlays were written by some lowly-paid MPL interns? PM should have been tied by the ankles to a desk and MADE to write out those inlays, as compensation for the negative feelings generated by FITD SDE! ;-)

    I wonder if all these tracks will be available on a regular, standalone CD, once the fun of RSD has died down? I don’t imagine that Paul McCartney is much bothered!

  26. Mark Reed says:

    Dear Superdeluxeedition,

    We have done this just to insult you further. Do not get ideas above your station.


    Paul McCartney’s Arrogant Management Team.

  27. Stevie B says:

    He should get a No 1 out of it though…last week’s cassette chart topper in the UK was Sleaford Mods’ English Tapas, which shifted 164 copies.

  28. Marc says:

    To quote Saxondale: Bit of a dick.

  29. Paul Muckartney says:

    What next a 78 rpm shellac release?

  30. DukeViking says:

    can’t* justify

  31. DukeViking says:

    If this RSD cassette contained exclusive songs NOT on the Deluxe Edition download – then I would be up in arms. I can see they were trying to release something that was a part of the 1989 times – but it would have been nice to get a remix of sorts on a 7″

    But it still sort of sticks it to the fan whom can justify a $100+ box set for some of these songs.

    Hopefully the tapes are not more than $10. I’m sure eBay prices will be double the retail.

  32. Tim says:

    “Give My Regards To The CASSETTE” ! :)
    Dolby NR or not? :)

  33. NJ says:

    “Rumor” is that a “For True Collectors Only” version is being simultaneously released on
    8 Track, in Quadrophonic sound. That’s the real deal. Saving my confederate dollars for that……

  34. Ian says:

    What about a weekly magazine with a cover mounted Flexi disc containing one download only track each week. Step forward deagostini. The rest of the series could be a 200 part build your own macca turntable to play them on.

  35. Mark Phillips says:

    I would suggest a release on Edison cylinder, but that’s already been done with a Tiny Tim track.

    Perhaps the tracks were originally on a cassette and this is a replica for the fans?

    After all a lot of Springsteen stuff was made on cassette originally. Nebraska springs to mind.

    However the RSD prices are normally way to high, and a tenner or more for a cassette would be outrageous!

  36. Javier says:

    Sad that all this is happening with the only McCartney SDE I was interested in.

  37. noyoucmon says:

    So, since his manager told SDE that McCartney chose streaming over CD because Macca wants to do things in the way of the future, he has:

    1) Released a colouring book
    2) Announced a cassette release

    McCartney is out of touch and his manager’s comments sound like something coming out of the Trump administration. The way Flowers in the Dirt is being handled is farcical.

    • Kauwgompie says:

      Haha, love the Trump analogy. The BS his handlers are spreading is indeed just as astounding as this nonsense!

  38. Ian McJannet says:

    Well thanks for nothing Paul .. Why are you so stubborn about listening to your fans.. I for one won’t be buying this album in ANY format and I only wish ALL your others fans would boycott it too.. I’d just LOVE to see it bomb completely … You deserve it !!

  39. Kauwgompie says:

    I’ll eat my shoe if that Flowers In The Dirt SDE won’t end up in a massive salesbin due to these ridiculous shenanigans. And then I’ll still won’t buy it.

  40. Steve Edwards says:

    Yesterday, all my daftness was so far away.
    Now it looks as though its here to stay.
    Oh I believe in Yesterday.

  41. Rough cut says:

    This is the worst.

  42. Ken Croteau says:


    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Every one is going tape shit, over this decision (sorry..)

      • WILLIAM ENGLAND says:

        I feel a t-shirt coming on … one for the SDE shop methinks ;-))

        • Avitom. says:

          That’s a good one. But to top it I would suggest a SDE just for the cassette which will include a t.shirt, a picture of Paul wearing that t. Shirt and a voucher of £1.00 for buying the actual SDE of what I call Download in the dirt.
          Sorry of I sound a bit bitter but aren’t we all?

  43. Paul English says:

    Enough is enough.

    Have just cancelled my Amazon UK pre-order of the Flowers In The Dirt SDE.

