Phil Collins / No Jacket Required and Testify deluxe editions.

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Another month, another set of Phil Collins‘ reissues, as his ‘Take A Look At Me Now’ retrospective campaign enters its third stage with deluxe editions of 1985’s No Jacket Required and 2002’s Testify coming in April.

These are consistent with what has come before, being ‘entirely curated and compiled’ by Collins himself. That means plenty of live tracks and a few demos. Actually the Testify bonus CD does round up quite a few B-sides. But given how many singles and remixes were issued from No Jacket Required, it’s bordering on perverse to not include ANY of the extended remixes at all. Even worse, We Said Hello Goodbye which was a bonus track on all CD versions of No Jacket required is missing! If you want a remastered version of that track, you’ll have to hunt down the Audio Fidelity CD reissue from 2011.

No Jacket Required has another updated cover image with Collins as he looks today recreating the pose of yesteryear.

There will also be vinyl reissues which don’t come with the bonus tracks, although Testify is a 2LP set to fit everything on. These are all released on 15 April 2016.

Update 3 March 2016: Warners have confirmed with this blog that there was an error on their press release and that We Said Hello Goodbye WILL be included in the reissue.



No Jacket Required 2CD Deluxe


No Jacket Required vinyl LP remaster


Testify 2CD Deluxe



Testify vinyl 2LP remaster



Track Listing
Original Album Remastered
1. “Sussudio”
2. “Only You Know And I Know”
3. “Long Long Way To Go”
4. “I Don’t Wanna Know”
5. “One More Night”
6. “Don’t Lose My Number”
7. “Who Said I Would”
8. “Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore”
9. “Inside Out”
10. “Take Me Home”
11. “We Said Hello Goodbye”

Bonus Tracks – CD & Digital Formats Only
1. “Sussudio” – Live*
2. “Don’t Lose My Number” – Live*
3. “Who Said I Would” – Live*
4. “Long Long Way To Go” – Live*
5. “Only You Know And I Know” – Live*
6. “Easy Lover” – Live*
7. “Inside Out” – Live*
8. “Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore” – Live*
9. “One More Night” – Live*
10. “Take Me Home” – Live*
11. “Only You Know And I Know” – Demo
12. “One More Night” – Demo
13. “Take Me Home” – Demo

Track Listing
Original Album Remastered Bonus Tracks – CD & Digital Formats Only
1. “Wake Up Call”
2. “Come With Me”
3. “Testify”
4. “Don’t Get Me Started”
5. “Swing Low”
6. “It’s Not Too Late”
7. “This Love This Heart”
8. “Driving Me Crazy”
9. “The Least You Can Do”
10. “Can’t Stop Loving You”
11. “Thru My Eyes”
12. “You Touch My Heart”

1. “High Flying Angel” – B-side
2. “Crystal Clear” – B-side
3. “Hey Now Sunshine” – B-side
4. “TV Story” – B-side
5. “True Colors” – Live Rehearsal*
6. “Come With Me” -Live*
7. “It’s Not Too Late” – Live*
8. “Can’t Stop Loving You” – Live*
9. “It’s Only Loving” – Demo
10. “Tearing And Breaking” – Demo
*Previously unreleased on CD

96 responses to Phil Collins / No Jacket Required and Testify deluxe editions.

  1. Jim Galvin says:

    So far i’ve purchased them all, now waiting for “But Seriously” I’m very happy with the sonics and all these reissues having popped down $30 for all the GOLD Audio Fidelity releases which are of inferior quality. (Same with the Gold Cars reissues, the box sounds so much better). Never buying Gold Reissues for any albums anymore. Let’s keep up the excellent remastering work.

    • wayne klein says:

      Yikes, I couldn’t disagree more. The Audio Fidelity releases use the original master tapes AND sound dynamic without clipping something that can’t be said about these. Nothing has topped my DCC of “The Cars” yet either although I’m hoping that the Mofi SACD/CD dual layered disc will.

      When you say these sound great it’s important to quality WHERE or WHAT you are listening to them on.

  2. wayne klein says:

    Man are these compressed. Is Nick Davis hard of hearing? What the heck is up with him applying so much compression to these remasters? By doing he makes these (along with a lack of b-sides, small amount of demos) even LESS essential.

