Pet Shop Boys / Agenda EP

Four new songs • Won’t be on the new album • 12-inch vinyl and CD

The Pet Shop Boys return in April with a new four-track EP, Agenda.

Neil and Chris have been previewing tracks from it this week, starting with ‘Give Stupidity A Chance’ on Tuesday, ‘On Social Media’ yesterday and ‘What Are We Going To Do About The Rich’ today. The fourth and final song is due tomorrow. Update: It’s called ‘The Forgotten Child’.

The four-track Agenda EP will be available digitally from 8 February and will be issued physically on 12-inch vinyl in April. A CD edition is only available to those who order the 2019 edition of Annually, the PSBs once-a-year publication.

Discussing the EP, Neil Tennant said: “It contains three satirical songs and one rather sad song. I think it’s because of the times we’re living through.”

The four tracks were produced by Tim Powell and Pet Shop Boys and recorded towards the end of last year. They will not be included on Pet Shop Boys’ next album which is being produced by Stuart Price and is due for release in the autumn.

Pre-order Annually with the CD of Agenda via this link and the 12-inch vinyl from below (not in bad price in the UK). What do you think of the new songs? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Pet Shop Boys

Agenda (12 EP) [VINYL]


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  1. Give Stupidity A Chance
  2. On Social Media
  3. What Are We Going To Do About The Rich
  4. The Forgotten Child

101 responses to Pet Shop Boys / Agenda EP

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  2. Chibb says:

    Stupidly ordered direct from PSB website before it went on Amazon – cost me more plus postage! But still looking forward to adding it to the collection…
    The tracks aren’t PSB best, hoping the new album will be good.

  3. Jason says:

    Nice to see people so PASSIONATE about what they expect from Pet Shop Boys these days. The songs are fine…not album-worthy and they KNOW this, hence the concept EP. However, they are all pretty darn catchy in their own ways, reminding me that their throwaways are better than most people’s best! My fave is On Social Media, a song that could really be a single in the traditional sense…very strong…and The Forgotten Child is actually quite beautiful and beautifully arranged. Clean out your ears Paul…Agenda is still a winner (and better than that song of theirs by a fair amount…).

  4. Antony Hudson says:

    I heard Social Media on BBC RADIO 2.
    Decent enough time.

  5. craig simmons says:

    Great to have the guys back again. LOVE every track on the EP, I ordered Annually with the CD straight away. Best twenty quid ever. Miss the video’s they used to make, but excited to have new material from them anyway. Chart music can kiss it. PSB’s still got it and still have that cheeky SOH. Love the Kraftwerk stylee at the end of the Forgotten child.

  6. HS says:

    Love the new songs and ordered both the CD (with the book) and the 12″. This EP is a really nice surprise and I am thrilled that the Boys always make sure to release their stuff on physical formats.

    Then there is the live BluRay/CD coming out soon and the new album later in the year. I’m a happy fan.

  7. Kevin Henry says:

    I’m a rocker at heart with Queen, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Genesis and Yes as favourite bands, but I adore the Pet Shop Boys (and have done so since 1985) and even went to see them wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt. I love the fact that they still release CD singles with superb non-album tracks. I am not a musical download/streaming person and still buy CDs and blu rays from HMV whenever possible (we lost one of the two stores in Sheffield last week) and was reluctant to listen to Agenda until it was on a CD but gave up tonight. I won’t review the four tracks as others have and, I need to listen to them more. In my youth I bought books galore, but once I hit 50 my eyesight was not as it once was and so I bought a Kindle – font size 14/16 helps. As a result, I was not going to buy Annual. I will be buying Inner Sanctum and do wish the band would have put the EP on this as an extra. Great marketing that it will contain a DVD and BR.

    • craig simmons says:

      There are level headed, reasonable people in the world ( even the virtual world ) who leave comments like this. I like you and we’ve never even met. LOL. Some of the comments, well, Give stupidity a chance I guess.

  8. PSB FAN says:

    great news that the PSB have a new offering on EP and following that an album. I have every item of theirs on CD format be it single, remixed, album and reissued remastered albums, seen then in concert on various occasions, I really admire that they still offer new material to their loyal fans. One thing I need to moan about is that I am a cd collector and gone are the days one could just simply purchase cd singles and albums without hassle. On several occasions Ive had items from the PSB Online Store (only place to purchase psb singles) lost in the post and simply never replaced as they are out of stock quickly as they are of limited run which leads to paying higher process form ebay. Apart from that winge I love the new 4 track EP even though its of a streaming format.