  44. Ollie Carlisle says:

    Taking a positive outlook, I’m just pleased all this bizarre format experimentation is happening to an album of his I’m not very keen on. I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t have happened to one of the big hitters like Band On The Run and I’m glad it’s not one of the less-obvious ones I enjoy like Flaming Pie which I still hope will get the traditional deluxe treatment in due course.

    Perhaps it’s just a way of sabotaging it to distract from the real reason people won’t buy it (i.e. it’s not a particularly great record to start with, at least in comparison to much of the rest of Macca’s catalogue).

  45. JackC says:

    In the Paul McCartney canon only Band On The Run has made any lasting impact. Everything else is just filler with an occasional good track here and there including this one.

  46. Mark Franklin says:

    The irony here is incredible. Record Store Day and Paul releases a cassette. This really isn’t his year is it.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      To be fair he’s finishing what he started in 1990 with the US-only “Ou Est Le Soleil” maxi-cassette… ;)

    • RJSWinchester says:

      No irony really. A cassette, much like vinyl, is still a recording.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Let’s get Alanis Morissette in to adjudicate!

      • Daran says:

        So is a wax cylinder. Are we doing those too for RSD?

      • Randy Metro says:

        I have very fond memories of my first cassette tape deck and my library of mix tapes. But that was in the early 70’s. I retired my last deck when I bought my first stand-alone CD burner in Y2K. I have some CDRs which are copies of my cassette tapes which are of course copies of my vinyl.

  47. Ern says:

    That’s big of him. Probably cost a tenner.

  48. el nino says:

    Dear Sir Paul,
    Could you please put this out on 8-track? Also any DVD releases should be on Super 8mm.

  49. elliott buckingham says:

    i wonder if the insert is handwritten by macca which as a rsd release there shouldn’t have been that many to do

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Doesn’t look like his handwriting…

      • gwynogue says:

        In my opinion it shouldn’t be ANYONE’S handwriting – it just looks like some cheap home-made effort! That’s why I see it as an insult to RSDers as well – if you expect people to fork out for such guff, at least put some effort into artwork and packaging. Why on earth should I buy something that I could just make myself?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Yeah, but that’s sort of the point, isn’t it? To look rather homemade. Although it’s probably not an accurate recreation – the reality is, if these demos were first recorded onto cassette they’d have been some branded product – a TDK tape, for example.

  50. RJSWinchester says:

    With the multiple “Compare and Pre-Order” links every time it’s mentioned, SDE sure are plugging Flowers in the Dirt despite their misgivings! I suspect that many SDE expressing their displeasure will set aside their own misgivings and click on the links and buy it. Not a McCartney fan myself but I do know what it’s like when you need to buy albums you don’t really want just to complete the collection (VU’s Loaded SDE, the last couple of volumes of Hip-O Select’s James Brown: The Singles, etc.).

    • Randy Metro says:

      ….The Grace Jones Living My Life Deluxe Edition. I’ve had my own home-made version for years but will cough up the cash anyway when it (hopefully) is released this year.

  51. Ben Williams says:

    I love the idea of a casette of demos but with the debarkle of downloads-only, this release only serves to p*ss us all off even further.

    Would have been nice if this was part of the deluxe box.

  52. Piotr says:

    I think he’s done it. Aim achieved. I won’t be spending any more money on his releases. I’ll be streaming them for free.

  53. BritinDetroit says:

    So no chance it is going to appear on a nice Sony Mini Disc then ?

  54. With Good Sign to follow on pianola roll?

  55. David M says:

    He’s driving us to streaming! His ultimate aim!

    • Stan Butler says:

      Driving us up the wall, that’s what he’s doing.

    • Randy Metro says:

      Not to mention those of us who are inclined to be driven to illegal downloading. Once those download only tracks hit the net, they are as free as a bird. I’m not as deep into Paul as most of you, but I am assuming these scandalous tracks have been hiding in plain sight & thriving for years on the net. I love early & mid ’70’s Paul/Wings. After that, meh!