  3. M.E.N. says:

    ”No Jacket Required” CD 2 – Live tracks:

    1: Sussudio (”Seriously Live In Berlin” DVD)
    2: Don’t lose my number (“Live And Loose In Paris” DVD)
    3: Who said I would (“No Ticket Required”)
    4: Long long way to go (“Live And Loose In Paris” DVD)
    5: Only you know and I know (The Both Sides of the World Tour ’94/’95)
    6: Easy lover (“Live And Loose In Paris” DVD)
    7: Inside out (”Seriously Live In Berlin” DVD)
    8: Doesn’t anybody stay together anymore (”Seriously Live In Berlin” DVD)
    9: One more night (”Seriously Live In Berlin” DVD)
    10: Take me home (”Seriously Live In Berlin” DVD)

    ”Testify” CD 2 – Live tracks:

    6: Come with me (“Finally… The First Farewell Tour” DVD)
    7: It’s not too late (“Finally… The First Farewell Tour” DVD)
    8: Can’t stop loving you (“Finally… The First Farewell Tour” DVD)

  4. Todd R. says:

    Like Peter Gabriel before him (the “So” box set) here we have an artist who wants to curate to his own understanding and development of an album, rather that the commercial life of it. He said this in advance – that this was what was coming out – so no one should be surprised each time another set (here the 5th and 6th out of 8) arrive.
    Yes, I’d like to see all the tracks mentioned above to finally be released on CD – the terrific b-sides (regardless of recording origin – I’m comfortable with release dates etc. as a guide). Remixes (not only all of them that were on the “12’ers” EP, but what about the Japanese edit of “Take Me Home” – shorter than the domestic 12″ extended, but unique itself…. the slightly touched up remix of “We Said Hello, Goodbye” from the movie PLAYING FOR KEEPS). Non-album cuts (“Easy Lover” would be great, not to mention “Against All Odds”, or even “Separate Lives” w/Marylin Martin) etc etc.
    What really makes me upset is that there are no details on when these live recordings (or for that matter – the demos) were recorded…. who’s playing on them? And every liner note is copy-and-paste with the exception of specific notes on a few new tracks…. Very frustrating.

    • Rob says:

      Yeah, you’re right. I got the “Face Value” reissue and read the liner notes and thought they were pretty cool, and then I got the “Hello, I Must Be Going!” reissue and noticed that most of the liner notes were the same. That disappointed me. I’m not all that happy with the bonus disc stuff, especially (talking about “Face Value” now) considering that I have the Atlantic Gold CD from 1993 and the Audio Fidelity Gold CD from a few years ago. Even so, I still got it. I was pretty happy with the “Hello…” reissue (the album disc, I haven’t listened to the other disc yet–and come to think of it, haven’t listened to the FV bonus disc either). I do have the “Hello…” Audio Fidelity Gold disc from 2011 and it does sound great. I do like the new “Hello…” as well with some better bass. All earlier versions of “Hello…” were just harsh. Snare drums made me wince, especially through headphones. As far as “Face Value” goes, the best version is the 1993 Atlantic Gold CD. That’s my opinion, I know. And what the hey, just to throw it out there, the 1993 Atlantic Gold “Abacab” is also the best.

      • wayne klein says:

        Some good points made here about the various reissues of the album but about THESE reissues–why oh why can’t Nick Davis remaster these without compression? Seriously, does he not remember the fan reactions to the Genesis CD/DVDs?

        There’s noticeable clipping on some of these and the use of limiting applied as well for some. I like the quiet parts to be quiet and the loud parts to be…loud.

        Dynamics Nick, dynamics.

        It’s what helped some of these to sound so great.

  5. Florian M. Kranz says:

    No Jacket Required would enable a SuperDeluxeEdition: The 12″ers, the complete concert video (DVD/BluRay) recently broadcasted on 3sat, the Live Aid performances, tv appearences, unplugged versions (especially Lady Madonna / Sussudio), Easy Lover 12″ and many more.

