Paul McCartney unveils Egypt Station ‘Traveller’s Edition’ box set

Super Deluxe Edition of Egypt Station • Pre-order open tomorrow

It’s strangely in keeping with its theme of travel and trains (at least for those of us in the UK) that Paul McCartney‘s Egypt Station box set arrives so late. The fact that a box set was in production was clear from day one, but details of this ‘traveller’s edition’ super deluxe have only just been announced and the set itself won’t be shipping until May, eight months after the album was released. Read on to find out the details of this limited set…

Perhaps aware that some were left disappointed with the level of availability of the Paul McCartney & Wings 1971-1973 box set, Paul’s team are at pains to inform fans that this new box will be ‘strictly limited’ and will have a one-time-only pressing of 3,000 units.

The box set – the Traveller’s Edition – is packaged in a vintage style suitcase and promises “previously unreleased tracks, hidden rarities” and more but as will become apparent it is one of those sets that ‘gathers’ bits together rather than presenting something entirely unique.

Here’s what is inside the box:

  • Limited Edition Concertina Tri-Fold Deluxe 180G Vinyl Double Black Disc Pressing of Egypt Station
  • Exclusive Limited Edition Bonus 180G Vinyl Pressing of Egypt Station II in “Night Scene” blue, featuring three previously unreleased tracks — ‘Frank Sinatra’s Party,’ ‘Sixty Second Street’ and extended cut of Egypt Station single ‘Who Cares’ — as well as four live performances of Egypt Station tracks taken from Abbey Road Studios, The Cavern Club, LIPA, and Paul’s iconic performance at Grand Central Station
  • Limited Edition Egypt Station Concertina CD
  • Exclusive Limited Edition collector’s Egypt Station Blue Cassette
  • HD Audio of all tracks upon shipment
  • Additional rare performances footage hidden inside

Here’s the other ‘stuff’ or what Paul’s team are calling ‘special features’:

  • Luxury vintage-style embossed Egypt Station artwork suitcase
  • An exclusive copy of a handwritten note from Paul
  • Fold out, vintage-style Egypt Station illustrated map suitable for framing
  • Travel memorabilia including “travel itinerary”, postcards, baggage tickets and first class ticket
  • Egypt Station luggage stickers
  • Travel journal featuring copies of Paul’s handwritten lyrics
  • Two Egypt Station lithographs of Paul’s paintings
  • 500+ piece jigsaw puzzle
  • Egypt Station playing cards
  • And additional hidden surprises and rarities

This box set is being promoted as an ‘event’ and fans are being encouraged to sign up here by the end of today, and they’ll be emailed a unique link for access to the pre-order. This means it’s a D2C (direct-to-consumer) offering and won’t be available via normal retailers. The Traveller’s Edition box will ship on the 10 May 2019.

This release represents the ninth physical edition of Egypt Station. What do you think of it? Leave a comment on SDE.

Egypt Station Collectors’ update:

150 responses to Paul McCartney unveils Egypt Station ‘Traveller’s Edition’ box set

  1. Craigh says:

    Did I miss the SDE unboxing vid of this ? Just interested in seeing what you got for the large outlay e.g. quality of the case etc

  2. Hi Paul,
    I must be daft or blind. I can’t find the info that provides a website or URL to download the High-Resolution music files. Where is that info in this box set? I’ve not found any clue or information card in my suitcase. Did I not look in the right place or did they just forget to include the info? Thanks from the “Blind Guy”

  3. Geert says:

    I pre-ordered it. Then cancelled it a few week’s later. It was a relief to realise that I may need EVRYTHING that McCartney releases, but this box just won’t do …

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  5. Chris says:

    I may have been suckered into buying the big Wings 1971-73 box set, but this Egypt Station box set isn’t doing it for me. I’d rather preorder the 2CD set to hear the bonus audio.

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  7. stevieb says:

    I can happily ignore the absurdity of this version. As it says on the full press release, a 2CD set featuring all of the audio content will be available from May 17th. I’ve held off getting Egypt Station in the hopeful anticipation of something like that, So I’m quite content.

  8. Peter Kersten says:

    360 GBP on his website.
    Alittle…….. toooooooo much

  9. Rich459 says:

    I stand by what I said – I think he could have at least signed one of the artworks to give it a unique selling point. I’m on the fence about signed editions but I seem to remember Roger Waters managed it for his super deluxe Wall box set.

    I am going to be very controversial however and state I actually don’t dislike the contents it all blends nicely with the artwork and theme etc at least. Less obnoxious than the PF Immersion sets with random marbles and scarfs and more recently the god awful Oasis box sets.

    Though price here is the issue. £315.00 signed with perhaps a DVD/Blu Ray? He’d have gotten away with it.

