Pink Floyd / The Later Years 1987-2019

Box set concentrates on post-Roger Waters era • 18-disc set including 5CDs, 6 blu-rays, 5 DVDs and more • Over 13 hours of unreleased audio/video

Pink Floyd are to release, The Later Years 1987-2019, another massive music box set in the style of 2016’s Early Years package. This time around, as the title suggest, the set focuses on the later period when Roger Waters had quit and David Gilmour, Rick Wright and Nick Mason were left to continue on their own to produce studio albums and undertake massive world tours.

The period generated record sales of over 40 million worldwide and included three studio albums: A Momentary Lapse of Reason, The Division Bell and The Endless River as well as two live albums: Delicate Sound of Thunder and Pulse.

The label claim over 13 hours of unreleased audio and audio/visual material  feature in the set (remember a new remix is ‘unreleased’) including the 1989 Venice and 1990 Knebworth concerts.

Both A Momentary Lapse of Reason and Delicate Sound Of Thunder have been remixed, with the former also ‘updated’ (thought to be new Nick Mason drums and alternate Rick Wright parts). They appear on the first three CDs and a fourth gathers together unreleased live and studio recordings. CD 5 is the 57 minute Knebworth concert from 1990. Note The Division Bell isn’t included on CD here, but is on one of the six blu-rays.

Pink Floyd / The Later Years 1987-2019 - blu-rays
The Later Years 1987-2019 contains six blu-rays

The first blu-ray features the new 2019 of A Momentary Lapse of Reason in 5.1 and high res stereo, the 2014 mix of The Division Bell and seven unreleased studio recordings also in 5.1 and hi-res stereo. Three further blu-ray discs cover live material: Delicate Sound of Thunder, Pulse and the Venice and Knebworth concerts. All in hi-res stereo and 5.1. A final blu-ray disc offers a massive amount of videos, concert films, rehearsal footage and more.

The Later Years includes five DVDs but these merely repeat the content on blu-ray discs 2-6. Where surround sound is offered these are mostly Dolby Digital and DTS.

Finally, for the audio, this set includes two seven-inch singles: ‘Arnold Layne’ performed live by Pink Floyd at the Syd Barrett Tribute concert, 2007 and Lost For Words from the Pulse tour rehearsals at Earl’s Court. Both singles have a special etched image on their B-sides.

Pink Floyd / The Later Years 1987-2019 memorabilia

In terms of ‘stuff’ this also comes with a 60-page photo book, three reproductions tour programmes and a collection of replica memorabilia like posters, tour passes and stickers.

A 2LP ‘highlights’ and single CD of The Later Years will also be released. You’ll find the track listing below, along with very details contents of the big box itself.

The Later Years 1987-2019 is released on 29 November 2019

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Pink Floyd

The Later Years 1987-2019 - 18-disc box set


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Pink Floyd

The Later Years 1987-2019 - highlights 2LP vinyl


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Pink Floyd

The Later Years 1987-2019 - highlights CD edition


Pink Floyd / The Later Years 1987-2019
The Later Years 1987 – 2019 (click image to enlarge)

Pink Floyd / The Later Years 1987-2019 - CDs

5 x CDs, contained in their own 60-page, hardback book, containing a guide to all content, track listings, exhaustive content detail and credits.

CD 1 ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’ Remixed & Updated (51 mins)

  • Signs Of Life
  • Learning To Fly
  • The Dogs Of War
  • One Slip
  • On The Turning Away
  • Yet Another Movie
  • Round And Around
  • A New Machine Part 1
  • Terminal Frost
  • A New Machine Part 2
  • Sorrow

CD 2 ‘Delicate Sound Of Thunder’ Remixed Part 1

  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5
  • Signs Of Life
  • Learning To Fly
  • Yet Another Movie
  • Round And Around
  • A New Machine Part 1
  • Terminal Frost
  • A New Machine Part 2
  • Sorrow
  • The Dogs Of War
  • On The Turning Away

CD 3 ‘Delicate Sound Of Thunder’ Remixed Part 2

  • One Of These Days
  • Time
  • On The Run
  • The Great Gig In The Sky
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Welcome To The Machine
  • Us And Them
  • Money
  • Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2
  • Comfortably Numb
  • One Slip
  • Run Like Hell

CD 4 Live Recordings, 1987 & 1994 Unreleased Studio Recordings (65 mins)

  • One Of These Days (live in Hanover 1994)
  • Astronomy Domine (live in Miami 1994)
  • The Dogs Of War (live in Atlanta 1987)
  • On The Turning Away (live in Atlanta 1987)
  • Run Like Hell (live in Atlanta 1987)
  • Blues 1 (unreleased 1994 recording)
  • Slippery Guitar (unreleased 1994 recording)
  • Rick’s Theme (unreleased 1994 recording)
  • David’s Blues (unreleased 1994 recording)
  • Marooned Jam (unreleased 1994 recording)
  • Nervana (unreleased 1994 recording)

CD 5 Knebworth Concert 1990 (57 mins)

  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5
  • The Great Gig In The Sky
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Sorrow
  • Money
  • Comfortably Numb
  • Run Like Hell

Pink Floyd / The Later Years 1987-2019 - blu-rays


6 x Blu-rays, each contained in a gatefold wallet with dedicated cover art, including track listings and music publishing credits. Discs contained in protective plastic sleeves inside wallet.

Blu-ray 1 Surround & Hi-res Audio Mixes (152 mins)

A Momentary Lapse of Reason Remixed & Updated 2019

Surround: dts Master Audio 5.1 (96/24), PCM 5.1 (96/24) PCM Stereo (96/24)
  • Signs Of Life
  • Learning To Fly
  • The Dogs Of War
  • One Slip
  • On The Turning Away
  • Yet Another Movie
  • Round And Around
  • A New Machine Part 1
  • Terminal Frost
  • A New Machine Part 2
  • Sorrow

The Division Bell 2014 remix

Surround: 5.1 dts Master Audio (96/24), PCM 5.1 (96/24)
  • Cluster One
  • What Do You Want From Me
  • Poles Apart
  • Marooned
  • A Great Day For Freedom
  • Wearing The Inside Out
  • Take It Back
  • Coming Back To Life
  • Keep Talking
  • Lost For Words
  • High Hopes

Unreleased studio recordings

Surround: 5.1 dts Master Audio (96/24), 5.1 PCM (96/24) PCM Stereo (96/24)
  • Blues 1 (unreleased 1994 recording 5.1 mix)
  • Slippery Guitar (unreleased 1994 recording 5.1 mix)
  • Rick’s Theme (unreleased 1994 recording 5.1 mix)
  • David’s Blues (unreleased 1994 recording 5.1 mix)
  • Marooned Jam (unreleased 1994 recording 5.1 mix)
  • Nervana (unreleased 1994 recording 5.1 mix)
  • High Hopes (Early Version) (Alternative Version 5.1 mix)

