Pink Floyd / The Division Bell 25th anniversary blue vinyl

Pink Floyd‘s 1994 album The Division Bell will be reissued as a 25th anniversary translucent blue 2LP vinyl edition in June.

The Division Bell was the last studio album to be recorded by the version of the band that was David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright and was number one in many countries including the UK, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. The album was recorded by the band at Astoria (Gilmour’s boat) and Britannia Row Studios with the majority of the lyrics being written by Polly Samson and David Gilmour.

David Gilmour said at the time: “The three of us went into Britannia Row studios, and improvised for two weeks. Playing together and starting from scratch was interesting and exciting, it kick-started the album and the process was very good, it was collaborative and felt more cohesive.”

The Division Bell includes ‘A Great Day For Freedom,’ ‘Keep Talking,’ ‘High Hopes’ and the instrumental Marooned.

The album was remastered (from the original analogue tapes) for the 20th anniversary vinyl box set (released in 2014), by James Guthrie, Joel Plante and Doug Sax. This new edition uses that same remaster. Bob Ezrin and David Gilmour produced the original album, with orchestral arrangements by the late Michael Kamen.

This 25th anniversary translucent blue 2LP vinyl release of The Division Bell is issued on 7 June 2019.

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Pink Floyd

The Division Bell 2LP blue vinyl


LP 1

Side 1

Cluster One
What Do You Want From Me
Poles Apart

Side 2

A Great Day For Freedom
Wearing The Inside Out

LP 2

Side 1

Take It Back
Coming Back To Life
Keep Talking

Side 2

Lost For Words
High Hopes

42 responses to Pink Floyd / The Division Bell 25th anniversary blue vinyl

  1. elliott buckingham says:

    read an interview with mason saying something is happening with mason judging by his comments im assuming a remix of some sort he said none of the band members were happy with the production sound of the album due to recording in a different studio with inferior tech

  2. Chuck O'Neill says:

    I wish this color variation was part of the box with the singles and extra art etc, I would have bought it. Instead I finally bought the stand-alone black 2014 Doug Sax press less than a year ago. Still buying this tho.. now I need that box to swap the black press out with this beauty

  3. Tyrone Tudor says:

    Thanks for the heads up – I have the gorgeous 20th deluxe.
    The last paragraph say’s 20th – not 25th.
    Many thanks

  4. Otto Jung says:

    Too bad that the edited versions from the original LP are not available again. I got to know this album on the LP format and the extended (normal) versions of some songs on the CD and recent LP editions still sound a bit strange to me – like the extra verse in Wearing The Inside Out.

  5. Sid Too says:

    Complete trivia but there were two sets of ‘heads’ made for the cover. One set are in a garden in Hastings and the other pair are in a lock up. The artist never got paid so he kept them!

    I recall one set being carried down Frith St, Soho on the way to Tapestry.

    Great album all the same.

  6. sk8logic says:

    Will it have more clues to solve the Enigma?

  7. Karl Probst says:

    I am a huge PF fan and grabbing my mono version of Saucerful on Record store day but this release…..good god it’s expensive lol.

  8. Giovanni says:

    Ordered-Thanks for info

  9. Sid Barritt says:

    the Dave Gilmour Guitar Collection sale brochure is now on sale at the Christies auction house website.

  10. Jeremy King says:

    Brilliant, just ordered a copy. At a good price – compare this with many of the RSD record prices.
    Thank you for letting us know about this relea

  11. paul wren says:

    This also came out as a double vinyl reissue for the 20th Anniversary but on black vinyl.

  12. Andy says:

    When I saw the Pink Floyd email from you I thought “Please, please, please be the Animals super deluxe”. But this is nice to have too.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Sorry for the tease (although it honestly didn’t occur to me).