  56. Francis says:

    Isn’t he rich enough without having to release some tacky cassette tape, that most people can not play or even want, just so he can make a bit more money to put into his already over full bank account? I for one will not be purchasing it.

  57. HalloweenJack says:

    Didn’t SirCheesePaul’s management say that he believes downloading is the wave of the future or something along those lines? And now they issue a cassette?
    This deluxe edition is going right where the original album ended up… the dusty bargain bins.
    How’s that for prediction?

  58. Avitom. says:

    That’s the final straw in this Download In The Dirt saga: No more money for Sir Paul McCartney.

  59. Greg says:

    As I have gotten older and a little bit wiser I realize that I cannot have any influence on a giant. I can pick and choose what I spend my money on. I have no interest in a cassette. Never have, never will. Sir Paul knows that the correct thing to do would be to included a High Definition Blue-ray in the SDE that has EVERYTHING on it. If he was sincere about the “future is download” he would have a download code in the SDE for EVERYTHING in HD. Instead he chooses to offer worthless “collectables” to obsessive collectors to either line his pockets or create buzz. That is why I support XTC, Jethro Tull, Yes, Chicago, etc. Bands that care about the music and there fans, and choose not to get sucked into Sir Paul’s, Floyd’s & U2’s trinket marketing. Every reader of SDE is fortunate that Mr. Sinclair enlightens us each day with the information we need. Thank you Paul S. Shame on you Paul M.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks! Glad the ‘Pauls’ are that way around :)

      • gwynogue says:

        After his mess and your efforts, his knighthood should be removed and given to you instead – arise Sir Paul of Sinclair!

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I’d settle for an OBE… haha ;)

          • Rickjapan says:

            Paul, I’d like nothing better than to give you an OBE, considering your site is probably the one I visit most of any these days, but an OBE from me would probably only stand for Old Buddy from England. Sorry….!!

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            That’ll do for me. Cheers!

  60. HS says:

    If I were a fan of Paul’s I would absolutely boycott this and any other releases from him in the future.

    I think that a cassette release of, say, the new Erasure album is fine. For the fans who want that format they can buy it for their collections – it’s not a matter of releasing exclusive material only on cassette (of all things). The way Paul has been treating his fans with this whole Flowers release is appalling!

    • CJ says:

      Flowers in the Dirt was where I was going to get on the McCartney re-issue train, because it was my first-ever McCartney album growing up. I’ve actually been patiently waiting for years for this re-issue to come out. And it’s been such a nightmare from a buyer’s perspective that I’m doing exactly what you suggest–none of my money to Sir Paul, ever again. Not for this re-issue, not for any other re-issues, not for new material. I’m done with him. I doubt I’m the only purchaser of physical music that’s writing him off at this point.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        It still baffles me why he isn’t trying to give his audience what they want. It’s not like it’s the artistic endeavour that is (or at least used to be) creating a new album. Fair enough, that comes from the heart and you deliver what you feel is right. But compiling a reissue is very much about understanding your audience and meeting or exceeding their expectations. When the feedback MONTHS before the reissue comes out alerts you to the fact that you’ve missed the mark, then not to do anything is just plain bizarre.

  61. Jason says:

    Downloads announced. Fans complain. Response seems to intentionally offend. Just another day in the music business.

  62. Surely this would be more suited to Cassette Store Day. Or isn’t CSD still going?

  63. Straker says:

    Break out the popcorn! It’s time for part two of this self-inflicted wound!

    As if vinyl-fetishism wasn’t bad enough, must we be subjected to the perverse nostalgia for hissy cassettes??

  64. Fred says:

    Laughing Out Loud… Very very modern… What a pity this reissue !

  65. daveid76 says:

    This is like a missing scene from some new Spinal Tap film-

    People buy an expensive physical product in order to have a physical copy of a series of collated tracks either previously released on physical products or just previously unreleased. The super expensive box set includes the demos as download-only and then when fans express their frustration he releases three of these tracks on a physical format no one uses any more and which no one will be able to get their hands on.

    Why not go one further Sir Paul and put them on 78 record or shellac cylinder?

