Pete Burns: The Last Interview / Special printed ‘keepsake’ edition

I spoke to Pete Burns of Dead or Alive in September 2016 to discuss the forthcoming Dead Or Alive box set Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI. Sadly, Pete died aged just 57, not much more than a month later, before the interview was published. That conversation would be his very last interview (Classic Pop spoke to Pete before SDE) and in response to reader demand we are publishing it as a printed ‘keepsake’ edition, similar to the previous Paul McCartney and Roxy Music publications.

The interview was much praised at the time for the tone and giving Pete the time and space to express himself. You can of course read it for free on here on SDE but if you would like to purchase the printed edition (something to ‘hold in your hand’ and to perhaps keep alongside your Dead Or Alive box sets, or the new purple vinyl reissue of “Youthquake”) then you can do so by visiting the SDE shop or using buttons below.

11 responses to Pete Burns: The Last Interview / Special printed ‘keepsake’ edition

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  2. Larry Davis says:

    Hey Paul…just ordered the booklet…woulda ordered the Youthquake purple vinyl from u but u ran out, bummer…anyhoo, PayPal didn’t work but credit card did, weird…just a little request…can u include a second plastic sleeve please?? I had to use the one I had from your McCartney Flowers issue to protect the Suede Brett signature when I sold the 25th anniversary bookbox with it…was highly disappointed and rebought the 2011 reissue… Thanks Paul…

  3. Eric says:

    Thanks for making these booklets available, Paul. My girlfriend is a huge DoA fan, and this will make a nice surprise for her! :)


  4. Jeremy says:

    Will the price be going lower in the future?

  5. SimonF says:

    Great to see this interview being made available at long last. Should fit very nicely into the DOA box set. Have just ordered it along with a SDE T-shirt. Excellent stuff all round!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yeah… this is some Japanese compilation I think…

    • CJ says:

      Is the Japan remix collection still coming out? The last I had heard was that it had been cancelled.

      • paul says:

        my order for the japan CD 12″ collection was canceled about 3 weeks ago @ cdjapan, at the moment we are asked to be patient as they are trying to resolve contractual issues, from the burns family

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