Paul McCartney / Wings Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway reissues

Two albums reissued in Dec • Lavish box set editions • Ltd 11-disc box with bonus book and CD • Two vinyl sets for Red Rose Speedway

Paul McCartney continues his ‘Archive Collection’ reissue series in December with two early Wings albums: Wild Life from 1971 and Red Rose Speedway from 1973. Both are issued as lavish super deluxe box sets (as well as all the other usual formats) and are also collected in an expensive Wings 1971-1973 limited edition box set that features additional books and audio.

With 1970’s McCartney a solo album and the following year’s RAM credited to Paul and Linda McCartney, WildLife (an album I have always called ‘Wings Wildlife’!) was effectively the long-playing debut from Wings. It was released only seven months after RAM in December ’71. There were no singles at all from this album, although in 1972 a series of non-album 45s were released: ‘Give Ireland Back To The Irish’, ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ and ‘Hi Hi Hi’ / ‘C-Moon’. All are included as bonus tracks (with their respective B-sides) on these new reissues.

In 1973 Paul did the same thing as 1971 – he released two albums. So Red Rose Speedway was issued in late April/early May, while Band On The Run appeared in December. Paul was a very busy boy. The album reached number one on the US charts and is best known for its one and only single ‘My Love’, a UK top ten hit just before the release of the album. As many diehard fans will know, Red Rose Speedway was originally conceived as a double, but ultimately edited down to a single album for release. The box set and a special 2LP vinyl edition reconstruct what would have been the ‘double album’ “based on original acetates and master tapes from the period”.

Wild Life super deluxe edition features 3CD+DVD 

Let’s talk more about the reissues. Both albums have been remastered at Abbey Road Studios. That’s a given. The Wild Life box set is three CDs and a DVD and includes a remarkably generous selection of audio – 25 bonus tracks including rough mixes of the album, original single edits, B-sides, home recordings and other previously unreleased material. No ‘download only’ audio here (you spoke, they listened – perhaps). CD 2 is the ‘rough mixes’ while CD 3 rounds up A-sides, B-sides, home recordings and outtakes.

The DVD features rare footage of acoustic home videos, rehearsals and more. The packaging looks consistent with the last few, so what you have is a slipcase into which slot a few books. The ‘main’ book is a 128-page tome written by David Fricke which tells the story of the album etc., but there is also a 48-page scrapbook of tour diaries (from the 1972 tour), lyrics, setlists, unpublished polaroids and the like. As with all the other super deluxe sets Wild Life comes with a download redemption card which will provide access to all audio in HD 24/96kHz unlimited high-resolution versions. So no physical hi-res.

The 2LP and 2CD editions of Wild Life are effectively CD 1 and CD 3 from the box set. So as usual you get the bonus tracks on vinyl. The 2LP vinyl edition has the records housed in a high-quality retro-style ‘tip on’ gatefold sleeve (with a 12-page 10-inch booklet) which I think is a first, and includes a download card (320kbps MP3).

McCartney was apparently adamant that the Flowers in the Dirt deluxe should contain no more than four physical discs. Well for Red Rose Speedway he’s giving you SIX discs (3CD+2DVD+blu-ray). Go figure. This is a new record for an Archive Collection box set (RAM had five discs).

Of the three CDs, the first is the remastered album, the second is the unreleased ‘double album’ edition of Red Rose Speedway and the third rounds up singles, B-sides, rough mixes and various ad-hoc tracks. Macca’s team claim 35 bonus audio selections in total, although that does include the repeated tracks that are on the original album and the double.

So why does this set have two DVDs and – for the first time in a McCartney reissue – a blu-ray? Well the first DVD is the standard fare. It includes ‘rare and previously unseen footage’ including the James Paul McCartney TV Special, interviews, music videos etc. The second DVD features the never before seen film The Bruce McMouse Show. This shelved production features concert footage from the Wings Over Europe tour of 1972 intercut with animations with a cartoon character called ‘Bruce McMouse’ who lives under the stage. The Bruce McMouse Show has been fully restored and remixed in stereo and 5.1 surround sound. This second DVD is repeated on blu-ray with 5.1 Surround DTS-HD Master Audio sound and 24bit 96kHz/PCM Stereo 24bit 96kHz (the DVD has Dolby Digital 5.1 surround too). Despite blu-ray’s enormous capacity, they haven’t included any hi-res album or bonus track audio alongside this Bruce McMouse content, which seems a little bit of a missed opportunity.

The Red Rose Speedway box set includes a “folio containing 14 replica hand drawn original character sketches by Paul and facsimile dialogue sheets for the film”, a 128-page book with rare images, the story of the album and five replica handwritten lyric sheets and photo print, and  a 64-page ‘Wings In Morocco’ photo book, all housed in a numbered outer slipcase. Again, you get a hi-res download card.

Like Wild Life the Red Rose Speedway reissue is available as a two-CD set. This is the standard album and a second CD that is a unique mix of bonus tracks from CD 2 and CD 3 in the box set. There are TWO versions of the 2LP vinyl. One is as per the two-CD (ie album and bonus tracks) but the other (pictured above) is a special recreation of said ‘double album’ version. The ‘standard’ 2LP vinyl is a ‘tip-on’ gatefold sleeve. The reconstructed double isn’t a gatefold. The two records slot into a single outer sleeve along with a 10-inch booklet. As you can see it has groovy unique cover art.

As if all this isn’t enough to get your head around, there is more!! Paul has created a limited edition Paul McCartney and Wings: 1971-1973 box set that features both album box sets as well as an exclusive Wings Over Europe 96-page photo book, facsimile 1972 tour programme and on CD a previously unreleased, newly mixed Wings Over Europe 20-track set recorded across five shows. This 11-disc set (four from Wild Life, six from Red Rose Speedway and the bonus live CD) come packaged in a special seven-colour screen printed box, inspired by the 1972 Wings Over Europe tour bus. All the audio is downloadable as 24bit 96kHz unlimited high-resolution audio versions.

All of this is released on 7 December 2018. The massive Paul McCartney and Wings: 1971-1973, as described above, will only be available direct-to-consumer via Paul’s sites and some associated channels (i.e. they won’t be on Amazon). These are now sold out!

Paul McCartney and Wings: 1971-1973
11-disc box featuring Wild Life SDE, Red Rose Speedway SDE and Wings Over Europe

US link • Canada link • UK link

Standard Box Sets

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Paul McCartney & Wings

Wild Life - 4-disc super deluxe box set


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Paul McCartney and Wings

Red Rose Speedway - 6-disc super deluxe box set



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Paul McCartney and Wings

Wild Life - 2LP deluxe with bonus tracks


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Paul McCartney and Wings

Red Rose Speedway - 2LP double album - as originally conceived


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Paul McCartney and Wings

Red Rose Speedway - 2LP deluxe with bonus tracks


CD editions

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Paul McCartney and Wings

Wild Life - 2CD edition


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Paul McCartney and Wings

Red Rose Speedway - 2CD edition


Wild Life – 3CD+DVD super deluxe edition

CD1 – Remastered Album
1. Mumbo (2018 Remaster)
2. Bip Bop (2018 Remaster)
3. Love Is Strange (2018 Remaster)
4. Wild Life (2018 Remaster)
5. Some People Never Know (2018 Remaster)
6. I Am Your Singer (2018 Remaster)
7. Bip Bop Link (2018 Remaster)
8. Tomorrow (2018 Remaster)
9. Dear Friend (2018 Remaster)
10. Mumbo Link (2018 Remaster)

CD2 – Rough Mixes
1. Mumbo [Rough Mix]
2. Bip Bop [Rough Mix]
3. Love Is Strange (Version) [Rough Mix]
4. Wild Life [Rough Mix]
5. Some People Never Know [Rough Mix]
6. I Am Your Singer [Rough Mix]
7. Tomorrow [Rough Mix]
8. Dear Friend [Rough Mix]

CD3 – Bonus Audio
1. Good Rockin’ Tonight [Home Recording]
2. Bip Bop [Home Recording]
3. Hey Diddle [Home Recording]
4. She Got It Good [Home Recording]
5. I Am Your Singer [Home Recording]
6. Outtake I
7. Dear Friend [Home Recording I]
8. Dear Friend [Home Recording II]
9. Outtake II
10. Indeed I Do
11. When The Wind Is Blowing
12. The Great Cock And Seagull Race [Rough Mix]
13. Outtake III
14. Give Ireland Back To The Irish
15. Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Version)
16. Love Is Strange [Single Edit]
17. African Yeah Yeah

DVD – Bonus Video
1. Scotland, 1971
2. The Ball
3. ICA Rehearsals
4. Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Rehearsal)

Plus 24bit 96kHz unlimited high-resolution audio download of the remastered album and bonus audio

Red Rose Speedway 3CD+2DVD+blu-ray audio super deluxe

CD1 – Remastered Album
1. Big Barn Bed (2018 Remaster)
2. My Love (2018 Remaster)
3. Get On The Right Thing (2018 Remaster)
4. One More Kiss (2018 Remaster)
5. Little Lamb Dragonfly (2018 Remaster)
6. Single Pigeon (2018 Remaster)
7. When The Night (2018 Remaster)
8. Loup (1st Indian On The Moon) (2018 Remaster)
9. Medley (2018 Remaster)
* a) Hold Me Tight
* b) Lazy Dynamite
* c) Hands Of Love
* d) Power Cut

CD2 – “Double Album”
1. Night Out
2. Get On The Right Thing
3. Country Dreamer
4. Big Barn Bed
5. My Love
6. Single Pigeon
7. When The Night
8. Seaside Woman
9. I Lie Around
10. The Mess [Live At The Hague]
11. Best Friend [Live In Antwerp]
12. Loup (1st Indian On The Moon)
13. Medley
* a) Hold Me Tight
* b) Lazy Dynamite
* c) Hands Of Love
* d) Power Cut
14. Mama’s Little Girl
15. I Would Only Smile
16. One More Kiss
17. Tragedy
18. Little Lamb Dragonfly

CD3 – Bonus Audio
1. Mary Had A Little Lamb
2. Little Woman Love
3. Hi, Hi, Hi
4. C Moon
5. Live And Let Die
6. Get On The Right Thing [Early Mix]
7. Little Lamb Dragonfly [Early Mix]
8. Little Woman Love [Early Mix]
9. 1882 [Home Recording]
10. Big Barn Bed [Rough Mix]
11. The Mess
12. Thank You Darling
13. Mary Had A Little Lamb [Rough Mix]
14. 1882 [Live In Berlin]
15. 1882
16. Jazz Street
17. Live And Let Die [Group Only, Take 10]

DVD 1 – Bonus Video
1. Music Videos
2. James Paul McCartney TV Special
3. Live And Let Die [Live in Liverpool]
4. Newcastle Interview

DVD 2 – Bonus Film
1. The Bruce McMouse Show
5.1 Surround Dolby Digital, 16bit 48kHz /PCM Stereo

Blu-Ray – The Bruce McMouse Show
5.1 Surround DTS-HD Master Audio, 24bit 96kHz/PCM Stereo 24bit 96kHz

Plus 24bit 96kHz unlimited high-resolution audio download of the remastered album and bonus audio.

