Paul Weller / True Meanings

Paul Weller will release a new album, True Meanings in September.

The 14-track album is the 26th solo long-player of his career and is described as incorporating “lush orchestration” that contains a “dreamy, peaceful, pastoral set of songs”.

True Meanings features many guests, including Rod Argent ( Hammond organ on The Soul Searchers, piano and Mellotron on White Horses) and Martin Carthy and Danny Thompson (picked guitar and double bass respectively on Come Along).

Interestingly, lyrics for four songs were written – to Weller’s melodies – by others. Connor O’Brien wrote the words to The Soul Searchers, while Erland Cooper did the same for Bowie, Wishing Well and White Horses.

The album was recorded in around three weeks at Paul’s Black Barn Studio and produced largely by Weller. It was engineered and recorded by Charles Rees and mixed by Jan Stan Kybert.

Formats are kept quite simple (compared to last year’s A Kind Revolution). The 14-track CD is available in ‘soft-pack’ gatefold card wallet packaging, with a 12-page booklet or as a casebound book deluxe edition which features a bigger 28-page booklet. The deluxe featurs five bonus tracks (making it a 19-track CD) which include “remixes from Richard Hawley, RaVen and The Reflex and instrumentals of Glide and Old Castles”.

The double heavyweight vinyl edition is housed in a gatefold ‘tip-on’ sleeve (initial orders only) and includes an eight-page booklet, fixed inside the gatefold sleeve.

True Meanings is released on 14 September 2018.

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Paul Weller

True Meanings 2LP gatefold vinyl


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Paul Weller

True Meanings Deluxe CD


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Paul Weller

True Meanings


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Paul Weller

A Kind Revolution 10-inch vinyl box set


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Paul Weller

A Kind Revolution - 3CD deluxe edition


Deluxe CD with casebound book packaging

Both CD edition track listing

1. The Soul Searchers
2. Glide
3. Mayfly
4. Gravity
5. Old Castles
6. What Would He Say?
7. Aspects
8. Bowie
9. Wishing Well
10. Come Along
11. Books
12. Movin’ On
13. May Love Travel With You
14. White Horses

2LP vinyl track listing

Side 1
1. The Soul Searchers
2. Glide
3. Mayfly
4. Gravity

Side 2
1. Old Castles
2. What Would He Say?
3. Aspects

Side 3
1. Bowie
2. Wishing Well
3. Come Along
4. Books

Side 4
1. Movin’ On
2. May Love Travel With You
3. White Horses

59 responses to Paul Weller / True Meanings

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  3. George says:

    can some explained to me what does it mean “tip on sleeve initial orders only”? what does it mean initial orders only?

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  5. Paul kennedy says:

    Cheers Paul ! My 10 inch box set turned up this Morning
    Been after this for a while
    £25 quid ! Bargain ….

  6. Paul Wren says:

    Ordered on vinyl.

  7. Michael says:

    Here is the YouTube link to sample “Aspects” from Paul Weller’s new album, “True Meanings”

    I hope this album will also be available in North America. Right now only UK, AU and Europe are listing Paul Weller’s new album for pre-order. The deluxe book version looks most interesting, as it should match my deluxe book version of “Sonik Kicks.”

  8. Wes Headley says:

    Are there any dull or outright bad Paul Weller albums? Nope, I don’t think so. But occasionally he’ll write a song that is just so damn good that it may outshine a few others that sit near it on a release– but “dull” is never a word I associate with Mr. Weller and I’ve followed him from the Jam through to the present. I keep hoping for another Style Council album given the times we’re now living in could easily be described as “Thatcher/Reagan on steroids”. Paul’s political lyrics were among the most heartfelt, insightful, and cutting that I’d heard to date during the Style Council era. We could use that these days.

    • Gaz says:

      Hi Wes i feel the same i hear people slating some of his albums and deep down i dont think they are Weller fans. Every Weller tune is good and most are fantastic. Its nice to hear someone who thinks the same.

  9. Dan says:

    Hopefully ‘White Horses’ will be a cover of this:

  10. Steve Anderton says:

    I’ve just bought More Modern Classics [3CD Deluxe] for £6.99 which seems pretty good value

  11. Alan B says:

    Can anyone confirm what the difference is between a “soft pack card sleeve” and an ordinary gatefold card sleeve? Also I’ve noticed a lot of new release CDs come advertised as a “digipak” only to discover that instead of cardboard/plastic CD holder wallet type of thing you used to get mostly for CD singles in the past, you in fact just get just a gatefold card sleeve with no booklet i.e. cheap.