    Current product at £150.00 – probably acceptable.

  10. Robert says:

    Got one for $477CAD – Free Shipping
    Such a deal.

  11. AdamW says:

    Consider that the cost of this thing is likely more than what you will end up paying for the SDEs of Sgt Pepper, The Beatles and (eventually, you know they’re going to do it) Abbey Road COMBINED.

    It’s more than two decent tickets to one of his concerts.

    It’s almost three entire years’ worth of Apple Music or Spotify.

    I hope that whoever buys this *really* likes it. Because given the opportunity cost… it seems simply absurd to me.

  12. DonnieBiscuits says:

    At a time when I’m back-filling my Macca collection with original pressings and really, really enjoying his talent, this seems like a travesty to me. I do like Egypt Station, to be able to turn at a tune like he does at any age is to be admired. I totally agree with some of the posters on here. who on Earth on the team is coming up with this stuff and surely PM gets some kind of a say. IF he decided this was OK, it makes you wonder what he’s thinking. There is a history of unnecessary box releases in his canon but this is beyond the pale. I thought the Spotify-only green vinyl was bad enough. Exclusive physical product for super streamers. How about Limited McCartney Meat for chosen vegetarians? It worries me that when he’s no longer around, things like this will be his legacy instead of the decades of wonderful music.

  13. hendry doran says:

    Got the link to open this time. £315 in the UK

  14. AdamW says:

    US $360. Plus shipping and taxes, $396.

    Simply, no thanks, not even at half that price. Love the guy, but even if I loved the album (and I do like it, but I don’t love it) the musical-value-for-money on this thing is preposterous.

    I do like how they give you financing options, though. Seriously.

    Sorry, Paul.

  15. Dave says:

    It’s weighing in at a hefty £315…

    Hmm… think I’ll hold fire for a Beatles Abbey Road box instead.

    • Robert says:

      A good point…Abbey Road Deluxe box set.
      Hopefully they will open Abbey Road Studio A for tours this summer to commemorate
      the crosswalk photo.

  16. anthony wolkowski says:

    Just took a look at the pre order. THREEHUNDRED AND FIFTEEN POUNDS. YES,£315 PLUS post. Beggers belief. Paul,what are you doing to your fans. This is just crazy stuff.

  17. Gareth Jones says:

    Pre-sale now available. £315. Must be April 1st??

  18. hendry doran says:

    Just got the email inviting me to pre-order. Click on a choice of 2 links and guess what-this page cannot be found. The shambles continues

  19. Nowhereman says:

    Just got the email and clicked to preorder. Takes me to Paul McCartneys own site and a message saying that the travellers edition is unavailable!

  20. Ben in Colorado says:

    Just got the link for the US edition: $360

    Limit of 2.

    No way

  21. Cosmo Castanza says:

    Having just read the comments on this site…….a site frequented by music nuts ……..they are almost all negative to this boxset.

    Can we just have a two or three cd (with vinyl and download options) of London Town and Back To The Egg …….thanks.

  22. Harald says:

    Did anyone receive the email with the ordering link, yet? I registered yesterday but never received any confirmation email.

    In the meanwhile Universal has taken down the umusic and Bravad pages where the set was listed for 360 Euros.

  23. Charles Christopher says:

    Oh dear. I can picture Paul (from SDE, not McCartney) deciding the whole concept/industry of deluxe editions has jumped the shark, saying “that’s it, I can’t go on”, and shutting this place down.
    This seems like a collection of party favors.

  24. Gareth Jones says:

    Unlikely to buy this anyway, but I’ve still not received the pre-sale email. Says on the website it goes on say at 2pm today. Does the email arrive minutes before that?!

  25. Daryl says:

    So what this basically boils down to is an extra 10 tracks – some of which are live versions – and a casserole of nonsense. This sooooooooo could have easily been a double-CD/double vinyl re-release. Oh, Paul.
    The final two tracks feel somewhat ironically titled…

    Egypt Station
    1. Opening Station
    2. I Don’t Know
    3. Come On To Me
    4. Happy With You
    5. Who Cares
    6. Fuh You
    7. Confidante
    8. People Want Peace
    9. Hand In Hand
    10. Dominoes
    11. Back In Brazil
    12. Do It Now
    13. Caesar Rock
    14. Despite Repeated Warnings
    15. Station II
    16. Hunt You Down/Naked/Clink

    Egypt Station II
    1. Frank Sinatra’s Party
    2. Sixty Second Street
    3. Who Cares (Full Length)
    4. Come On To Me (Live At Abbey Road Studios)
    5. Fuh You (Live At The Cavern Club)
    6. Confidante (Live At LIPA)
    7. Who Cares (Live At Grand Central Station)

