Paul McCartney to release Egypt Station ‘Explorer’s Edition’

Paul McCartney to release Egypt Station 'Explorers' edition'

New 2CD and 3LP sets feature bonus audio from the big box

Paul McCartney will re-release his 2018 album Egypt Station on vinyl and CD next month as an ‘Explorer’s Edition’ that offers all the extra audio contained within the expensive ‘Traveller’s Edition‘ without all the gubbins.

This edition will be available as a two-CD set or 3LP vinyl package and offers seven previously unavailable tracks including unheard studio cuts ‘Frank Sinatra’s Party’
and ‘Sixty Second Street’ as well as a gathering of live performances, a longer version of album track ‘Who Cares’ and the song ‘Get Enough’ which McCartney made available on streaming platforms on New Year’s Day but hasn’t been issued physically. The ten bonus tracks feature on both the double CD and the 3LP black vinyl edition.

With this release confirmed, it’s even harder now to see the appeal of the gimmicky and extremely expensive ‘Traveller’s Edition’.

Egypt Station Explorer’s Edition will be issued on CD and vinyl on 17 May 2019. The coloured vinyl is two weeks later on 31 May.

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Paul McCartney

Egypt Station Explorer's Edition 2CD edition


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Paul McCartney

Egypt Station Explorer's Edition 3LP vinyl


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Paul McCartney ?– Egypt Station (Explorer's Edition)

Egypt Station Explorer's Edition 3LP coloured vinyl


Egypt Station Explorer’s Edition 2CD edition

CD 1
1. Opening Station
2. I Don’t Know
3. Come On To Me
4. Happy With You
5. Who Cares
6. Fuh You
7. Confidante
8. People Want Peace
9. Hand In Hand
10. Dominoes
11. Back In Brazil
12. Do It Now
13. Caesar Rock
14. Despite Repeated Warnings
15. Station II
16. Hunt You Down/Naked/C-Link

CD 2
1. Get Started (Previously available on the 18-track deluxe)
2. Nothing For Free (Previously on the 18-track deluxe)
3. Frank Sinatra’s Party*
4. Sixty Second Street*
5. Who Cares (Full length version)*
6. Get Enough (previously digital only)
7. Come On To Me (Live At Abbey Road Studios)*
8. Fuh You (Live At The Cavern Club)*
9. Confidante (Live At LIPA)*
10. Who Cares (Live At Grand Central Station)*

*Previously unreleased

Egypt Station Explorer’s Edition 3LP vinyl

Side 1
1. Opening Station
2. I do not know
3. Come On To Me
4. Happy With You

Side 2
1. Who Cares
2. Fuh You
3. Confidante
4. People Want Peace
5. Hand In Hand

Side 3
1. Dominoes
2. Back In Brazil
3. Do It Now
4. Caesar Rock

Side 4
1. Despite Repeated Warnings
2. Station II
3. Hunt You Down / Naked / C-Link

Side 5
1. Get Started
2. Nothing For Free
3. Frank Sinatra’s Party
4. Sixty Second Street
5. Who Cares

Side 6
1. Get Enough
2. Come On To Me
3. Fuh You
4. Confidante
5. Who Cares

139 responses to Paul McCartney to release Egypt Station ‘Explorer’s Edition’

  1. Iain B says:

    Anyone know how limited the coloured vinyl version is? At first it looked like it was going to be super limited with only a few places having it in stock (and selling out almost immediately). But now its available through Amazon (and its back in the SDE shop of course), so perhaps not as limited/rare as I initially thought it was going to be.

  2. Guy.S says:

    Coloured triple vinyl now at priced at £54.99 + postage even though they don’t have the right pic showing

  3. Fred Young says:

    Official list of Egypt Station releases:

    1. 180g black vinyl concertina edition
    2. 180g orange and blue coloured vinyl concertina edition
    3. 140g black vinyl slipcase edition
    4. Barnes and Noble red vinyl slipcase edition
    5. Spotify green vinyl slipcase edition
    6. Red band 16 track concertina cd
    7. Green band 18 track concertina cd
    8. Yellow cassette version
    9. Deluxe Traveller’s Edition
    10. Triple vinyl black Explorer’s edition
    11. Magenta and purple vinyl Explorer’s edition
    12. Double cd Explorer’s edition


    At least there was only one single released from the LP. I remember the single Figure of Eight coming out in eight different formats!