    • Paul Wren says:

      Soft pack probably refers to how it feels to the touch. Jack White’s “vault” series of releases often feature packaging that feels soft to the touch. Also easy to damage, I would imagine.

  12. Noel says:

    No-one’s mentioned Live From The Roof Of The Hayward Gallery, London.

  13. DenyM says:

    Hi Paul,
    just did a quick survey of Amazon AU to see what was available to us from the posts going from Paul Weller to the Out This Week / on 13 July 2018 (did not get through the entire list from the last post) but found that 10 had listings, 3 had no listings and 2 had listings but are “currently out of stock” Just wondering if you had plans to include Amazon AU in the widgets?

    Just looking at Roger Daltreys As Long As I Have You CD. AU$19.99 Usually dispatched within 4 to 5 weeks. It will be fun comparing Amazon AU to the rest of the world.

  14. Ken.e says:

    Wonderful to have more Weller coming. Odd there are no bonus tracks on a deluxe edition not even a DVD of the making of the album.
    I am never a huge fan of vinyl when the sides are only 10-12 min long which I am assuming the 3 song sides will be. I wish that more artist would go with three sides instead of stretching it out too far. Tip on sleeves are nice but not a huge deal for me. The sleeve photo looks great however and will likely look better on the tip on sleeve.
    Again I am always grateful for more Paul Weller

  15. Dreamy, peaceful, pastoral & Danny Thompson on double bass point to a Wild Wood direction.
    The man’s a National Treasure so always look forward to new stuff.
    Weller’s a big Nick Drake fan, that cover tips a nod to Bryter Later.

    • DJ Salinger says:

      Re: Nick Drake influence in Ver Weller’s pastoral material. He also used Robert Kirby as string arranger on ‘Heliocentric’ back in 2000, and played at the memorial gig after Kirby sadly passed away. Some strings ‘in the style of’ would be really welcome on the new album.

      And: nice touch releasing this in time for autumn, Mr Weller. Perfect season for that kind of record.

  16. gary oliver says:

    bit disappointing that ‘white horses’ isn’t a cover of the TV theme song (one for the teenagers)

  17. ANDREW r says:

    the man is a passionate genius with a work ethic to die for,
    and probably the last great songwriter this country has produced.
    I would buy an lp of him humming! We are lucky he still wants to release
    so much music. Plus he is one of the few English men who knows how to dress.
    Top, top man nuff said.

  18. Bobbyjean says:

    What is that cover about?.looks like a grandad trying to be cool…that cover sums up everything about today’s music.image isn’t everything .it’s like these artists trying to come across cool.dylan hendrix lennon all had a cool image but it was so’s a catalogue look for elevator middle of the road music..Paul your fire has really gone out

  19. Wes Headley says:

    Paul your pricing widget seems off in USD mode. Actual prices are always substantially higher than the widget’s when clicked on. I’m clicking from California and have noticed this for a several days now.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Don’t think so… give me an example.

      • Wes Headley says:

        On your widget above– A Kind Revolution 10″ Box set Amazon USA price shows as $30.63. When I click on the Amazon USA link the price is $45.96USD. On the 2LP vinyl of True Meanings the Amazon UK widget shows $37.04, when I click the Amazon page shows $27.99. I’ve been noticing this a lot the last couple of weeks. I usually check your site daily– would not report a one-time occurence to you– this is happening a lot– at least from the US. I can send you screenshots if needed.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          A Kind Revolution 10″ vinyl box set is available from the marketplace seller ImportCDs for $30.63, so that is the cheapest price available and therefore correct.

          As for True Meanings, if set to US Dollars, then the widget does indeed show $37.04. However, once you click through to the page on Amazon UK it is showing a price in Pounds Sterling of £27.99, which is correct. If you change the currency on the widget to sterling, then it shows that price – £27.99.

          So in both instances, everything is working as it should do. Which I’m pleased about, because you had me worried :)

          • Wes Headley says:

            Yikes! You’re or course correct– forgot to check marketplace sellers. Sorry for wasting your time Paul. As a website developer I know the feeling I get in the pit of my stomach if I get word of a possible bug– you never know if you’re in for five minutes or five hours.

  20. suedehead67 says:

    I appreciate that Paul Weller has a burning desire to move forward with a prolific level of output. But if only he were more selective the quality and greeting of this endless new material would go up a few notches… I just miss the days when I was very excited by his new release, in whatever guise…. or format!

  21. Ian McJannet says:

    Who on earth came up with that cover photograph ???
    It’s the most pretentious picture I’ve ever seen !!!!