    Also included:
    1. Get Started
    2. Nothing For Free
    3. Get Enough

  26. Marc says:

    In the last years I bought some box sets. For example
    – The Beatles Mono Vinyl Box Set. A loevely set with beautiful replicas of all albums. All analog.
    – Queen Box Set. Also a lovely box with replica colored LPs and a great book
    – The George Harrison vinyl box set. What a beauty!
    – Beatles white album cd box set
    – The David Bowie five years vinyl box set or
    – Ray Charles the atlantic years vinyl box set in mono etc.
    All great box sets with great music, replicas of the albums and maybe a add. great book
    I want music – not puzzles, playing cards or other nonsens. I am not 5 years old!

  27. Bob McTell says:

    What’s that sh*t…!?!?!

  28. Alastair says:

    Such a pity. This is a missed opportunity. I was hoping for a package similar to the ‘New’ Collector’s Edition, with the album on one CD, all the other tracks which came out in different forms, including the live tracks, on a second CD, and a DVD of the promo videos, Carpool Karaoke, and any other live things, in a nicely designed book. After PMcC and his team got the Wings 72/74 box so right, this is a let down. Are there two teams working for him, one that loves music and one that’s so ‘wacky’ it hurts?

  29. Sard Harker says:

    It’s depressing that novelty-laden kak like this keeps coming out but we can’t get Flaming Pie on vinyl…

  30. Dave says:

    Oh dear! I do sometimes wonder about the advice Paul gets. After some wonderful special editions last year from The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Kinks, John Lennon and Paul himself this is frankly only just worthy of an April Fool’s jape. Jigsaws, suitcases, playing cards etc. Somebody needs to hit the reset button. This is an entirely ridiculous effort that is unworthy of a musician of Paul’s calibre. The question is why? There were so many ways that a deluxe edition could have been a triumph but this is not it. He can do these things very well, but this is literally a travesty. If there are tracks, video, photos, recording stories give them to us in a viable package that everyone can buy. This expensive, limited edition, vaguely described (hidden items?) case of junk is not what these things should be at all. This album is not my favourite but I would have supported a nicely curated special edition centred around Paul’s music not something that reminds me of a thing we used to buy as young children from the corner shop called the ‘lucky bag’ or ‘jamboree bag’. But they were a few pennies not hundreds of pounds.

    Lately Paul seems to be having a huge amount of trouble in hitting the target with these sets (downloadgate, the BBB set which left many who would have liked the live set out in the cold etc.) Egypt Station seems to have been a very messy release in terms of how it has been made available and now we have certainly hit a point where I am throwing my toys out of the pram and not playing ball any more. Sorry about the mixed, if linked, metaphors but boy am I annoyed and thoroughly disappointed.

  31. Stan Butler says:

    It’s all getting rather silly now. I feel the shark has been jumped.

  32. anthony wolkowski says:

    I speak as a massive Beatles and Wings fan. Sadly,I despair at all this. Paul has the money, about 800 million, to give free concerts and give away freebies. NOT to charge a fortune for tak.
    Its not a great lp anyway and the voice is not what it was. I will stick with my originals and try and remember the great times.
    Great site by the way,I tune in daily. My pocket will certainly not be troubled by this though.

  33. andrew R says:

    If it was simpler and contained a real handwritten note
    by Mccartney explaining some aspect of the recording
    or even” Hey mr 1120 enjoy this deluxe set” it would be
    something worth investing in,but this childish travesty is brought about
    by the realisation that baby boomers have money but little time left.
    Ibet there are 3000 in the world that will spring for this because if you collect an artist
    as culturaly as important as Paul mc you have to have it all.
    So “the beat goes on”

  34. Simon Franklin says:

    absolute nonsense, waste of money and sucking in the collector? what is this anyway?
    ‘exclusive copy of a handwritten note’????? WTF! a photocopy!

    Don’t waste your money! seriously don’;t – paul doesn’t need it :)

  35. ANDREW R says:

    No marbles, coasters or scarves or will they be in the next incarnation?

    • Tom from FIN says:

      Well, there is a jigsaw puzzle! This is worthy of a one proper deluxe edition tag, indeed. Sir Macca crew has had fun producing and valuing it. Actually I love this, but me neither for rumoured price minimum of 350 USD + shipping and 3 000 copies is quite a lot globally for that.

  36. Jim Galvin says:

    When this doesn’t sell they’ll use it as an excuse to screw up London Town & Back To The Egg.

  37. Onur Sen-Chadun says:

    I’m just gonna wait for all the “unreleased footage” and “unreleased songs” to get on YouTube and I’ll just download them

    • Pau says:

      Yeah I suspect a lot of people resort to this. I’ve done similar. And the acts just can’t complain when they are taking the Mickey out their own audience.