Wild Life – 2LP deluxe

Side A
1. Mumbo (2018 Remaster)
2. Bip Bop (2018 Remaster)
3. Love Is Strange (2018 Remaster)
4. Wild Life (2018 Remaster)

Side B
1. Some People Never Know (2018 Remaster)
2. I Am Your Singer (2018 Remaster)
3. Bip Bop (Link) (2018 Remaster)
4. Tomorrow (2018 Remaster)
5. Dear Friend (2018 Remaster)
6. Mumbo (Link) (2018 Remaster)

Side C
1. Good Rockin’ Tonight [Home Recording]
2. Bip Bop [Home Recording]
3. Hey Diddle [Home Recording]
4. She Got It Good [Home Recording]
5. I Am Your Singer [Home Recording]
6. Outtake I
7. Dear Friend [Home Recording I]
8. Dear Friend [Home Recording II]
9. Outtake II

Side D
1. Indeed I Do
2. When The Wind Is Blowing
3. The Great Cock And Seagull Race [Rough Mix]
4. Outtake III
5. Give Ireland Back To The Irish
6. Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Version)
7. Love Is Strange [Single Edit]
8. African Yeah Yeah

Red Rose Speedway – 2LP deluxe

Side a
1. Big Barn Ben (2018 Remaster)
2. My Love (2018 Remaster)
3. Get On The Right Thing (2018 Remaster)
4. One More Kiss (2018 Remaster)
5. Little Lamb Dragonfly (2018 Remaster)

Side b
1. Single Pigeon (2018 Remaster)
2. When The Night (2018 Remaster)
3. Loup (2018 Remaster)
4. Medley (2018 Remaster)
*(a) Hold Me Tight
*(b) Lazy Dynamite
*(c) Hands Of Love
*(d) Power Cut

Side c
1. Mary Had A Little Lamb
2. Little Woman Love
3. Hi, Hi, Hi
4. C Moon
5. Live And Let Die
6. I Lie Around

Side d
1. Thank You Darling
2. 1882 [Live In Berlin]
3. The Mess [Live At The Hague]
4. Jazz Street
5. Live And Let Die [Group Only, Take 10]

Red Rose Speedway – 2LP ‘Double Album’

Red Rose Speedway – “Double Album” is the originally conceived version of the album, though it was ultimately stripped back to a single vinyl. For this limited release it has been reconstructed based on original acetates and master tapes from the period. It is now available for the first time on LP. This edition is pressed onto 180gram vinyl x2 and comes housed in a single outer sleeve with a 12-page 10” booklet plus a 320kbps MP3 download redemption card.

Side a
1. Night Out
2. Get On The Right Thing
3. Country Dreamer
4. Big Barn Bed
5. My Love

Side b
1. Single Pigeon
2. When The Night
3. Seaside Woman
4. I Lie Around
5. The Mess [Live At The Hague]

Side c
1. Best Friend [Live In Antwerp]
2. Loup (1st Indian On The Moon)
3. Medley:
* (a) Hold Me Tight
* (b) Lazy Dynamite
* (c) Hands Of Love
* (d) Power Cut

Side d
1. Mama’s Little Girl
2. I Would Only Smile
3. One More Kiss
4. Tragedy
5. Little Lamb Dragonfly

Wild Life 2CD digi-pak edition

CD1 – Remastered Album
1. Mumbo (2018 Remaster)
2. Bip Bop (2018 Remaster)
3. Love Is Strange (2018 Remaster)
4. Wild Life (2018 Remaster)
5. Some People Never Know (2018 Remaster)
6. I Am Your Singer (2018 Remaster)
7. Bip Bop (Link) (2018 Remaster)
8. Tomorrow (2018 Remaster)
9. Dear Friend (2018 Remaster)
10. Mumbo (Link) (2018 Remaster)

CD 2 – Bonus Audio
1. Good Rockin’ Tonight [Home Recording]
2. Bip Bop [Home Recording]
3. Hey Diddle [Home Recording]
4. She Got It Good [Home Recording]
5. I Am Your Singer [Home Recording]
6. Outtake I
7. Dear Friend [Home Recording I]
8. Dear Friend [Home Recording II]
9. Outtake II
10. Indeed I Do
11. When The Wind Is Blowing
12. The Great Cock And Seagull Race [Rough Mix]
13. Outtake III
14. Give Ireland Back To The Irish
15. Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Version)
16. Love Is Strange [Single Edit]
17. African Yeah Yeah

Red Rose Speedway 2CD digi-pak edition

CD 1 – Remastered Album
1. Big Barn Bed (2018 Remaster)
2. My Love (2018 Remaster)
3. Get On The Right Thing (2018 Remaster)
4. One More Kiss (2018 Remaster)
5. Little Lamb Dragonfly (2018 Remaster)
6. Single Pigeon (2018 Remaster)
7. When The Night (2018 Remaster)
8. Loup (1st Indian On The Moon) (2018 Remaster)
9. Medley (2018 Remaster)
*(a) Hold Me Tight
*(b) Lazy Dynamite
*(c) Hands Of Love
*(d) Power Cut

CD 2 – Bonus Audio
1. Mary Had A Little Lamb
2. Little Woman Love
3. Hi, Hi, Hi
4. C Moon
5. The Mess [Live At The Hague]
6. Live And Let Die
7. I Lie Around
8. Night Out
9. Country Dreamer
10. Seaside Woman
11. Best Friend [Live In Antwerp]
12. Mama’s Little Girl
13. I Would Only Smile
14. Tragedy
15. Thank You Darling
16. 1882 [Live In Berlin]
17. Jazz Street
18. Live And Let Die [Group Only, Take 10]

Paul McCartney and Wings: 1971-1973

Wild Life – Limited Deluxe Edition CD/DVD Box Set
4 disc (3CD + 1DVD) numbered limited deluxe edition featuring:
– The original album, remastered at Abbey Road Studios, London
– 25 bonus audio tracks across 2 discs, featuring rough mixes of the album, original single edits, B-sides, home recordings and previously unreleased tracks
– DVD featuring acoustic home videos, rehearsals and behind-the-scenes footage
– Downloadable 24bit 96kHz unlimited high-resolution audio versions of the remastered album and bonus audio tracks
– 128-page book containing many previously unpublished images by Linda McCartney, expanded album and single artwork from the archives and the story behind the album — including expanded track-by-track information and new interviews with Paul McCartney and key album personnel, written by David Fricke
– Folio containing a 48-page scrapbook of tour diaries, lyrics and set lists, unpublished Polaroids, lyrics, notes and memorabilia from the MPL archives

Red Rose Speedway – Limited Deluxe Edition CD/DVD Box Set
6 disc (3CD, 2DVD + Blu-ray) numbered limited deluxe edition featuring:
– The original #1 album, remastered at Abbey Road Studios, London
– 35 bonus audio tracks across 2 discs, featuring a reconstruction of the originally planned “double album”, singles, B-sides, alternate mixes and unreleased tracks
– The Bruce McMouse Show — The never-before-seen film on DVD and high-resolution Blu-ray, fully restored and remixed in stereo and 5.1 surround sound
– DVD featuring rare and previously unseen footage including the James Paul McCartney TV Special, interviews and music videos
– Downloadable 24bit 96kHz unlimited high-resolution audio versions of the remastered album and bonus audio discs
– 128-page book containing many previously unpublished images by Linda McCartney, expanded album and single artwork from the archives and story behind the album — including new interviews with Paul McCartney, and key album personnel — and expanded track-by-track information, written by Amanda Petrusich
– 64-page photo book capturing ‘Wings In Morocco’
– Folio containing Paul McCartney’s hand-drawn original character sketches and dialogue sheets for The Bruce McMouse Show

Wings Over Europe
– Previously unreleased, newly mixed Wings Over Europe 20 track set recorded across 5 shows on 1CD
– Introduction from Paul McCartney talking about his memories of the 1972 tour
– 96-page photobook including previously unreleased images by Linda McCartney
– Replicated 1972 Wings Over Europe tour programme
– Downloadable 24bit 96kHz unlimited high-resolution audio versions

Bonus CD track listing

CD 1
1. Big Barn Bed [Live In Newcastle/1973]
2. Eat At Home [Live At The Hague/1972]
3. Smile Away [Live In Berlin/1972]
4. Bip Bop (Link) [Live At The Hague/1972]
5. Mumbo (Link) [Live In Antwerp/1972]
6. Blue Moon Of Kentucky [Live At The Hague/1972]
7. 1882 [Live In Berlin/1972]
8. I Would Only Smile [Live In Antwerp/1972]
9. Give Ireland Back To The Irish [Live In Groningen/1972]
10. The Mess [Live In Berlin/1972]
11. Best Friend [Live In Antwerp/1972]
12. Soily [Live In Berlin/1972]
13. I Am Your Singer [Live At The Hague/1972]
14. Seaside Woman [Live In Groningen/1972]
15. Wild Life [Live At The Hague/1972]
16. My Love [Live At The Hague/1972]
17. Mary Had A Little Lamb [Live At The Hague/1972]
18. Maybe I’m Amazed [Live In Groningen/1972]
19. Hi, Hi, Hi [Live At The Hague/1972]
20. Long Tall Sally [Live In Groningen/1972]

242 responses to Paul McCartney / Wings Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway reissues

  1. Arthur O'Brien says:

    Don’t know if anyone is still looking at this post, but I was wondering if anyone else who purchased the double vinyl version of RRS had trouble an MP3 download link that didn’t work. I bought mine from a shop and tried it and it took me to a page that said there was no such page as the download link page. It is

  2. Steven Brindle says:

    Just opened the “1971-73 Limited Edition Box Set” today for my birthday, and the Wings Over Europe CD and HD Audio Download redemption card is missing. Contacted the vendor ( and they tell me basically hard cheese and offered me a £30 discount or a full refund. Neither of which is an acceptable outcome to me. Feel totally disappointed for my family, who clubbed together to buy this for my birthday, who are now faced with the prospect of not having bought me a present they were so excited to give me.