  4. Normand says:

    I live in Canada. I received a color copy courtesy last friday (wow! fast delivery, thanks!). After reading the various comments about this version, I feel pampered. Thank you so much, Paul, because it is thanks to you if I ordered the color version as soon as I received your email from SDE announcing the release of this LP.

  5. Iain B says:

    What’s going on with the red vinyl version of this? Seems to have disappeared from Badlands and beyondthedownload sites, not available on JPC and sold out on SDE and Rough Trade. No mention of it on Macca’s website. Will it definitely materialise?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      What’s happening it that it appears to be incredibly limited, hence no one has any stock!

      • Iain B says:

        Thanks Paul. Bit of a let down that it was never mentioned on Macca’s official site. Well done on securing copies for SDE readers.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Thanks. I’m pestering Universal in the hope of getting some more, but not looking particularly good…

    • Guy.S says:

      Iain B, try, still on pre-order but don’t know if they will fulfil all orders, they are based in Kingston, Surrey. They are a great shop to buy from, have a lot of signed stuff from bands visiting them and have won awards for Independent Retailer of the Year Award. One of my favourite record shops to buy from online, after SDE, of course! : )

      • Iain B says:

        Thanks for the suggestions Guy. I’ll try ordering from one of them and see what happens.

        • Guy.S says:

          Iain, it might be worth phoning them as well to see what the situation is with their orders hopefully they will have some.

    • Guy.S says:

      Also, based in Leeds have it as pre-order, same situation again don’t know if they will fulfil but they have free delivery over £50

  6. Guy.S says:

    Anyone after the Explorer’s Edition 3 colour is at the moment on sale at with free delivery, now Sold Out on Paul’s site, hurry, there are reviews and pics of the Travellers Box set if interested on Steve Hoffman’s forum.

    • Guy.S says:

      Rough Trade and also on pre-order, Rough Trade has free delivery, don’t know about the other company.

  7. Guy.S says:

    Hi Paul, just ordered the Egypt Station Coloured vinyl from your SDE store, just glanced it by accident in the store as it wasn’t mentioned that you were selling it from what I could see, I had this on order from Amazon.De, Is your stock guaranteed to arrive because I can then cancel the Amazon order. Hows the Egypt Station Travellers Edition, has it arrived yet, looking forward to seeing reviews. :)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks Guy. Universal have guaranteed me some stock, so unless they renegade on that (unlikely) all should be good. I cancelled my Traveller’s Edition!!

      • Guy.S says:

        Yep, I did the same, went for the new vinyl from your store, this is the first version of Egypt Station that I have bought so it covers everything. I was interested in the big box but canceled as soon as this was announced. Do you know how limited the coloured vinyl is by any chance?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I’m afraid I don’t know how limited the coloured vinyl is, but it definitely is limited enough that Universal are capping supplies.

  8. Guy.S says:

    The 3 LP colour vinyl is available from for £67.15 It says that shipping is free, the company is based in Germany, don’t know anything about them just saw it come up on a search.

  9. Stan Waterman says:

    Just waiting for the Laser disc, Beta video and the Shellac 78 rpm versions of Egypt Station!.

  10. Gorecki says:

    Paul McCartney has a new album out? He kept that quiet – clearly doesn’t want to milk the market! ;)

  11. Alain Brenez says: has the black triple vinyl at € 16,99….
    Now this is clearly a wrong price but I have placed an order and I will wait and see if they are going to honour it. There’s even a 20% discount on most vinyl albums right now if you are member of the FNAC. This is only on the Belgian site, the French site is showing the correct price.

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  13. Jarmo Keranen says:

    I hope the next reissue contains only playing cards and jigsaw puzzle. Marbles would be nice extra too!

