Phil Collins / Hello, I Must Be Going & Dance into the Light / 2CD sets

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No hanging around, as Warners and Phil Collins plan to follow-up the as-yet-unissued reissues of Face Value and Both Sides – phase one of the ‘Take A Look At Me Now’ retrospective campaign – just four weeks later, with two disc deluxe editions of Hello, I Must Be Going and Dance Into The Light due at the end of February…

The pattern of pairing an early album with a later offering is maintained and since both Hello, I Must Be Going (1982) and Dance Into The Light (1996) were the respective follow-ups to Face Value and Both Sides, there is a high probability that phase three will consist of No Jacket Required and Testify (with the final releases likely to be …But Seriously and Going Back).

As before, these new sets are “entirely” curated and compiled by Collins, and as the track listings below illustrate, he is not deviating from his plan to show “how nicely the songs developed when played on stage, rather than showing how they originated”. So live tracks dominate the bonus discs of both Hello, I Must Be Going and Dance Into The Light with only the occasional B-side and demo. It’s good to see the artist getting his hands dirty and getting involved but whether Collins has his finger on the pulse of what his audience really wants from an archival reissue is up for debate. Fan reaction from the previous announcement suggests that this is a flawed approach.

Warners have certainly given Collins a great deal of freedom, even allowing him to change the cover art, with identical images of the 64-year old songwriter and musician replacing his younger self. This treatment is probably the one aspect of this campaign that has won plaudits and you have to admire Collins’ lack of vanity, although if truth be told, it doesn’t really work for Dance Into The Light.

Hello, I Must Be Going! and Dance Into The Light will be available as two-CD deluxe sets and 180g vinyl editions which feature the album without any bonus material. Nick Davis handles remastering once more.

Hello, I Must Be Going! and Dance Into The Light are reissued on 26 February 2016.



Hello, I Must Be Going 2CD Deluxe Edition


Dance Into The Light 2CD Deluxe Edition


Hello, I Must Be Going 2CD Deluxe

CD 1

1. “I Don’t Care Anymore”
2. “I Cannot Believe It’s True”
3. “Like China”
4. “Do You Know, Do You Care?”
5. “You Can’t Hurry Love”
6. “It Don’t Matter To Me”
7. “Thru These Walls”
8. “Don’t Let Him Steal Your Heart Away”
9. “The West Side”
10. “Why Can’t It Wait ‘Til Morning?”

CD 2

1. “I Don’t Care Anymore” – Live*
2. “I Cannot Believe It’s True – Live*
3. ‘Like China” – Live*
4. “You Can’t Hurry Love” – Live*
5. “It Don’t Matter To Me” – Live*
6. “The West Side” – Live Rehearsal*
7. “People Get Ready” – Live*
8. “Thru These Walls” – Live*
9. “It’s Alright” – Live*
10. “Oddball” – Demo of “Do You Know, Do You Care?”*
11. “Don’t Let Him Steal Your Heart Away” – Demo*

* Previously unreleased on CD

Dance Into The Light 2CD Deluxe

Original Album Remastered Bonus Tracks – CD & Digital Formats Only
1. “Dance Into The Light”
2. “That’s What You Said”
3. “Lorenzo”
4. “Just Another Story”
5. “Love Police”
6. “Wear My Hat”
7. “It’s In Your Eyes”
8. “Oughta Know By Now”
9. “Take Me Down”
10. “The Same Moon”
11. “River So Wide”
12. “No Matter Who”
13. “The Times They Are A-Changin”

CD 2

1. “Dance Into The Light” – Live*
2. “Just Another Story” – Live*
3. “Wear My Hat” – Live*
4. “River So Wide” – Live*
5. “Take Me Down” – Live*
6. “Lorenzo” – Demo*
7. “That’s What You Said” – Demo*
8. “Another Time” – B-side
9. “It’s Over” – B-side
10. “I Don’t Wanna Go” – B-side

* Previously unreleased on CD

46 responses to Phil Collins / Hello, I Must Be Going & Dance into the Light / 2CD sets