      And I say this as a mug who has multiple copies albums in multiple formats for all my fave acts

  38. Heath says:

    YAY! I cannot wait to not waste my money on this POS.

    The album was good, but… c’mon!

  39. Rodolfo Martin says:

    I am going to start thinking that music is a business.
    Hopefully, Japan releases a more humble edition that included the bonus material without the stickers and posters included in this box. Is Paul MacCartney so desperate for making some $$$? Is his share of the Beatles not giving him enough? Are his investments not producing the money he wanted? How much of those 3000 boxes can end up in his bank account? Let’s think about it. One third of the retail cost? I don’t think so. Does he need to upgrade his car? Hi has been touring non-stop, selling out every concert with expensive tickets. This box set would have made sent if it was release simultaneously with the original album. There is nothing artistic that Macca is proposing here. It is just the work his graphic design team. I do not care about the live recordings because his singing is very deteriorated. I pass on this one while I wait for a Japanese release or even a Russian bootleg with the extras.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m not defending the box, but music has always been a business since the days of Brian Epstein running his shop and signing artists in Liverpool

      • Craig B says:

        I think Tori Amos said it best when talking about the Music Business when she said that just becacuse it has the word ” Music ” in the title, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s about music, it isn’t…it has nothing to do with Music !

  40. Ao says:


    It is further proof that all Paul wants is to make money. He laughs at us. The edition of one of his albums never ends …

    For me the special editions are disappointing. The one of ‘Speed ​​Of Sound’ for example. A lot of paper and little music. There are hardly any alternative takes and yes home demos of questionable quality. ‘Flowers in The Dirt’ seems more made for Elvis Costello than for the fans. There were no high definition downloads of the B sides and yes of the demos. Amazing. Really, I still don’t understand it.

    The amount of things that there are in the archives of the Beatles and the few that there are in the archives of Paul McCartney, does not it seem strange to you?

    Another thing. Why is there no possibility of downloading the books? The paper, in a few years, will be broken and a digital download would make the edition was forever and so the investment would be worth it. Because, that’s another thing, in order to have the endless collection of Paul McCartney one has to have a good salary. Lots of money for such a questionable result. But no problem: Within five or six years there will be another special ‘definitive’ edition of all the material again (surely in ONE blu-ray in high-resolution audio) and within eight or ten years another one, etc, etc

    I’m not saying I do not like the editions but I think they could be better. I have been a fan of Paul for many, many years but I am tired of seeing so much of his picture -making the fool in most of them- and so little music.

    Take a look at the editions of other artists: Good packaging and MUSIC

    • Peter Muscutt says:

      I agree… although personally I’m not inthe market for McCartney special editions I do feel for the fans who WANT to like the editions he puts out, yet are exhausted trying to keep up with the endless box sets and lack of actual
      Music in them. Feels with this suitcase edition that the marketing people have lit a firework and then stepped back to see what carnage will be unleashed….

  41. Bridge says:

    $550 CAN (+ Shipping + import fees). Are you daft Mr McCartney?!
    I’ll wait until all the unsold copies find there way to Amazon at half the price!

  42. Inge Kjetil Bratset says:

    I’m gonna use the money that I’ll save by not buying this, and travel to the real Egypt.

  43. Matthew says:

    What a load of tat! Fun though.
    Plus you’d be surprised how long some cheap vehicles fitted a cassette player as standard, my 2008 combo van had one.

  44. Ben Williams says:

    Saw a comment on a forum earlier tonight that did make me chuckle: If the wife found out how much I paid for this box set, at least I’d have a suitcase for when she kicks me out!

    Also read that there is apparantly a smaller media-only CD coming out, not sure the basis of Daily Beatle Blog’s claim mind.

  45. Stuart S says:

    What a load of kak!

  46. AndyB says:

    OMG! I didn’t really read the text of this article, but I was looking at the image…and is that a friggin’ jig-saw puzzle? I actually laughed!

  47. John Orr says:

    Words fail for this kind of ridiculous price and contents. I hope Paul wasn’t part of this.

  48. Jarmo Keranen says:

    Is this the same Paul McCartney who was once in a group called The Beatles? He made great music then. If he is the same guy, what i heard here, there and everywhere, he hasn’t done nothing really good since then!

  49. Phil says:

    I was up for this but after reading all the comments I’ve come to my senses! I’ve already got the orange/blue album. I really don’t need to spend £300 plus just to have a suitcase with stuff in it. So I’m going to pass and I’ll wait till the music is available online (which it will be at some point).