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Paul
    Excellent price on Red Rose Speedway Super Deluxe Edition from Amazon AU – $130.61 AUD free shipping if you have Prime otherwise $27 odd postage – shipped from Amazon USA. Current as at 6 January 2019.

  4. GaboSan says:

    I’m from Mexico so I looked for the deluxe editions in amazon Mexico. I was very surprised when i saw the RRS deluxe edition in only 680 pesos (around 35 us dollars) O_O so I order it with a strong feeling in my head that its gonna be a mistake and they gonna send me the vinyl version. (if that’s was the case i will gonna return it) but when i saw a big box i quickly open it and… RRS deluxe was inside! I don’t know if was a mistake from amazon but i have to say that i was so damned lucky! Greetings from Mexico and sorry for my English

  5. MikeB says:

    His website has recently offered free downloads of an alternate version of Dear Friend with the orchestra mixed further foward, which is rather good, as well as a take of Hands of Love outside the medley. For those shelling out a small fortune for these sets anything extra is gratefully received!

  6. Gisabun says:

    Found it interesting that the special edition RWS does not have the same content as the box set version. In the end, there are quite a few tracks that are on one and not on the other. Boy Macca rally likes to bugger things up.
    So after shelling out [at this time] $188 US for the box set, you need to shell out another $16 US to get the tracks that are not on the box set – if you are a completest.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I don’t think this is correct.

      • AndyB says:

        Gisabun is correct, if talking about the early and rough mixes. And the ‘1882’ studio version. And ‘The Mess’ studio version, if that is the one on CD 3.

        Now, about that glitch at the end of ‘Love Is Strange’…

      • AndyB says:

        Oops. Just noticed that I reversed things. All audio content on the 2 CD version IS included in the super deluxe. Sorry, Gisabun. Now you are wrong.

        Happy New Year, Paul at SDE! You should do a post on any “rumoured” deluxe editions that may be coming in 2019.

  7. Randy Layton says:

    Usually no issues in ordering (from the US) from the Canadian site but tried to order Red Rose box at a really good price, )since it’s flown up everywhere else) but they appear to be blocking orders to the US. Not happy.

  8. Duane Rodriguez says:

    Still waiting on my Wings box set.., got the confirmation email but apparently it’s sitting in a post office in North Carolina waiting to be shipped to its next facility since Dec 11th!!!

  9. Matthew Culver says:

    I almost ordered the big box set but decided to pass. Now seeing all of the problems people are having, I’m glad I did. I pre-ordered the two individual box sets the day they were first posted on Amazon and paid $220 for both sets! By comparison, the big box was almost exactly double that price on the McCartney website. I just can’t pay that much more for an extra disc and book. I also can’t imagine them going to all the trouble of compiling that extra disc and only pressing 3,500 of them, seems crazy.

  10. Pingback:Saturday Deluxe / 15 December 2018 | superdeluxeedition

  11. Phil Cohen says:

    Well, my “1971-1973” box arrived and I’m impressed by the packaging and music. The discs were mostly in perfect condition, though I had to use water(and rub the discs with my thumb) to remove glue stains from some of the “Wings -Wild Life” discs.
    I’m very very lucky to receive the set, because a number of consumers who( like I) ordered on October 19th (the first day that preorders were accepted) had their orders unilaterally cancelled by Universal Music. Universal cancelled these orders on the day of release, after holding $438 of the customers’ money for nearly two months. Clearly, Universal accepted more orders than they could fulfill.
    MPL(McCartney’s company) should announce whether they intend to manufacture more sets, before McCartney fans get exploited by scalpers. The management of the Universal online store (the one which operates via the McCartney website) must be replaced, to restore consumer trust.

    • Dassonville says:

      Hi you lucky guy!!
      Thanks for your comment
      Why is it impossible to order this box on usual
      Channels amazon and retailers ??
      Every fan knows that even for this special edition box
      There will be plenty of demand
      Universal has make money on our back
      Not mine I am like so many otherd impossible to order it because sold out
      If only I should kniw how it will be sell again

    • brian mckeen says:

      i agree, same thing happened to me, very disappointed. just saw one listed on ebay for over $1800

    • Mark says:

      Agreed Phil. MPL/Universal obviously underestimated the demand for this set and many die hard fans were left out in the cold after ordering these sets. These are popping up on Ebay now at ridiculous prices and its a bit insulting to have an order cancelled for no good reason. A second edition of this collection should definitely be made available to set things right so all who missed out on this collection can get another chance. This campaign was not handled very well and more sets should have been manufactured.

  12. hendry doran says:

    A copy of the 71-73 box has just sold on ebay for £600. I hope the buyer is not too upset if the talked about reissue comes out soon

    • brian mckeen says:

      there’s another one on auction now that’s up to GBP 1140 with 3 days to go….and it’s been opened….

  13. AndyB says:

    As mentioned in an earlier post, there is a glitch at the end of “Love Is Strange” that adds a beat or two close to the very end. How do mistakes like this happen in this day and age?

  14. Paul Soper says:

    My Wings 1971 – 1973 box arrived yesterday. Probably the heaviest box set I own!

    My Wings in Morocco photo book has a couple of pages that have creased pages, which is frustrating, but content wise I’m really enjoying this set.

  15. kevin e!!! says:

    I specifically did not order this when I first saw it due to all of the issues that I had with buying from Universal Music directly. My Wings Greatest / Thrillington colored vinyl order was a total fiasco. THEN I saw them in the store. I am really hoping that the “Second Edition” (if there will even be one) will show up elsewhere. Sorry you guys are having issues.

  16. Andrew says:

    Kind of a minor thing – I just tried to use the download code for the double album version of Red Rose Speedway only to get an error message saying the page doesn’t exist. Had a couple of attempts but no joy.

    Anyone else had this issue?

    • Chris Squires says:

      Can’t help I’m afraid. Never used a “download code” in my life. Bloomin’ ‘orrible things. I know they have their uses but not my thing. Give me the real thing and the real thing only….

    • Phil Cohen says:

      For whatever reasons, none of the high resolution download coupons are useable yet. It’s some issue between Universal Music & MPL(McCartney’s company). I’m not sure that I can (at my age) consistently hear the difference between CD audio & high resolution audio. But to people who think that they can hear the difference, I can understand why they’re feeling shortchanged by useless coupons. Presumably, when my 11-disc boxed set arrives, the coupons will still be unuseable. So be it.
      And, by the way, I got an e-mail saying that my order (for the 11-disc box) has been shipped, though given the incompetence of Universal’s online store (at the McCartney website), I’ll only believe it has been shipped when I have the boxed set in my hands.

    • Brian Lundberg says:

      Yes. I also have this problem. Had no problem downloading Wild Life. Looking for an email address to inquire, but can’t find one.

  17. Ben in Colorado says:

    I ordered both albums in the two CD packages. I had a pre-order in for the huge box that, but canceled it. It just seemed like too little music for so much money. Having listened to the bonus CDs in both of the two disc sets this morning, I’m glad I did not buy the deluxe sets or the super deluxe combined set.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that’s been building with these reissues over the past number of years. My initial complaints were that there was more paper than music in the sets. After the FITD deluxe set debacle, I think that was confirmed in my mind. I think that they put in tons of paper goods, because there’s just not that much music in the sets. And they can charge a hefty price because the sets look huge and are heavy, but for someone like me who buys it almost solely for the music, I don’t see it as a good value. I’m not head over heels with the bonus discs in the two CD sets.

    But what I continue to want from the McCartney camp are more out takes and alternate versions of songs. What we tend to get are B-Sides or other songs recorded at the time, and to me the quality falls way short of his released material.

    I know my opinion probably won’t be very popular, but it’s my two cents.

    • Nowhereman says:

      I’m with you Ben. Taking RRS as an example the deluxe costs £140 or so more than the 2Cd version. Music wise you get a handful of early mixes for that £140. I stopped buying the deluxe verions at FITD although I would still like to have it as well as RRS and Wildlife, but I just can’t justify the cost for books which I will flick through once. That and the fact that Universal have made such a complete mess of orders that they don’t deserve any more of my money.

  18. Chris Squires says:

    As a note: although they have never given a figure of how limited “limited” is, mine is in the very high 2,000s. So at least 3,000 probably more. Anyone who has been lucky enough to get one delivered on time have anything higher?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Mine has been despatched, but not here yet.

      • DaveM says:

        Mine came earlier, must say I am impressed by UDiscovers service after reading so many stories of late or non arrivals ober the years. Even had Hermes tracking. It is numbered in the 1000s so initially thought there was maybe 2000. Haven’t seen reports of any over 3000 yet. Well pleased though, the nicest box set in my collection, even bettering Ram.