  1. fan says:

    I listened again,

    for those who are interested in this kind of stuff :
    make an A/B comparison to It Don’t Matter To Me (no troll pun intended)

    original mix : piano+horns are both same level and pan (pan is the position on left right scale)

    remaster : piano is full frontal while horns are lower volume and more in the middle

    my conspiracy theory : the album was intended as 5.1 (with new mix+master like the Genesis ones,ballsy slightly brickwalled mix) but for whatever reasons cancelled,then downmixed (not always happily as in this case) from 5.1 to stereo,hence some strange choices in the pan and volume of some instruments

    will investigate some more when I’ll have the full catalog

  2. fan says:

    just had a listen to Hello I Must Be Going

    I bet a tenner that it was prepared for 5.1,not stereo,it’s not just a remaster but a remix (or they used the compression very very wizardly) certains elements are more audible than in the original stereo one

  3. M.E.N. says:

    “Hello, I Must Be Going” CD 2 – Live tracks:

    1: I don’t care anymore (“Live at Perkins Palace”)
    2: I cannot believe it’s true (“Live at Perkins Palace”)
    3: Like china (“No Ticket Required”)
    4: You can’t hurry love (“No Ticket Required”)
    5: I don’t matter to me (“No Ticket Required”)
    7: People get ready (“Live at Perkins Palace”)
    8: Thru these walls (“Live at Perkins Palace”)
    9: It’s alright (“No Ticket Required”)

    “Dance Into The Light” CD 2 – Live tracks:

    1: Dance into the light (“Finally… The First Farewell Tour” DVD)
    2: Just another story (Trip Into the Light World Tour ’97)
    3: Wear my hat (“Finally… The First Farewell Tour” DVD)
    4: River so wide (Trip Into the Light World Tour ’97)
    5: Take me down (Trip Into the Light World Tour ’97)

  4. Martin says:

    I’ve always loved listening to P.C., but all of these years i only bought both sides and hits.
    I don’t really understand that there are so many complaints – the original ones are still available and no one has to buy the re-releases, especially fans who already own all his albums.
    I really do love the new covers, it’s a great opportunity at last to buy all of his albums and have them collected in a nice box and I was blown away when I saw Phil Collins live – AMAZING – so it’s great to have a lot of live music too.

    • Martin says:

      …live music to. :-)

    • Zach says:

      Well said Martin. Some of the ppl here that call themselves “fans” sound like a bunch of spoiled children who are trashing these reissues simy becuz they’re not getting everything they want on them. That’s just stupid. They are great albums that were long overdue for a remaster & we should all feel lucky that Phl is releasing anything at this point in his career.

  5. JR Larsson says:

    I was really hoping for a “Genesis” re-issue with a DVD DTS 5.1 mix of the albums.

  6. Griffin says:

    It could be that this whole reissue project won’t sell well. And Warners might pull the plug on any other future PC releases/reissues with the remixes/demos/unreleased stuff. But I’m not gonna spend money on a “maybe”!

    Perhaps Warners will take charge again when this project doesn’t sell & finally giving us what we fans wanted from the archive ;)

    Edsel set a good example with Bananarama, giving us what we want in the first place with the album reissues & if it sells well (IT WAS)! And we got rewarded with even more great stuff (remixes compilation set & the singles box)! We the early birds paid good money for those. In the end you can get those for less than the half of the original prices ;(

  7. Gisabun says:

    Why put a rehearsal in the middle of live tracks? Seems to me he/they could of stretched out the second CD with a full [nearly] 80 by adding some more live tracks.
    Going Back already had a nice deluxe edition and judging by the way it looks, better than what they may issue.

    • fan says:

      maybe the drum solo was better on rehearsal ?
      which is the main interest for The West Side when played live

  8. Alex says:

    The choice of live performances instead of demos or unreleased tracks is very lazy and makes the reissue program a total failure in my opinion.
    I won’t buy any of the reissues.
    Also, he seems to holding back songs for something else. The Man With The Horn, while first published as the b-side to Sussudio, actually belongs to the Hello I Must Be Going Sessions, and it is sadly absent from its tracklisting.
    Why only sell 8 deluxe albums when you can spring out some other 50-60 quids for a rarities type sort of box-set soon after?