  50. Ross Baker says:

    I’m sure there’ll be plenty of people with the cash who’ll buy this and enjoy it, but it can’t be too cynical to just wonder WHY it exists. So many box sets put out material that’s of real interest: material people are eager to here, compilations of b-sides for convenient listening, reproductions of classic or famous artwork, posters, etc., extensive liner notes, stories, lyrics. Curios that really stand out can also be nice.

    But an album that’s a few months old, with comparatively little new material, and a bunch of novelties which would have to be experts in rhetoric to defend themselves against the accusation of being little more than tat, I can’t work out any other way of seeing it that “the fans will buy anything so let’s do that”. I’m sure Paul probably had fun overseeing the various novelties in there, but selling it for what will almost certainly be a fairly high amount, it just seems to be taking advantage.

  51. A nice surprise – but unfortunately this is now getting a f***ing damned money machine. Though being a longtime Beatles [Solo/Group] fan since the beginning of their career, all this is getting worse and worser – doesn´t he own already enough money? Even with the previous multiple colour releases of this album. And getting back his © from Sony in the near future he´ll become even richer again. And “copies” from an original note – and no handwritten original note itself. He should take an example by the Genesis Publ. books in which Ringo Starr [and other artists] handsign in person up to 3500 copies of a printed book.
    Dear Paul McCartney – you´re obviously fooling all of us. And as some wrote, this will not be a 300 UKP item with a vintage traveller case and 2 lithos – supposedly this comes in a range of 500-600 UKP – we´ll see tomorrow, I´ve been subscribing to the pre-order link. Even got already one email after having signed, but it only posted the contents and did not state any prices – let´s get another surprise again.

    • hendry doran says:

      I’ve spoken to Genesis about trying to get Sir Paul to collaborate with them. His standard reply seems to be that he hasn’t the time to do so

  52. Mark Davey says:

    One best to leave in left luggage.

    Not enough additional music to make it worthwhile, and far too many gimmicky items which would be the consolation prize at a village fete.

    Which when the retail prize is revealed tomorrow will prove to be poor value to say the least.

    Not something I can justify buying

  53. RJS says:

    The result of a communication error. The person who commissioned it must have told the design team that the target audience was 4-6 year olds instead of 40-60 years old.

  54. Schu says:

    While the ‘wealth’ of goodies in this SDE are impressive, the presentation somehow gives me the feeling of an elaborate child’s playset. In addition, the lack of Scarves and Marbles just kills it for me as these are the benchmark by which all SDE’s are eventually measured.

  55. Yani P says:

    What an absolute load of tosh..

    I have no problem paying a more than premium price for a premium product but so much of this looks like total tat that has little or nothing to do with the music..

    Premium products like the Marnie set I get as I know the quality is exceptional – this is just yet another macca money grab..

  56. rosegirl says:

    I’m sorry but it looks like a super size Happy Meal :(

    • AndyB says:

      This gets my vote for “Best Comment Ever.”

      • Dr Volume says:

        Yeah spot on, or like a Goody bag you’d get in a Beefeater restaurant or a Pontins holiday camp to keep the kids amused.
        I guess there are 3000 people around the world who will absolutely have to give him their money for all this funny paper, so it’s a fairly calculated risk but seriously anyone with 360 euros burning a hole in their pocket, why not take a punt on say 36 CDs of music you’ve not already got instead, or go and see 10-20 live gigs , or buy an actual suitcase and treat yourself to a weekend break somewhere nice….or buy 100 happy meals

  57. Rob Of Swad says:

    Paul McCartney is everything to me in music, he also is a nice guy, would love to meet him, in reality its all about the music, this is amongest the best he has ever produced, and Im afraid “bits and bobs” in a box, at a rediculas price is simply not on on, its regirgitated to simply make money, and in reality it was’nt Pauls idea, some spin guru with half a brain and a boat load of money. Paul love you and your music, not the price.

  58. RJS says:

    One for the suitcase collectors!

    • Paul E. says:

      Yes exactly RJS! I’m more of a trunk collector- see Frank Sinatra’s “The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings”. I don’t like ‘em with handles.

  59. webvan says:

    No DVD/BR, no book on the sessions, what a waste of space and money !

    • Beatlearmin says:

      Not sure about that. What does “Additional rare performances footage hidden inside” mean?

      • Paul E. says:

        That’s clearly a typo and should read: “Additional square footage hidden inside.” Accommodates space for a USB stick (sold separately) for the mp3 only downloads.

  60. Peter Mulholland says:

    Apparently on the 17th of May, the audio content will be released in a cheaper package, without all the ‘goodies’.

  61. Beatlearmin says:

    Can be preordered at already now. Price: € 360.