  9. Cris says:

    I received your latest Week in Review Paul, it is extremely well written as usual and I fully agree to all of its content.
    Your example of Duran Duran as opposites of PSB’ approach towards fans is painful but pertinent.
    However my question is it really 100% up to them? (i. e.: Nick always underlines his love for the good old days, and vinyl and tangible products [see the diamond sprayed Diamond in the Mond double vinyl] and so does John). I have commented more than once in articles regarding Paper Gods: the non release of Pressure Off as a 12″ Night Version (let’ s not consider the absurdly priced box set) was scandalous, and the lack of physical product apart from the CD and LP is as well, but I have always ascribed this to Warner’ s idiocy. Is it not so?
    I do not know PSB’ s situation: what is their label? Do the release records independently? That or a small label would make it more easy…
    I mean, if one is on, say, Mute one knows how one’ s releases will be treated…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      thanks! Duran Duran own ‘Medazzaland’ outright. In other words they can do what they want with it. Considering it has never been released in the UK you’d think they would love to release/reissue it. Of course they have done nothing with it. I think that tells you everything you need to know!

      • Cris says:

        Thank you Paul, makes absolute sense… They’ ve become quite lazy I guess..!!! (Bad for us fans, good for their private lives!)

        (Indeed, also the Live at Budokan was a bit of a letdown… Horrible art (but wonderful graphic solutions) and a disconcerting and meagre content… If their fear was of having too many live albums around, they could have played half a setlist of hidden gems and then put those on the record).

  10. mark says:

    I have just read most of these comnents … What a horrible bunch of moaners and sad old keyboard warriers you all are! Well done Chris & Neil. So much respect for you. Where are the rest of the artists using their craft to make some thoughtful, political statements? I noticed this EP was #2 in the UK, #1o in the usa and Australia yesterday. Theres something brilliant and even PSB-ironic about that. And if that wakes 0.01% of people up to thinking then well done. How about making this constructive critiscism on here in the spirit of the brilliant man who runs the site! Pls think about this you lot !! As you were then …

    • craig simmons says:

      Yes, thank-you.

    • Wes Headley says:

      Thank you– you’re right. The UK has been drowning in the neoliberal policy kool-aid since Thatcher and as a direct result, UK social mobility has been going south, producing wonders like Brexit. It’s going just about the same here in the US. So given all the darkness we’re blessed to have artists like the PSB who care enough and are inspired enough to try and say something about the sinking ship we’re all (mostly) stuck on… complacency is not cool.

  11. Enda Guinan says:

    Heh, am I the only person that pretty much loves the development of PSB over the decades? Loved Elysium, Electric and (most of) Super. This seems like a continuation of their ‘we don’t care about charts, let’s do what we want’ vibe. As the youth say, I’m here for this… :D

  12. MR says:

    Soft touch a past best songs with current sounds. Keep work in that mood and style for rest of upcoming CD. I like it!

  13. Michael says:

    Loving the new stuff, to many (former) fans live in the past.

  14. Jack Moon says:

    I’ve lived with these songs for only a couple of days but they’ve been on repeat all that time and I haven’t had enough of them – the first time that’s happened to me with PSB since Release!! (barring Twenty-something and Leaving) Amazing what working with a different producer can do.
    Can’t say I’m overexcited about the coming album but Stuart Price IS married to their manager so I guess we’re stuck with it.
    Hilarious that so many posters have said these songs are barely-worthy b-sides when many PSB fans say the b-sides are the best of PSB!!!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I was unaware of the married-to-their-manager connection! Harold Faltermeyer needs to marry into the PSB ‘family’! :)

    • Gareth Pugh says:

      I’ve got to say, as another fan of 30+ years’ standing, I’m really enjoying this EP. 80% for the tracks themselves, and 20% for the gesture. As Paul’s Sunday e-mail newsletter says, the sheer unexpectedness of a full, and non-album, EP of quality tracks out of the blue (with physical formats to follow for those who want these – count me in) is a great way to keep your fanbase excited. My one ‘entitled’ fan wish (I prefer to call it that, rather than a ‘moan’!) is I’d like to hear some remixes/12″ versions of one or two of these songs. A classic ‘PSB Extended Mix’ of ‘On social media’ and especially ‘What are we going to do about the rich?’ would be very welcome here and those two would lend themselves well to it. Hey ho, maybe something like that could surface somewhere down the line, or maybe later this year on the single packages for the new album?

