Pet Shop Boys / vinyl reissues

As well as the three deluxe ‘Further Listening’ reissues, the Pet Shop Boys will issue 2017 remastered versions of Nightlife, Release and Fundamental on vinyl LP.

These vinyl reissues will feature only the albums – there are no bonus tracks. Parlophone state that these are due on 28 July, although Amazon have them listed as 7 July right now, which is probably not correct.

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Pet Shop Boys

Nightlife (2017 Remaster) [VINYL]


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Pet Shop Boys

Release (2017 Remaster) [VINYL]


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Pet Shop Boys

Fundamental (2017 Remaster) [VINYL]


Nightlife vinyl LP

1. For your own good
2. Closer to Heaven
3. I don’t know what you want but I can’t give it any more
4. Happiness is an option
5. You only tell me you love me when you’re drunk
6. Vampires
7. Radiophonic
8. The only one
9. Boy Strange
10. In denial
11. New York City boy
12. Footsteps

Release vinyl LP

1. Home and dry
2. I get along
3. Birthday Boy
4. London
5. E-mail
6. The samurai in autumn
7. Love is a catastrophe
8. Here
9. The night I fell in love
10. You choose

Fundamental vinyl LP

1. Psychological
2. The Sodom and Gomorrah Show
3. I made my excuses and left
4. Minimal
5. Numb
6. God willing
7. Luna Park
8. I’m with Stupid
9. Casanova in Hell
10. Twentieth century
11. Indefinite leave to remain
12. Integral

14 responses to Pet Shop Boys / vinyl reissues

  1. Jon says:

    Anybody else get these yet? My copy of Release showed up today and it sounds (but doesn’t appear) off-centered (you know where the pitch sounds like it’s faintly constantly changing) and the S sounds get scratchier and scratchier as the sides close. I could return it to Amazon but I’m afraid I’d get the same problems back.

  2. elliott buckingham says:

    i think release was one of their best later day albums a complete change of direction which I think suited them. didn’t like much after introspective but this stood out for me.

  3. bertielego says:

    This is a missed opportunity to create vinyl (box) sets with the ‘further listening’ extra tracks on additional discs… Pity.

  4. Nigel Q says:

    You can buy the 3 LPs from PledgeMusic as a bundle for £45.75 currently.

  5. probablyrustin says:

    Release is probably the only one of these I care to own on vinyl, but looking forward to the other expanded editions nevertheless.

  6. Jim Edwards says:

    I take it these are single Lps and not double?

  7. Anthony H says:

    The vinyl LP title “Home and Dry” should be “Release”.

  8. Colin bruce says:

    Shame you can’t somehow buy the vinyl albums but then get access to all the other stuff. I already have the original CDs so don’t really want more versions of the cd.
    So. Vinyl album please with download code for the rest. Thanks

  9. O(+> Peter B says:

    Their song titles are pretty unbeatable.

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