    • Benedikt says:


      Nonetheless I‘m out. I won’t pay 360 more euros for an album I already have on vinyl and cd, just to get some stuff I‘m not really interested in (a cassette? Really?!?!).
      5.1 would have been great or at least more than only two new songs. Another missed opportunity by Sir Paul.

    • AlexKx says:

      Soooo, how does one go about this since the website won’t accept me signing up? I sign up and then I get a “Forbidden” message in my top left hand screen of my computer. I guess I have to wait until Friday, eh?

      • Beatlearmin says:

        Strange indeed. I had no problem preordering it.

        • RikTheHib says:

          Yeah, I pre-ordered OK as well – I’m in Oz and did not want to wait until 1am on Saturday 15th to get the link emailed to me – I like/need my beauty sleep. I’m guessing you have an issue on your end – I used Chrome on Linux Mint – worked fine (as I say).
          Damn the price – I want this and if I don’t like/want it, it’ll be on Discogs/eBay PDQ.

  62. Carlos says:

    For someone who is starting to struggle with box set storage due to having purchased all of the McCartney/Wings, Led Zep, Floyd in the past i can’t justify this due to the sheer size of the box.
    I have enough tat filled boxes containing marbles and scarves taking up precious room. I would have been up for something the same size as previous editions. The only positive i could see from my point of view is a practical one when the wife kicks me out if i let my heart rule my head. That suitcase would come in handy.

    • Chris Squires says:

      Ha brilliant, if my wife kicks me out I will empty the contents of my Humanz SDE into the bin, fill the now empty case with the Kate Bush reissues and wander off into the sunset with everything I need. Assuming I am allowed to keep my Stereo of course.
      As for the Egypt Station SDE…. not really enough music for whatever bucks are asked. Agree with most here, the Wings box although (probably) equally expensive appears head and shoulders above this.

  63. Arie says:

    Missing song: “All ‘Bout the money”?

  64. Gabriel Sandoval Romero says:

    Beautiful indeed, but i rather prefer a collector’s edition the way the NEW album has. I mean, i have not really bought the album cause i was waiting for a more complete edition (lack of money you know), i just bought WWL and RRS (separetly) special editions the past January. So even if i really love to have this one it looks so expensive. I would take off the vinyl, cassette, jigsaw puzzle and playing cards and offer a cheaper edition with all those extra tracks and footage, saddly this will not gonna happen. I mean i love all the things here, even if they are only gimmick stuff (i’m a graphic designer so i love this kind of things) but i really hope for a nice collectors edition fair more cheap (My native lenguaje is spanish so I hope that I did not write something wrong.)

  65. Remi says:

    The boxset itself is nice but already have the album in several formats so basically I’d just be coughing up €360 for one disc and a lot of goodies…

  66. noyoucmon says:

    Preposterous. Egypt Station is hideous yet he seems hellbent on constructing an enormous industry out of it. Junk on a shelf.

  67. Marc says:

    I liked the big Wings over Europe 1971-73 box but I don’t like this box. The Wings 1971-73 box was a box where the content was related to the time (songs, photos etc.). But the content of this box is more or less fantasy stuff. Puzzle? Why? Why not a yoyo or a hammock or a sth. else. Makes no sense to me.

  68. John Bollenberg says:

    why are more and more box sets including a cassette. Do people still play these things or is it just a gimmick to fill the box?

    • Ben Williams says:

      I still play cassettes from time to time. I love the nostalgia – I actually just bought a copy of Macca’s Pipes Of Peace on tape!

    • Maureen says:

      Cassettes are making their way back believe it or not. :-) I love cassettes and vinyl, don’t care that much for CDs.

  69. Richard says:

    Paul, i love to have a glass of wine or whatever accompanied with great music …. these kinda box sets with so much Exclusive NON music items …. i’ll pass

  70. drbryant says:

    What a bunch of junk. Aren’t most of his fans actual adults? The only reason to buy it is to add another item to a collection.

  71. fenwick says:

    Hey Paul

    Since you requested comments, I’ll leave one!

    Surely people with expendable resources can spend their money however they see fit. I’ve said before, I am the prime target demographic for this type of stuff. Middle aged with a few bucks in my pocket and a massive music nerd who wants to hear it all. And have it all!

    I personally think this is ridiculous stuff here. Is the treasure map aimed at his fan base aged 4 to 7?

    Exactly which of them will pay the $400 this set will cost?

    I bowed out of the 3,000 print 71-13 box because of price, and I have no interest in this one either.

    The extra tat is insulting, unnecessary and unwanted. Relevant tat like lithographs are fine. But I literally do not know a soul on the planet that gets excited about coasters and treasure maps and coloring books and socks and puzzles and playing cards and tarot cards… I don’t understand why they keep showing up in these albatrosses.

