PICTURE: The Velvet Underground 6-disc super deluxe edition


This new image of the forthcoming 45th anniversary super deluxe edition of The Velvet Underground’s self-titled third album confirms that the presentation and packaging is consistent with the anniversary sets of the first two albums.

Full details of this six-CD set can be found hereThe Velvet Underground 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition is released on 24 November 2014.

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  2. GHB says:

    Mine just arrived – really great package from what is a really great re-issue deluxe series – shame some other companies and artists don’t deliver re-issues with such attention to detail and quality. Can’t understand the pricing mind – why was the second 3CD set c. £45-50 and has seen little variation in price yet this 6CD set was £35? I think the book is thicker with the latest issue too.

    As a slight aside, when I use Amazon I try and avoid ordering a deluxe edition with anything else as they have in the past poorly separated multiple items causing denting, scratching etc. They bundled this with an order from a much later date, so I opened the big box with some trepidation. However, the VU set was in its own (original manufacturer’s?) cardboard box; the same as true of my recent purchase of the George Harrison The Apple Years 1968-71 box set and both were then in the original stickered shrink wrap. It would be great if mail order firms adopted this as standard practice where possible, since it really protects the product.

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  4. Paul Thomson says:

    On Amazon today at £35.73 (with free UK delivery). The phrase ‘yoink’ springs to mind :-)

  5. Rich says:

    Good old fashioned cheap price (not moving around every day) from UK shop. Only £42.80 with free UK delivery. That’s more than £7 cheaper than and they use a courier which usual delivers next day. Hurrah for the independents:

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