Pink Floyd / Relics vinyl reissue

In addition to the good news about their PULSE vinyl reissue, Pink Floyd are also set to reissue their first compilation album, Relics, on vinyl.

The album was issued by EMI back in 1971, about five months before the release of Meddle. Subtitled “A Bizarre Collection of Antiques & Curios” this set contains singles, B-sides and other tracks from their first three albums and features the Barrett-era non-album singles Arnold Layne and See Emily Play.

All tracks are the original stereo versions except for Arnold Layne and See Emily Play which are in mono. This is re-released on the same day as Pulse, 18 May 2018.

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Pink Floyd

Relics (2018 Remastered Version) [VINYL]


1. Arnold Layne

2. Interstellar Overdrive

3. See Emily Play

4. Remember a Day

5. Paint Box

6. Julia Dream

7. Careful with That Axe, Eugene

8. Cirrus Minor

9. The Nile Song

10. Biding My Time

11. Bike

53 responses to Pink Floyd / Relics vinyl reissue

  1. Choba b CCCP says:

    I guess I’ll buy it some day – just for collection, because I’ve already got my old 1975 (?) second vinyl pressing in pristine condition.

  2. Ross Baker says:

    I do wish there was a straight-forward set of early Floyd non-album material. Relics was always a tedious compilation, with five of the tracks being on albums. The Early Years boxes are a bit too over-stuffed with demos, radio sessions and live tracks for my interest, which makes them a very expensive investment for just a handful of tracks. Howabout this for a nice tracklist of standalone tracks that would complement the ’60s albums nicely:

    1. Arnold Layne
    2. See Emily Play
    3. Apples and Oranges
    4. Candy and a Currant Bun
    5. Paintbox
    6. Point My at the Sky
    7. It Would Be So Nice
    8. Julia Dream
    9. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
    10. Biding My Time
    11. Embryo
    12. In the Beechwoods
    13. Vegetable Man
    14. Scream Thy Last Scream

    • Alan Elam says:

      I totally agree, Ross. For as much as I might possibly pull the trigger on this reissue of “Relics”, I’m likewise wondering if maybe I should wait to see if they ARE going to drop something like a non-LP comp, or-in the very least-a vinyl reissue of the “Early Singles” comp that came with the “Shine On” CD box from ’92. Decisions, decisions…LOL!

    • albatrosity says:

      Cuz they wouldn’t get enough of your money if they gave you exactly what you wanted

  3. Brian says:

    I guess they’re going to end all this with the compilation, Echoes.

  4. Andy Haines says:

    Ahh. Finally! What’s left to remaster apart from possibly A Nice Pair, Zabriskie Point, Works & Masters of Rock? Perhaps it would be brilliant if they released a remasterd vinyl version of Live at Pompeii? I have this on a bootleg which is good quality, but an official release would be good!

    • albatrosity says:

      Pompeii was issued officially in the Early Years box set, so you don’t have to listen to your old bootleg

      • Kit Jones says:

        The Early Years box set version of Pompeii sounds great, but both parts of Echoes have been joined and I prefer the stereo mix of A Saucerful Of Secrets from my old 1980s video copy

  5. Andrea says:

    I must say it’s quite startling to read comments such as “I’d prefer to see a newly-compiled anthology for the pre-Dark Side years”…
    man, we just had an amazing 27-disc box of just that!

    • Richard Starkey says:

      LOL, aren’t we a mess..!!

    • MFG says:

      Andrea – I was thinking a 2-CD set at the most. I don’t want 27 CDs of early Floyd. Also, the Cre/ation sampler is a good start, but is missing many of their best early songs.

  6. Zongadude says:

    Also worth mentioning is the fact that one non-album track on this compilation is exclusive and unavailable elsewhere: the post Syd track “Biding my time”. :)

  7. Mylene says:

    It came out on HMV in Australia. They used to sell it for AU$2.50 at newsagents.

  8. King_Baz says:

    Seems this may have been removed now?
    “Currently Unavailable”

  9. David Regan says:

    Nice to see it issued again…but I have the starline original issue and the 1995 remastered CD with the full version of Interstellar Overdrive..if you search the net you can find a near mint 1st issue of just a few pounds more..or even the MFP reissue mint for a few pounds less..also got the 2009 Japanese Mini LP version with the original album cover design…i don’t need another vinyl version even if it’s Remastered..need Echoes best of if that gets a Vinyl reissue.

  10. David M says:

    Used to cost 1.99 in Woolworths!

  11. Benjamin Adams says:

    Yes. Excellent!

  12. Derek Langsford says:

    But being vinyl it will slowly get compromised with wear.