  19. brian mckeen says:

    what a joke!!! i get an email today from saying ‘Wild Life, Red Rose Speedway and Wings 1971-73 Out Now!’
    I scroll down to the Wings 1971-73 link which says ‘Buy ‘Wings 1971-73′ Supper Deluxe’, click on it and get to the same old page that says it’s sold out……why bother to send it out in an email if it can’t be ordered….Got all excited for bit that it was available again

  20. Stephen Hance says:

    Concluded that my order from October hasn’t gone through. UK site said they had stock last night, but gone this morning Canadian site said they had it this morning so I ordered it, very expensive. No confirmation email. Now they say they’re sold out too. Has anyone actually got this?

    • brian mckeen says:

      happened with me when i ordered the Wings 1971-73 box. Never got a confirmation. Contacted them for help which was useless. Finally had to go to my CC and have them dispute the charge and get it reversed

  21. Mariano B says:

    After having my order cancelled on, I have now re-ordered the individual boxes from Amazon US.

    Does anyone know if the Wings Over Europe tracks will be *legally* available to listen or purchase as individual files? This CD has not been uploaded to Spotify and I will be happy to pay for the files via any of the *official* channels.


  22. Chris Squires says:

    Whilst so many are having issues I fell kind of humbled / guilty to say mine has just turned up and blimey, it’s a whopper. And for £276 delivered it bloomin’ well ought to be.

    To be honest with you it’s like a 1970s big box washing powder, OMO or Surf. Numbered underneath and the usual brown paper sheet, on the side rather than than the back, but it is extremely well packed in an even bigger (obviously) outer box with inner corner shields.

    Won’t have time to listen to any of it for at least 11 days, so can’t add to the glitch theory.

    I do hope everyone who ordered gets theirs. Immense.

  23. Ronnie says:

    He finally gets the content right, but now messes up the price. Ridiculous pricing for these. Not to mention the money grabbing limited edition set. Probably little chance of the Wings over Europe set becoming available seperately. Will pass (again).

  24. Phil Cohen says:

    And one more thing: there’s reportedly a glitch (a mild momentary skip/repeat) towards the end of “Love is Strange” on the album “Wild Life”. It’s in all formats(CD, vinyl, download). Oh well, when or if my “1971-1973” box arrives, I can make a corrected CD-R using one of the previous CD editions of “Wild Life”.
    I’m the sort of quality conscious consumer who burned my own “corrected” disc for Pink Floyd’s “Continu/ation”(from “The Early Years”), replacing 13 of the 16 tracks with vastly better sources.
    In today’s music biz, even when the artists are legendary, the record companies don’t care about quality control.

  25. Phil Cohen says:

    Finally, when I mentioned the possibility of handing the matter over to PayPal (for resolution), Universal Music “found” my order and gave me my order number, and assurances that I will receive an e-mail when the order ships. I’m (somewhat) relieved.

  26. Mariano B says:

    Well, they have cancelled my order because they say they can’t verify my info. My PayPal account is fully verified. I suspect that they can’t fulfill their orders and they say whatever in order to have a reason to cancel them. I am too furious to comment further. I will order each box individually from Amazon and screw the 71-73 box.

    This is my response to Universal Phony Group:

    “You have made me waste almost two months. Now I get this on the release date? Your company is a joke and I will make sure of never ever buying anything from your store again. I will comment about this on all the forums that I am subscribed to. Shame on you.”

    • tytgat says:

      Yes me too: I command it on 29th october, and at the beginning of december they cancelled my command because my bank refused the paiement! 1) I’ve got the money 2) my bank never asked me about a problem 3) my credit card allows great transaction. I asked them a justification of it, they never answered me. maybe like you say I suspect that they can’t fulfill their orders and they say whatever in order to have a reason to cancel them.”

  27. K.C. Smith says:

    Same issue here. $438 from my PayPal account, PayPal receipt but nothing from PMC or UMG when purchased on 10/19. Surely this has to get remedied!

  28. Mariano B says:

    Ok guys. I will file a complaint tomorrow unless the box set delivers today. Pretty unlikely though.

    This looks pretty bogus and I will never ever order from again. This is unbelievable.

    This should have been a happy day and all I have as of yet is a loss of usd 438 and two empty hands. Thank you UMG.

    • Kevin Smith says:

      I am in the same bucket as the last number of people. Placed my order on Oct 19th, PayPal deducted c/o Universal Music and no email confirm, which I am only just realizing now because I say the PayPal confirm at the time. Also, no record of it on my discover account. Ordered off of the site. He has to fix this!

  29. Stephen Hance says:

    Hoping someone can help me in a senile moment. Ordered the 11 disc box set on a UK site around Oct 20. But no email confirmation seems to have arrived. Nor can I find a credit card transaction so I’m beginning to panic it hasn’t gone through. I’ve looked at my accounts on Udiscover and sound of vinyl – doesn’t show up in my order history. Trying to think if there is anywhere else I might have ordered it from. Quite distressing to realise I might not have this coming in the next few days. Does anyone know of a site other than those two where I might have ordered it?

  30. Mariano B says:

    Hi guys,

    Same here. U$S 438 deducted from my PayPal account on 19th october for the 71-73 set (thankfully taken from my funds, no bank or cc – so I can fill a claim). Got the order number back then. Up to this date, no tracking number. Box should deliver *today*.

    Contacted UMG on monday and they responded only yesterday only to respond that they don’t have such order number on their records, which I did respond to with a screen capture of my order. No response as of yet. I am pretty dissapointed.

    I will await for a few days before filling a claim on PayPal. I really don’t want that. I want the box set.

    Is UMG this professional? Really? I can’t hardly believe this. :-(

    Hope that good news start spreading over here very soon…

    • Phil Cohen says:

      In 15 more days, I’ll file a claim with PayPal to “escalate” the inquiry to the next level(I.E. a refund from PayPal). Most of the (now widespread) consumer complaints in involve the online “Store” which Universal operates at the McCartney website; not other Universal online stores.
      Whether in the U.S.A. or other territories, consumer protection authorities should prosecute Universal Music for their gross mismanagement of consumer orders, not to mention taking large quantities of money from consumers and failing to deliver the goods.
      Fans are cautioned not to order anything from McCartney’s online store, until we see customer reports that someone has received their “1971-1973” boxed set.

  31. Phil Cohen says:

    I wish I knew where I stand with regards to the “1971-1973” boxed set. I ordered it on the 19th of October, and received an e-mail from PayPal acknowledging that I paid $438 to Universal Music, but oddly, no order confirmation e-mail from Universal, so I recently contacted customer service at McCartney’s website. After an initial automated reply, somebody did reply but their response was highly vague. It acknowledged that I DID order, but said, “one or more items that you ordered are backordered” and predicted a one to four weeks wait or possibly more. At no point did Universal actually reveal my order number. “More Items”? I only ordered the “1971-1973” box.
    This all seems highly unprofessional for one of the three biggest music conglomerates in the world. I somehow suspect that after $438 spent(already paid via one of my credit cards), that I’ll end up with nothing.
    Yeah, the music will soon appear on the free download sites, but downloads won’t provide or replace the books, memorabilia items and video material.
    This is what I get for supporting the artists. In more than 52 years of buying recorded music, this is one of the two most expensive boxed sets that I’ve ever purchased( the other being “Pink Floyd-The Early Years”)

    • Chuck says:

      I’m in the same boat. Very nervous about having spent $440 on on the very day the 1971-1973 set was announced. And no idea whatsoever if and when I will get the set.

      I’m a bit sick over it frankly- as it wasn’t easy to convince my wife it was a reasonable purchase in the first place. I wrote the email contact on my PayPal receipt and they said “this order wasn’t placed through one of our stores” and directed me to a UMe email and I’ve contacted them and not been answered.

      Boy do I feel stupid and taken advantage of.

      • Phil Cohen says:

        It’s sad that the hobby of collecting recorded music has come to this. A huge monolithic corporation that doesn’t care how much anxiety that they inflict upon their customers for this highly expensive product.
        How much effort (or computer programming) would it require to send an e-mail order confirmation to all customers who purchase from Universal’s online McCartney “Store” ?

  32. Paul McCartney says:

    I’d like to apologise for the high prices of these. Even the double CDs of albums from nearly 50 years ago are a laughable £17 in the UK still. If it were one of my 750 million pounds, I wouldn’t shell out for this. Value for money, it ain’t.
    Funny, innit, that my old band can re-release classic album with a CD of demos for £15, but you have to pay more to hear off cuts from Wild Life.
    I really am taking the proverbial, aren’t I?

    • andrew R says:

      Surely Sir Paul should be used or are you an imposter ?
      Ask Elvis C??

    • Phil Cohen says:

      I’ve launched an inquiry through PayPal. If Universal (at least in the U.S.A.) can’t competently operate an internet/mail order business, they should get out of that business and instead market the products openly through Amazon or other reputable sellers.

  33. David B says:

    Just wondering . .do the sets give any clues as to what may be the next re-issues? Please, please, please let it be “Back to the egg” – a very under-rated classic (esp “Old Siam Sir” 0 .. would love to buy that one .. cheers ..

    • Alexey Luganskiy says:

      My bet would be Give My Regards to Broad Street (a pleasant surprise would be if it’s Flaming Pie or Press to Play, i’m waiting for the latter). Back to the Egg should be paired with London Town and there must be something from the later period in between

  34. Alexey Luganskiy says:

    I’d like to say that Red Rose Speedway reissue can claim to be the best of Paul McCartney Archive Collection so far in terms of the amount of unique content both as audio and video and that’s a real pleasure. For me it beats Flowers in the Dirt that i considered the biggest and one of my favorites.

    A big gratitude and respect for the “original” double LP edition of Red Rose Speedway and the creation of the new live album for Wings: 1971-1973.

    Really looking forward for the release!

    • James W says:

      I really enjoyed the super deluxe “Tug Of War” and “Band On The Run” sets. Although, I wish the picture quality of the “One Hand Clapping” show was better. But, it’s still nice footage. “Red Rose Speedway” is the best so far, for packaging and what’s being offered. I’m impressed with the unreleased/ rare songs. I hope the “James Paul McCartney” TV special is of good quality. I wonder how good “The Bruce McMouse Show” will be? I hope it has lots of concert footage. I’m really looking forward to this set. I’m guaranteed to get it this Friday, maybe even earlier.