  15. Cornelius says:

    Most people would buy this release on CD. However, it’s only available with the £20 book. Why? The 12″ is being sold separately for £7.99, why not the CD? This vinyl obsession is a red-herring.

  16. martin farnworth says:

    Rather mediocre stuff. Quite dull musically with no great hooks burdened by some fairly righteous lyrics. For comparison I thought songs like “Your Early Stuff” and “Ego Music” from Elysium were similar in quality of the music and also in their directness/transparent subject but at there was a good dose of humour in there- because it felt Tennant was singing from a more personal view. Of course Tennant’s not wanting to repeat himself but these songs don’t bear repeated listenings

  17. Kevin Galliford says:

    I’m a huge fan but hated “Elysium” apart from “Everything means something” & “Yes” was just a full disappointing all round. For me, great to see them back on form with the last 2 albums. Horses for courses… The book though is a great read & I really enjoyed the article in last years book about PSB London history. Hopefully this new book will be just as good.

  18. CJ says:

    I’ve always been curious about Annually, so the CD-exclusive is giving me an excuse to finally order a copy. I’m sure we’ll eventually get a Further Listening release with the EP tracks, but why wait that long when I can get them now along with a nice book and have the original release?

    • Martyn Alner says:

      You won’t be disappointed with “Annually”. They are always very good, well produced and designed (by Farrow, natch).

  19. richard says:

    I love everything the boys have done. I admit the Stuart price produced albums are not as great as “Yes” but they are still great & any PSB fan needs to own all their albums etc. I wish they moved to a new producer but that is ok I guess. I love all the new songs & ordered it asap without hesitation. They are catchy & for people who say they are only B side worthy…well that is ok since they also say their B sides are fantastic as all their other songs,.

  20. Don says:

    I like it a lot.
    It has been a long time protest songs have been written.
    Ordered the vinyl,

  21. pootle says:

    “Agenda” indeed!
    You can only have it on a crisp clear CD IF you buy the damn book as well….

    I don’t do “digital” downloads.
    Have they progrssed to lossless formats yet or are they still on crappy mp3?

  22. Martyn Alner says:

    Social Media is the new ‘Shopping’ :)

  23. Soren says:

    I just want the CD (not the book)

  24. Matt F says:

    First I was afraid, I was petrified…then after a few listens, I think the songs are great. The lyrics are a little ‘in your face’ for PSB. I think Neil is definately taking on ‘Characters’ in these songs. Maybe because the lyrics are very direct, they distract from the overall song? I think if these were issued individually as ‘B’ sides they would be looked at in a more favourable light?

  25. Mikael says:

    So gave it a listen this morning, sounds like demos with placeholder lyrics.
    The forgotten child was ok, the rest not so much. And what happened to Neil’s normalt elegant, refined and ironic lyrics? These read like slogans from a left wing demo.

  26. Jon says:

    These four songs were produced by PSB and Tim Powell and not Stuart Price. With that said, the first three songs are rubbish and this is coming from a lifelong PSB fan. As hard as it seems for me to admit but they really have lost the plot. Elysium was half boring, containing some of their worst efforts. Electric contains 4 good songs and 4 utter sh*t. Super was meh. Price’s days as an innovative producer are long gone (but was he ever innovative?). It seems the boys have hit that part of their careers where they seem to be running out of ideas.

    • pootle says:

      To Jon, who says they’ve really lost the plot.
      I agree.
      For me the last album of any merit (ie, with more than just one or two great tracks of consistant quality), was “Very”, back in 93!

      They should forget “moving with the times” and go back to producing 80’s pop hits.

  27. Neil Young says:

    Not sure what I think of these humdrum efforts. The low tide mark for me was Elysium, with the exception of Invisible which was a really clever song both musically and lyrically. It’s the only album by PSB I never bought. I liked Electric, although Super was weaker. I wish they’d go back to Trevor Horn for another album, Fundamental was brillinat, even Xenomania would be good. Yes was the last album I really enjoyed.