  14. Darren English says:

    Consumer protection law is quite strong in each of the countries where Egypt Station set is sold from. Anyone not 100% happy with their original purchase should cancel their order before it is shipped.
    IMO (no H) – It is fair to suggest the value of these will not compound like the Harrison / Genesis releases. Pull the pin!

  15. Silica says:

    Wow, reissued again!? I have lost count of all the issues, reissues, coloured vinyl, vinyl sets, box sets and Lord knows the differing issues of each format in different territories!? Does anyone know if this is a record for reissues of an artists current album? They really have gone OTT on this release.

  16. Mr. Ska '57 says:

    Wonder what color ribbon we’ll get?

  17. Earl Garrett says:

    I agree that those who shelled out the $350 for the Traveler’s Edition might feel a little miffed, But remember, they only printed 3,000 of those packages. Most of you bitchin about it didn’t or couldn’t buy one in the first place. And if someone has a disposable $350 to dole out for a jigsaw puzzle and playing cards, they probably won’t feel too put out. And if I were you I wouldn’t be crying for them either—I’m not. I’m just glad to hear a few more tunes.

  18. Nico says:

    10€ off with the codeFRENCHDAYS10 today and tomorrow on

  19. Marc K. says:

    Coloured vinyl edition on sale at Amazon Germany (68,52 euro)

  20. DaveM says:

    No complaints from me on this. As a Macca completist its great news I get the extra audio from the Travellers edition on CD at a fraction of the cost. I am not even sure when I read the details about the TE that those tracks are even on CD in the suitcase, and the vinyl would have been useless to me.
    The fact that the TE is categorised as ‘Accessories’ on UDiscover suggests to me it is more about a physical collectable type item than an immersive type set like the Archives.

  21. arndur says:

    Musicvaultz colored vinyl no longer available :(

  22. Glenn Roger says:

    Getting an order for the three LP colored vinyl set is next to impossible. I have seen it for order in Germany but can’t get past the German language. Someone listed a Canadian company offering it but it claims it is unavailable. So I am guessing the “explorers edition” of this 3 record colored vinyl set will somehow be the most hard to get and most collectible of all the stuff being released by McCartney. I don’t know why this has to be so complicated and painful, and to be honest, I expected better out of Paul McCartney~!

  23. Craig Williams says:

    JPC Germany now sold out out of triple coloured vinyl.

  24. noyoucmon says:

    What’s with all this physical product, Macca, I thought you said streaming was the future and that’s the way you were heading? Hard to fit a pack of cards on a stream, I guess.

  25. 70s Guy says:

    Really feels like the Bowie and McCartney camps are seeing just exactly how much blood you can squeeze out of an expired and expiring beet.

  26. Peter says:

    To offer a positive perspective, yes this may seem cruel to fans who already bought the Traveler’s box set version, but do remember that the music business is just that, a business, whose goal is to make money. If they released this alongside the traveler’s edition box set, that would severely slash the number of people willing to pay to buy that set. Also, I don’t remember reading in that press release that that would be the end-all place to get the bonus music on that set that is also included in this one, so it wasn’t like anyone lied about this set coming out. And as many have stated before, this is par for the course with Paul’s releases nowadays so it’s not really a surprise. The only surprising piece to me is there is no DVD included with this set on the making of the album or associated live performances. Finally, I applaud any and all physical releases we get, no matter how superfluous or repetitive as it keeps the physical music world that we all love so much alive. So complain if you must, but realize that the complaints of too getting many options may hurt in the long run when there aren’t enough physical options provided for us physical music lovers in the future. I’d rather have too much than not enough. Keep in mind, this is coming from a 24-year-old male, probably much younger than the usual demographic on this website and demographic of people interested in these sorts of things, so I would like to see these kinds of CD releases last for as long as possible in my lifetime. Long live CD deluxe sets!

    • Richard says:

      You do have a point.

    • Al Duchaney says:

      The original detail on the suitcase was that it would contain “exclusive previously unreleased tracks”.

      This will turn out to be true for only 3 days as I received my suitcase yesterday and the new edition is out Friday with the same “exclusive” tracks. I *was* able to download the exclusive tracks last Friday, in fairness.