  35. Beatle Mike says:

    Not sure when this “Second Edition” is gonna appear on Paul’s website but this is very frustrating. I feel like as soon as I pull the trigger on these boxes the special edition one with the “Wings Over Europe” is going to become available again.

    Not a good way to treat fans, especially those that have bought all of these archive releases.

    Paul, any word from MPL or Capitol on this?

    • Jeffro says:

      Yes, it’s somewhat ridiculous. I could barely believe that I’m willing to shell out for the big box, and I REALLY can’t believe that now Paul won’t take my money. I had to wait a few weeks after the announcement to make the purchase, due to, oh, I dunno, buying two other huge multi-disc Beatles-related box sets in the past two months, perhaps? (Among others!) Now that I’m able to order, it’s gone? I certainly hope they announce a second run, soon enough that it can still be pre-ordered and received on or near release date, and that the only difference is no individual numbering. But why, once again, as at every opportunity, must Paul frustrate rather than reward his most loyal fans?

      • Dave H says:

        Fortunately, I weighed up the options of The Beatles box sets and the Paul McCartney box sets and remembered when the Tug of War limited edition was released, it really was a limited run.
        Remembering this, I opted buying the more expensive Macca 71-73 box as a priority in case it again was going to be a limited run. Turns out to be a good decision.

  36. Hurz says: has now a new release date for the Wild Life-Box. It will be now released on December 14 (and not 7). Does anyone know more?

  37. John Alkins says:

    Anybody know what region DVD’s are in the RRS & WL box sets?

  38. brian mckeen says:

    ok so i ordered Paul McCartney and Wings: 1971-1973 on and got a order number when i ordered but never received a email confirmation even though my credit card was charged. I contacted universal music and they claim they can’t locate the order even though I have the order number and credit card charge. They have been terrible to deal with so I had to file a claim to get the charge reversed. Now it’s sold out so i don’t know if i got a copy or not. Anyone else have a problem with their order?

    • Tom Christenson says:

      So I was trying to get the Imagine John Yoko Ultimate Collection Complete Fan Bundle from Universal music and had the same miserable experience you had. I reordered it again from them thinking the second time might be better and had the same thing happen again. I was thinking about getting Wings’71-’73 and found out it’s already sold out!! Already!!! Big Bummer!!! Paul should make these super deluxe sets more available and less pricey. If I have to go through UMG to get it, I might have the same experience as I’ve already had twice now. Universal needs to get it together or else close up their online store!!!! As a fellow sufferer of UMG I completely understand your irraition Brian.

    • lennono says:

      same with me..maybe we should make contact with mpl(mccartney productions limited)..multiple issues now with universal and they make the product and then try to be the seller as well…i think macca would be “angry” for sure(it’s a liverpudlian thing)..he knows his “roots” and these are the same “straights” that he has sued in the past..should we contact the eastmans?(epsteins)..i’m not happy about all of this!..

      • brian mckeen says:

        i agree but the website doesn’t have any ‘Contact Us’ links so I couldn’t find any way to reach them. The helpdesk at universal music just keep saying I ordered it from another website so there was nothing they could do even though my CC charge said to contact them….frustrating….

    • Phil Cohen says:

      Same problem. I got an e-mail confirmation from PayPal that I paid $438 to Universal Music, but no order confirmation e-mail from Universal. I may have to contact PayPal to get a refund.

  39. Marcel says:

    Will there be a second Edition of the big Deluxe wings 1971-1973 box set? Because it is sold out already!!

  40. Pietroflavio says:

    Sold Out Also on the UK Site

    • Francesco says:

      If you notice the listing says “first edition – sold out”.
      I have an old screen shot and it didn’t say “first edition” when the box was still available.
      That means that probably there will be a re-press which, given the fact that the box hasn’t even been released, will not be any different from the first anyway!

      • CDP says:

        really hoping this will be the case as i missed out. the first edition was numbered, so maybe they’ll do a non-numbered second run

  41. Brian Christie says:

    Quite bummed that the Canadian website’s stock of “Wings 1971-73” is already sold out. I’ve been skulking around on the uDiscover Music Store site (UK it appears, since the prices are in pounds) and I’m curious to know if anyone is aware of any voucher code for that one? The Canadian link I used – via Paul S – at least had a “WELCOME” code.

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  43. Stefan says:

    Starting with the FITD the new label Capitol/UMe massively increased the prices for the customers. The latest releases of the Archive Collection. “Tug Of War” and “Pipes Of Peace”, were available at Hear Music for about 75 EUR. Now we have to pay about twice the price without having a particular high added value. From now on I won´t play that game anymore. So my Archive Collection will be incomplete and my collectors heart is bleeding.

    • george glazener says:

      Take heart boys. From my experience with these sets, give it 3-4 months and Christmas to get behind us, and we’ll see these horribly expensive sets appear on Amazon & eBay for much less that what guys originally paid for them. Either in broken up form, or still sealed. Wives always learn what their husbands paid for things and they’ll soon be screaming bloody murder, esp. when Valentine’s Day gets near and poor schmucks need to find cash, or else..!

      (voice of experience? You better believe it)

  44. Joseph Walsh says:

    As a huge McCartney fan, who has all the other archive sets, who has been anxiously awaiting these specific releases for several years, the price of these sets is heartbreaking. Why do they have to create something that’s so expensive? McCartney and McCartney II were both under $100 (US) and those sets were fine. I applaud the efforts taken to create more expansive collections, but if the result is creating a product that costs so much more than previous releases, I don’t think it’s worth it. I can’t justify the cost, which is very disappointing to me.

    • Hurz says:

      The big box “Wings 1971-73” is now also available at Beatlesmuseum Halle in Germany. There it costs 429 €.

  45. Marco says:

    For the next release everybody is predicting London Town/Back To The Egg, which is also my wish…but Paul might surprise us and do a Broad Street/Press To Play couple. One nice idea could be Choba B CCCP/MTV Unplugged, with outtakes (the Russian album), rehersals and the video performance (Unplugged).

  46. Michael says:

    Overwhelmed and over budget right now.

  47. Jamie says:

    Bit of a missed opportunity to not make the vinyl albums on coloured editions, especially as I should think anyone who bought the earlier albums would be looking to make a set. These do seem hideously expensive all round, think I’ll wait for Back to the Egg/London Town!

    • Scott Sparks says:

      I predict they’ll released the colored vinyls next year

      • george glazener says:

        @Scott; I agree. In fact, I think we can count on it. Marbleized Red Vinyl for one, and Marbleized Tan Vinyl for the other. If a dummy like me can think of it, the brains at Capitol and MPL surely will too. Maybe my tax refund will fund them. Do you guys in UK, and other countries get tax refunds as we do here in the states?

  48. Hadleigh Ford says:

    I’m wondering whether any of the “Outtake 1,2 and 3”songs for the Wildlife set will end up being Tragedy or Breakfast Blues. They are two outtakes that you can get on YouTube etc

  49. Jake says:

    In the cold light of day, I’m switching my pre-orders from the deluxe sets to the two-CD sets. I was going to get both deluxe sets – RRS no matter what and WL if the price came down – but really looking at the musical content between the deluxe and 2-CD, I can’t justify the extra cost.

    I’m sure the video content would be cool, but I’d only watch it once. I barely glance at all the paper products in releases like this. And rough, early and home mixes can be entertaining and revealing, but not enough to drop over $200 to get both sets.

    Certainly happy to see the archive releases getting attention again and it is cool for hard-core fans of the albums to get the deluxe sets. But after the initial euphoria of seeing these announced, I came to the financial conclusion that I’m not hard-core enough with these titles.

    Back to the Egg and London Town may be a different story. :)

    • McGear's Ear says:

      The double RRS CD has all the tracks that the ‘original’ double LP has plus, what, 8 extra tracks? Bang for buck IMO – I’ll look forward to JPM and Peter the Happy Door Mouse when they hit youtube in two years time. Would be nice to hear the high res DLs. Glad it’s out though – after Ram, I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for RRS.

  50. Nick Iacurto says:

    Absolutely amazing!! Hopefully we will see more like London Town and Flaming Pie. Keep it up Paul with these exclusive deluxe editions. Simply adore them. They make me feel young again.

  51. eric slangen says:

    Great news but much too high with prices.
    I would like to buy the big box but it’s too expensive.
    I will wait for a price drop on both the boxes and buy them for a decent price (like I always did)
    I will miss the extra live cd but that’s life.

  52. bruce kelso says:

    this is overkill. why couldnt he release these 2 new deluxe edtions next year. with his recent release in many formats, the lennon box and the white album being issued around each other where is the money coming from. hendrix ,kinks, tull it just to much at one time.

    • StevieB says:

      Most, if not all of these will still be available next year, possibly the year after. It’s easy enough to spread the purchases out over time, that’s what I do, I usually end up paying less than top price for them (Sgt. Pepper Box set cost me £70, Bowie’s ANCIANT £65, the Jam 1977 was £29) and I’ve only ever missed out on one box set through waiting too long. Sorry if that sounds logical and boring but good things often do still come to those who wait.

    • Mazzy says:

      You don’t have to buy it when it comes out. Just wait til next year

      • David says:

        I decided not to buy these (see below) when they were released and it soon sold out, try and find a copy now at a reasonable price.

        Status Quo – Live at the BBC SDE
        The Who – Live at Leeds SDE
        Paul McCartney – Tug of War (Acrylic)

        I imagine the two seperate box sets will still be available next year but without knowing the numbers for the limited 1971-1973, I don’t know how limited this limited edition 1971-1973 is.

        I think the Tug of War (Acrylic) was limited to 1,000 copies. Does anyone know how many copies the 1971-1993 is limited to?