    I really hope he doesn’t sell a copy of this ripoff.

  9. RJSWinchester says:

    They’ve gone for mostly live tracks because they know that long in the tooth fans will buy any reissue that mentions the words “Deluxe”, “Bonus” and “Remastered” in the promotional blurb. Either there’ll be a rarities / demos box set within the next couple of years or these albums will be reissued again in a few years time with the rarities and demos on the bonus discs. Personally, apart from a couple of tracks, I think his music is insipid but I hope his fans enjoy these reissues and let’s face it, we’re all mugs for shelling out on these reissues and box sets!

  10. Paul E. says:

    Assuming Peter’s thoughts above hold true…my play is to hold tight and wait for the upcoming SDE Deal Alert and than grab ’em all. All out deal gangster mode!

  11. Justin says:

    It seems I’m one of the rare ones that likes the concept and presentation of these ‘updated’ covers. On the other hand, I’m in agreeance with most of the dissent about the ‘extras’ presented on these reissues so far. Uninspiring and a waste of an opportunity.
    Put the demos, b-sides and extended versions on these sets, then release a live box collection. Having seen PC live many times since 1985, I much prefer the studio versions of most of these songs anyway, and it sounds like I’m not the only one.
    I suppose the major draw here is that this is the first time these albums have been remastered, and I hope they sound as good as the 192/24 HD downloads released a couple of years ago. Fingers crossed.

  12. Joseph says:

    I do like and will continue to like the reissue artwork for the double-take factor although subtle alternate shots from the original photo sessions (maybe several variations in limited quantities or dispersed to different markets) would have been equally effective. Regarding Phil remixes, they’re all pretty dated and quite available for the most part – not really missing them. More demos or alternate takes of album tracks is what’s really needed. Previously unreleased & complete performances from each tour could’ve also worked vs just stacking a batch of edited live tracks from random performances side by side.

    Will still be picking up the expanded “Hello, I Must Be Going” as it is my favorite. Unsure about the rest…

  13. Steven says:

    Majorly disappointed with everything announced so far in relation to these reissues, but I *may* pick them up if I see them going for a fiver at some stage in Fopp or somewhere similar…

  14. David says:

    Is this a better idea? I created this a couple of years ago. Be aware, it’s long but it’s also how Phil should have done it.

    Volume 1: Extra Tracks [part 1]
    1. The Man With The Horn
    2. Here We’ll Stay [duet with Frida]
    3. I Like The Way
    4. Big Noise
    5. You’ve Been In Love (That Little Bit Too Long)
    6. That’s How I Feel
    7. Burn Down The Mission
    8. Around The World In 80 Presets
    9. Rad Dudeski
    10. Don’t Call Me Ashley
    11. For A Friend
    12. Take Me With You
    13. I Don’t Want To Go
    14. It’s Everywhere
    15. Another Time

    Volume 2: Extra Tracks [part 2]
    1. Great Spirits [Phil version]
    2. Everything That I Am
    3. Highflying Angel
    4. Hey Now Sunshine
    5. Tears Of A Clown
    6. Do Nothin’ ‘Till You Hear From Me [with Quincy Jones]
    7. Too Busy Thinkin’ Bout My Baby [duet with Manhattan Transfer]
    8. Teach Me Tonight [with the Silvano Bazan Trio]
    9. Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End [with George Martin]
    10. Prelude / Somewhere [full album version]
    11. Why Can’t It Wait ‘Til Morning [with Fourplay]