  6. dennis f. says:

    when “no jacket required” was released, there was an accompanying music video release that i bought along with it (on betamax no less!)… the “no jacket required” music video ep (released in the usa by atlantic records) included “sussudio,” “one more night,” “who said i would,” “don’t lose my number,” and “take me home.” it would have been really, really great if this “njr” re-release included an accompanying dvd that had those videos on it.

    these record companies are really missing the mark on these delux re-releases… i was equally disappointed with the gogo’s recent re-releases because they had no dvd of music videos. i can’t imagine the record companies would just let these things sit in a vault and not want to try to make money off them….

  7. FRED says:

    BOYCOTT !!!

  8. Michael says:

    New cover images? Outrageous. Has anyone else ever done that with reissues? Like most others here I’m fussy about deluxe/expanded editions, maybe more than others, because that has put me right off.

  9. I like to think that there may well be enlarged sets of individual albums down the line, perhaps, but it will really depend on demand. I imagine it was a no-brainer for Floyd and Zep to do an array of SDE’s that cost a “ton” a piece, because they were very confident that there was a sizeable audience who would absolutely splash out and make the investment worth it. Right now, you get the impression that the Phil camp are not entirely sure of the same. It’s not like it’s not doable, as everyone knows how much archive material he has, but a big stumbling block, I reckon, is Phil’s attitude to the albums in question. One of the more eye-opening details of recent promotional interviews is that he doesn’t have much love at all for No Jacket Required – ironic, given its his biggest success. That in itself may inform the content of the extras disc we’re getting now. Maybe he just doesn’t like the remixes of songs he doesn’t have a lot of love for… who knows? As far as But, Seriously… is concerned, I just really, really, really want “That’s How I Feel” on CD at long, long last.

  10. Charlie D says:

    “We Said Hello Goodbye” used to even get radio play in the NYC area.
    This album (along with Crowded House and Capitol Records’ “CD XTRA TRAX PAX” marketing hooey) was one of the earliest to use that bonus track on CD only thing as a marketing effort.
    Howard Jones’ “Dream into Action” album too!

  11. Neil says:

    At least Testify won’t have that copy protection crap on it this time around like it did on it’s original release in Europe anyway.

  12. While it’s a boundless pleasure to finally have a Phil Collins box-set – and I am certainly enjoying the remasters of the albums – I think the bonus material has unquestionably been defined by a severe sense of hesitancy, as if Collins perhaps felt that no one would be interested in receiving a more complete overview. Moreover, it’s absolutely aimed at the casual fan who might want “a little more” – which is fine. Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with Collins approach – and he’s absolutely not wrong in that there it’s genuinely interesting to see how songs develop in the live arena – but the issue, if you’re an outright devotee of his work, is that the rarity value is pretty much nil. It’s genuinely disappointing not have a full array of B-sides for each album – let alone the remixes, which for NJR merited their own release – and, if you know your bootlegs and live releases, it’s abundantly easy to know where this live material comes from. I do think there should have been a greater sense of confidence, as you could have at least done sizeable SDE’s of the first four albums and they surely would have sold. However, Collins is clearly not a fan of the “everything and the kitchen sink” approach to reissue material, which so many SDE devotees are, which is his prerogative, I suppose. Ultimately, I don’t think you can call this campaign a failure by any means – it’s a tailored approach that’s not for the hardest of hardcore fans. That doesn’t mean that this won’t happen down the line, though. More than anything, the TALAMN campaign is really testing the waters of current interest in Collins, so you can appreciate that they would take a measured approach and not release an uber-set that wouldn’t do anything commercially.

  13. Mathew Lauren says:

    Who would waste their time and money on another 2-channel “already-been-there-done-that” MUSIC COMPANY (Warner Bros Music in this case) money grab dressed up as a Super Deluxe Edition?

    WHERE ARE THE DISCRETE 5.1 surround mixes!!!???

    …completely disgusted with Warner Bros Music who have FAILED (once again) to provide lossless, discrete 5.1 tracks — this time on Phil Collins’ signature solo release: “No Jacket Required.”

    We must BOYCOTT all music companies who fail to offer discrete surround tracks on all reissues where the MASTER TAPES are present and viable.

    There is simply no argument as to the absolute best way to enjoy these (musical) arts!

    • Philip Cohen says:

      Surround Sound mixes of Collins’ first 3 albums were mixed (by engineer Allan Sides) more than a decade ago, but Collins vetoed their release.

