Pet Shop Boys / new book ‘Annually’

The Pet Shop Boys magazine Literally will now be published once a year as Annually, and the 2017 edition of this new publication will be issued in April.

Annually will be a bigger (240 x 170 mm), hard-backed, 64-page book. This first issue will feature a report on last year’s Royal Opera House shows as well as news, exclusive photos etc. It also comes with an exclusive three-track CD with new remixes of Undertow, Burn and Left To My Own Devices! The CD comes in a ‘pochette’ designed by Farrow.

You can put your order in for Annually at the PSB store. It’s released on 1 April 2017.

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  1. negative1 says:

    Not sure where to put this, but preliminary listings for the reissues:

    Pet Shop Boys

    Nightlife: Further Listening 1996 – 2000 (2017)
    Format: CD3
    Code: 190295921132
    For your own good
    Closer to Heaven
    I don’t know what you want but I can’t give it any more
    Happiness is an option
    You only tell me you love me when you’re drunk
    The only one
    Boy Strange
    In denial
    New York City boy
    Vampires (demo)
    Call me old-fashioned (demo)
    Friendly fire
    Believe/Song For Guy (with Elton John)
    Sail Away
    It doesn’t often snow at Christmas (Fan club mix)
    Little black dress
    Playing in the streets
    Tall thin men
    Radiophonic (demo)
    Somebody else’s business
    Silver age
    For all of us
    The ghost of myself
    Casting a shadow
    I don’t know what you want but I can’t give it any more (The PSB Extension)
    Was it worth it? (live)
    Paris city boy (Full French)
    Positive role model
    Somebody else’s business (extended mix)

    Fundamental: Further Listening 2005 – 2007 (2017)

    Format: CD2

    Code: 190295921170

    2.The Sodom and Gomorrah Show
    3.I made my excuses and left
    6.God willing
    7.Luna Park
    8.I’m with Stupid
    9.Casanova in Hell
    10.Twentieth century
    11.Indefinite leave to remain

    1.Psychological (instrumental)
    2.Ring road (demo)*
    3.The performance of my life (demo)
    4.One-way street (demo)*
    5.The resurrectionist
    6.Girls don’t cry
    7.Fugitive (Richard X extended mix)
    8.After the event
    9.The former enfant terrible
    10.No time for tears (orchestral mix)
    11.God willing (original full-length mix)
    12.I’m with Stupid (PSB maxi-mix)
    13.Numb (single edit)
    14.Dancing in the dusk (demo)
    15.One night
    16.A certain “Je ne sais quoi”
    17.Transfer (Visionaire mix)
    18.Integral (PSB Perfect Immaculate 7” mix)
    19.Integral (PSB Perfect Immaculate mix)

    Release: Further Listening 2001-2004 (2017)

    Format: CD3

    Code: 190295921149

    1.Home and dry
    2.I get along
    3.Birthday Boy
    6.The samurai in autumn
    7.Love is a catastrophe
    9.The night I fell in love
    10.You choose

    1.Between two islands
    2.Searching for the face of Jesus
    3.Time on my hands
    4.Motoring (demo)
    5.Love life
    7.Sexy Northerner
    8.The night is a time to explore who you are (demo)
    9.Closer to Heaven (slow version)
    10.Run, girl, run (demo)
    11.I didn’t get where I am today
    13.Home and dry (ambient mix)
    14.Bright young things (demo)
    16.A powerful friend (John Peel version)
    17.If looks could kill (John Peel version)

    1.Try it (I’m in love with a married man)
    2.Here (PSB new extended mix)
    3.If looks could kill
    4.A powerful friend
    5.Party song
    6.No excuse (demo)
    7.Blue on blue
    8.Jack and Jill party (demo)*
    9.Baby (demo)
    10.Flamboyant (original demo)
    12.Flamboyant (7” mix)
    13.Numb (demo)
    14.In private (with Elton John)
    15.Alone again, naturally (with Elton John)*
    16.Reunion (Electro mix)*
    17.Bright young things
    18.We’re the Pet Shop Boys
    19.It’s a sin (Barfly version)


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  3. Frank M. Spinath says:

    Obviously, it’s sold out already. :(

  4. Rob Kirby says:

    Just a small gap between the last edition of Annually, published by World Distributors – then kings of the Annual – and this one, then :)

  5. Deano says:

    I’m definitely a big PSB fan and will be getting these. However, I can’t help feeling shortchanged that we are not going to get Superdeluxe reissues of Please and Actually.

    The later CDs are patchier affairs, and the promise of 3 CDs doesn’t really appeal too much given most of these were originally released on double CDs and Format has recently compiled the b sides.

    • I’m reasonably confident they’ll dig up a few new rarities for the new sets. The previous Further Listenings had stuff not on the Alternative b-sides collection. Maybe not the most essential stuff (like a live version of Girls & Boys and various demos), but stuff nonetheless.

      Which is good enough for me. But I’d probably buy the whole discography again if they just released them in digipaks or wallets instead of jewel cases. So I’m no judge of value for money.