  66. Gareth says:

    Given that the market for this cassette will be pretty much identical to that of the SDE for ‘Flowers in the Dirt’ Sir Paul is as good as trolling us with this one. Pretty poor. He really needs better people advising him (or perhaps he just needs to listen a bit more?).

    Did we ever ascertain why Macca’s folk think we don’t want to own the music on CD but we do want to own the videos on a DVD?

  67. Geert De Wilde says:

    Come on Superdeluxe, you’re overplaying your hand. We’ve seen other acts in recent years reverting to the cassette medium to sell ‘collector’s items’ or curiosities. And what else are these ‘record store day’ products? You have to agree it’s entirely contemporary to offer this kind of merchandise. (yes, I have a tape-player. No, I won’t be able to get a copy of this cassette)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Don’t have a problem with doing the cassette per se, it’s just very ironic in this specific example.

    • Bill says:

      Geert I don’t think Paul S. & SDE are “overplaying” their hand one single bit. This isn’t about selling of “‘collector’s items’ or curiosities” it’s about the breaking of an already firmly established release format for $130USD box sets. Personally I don’t think this is contemporary at all, it’s an insult to the people paying their hard earned cash on this FITD box set actually. Being contemporary would have been sticking to the format and putting all 16 tracks on a CD in the box set and giving your fans what they want. If you then wanted to do a “cassette” type of promo fine, but having the balls and arrogance to ask someone to spend even more money on a cassette of only 3 of the “download only” tracks after they just spent $130 on a box set is a disgusting insult and a joke.

  68. Wills says:

    If no one has a cassette player. My wifes Renault 2001 Megane has a cassette player in. If anyone would like a listen. Any offers!!!

    By the way is it not Record Day not Cassette Day

    • LMTR14 says:

      you have no clue what you are talking about. metallica reissued 10000 copies of their first demo tape for rsd… AND IT SOLD OUT!

      • Straker says:

        During Gary Numan’s lean years when he had his own Numa Records label (mainly because no major wanted to sign him) he would release umpteen live albums because they were cheapish to do and also many singles in a blizzard of different coloured vinyl because he knew his hardcore fanbase guaranteed him 5000 sales for every single one and that was badly needed money that went straight into his then threadbare pocket.

        The obsessive fan is a bottomless pit to some artists but at least with Numan it wasn’t as if he was swimming in money then, unlike Macca which is why this refusal to do the decent thing and put those tracks on CD is only compounded by rubbing fan-noses in it with this cassette nonsense. A quite baffling decision.

        Why not be the hero of the hour and just stick them all on a disc, like people want? Like he KNOWS they want?

        • Derek Langsford says:

          Numan is taking advantage of the vinyl resurgence with high-priced sets (>$30 per LP) of his recent live recordings. While CDs sellout quickly at his website, the vinyl moves more slowly. The vinyl prices are making one of the most thorough Numan collectors I know break his rule of buying every variant of every Numan release. IMO, both Numan and PM are pushing the very outer limits of what the market will bear. At least Numan releases his work on CD/DVD at reasonable prices in addition to vinyl and hasn’t gone the download route yet.

      • Charles K. says:

        @LMTR14 So what, I bought one of them but only the collectible nature of them. I’m not going to play it nor have I talked to anyone who bought it for that reason. They also did it as a fun aside as all the tracks were on the SDE box that was released so different than was Macca is doing.

  69. Mandrake says:

    Why does Macca insist on giving us “the business”?

  70. Lowell says:

    Now I am getting worried that the Beatles Sgt Peppers 50th Anniversary will be a download only if Sir Paul has a say in it. Let’s pray that Apple does not not screw it up. I am preparing myself to be disappointed.

  71. ramblingman says:

    It’s happening elsewhere and has been for a while eg Soundgarden’s forthcoming UltraMegaOK re-master is also being issued on cassette.

    The PM RSD release I can understand, generating as it will a marketing buzz for the cd / vinyl release.
    But as to Soundgarden et al attempting a wider re-introduction of cassettes, this is surely destined to be a short lived marketing trend* based on a hipster cash grab for “vintage” formats that would not be happening were it not for the resurgence of interest in vinyl.