  14. Phil Cohen says:

    When I heard that Collins was planning on reducing “Going Back” from 18 songs to 13 (for the upcoming reissue), I did the obvious thing: I bought the 18-song version while it is still available. I found a clean used “Going Back” CD for $3. Now, “Testify” is the only Collins CD that I don’t have in my collection.
    The “Going Back” CD is excellent. If you don’t already have it, grab the 18-song version while you can.

  15. Gisabun says:

    In the era of b’sides and tracks from compilations, soundtracks, remixes, etc., it is surprising that NJR deluxe basically sucks.
    As for possibly dropping the number of tracks on Going Back, would put it passed Rhino/Phil to use whatever was dropped as the bonus tracks on the second CD. Not much of a huge choice unless there are demos or unreleased tracks as there was no touring to speak of. Unless they throw in the 4 extra tracks off the DVD.

  16. Olov says:

    I have bought the vinyl versions released so far and I’m very happy with the quality. Top notch package all the way, and the sound is perfect. So if you’re into vinyl, I really recommend getting these since I think that this is one of the better reissue series on vinyl that I have come across.
    Thanks for the info Paul!

  17. monkeybeme says:

    It has been more or less confirmed in interviews with Phil since January that a singles collection will be coming out at the end of the year as well as an anthology of people Phil has worked with Eric Clapton, John Martyn etc I don’t know if these are the same or separate releases. So it looks like he his holding back certain songs for this release, Man with the horn, that’s how i feel etc….

  18. Griffin says:

    I’m a PC fan. Not the hardcore one. But I like 12″/7″ remixes, dub etc. Now the tracklistings I’ve seen so far are disappointing. Like I’ve said before: the new covers are scary. And I’m agreed with Ern. Remasters/reissues should have the original covers or perhaps unused photos from the same cover photo shoot instead of these new covers. A CD cover should represent the CD content. New cover for new recording or re-recording. Perhaps the “new cover” on the inner side or as flip side of the original cover.

    I don’t mind to pay for the remastered expanded editions with most 7″/12″/dub. And perhaps after the reissues then again for a 2 or 3 CD set with Remixes (of course with some unreleased gems from the vault)! Warner/Rhino, feel free to take my money, just give me/us what I/we want.

  19. Ben Williams says:

    We Said Hello Goodbye will be on the CD. Phew! I was nervous it wasn’t going to be on there, especially when I heard Going Back is going to Morrissey-like and change completely (new track order, completely new artwork). I did hear that Phil demo’d Sun Aint Gonna Shine Anymore during Going Back on Ken Bruce’s show yesterday. Hopefully thatll appear on its bonus disc.

  20. Pat Francis says:

    I wish the “No Jacket Required” B-Side “Man With The Horn” would have been included on the 2nd disc.

  21. Stephen K. says:

    10 years from now, Phil won’t look like he does on the new covers. And the new covers don’t reflect how he looked at the time he made the recordings. We’ll look back on this later and think, “Well… that seemed like a rather random idea from Phil!” Maybe in ten years’ time, we’ll get another reissue. Same content, but updated photos for how Phil looks in 2026.

  22. Alessandro says:

    I hope there will be a comprehensive remastered singles collection/greatest hits album (a double-CD set, possibly) after the reissue series is complete. Including the non-LP tracks which weren’t and will not be included in the remasters (Against All Odds, Separate Lives, Two Hearts, Groovy Kind of Love, True Colours, Son of Man, You’ll Be In My Heart, Look Through My Eyes, Hero with David Crosby, No Way Out) would be a particularly wise decision.

  23. reed says:

    I’ll be very disappointed if the NJR live tracks are from his Hot Tub Club performance in Melbourne, which is widely bootlegged and a very good soundboard recording in its own right.

    The updated cover for NJR is just plain creepy!

  24. arnold1960 says:

    This is the third set of releases of Phil’s albums and it’s time to comment. I was really looking forward to these reissues but I’m bitterly disappointed.
    The track selection on the bonus discs, as many have already commented, is dire. The sound quality of some of them is poor to say the least. I know the source of these tracks maybe to blame, but we’re talking about remasters here. I also dislike the new covers. I don’t know of any band or artist that has done this before.
    The inner sleeve notes are repetitive. I think that most people will want the whole series (hence the box) so to use the same explanation of why he’s done these re-releases, on each, with little or no info about the bonus tracks is a shame.
    I would have been satisfied if they had been released similar to Peter Gabriel’s albums a few years ago. That is, the original album with a budget price. A missed opportunity.

