Paul Young and The Royal Family / Live at Rockpalast 1985 2LP coloured vinyl

Paul Young / Live at Rockpalast 1985

Signed vinyl • Signed CD+DVD also available • 80 minute concert feature classic era Paul Young and band

Music On Vinyl will issue a 1985 Paul Young concert as a limited edition 2LP coloured vinyl pressing next month. SIGNED copies of Paul Young and The Royal Family Live at Rockpalast 1985 will be available exclusively from the SDE shop.

Rockpalast is a music TV show from Germany that played host to many classic rock/pop acts in the 1970s and 1980s and in March 1985 Paul Young was one of them.

The concert was recorded on the week that Paul’s second album The Secret of Association was released and features a fantastic setlist that includes literally every hit single from the that album and 1983’s No Parlez, as well as choice album cuts like ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, ‘Oh Women’ and ‘Bite The Hand That Feeds’. Some of these live performances feature energetic extended versions of the songs, such as the ten minute ‘Oh Women’ and an eight minute ‘Come Back And Stay’.

The band is Paul with Ian Kewley (Keyboard), Mark Pinder (Drums), Pino Palladino (Bass), Matt Irwing (Keyboard) and Johnny Turnbull (Guitar). The trio of Jimmy Chambers, George Chandler and Tony Jackson provide backing vocals.

The 80-minute show sounds fantastic and is pressed across two orange-coloured vinyl records housed in a gatefold presentation, with insert. SDE is proud to once again offer fans an exclusive opportunity to acquire a copy of this album with the front cover signed by Paul Young. The orange vinyl is limited to 1000 units and the signed ones will be even rarer!

The SDE shop will also be offering a signed CD+DVD edition of this release, which features the full concert on DVD (region-free, NTSC) as well as CD and includes a bonus interview (conducted on the evening). A money-saving bundle with both the signed 2LP vinyl and the signed CD+DVD will be available and that will come with a bonus 6″ x 4 ” colour photograph of Paul signing Live at Rockpalast 1985.

Paul Young and The Royal Family Live at Rockpalast 1985 will be released on 14 February 2020.

2LP vinyl

Side A

  1. Tomb Of Memories 4.22
  2. Love Will Tear Us Apart 3.51
  3. Love Of The Common People 5.27
  4. Bite The Hand that Feeds 4.24

Side B

  1. Every Time You Go Away 6.36
  2. I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down 5.23
  3. Everything Must Change 6.49

Side C

  1. Oh Women 10.11
  2. Come Back And Stay 8.17
  3. Cupid 2.37

Side D

  1. Sex 9.57
  2. Broken Man 4.50
  3. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) 7.06



Tomb Of Memories 4.22
Love Will Tear Us Apart 3.51
Love Of The Common People 5.27
Bite The Hand that Feeds 4.24
Every Time You Go Away 6.36
I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down 5.23
Everything Must Change 6.49
Oh Women 10.11
Come Back And Stay 8.17
Cupid 2.37
Sex 9.57
Broken Man 4.50
Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) 7.06

DVD (NTSC, region-free)

Tomb Of Memories 4.22
Love Will Tear Us Apart 3.51
Love Of The Common People 5.27
Bite The Hand that Feeds 4.24
Every Time You Go Away 6.36
I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down 5.23
Everything Must Change 6.49
Oh Women 10.11
Come Back And Stay 8.17
Cupid 2.37
Sex 9.57
Broken Man 4.50
Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) 7.06

DVD Bonus

Paul Young interview ( 7 mins)

47 responses to Paul Young and The Royal Family / Live at Rockpalast 1985 2LP coloured vinyl

  1. Christian says:

    Hi Paul,

    my copy arrived today. I’m totally thrilled and thankful.
    I agree with the majority that the packaging is/was suberb. Fantastic job.
    Picture of signing as proof of authenticity is also great.

    All the best and thanks again.
    Well done.


  2. Bruno says:

    Hi Paul – mine arrived today. Very well wrapped as ever which means it always arrives in perfect condition. Lovely set – especially like the photo of the signing. Nothing like good provenance with signatures ! Keep up the great work and great site.

  3. Stefan says:

    Today the ordered vinyl was received. Unfortunately one of the LP is not all orange vinyl, but has some black “contamination”. It looks almost like marbled.
    Any suggestions?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Does it matter? The label (Music On Vinyl) described these are ‘orange’. If it looks ‘orange’ then it’s as described.

  4. mike says:

    Interesting factually inaccurate sleeve notes on the CD on PYs history and success, suspect you could have done a lot better Paul! The show I would love released is the one from Radio One from late December 1984, a total corker, though this will do!

  5. Roger Bosales says:

    I have just paid the complete bundle, cheers Paul and Paul:)

  6. Peter says:

    Just bought the 2LP set, as I already have the CD/DVD combo, that brings me to the question, I like to get a that print of PY signing the albums (hope it’s not this photoshop phony ;-), any change of getting it separate? Thanks Paul(s)!