    What happened to blu-ray music? I would happily buy lossless digital stereo blu-rays of many albums but that is the only format I will again buy an album I already have on CD, unless it comes in a boxed set with other material in digital form or remastering is a significant improvement.

    While I don’t begrudge people being able to get albums on vinyl, it seems to be at the expense of other formats. And once the vinyl trend fades, what will be left? A download world?

    • MFG says:

      More like a streaming world, since streaming now accounts for 65 percent of music industry revenue in the USA, according to the RIAA. Digital downloads have taken a huge hit in the past few years, while CD sales continue to decline and vinyl sales, though increasing, are still a very small percentage of the overall market.

      Sadly, the majority of music consumers aren’t buying individual albums and songs these days (not even digitally), so the whole concept of music ownership continues to be at risk.

    • Wes Headley says:

      Vinyl won’t get compromised with wear (that is audible) if it is properly cared for. Good vinyl still beats digital hands down given comparable playback systems.

    • Chris Marsh says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Derek. With the fad of vinyl (especially various coloured vinyl releases), the record companies are pandering far more to the equivalent of pog-collectors than they are to those who love music.

  13. MFG says:

    Instead of reissuing the old hodge-podge compilations from the past, I’d prefer to see a newly-compiled anthology for the pre-Dark Side years. Pink Floyd’s output was so hit-and-miss in the early years, so a carefully-compiled and sequenced collection would be greatly appreciated. The Cre/ation 2-CD set is a good idea, but it is missing many key tracks, while Echoes from 2001 doesn’t have enough pre-Dark Side songs on it.

    My favorites for inclusion would include:

    Astronomy Domine
    Lucifer Sam
    Arnold Layne
    See Emily Play
    Interstellar Overdrive (prefer the Paradiso live version from 1969)
    Remember a Day
    Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
    Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Ummagumma version)
    Embryo (the BBC session from 1970 is fantastic)
    One of These Days
    Echoes (11-minute edit is enough)
    Childhood’s End
    Free Four

  14. brian says:

    They are going to reissue everything

    wished the sound would not be compromise be as original as possible.
    and I don’t need 180 gram

    • Benjamin Adams says:

      The sound on these isn’t compromised. Bernie Grundman has done a great job mastering them for LP.

  15. Seth Onetooth says:

    I never did follow the logic of track selection for this LP. It should have included all the early single As and Bs as well as strays Embryo and Biding My Time instead of tracks from Piper and More.

  16. Brian says:

    this only leaves PF’s The Works. Surely that deserves a rerelease.

    • Gary Thompson says:

      I think it’s only the UK issues which are part of this reissue programme, so ‘Works’ wouldn’t be included. The same would go for the euro ‘Best of’ compilation from around the same time as Relics.

    • Michael says:

      I am guessing they won’t reissue Works, and I guess really there is no reason to…since unlike Relics and “Collection” there is nothing exclusive to it, but it was my favorite PF comp. album, personally. I would buy it if they reissued it.

  17. Charlie Waffles says:

    Yuk! I want Pulse on cd remastered.

  18. Paul Mortimer says:

    Still have my original early copy, bought ummm…yes, 47 years ago!

    Still in immaculate condition, just like me!

  19. Dan T. says:

    Paul, any more PF announcements to come? Seems like they’re doing a lot of re-issues back-to-back lately.


  20. Now I’m starting to think there’s a Floyd cash grab going on. I’m wondering what’s left to reissue. That being said, I am hoping to get the mono Piper LP for Record Store Day.

  21. Mark R says:

    I’d prefer a reissue if “A nice pair” wither original cover art!

  22. LedMan says:


  23. Bill Hammell says:

    Should have Scream Thy Last Scream as a bonus track. It would have to be a double then though I guess.

  24. Dean Taylor says:

    Well I will definitely go for this one … never owned a copy either on cd or vinyl.. again glad to see this reissued.

  25. Mike in Maryland says:

    Any rumors of reissuing either (or both) Pulse and Relics on CD?

  26. Richard Starkey says:

    Awesome, thanks Paul..! These are great little tunes, esp. “Paint Box”. Has this ever been released on CD?

  27. HalloweenJack says:

    About time!

  28. Steven says:

    This one with this cover art is very hard to come by in the US. Happy they went with this cover rather than the other variants.

    If an original copy wound up in a used indie record shop in the US, it would go for over $100 (depending on condition of course). Last year, I was in London and found a nice condition copy at Reckless on Bernice street for just 8 pounds. I’ll pick this up anyway though for that price.. enjoying these remasters…

  29. its a shame this LP was not split over 2 discs being that its over 50 minutes long.

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