  53. Chris Elliott says:

    Really glad these two are coming out, always been a big fan of the Wings era. I won’t be able to stop thinking about the (hopefully) looming release of Back To The Egg and London Town now though. That big set is brutal on pricing, but the purchase has to be made! :) With the Imagine and White album boxed sets, this is freaking brutal on the pocketbook though.

  54. Kenneth says:

    Macca definitely making Pink Floyd blush with these prices. I got the Early Years box for around $300 from UK. His website is listing the 2 album set at $399……and not his best work by any stretch of the imagination.

  55. Craig Hedges says:

    The good news
    The next box set collections will be the ones I want, London Town/Back to the Egg or Broad Street/Press to Play

    The bad news
    I can no longer afford to purchase these sets. Sadly Paul has priced out his less affluant fans.

    • Ben Williams says:

      Same here – the ones I really wanted were London Town and Press To Play, and now they are actually including better content, can no longer afford them.. sad.

  56. Brice says:

    Now, we have the “McCartney archives collection” deluxe Boxsets we wanted ! “71 – 73′ Boxset ordered on uDiscvermusic ! In the future, after “London Town” and “Back to the Egg”, I thinked It would be great to have a reissue of the “Band On The Run” Boxset with the same treatment. Sorry Paul, I always want more ! Thank you for this beautiful collectors ! And thank you also to our Paul Sinclair for his fantastic work !

  57. Patrick Walker says:

    Red Rose Speedway is my favourite Wings album and Little Lamb Dragonfly my favourite solo McCartney song.

    • Phil Cohen says:

      Interestingly, “Get On The Right Thing” , “Little Lamb Dragonfly” & “Little Woman Love” were outtakes from “RAM”.

  58. Ronn van Etten says:

    Hoping for sharp deals alerts from Paul for the ’71-’73 box.
    So far didn’t see lower than 359,99 – €’s that is.

    • Antonio says:

      What’s the best (ie cheapest) way to get the big 71-73 box set to Australia?

    • Chris Squires says:

      If the big box is truly limited it probably won’t get to Amazon and if it doesn’t get to amazon it is unlikely to get a deal alert. Deals for Universal (UDiscover,, thesoundofvinyl) tend not to happen until really unwanted stuff filters through to greatofferstore. I am not a betting man but I would lay odds that this big box won’t ever appear as a “Deal”.

  59. Mike says:

    Hi Paul
    Do you know if there will be any Japanese mini lps of these titles?

  60. J. Kane says:

    Comparing the prices of these two Macca CD Box sets with Imagine, Kate Bush, David Bowie, The White Album etc I simply cannot justify the enormous outlay for so little extra content in terms of music so its just the 2CD versions for me.
    On a similar Beatle solo theme are we likely to get a 50th anniversary super deluxe set for All Things Must Pass? To quote Macca “That would be something really would be something”. (No pun intended).

  61. Daryl Lunn says:

    ‘…Paul was a very busy boy…’

    I can’t help but read that line in Ringo Starr’s voice, for some reason ;-)

  62. Mike says:

    Probably going to go for The WL 2 disc and RRS box set. Not too fussed about the extras on the WL box set, B Sides & suchlikes is enough for me.

    Question – I keep seeing that Amazon Canada is cheapest on several releases. Ordering from the UK, would this end up costing me a small fortune on import charges?


  63. Paul Deighton says:

    Wild Life is my favourite Macca album so I have to have the deluxe set. I hope the astonishing price drops a bit.
    Also wasn’t there a Mono mix of Wild life or is that just a bootleg?

  64. Jarmo Keranen says:

    So much material and only four great tracks. Hi Hi Hi, C Moon, My Love and Live And Let Die would make a great maxi single!

  65. Guy says:

    My bank account is so pleased I’m not a Macca fan in particular. All these reissues over the past year or two must have collectively cost £2K or more!

    Good luck to all those who have to explain this latest gaping hole in their finances to their spouses….

  66. Gary Fenrich says:

    So being Canadian if I use the music vaultz website, which has the better deal for the individual box sets as well for the 11 disc box set, the two individual box sets cost me $374 if bought separately but if I buy the two box sets together in the 11 disc box it costs $555. That’s an extra $181 for basically one cd and a photo book!! You have got to be ****** joking? This is absolutely beyond belief the insanity of what’s going on here.

  67. Pail says:

    Shame the price went up so quickly on the double LP’s, they are now £35.68 which is a pretty ridiculous price but of course I paid it as I want that Red Rose Speedway orginal planned double LP. Next time I will be quicker on my feet…

  68. Paul

    You are a natural at what you do. Your descriptions are always concise and informative. I look forward to reading your write-ups.

    However, on this occasion I will have to pass after having ordered Bowie at Glastonbury, The Stones ‘Voodoo Uncut’, Suede ‘God Man Star Live’ and The Police ‘Every Move You Make’. I am penniless with no regrets.

    Somebody needs to ban you! Lol

  69. Isaías says:

    Well, David Robinson Said:

    “Back to the Egg 10 CDs and 4 DVDs.”

    Is it really true? Don’t you think that’s too much? Is there enough material for such a box set?
    Can you or someone explain what’s behind it?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think that was a joke…

      • Eric Levake says:

        I’m sure it was meant as a joke but if you think about it, there is plenty of material to fill out a huge Back to the Egg box. On the video side in particular, you have the TV special but also at least the Kampuchea shows were filmed in full from the 1979 tour so there should be a full concert included from that. Also, let’s not forget the making of Rockestra film. If Paul wants to get a little deeper, there is the hour long Tom Snyder Show interview with the whole band from November 1979.

  70. Peter Berg says:

    Little Woman Love and Great Cock and Seagull Race were already on the Ram reissue. Country Dreamer was on the Band on the Run reissue, so why include them here again? Theyve never repeated bonus tracks on these sets until now. Wish they would’ve stuck to keeping each nonalbum single and outtake with its respective album. Also the McCartney II archive 2 cd seems to be out of print and its the only one that is, which is sad because i just started collecting the 2 cd editions to get all of maccas solo released output and cant find that one anywhere.

  71. AndyB says:

    Although I would love to have both super deluxe sets, these albums simply do not justify the expense. Ordered both 2 cd editions instead. Also, I noticed that all the tracks from the double lp ‘RRS’ are included in the 2 cd edition. So the 2 record set is redundant, is it not?

  72. Matteo Mazzi says:

    Thank you Paul!
    Just ordered the Wings 1971 – 1973 box: another blood bath but, having the entire archive collection, with the super deluxe acrylic edition of Tug of War, I had no choice.
    Non I’m waiting for the super deluxe edition of Egypt Station. Macca has no mercy in this Land.

  73. Will W says:

    Somehow Red Rose Speedway was my first Macca studio album, on cassette no less. It holds a special place for me and I am so glad these sets are being released.

  74. Darren Linklater says:

    Let’s start with the good points. Finally McCartney delivers the kind of content we have all been hoping for from a deluxe edition. Plenty of unreleased music, dvds, the works. Great content. I only wish he had started at this level back at the beginning.

    I was looking forward to RRS as there are loads of unreleased tracks and I thought it would be a good set……but the bad point is that the further down the archive series we get, the more expensive they become and at £169 I’m out.

    Imagine was a great example of what can be done at a decent price. RRS matches it for content but at 250% the price. McCartney doesn’t need to charge this. Let the loyal fans who have made his fortune enjoy these sets at a reasonable price! If it had been £80 I would pull the trigger but it’s the 2cd version for me.

    I’m already in for WA50, BOTT and VGPS. That’s enough for me until next year.

    • fenwick says:


      I could not agree more regarding the pricing. I have every other release in this series. And I’m the target market nerd who wants to have it all, in the best format released.

      But $450 US (or even $350) from the secondary post is just stupid. There’s no other way to put it. No other word need be used. Stupid.

      This will just have to be the one release from this series I do not acquire. The completist in me is quivering. But you gotta draw the line somewhere.

      It crushes me to say it. But…. no sale….

  75. Neil says:*/*/1971-73-Limited-Edition-Box-Set/5Z4X0000000

    With 20% off coupon code WELCOME the 71-73 box is $360 shipped to the USA.

    • Stan says:

      I also grabbed the deal (best I have seen so far) for the lavish 71-73 box set from which for US fans comes to a grand total of US$360. The shipping to the US is free, there is no sales tax, and the exchange rate from Canadian dollar to US dollar is very favorable at the moment. You have to register (free) and then use the discount code “WELCOME” at the checkout. I have read on the Steve Hoffman music forum site that people have had good experiences with this Canadian site – the only downside mentioned is that it might take a couple of days for you to receive an order confirmation email (though, the order can be viewed immediately in the “Orders” section of the website). Also, note that they charge the credit card (or Paypal account, if you use that) immediately, rather than at the time of shipment.

  76. Ronn van Etten says:

    Finally : Red Rose Speedway. Great album, with all the extra’s that would make it a double album.
    Wings Wild Life, too a nice album, but doesn’t match quite to what he had (McCartney 1 and Ram) and would release (Red Rose Speedway, Venus and Mars, Speed of Sound, etc., etc. etc.)
    Nevertheless again a beautiful box.
    And then something extra of concerts, that I haver attended. Gives it an extra ring.
    So I guess Christmas will be sober this year, after Imagine and the awaited White album, as to finance this lot ;-)…
    But I’ll wait a bit to see what the retail prices will do…

  77. Wow – can’t wait for the Back to the Egg – 10 CD, 4 DVD, 4 Blu Ray super duper box set inside a replica Egg Shuttle Replica Ship …. Sunny Side up far from Over Easy on my bank account.

  78. Phil Salter says:

    Just saved £48 on the Super deluxe box by using the Sorry code for the late arrival of the Imagine box set!! Result!!

  79. Mark says:

    Would dearly love the 11 disc set but as I don’t own a yacht, will be waiting on deal alerts from Paul for the 2 sets sometime in 2019. Ah well!

  80. Normand says:

    Thanks a million, Paul, for the Canada link, regarding the lavish 11-disc box ;-)

  81. Gisabun says:

    Well since there is no download music, I guess we will never know what was left on the shelves for a future super duple deluxe edition.
    Unsure but I find the 2CD and the 2LP edition a bit on the pricey sides.
    But at least no stand-alone CD. Useless as it ends up in the discounted bins almost right away.