    • Bart says:

      Yeah i feel Your pain. Ive been waiting for Animals reissue for ages…

    • Rasputin says:

      Wait for Animals at the beginning of 2020

      In the autumn of 2019 may release a large box set

      Like The Early Years

      • SimonF says:

        Got any more info on this ‘large box’.? What else is there left. As far as I am aware Floyd cleaned out the vaults with the Early Years set, plus the three Immersion boxes bar Animals. So what’s left…?

        • KevinK says:

          Rumour has it there’s a “Later Years” box on it’s way – possibly in November – covering the post-Waters years.
          Whether they subsequently have a third box to fill in the Dark Side to Wall/Final Cut period is yet to be seen.

        • Rasputin says:

          Wait and See

          In any case, the seed was thrown

        • David says:

          According to Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell, there’ll be a box set called The Later Years around the end of the year, covering the period 1986-2014. There’s an article about it on A Fleeting Glimpse. The Animals 5.1 is apparently going to feature new artwork showing Battersea Power Station as it is now ie being done up as ‘luxury’ flats (are there any other kind these days?)

    • peter chrisp says:

      From what i have heard & that was quite awhile ago Animals is next on the list but only in 5.1. And there are no extras. This is what Roger Waters has said. Bluray & dvd audio?

  13. The Golden Age Of Carbon Based Being Fuck-ups says:

    `The Division Bell` is my favourite Moody Blues album!

    Well not really but a friend played it for me when it was first released and I genuinely thought it was The Moodies apart from the voice.

    Yes it was a David Gilmour solo project but had enough input from other Floyds to get the Pink label. IMHO I think it`s one of the best PF albums since `Animals`.

    I don`t have an LP copy so I`ve ordered this beautiful looking edition.

  14. Rasputin says:

    It would be desirable to have a frontal image of the 1994, released in the USA, with another alternative shot

  15. Marc Sutton says:

    Ordered!!! Thanks Paul……..good price I think too.

  16. Michael Keyes says:

    WYWH…touring the US one more time

  17. Peter Muscutt says:

    Division Bell was never one of my favourite Floyd albums, and as such I never really listened to it that much. But here on the Isle of Man we have an excellent Floyd tribute band called Pigs on the Wing, who perform a lot of Division Bell in their set (What Do You Want From Me, Great Day for Freedom, Take It Back, Coming Back to Life, High Hopes) and it really helped me rediscover the album…I also think High Hopes is a real high point, not just of the post-Waters phase but Floyd overall!

  18. Samppa says:

    You guessed it right, Im Pink Floyd and David Gilmour fan, fanatic and collector.
    I have the following DB-releases (should be all but I might forgot something): original 1994-cd, 2008 Oh By The Way-boxset version cd (which is original mastering right?), 2011-cd remaster, 2014- 20th anniversary boxset (with included vinyl, cd, 2×7″ and 1×12″) and also 2016 standalone-vinyl pressing.
    I don’t need any further releases and pressings, and by it seems that this just the same mastering on different color than previously. Looks cool color-wise and tempting but I won’t be buying this.
    Division Bell, I really, I really love this album and it’s definitely one of my favorite albums and for some reason I’ve listened to these different editions this past week. I think it was just as I read that the release-date had it’s 25th anniversary last month.

  19. Pink Floyd’s Helicopter says:

    My belief was that this was intended as a Gilmour solo project but then he got the others involved and it became Floyd after all… I think I need to dig out my copy and rediscover it. High Hopes is one of my favourite songs they ever did. A definite high point of the post-Waters gloom.

    • Erik says:

      I think that was Momentary Lapse of Reason that began as a solo Gilmour project (and in many ways still was) as Division Bell was always a full band album. One of the reasons I love it so is it felt more in line with Meddle or Wish You Were Here in that it all came from the three of them just getting together and jamming & improvising until they found the songs.

    • Nuno Bento says:

      The Division Bell was never a David solo project. If anything, this is the most collaborative Floyd album since Wish You Were Here.

  20. elliott buckingham says:

    a standalone bluray 5.1 edition would be nice

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