  6. Dom says:

    How do you know something is a whiny comment unless you’ve read it?

  7. Shane says:

    If you don’t want to read whiny comments don’t read them.

  8. Alan says:

    For those of us with long memories, there was actually a “Pet Shop Boys, annually” in the late 80s wasn’t there, for the Christmas annuals market? Different to this, obviously, but I like how they can still do the play of words on the “Actually” period.

  9. Simon says:

    Is it just me or do several comments above come across as really whiney?

  10. Non- or casual-PSB fans get really upset about PSB fanclub items.

  11. Jack the lad says:

    Does anyone know if the reissues are coming through Parlophone/WEA or via their own x2 label? I’m hoping for the old Parlophone quality.

  12. Andrew F says:

    I’m quite excited about Annually. I’m pleased that the book comes with the CD, as I’ve wanted to hear remixes of Undertow and Burn since Super landed. Although my copy didn’t come with a sticker, one of my friends ordered direct from the PSB online store and his copy stated ‘Includes The Pop Kids, Twenty-Something and Undertow’. When Say It To Me was released, I thought they’d plumped for the worst track on Super; particularly when Undertow and Burn are such bangers.

    I’m pretty sure that in the recent BBC Radio 2 interviews that the next of Further Listening deluxe editions were referred to as having been completed. I also recall the Pet Text that referred to the duo putting together the sleeve notes for the Further Listening releases. There was a snippet on YouTube for German TV where the question was again asked ‘when are the next deluxe editions coming out?’ and Tennant confirmed that he and Lowe had completed all of the preparation and that it was now in the hands of their former label.

    With Parlophone having been incorporated into a new label, further to its divestment after EMI/Virgin went to Universal, I’m sure this has resulted in the slippage in recent years.

    With label income relying on re-releases and deluxe editions, I’m quite shocked that the former label team hasn’t been milking the cash cow before now – particularly when PSB has completed their input into the project. There must be a reason that we’re unaware of, but it’s certainly not a lack of fan interest.

  13. Matthew Langhorn says:

    You know I was ok with this until I saw the April 1 release date…………………who releases anything on a Saturday?

    It’ll probably go the same way as the Please Super Deluxe Edition and the next batch of ….further listening sets

    (Also I didn’t think Super was that Super either)

    • Boaz Halachmi says:

      It’s not a “release”. It’s a fan item. It’s not going to chart or anything like that. So the date is not an issue.

  14. HS says:

    Wish they had made the Undertow CD available on its own.

    I would have thought that Release would obviously be included in the re-issues, plenty of material available for an expanded edition. I have all the Further Listenings releases and I am very much looking forward to the new ones.

  15. princebowie says:

    have those reissues for April been confirmed yet? I’m surprised they are not reissuing the early albums again as they are out of print.

    • daveid76 says:

      The reissues were confirmed long ago, the first solid confirmation being a pet text in early 2015. In an interview the other day for PopJustice they referred to a re-release of Fundamental in April, the inference being as part of the back catalogue. They may well now have decided to re-release all five at once. There is also word that some may be 3-disc affairs.

  16. daveid76 says:

    You might want to add that a 4-track vinyl 12″ of Undertow is going to be released shortly after. The first batch of reissued albums are coming out in April so this may be timed to coincide with it.

    • daveid76 says:

      That is Nightlife, Release and Fundamental.

      • Michael says:

        Release too? Is that for certain? I thought I read here on SDE that it wasn’t going to be part of the reissue campaign. Hope you’re right daveid76. Cheers.

        • daveid76 says:

          They are re-releasing the last 5 albums, so that’s Nightlife – Elysium. The first three were originally going to be released last autumn and the last two early this year but things slipped. I’m assuming the last two will now be released in the autumn. This is all long overdue. Nightlife was originally going to be re-released in 2004!

  17. Jason H says:

    Before i sign up & order does anyone know how much shipping to the U.S is?

  18. Don says:

    I guess Super isn’t doing super and they need money.

    • Daran says:

      No, they just like giving fans an insight into their world. Always have done. I remember as a teenager Literally coming through the letter box – good times.

    • Neil Kelly says:

      Yeah they’re skint after the flop 13th album, Super. Lol get a life.

      Please note Super probably isn’t their 13th album just making a point!

  19. Shane says:

    This better be exclusive, I don’t wanna have to find out how to cancel the order if others sell it much cheaper. However, this sounds like an april’s fool anyway.

  20. Ralph says:

    Just remixes? Three proper unreleased tracks might have tempted me, but remixes? No thanks.

  21. Neil Harland says:

    1st April release date, REALLY?

    • Gareth Pugh says:

      Well, their last studio album was released on April 1st last year, and believe me, orders are definitely going through for this item so I’d think the chances of this being an April Fool’s are between slender and none!

  22. My hope is that the reissue campaign will include some omnibus editions of Literally. Assuming it won’t happen though.

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