Pink Floyd / Obscured by Clouds and Animals vinyl reissue pre-order


Pink Floyd‘s 1977 album Animals will be reissued on vinyl along with 1972’s Obscured By Clouds

Update 2/6/16: Pre-orders removed from Amazon UK. This page will be updated when updated listings re-emerge.

Update 5/6/16: Back on Amazon UK!

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Obscured By Clouds: [VINYL]


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Animals [VINYL]


7 responses to Pink Floyd / Obscured by Clouds and Animals vinyl reissue pre-order

  1. Eirik says:

    The albums will be released With gatefolds when thet were originally. The sound on all the titles should be far supeior to any earlier release of all titles. A team of vinyl experts have dug deep on all these old albums. The final cut and animals are the two I am looking the most forward to because those albums sound amazing cut on vinyl. A true experience and both come in gatefold sleeves With all the original extra details in better quality thick cardboard sleeves.

  2. Dean T says:

    Well no there not going with the original designs ,no flip backs and extra printing on the back sleeve.A shame because these albums deserve the same attention to detail as the Beatles mono albums …but no …not this time.

  3. elliott buckingham says:

    I’m assuming regarding the sleeve format they will stick to the original designs

  4. David says:

    Animals in the headphones. This should be a trip. And I to hope this will be the gatefold style!

    • Bill says:

      After all, we want the most authentic experience for our purchasing dollars. Here in Colorado, as well as the rest of America!

  5. bill scruggs says:

    Are any of these going to be gate fold style albums so I can use them to separate the seeds from the leaves..!

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