Blu-ray 2 ‘Delicate Sound Of Thunder’ Restored & Remixed (120 mins)

Stereo: PCM 96/24
Surround: dts Master audio 5.1 (96/24)
  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5
  • Signs Of Life
  • Learning To Fly
  • Sorrow
  • The Dogs Of War
  • On The Turning Away
  • One Of These Days
  • Time
  • On The Run
  • The Great Gig In The Sky
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Us And Them
  • Money
  • Comfortably Numb
  • One Slip
  • Run Like Hell

Blu-ray 3 ‘Pulse’ Restored & Re-edited (145 mins)

    • Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5, 7
    • Learning To Fly
    • High Hopes
    • Take It Back
    • Coming Back To Life
    • Sorrow
    • Keep Talking
    • Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2
    • One Of These Days
    • Speak To Me
    • Breathe (In The Air)
    • On The Run
    • Time
    • The Great Gig In The Sky
    • Money
    • Us And Them
    • Any Colour You Like
    • Brain Damage
    • Eclipse
    • Wish You Were Here
    • Comfortably Numb
    • Run Like Hell

Blu-ray 4 Venice Concert 1989 & Knebworth Concert 1990 (147 mins)


Stereo only: PCM 48/24
  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Part 1
  • Learning To Fly
  • Yet Another Movie
  • Round And Around
  • Sorrow
  • The Dogs Of War
  • On The Turning Away
  • Time
  • The Great Gig In The Sky
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Money
  • Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2
  • Comfortably Numb
  • Run Like Hell
  • Fireworks

Live at Knebworth 30 July 1990

Stereo: PCM 48/24.
Surround: DTS Master audio 5.1 (48/24)
  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5
  • The Great Gig In The Sky
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Sorrow
  • Money
  • Comfortably Numb
  • Run Like Hell

Blu-ray 5 Unreleased Live Films Music Videos & Concert Screen Films (154 mins)

Stereo PCM (48/24)
    • Learning To Fly
    • Marooned
    • Take It Back
    • High Hopes
    • Louder Than Words
    • Learning To Fly (alternate version)
    • Yet Another Movie
    • Round And Around
    • A New Machine Part 1
    • Terminal Frost
    • A New Machine Part 2
    • A Great Day for Freedom Version 1
    • A Great Day for Freedom Version 2
    • Lost for Words
    • Signs of Life
    • Learning To Fly
    • The Dogs of War
    • One Of These Days
    • Speak To Me
    • On The Run
    • Us And Them
    • Money
    • Brain Damage + Eclipse
    • Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-4, 7
    • Speak To Me
    • Time
    • The Great Gig In The Sky
    • Money
    • Us And Them (Black & White)
    • Us And Them (Colour)
    • Brain Damage + Eclipse – North American dates
    • Brain Damage + Eclipse – European dates
    • Brain Damage – Earls Court, London dates
    • Wish You Were Here with Billy Corgan

Blu-ray 6 Documentaries & Unreleased Material (122 mins)

  • Arnold Layne (Live at Syd Barrett Tribute 2007)
  • A Momentary Lapse of Reason – Album Cover
  • The Division Bell heads album cover photography
  • Pulse TV ad 1995
  • The Endless River film By Ian Emes* Stereo: PCM (96/24. Surround: 5.1 dts Master Audio (96/24)
    SIDE 1
         Things Left Unsaid
    It’s What We Do
    Ebb and Flow
    SIDE 2
    SIDE 3
         The Lost Art of Conversation
    On Noodle Street
    Night Light
    Allons-y (1)
    Autumn ’68
    Allons-y (2)
    Talkin’ Hawkin’
    SIDE 4
    Eyes to Pearls
    Louder Than Words
  • A Momentary Lapse of Reason cover shoot interview with David Gilmour and Storm Thorgerson
  • The Division Bell Airships 1994
  • Behind The Scenes – The Division Bell Tour
  • Arnold Layne Rehearsal (Syd Barrett tribute 2007)
  • The Endless River – Launch Event 2014
  • The Endless River EPK 2014

Pink Floyd / The Later Years 1987-2019 - DVDs


5 x DVDs (duplicating the content of Blu-rays 2-6 above), each contained in a gatefold wallet with dedicated cover art, including tracklistings and music publishing credits.

DVD 1 – Delicate Sound Of Thunder Film Restored & Re-mixed

Track listing as per Blu-ray 2

DVD 2 – ‘Pulse’ Restored & Re-edited

Track listing as per Blu-ray 3

Stereo: PCM (48/16)
Surround: Dolby Digital 5.1 (48/16), dts 5.1 (48/16)

DVD 3 – Venice Concert 1989 & Knebworth Concert

Track listing as per Blu-ray 4

DVD 4 – Unreleased Live Films Music Videos & Concert Screen Films (154 mins)

Track listing as per Blu-ray 5

Stereo PCM (48/16) only

DVD 5 – Documentaries & Unreleased Material

Track listing as per Blu-ray 6

Stereo PCM (48/16) except *The Endless River film, Stereo PCM (48/16) 5.1 Dolby Digital (48/16), 5.1 dts (48/16)

Pink Floyd / The Later Years 1987-2019 - 7" singles

7” Singles

2 x 7” vinyl singles in brand-new picture sleeves, featuring ‘Arnold Layne’ performed live by Pink Floyd at the Syd Barrett Tribute concert, 2007 and Lost For Words from the Pulse tour rehearsals at Earl’s Court. Both singles have a special etched image on their B-sides.

Pink Floyd / The Later Years 1987-2019 - book

Photo book

60-page hard backed book of photos designed by Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis and Peter Curzon of StormStudios, including many previously unseen images.

Pink Floyd / The Later Years 1987-2019 - tour programmes

Replica Tour Programmes and Lyric Book

A newly-created set of reproduction tour programmes (Pink Floyd World Tour 1987/1988, Pink Floyd Live 1989, Pink Floyd European Tour 1994), plus a brand new Lyrics Book, designed by Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis and Peter Curzon of StormStudios.

Pink Floyd / The Later Years 1987-2019 - memorabilia


A collection of reproduction memorabilia including tour passes, stickers and posters, all printed to replicate the originals, and contained in a prestige card envelope.