      Had I known I could wait one week and save $300 USD I probably would have. Now I’m contemplating spending another $20 for the same songs on a CD, and my third version on the original album on CD. 4th if you count the vinyl in the suitcase.

  27. Wayne C says:

    There are some people who would be only to happy to buy as many versions of a product as possible due to being collectors. For me I haven’t got a problem with it being released so many times. I collect many artists and am glad I don’t collect Macca as I’d be skint big time. You pays your money!, this isn’t unusual at all and is to be expected – ok it’s a little wrong, but if there is a Market for it then the item is going to come out. Like the recent Kate Bush secondary re issue it’s just business at the end of the day, and the record company are there to make money. On the other hand there are those who haven’t purchased any of the previous versions and will no doubt but this and be happy with it.

  28. RJS says:

    I’m surprised by most of the comments – I’d have expected the usual suspects to be falling over themselves to buy more physical product that they can hold in their hands and display on their shelves, even if they already own most of the tracks!

  29. What? Me? Worry? says:

    taking the piss!!

  30. Tom m hans says:

    Why all the hate? Nobody forces you to re-buy what you don’t want/need.

    • Benedikt says:

      Okay, wait. I‘d like to have the 10 bonus tracks of Egypt Station 2 on vinyl in addition to the original album I’ve already bought last year when it was released. But I don‘t want to pay another 60 Euros for it. That would be nearly 90 Euros in total for 27 tracks. This is what I call a rip-off.
      Capitol might have released Egypt Station 2 as stand-alone vinyl on RSD for example. A missed opportunity, isn‘t it?

  31. bruce kelso says:

    I would really like to see the sales figures for this . how many times has he done this before. its gotta stop. I say BOYCOTT MCCARTNEY PRODUCT.

  32. Marcelo says:

    Still no options to buy it from

  33. Jean-Charles says:

    I will wait for the stone suitecase hyper Ultra Deluxe Edition with the Dolby Atmos Blu ray 3D surroundand the butt of Macca in 4K.

  34. Steve says:

    Love that my original coloured vinyl (and the black vinyl version) of this album has a sticker on the front that say “one time pressing”.

  35. Gareth Jones says:

    I once bought a reissued deluxe album by the lesser-known group Pepe Deluxé. Fortunately I hadn’t bought it upon it’s initial release. It came in a hardback book with a 2nd CD of unreleased material and a DVD of videos, plus a set of playing cards and drinks coasters. However, it was well worth it and cost me around £35 as I recall.

    I really don’t begrudge an artist from re-releasing an album with a bonus disc of new material, that’s pretty much the norm for many major artists these days (Lady Gaga, Olly Murs and Lana Del Ray are just a few who have re-issued an album a few months later with extra tracks on a 2nd disc).

    But when you put out a ridiculously expensive mock suitcase filled with silly tat and entice people in with exclusive music, then sell that same music without the useless tat at a far more affordable price, you are going to clearly pee off a lot of your fan base. Does Macca have no conscience??

  36. Dean says:

    Wow. Just wow. They are milking the living hell out of this title. LOL

  37. Sami says:

    Please, how many different pressings, editions and versions have they released for this album?
    And how many different color-vinyl? If anybody can, could you do full listing here..I’ve lost count.
    I haven’t yet bought this one, could have for sure but dunno at all really. Maybe I will..

    • hendry doran says:

      There is the red vinyl (Barnes & Noble), green Spotify vinyl, the orange and blue double, the black vinyl housed in a gatefold concertina sleeve and a black vinyl housed in a single sleeve .
      Completists please correct me if I’m wrong

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        So including the two new vinyl that’s SEVEN different vinyl editions alone.

        • Nowhereman says:

          Actually its eight different vinyl as the vinyl in the Travellers edition is different. It’s blue and seems to be standalone rather than part of a triple vinyl like the new one

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            If the Traveller’s details *are* correct, then “Get Enough” isn’t on the ‘Egypt Station II’ vinyl/CD in the big box. But I’m having trouble accepting that that really will be the case, and assuming they’ve made some kind of listing error.