  82. Mark Hubble says:

    Great detail & info Paul – love red rose speedway but I won’t order from the macartney stores any more after the green vinyl Egypt station fiasco. They took my money 4 weeks ago & when I chased delivery said they couldn’t tell me when it would arrive. I got a refund but I thought there were laws regarding taking payments for goods that don’t physically exist

  83. Dave Thompson says:

    Please forgive if somebody has already asked this as I couldn’t be bothered to read every comment, but has anybody ever heard if there were ever any full versions of the songs on the Red Rose Speedway medley? Or did he actually record them with the intention of it being a medley?

    • george glazener says:

      @Dave, excellent question..! My “opinion” is that he meant them to be short parts to the larger medley, not as stand alone pieces. Each of the four bits are so simple, resolve themselves thematically so quickly, and would have been felt overlong and repetitive if stretched beyond 2-1/2 minutes each. Also, “Single Pigeon” and “Only One More Kiss” are examples of the same type of thing, short whimsical quickies that he probably realized were best left at 2 minutes or so. By contrast, “Little Lamb Dragonfly” would have sounded unfulfilling if he hadn’t seen that one through to it’s 6+ minute running time. There was clearly so much inside that piece. Great Question..!!

  84. Wayne Klein says:

    For the price of the deluxe single box I would expect Paul McCartney to sign it!

  85. Wayne Klein says:

    Looks like an expensive Xmas. I agree that these are overpriced. I could just do Speedway on CD set up and priced like Pure McCartney.

  86. Jakob says:

    Oh…My…God… These sets look amazing! After the Flowers in the Dirt download-only fiasco, I think they got it right on these two box sets. I will definitely buy these.

  87. Pds says:*/*/Paul-McCartney-And-Wings-1971-73-Limited-Edition-Box-Set/5Z2S0000000

    UK link for the 71-73 Box set

    £319 makes the Lennon Imagine and White album sets seem amazing value.

  88. Jeff says:

    As cool as all of this is, my $ has to go to the White Album and Imagine boxes. If I win the lottery, then I might consider these…

  89. Greg says:

    I’m very pleased with the content of today’s McCartney releases. I’m even more pleased that most of the SDE readers have acknowledged that Paul (McCartney) delivered what we desire in an SDE. Surprisingly I did not hesitate to spend $445, the most I have ever spent on an SDE –by a wide margin. I think in addition to thanking Paul (McCartney) for giving great content, we must also thank Paul (Sinclair) for providing us with a forum that not only alerts us to new releases and deals on them but lets the artist and/or his team know when we are disappointed or pleased. Although we will never know, I think that the content on the WWL & RRS SDEs was greatly influenced by Paul’s (Sinclair) commentary on FITD.

  90. Dubsideofthemoon says:

    A lot of muzak (how do you sleep?), waiting for the Back to the Egg super deluxe edition featuring Paul’s best band (with the FITD one) in my opinion.
    Will pass on those ones or maybe will get them as a christmas present and be completist !

    • Ron says:

      I love “Back to the Egg”. About one half of the tracks got lots of airplay on our FM station, and I am 100% looking forward to the SDE on this, also.

  91. Mark Harvey says:

    Double vinyl sets are now up to £35!

  92. Chris S says:

    Since I only want what was actually released (on lp & 45) or at least items that were scheduled for release (Love is Strange), the 2 cd sets will do fine.

  93. Jake says:

    Between the time I first saw this listed on Amazon and pre-ordered it, and now a few hours later, the U.S. price for the SDE of Wild Life jumped $50 and RRS jumped $70. Glad I got in at a lower price, although I’m sure the price will bounce around a bit before settling back down.

    For me, I kind of expect I’ll cancel the Wild Life package and be content with the 2-CD version if the price stays at the $100 I pre-ordered for. I respect everyone who says it’s one of their favorites, but I just find nothing there to grab me to the extent I’d pay that much for the SDE version.

    I saw on one Beatles news site that Back To The Egg is scheduled for next year. We’ll see. If so, please oh please also release London Town at the same time. I would love to see the Wings era completed. It would kind of nip a bit at my mild OCD… all but one album being released would eat away at me a little. ;)

  94. Ben Williams says:

    Bitter-sweet news in a way.. beautiful sets with amazing content with no download-only tracks but since Macca has sided with Capitol, these deluxe sets have become super expensive! £60 was acceptable for Tug Of War, Venus And Mars etc but £130 for Flowers in The Dirt and Wild Life is just TOO much for a deluxe of one album when the market for Beatles product has been huge since September.

    Plus – very meta that there is a deluxe edition of the deluxe edition, so you have to buy a bigger even more expensive set just to get the treasured Wings 1972 tour tracks :-(

    The humble 2-disc CDs for me this year!

  95. Xavi says:

    Red Rose DVD and Blu-Ray with the same content? WTF

    In 4 months: Egypt Station, Imagine box, Imagine book, Imagine DVD, White Album box, and now this. I’m not rich boys. Oh and a new Paul 7″ for the RSD Black Friday.

    • Catweazle says:

      You forgot the Traveling Wilburys’ picture disc on vinyl!

    • Peter C says:

      My Christmas list now stretches to 2020, particularly when you add in the boxes from Dylan and Mott The Hoople. This site is both indispensable and wallet-shrivelling!

  96. Leonardo Lotti Marques says:

    Buyer Beware!
    If you are thinking about buying the “Wings 1971-1973” set via Paul’s own website, be careful! I purchased the special k7 tape edition of “Egypt Station” there more than a month ago, but as of this moment, nothing has come through the mail. I have tried contacting them twice, with no success! They didn’t even gave me a tracking number.

    • mick t says:

      There’s been delays according to the support the green vinyl is being released December 31st. Actually has anyone got theirs yet?

  97. R. Michael Cox says:

    Anyone got a discount code or coupon??? :) On a good note it looks like they’re moving in the right direction with this mangled series but $445 for basically two albums with some bonus material??? I’ve mostly avoided this series because of the lack of material. Looks like the 2 cd versions will be coming my way on this one. One day they may release the entire Unplugged show on some video format.

  98. toni says:

    Back to the Egg the best wings album in my opinion and still not Deluxe reissue, how?

    • Ex-Oligarch says:

      Honestly, it’s probably because most listeners disagree with your assessment of that album, it got abysmal reviews, and it didn’t sell all that well.

      However, it’s a great candidate for the super deluxe treatment, given the wealth of demo and outtake material from the album, much of which is at least as strong as the takes that made it to release. Then there’s the TV special, fourteen shows of live material from the UK tour that followed, not to mention the tapes from the aborted Cold Cuts album. The story of the band’s demise could make for a dramatic and fascinating set. Of course, McCartney might not feel like revisiting what surely must have been a frustrating period for him.

  99. Mr P says:

    Where’s the cassette version?

  100. Don Balfour says:

    I hope the Paul Mccartney and Wings 1971-73-limited-edition-box-set will be available in Australia…

  101. Fredster says:

    Frankly, I thought this would never happen. I believed the Flowers in the Dirt would be the last to get the deluxe treatment.
    I’m not that excited about Red Rose Speedway, because it might be McCartney’s poorest album, but Wild Life is Wing’s unsung masterpiece, especially side 2. Some People Never Know is definitely in my top 10 Macca songs.

  102. Eric Weinraub says:

    $400 for a box of CDs is utterly ridiculous.

    • Phil Cohen says:

      No more ridiculous than “Pink Floyd-The Early Years” !

      • Ex-Oligarch says:

        Hey, at least Pink Floyd’s box is way beyond comprehensive, covering pretty much every last scrap known to exist and much that was not, even in the wide-open obsessive world of Floyd collectors. The band has long taken a laissez faire attitude towards non-commercial circulation of its rarities. which helps account for the large amount of such material that has emerged. It also pushed the band and its label to produce and outstandingly thorough archive to lure in fans. What was it, 11 CDs, 8 DVDs, 8 Blue-rays, virtually all unreleased content, along with a bunch of singles and all the books and paper material?

        By comparison, the McCartney box, though it looks to be handsomely produced, provides a much more modest selection of mixes and outtakes, and only a single cd of selected live tracks. Comparisons to the Floyd set are misplaced, I think.

        I’m sure the most devoted fans will love either one, though, provided they can come up with the price.

  103. Jeff G. says:

    Can someone clarify for me – does the alternate Red Rose Speedway vinyl’s download card include of all the tracks you get with the standard vinyl version’s download card?

  104. Ian Mears says:

    Oh…I’ve just come

  105. Bernard O’Hara says:

    Maybe he’s throwing everything he’s got out there, in response to the goading you gave him over his LP reissues and how crap his box sets were compared to the Imagine box set??!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That Imagine post would have been far too late to have had an impact, but I think the furore and coverage on this site around Flowers in the Dirt situation might have made a difference. Maybe that’s why these have taken so long, because they’ve had a rethink?

      • george glazener says:

        Yes Paul, I firmly believe this great blog of yours gets widely read and its sentiments passed on to the “powers that be”. There was some pretty strong and universal blow-back about the FITD mess all over the media and YouTube. I saw many people on YT mention this site in their own video posts. So you may be rightfully proud of your work here. I’m glad we have “some” influence on these artists. I believe Macca will be rewarded for “listening to us” this time around, as these upcoming sets look to be real winners.

  106. Joseph Donato says:

    After the Flowers in the Dirt fiasco, these two reissues have exceeded my expectations. And I am also surprised that we did not have to wait as long for these, as its only mere weeks after the White Album box is released. Also, I agree with other posts. Kudos on the track listings for the 2CD sets. By purchasing those, I wont feel like I am missing too much out by not buying the deluxe boxes. Next, here’s hoping that London Town and Back to the Egg will come out in 2019!

  107. Doug says:

    Excellent news. Very pleased to see that the extra tracks which constitute the expanded Red Rose Speedway are available on the 2-CD version as I don’t want the box set.