    *Check back in a decade when Sainsbury’s may/may not have a rack of cassettes for sale next to the aubergines.

  72. Rasputin says:

    Rock stars know how to mock their fans.

    P.S. Concerning Pink Floyd.
    Pink Floyd – Interstellar Overdrive 12” (180 Gram, previously unheard / unreleased recording from 1966, poster, postcard, limited to 4000, indie-retail exclusive)
    Pink Floyd – London 1966-1967 12” (Picture Disc, limited to 2000, indie-retail exclusive)
    (If signed it will be very rare)

    • MiG says:

      “Previously unheard” is a technical phrase I guess. This is the soundtrack to the Anthony Stern movie “San Francisco” which I think was in the Early Years box and which all PF fans should already be familiar with. (It’s not the same as the Peter Whitehead IO, which is on the OTHER RSD 12 inch!) This might be from a cleaned-up source however, hence the technical. Unless proof has magically appeared, nobody seems to know for sure that it was recorded in 1966. It’s possible this is also from January 1967 like the Whitehead. Whitehead also calls his version “1966-67” which is dissembling. There isn’t a single note of verifiable Pink Floyd music from 1966 in existence.

  73. James says:

    Pretty sure these ‘cassette demos’ would have been originally recorded on DAT, so we should be getting DAT copies, not dis.

  74. gogandmagog says:

    to add insult to injury!!!

    • Geoff says:

      Just when you think you couldn’t be kicked in the teeth any harder… Still, if the next release is on Mini Disc I’ve still got one of those somewhere.

  75. Mr. Ska '57 says:

    Sir Paul, you have now turned me off completely after having been a fan since 1964. You are not getting anymore of my hard earned cash.

  76. Ryan F says:

    Well, with mass-release albums, each format counts as an individual sale. So (for example), the most recent Feeder album was released as a CD, a deluxe CD, a vinyl and a cassette. I don’t think there was much demand for the cassette, but there is a certain breed of obsessive fan who will buy every album on every format (the website was selling multi-format bundles), which for chart purposes would count as four separate sales.

    But chart considerations obviously don’t affect RSD, so – other than a desire to be kitcsh or retro – I’m not sure what the point of this is.

  77. James Coles says:

    Have they moved Record Store Day to April Fools’ Day? What a joke, Macca!

  78. ramblingman says:

    Mike B – I’m guessing the point is less to serve people’s real world listening needs, more to do with dropping something a bit quirky that create a buzz to cross-market the CD release.

    (Albeit I still have a tape deck!)

  79. Christian Fex says:

    What about a shellac record or a Digital Audio Tape?

  80. Klaus says:

    To say it with Martin Gore:

    I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumours
    But I think that Paul’s got a sick sense of humour ;-))

  81. Eric says:

    April 1st is here early.

  82. Dave says:

    As I have said elsewhere, MPL must stand for Monty Python Limited. This whole FITD debacle is getting worse and just shows the sheer awkwardness of those involved following the absolute BS reasons given by Scott Rodger of leaving these and the other download tracks off the deluxe. Related to his reasoning in the call with Paul, I read two recent reports on two streaming providers of financial difficulties so they would be backing the wrong horse there I reckon if there was any substance to it.

  83. Mike Bushell says:

    Maybe I’m Amazed!

    Now I know SDE is all about people who like the physical product and the worst swear word is “download”, but, out of interest, how many of us actually have the means to play a cassette these days? Even more bizarre is when a newish band issues a cassette when their primary audience wouldn’t know what one was.

    Or am I missing the point?