Pink Floyd / The Later Years 1987-2019 highlights

The Later Years 2LP / single CD ‘highlights’ track listing

  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5) [Live at Knebworth 1990] [2019 Mix] (new 2019 mix)
  2. Marooned Jam (Unreleased 1994 Recording) (previously unreleased)
  3. One Slip (2019 Remix) (new A Momentary lapse of Reason 2019 mix)
  4. Lost For Words (Tour Rehearsal 1994) (previously unreleased)
  5. Us And Them (Live, Delicate Sound Of Thunder) [2019 Remix] (new 2019 mix)
  6. Comfortably Numb (Live at Knebworth 1990) [2019 Mix] (previously unreleased)
  7. Sorrow (2019 Remix) (new A Momentary lapse of Reason 2019 mix)
  8. Learning To Fly (Live, Delicate Sound Of Thunder) [2019 Remix] (new 2019 mix)
  9. High Hopes (Early Version) [Unreleased 1994 Recording] (previously unreleased)
  10. On The Turning Away (2019 Remix) (new A Momentary lapse of Reason 2019 mix)
  11. Wish You Were Here (Live at Knebworth 1990) [2019 Mix] (previously unreleased)
  12. Run Like Hell (Live, Delicate Sound Of Thunder) [2019 Remix]

261 responses to Pink Floyd / The Later Years 1987-2019

  1. Kevin Greer says:

    Paul, can you comment on whether the DVDs and Blu Rays are region-free? There is a reasonable deal on Amazon US that is for $275 plus tax and shipping which makes it about $300, but it’s from the Global Store.
    Interesting also that the current price on Amazon UK is much higher.

  2. Gerry says:

    For anyone living near Goole in East Yorks. Halls Music has it in now for £200 new sealed. It was £225 few weeks ago, now £200. I have just bought a copy , £100 cheaper than Amazon, bargain price.

  3. Andrew says:

    Can anyone help me out with this: Mine arrived MISSING the Arnold Layne 7″ vinyl. The sleeve was included but with no vinyl inside. I purchased this on an Amazon special (may have even used the link through SDE, I can’t remember) back in January and kept it closed up until we celebrated Father’s Day. I opened the box today, find it’s missing, and now Amazon can’t replace the item. Is there any contact info at the record label that handles snafu’s like this? How massively disappointing. Doing searches now and finding many people have had scratch issues on their discs. Mine are mostly fine but I can see what people are talking about, including one CD that has a big scratch which so far doesn’t seem to affect play. Where is the care that should go into a large and expensive production such as this?!?! Amazon’s solution for this is less than ideal and extremely expensive (for them) and that’s assuming it may even work for me, and so far, nothing has given me HIGH HOPES.


    En 95 euros, pero solo ha estado unos 10 minutos.

  5. Jason Russell says:

    Just ordered from JPC for $297 (including delivery to Florida). The odd thing, which at first made me think it was a semi-bogus set, is it’s listed as “Pink Floyd: The Best Of The Later Years 1987 – 2019” but…it lists all the contents. Fingers crossed…

  6. fan says:

    if you like brickwalled masters,you’ll enjoy this new drum/guitar/bass in your face remix of Delicate Sound of Thunder on cd, it sounds like it’s been done hastily, some tracks have all the instruments correctly balanced (Terminal Frost), but for the majority, you barely hear anything but guitar bass and drums (yes there is more bass and drums than vocals during The Great Gig In The Sky, volume wise) ; which backing vocals? which synths?

    A Momentary Lapse Of Reason is much more subtle in the new remix

    haven’t heard the 5.1 versions or seen the blurays yet

  7. David Ware says:

    Hi for info on Amazon. Fr you can get this floyd set for 308€, which in ££ means it’s under £300

  8. Jason Russell says:

    Rolling Stone had what seemed like a fair review of the set. 3.5 stars. Raved about Delicate Sound of Thunder on Bluray (Pulse not as great since it was filmed on video).

    Rachel Fury in high def….something to look forward to. ;)

    • Gil Griffith says:

      Received the set today. The restored/remixed Delicate Sound of Thunder on BluRay is almost worth the price of admission alone. I’ve always loved the double CD release and wore it out playing it when it first came out. Never saw it on video until now. Looks and sounds great – the 24 bit 96kHz surround mix is incredible.

      Why they left ‘Yet Another Movie’ and ‘Round And Round’ off of the full concert film (they are included in the original CD) and put them on the Unreleased Live Film and Music Videos disc is beyond me.

      Speaking of the Music Videos, they are only presented in Stereo. It would have been nice to have 5.1 mixes on these videos.

      Overall, this box set is a bit pricey and, as others have pointed out, it’s a little light on gems and bonus material that was so abundant on The Early Years box. But I am diving ion deep on what is available here, and loving it.

      To each his own.

    • Carl Jacobs says:

      Hi all.
      Box set arrived via that horrible but now essential web store linked via Brain Damage – sorry Paul. Normally purchase via official band store with the T Shirt(s). That is what I did for the Early Years and yes purchased all the t shirts as well; discs set covers and the band photos.
      At in excess of £450, I thought this was a box too far, so I preordered the T shirt. Eventually I purchased the box as said via Amazon for a still hefty £273 with zero p&p. Thus a saving of more than £100, than via web store and indies and box itself £60 via Amazon.
      Purchased the vinyl and cd compilations on BF RSD via excellent Badlands along with the Geddy Lee and Bruce 7” yes I was first in queue before going to Hammersmith for the superb Hackett gig.
      This box and the compilations is a Christmas present – you’ll have to speak to my long suffering wife and daughter and son in law as to why; only way I can be sure it is purchased and in great condition. “Remember don’t write the gift tags by leaning on the product!”
      As usual after removing from Amazon oversized box with a cursory length of paper on top?, I removed the stickered shipping box. That’s where it ends for now.
      Shipping box will be retained as with the sellophane wrap and hype sticker and redacted invoice, as all my other box set shipping boxes, much to my wife’s chagrin. After all must keep the resale
      I have watched the excellent unboxing movie and agree with Paul.
      Overall a bit light. I have the superb Motorhead ‘79 box with the 7” and this was a respectable £150 – declined the extra £100 for the faux leather cover version.
      Agree with all that the omissions are greatest loss. It may be legal issues preventing this. However a note in the box by the team would explain to us fans and keep us engaged.
      I will play the sets copying the CDs onto a sd disc for my car.
      I await the 5.1 of Animals and official 5.1 release of Meddle and other unreleased stuff.
      Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all readers
      Carl Jacobs

  9. Arthur says:

    Look for Dodax Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, Japan has normally/always very competitive prices (free shipping & Pal). Example: € 297,53

  10. Jack says:

    Still waiting on a BIG price drop. I love The Pink Floyd but no way am I paying more than $200 for this.

    • Jason Russell says:

      I think I’d pay up to $250…maybe a little more, but I too am waiting for a drop. I’d be shocked if there wasn’t a healthy drop eventually.

  11. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    i’m definetely not a big fan of pink floyd. but “high hopes” belongs to the best songs i ever heard.
    the melancholy touches me everytime i hear that song.

  12. Emilio Lafarga Giribets says:

    Right now the cheapest price among Amazon sites is the French one but there is no link here.

  13. Gisabun says:

    Box set should of been split. CDs, DVDs, and BR. Thrown in memorabilia and vinyl singles with the DVDs and BRs. Way too expensive otherwise. Elitist….
    How expensive it gets for Columbia [the label?] if some box sets are damaged in transit to the stores.