  7. Beepositive says:

    Thanks as always for these exclusives Paul. Very much looking forward to the CD/DVD ordered, Mr Young was in his prime at this time.

  8. Florentino Stabile says:

    Hi Paul,
    Just wanted to let you know I ordered the CD/DVD signed set. When is the delivery and release date.
    Thank you again and God bless

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thank you! release date is 14 Feb. These should be sent out a few days before. Where you are will determine how quickly it turns up.

  9. Florentino Stabile says:

    Hi Paul,
    Happy New Year. You made my day. I love Paul Young…. it brings back my youth. All his songs especially Every Time you Go Away. Thank you for all you do. I want to thank you for all you do and want to support these wonderful offers you have on your website. Thank you for cultivating our passion for the box set and reissues and for keeping this medium alive. Your efforts are indispensable in this endeavor. God bless you Paul and all at SDE. Wishing a long life full of prosperity and especially health.
    Sincerely a long time fan and supporter
    Florentino (Tino) Stabile

  10. John says:

    Hi Paul – Please us the mastering specific to the LP, or is it the CD mastering pressed on vinyl? Thanks and Happy New Year! John

  11. Bruno says:

    Hi Paul – i have ordered the bundle and excellent to see you offering exclusive product. I was just curious to know if the SDE signed vinyl is an allocation of the 1000 copies or in addition to the 1000 copies. Furthermore, I assume you will limit the signed copies so there are fewer signed than unsigned copies. Sorry to ask but some limited run vinyl ends up being rarer unsigned than signed. Many thanks.

  12. Kurt says:

    Just ordeeed the colored LP set. Love the signed stuff… More like that with other great artists, please.

  13. dave says:

    just ordered the BUNDLE

  14. Tom m hans says:

    Ordered, thanks. I saw the show in 85 on TV. I loved No Parlez and was totally excited for Paul Youngs future role in my life. Sadly the follow up record to SOA removed him from my horizon.
    Wolf Maahn and Al Jarreau were at the same show. I was too young to appreciate Al Jarreau but I remember buying his live in london vinyl afterwards. Raging waters, anyone?
    Wolf Maahn was considered German Springsteen pre Born In The USA. He still rocks in his 70s.
    Thank you for curating the Singles Box for Paul Young.

  15. Se says:

    Belated happy new year Paul
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  16. Kai Karkkainen says:

    Ordered the 2LP+CD+DVD bundle. Simply irresistible, to quote Robert Palmer. Many thanks, Paul and Paul!

  17. Cindy says:

    I already have the CD/DVD set and watched the DVD last night! Really enjoyed watching it. There’s an interview and “trailers” on it too for other Rockpalast releases, may have to get The Mission one as well.

  18. Reech says:

    Wow the video clip sold me. I hope the sound is better! Fantastic piece of time. That man could perform! Thanks SDE. Got the cd/dvd. Cant wait!

  19. Eric says:

    I think you’ve got me there Paul. He’s brilliant live!

  20. Gary says:

    Paul, is payment taken immediately or is this like a pre-order?
    If I were to order could I just the photo signed(which I’d give to my mum)and not the cover -just want the cd/dvd
    Cheers in advance

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, payment is taken straight away. Unfortunately, we can’t do what you are asking because the photo will be taken on the day Paul does the signing, so they won’t be processed/developed until a few days later.

      • Gary says:

        Ah ok thanks for the info Paul and a (belated) happy new year to you and thanks for doing so much on this site.

  21. No.Parlez says:

    Paul, does the vinyl set come with a download code? And will it be out in time for Valentine’s Day?

  22. Philippe says:

    Ordered LP + CD + color photo next … secret of association blue vinyl ? Philippe a french fan since 35 years

  23. david else says:

    Fantastic, just ordered the bundle.

    Paul whats the chance of twistings Paul Young’s arm to sign some more of the No Parlez album, I missed out on that one??

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Could probably do that if MOV have any coloured vinyl left. Leave it with me.

      • Poptones says:

        I love Edsel’s Deluxe Editions of Paul Young’s 80s albums released in 2007.
        Paul Young’s CBS singles 1982-1994 box set was fantastic. If you can convince Edsel and Paul Young to release the CBS albums 1983-1993 as a vinyl and CD box set, it would be amazing.

  24. Björn says:

    Thanks, Paul & Paul.

  25. Alan Silvester says:

    Brilliant. Love Paul Young. Ordered the £45 bundle, to add to last year’s purple vinyl “No Parlez”!!

  26. Dennis says:

    His cover of ‘Love will tear us apart’ was released as a single in Germany (even entered the German Singles Charts – iirc #40).
    Those ‘Rockpalast’ releases are really nice, great to see more and more getting released.

  27. smirkdj says:

    I hope the “No Parlez” concert(1983)that was broadcasted on BBC gets the same cd+dvd threatment

  28. musicoloog says:

    Ordered the signed CD/DVD bundle!

  29. musicoloog says:


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