    • Eric says:

      Well said, Arnold. I had designs on collecting this set of deluxes, despite all the misgivings about the new sleeves, the lack of remixes and B-sides, and the determination from Phil to do things his way and not give the public what they want.

      However, once I read about the sound quality issues and suspect sourcing of the second discs, that was enough for me to return the lot. Box and all. Face Value – the remaster – sounded very bright and almost suspiciously good, but I am not buying into a project that expects listeners to pay top money for inferior sound. I didn’t bother with the rest of them. The originals will suffice. Such a shame.

      • arnold1960 says:

        Thanks Eric. You sound like a long term fan of Phil’s that, like myself, has been let down with these reissues. With reference to the cost, I worked out that it was going to be around £100 for the set over a short period of time. Something that helped with my decision to return the initial purchases.

  25. Jay Kranz says:

    I believe the true colours rehearsal was previously released on the love songs compilation.

    and I will echo everyone else with disappointment over no jacket required and the incompleteness of all the other ones (though hello I must be going actually does seem to have all it’s b-sides)

  26. Todd R. says:

    I always stand by artist’s choice (if only because all too often that is NOT the case. The artist is left out in the cold, with their work spwed out with little care.) Still it is a bit of a bummer that so much of the recorded output of NJR is not on these reissues. They even released an EP of remixes (“The 12’ers”) from that album. “We Said Hello, Goodbye” was the “original” bonus track on the CD edition of the album here in the states, happy to see it included here as part of the set.
    I look forward to the few demos here, as that really does the job PC keeps referring too in the liner notes (note to all, half the write-ups in each album are the same, and a few specific details per album are included). The whole idea he has was to showcase the development of a song from writing, to album, to live. A pity there is no inclusion of performance credits to his touring bands, what date the tracks were recorded, and venue site. :(
    As for the remixes – you have the 6 from “12”ers”, but also “Easy Lover”, the vinyl Japaneses edit of “Take Me Home” (shorter, but unique to itself). Even the remix of “We Said Hello, Goodbye” from the soundtrack PLAYING FOR KEEPS.

    • Kauwgompie says:

      Well when PC wants to showcase the development of a song, he left out out a very important part: the remix!!!

  27. Kauwgompie says:

    Again, utter crap from Phil Collins. The bonus tracks on these reissues are completely worthless. I hope they commission Paul to do with NJR what he did with Tears For Fears’ The Big Chair. A beautiful box set with ALL the remixes, early mixes, 7″ mixes, b-sides, radio sessions and live material. This is disgusting!!

  28. Rob says:

    In this Billboard article, Phil states that he plans to remove some tracks from Going Back:

  29. Martin says:

    I haven’t been a fan, and only own 2 albums, so:

    I love the box, the new covers are a great idea, the sound on this new versions is fantastic, the live bonustracks are nice, the deluxe packages look great. No complaints at all!!
    I’m going to buy the whole set, and can’t wait til NJR is released.
    I also bought HITS because of the missing hits that are not included.
    As a non hardcore fan I’m not interested in 12″ mixes or b-sides. Maybe there is a reason why Phil didn’t want them to be released again.
    Real fans might already have all the songs on different CDs, LPs,…

    • Martin says:

      …and by the way: Thank you Paul for this great Site. I love !!
      And I’m happy for the fans that it has been confirmed that We Said Hallo Goodbye WILL be on NJR.

  30. Daniel says:

    NO Purchase REQUIRED!!
    The tracklist is scary – like the cover picture.
    Where is an Expanded Edition of 12″ers ?
    This is what I want. All 12″ mixes, 7″ mixes, b-sides and maybe
    unreleased dub mixes, alternate mixes.
    TESTIFY !!

  31. dennis f. says:

    again… where’s the bonus dvd with the music videos from “no jacket required”???

  32. Dave says:

    What do people think of the sound quality of the remasters?

    To me it’s a cleaner sound but there seems to be less bass than the previous releases.