    Volume 3: Live Extra Tracks [part 1]
    1. In The Air Tonight [Secret Policeman’s Concert, first night; Phil’s first live performance ever as a solo artist] ^
    2. And So To F [Fabulous Jacuzzis Tour] *
    3. People Get Ready [Fabulous Jacuzzis Tour] * ^
    4. It’s Alright [Hot Tub Club Tour] * ^
    5. Against All Odds [Live Aid Philadelphia] ^
    6. Medley: Reach Out / I Can’t Help Myself / It’s The Same Old Song
    [duet with Paul Young] [Prince’s Trust] *
    7. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling [duet with Paul Young] [Prince’s Trust] *
    8. Fiddle About [with The Who] * ^
    9. Tommy’s Holiday Camp [with The Who] * ^
    10. Another Day In Paradise [Grammy Awards]
    11. Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore [Serious Tour]
    12. The Roof Is Leaking [Serious Tour]
    13. Sussudio [Both Sides Tour]
    14. Easy Lover [Both Sides Tour]
    15. Separate Lives [Both Sides Tour]
    16. Both Sides Of The Story [MTV Unplugged]
    17. After You’ve Gone [Quincy Jones tribute] * ^

    * only PC version of this song ever released
    ^ audio part of a video release

    Volume 4: Live Extra Tracks [part 2]
    1. Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me [Quincy Jones tribute] * ^
    2. Stormy Weather [Quincy Jones tribute] * ^
    3. Let The Good Times Roll [with Mick Hucknall and Chaka Khan] [Quincy Jones tribute] * ^
    4. Always [Big Band]
    5. Pick Up The Pieces [full unedited live version] ^
    6. Mercy Mercy Mercy [with the Buddy Rich Big Band] [Buddy Rich Tribute] * ^
    7. Take Me Home [Music For Montserrat] ^
    – bonus tracks:
    8. In The Air Tonight [Secret Policeman’s Concert, second night]
    9. The Roof Is Leaking [Secret Policeman’s Concert]
    10. In The Air Tonight [with the Eric Clapton Band] ^
    11. Sussudio [Knebworth]
    12. In The Air Tonight [MTV Unplugged]
    * only PC version of this song ever released
    ^ audio part of a video release

    Volume 5: Demos [part 1]
    1. In The Air Tonight [early demo] [c]
    2. Please Don’t Ask [Phil demo] [c] *
    3. Misunderstanding [Phil demo] [c] *
    4. This Must Be Love [b]
    5. The Roof Is Leaking [instrumental] [b]
    6. Hand In Hand [b]
    7. I Missed Again [early demo] [a]
    8. I Missed Again [latter instrumental demo] [b]
    9. If Leaving Me Is Easy [instrumental demo] [b]
    10. If Leaving Me Is Easy [a]
    11. Tomorrow Never Knows [c]
    12. In The Air Tonight [latter demo] [a] [b]
    13. Don’t Break My Heart [b] **
    14. How Can You Sit There [‘Against All Odds’ instrumental’] [b]
    15. Oddball [‘Do You Know, Do You Care?’] [a]
    16. Thru These Walls [b]
    17. Don’t Let Him Steal Your Heart Away [b]
    18. The West Side [b]
    * only PC version of this song ever released
    ** no definitive version of this song was ever released
    [a] official release
    [b] official website upload
    [c] bootleg track

    Volume 6: Demos [part 2]
    1. Sussudio [b]
    2. One More Night [b]
    3. Take Me Home [b]
    4. Homeless [‘Another Day In Paradise’ early demo] [a]
    5. I Wish It Would Rain Down [a]
    6. Lionel [‘Do You Remember?’] [a]
    7. Broadway Chorus [‘Something Happened On The Way To Heaven’] [a]
    8. Hero [Phil demo] [a] *
    9. Deep Water Town [b] **
    10. Both Sides Of The Demo [‘Both Sides Of The Story’] [a]
    11. Everyday [a]
    12. Can’t Find My Way [b]
    13. Watch The Clock [b] **
    14. Dance Into The Light [b]
    15. Wear My Hat [c]
    16. Take Me Down [c]
    17. It’s In Your Eyes #1 [c]
    * only PC version of this song ever released
    ** no definitive version of this song was ever released
    [a] official release
    [b] official website upload
    [c] bootleg track