    • Guy says:

      I don’t have this set, but in others to mitigate this they have the SDE set in foam and then dead space to relieve some puncture issues et al. This didn’t use to be the case, but I think the return shipping / damaged in transit issues add up when you are pay top $€£¥

  14. Jack says:

    The 2lp set is just fantastic. Chris Bellman has done another fine job mastering. Both discs quiet and solid.

  15. Guy says:

    Well, I just listened to the single CD version released on Spotify. For my ears, it was an underwhelming listen from a remix/unreleased point of view. It will be interesting to hear the reviews once the full box is out in the wild.

  16. Stephen Gilmour says:

    Is Pulse on the blu ray the audio AND visual….please can someone confirm

    • Jason Russell says:

      Stephen: Given that it says “re-edited,” have to believe that means the “film” and not just a BluRay audio disc. Also says 145 minutes but my Pulse audio isn’t that long

  17. Peter Laver says:

    Can someone post the packaging dimensions and weight.


  18. Stephen Gilmour says:

    Just bought on pre order on eBay for 450 Aussie dollars delivered….246 uk pounds…nice :)

  19. David Griffiths says:

    Hi All
    Pink Floyd played Knebworth as part of the Silver Clef Awards on 30th June 1990. Not as stated in July of that year!!!

  20. Jason Russell says:

    Release date now Dec. 13, at least on U.S. Amazon site

  21. Klaus says:

    For those interested in “The Middle Years” who still haven’t bought them: “Dark Side”, “Wish” and “Wall”-Immersion-boxes are currently on offer at for 67€ each.

  22. Tony O says:

    £275 What Records at the moment

  23. Alexandros says:

    313 EUR at LOWEST price to date.

  24. Timo says:

    Now 333 EUR at

    • Jean-Michel says:

      For the Frenchies and those who have an account with FNAC, price is 315 Euros through their website.

  25. Phil says:

    Since both the Audio and Film versions share the same titles…to clarify do the BluRays include the CONCERTS for “DSOT” (previously only available on VHS) and “PULSE” or only the Audio ?

  26. Darren says:

    So we have early years box set and later years box set. Is anything planned for middle years ? Dark side through to the final cut ?

    • andy says:

      Unlikely given all the Immersion box sets for the individual titles in that era so people would lose their minds if Floyd released it all again as part of a Middle Years set. That said I would love to see one as Animals needs a deluxe treatment, and The Wall needs to come out on 5.1, but I doubt what extras there would be for the Final Cut.

  27. Jeff says:

    Interesting that the compilation ‘best of’ is coming to vinyl whereas the Early Years equal didn’t.

    All good – as the newest Pink Floyd album I own on vinyl is The Wall.

  28. Ron says:

    My advice, like with The Early Years: wait till the volumes are available seperately. Then wait some more till the price drops. In this way I had Early Years 1-6 for 220 euro instead of 520!

  29. KeithC says:

    As a PF fan of several decades who bought The Early Years with nary a thought about the cost, my reaction is you’ve got to be f*cking kidding. Almost nothing that hasn’t already been released, and unnecessary duplication at this time of DVD and Blu-Ray. No, I’ll pass.

    • Sergio says:

      I´m a long Pink Floyd fan since my childhood and there is something I know for sure about them. For a band so careful and sistematic musically speaking, they however never knew how to please their fans when publishing unreleased material or launching compilations, probably because they never took part in the process or were simply uninterested. Their early compilations, The best of Pink Floyd aka Masters of Rock and Relics were good for those who wanted to listen their early singles and b sides. I would have instead in a dreamed Relics compilation, have included Point me at the sky, Embryo, Vegetable man and Scream thy last scream and have removed Bike, Remember a day and Interstellar Overdrive. When A collection of great songs… went on sale I thought it was a good compilation actually. I would have omitted Shine on and Sheep for Have a cigar and Pigs on the wing part one an two. This later as an oddity. The worst thing came when Shine on box set was released. An ugly and expensive artifact that didn´t contribute to any of the fans really wanted and demanded. Only a cd in a cheap carboard with their early singles was valuable .It was time then and now for a proper job of unreleased material: We are still waiting for an official release on vinyl of The Man and The Journey 1969, the full soundtrack Zabriskie Point as a doble set on cd and vinyl, The official release on cd and vinyl of Live at Pompeii 1971, The live BBC Concert Brain Damage 1974 on vinyl, and The Wall Live 80-81 on vinyl too. I have to mention that The film Sountrack of The Wall should have had an official release too on cd and vinyl. The compilation Echoes is in my opinion an absolute outrage since they had the balls to shorten the length of the epic track Echoes or just released an extract of the song Marooned. The follow up compilations such us, Oh by the way, Discovery and A foot in the door had only a thing in mind, increase their profits at the expense of the casual fans. The Immersions box-sets of DSOTM, WYWH and The Wall that came later were excellent in content but too expensive and pretentious in the formats chosen like the dvd´s, Quad mixes, Blu-ray and all that stuff. Just a doble cd and a double lp for each album including only the rare recordings would have been enough. When The Early Years Box set was released I also thought that Pink Floyd had missed again the opportunity to sell their product “Their music”, avoiding the unnecessary memorabilia and gifts included that only increased the final price of the item. I would have preferred a futher release of these unreleased tracks on a simple box-set for the cd´s and also a serie of vinyl records with nice covers, pictures and some posters inside for eager fans like me. This later upcoming release “The later years ” is by far the worst of all because comes again with unnecesary duplicates recordings and extra material that don´t add anything really new and leaves out The Soundtrack La Carrera Panamericana .The price is also excessive. It should be more easier to handle it with a double vinly for the unreleased recordings and the same for the cd´s. End.

    • John says:

      Very simple – sell which ever of the duplicates you don’t want, either the dvds or blu rays. There will be buyers waiting…..

  30. Greg says:

    For those interested, Amazon US is currently selling the SDE for $341, a substantial drop from the $475 they were asking for originally.

  31. Arthur says:

    Cheapest way to support the rich & famous: wowhd (free shipping, paypal)

    • Waylander says:

      The price point is just ridiculous! Especially considering the pure quality of the TEY box.
      I love Floyd’s music and significance and must admit that I like Mr. Gilmour’s philanthropic attitude, but this reflects pure greed.
      And it’s not just the record company’s decision. Gilmour and Mason are involved in every puny issue of their output, but not in setting the price of this box? I don’t believe this.