  33. Alan says:

    I’m no fan of Phil Collins, but hats off to him for updating the cover photos. A very brave move. Due to the lighting, No Jacket Required isn’t as scary as previous ones, and the reasonably short time-frame (14 years) between the original and new Testify means that that one looks OK too.

  34. Ben Williams says:

    Just reading other comments, I do hope these missing B sides and extended versions and the Drawing Board demos and non album singles appear on some sort of compilation, like an extended, remastered Hits package? We all would buy them! Warner should take heed and release what we want. At the end of the day, there is a difference between artist’s choice and what will sell, and 80s reissues done right, sell. This site is proof of that cos we all buy these reissues. Thats why we’re here!

  35. Ben Williams says:

    With the first 4 reissues I have been very kind, and I do think they were fantastic. I think Testify’s tracklisting is perfect, and whilst I hate to moan about Mr. Collins’ decision with No Jacket Requird with the tracklisting (I mean, no I Like The Way?? Phil-you have included B sides on Dance, Both Sides and Testify, why not your BIGGEST selling period??) I do like the tracklisting to No Jacket, in terms of live and demo material, and I do like the covers re-shot, especially as part of the Take a Look at Me Now box. As a superfan, I have the original 80s vinyls and CD’s from yesteryear so have “original” masters and artwork any. I will buy these and I very much look forward to owning a remastered No Jacket and some of the B sides from Testify I have never heard so that’s good.

    I am terrified now about But Seriously… He seriously (ahem) needs to include Thats How I Feel and Youve Been In Love, otherwise, we riot!

    And when is Tarzan deluxe coming out…

  36. Runicen says:

    It seems rather perverse that so many extended versions and b-sides are being left off.

    I’m left to assume that either an odds and sods collection is intended for release after the albums proper, or this is being rather seriously mismanaged.

    Still, I have enough love for Phil the musician that I want to pick these up and give them a proper chance.

    Fingers crossed my first guess is the correct one.

    Also, is it just me, or is the new No Jacket Required picture a little… ghoulish? He looks very unwell from that angle in that lighting. Testify is far better overall.

    • chris says:

      This reissue program of Phil’s catalogue is so badly executed that it really becomes obvious that a compilation of unreleased tracks, OST tracks etc. is coming up shortly. I believe warners doesn’t reveal anything on purpose in order to force (persuade?) more people to buy the original albums. My only fear is that that the boxset accompanying the first 2 album reissues can only hold 8 cd’s… so let’s hope my forecast proves right.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Hopefully that is happening. They should just tell people, it’s not going to stop them buying the reissues (or encourage them to do so, buy not saying anything).

  37. fan says:

    now that testify is to pre order i can do my combo :

    dance into the light 2LP+testify 2LP on amazon

    though I already have the dance into the light original LP,
    but since it was released on a single LP… I can throw a few euros for a better sound

    maybe he’ll release an expanded edition of 12″ers with non album singles,complete 12 mixes,missing b sides (drawing board),etc etc? fingers crossed !

  38. Kiki says:

    Absolutely no interest.
    I have the repackage, I find the setlist totally incomplete and useless. No Jacket Required should have come at least with 1 CD of mixes and 7″ edits…

  39. Ern says:

    I’m a bit amused by these reissues. The opportunity to package all tracks related to each album has now been wasted. The live tracks just to fill up disc 2 is of no use to most Phil Collins fans, that’s what the live concert dvd is for. If Mr Collins or the record company were afraid to put out a second CD with only 5 or 6 tracks on it, it did no harm to the Queen CD Reissues when they came out. Again, one can argue that those extra tracks could fill up the rest of the first CD and no need to produce a second disc but that is a discussion for another day.

    As for the new album cover image, it would only make sense if the albums were re-recorded.

    This has to be one of the worst reissue programs I have ever come across, not unless you know of other reissues as bad as this campaign.

  40. DaveM says:

    Sorry to buck the trend but I am really enjoying these so far, apart from the sound quality of some of the Both Sides live tracks. The remastering on the original albums is spot-on to my ears. Maybe the non album ‘hits’ are being saved for a best of at some point. I really like the packaging as well, quality.