    Volume 7: Demos [part 3]
    1. It’s In Your Eyes #2 [c]
    2. Lorenzo [c]
    3. The Same Moon [c]
    4. River So Wide [c]
    5. The Times They Are A-Changin’ [c]
    6. Another Time [c]
    7. I Don’t Want To Go [c]
    8. It’s Everywhere [b]
    9. It’s Over [a] **
    10. Head Held High [c] ***
    11. Let It Run Free [c] ***
    12. 6/8 Intro [a] **
    13. Lullabye [‘You’ll Be In My Heart’] [a]
    14. Celebration [‘Son Of Man’] [a]
    15. Rhythm Piece [‘Trashin’ The Camp’] [a]
    16. I Will Follow [‘Strangers Like Me’] [a]
    17. 6/8 Intro [alternate demo] [a] **
    18. Fishing Song [a] **
    19. I Can Change [c] ***
    * only PC version of this song ever released
    ** no definitive version of this song was ever released
    *** no version of this song was ever released in any shape or form
    [a] official release
    [b] official website upload
    [c] bootleg track

    Volume 8: Alternate Edits & Movie Versions
    1. In The Air Tonight [’88 remix]
    2. We Said Hello Goodbye [Playing For Keeps OST remix]
    3. We Wait And We Wonder [single edit]
    4. Why Can’t It Wait ‘Til Morning [with Fourplay] [remix]
    5. Strangers Like Me [A-C mix]
    6. Son Of Man [single version]
    7. Look Through My Eyes [instrumental]
    8. No Way Out [instrumental]
    9. Stevie’s Blues [There’s A Place For Us instrumental]
    10. Big Noise [instrumental]
    11. A Groovy Kind Of Love [movie version] ^
    12. Who Am I? ^
    13. Leaving Home (Find My Way) ^
    14. I Can Change [movie version] ^
    – bonus track:
    15. Strangers Like Me [Top 40 mix] [bonus track]
    ^ audio part of a video release

    Volume 9: A Collection Of 12” Mixes & Extended Versions
    1. Easy Lover [duet with Philip Bailey]
    2. Take Me Home
    3. Sussudio
    4. Who Said I Would
    5. Only You Know And I Know
    6. Don’t Lose My Number
    7. One More Night
    8. In The Air Tonight [Ben Liebrand mix]
    9. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven [One World remix]
    10. Hang In Long Enough [John Potoker remix]
    11. Wear My Hat [edited hat dance mix]

    Volume 10: Sessions & More [part 1]
    1. Don’t Make Waves [Brand X]
    2. Soho [Brand X]
    3. Sun In The Night [Brand X]
    4. Star Of Sirius [Steve Hackett]
    5. Which Way The Wind Blows [Anthony Phillips, feat. Mike Rutherford]
    6. God If I Saw Her Now [Anthony Phillips, feat. Mike Rutherford and iv McCauliff]
    7. Silver Song [Ant, Mike & Phil] [unreleased track]
    8. Only Your Love [Ant, Mike & Phil] [unreleased track]
    9. Deep Green [Jack Lancaster]
    10. Intruder [Peter Gabriel]
    11. Burning Down One Side [Robert Plant]
    12. I Know There’s Something Going On [Frida]
    13. Do They Know It’s Christmas? [Band Aid]

    Volume 11: Sessions & More [part 2]
    1. Walking On The Chinese Wall [Philip Bailey]
    2. Loco In Acapulco [The Four Tops]
    3. The Quiet’s Too Loud [Lamont Dozier]
    4. Hall Light [Stephen Bishop]
    5. Bad Love [Eric Clapton]
    6. Ways To Cry [John Martyn]
    7. Long Tall Cool One [Bruce Hornsby]
    8. No One Is To Blame [Howard Jones]
    9. Hero [David Crosby]
    10. Woman In Chains [Tears For Fears feat. Oleta Adams]
    11. The Big Bang [Simon Collins]
    – bonus tracks:
    12. Hero [CPR] [live]
    13. Looking For An Angel [Laura Pausini]