      • Nowhereman says:

        Plus two different cd’s and a cassette tape

  38. Daryl says:

    You could just think of disc 2 as a new album, with disc 1 just being a ‘bonus’. That way it doesn’t feel like too much of a rip-off.

    Gotta feel sorry for the people who have already paid for the tat-fest Traveller’s Edition though!

  39. hendry doran says:


    Do you know if the red vinyl is likely to get a UK release?

  40. Paul Taylor says:

    And I thought Morrissey was being a bit cheeky issuing a deluxe version of Low In High School a year after the original release (which had five different colours and a 7″ box set…….)
    At least that was only £25!

  41. Christian says:

    I completely understand fans’ frustrations – releasing so many editions time after time reeks of of cynicism. However, way back in 07 or 08 I saw the pattern emerge & to wait at least a year before buying any new McCartney releases (not that I buy any new albums of his anyway). I do wonder: why are so many others not learning? This scenario has been enacted again and again.

  42. Wayne Klein says:

    This is why I held off on buying this when it first came out. I love Paul but I don’t love Capitol. Since he is giving Capitol the chance to do this, I do hold Paul responsible for this fiasco as well. Just because they are losing money on an artist doesn’t justify making it up off the backs of consumers. This is indicative of the precisely the wrong type of thinking that pushed people from buying vs. “renting” music. I find it sad.

  43. David says:

    Fuh You, Macca.

  44. Magoo says:

    When will they learn.

  45. Ian says:

    I’d be interested in knowing the full commercial details of Macca’s contracts. No reason that such personal info should come out, but I remember reading that EMI had him on their books at a loss, but were OK with that as they wanted a prestige client and a catalogue that will bring in money forever.
    If his manager has negotiated similar deals it may explain all the frustrating multiple releases dragging out post the initial release of each album since Memory Almost Full. Maybe Macca isn’t making these decisions, but perhaps the financial reality of his contracts is responsible.
    Any able to shed light on any detail? Would the suitcase give a better split to the record label as it’s mostly merchandise rather than music?

  46. Greg says:

    I just had the opportunity to chat with a marketing person at Capitol. He let me in on a secret that in October they will be releasing the Super Deluxe Traveling Explorer Edition of Egypt Station in the USA and the Super Deluxe Travelling Explorer Edition of Egypt Station in the UK. It will be the ultimate Egypt Station. As of now, both sets are planned to have a wooden puzzle instead of the cardboard one in the Traveller’s Edition. They will have two decks of playing cards, not just one! They will contain both the 3 LP colored vinyl and the 3 LP black vinyl. The UK edition will have a sealed cylinder of air from Abbey Road Studio and the US edition will have a sealed cylinder from the Hollywood Bowl. The real surprise is that both editions will have a 500 gram vinyl edition of the original Egypt Station album. This will be the first time this new high definition vinyl will be used for an album pressing. The UK edition will be housed in a Burberry constructed case similar to Mr. McCartney’s personal case. The US edition will be housed in a steel case manufactured by General Motors from a reclaimed Cadillac limousine that drove the Beatles to the Hollywood Bowl. In order to make sure that eBayers do not snatch these very desirable limited editions, they will only be sold to real McCartney fans, at 1:00 A.M. local time, December 1, 2019, at the studio in Africa were Wings recorded Band on The Run. There will be a 100 question test administered to determine if you are really a McCartney fan. The cost of each of these extremely limited editions is not available at this time. If I find out any further information I will forward it to Mr. Sinclair.

    • Steph says:

      Can’t wait

    • hendry doran says:

      Brilliant Greg but how close to the truth. What about the picture disc? (LOL)

    • Klaus says:



      I think i’ll go for the Explorer’s Edition 2-cd then, but might wait a while for it to come down in price.

      Actually, they might even release the 1-year-anniversary SDE of the album while waiting, so some exclusive downloads and a collection of Maccas Egypt-vacation photos might change my mind again.

    • Hofner Kinfauns says:

      Come on….. man.
      I likr your humor.

    • Happy Man says:

      I’ve never posted here before but this is a magnificent spoof. Thank you! And of course until the end it is totally believable. Well done… you made he howl with laughter!!!