      • Neal Williams says:

        Greed, pure and simple!! The Blurays and DVDs are identical, so why?? Also, in all honesty, THE ENDLESS RIVER is nothing but out-takes, and boring at best. This could have easily been a smaller package without THE ENDLESS RIVER and the extra discs, and would have still made a shitload of money for the old rich farts who are screwing over the fans.. I was really excited about the 5.1 of DIVISION BELL, since it is so pricey from it’s last release, but seeing the price of this and feeling shit on by Mr’s Gilmour and Mason I have become numb to it. This is a really shitty way to treat their fans… HIGH HOPES — “BURNING BRIDGES BEHIND US”

  32. Tommy says:

    How could they leave out La Carrera de Panamericana?! This is going to be a no for me. And who cares about the Endless River? This wasn’t very well thought out.

  33. Mathew Lauren says:

    Lots of interesting and (some) insightful comments below.

    The highlight for me is the (augmented and partially re-imagined) 2019 5.1 24/96 remix of “AMLOR.”

    Shame it’s locked up in a PREMIUM-PRICED SDE boxset filled with 5.1 surround I already have (save for the Barn Jams). Further, it makes no sense (to me) not to port over the hirez 5.1 to the MTV vids (at least) at this price point — and though, “TER” movie (set to hirez 5.1) interests me…


  34. Wayne C says:

    Why didn’t they do these sets in order rather than missing the best period out?, is it due to arguments with the former members or legal problems?. I don’t understand why this set completely by passes DSOTM – The Final Cut?. If this is purely a financial decision keeping fans waiting for the best years last I feel that stinks to be honest, and when it does come if it does will it be even more expensive than this set. I have been a fan of Floyd since my teenage years but wouldn’t pay this amount for any set by any artist. I went to see them perform the Wall at the Earls Court, the second time they performed it (think it was 1981, when they had financial things to sort out of my memory isn’t failing me) and that cost less than a tenner i think!!. How times have changed !.

    • Jules(Rules) says:

      The “golden years” are pretty well covered by the Immersion box sets already, plus something is also going to happen to “Animals”. I think there isn’t enough from that period left to fill a box like this. Although obviously I do want the Wall live footage, film soundtrack, WYWH demos and complete early DSOTM performance…

  35. Quante says:

    It should be called Pink Floyd The Shittier Years. The music isn’t so bad, but the price is obscene for three studio albums.

    Shifting the price so high in order to make it more exclusive is a load of bollocks – their label are milking the goodwill of the loyalty of Pink Floyd fans, who are getting little of value in return.

    Don’t fall for the marketing bullshit – even at half the price it’s won’t be a bargain. I don’t subscribe to repositioning music as a luxury brand. Yes, Pink Floyd are a special band, but this leads to them selling zillions of albums and generating huge wealth for themselves and the industry. Lesser bands sell tens of albums and remain poor. When you buy a luxury brand you might buy one car or three t shirts or one or two whatever’s. Music is something that I want to buy in multiple numbers so I can enjoy a wide variety of different albums and bands. If the more established bands music costs a fortune, then less music is bought elsewhere. It’s a similar, if lesser comparison to English football, where the premier league soaks up all the money and the remainder of the football league clubs suffer as a result.

    I can’t believe how much brilliant music can be bought for £400, especially when there is a lot of bargains sought out by sitting waiting and watching (Kate Bush Vinyl I, II and IV cost £95 in total from Music Magpie with a 10% discount code on eBay two days ago. Kate Bush Vinyl III cost €33 recently. Tangerine Dream’s box set arrived today for €56, Def Leppards cd box set II €21 etc). It’s exciting to buy new things at full price when you know you are getting a great package (Billy Bragg’s forthcoming set £40, Marillions Afraid Of the Sun signed by the band £30, Bat For Lashes splatter vinyl £20). That’s a lot of music for about £290.

    Good luck to those who want this Pink Floyd box set at whatever price is paid – each to their own; but shame on the label for pricing this at such a disgusting price.

  36. Wietse says:

    Someone mentioned dutch reatailer selling it for 399. They’re selling it for 539 now which i believe to be an absolute rip off. For what you get this absolute ridiculous. I will not buy this box, not for this amount even though I would love to hear the new remixed versions of AMLOR and DSOT. I just hope they will be released individually as stand alone cd’s.

  37. Arthur says:

    Lost oppertunity: All I need is the 28:08 of new music that was recorded at Olympic Studios in November 1991 for La Carrera Panamericana, it contains marvelous instrumentals ruined by it’s documentry noises that was released in 1992 only on VHS and Laserdisc: “Country Theme” 2:01/”Small Theme” 7:23/”Big Theme” 4:10/ “Carrera Slow Blues” (Gilmour/Wright/Mason) 2:20/”Mexico ’78” – 4:05/”Pan Am Shuffle”(Gilmour/Wright/Mason) 8:09 So as stand alone tracks on CD or DVD very wellcome… but they are not on this release, neither ”Soundscape” 21:53 only on some of the 1995 Pulse double compact cassette versions.

    Brings back irritations of The Rotten Store Days’ Interstellar Overdrive in Fred Flintstone format only… why not release the Animal Box on 8-Track together with some bonus flexi-discs and telex memorabilia for just £700 to celebrate Brexit?

    • Jay E says:

      No Pan Americana official release?! No full version release of the Big Spliff?! This set looks decent enough but without those 2 major omissions i might be out!! That last 8 min. Jam at the end of Americana is just so so good!!

      Also, a 3 or 4 cd disc version of Pulse wouldve been a good treat! So many live tracks they did play but were omitted. Also the last disc should include all the encores tagging Soundscapes to the end. No Echoes for DSOT?! Ok set but lacking a lot of their later years material!!

  38. Phil Cohen says:

    I waited until 6 months after “The Early Years” was released before purchasing, until sets with faulty menus (on two of the blu-ray discs) had exited from the distribution pipeline.
    Now comes reports from many purchasers (likely early purchasers) of “The Early Years” of Blu-ray discs which are tarnishing, oxidising or de-laminating….and becoming unplayable. I looked at the discs in my “Early Years” set, and they don’t have any of those visible problems. Still, I’m going to start playing through them tonight, to confim that they are still playable. Furthermore, European-pressed (but not North American-pressed) copies of the “Immersion” editions of “Wish You Were Here” & “The Dark Side of The Moon” have also experienced Blu-Ray deterioration issues. My American editions (whose discs were manufactured in Mexico) are fine.
    “Pink Floyd Records” must stand behind their products. My “The Early Years” box cost $438, and I am expecting the discs in this set to be good for many years. Even though the discs in my set are likely O.K., I don’t know whether they will be good next month or next year.
    SDE expressed doubts whether there was really a need to have the video & surround sound content appear twice; once on DVD and once on Blu-ray. There is indeed a reason. The pressing plant that “Pink Floyd Records” uses to press its Blu-ray discs is shoddy & incompetent.
    I will wait until I read initial reports about “The Later Years” before purchasing

  39. Slayer says:

    The early years have like 5x as much loot than this and is cheaper. Please lower the price

  40. Jason Russell says:

    Already down to $341 on US Amazon (28%). I expect to see it below $300 by launch day.