  28. Jack Moon says:

    As a long term fan I have to say Agenda is better than anyone has a right to expect and worthy of a little more respect. I immediately found all the songs to be catchier than anything PSB have released in a long while and, although Neil’s lyrics are sometimes awkward, they’re energised and bluntly forceful. Imagine PSB still singing about getting older (and older), feeling alienated and realising love is a catastrophe! As artists they would be irrelevant but here they’re engaging with the wider world in a very concrete manner. They’re still charting their course through life because that’s what artists do; they’re still reflecting the culture they’re a part of.
    As “legacy” artists, though, the songs don’t sound like anything that will receive widespread attention and that’s a shame.

  29. Alessandro says:

    far, far away from their best. All of them sound really poor. Yes, the tune is catchy but how poor are the songs. How banal the lyrics. They all sound like fun demos they did in their spare time, when they mess around playing some notes.
    These are not PSB songs, not the PSB I loved since since day one.
    And I look with suspect at the real LP album of late 2019, both because of this new horrible stuff and because of Stuart cooperation which frankly did not bring them anything good: Electric was too much electronic and confused and Super, except a couple of songs, was without a soul. They still work with this guy because of the contract ?( Neil mentioned years ago it was a trilogy) or they really believe this producer helps their sound ?

  30. Craig Hedges says:

    Pet Shop Boys, moan.

  31. Caroline says:

    I broadly agree about the lyrics but the sleeve is absolutely dreadful – there’s something rather snotty and even vaguely misogynist about it. “Oh these youth of today, eh?” is not a slant I expected PSBs to take.

    Mind you, given some of the rhyming couplets on “On Social Media”, it’s just as well they haven’t tackled Brexit…

    • Gerbrand says:

      My first thought about The Forgotten Child is it’s about Theresa May though…

    • Jack Moon says:

      I see the selfie-taker every day, everywhere. There’s nothing misogynist about the sleeve image – it’s the fantasy that blankets capitalist culture for men and women. The fact it’s a woman alone only adds to the poignancy: there she is, “living the life”, with no one to share it. Just a bunch of ghosts on “social media”.

  32. Iain says:

    “You’re on (dum de dum) Social Media” PULEEZE!! I think that I could write better lyrics – and that IS saying something!

  33. mike says:

    Lyrically obvious, very disappointing for a lyricist of Neil’s ability and history. Wasn’t a fan of Super either, wonder whether they have now officially lost it.

  34. Wes Headley says:

    Weird so many seem to hate PSB being a bit political given that’s what they’ve ALWAYS BEEN from DAY ONE. Shut up and dance, that’s more like Wham or A-ha isn’t it?

  35. Frank Bruce says:

    I’m not being forced to buy something else just so I can buy the 4 track CD, this is a massive mistake on the part of the PSB. I’d rather just miss the chance of owning the CD. I won’t lose any sleep over this one

  36. David Carter says:

    I enjoyed Electric and some of Super but I agree I really wish they would move away from Stuart price as a producer, he is a long way away from the Stephen Hague/Julian Mendohlson days. As a completist I have ordered the vinyl of this , even though its no where near their best work.

  37. Gary Hunter says:

    I hated the album “Electric”, their worst album to date and to be honest only half of “Super” is decent. “Electric” is the only Pet Shop Boys album I never bought.

    Regards the new songs, I think they are good B side quality, however, “Give Stupidity A Chance” is excellent, hated it on first listen but my god it gets into your head, singing that chorus all the time.

    Their forthcoming album needs to be outstanding for me, but I worry that Stuart Price is producing again, under his guidence they have lost their wow factor and their sound is all over the place, let’s be honest the tracks “Bolshy”, “Shouting In The Evening”, “Happiness”, “Groovy” and “Pazzo”, wouldn’t have even been considered as B Sides 10 years ago.

  38. Oliver says:

    I was quite a big fan of “Electric” for its “Introspective” ethics of making dance music for people who like dancing; and I thought “Super” was really fun.