  47. Noel Bayley says:

    Is this album, you know, actually any good?

  48. Michael John says:

    Working with my finance team now to reallocate funds from my Cayman accounts, restructure a few business ventures and refinance the mortgage on my summer home. That should get me what’s needed to procure this reasonable offering…

  49. Steph says:

    I guess I’ll wait till the reel to reel and 8-track versions come out .
    Unbelievable ,how many times can they sell the same thing ?
    They just made the people who bought the Travellers edition feel like saps!
    So much for LIMITED

  50. Domingo says:

    Coloured just ordered in JPC Germany

    Thanks Paul

  51. Geof says:

    Obviously — since they are not even listed — there is currently no pre-order page from this on Amazon US, but I also wanted to note that on UK page, Amazon themselves are not listing it either, only third-party sellers.

  52. John Bott says:

    I learned my lesson with “New”. Bought the deluxe on day 1 then couple months later it was reissued with a couple more goodies tacked on. So have held off off on this one….until now. Will scoop up the May 17th release!

  53. David says:

    Is he due an instalment payment to his ex missus?

  54. James W says:

    At least Paul didn’t add anything exclusive to this 2 CD/ 3 LP edition. Then how upset would the people who bought the big suitcase have been? ha!

  55. Dave says:

    I will probably get the 2 CD version but even doing that I feel used. What is going on with MPL. They really have lost the plot with these releases. Just be fair with the people who have supported you for such a long time.

  56. Graham hill says:

    musicvaultz sold out already of the coloured vinyl. jpc still list as pre order……
    looks like a lot of fans still want this!

  57. adam shaw says:

    Well looking at Macca’s twitter page , all of South America is going to buy it !

  58. stevieb says:

    Back in March, when the de luxe suitcase nonsense was announced, the media release also stated that a 2-CD edition featuring all of the audio wold be released by May 17th so I’ve been waiting for the details on this.

    So nearly 8 months after Egypt Station was first released, I finally feel it’s (reasonably) safe to buy the album in the knowledge that this is the definitive audio version. What a palaver eh? Still, wouldn’t be surprised if at least one of those live shows he did in Liverpool or Abbey Road last summer received a standalone release at some point.

  59. Jake says:

    There goes any motivation I’ll have in the future to buy a McCartney album of new material when it’s first released. (Granted, future albums of new material are probably quickly coming to an end given his age.)

    I’m not a music streamer… I like to own my music. But going forward with a new McCartney release, I’ll just stream it (if available) and hold out for a while to see how it’s eventually repackaged with bonus material.

    I’ve been in the marketing world, so I understand what’s happening from that aspect. But as a fan who bought the release on day one, stuff like this feels like a real slap in the face.

    My condolences to those feeling ripped-off with their Suitcase purchase.

    • Francis says:

      Jake, you’ve said what many thousands of Super Deluxe Edition followers thought when this was sent as an e-mail update.

      The last decade has seen true fans (of many major artists) fleeced with double, triple and quadruple dips of deluxe, super deluxe and ultimate editions of albums (both new and archive)

      The major labels really are disrespecting our group of loyal fans – more especially those select few who have spent their hard earned cash on (hyper priced) so-called ‘limited edition’ multi-disc sets – only to find their exclusive tracks ending up on a fifteen quid double CD re-release.

      They may not have quite killed the Golden Goose yet – but they’ve certainly plucked off all it’s feathers and the pot is on the boil….

  60. Hofner Kinfauns says:

    A free choice to buy or not to buy.
    I just ordered the vinyl and the cd.

  61. Cristiano says:

    Another clever of Mr. Mc Cartney.The republication of Egypt Station after only a few months, with some unpublished material that does not justify another expense.No, paul, no.This is a lack of respect towards the fans. I have already bought the cd last september, I have not bought the box set (useless expense), and I won’t buy a duplicate.I’m sorry Paul, not this time. I would have preferred a box with dvd and live cd.