    Volume 12: Bootleg Tracks – Unreleased Songs & Versions
    1. Over The Rainbow [with extra verse]
    2. Old Mac Donald Had A Farm [Comic Relief clip] *
    3. Life Is A Rat Race [Miami Vice promo] *
    4. Keep On Running [live – Jonathan Ross Show] *
    5. Loco In Acapulco [live – Picnic By The Lake] *
    6. All I Need Is A Miracle [live – Picnic By The Lake] *
    7. You Don’t Know Like I Know [duet with Steve Winwood] [live – Picnic By The Lake] *
    8. Waterloo Sunset [duet with Suzanne Vega] [live – Taratata] *
    9. Little Red Corvette [duet with East 17] [live – Taratata] *
    10. Looking For An Angel [duet with Laura Pausini] [live – ¿Qué Apostamos?] *
    11. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door [live – Both Sides Tour] *
    12. Get Ready [live – Both Sides Tour] *
    13. Helpless Heart [live – Australian TV] *
    14. Who Better Than Me [duet with Josh Strickland] [live – Today Show]
    15. And So To F [full live version – Fabulous Jacuzzis Tour]
    * no PC version of this song was ever released

    Bonus disc: More 12” Mixes & Extended Versions
    1. Megamix: Sussudio / Don’t Lose My Number / You Can’t Hurry Love
    2. Hang In Long Enough [Shep Pettibone 12″ mix]
    3. Hang In Long Enough [Shep Pettibone dub mix]
    4. Wear My Hat [hat dance mix]
    5. Wear My Hat [Wear My Dub]
    6. Deep Green [with Jack Lancaster] [’89 remix]

    Is this something? And yes, i am a bit of a fan but i will skip the re-issues.

    • Scott says:

      Great stuff, but I’d still want “I Like the Way” and the version of “Against All Odds” that plays over the movie’s end credits (different vocal punch-in on the “Now take a look at me now” line).

    • Paul English says:

      Fantastic list David. I’d buy that in a flash.

      • David Roest says:

        Thanks Paul. I’ve been making these and other playlists for years now and it’s a real joy. I love making deluxe editions by compiling b-sides, single versions, remixes, live tracks and other mixes.

    • Hans Jörg says:

      Hi, great list. Are those songs all available anywhere? If so the search begins.

    • Ingmar says:

      Well, that’s a re-issue I would definitely buy..
      Can you send me a link?

    • Zach says:

      That’s a pretty impressive list. I noticed you missed one song though. A duet he did with the Jazz quartet – Manhattan Transfer back in 1995 called “Too Busy Thinking About My Baby”. Great song & very upbeat.

      I’ve been saying for yrs that Phil should release a box set cuz he’s not only my fav artist but becuz I also fig he had plenty of rarities that most fans have never heard. Your list would be a great idea for how to to do that.

    • fan says:

      “12. The Roof Is Leaking [Serious Tour]”

      on what bootleg is this one O:-) ?

  15. Peter says:

    If nobody buy these very poor collins ‘deluxe’ editions (and that’s quite probable), then maybe he and the company will be wiser with the selection of material for the rarities/others release.
    The new cover art is horrible.

    • Carlton Fisher says:

      My thought is that it is more likely, since the reissues have already most likely been assembled, that low sales will mean anything that was meant as a follow-on that would actually delve into the more important archival material that people really want on the reissues will be cancelled due to “lack of interest” and the whole thing will get chucked until whenever if ever.

    • Zach says:

      I can’t believe any true fan of Phil would talk like that. The cover art is cool & there’s nothing wrong with Phil showing his current age. Also, they aren’t poor releases. They are good releases because they’re remastered, have a few demo’s that most fans have never heard & the live tracks sound great.

      Are they perfect? No. But only becuz of the lack of demos. Overall these albums are great & are long overdue.