    • CJ says:

      I think it’s some sort of hipster thing at the moment. I noticed some indie bands have been doing cassette (and even cassette-only) releases of their music on a limited edition level. I don’t get the appeal. At least with vinyl, you have the ostensible better fidelity of sound reproduction (at least until the media begins to degrade). Cassettes basically suck right out of the package. And the means for playing cassettes are more and more difficult to find. If you can find a player at this point, it’s either very old and needs to be maintained, or it’s a newer model and made to last about six months before it breaks. Even near the end of the cassette era, when people where still using them for home mixes and still possibly buying their music on that format, the players were terrible–the belts slipped and burned out with minimal usage.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        I used to love tapes… for the convenience, portability and being able to permanently ‘borrow’ friends’ music (‘high-speed dubbing!!). You also sometimes got bonus tracks, so a kind of early version of the ‘deluxe edition’. In the UK, Kate Bush’s “Hounds Of Love” had the 12-inch of Running Up That Hill at the end of side one of the tape, which I used to love. It was one of those XDR tapes, which I always liked.

        • Yeah, I liked that run of notes on the XDRs. Signal for the copying machines?

          • gwynogue says:

            I always loved cassettes (back when I had the means to play them, of course). Especially the ‘clear-case’ ones – it was always quite relaxing just watching the wheel-thingies spin round and see one reel slowly ‘shrink’ while the other ‘grew’. Very hypnotising. (I was an odd child, LOL)

            Plus it helped to focus and enjoy the music – nowadays I’m so busy trying to do five things at once that listening to music is sadly a CD-playing-in-the-background thing.

            I’m not anti-vinyl or anti-cassette, but – I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again…STOP shitting on CD lovers! If you want to release a vinyl or cassette or download, that’s fine, but put it on CD too.

            We’ve had the vinyl revival, now we’re seeing the dawn of the cassette revival – how long until the CD revival?

        • Alan says:

          Yes, the XDR tapes with the bleeps at the beginning and end! I almost wish she’d re-release Hounds of Love on CD with those bleeps included!

  84. Robert says:

    This whole nostalgia thing has gotten out of control. Erasure is releasing their next CD on cassette as well. Oy!

  85. Oscar says:

    Why did he think the demos on the 3rd CD were more important than the b-sides?

  86. el nino says:

    He might as well have issued them on 78 or a wax cylinder. Pointless. Agree with Dom, is he just winding us up?

  87. Daryl says:

    It’s finally official; Macca has lost it.

  88. Mike the Fish says:


  89. Bassel Hassouna says:

    His plan is probably to release every 2-3 songs on different physical format… let’s see, Flying to my home on the best-buy only vinyl, these songs on tape, a few more will be on an 8-track tape, some maybe on a VHS. and there is the best buy exclusive, maybe you’ll get a song or two in a McDonald’s happy meal as well !!!

  90. dom says:

    This has got to be a wind up. I suppose it could be worse, he could have released all the download only tracks on a CD for RSD.

  91. Greek geek says:

    Let me be the first to say that this makes absolutely no sense at all in any way shape or form in any universe or on any planet. Yikes! What is PM thinking??? As always, thanks for the news and the site and the hard work Paul.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I wouldn’t have minded if all these tracks were on CD in the first place… but to not put them on CD and then issue this tape is a bit ridiculous.

      • CJ says:

        At this point, doesn’t it feel a bit as though he’s almost being deliberately spiteful after all the complaints? This borders on insulting, honestly.

        Anyone else get burned by the recent Nine Inch Nails EP debacle, where you paid 12 bucks for a download with a “physical component” to follow, and the physical component turned out to be a bunch of postcards in a dirty black envelope? I’m still furious that I spent money on that crap.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I can only assume the tape was already being planned long in advance. Maybe Scott Rodger thought it best not to mention it to me when I was giving him grief over the download-only fiasco!

        • Paul E. says:

          @CJ: Yes! I still have the black ink transfer on my fingers to prove it! What a mess that was on both fronts (the product and the clean up). A cassette would have been much cleaner [got one with my recent Wolf Parade “Apologies to the Queen Mary” hi res download.

        • Daran says:

          Agreed, seems like his payback to all the complaints. Did his manager mention anything to you Paul about this stunt? Seems odd that they would respond to all the criticism of no CD release for the bonus tracks with a cassette, especially when they told you Paul that Macca likes to be on the cutting edge if media. Not sure this counts!

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