  41. Steve says:

    Hello Paul,
    This is one argument that we’ll have to agree to disagree over regarding in not having DVD’s within a box set and only Blu-rays. I don’t own a Blu-ray player and don’t plan on buying one for the foreseeable future. I think there are a lot more people out here that still own a DVD Player and/or buy DVD’s than your poll will show. I think what’s needed here is freedom of choice from the record companies and bands involved. If you want a DVD then you should be allowed to choose to have the DVD’s only with the CD’s and not the Blu-rays and vice-versa. Do I think they will do this, no ? They don’t want to go that far. At some point here, the powers that be in the entertainment industry will probably go to all streaming and downloads for music and movies, etc. and not release the physical product. That will be a sad day. One of the reasons I didn’t buy the White Album box set was the fact that there was no DVD in it for the Mono version of the album. What I also think the labels and bands should do is lower the prices of these super deluxe box sets. Will they do that, No ? $800 for the Woodstock 50 Archive Box Set is an example of how far record labels will go in the high priced range for box sets.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Out of interest, why haven’t you upgraded to blu-ray? It’s a £50 to £100 outlay… and is backwards compatible with DVD.

      • AndyHaines says:

        We shouldn’t have to upgrade. It may only be £50-£60 extra, but to appreciate the “higher definition” you need the TV to go with it and they aren’t so cheap! Then there is the additional extra cost of the Blueray discs themselves. Great that it’s backwards compatible with DVD, but then you are back to watching an “inferior medium” on a Blueray player. Pretty pointless. I have a Sony SACD dvd player with 5.1 surround that to me sounds good enough. I don’t plan on changing it any time soon even though it’s over 10 years old. I’d just like, as Steve says the choice in the type of medium the product comes on and not have to pay ridiculous prices for stuff I just don’t and won’t need!

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          You don’t have to upgrade, but you will have to accept that you are going to miss out on things if you don’t. Such as The Beatles White Album reissue, or Abbey Road, or REM’s Monster, or whatever else is coming next. Labels are no longer going to release two versions – it’s not economically viable. And given the backlash with Pink Floyd I doubt we’ll get too many more sets which ‘double up’ on DVD and blu-ray just to keep everyone happy. ‘super deluxe’ by definition is supposed to mean the best. Blu-ray is ‘better’ than DVD.

  42. Bogdan says:

    While I admit the current price seems ridiculous, I can’t shake the thought that I’d actually like to own this. I find the late period of PF’s life to be quite interesting, as it shows a new musical direction, devoid of Roger Waters’ mannerisms and dystopian vision. Perhaps a good deal alert might sway me towards a purchase decision. For now, I have prudently placed a pre-order with, which has a “lower” price here in Europe (EUR 448), but I’ll probably end up cancelling unless the price really drops further. Or, who knows, maybe they will break it out at some point and sell the music sans all the trinkets (although I must admit the whole boxset looks gorgeous), just like they did with the Early Years set.

  43. Dmytro says:

    I own DSOTM Immersion edition, Discovery box set, WYWH deluxe and SACD, later years of the Early Years volumes (not a fan of Syd). I am actually a big fan of after-Waters era, and was excited about this box set more than about both Imersion and Early Years, at first. However, the price tag made me question my initial impulse to purchase it with 1 click. It is a bit lofty. Not a bit – it is enormous for the content inside the package. AMLOR 2.0 sounds as the most precious gem together with 5.1 mix – though its production cost must have been smaller than TER, which I bought for less then 50$. Apart from that, there is not much of audio content here. There is a lot of video content though, but it doesn’t justify the price for me, since I own previous Pulse edition and the earlier concerts will not be that spectacular and HD as Return to Pompeii show. The two vinyl singles are the reason why I avoided buying TDB Immersion edition and ordered 5.1 disc from online store instead. However I really want to buy this one. I will just have to wait until the price drops down. I think it is 2 times more expensive than I can justify spending. 300cad for the restored content I already have seems more reasonable

  44. Kevin L. says:

    Paul, could you please clarify — all of the live material on Blu Ray and DVD is audio only, correct? No video for “DSOT” or “Pulse?” Thank you.

    • Arnd says:

      According to the track list above, it includes the both the video and audio versions of DSOT, the latter extended with new tracks. From Pulse, only the video. See the slightly different track lists.

  45. Robert says:

    I’ll give this a pass, mainly: (a) it is prohibitively (and quite unnecessarily) over-priced; and (b) all post-Waters PF has always sounded to me like a highly proficient PF covers band. As elegant as the some of the music sounded when it was released, it really never stayed with me. Nobody in the band could quite nail the dystopian vision Waters always brought to the music, and that vision was pretty much what PF delivered from ‘DSOTM’ through ‘The Final Cut’. In terms of solo work though, I’ll gladly take the first David Gilmour album and Rick Wright’s ‘Wet Dream’ over most of what Waters did after leaving PF. Mind, a stand-alone Blu-ray set with 5.1 mixes of the post-Waters studio material would definitely tempt me. As for wish list material though, I’d rather have 5.1 mixes of ‘Meddle’, ‘Animals’, ‘The Wall’, and ‘The Final Cut’.

  46. pupton bluton says:

    Although this is expensive, it didn’t stop me, and many others, buying the similarly priced Early Years box. The significant difference here, is the content. Leaving aside the contentious and frustrating duplication on DVD and Blu-Ray, Early Years had 33 discs, whereas this has nearly half of that, for a not dis-similar price.

    Also, I’m pretty certain no Floyd fan would put any of the Gilmour-led albums in their PF top five (they wouldn’t even make my top ten) and for me, the three studio albums really amount to one very good albums’ worth of material. A re-worked MLOR is intriguing, and a potential improvement on the 80s-sounding original, but it’s telling that this is the main audio selling-point here. In the same way as Bowie’s Never Let Me Down was tinkered with for the recent LTA box, the fact that they even need to re-work the album demonstrates how average the original was. As a lad, MLOR was the first new album released since I’d got into the band and I found it a huge let-down.

    Similarly, the dearth of unheard material is frustrating. Leaving off the two well-known batches of unreleased material (La Carrera Panamericana and Big Spliff) and padding the box with a lot of same-y live stuff isn’t enough to tempt me in. Think I’ll hold out for the inevitable stand-alone MLOR, hopefully coupled with Knebworth live tracks as a deluxe double!

    • Andrea says:

      The Early Years was very expensive, but a wonderful set. I’m still listening or watching it on an almost daily basis, still (re)discovering things. It was money well spent.