  41. Kevin says:

    Though I don’t plan to buy either of these sets, I certainly wouldn’t miss “We Said Hello Goodbye”. I always felt it was a weaker track, and rarely listened to it when playing the album. And it’s certainly possible that its inclusion as an extra track was the record company’s decision, as the CD was still a fairly new format, and extra tracks were often added to give record buyers incentive to opt for the new (and, at the time, more expensive) format.

    A similar precedent is David Sylvian’s Weatherbox set from 1989, which collected his first three LPs, the previously cassette-only Words with the Shaman, and (inexplicably) the two b-side tracks from his then-new non-album single, “Pop Song”. The version of Secrets of the Beehive included in this set omitted the extra track from the original CD release (the 1984 b-side, “Forbidden Colours”), so that the album naturally ended where Sylvian had originally intended it to end. Although, interestingly enough, when Secrets of the Beehive was remastered and reissued in 2003, “Forbidden Colours” was replaced by “Promise (The Cult of Eurydice)”, a bonus track which originally replaced “Forbidden Colors” on an otherwise unremarkable 1991 Japanese reissue of the album…

  42. DJ Control says:

    Maybe there’s going to be an extras set similar to the ones included with the Genesis box sets. He could easily include the 12″ ers album and single only tracks with that.

  43. Francesco says:

    Sorry but I don’t understand why updating images. No Jacket Required, my favourite, looks so different now. Music is always good but I won’t buy it with that images that scares me.

  44. Steven says:

    In the US, in the eighties, the 12″ single of “Sussudio” was massive. Sucks that it isn’t here. Doubt he’ll re-issue that 12″ collection. Was hoping for a set for “No Jacket Required” close to what James did with “Laid”/”Wah Wah”

  45. Phil Cohen says:

    It’s almost as if Collins is intentionally trying to alienate his fans and sabotage his own comeback so that there will be no demand for new recordings or concert performances. Have it your way, Phil.

  46. Claudio says:

    Perhaps he has lost track of the original masters? Or the original sounded terribly? I DONT THINK SO !!!

  47. elliott buckingham says:

    ill stick with my 12 inchers cd until a proper reissue is done

  48. Claudio says:

    What a SHAME!! This way that Phil is NOT including the B Sides from NO JACKET is a real shame !!! I was wondering if he could have included some at least… as “Rad Dudeski” from Both Sides that wasn’t included… Another release that will play only in Spotify, a really waste of time and effort… I feel completely pissed off… Or perhaps we will have to wait until Phil dies ?

  49. Mark Franklin says:

    So far, the ONLY appealing thing has been the new covers…. Yes a bit odd but hats off to exposing yourself through age. No Jacket Required track listing and new cover shot are all rubbish. Sorry, this is just one absolute mess. I’m all for artists being involved in their releases but at least seek what the fans want and stop being blindsided by your own ego.

    • Zach says:

      I don’t think its ego, Mark. Phil is a a pretty self conscious guy & a perfectionist so more than likely, he didn’t feel the b-sides, that were left off, were good enuff to put out. I still wish that had though. Most of us diehard fans don’t expect b-sides or demos to be perfect. We just want to hear everything our fav artists did.

  50. colin says:

    Nice to see Easy Lover included on NJR for the first time albeit a ‘Live’ Version. I was not impressed back in 1985 when it was not on the album

  51. colin says:

    Hi Paul. Have you missed off Track 11 ( We Said Hello Goodbye (2016 Remastered) from Disc 1 of No Jacket required? It is listed on Amazon as Track 11 as it was on the CD release of the album back in 1985

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Warners press release says it’s not on there.

      • colin says:

        Maybe Amazon have got it wrong then mate – Interesting if they have!

      • octopus92 says:

        We Said Hello Goodbye was not present on the original vinyl.
        It was later added as a bonus track on the CD edition.

        For people who complain about A Groovy Kind Of Love, Two Hearts or Against Oll Odds, they weren’t from his solo albums but from Original Sound Tracks from movies….

        It’s nearly sure there will be another compilation in the works, perhaps with new tracks (s), so these singles will be on it as they were on “Hits” in 1998.