  16. Griffin says:

    No, I won’t buy this one nor the previous one. I probably won’t buy the next neither. I’ll keep my money in the pocket & I could die without these Phil Collins’ reissues in my collection.

    @Paul S., thank you for the info! I’ll probably hold my money & hope for that: a 3 or 4 discs Remixes & Rarities Collection with all the missing tracks we all the fans hoped to see on these reissues.

    @Kiki, still don’t know whether you got/read my message/post?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Just to clarify, there’s no confirmation that a remix collection is coming, just the fact that there will be some ‘other’ releases outside the studio albums. In my opinion a 3 or 4 disc remix collection is highly unlikely, but a ‘rarities’ type standalone set that covers different grounds from the bonus discs and includes some remixes might happen.

  17. Kiki says:

    These reissues make No sense at all… I’ll definitely pass on it :-(

  18. Kauwgompie says:

    Really, just a bunch of live tracks and 2 lousy demo’s on the bonus disc of “Hello I Must Be Going? Well, obviously I’m not surprised. The other two reissues were utterly un-inspirational, why would these be any different? Even though I don’t mind Phil Collins, I’m NOT getting these. No value.

  19. Scott says:

    “It’s Everywhere” is MIA, and it’s better than “Wear My Hat.” There’s at least one semi-complete song from the *Light* demos bootleg that belongs here, too.

    Across all four reissues so far, the so-called bonus material is so lackluster and parsimonious (how about one of the 9-minute “And So To F” versions from the first tour rather than the commercial B-side?) that there’s no reason to jump on these. They’ll sound fine streaming on iTunes or wherever. Very sad.

  20. Ron says:

    Hmm.. also… Another Time was only issued on a German promo CD-s so it is nice to see it is now made commercially available.

    • Warren says:

      Agree that it’s good for that to see a proper release, even if the other track exclusive to that Promo CD (It’s Everywhere) is missing. Having said that Another Time is by far the better track – I’d go so far as to put it my top 10 Collins tracks, great to see it get a wider release. Not a good album though!

  21. Ron says:

    “Oddball” – Demo of “Do You Know, Do You Care?”*
    * Previously unreleased on CD

    This one was actually released on a 3″ CD-single of You Cant Hurry Love in 1988(ish).

    I was expecting the live stuff again so am not gonna complain about it again. Am happy to see the new demos and rehearsals though.

  22. Warren says:

    At least he’s put the three best b-sides from Dance In To The Light on there all of which are better than anything on the album itself. It’s sad how bored and uninspired he sounds across that album and Testify. Even sadder when tracks like I Don’t Want To Go and Another Time were floating around as b-sides.

  23. Daniel says:

    Absolute disappointing.
    I’m afraid of what will happen with “no jacket required”.
    no unreleased alternate mixes of the album tracks, no demo’s.
    only live tracks, live tracks and live tracks.
    The cover pictures look really scary!
    An expanded re-issue of the “12ers” is not planned ? BAD !

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Warners said the 8 studio albums would be reissued, as well as other “uniquely curated titles from the vaults”. So sound like there will be other things. Maybe a remix collection?

    • David says:

      There are demo’s for No Jacket Required and those were made available as mp3’s for the Phil Collins fanclub when you became a member. Sussudio and Take Me Home are there in demo form.

    • fan says:

      only In The Air Tonight was remade as a 12″ mix and not on the compilation (and strangely the last track on the 12″ers cd was never issued on…12″ or vinyl at all)

      but I agree with you on the bonus cd tracks choice,lots of b-sides missed,and not even full live recording of Perkins Palace or No Ticket Required (both are available widely on youtube and high quality flac bootlegs from both tours)

  24. Dave Butterfield says:

    Very poor offerings…live discs are fine if they are the third disc in a set…demos and wip versions even alternate takes are what interest fans most

  25. daveid says:

    Dance into the Light would work better if he’s holding a stick or in a wheelchair. These are the scariest album covers of all time, largely because you sort of know them already and then BAM it hits you. Let’s hope to hell his estate don’t re-rerelease them after his death or God knows what they’ll look like.

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