    Just give us extra music with a nice sturdy box and extra literature at a fair price and you can take my money six days a week/twice on Sundays. Why is that so hard to accomplish?

    • 3rd world poverty says:


    • Vomit says:

      I’m as poor as a church mouse.
      Macca is not appealing to you in person fenwick. Believe me.

      I agree, your wealth should go back into the pot. For every dollar you make a dollar is taken away from the needy. How dare you boast about being flush?

      • Fenwick says:

        Er…. um….

        I’m it exactly sure if that’s a joke. So I’m not exactly sure how to respond.

        Having a few bucks in my pocket and being flush are largely different animals…..

        I hope I’ve just missed the joke entirely.

  72. Paul Soper says:

    Far too much vinyl for me. I’d be interested if there was some exclusive CD or Blu Ray content, with unreleased tracks / demos etc.

  73. Paul says:

    Frank Sinatra’s Party has to be an instrumental, doesn’t it? I just can’t hear words that go with this title.

  74. Tim-Meh says:

    Does it come with a bonus Southern Rail season ticket?

  75. Zongadude says:

    It wouldn’t do anything to “tell Paul that these inexplicably expensive caskets keep the fans away”: I bet the 3000 will sold out very quickly. :(

  76. Bill Darlington says:

    I enjoyed the other comments. Nice to see some cynicism, instead of the usual drooling over whatever contrived ‘deluxe’ set comes out. I lost interest in McCartney years ago but wouldn’t have been interested in this kind of thing anyway. The only thing I am after with deluxe sets is extra music. However, some of the multi-disc sets with repetitious live performance, every flubbed studio take and umpteen alternate mixes, for what were 12-track albums, is taking the, er, urine.

  77. Cristiano says:

    A box set that contains the only new of three unpublished.The rest, according to the notes written by Paul in person,is only trifle. Yet I’m sure his archives are overflowing with material … Someone should tell Paul that these inexplicably expensive caskets keep the fans away.

  78. Rich459 says:

    Closer to £400 I’m going to guess.

    Wonder the what the ‘additional’ surprises will be?! It’d be nice if it genuinely had a surprise in it. Like Paul had actually signed a lithograph or something.

  79. hendry doran says:

    Signed up to see how much it will cost me to buy. Not convinced the initial release will fly off the shelf.
    Looking on ebay there is no great rush to buy the green, red or blue/orange copies so those taking a hopeful punt might be left with egg on their face. Then again what do I know


    I’m wondering what the suitcase will be made of – as this has a bearing on whether it will arrive undamaged (my Man From UNCLE briefcase although made of thick card still arrived with two sides split at the corners – thanks Amazon UK – although having said that the Zappa Halloween box which was made of the flimsiest card and plastic was so well packed that it made it across the Atlantic in pristine condition – thanks Amazon USA). As there are only 3,000 the chance of a replacement are basically non-existent….

  81. wardo says:

    Three new songs to bolster an album that really isn’t that good, and they’ve yet to reveal the price. No thanks.

  82. Johnny Moondog says:

    I’m in for a couple, if you’re allowed to buy more than one.

  83. Gisabun says:

    Couldn’t care less about the trinkets. Only thing that would interest me is Egypt Station II. No DVD/BR even.
    “An exclusive copy of a handwritten note from Paul” – So a photocopy. Woopie!

  84. Kauwgompie says:

    Because there is not much new here, it all comes down to price. There is no price listed, I checked Google but nothing. It’s simply not announced. Given the very high prices PM charges for his box sets, I fear this will be quite over the top expensive. The upside is that it will sell for even more once this is sold out so you could see it as an investment if you wanted to.

    I started buying music in the 80’s and PM was utterly uncool then (IMHO). While New Wave was the coolest thing around we got Mull Of Kintyre (from late 70’s) and Ebony & Ivory. So I avoided PM until he recently started to reissue and release the Wings box sets. Since Paul (Sinclair) never misses a PM release, it got me thinkinig. Let’s check out those PM 70’s boxes. To my utter surprise they are quite good. Much better than anything PM put together in the 80’s (IMHO). So I recently bought all his 70’s box sets (Except For PM 1 and PM 2, they were out of print, the rest I got) and now I’m on the PM train although I’m still avoiding his 80’s stuff. I haven’t listen to Egypt Station yet but read it’s good so I’m potentially interested.

    Question is, what would you want to pay for this box given it’s a limited press, PM high box set prices and that it will be worth a lot more once out of print? My limit is probably $250 but only because it’s PM and the vallue will go up once it’s out of print. The content is nothing special for sure.