    This reminds of me of “Elysium” however, which I found uninspired, bland and forgettable. It’s a shame – I think the chord changes in “The Forgotten Child” are great, and the lilting power-pop of “…Stupidity…” is lovely, but all-round, the lyrics are clumsy.

    I haven’t despised every Stuart Price effort, but tend to agree with Paul; they (and we) are overdue a change. Here’s to hoping these were left off the album because they weren’t good enough, and that it’s just angular marketing putting out those ‘b-side’ efforts before the LP proper

  39. Glenn says:

    Ordered the book + CD. Really liked the CD in last year’s bundle. April 12 release date.

  40. V says:

    Kind of like the sound of Social Media but the lyrics are just ridiculous. Other two songs are dreadful. Total pass for me but am glad others are enjoying the opportunity (let’s make lots of money!). Admittedly, I have lost interest in the band’s newer output and am in agreement with an earlier post that Very was the last of their great work. I’m really a fan of Alternative. That is one of my top b-side compilations and I never get bored with it.

  41. Jm says:

    Those new songs are truly awful. They can do a lot better. They have done a lot better.

  42. Andy Lindley says:

    I have to agree that ‘On Social Media’ is the best of the three I’ve heard so far. Love that track and have been putting it on repeat. Managed to snap up the Annually publication with bonus CD. The 12″ is a decent price in the UK, but here in Australia it’s available for preorder at JB HiFi for $23. That’s the price of some full Vinyl LPs. Remember when 12″ were like $5-$7. I guess that was in mass production times?

  43. Steve says:

    Thank god a return to form after the last two dismal albums with a good ep’s worth of material between them both. Let’s hope they wake up and stop being so bloody pretentious and realise they are a “pop group” and embrace it. Stop the pantomime costumes and give the fans what they all are waiting for! Stuart Price has had his day hopefully PSBs have not. The lyrics of tased new songs made me laugh out loud and that’s not an easy thing to do – genius! leftvtobthsorbown devices they have released something worthy to add to their imperial back catalogue.

  44. Ralph says:

    Definitely three of the worst written “relevant” lyrics PSB ever put out. Sorry, used to love them but those days are gone

  45. negative1 says:

    horrible, just horrible.

    it’s very sad to see the pet shop boys whittle away
    to making subpar, not even b-side quality songs for
    release.and limited no less.

    as a fan of their earlier work, there’s just not much

    it just ticks of the list:
    – semi clever title
    – pseudo artsy cover
    – limited release

    ughh. please, no more.


    • alan hansen says:

      I almost completely concur! of course, I did also order the Annually package with the cd/ep. I remain a completist with PSB. please don’t hate me.

  46. Monofreak says:

    Nice songs, but why they don’t offer a CD without the book? That’s not very “social” …

  47. shingouz says:

    I absolutely adore Give Stupidity a Chance, I’ve been listening to it on repeat for two days. The other two are quite nice too.
    I really like when the PSB go in full irony/sarcastic mode. I’ll be getting the 12″ for sure.

  48. Neil Kelly says:

    Not heard any of the tracks yet in fact i noticed it dropped on ‘one of my sites’ 2 hours ago (i’ll say no more except i thought it was one of those fake things a compilation or something thought if they had new tracks i’d know before spotting them for immediate download – how wrong was I). Anyhow needless to say i’ll be listening to all four tracks very soon. But don’t worry i do plan to order the book and CD (vinyl of no interest to me). Good to see some clever reviews of the 3 tracks above as opposed to the ‘they haven’t done anything great since 1948’ nonsense you always get with PSB. I’m a big fan of many of the recent albums having played them all lots. One of my fav PSB singles was ‘Love etc’ which wasn’t that long ago. I look forward to the next album hope it’s a goodun!

  49. Gary Clutterbuck says:

    I wish they’d go back to working with Xenomania. ‘Yes’ was the last album they recorded where I felt as though a lot of effort had been put into it with great reward. The production of that album, along with some lovely melodies and great lyrics showed just how good Pet Shop Boys can be. I’m hopeful that they will return to making an album that I want to listen to over and over again, but I fear I may be in for a long wait.

    • TG says:

      Keep in mind, this was produced by Tim Powell who was pretty much the head honcho of Xenomania when Yes was recorded.

  50. Kevin says:

    I wasn’t thrilled with Electric (except for “Bolshy”, I hardly ever listened to it before getting rid of my vinyl copy), so I skipped Super.