  22. Ryan Sinclair says:

    Hopefully it will be a LOT better than his recent output (which has been dull and lacklustre to say the least).

  23. Rui Filipe says:

    what’s the “tip-on” ?!! i dont know what that means ?!!!
    can anyoone help me .?!
    Thank you
    from Portugal

    • Peter Muscutt says:

      I always thought it meant there were “raised” parts of the cover, i.e. the album title/artist name feels ‘bumpy’ or ’embossed’ when touched, or has a glossy finish that feels different to the rest of the album cover. Maybe I’m wrong?

  24. Kauwgompie says:

    The man is incredibly prolific. I bought a kind revolution but was a bit disappointed. If there is no extra music on a deluxe version I’m not buying that.

  25. colin says:

    I watched the performance of The Jam on The Tube (Town Called Malice and Modern World) on DVD from back in 1982 this afternoon. I personally prefer Style Council out of the 3 (Jam, SC & solo), but this will no doubt sell very well to the masses of his followers!

    • Trash says:

      I prefer the Style Council too (I got into Paul Weller via the Style Council’s Our Favourite Shop) followed his work from then on and gradually worked backwards through the Jam starting with Sound Affects (their high point for me).

      I still find Weller’s work interesting and I eagerly look forward to what he is going to come out with next. His last few albums have (to me) been pretty rewarding.
      Not immediately sold by the idea of an album of “lush orchestration” but Wild Wood was pretty pastoral and remains an excellent album so we’ll see…

      Very pleased with the Style Council vinyl reissues as my originals were getting pretty worn out :-)

      • Trash says:

        P.s. By the way Paul – this is probably a stupid question but “What is a ‘tip-on’ sleeve?” it’s not a term I have heard before.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Here’s some info >

          It’s basically where your artwork is printed on paper and then pasted on high quality card, rather than just litho printing straight onto card. Something like that!

          • Trash says:

            Thank you for the response – I *think* I get the idea. Will have to see when the final product ships in Sept.

            Thanks again.

            And personally I like the cover (looks like he should be making a comment in an ‘Oscar Wilde’ voice)

  26. Tony Orwell says:

    I wonder what “initial quantities” actually mean for the limited sleeve?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Don’t know, by I’d imagine it’s probably a reasonably generous production run and nothing to get too stressed about…

  27. gary oliver says:

    he has a young son named Bowie

  28. Adey says:

    The track titled “Bowie” has got my attention. I’m very intrigued by this…
    Also, I wonder if the Japan edition contains any bonus tracks

  29. poptones says:

    It’s his 14th album but if you include compilations, live and soundtrack albums, you probably reach 26 (I didn’t bother to count as I think the number is accurate).

  30. Graham says:

    Shame the deluxe version doesn’t offer any extra music.

  31. Aaron says:

    No way he has 26 solo albums!! Even including compilations and live… :$

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think it does add up to something like that… 14 studio albums, 4 or 5 live albums, a ludicrous amount of compilations.

      • poptones says:

        I just checked and it’s 14 studio albums + 6 live albums (Live Wood, Days of Speed, Catch-Flame!, Live at the Royal Albert Hall, Find the Torch, Burn the Plans, Just A Dream: 22 Dreams – Live) + 5 compilations (Modern Classics: The Greatest Hits, Fly on the Wall: B Sides & Rarities, Hit Parade, Weller at the BBC and More Modern Classics) + 1 soundtrack (Music From The Film Jawbone) = 26 albums.

      • e.s. says:

        It’s the combined total of studio albums over the course of his career:

        Six by The Jam
        Five by The Style Council
        15 solo

        There have only been four Weller compilations to date: Modern Classics, Fly on the Wall, Hit Parade (career overview), and More Modern Classics.

        Live albums: Live Wood, Days of Speed, Catch Flame, At the BBC

    • Alan B says:

      I think that includes Jam and Style Council releases.

      • poptones says:

        No. The press release says “the 14-track album is the 26th solo long-player of his career”. It’s clearly said “solo” so it doesn’t include Jam and Style Council albums. Anyway, as Paul said, it’s no big deal.

        About the album, I’m waiting for it, I was disappointed by Saturn’s Pattern and
        A Kind Revolution but I really liked his previous efforts Wake Up The Nation and 22 Dreams and saw him on tour at the time. It was fantastic.

    • Mike P says:

      It’s 14 Solo Albums, 26 ‘Studio albums’ including The Jam and The Style Council

  32. gary oliver says:

    really looking forward to it, interesting to include another writers lyrics to his songs

  33. Michael Chapman says:

    Wonder what the lyrics to “Bowie are…

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