    • Captain Cutshaw says:

      While I do agree with you on much of his 80’s output, I have to say you should really give Flowers in the Dirt a try, I find it to be one of his best solo albums. Just a friendly suggestion to a fellow music lover. :-)

    • Larry Davis says:

      Hey, for me, this set is nice but full of unnecessary content for the amount of $$$ it will cost…I wish it was like the “New” deluxe, 2CD/1DVD with nice packaging & value price…this suitcase is part of the theme I get it, and Paul prob still feels like a kid inside, so he wants to make it fun…I like me some fun too, and I do like jigsaw puzzles…this thing is also missing the 2 Target bonus tracks, which I wish was on the bonus disc…and on vinyl only?? No CD?? Now I know not to sell my Target edition. as those 2 bonus tracks are as good or better than the songs on the original album itself…as for Macca in the 80s, from 1982-1986 perhaps, I do agree he was considered fairly uncool and utterly mainstream then, but things started to turn with the rocking gem “Spies Like Us”, and yes, “Flowers In The Dirt” is an amazing album, partly cuz of who he worked with…Elvis Costello, Trevor Horn, etc…and cuz it was his best batch of songs in years cuz he was not concerned with getting a hit…just wish the deluxe box was not the mess it turned out to be…as for the boxes themselves, they are all quite huge and expensive, and I was torn whether I should wait for dropped prices or just settle for the regular 2CD versions…some had extras like “Wings Over America” had a BestBuy 3rd disc, “Band On The Run” had a bonus 7″ vinyl, etc, and pretty much all of them had most of the audio content, just missing DVDs with studio footage…like RRS had pretty much all the audio on 2 CDs, all the songs from the album, singles As & Bs, and dropped songs from the original double album never released…I’m still torn but will eventually have Macca’s full catalogue…

  85. Tom Kristensen says:

    Ha ha ha!

  86. Cosmo Castanza says:

    Not interested at all ,other than to see the actual price of this .

    These multi millionaires are getting no more of my dosh.

  87. adam shaw says:

    I signed up just to see how much it will cost , It was an ok album but not worthy of this .
    Im sure his fans in South America will lap it up .

  88. Michael Calhoun says:

    How about a version that we can all afford with some bonus stuff

  89. Steven Roberts says:

    This ‘event’ takes tat to whole new level.

    I’m guessing £200 quid? £300, maybe?

  90. Andreas says:

    What a Kindergarten….

  91. Ben Williams says:

    Would absolutely love this but am betting its going to be about £300+ and thus won’t be able to afford it… kind of hoping a scaled-down deluxe version with the new bonus tracks and live tracks will be available ala the NEW Collectors Edition from 2014!

    PS – knew someone would mention marbles lol…

  92. Dassonville says:

    Will Paul mccartney wings 1971/1973 boxset
    Never be reissued

  93. Daryl says:

    Is this the only way I’ll be able to get hold of the jigsaw puzzle?? Forget the rest of it – that’s the gem I’m after :’D

  94. Carl D says:

    As they’ve used Paddingtons suitcase shouldn’t there be a marmalade sandwich?

  95. JasonC says:

    Well, that’s an anti-climax. The big Wings 71-73 box appears to have been limited to 3,000 as well. I managed to get one of those and it’s a fantastic thing, really pleased with it. I’m curious to see the price of this, but I’m guessing around £249, so no thank you.

    I signed up for the deluxe edition mailing list last summer when it was first mooted. Then it wasn’t announced, and in waiting I let the colour vinyl edition pass me by. Then the album came out and I still didn’t buy it…waiting. I ended picking up a CD of ES in the sales around Christmas for £8 to hear the bonus tracks. As it happens those bonus tracks are missing from this box, which is a mess. It should’ve been a opportunity to get all these errant tracks on vinyl.

    There’s also nothing to read in this. Do you know what had a good bit of reading in it? The Freshen Up tour programme. Plus it had a full set of Egypt Station stickers!

    Finally, I have a problem with box sets that aren’t boxes! That puts me off. Anyone else fee the same?

    • Michael says:

      Hi JasonC. This collectible over-the-top”Egypt Station” like other similar ultra-SDEs, are fun (and ultra-expensive), but storage space at home for large music artefacts like this does become a bit of an issue. Because of this, I also prefer SDE box sets with conventional CD, book, or vinyl record outer packaging dimensions that I can easily and safely place in my music storage units.

  96. AnnCoates says:

    Wow, where to start… the jigsaw, the ‘copy’ of the note from Paul…
    Will it contain the 2 extra tracks that were on the deluxe and that new song he recently released on YouTube?

  97. Craig Hedges says:

    No Marbles, no sale!

    • smorrissey says:

      LOL marbles, i still have my dark side of the moon box with cd’s full of scratches since arrival but wait i have shiny marbles!! wee!!

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