      The Later Years – honestly, as much as I love David Gilmour, and I’m sure he was the best musician in PF, as soon as Waters left, songwriting quality began to quaver even from a musical standpoint, and they soon became a live band – The Best Pink Floyd Cover Band There Ever Was.
      No wonder unreleased material is so meagre – they recorded so little material in so many years. As we stand, with this content and this price, this is a major pass for me…

    • Simon Long says:

      “Also, I’m pretty certain no Floyd fan would put any of the Gilmour-led albums in their PF top five (they wouldn’t even make my top ten)…”

      Sweeping generalisations like that are usually wrong…

      I’m a huge fan – I own all their albums, bought all the Immersion releases, the Oh By The Way set, saw them live in ’94, saw Waters several times since, went to the exhibition at the V&A etc – and AMLOR is easily in my top five. Probably top three – beaten by The Wall and WYWH, but I’d rather listen to AMLOR than anything pre-Meddle.

      • Jules(Rules) says:

        I also rate AMLOR very highly indeed. Next to DSOTM and OBC it might even make my top 3.

        Some people didn’t give this version of the band a fair chance. They produced some good stuff, and I certainly prefer all three albums of this incarnation to The Final Cut.

  47. DaveM says:

    I really like this era, ok AMLOR, is a bit dated in places, but DSOT, The Division Bell and Pulse are all excellent in my opinion. I picked up a card sleeve PF records DSOT a while ago and I am sure it is remastered and it sounds excellent as does the 2009 TDB and Pulse has always sounded good.
    So will I be buying this? The answer is no. The reasons being I have no bluray to surround or HiFi connection and just cannot get excited about visual content in these boxes. I rarely, if ever play DVDs/Bluray from any box set. The last one I watched was the James Paul McCartney programme included in the RRS box and that was the first one in years I bothered with.
    Also, I am running out of space, and actually sold off my Early Years volumes as part of creating some room. Needless to say, the Blurays/DVDs were unplayed. I would buy the audio content on stand alone CDs for both this box and the Early Years should they ever appear.

  48. johnnyv says:

    The 2 LP version must be enough.

  49. Centurion Ste says:

    So it’s £430 here £347 in Canada, converted we pay £83 or $100 US more here than Canada & it’s around $50+ cheaper in the US too, proof positive that the Brirish are screwed over time & time again.

    As much as I love Floyd I will not be spending a weeks wage on this !

  50. RDNZL says:

    I’ve given up complaining about the price of these rip-off box sets; no wonder physical media is dying out. You’d think (hope) Mr Gilmour would put his foot down and stop this nonsense… I can only presume the search term ‘Pink Floyd Later Years flac download’ will be getting hammered in Google once this is released

  51. Peter says:

    Another downside of this ridiculous box:
    It makes the release of a proper ANIMALS set very unlikely in the near future…

  52. Phil Cohen says:

    The DVD’s could be quite useful, especially if some of the Blu-ray discs have mastering and/or pressing faults. Remember, the initial shipments of “The Early Years” had several bad Blu-ray discs.

  53. Jean says:

    The price and the content are the dark side of Pink Floyd!


    Hi Paul,
    The Venice concert (BluRay) is audio-only or also video?

  55. John Barrett says:

    Aside from the validity and price of this box set, seemingly more and more 2LP’s now pushing over £30. Getting a bit silly now.

    • Gary says:

      Things are indeed ‘getting a bit silly’ and ultimately it will lead to the loss of the deluxe edition / vinyl format because many punters will disregard them due to cost. Interestingly, just read the SDE week in review re: The Later Years and it raised the point of cd versus blu ray. I don’t own a blu ray player so in the context of content the dvd for me is valid (in a general sense) though I certainly see the point that Paul makes. Likewise, going down the blu ray only route isn’t going to reduce the cost of this set too much as dvd’s are cheap enough to produce but when a set is priced at this level any saving is good. Which brings us back to the ‘bit silly’ pricing structure. An environment has been created in retail whereby we are reminded of the necessity to have / need stuff. For music lovers the current climate suggests vinyl and / or deluxe editions. For collectors the urge to have ‘everything’ in a neat, limited package is strong. Where else are you going to hear that demo of whatever it is without strings, guitar solo etc.. However, ultimately, how much do we play these items? The lure of the limited edition is the draw here and generally although we all have favourites, most music fans’ tastes are wide and most folk can’t afford everything and if prices, at the record companies say so, continue at the current rate, then many will be able to purchase nothing.

  56. Julian says:

    I think that including / excluding DVDs does not alter the price. It is precisely to swell the box content to justify the price. Once the material has been remastered, how much does it cost to make a DVD? Ridiculous

    • Andrea says:

      @Julian – PRECISELY.
      The manufacturing cost of a DVD is close to nil, so if they recon the market allows it, and they fix a price tag of 500 euro – that’s what they’re going to ask.

      The 500 euros tag has nothing to do with the manufacturing cost, as some of us still seem to believe.

      It’s not like losing the DVDs is going to reduce the price, if that’s the price they decided to ask. Without the DVD, they might just add a few memorabilia and marbles, and still ask 500.

      There’s only one thing that might reduce the price, and that’s the market. If fans don’t bite, and they find themselves with loads of unsold sets, price might drop.
      But believe me: even if they halve the price, THEY’D STILL MAKE PROFIT.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        The point is extra discs create a perception of more content, which helps to make the price sound more reasonable. If they didn’t include the DVDs I agree manufacturing costs wouldn’t be massively lower but it’s harder to market a 13-disc set at £430 than it is to market an 18-disc one.

  57. Robert Atkin says:

    Including the DVDs is another momentary lapse of reason. A cheap Blue-ray player is £32.00. I got mine for nothing from a friend as the play button was damaged but still operation via the remote.

  58. Scott mardell says:

    Do we know if the Blurays/Dvd are region free?
    Especially if it’s cheaper across the pond?

  59. Fleece says:

    Hoped for years for a proper upgrade release of the Delicate Sound Of Thunder VHS and Venice ’89 show.
    So for £429.90 I’d basically be getting :-

    Momentary Lapse Of Reason – added drums and remixed (amazing NOT!!!)
    Delicate Sound Of Thunder – restored & remixed
    Venice ’89 – bootleged for years and upgraded to Blu-Ray
    Knebworth ’90 – restored & upgraded to Blu-Ray
    Pulse – upgraded to Blu-Ray

    Crickey, that’s really what I’d be getting for almost half a grand.
    Ok you get tour prog and various odd live tracks and screen films that you’ll watch once.
    Could they not have at least added Atlanta ’87 and the Live 8 reunion.
    Is it any wonder people do illegal downloading when we’re getting ripped off like this.
    The DVDs have the same content as the blu-rays.

    I’d expect a set like this to be no more than £200 and even then that’s a push.
    As people have said if they’d release these individually I’d be more game.


    • Dave says:

      It’s interesting that the emphasis here is on the Blu-ray, possibly to limit the amount that is free on Spotify.
      However I also fail to see the rational behind the price point. I can see Paul’s points but surely Pink Floyd want people to enjoy this set? Hell I sold 500 copies of Pulse in my shop when it came out. If only a few thousand now get to enjoy this it seems a waste of effort.