    As for these new songs… “Give stupidity a chance” has a classic PSB melody, but the lyrics are rather simplistic. “What are we going to do about the rich?” suffers from the same problem—the lyrics are simplistic and often feel forced (e.g., rhyming “Hansard” and “answered”). “On social media” is the best of the three revealed so far.

    • Bob Gaulke says:

      The writing seems sharp; but I can’t really tell as the mastering threatens to shred my Harmon Kardon speaker at the lowest volume setting :(.

  51. James says:

    I love this output of music !!

  52. B says:

    Quite frankly, I like these new tracks far more than anything included on that dull, steaming turd of an album, Super. Perhaps there’s still hope yet.

  53. Jules says:

    I love all four of the tracks. I’ve been a fan since the late 1980s and the last few releases have been a bit ‘hit and miss’ for me, this is the first release of theirs I’ve liked 100% of since Yes. Those saying they should leave politics alone – some of their best tracks throughout their career have been political – Opportunities, Kings Cross, Shopping, How Can You Be Taken Seriously, Indefinite Leave to Remain, Integral, I’m With Stupid……

    • Dav says:

      Well said Jules. I completely agree. They are still surprising us, doing what noone else has the imagination to do. Who else is saying this in pop music. No-one, that’s who. Stupidity would be no 1 on 29 March in a perfect world.

  54. william says:

    Was this song “Give Stupidity A chance,” on the Love Actually soundtrack? Sounds like I heard it on there. lol It is just a plain, boring, and uninspired song.

  55. Michael McA says:

    Mediocre. They try and do what Sparks do so much better. The last great PSB album was Very.

  56. Stevie B says:

    I’ve been a PSB fan since 1987 and why they’ve released this baffles me. Unless tomorrow’s track is super brilliant then all your getting is an EP of poor B-sides. I also hate the fact that they staggered the release so that if (being a loyal fan) you ordered the annual right away (also securing the CD) a short whil later they then announce the 12” single meaning two lots of P&P.

    So rather than fall for these shenanigans AGAIN (also via the PSB store) I cancelled the 12” (it’s £1 cheaper on Amazon and has free P&P if part of a qualifying order) ordered the annual/CD via their website and the 12” via Amazon.

    I know I just said basically it’s a set of cr@p songs (and I hate the ‘Elysium style artwork!) and no-one is forcing me to buy them, but I am a big PSB fan so it was a no-brainer, but for non-completists… I’d avoid (or download today’s release which is the best of a poor bunch… a song that asks a question yet gives no answers… a Chris list reeling off the biggest offenders would have been the way to lift the song up a notch IMHO).

  57. Paul Philip says:

    PSB back so brilliant loving new tracks great stuff Chris /Neil beautiful tracks tick every box

  58. John Archbell says:

    It’s all terrible – when you compare against classics like ‘Left to my own Devices’, ‘Shopping’, ‘Rent’, West End Girls’, ‘It’s A Sin’. You get my drift.

    Is it really an age thing and they are just simply running out of ideas? Or are they allowing others to dilute their brand? Sounds like another Duran Duran.

  59. Adrian Swatridge says:

    On Social media is great and the lyric video is indeed genius. I could live without the other two to be honest…the lyrics are somewhat twee and bit awkward to listen to. Haven’t heard the fourth yet.

  60. Ben in Colorado says:

    I gave stupidity a chance and listened to the track LGSaC. Only for about 50 seconds.

    So clever they are.

  61. Mark H says:

    First two songs are awful, musically they are more primitive than their early b-sides and demos, compare the texture of Two Divided By Zero with the first two. Lyrically they are even worse, leaving aside the politics, which is what all “pop stars” should do. Social Media is a decent tune, wasted on the lyrics. If all the music was decent I would simply suggest keeping well away from such crass attempts at political or social commentary, but to be honest with the first two songs the music and lyrics deserve each other. What on earth were they thinking!? (there’s a good song title boys!).

  62. Paul Waddington says:

    Great stuff, book ordered. Shame they stopped the fan club magazines (I have them all), but the books are great. Not so sure about the lead track though. Like the sentiment, but it’s down there with Winner as one of their weaker tracks for me.