    As the release dates for The Beatles (Double White) sets and these McCartney reissues are so close together perhaps someone (e.g. Ringo) could have asked Macca to delay the release of his albums to give a bit of breathing space for those who want to by both. Oops! Just realised, that was tried once before.

    Anyway, thanks again for the detailed info and excellent site Paul (S). Much appreciated.

    • george glazener says:

      @Doug, LMAO, that’s funny as hell. Plus I don’t think Macca could physically toss Ringo out on his ear as he did way back in 1970..!

      If Ringo ever read your post, I’m sure he’d burst out laughing..!

  108. Dave says:

    I guess the Kate Bush box sets will take a back seat the the special ubersuperdeluxeboxset.
    This looks great.

    Just want to say thank and this web site is now dangerous to my wallet.
    Thanks for all you do.


  109. Craig H says:

    Amazon USA prices have skyrocketed! $149.98 USD for Wild Life SDE, $199.98 USD for Red Rose Speedway SDE. No thank you for now. That’ll teach me for not being up early today. We’ll see if the prices come down.

  110. Brian says:

    call me a sucker but just ordered the boxset….

    • Cristiano says:

      Paul insists with these really absurd prices. There is no comparison with the recent Imagine Box set. So much music at a much more affordable price.From two CDs in reprint I already have the 2003 versions, part of the PAUL MCCARTNEY COLLECTION, that yes very interesting .

      • Winston Scott says:

        The Imagine set has a load of superb content, but the overall package doesn’t come close to what Paul’s sticking out with these releases. If it were just down to the amount of musical content, Imagine is the clear winner. But it isn’t – these Macca releases are the definition of ‘lavish’ – the Imagine set doesn’t come close, nice though it is.

  111. andyb in the place 2 b says:

    Yes please to this, may have to sell my body or organs to buy this.

  112. Ed petry says:

    Amazon.usa is list these as $149.xx for ‘Wildlife “ deluxe and $199.xx for “Red Rose Speedway” deluxe using included links….

  113. Harrysmith3rd says:

    Hopefully no delays, anyone had their Spotify green vinyl of Egypt Station. Does it even exist or will everyone get refunded.

  114. johnnyv says:

    Weird…there are duplicates of earlier released ones:

    Country Dreamer (Band On The Run, 2010 reissue)
    Little Woman Love (Ram, 2012 reissue)

    And where is Mamma’s Little Girl? (Wild Life, 1993 remaster)

  115. fan says:

    Hi :-)

    Any tracklist for Live Over Europe?

  116. R.naud says:

    At $400 for the super deluxe box set with WL, RRS and Wings over Europe, who can really afford it? I wish they did like Imogen Heap did when she released her album Sparks as a deluxe box which was the equivalent of $325. She set up a system of payment by instalments with no interests to make it easy on her fans. That obviously won’t happen here.

  117. Stephen Hance says:

    Anyone found a UK link for mega box? UK vinyl already gone up in price sadly.

  118. Hoof Hearted says:

    any link for the 11 disk box ?

  119. Iain says:

    Thanks for such detailed info Paul. Any info on what shows the Wings Over Europe tracks are taken from? Presume The Hague and Berlin but what are the other 3?

  120. Ben in Colorado says:

    Ordered the deluxe box from McCartney’s website. With tax and shipping $445.00.

    Ouch. Cancelled my Kate B. pre-orders to afford this.

    But these are the albums that were the soundtrack of my Elementary School years, so I had no choice.

  121. Jon says:

    Maybe Paul read your review of Lennon’s Deluxe “Imagine” Set & decided to bring it this time

  122. Andreas Müller says:

    The bonus audio on CD 2 of the two CD-Set of RED ROSE SPEEDWAY is NOT the same as on CD 3 of the Deluxe Edition.

  123. “He ended up with a bunch of sycophantic musicians who were all climbing up his backside…” engineer Glyn Johns complained to Billboard’s Craig Rosen. “The band itself was not very good.” (Found while writing about Red Rose Speedway for – shameless plug alert – my book The Greatest Albums You’ll Never Hear. I also enjoyed learning that the album followed The Beatles’ 1967-1970 to #1 in the States, and was itself displaced by George’s Living in the Material World.)

    • Gerbrand says:

      I loved your book, Bruno, recommended to all SDE readers ;-)

      How many “Greatest Albums You’ll Never Hear” have been released since your book? I count The Ties That Bind (Bruce Springsteen), The Gouster (David Bowie) and the original Blood on the Tracks (Bob Dylan) coming up next month.

      The Red Rose Speedway “double album” above has the tracklist exactly as your book describes, well almost !

      • That’s very kind, thank you Gerbrand

        You can add Beck’s Song Reader to the list – I believe an ‘all-star’ cast recorded it. And although I’ve become so disillusioned with U2 that I’ve not kept track of what they have and haven’t put out, presumably some of the stuff I mentioned has made it onto their last two albums…

  124. Kevin says:

    He certainly knows how to cash in that’s for sure

  125. Gary C says:

    Excellent post Paul, saves us all a day of hopping from different forums and blogs so we get the full detail and some amazing images here.
    I think I’ll stick to the LP’s as they look especially cool, content of course is always key, despite only a little less love for WW, RRS looks fantastic

    PS listening to REM at the BBC on Spotify, sounds fantastic, but its £60 i just don’t have anymore…thumbs up Macca

  126. wardo says:

    I’m a little relieved that the “good” bonus audio will be included with the 2 CD sets. It would be nice to have a standalone Wings Over Europe set with just the audio. I simply don’t have the cash for the huge set(s).

  127. John Orr says:

    Very nice, second mortgage anyone?

  128. Nick Love says:

    Wow kudos to McCartney for the tracklisting of CD 2 of the two disc version of Red Rose Speedway. I can’t really justify the box version cost of this album and the second disc does a stellar job of mopping up all the essential tracks for the larger box without leaving me feel like I’m compromising by getting the smaller set. Compare this to the massive 79-81 Dylan set where not a single studio outtake made it onto the more affordable smaller version.

  129. Marc says:

    The “Paul McCartney and Wings: 1971-1973 box set” is just available for us-customerss (no shipping to other countrys possible). It is the same thing like the “Concert for George Vinyl deluxe box set”. I am wondering why “european” Artists just make their stuff available vor US-citizens and therefore exclude all the other fans outside the USA.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It will be available in the UK… just give ’em time to get sorted.

      • Beatlearmin says: offers the 1971-1973 Set for € 369.99

      • Marc says:

        Don’t think this will happen. And if they think about to make it available also outside the US, it will maybe already be sold out…after all the US-Citizens can order it right now and the rest of the world can’t. And by the way…I am not from the UK as well. Why not give all the people the same chance at the same time to buy it? Do Americans need a head start?
        I think it will happen the same thing like the “Concert for George deluxe vinyl set”: just available in the US, sold out. No one outside the US had ever a chance to buy it. I just don’t get it.
        I will not buy this deluxe bos set. To expensive for me. It is just a general not that I think this is unfair.

      • Mike Devlin says:

        Hey Paul,
        And what about us Aussies? :)
        (re 1971-73 box)

  130. Jeff says:

    Paul forget it I found it!!! $400 I’m going to have to think about this one

  131. Adrian Swatridge says:

    Great details, but the pricing doesn’t seem to match any of the Amazon listings?

  132. Adrian Swatridge says:

    The 2-CD edition link takes you to the 2LP Paul…can’t find an Amazon listing for the 2CD. I’d love the box, but I think that’s going to be a bit pricey….

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It doesn’t. Amazon UK have the 2LP vinyl ‘double album’ image up for the 2CD, which is wrong, obviously…

  133. DaveM says:

    Surpassed all expectations! What a year to be a Macca / Beatles fan. Thankfully no download only content this time:)

  134. Mikko Suhonen says:

    Now if ever it would be a time for to reintroduce one of its three boxes for the price of two campaigns. Maybe even five boxes for the price of three…

  135. JasonC says:

    I can’t wait for this. I’ve cancelled so many pre-ordered boxsets this year, but I really can’t avoid this one. I’m a huge Wild Life fan and will defend it to the end!

  136. Jeff says:

    Paul, where or what is the link for the massive Paul McCartney & Wings set? Thanks

  137. Mikko Suhonen says:

    At first I was worried when I saw that the original double album content was not included in the 2 cd package, but apparently all the tracks are in there, you only have to sort them out to the original running order. Nicely done.

  138. Murray says:

    I’m sure there will be some that want more than this but I want to be the first to say that, as a life-long Wings fan, this is an absolutely brilliant product. To have the reimagined RRS Double Album on vinyl is such a nice touch. And, finally, the Bruce Mc Mouse Show restored and on Blu Ray. These are things of fan’s dreams. This has absolutely made my year. Superb news. Thanks Paul (both Paul’s!)

  139. Dave H says:

    Thanks Paul for all the details. It looks like the style and size are the same as the previous releases. I wondered if things would change since he went back to Capitol Records.

  140. adam shaw says:

    Well this is what I’ve been waiting for .
    The 71-73 is a hefty price but I’ve got to have it cause of the live Europe cd .
    Going to be a Macca Christmas

  141. johnnyv says:

    Who will lend me some money?

    • george glazener says:

      @johnnyv…LOL, I ‘ll have my boys Vinny and Tony pop right over and see you. Is 45% interest rate too high? Seriously, this too is what I have been waiting years for, as RRS was always a fave of mine. I was 13 at that time, and having watched Macca’s slow evolution from the wreckage of The Beatles, I found RRS to be a huge step forward in his creativity and eventual “return to form”. RRS always had a great style and sound about it. It has music hall stuff, a beautiful classic love song, the great 4-part medley, some screamers, and of course “Loup”. I too will probably have to get the (2) packages separately, as $400 is a bit steep, but I’m so thrilled this is coming out. One can almost “Imagine” that Macca saw Lennon’s recent release and couldn’t resist one more tweak of the old 1971 rivalry. Love it..!

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