  62. Joe Morgan says:

    I’ve been truly ripped off by mc cartney as I’ve purchased the suitcase. How can he do that to to the fans. Should have offered that at same time as suitcase and I’d have gone for cheaper option as it’s a birthday gift to myself. Should be allowed to claim refund but I’ve bought from sound of vinyl and they won’t give a refund .

    • Gary C says:

      well, you say its your Birthday!

    • RikTheHib says:

      I ordered the suitcase from BRAVADO.DE but cancelled recently. As soon as I cancelled they charged my credit card for the full amount. I had to raise a credit card dispute with my bank!
      Sheesh – will this never end?

      And where’s my Egypt Station 8-Track cart? Eh? C’mon people…..


    • Joseph Paul Anderson says:

      Why would anyone think the Suitcase version is worth any less now? I bought two of them, and I would do it again today.

  63. elliott buckingham says:

    has any album been reissued so many times in such a short time. he must be getting short on the old cash flow.

  64. Marc says:

    No. I will wait for the deluxe “Explorer’s Edition” with 1 add. tracks.

  65. hendry doran says:

    Amazon UK offered the vinyl at £44 around lunchtime. Hiked the price by over 25% to £57.

    Missed the boat again

  66. Gisabun says:

    Double CD is also at MusicVaultz.*/*/Egypt-Station-Explorer-s-Edition-2CD/64UT0000000

    Is it just me or for a double CD, it is quite expensive?
    No shocker he’d re-issue it. He did it with “New” – 2 different editions. Collector’s and Japanese. Both with different bonus content.

  67. Ole says:

    Colored vinyl available at JPC Germany!

  68. Chuck says:

    According to Macca’s Web site, this edition is also “limited edition”, though there is no explanation of how limited!!

  69. Paul Craddock says:

    Thanks for amazon France saving. The price has gone up slightly but still a good saving down to about £45 which is £8 cheaper than Maccas website so just cancelled my order there…

  70. Rich459 says:

    Think I’ll cancel my box order now to be honest.

    Anyone found a UK/EU pre order for the coloured version yet? Must be about to surface somewhere ?

  71. Marc K. says:

    Milk that cow dry!

  72. Wayne Olsen says:

    A free copy of Seaside Woman to anyone who can tell us how many versions of this album there are.
    Second prize is two copies of Seaside Woman.

  73. Aaron says:

    I’ll be getting this!

    Was gutted to miss out on the extra tracks but no way I was getting the box set…utter guff attaches to that.

    This is the first sensible release from Macca in a while!

    I have a sneaking love for Get Enough too…

  74. Robert Laversuch says:

    Will most likely get the 2 CD set for the sake of the extras. Just as soon as the price comes down. As for gubbins, while nice don’t justify the inflated price of the travellers box so cool to get the songs on their todd.

  75. Alain BRENEZ says:

    Amazon France codes don’t work; I had tried them out on Day 1 of the promotion but I believe they don’t work with pre-orders.

  76. Gareth James says:

    Cadeau codes not working. Because it’s a pre-order, perhaps?

  77. mauro says:

    when yet another limited vinyl edition? Picture?! ah ah…

  78. Stephen Tomlinson says:

    3 LP colour vinyl version available in Canada at*/*/Egypt-Station-Explorer-s-Edition-3LP-Color/64UV0000000

  79. Colin says:

    I messaged you about this then got an update from you that you already knew about it! Always on the ball at SDE!

  80. noyoucmon says:

    My god. This renders the suitcase an even bigger rip-off than it was to begin with. He’s flogging his worst album within an inch of its life.

  81. Kauwgompie says:

    His loyal fans who bought the Egypt Station album this past year must be ecstatic about this….Releasing expanded versions of albums is always a good thing in my book but pls do so when it is released the first time and not a year later so no one feels screwed. I won’t be buying this. I have enough of McCartney’s shenanigans.

  82. Chris says:

    I know this will identify me as “not English”, but . . . .what are gubbins? :)

  83. Steve says:


  84. Guy Westoby says:

    The horse isn’t even dead before it’s being flogged! I pity the penniless completists.

  85. Alan B says:

    Official store has triple LP at £52 and double CD at £21. Have they forgotten that Record Store Day was a week and a half ago judging by those prices?

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