    I’m with you Paul and would like to see them with a different producer. Electronic music is on the up and there are plenty of great producers out there that would give them fresh ideas.

  63. Dave W says:

    Time they went back to doing what they do best – writing brilliant catchy pop songs. Their recent “let’s work with trendy people and record over-produced banal toons” is giving Duran Duran a run for their money! OK, maybe a tad OTT but you get the gist. The PSB legacy deserves far better than anything they’ve done since 2011. These songs do little to stop that legacy being tarnished.

  64. Jackie says:

    Lana Del Rey lookalike on the cover!
    Or is it..

  65. Kevin Galliford says:

    You have to be quick to order this, the last 2 years it has sold out in a matter of days. To further one of Paul’s recent posts about groups / singers who don’t release enough to keep the fans happy ( mainly Duran Duran from that thread ) PSB are a group who care about their fans & what they put out. They release things like this, which is excellent ( 2 out of the 3 books have had never before released CD singles sold with them ) they regularly release 12” singles for the fans, probably knowing they won’t bother the charts much. There’s quite a few groups I could name who could learn a lot about keeping the fans happy from PSB. On top of all this, the last 2 albums have been brilliant, along with a large chunk of their back catalogue. Legends!!

  66. Jefferson says:

    Mostly excited to hear that Stuart Price is producing the next album!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m not, I’d prefer it if they moved on and worked with someone else.

      • EPM says:

        I agree, Paul, Stuart Price has worked his tour. I liked ELECTRIC but hated SUPER. In fact, the latter is the only PSB album I do not own.

        I wonder did he extend PSB a quantity discount? Oh well, not expecting much then. Disappointed.

    • Mikael says:

      Not just that, but they recorded at Hansa; “A selection of photographs of Pet Shop Boys’ recent recording sessions with Stuart Price at the legendary Hansa studios in Berlin.”
      Stuart Price and Hansa studios, this is already epic.

  67. James says:

    You would hope the lack of melody and wit and the awful plodding nature of these tracks are part of the cynical design, but on second and third listens, no…just dull, lifeless pop. ‘Give Stupidity a Chance’ goes one further – it is truly awful in every way.

  68. Fady says:

    Okay, so these songs are no where near the high standards that the PSB have set in the past and truthfully would probably only be good enough for their early B-sides (just). I’ve always loved the PSB for the cheeky-not so-obvious titles that hid their actual (see what I did there) meaning. I feel like they’re trying too hard to push their social/political ideologies at the expense of genuinely brilliant melodies and lyrics. They can do both and have done some incredible socially conscious songs that tick all the boxes in the past, e.g. Kings Cross, Rent, Being Boring, etc. In a nutshell, good but not great PSB for mine.

  69. Erick Haight says:

    Solid songs, nice visuals…book + CD ordered.

  70. daveid76 says:

    Each of the first three songs are very much in their own style. Stupidity is anthemic in a Winner sort of way. Social media is an infectious arch-Lowe electro track and Rich is a tubthumping rollicking football chant. Of the three Stupidity is the least successful. The sentiment is good and the chorus works but the verses’ elongated words attempt to wrap themselves around a rhythm they simply can’t fit and the result is rather ugly. It’s also jarringly unsubtle. On social media works perfectly. It summarises very well the way the tech has changed us and how it’s the opiate of the people. On the surface it’s neutral but the darkness creeps in later. The video is utter genius. Rich is also unsubtle and downright revolutionary but it knows it is. It’s very much a comic protest song and brings to mind Gilbert and Sullivan. Unlike Stupidity though the words fit the melody perfectly and the charges and accusations bounce along beautifully. Still waiting for track 4. All in all a delightfully unexpected and extraordinarily candid release from PSB.

  71. EW99 says:

    Full disclosure, I’m a big PSB fan but I have to say I think these songs are great. “Give stupidity a chance” is the first power ballad they’ve done that I like, “What are we going to do about the rich?” is a rousing electro glam stomper and they’re all three (so far) really witty and funny. Anything that lampoons Gove, Trump, trolls and Murdoch is absolutely fine by me!

  72. Tony O says:

    Great stuff, book ordered

  73. Jose Vicente says:

    1. Give stupidity a chance
    02. On social media
    03. What are we going to do about the rich?
    04. The forgotten child

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