        But it’s very sad that “I Like The way” is missing from NJR…

  52. Hans Jörg says:

    Paul, amazaon UK does list 11. We Said Hello Goodbye (2016 Remastered)? Rdgs Hans Jörg

  53. chris says:

    Wow….I mean really…wow. What a missed opportunity for Phil to give us some goods on the multi platinum No Jacket Required. I don’t think we’re short of ANY live versions from that period, but neglecting the B-sides? Phil, oh Phil! We’re not getting:

    The Man With The Horn
    Life Is A Rat Race (a reworking of The Man With the Horn that was done for the Miami Vice episode where he played a game show host)
    We Said Hello Goodbye
    I Like The Way

    Have a few demos is nice…but you have to wonder what other demos he’s holding back. *sigh*

    • Rob Deighton says:

      If “The Man With The Horn” was to appear anywhere it would of been of the “Hello, I Must Be Going!” disc as it was recorded within that period but held back for a B-Side for ‘Sussudio’.

  54. dazzler says:

    Funny. The Take a Look at me Now re-masters have no sign of the non-album singles Against All Odds (aka Take a Look at Me Now), Groovy Kind of Love and Two Hearts so far. The record buying public turns out to be screwed again by yet another incomplete re-issue series of a big name.

    • colin says:

      The only (Phil Collins) non-album single that should be on these re-masters is Easy Lover although not on the original release of NJR as it was on Phillip Baileys album ‘Walking on the Chinese Wall’. Against All Odds (from Film of same name) , Groovy Kind of Love & Two Hearts (from Buster – but i’m sure you know this) were from film soundtracks so do not belong on these re-masters IMO.

      • Carlton says:

        Wasn’t Easy Lover technically a Phillip Bailey track though? So it wouldn’t actually belong. The soundtrack cuts would make more sense as inclusions as they are at least credited to Collins and from the same era.

        • colin says:

          Yes, like I said it was from his WOTCW LP that is why Easy Lover was not on the original release of NJR. Songs from soundtracks belong on those soundtrack albums OR Greatest Hits/comiplation etc releases. Buster was released in 1988 so 3 years after NJR so too long to be considered for a NJR re-release. Easy Lover IS on this re-release on disc 2 but a live version only. NJR was originally released 18th Feb 1985 – 4 days after Easy Lover was released in the uk (a UK no.1 for Phil & Phillip), and 9 days after Sussudio was released in the uk. Easy Lover was released in US Nov 1984 where it reached No.1). After Dont lose my number was released in May 1985 the last single from NJR was Take Me Home released in July 1985. Maybe a bit too soon for this to be performed at Live Aid and Phil went for sure fire hits that the ‘casual’ fan at live Aid would have heard of (ITAT & AAO). I am eventually going to get all the re-issues but i do think they should include remixes/B Sides as well as live versions and demo’s.

          • colin says:

            TMH was actually released 12 days after Live Aid anyway but he could have done Sussudio at Live Aid but would have to have been with his band and not solo on the piano!!

      • Matthew says:

        I totally agree – since when were any of these singles on an official non-greatest hits PC album?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          If a song was recorded for a soundtrack in the same year/era as an album then surely it’s puts itself in contention for the bonus disc? Quite often licensing issues prevent inclusion, but I don’t see why people wouldn’t want these tracks added as bonus tracks, if at all possible.

  55. What do you mean by “No Jacket Required has another updated cover image with Collins as he looks today recreating the pose of yesteryear. Understandably, they haven’t bothered doing this with Testify”? They have.

  56. Phil G says:

    The Amazon UK track listing has We Said Hello Goodbye remastered and included.

    But even so – a very poor reissue. No purchase required.

  57. Phil Morris says:

    Good price for the Testify double vinyl, too, given that the Dance… equivalent was £21.99 on pre-order.

  58. Pim says:

    The Testify artwork is a new photograph…

  59. James says:

    I have tried hard no to complain about the re-issues so far by taking a “be happy with what we got” approach. But not having “We Said Hello Goodbye” included is ridiculous considering it is an album track. Crazy.

    • colin says:

      i think its a typo on Pauls part as it is listed on Amazon as Track 11 as per original release

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        It’s not a typo. I’m going by the information Warner have provided. That could turn out to be wrong, but until I have more information I’m going with what the label provide.

    • Zach says:

      No need to worry I own the new reissue of NJR & I can confirm that “We Said Hello Goodbye” is indeed on the disc.

    • Jim Galvin says:

      It’s on my copy in the United States

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