    • Louis says:

      Totally agree. Too much expensive, tight in content, DVDs should not be included. We miss also at least, those two concerts you mention: Atlanta ’87 and mainly the Live 8 reunion. And maybe some unrealeased audios regarding the last album (endless river) and live/studio songs with guest musicians. For the current price, they should have even included an autographed photograph.

      If people don’t buy this expensive box set now, I guess that In the following months, the price will decrease considerably. Then, what feeling will have those few today’s buyers?

  60. MFG says:

    I didn’t have the budget for the Early Years monster deluxe box, or even the individual sets. But I did buy the Cre/ation comp, and I’m glad I did. It’s a good enough summary of the best material from the Early Years, especially the BBC session for Embryo and the live version of Atom Heart Mother.

    By contrast, the one CD hightights comp for the Later Years is insufficient. Too many songs from before the Momentary Lapse era, which were always better when Roger was still in the band. Would have preferred a two-CD package, with the first covering Momentary Lapse, Delicate Sound, and Knebworth material, and the second covering Division Bell, Endless River, and (ideally) La Carrera recordings.

    But I get it: the more material they release in summary format, the fewer copies they might sell of the monster deluxe box set. Money, it’s a hit!

  61. Christophe says:

    Actually the King Crimson boxes set are good exemples of what a fan can hope from labels: no less than 16 cds à box blue Ray s’ for about 170/180 euros.

  62. Daniel says:

    Who do you think you are? Paul McCartney? ;-)
    The price is just embarrassing! I will not shove this amount of money up your a….

  63. Arnd says:

    I think the absurd price tag serves only one purpose: To make it look like a bargain when the price comes down to still very expensive.

  64. J says:

    & what about Live at Pompeii. Where is that one, along with 5.1 Animals, household objects & all the other stuff people actually want? sorry did not have time to read all 146 comments, Just saying I would like to know

  65. AJV says:

    Someone make sure Roger receives a comp copy, he’ll love it!

  66. Danny says:

    I still have mixed feelings about this “era” of “PInk Floyd” in general. This new box set reveals just how thin the Gilmour years actually were: 30 years, 3 studio albums and 2 live albums and not much else to write home about.

    I still struggle with calling it Pink Floyd at all, though I do think The Division Bell is as close as they got to recalling their former glory when Waters was at the helm.

    If is often forgotten that Waters wrote almost all the lyrics and approximately 75% of the music from the departure of Barrett in 1968 till he left the band in 1985. Waters was the mastermind behind the Golden Years of Pink Floyd and I can understand how betrayed he must have felt when Gilmour used the “brand name” to launch a mediocre solo album in 1987, namely A Momentary Lapse of Reason. That album has few good tracks but it was never a Floyd album. This new box set boasts a new mix in which the other members of Pink Floyd (Wright and Mason) actually contribute properly, an afterthought to assuage the guilt of conning the audience perhaps?

    This was followed by immersing Floyd into capitalism with Volkswagen adverts and the ilk, and the awful 80s tour documented on Delicate Sound of Thunder, which I find unwatchable in places. A bunch of session musicians and karaoke at best. Gilmour is a great musician, don’t get me wrong, but it was the contrast bewteen his melody and Waters’ dramatics that made the classic albums.

    Things improved with the rather brilliant Divison Bell and subsequent PULSE concert. On these releases there is more of a band feel and that sense of space so vital to the classic period has returned, though the drama is lacking in general. High Hopes was a late classic.

    The suprise release of the Endless River many years later in 2014, a collection of tarted up demos and a few new bits is actually not bad in places but when compared against the Waters period, is limp at best. I find Gilmour’s music generally pedestrian and lyrically unchallenging ever since. A series of guitar solos waiting to happen, as one onbserver keenly observed.

    So, back to this new box set and yet another milking of the back catalogue. The good news is the MLOR mix now with added actual Floyd members. A remix of Delicate Sound would probably help too. A few more unreleased demos from the DB Big Spliff sessions may be of interest, but there’s a lack of information on the video content, which will hopefully be seriously upgraded.

    I would have prefeferd to see:

    CD1: MLOR remix
    CD2: La Carerra Panamericana (Major oversite. several unreleaesd recordings)
    CD3: Delicate Sound remastered
    CD4: Delicate Sound Remastered
    CD5: The Divison Bell
    CD6: The Big Spliff Sessions (Yes, some has been released already)
    CD7: PULSE remastered and extended
    CD 8: PULSE remastered and extended
    CD 9: The Endless River resequenced and extended

    The Syd Barret tribute is a nice touch but Live8 as an official EP is a major oversight, perhsp due to licensing issues.

    The Blue Ray/DVD content is very repetitive – multiple live gigs with moreorless the same track lists – I can’t listen to CN or SOYCD ever again. Sure remastered 5.1 mixes of all audio and restored DSOT and PULSE. Venice and Knebworth are historically importany. Ian Emes film of Endless River sounds intriguing (he did Welcome to the Machine animation back in the day). The promo videos etcs are fine, but all in all it’s very samey.

    This brings me to the price. What many people don’t see to apprecate is that all materials need to be sourced, tracked down and then worked on possibly by multiple teams. In some cases the rights may be with other labels or individuals and may need to be licensed, adding to cost. New artwork and design also cost. Remastering and remixing are not cheap for this type of material either.

    However, having owned a small label back in the day I can tell you that each of these discs costs less than £1.20 each to replicate – total cost including book and paper memeorablia would make it less than £100. The price tag if around £250 would be sufficient to cover others costs I’d surmise.

    As a completist I’m torn, but I won’t be rushing out to buy this

  67. Paul Deighton says:

    MISSING: Live 8 Reunion Concert London 2004. Why? This is a dealbreaker for a lot of fans.
    Also, The Final Cut seems to have fallen through the deluxe reissue net, and still no sign of the long awaited Animals 5.1 mix

    • Paul Taylor says:

      You can get a coloured vinyl bootleg with superb sound quality very easily for about £20. It also includes rehearsal recordings. Just buy that and save over £400 if it’s a big deal breaker

    • Paul Taylor says:

      Also, it was 2005. 20th anniversary etc

    • Ed Broadbent says:

      No sign of Pulse vid remastered and The Wall movie remastered and on Blu-Ray either. Someone knows what the fans REALLY want and are holding out

  68. Will van Leuken says:

    Hi, Dutch retailer Bol.Com sells this one foor € 399 :

  69. J says:

    I have it on good authority that ALL Pink Floyd discs in all the box sets will be issued as stand-alone offerings when the grandchildren turn 65. By that time surely they will need a Lear Jet.

  70. Shane says:

    Paul your reasoning only takes into consideration the wealthy (buy the box) and the poor (buy the highlights, or rather download off the net…) disregardibg the middle market conpletely. Im just glad its only rock acts that are releasing these sets = not my cuppa.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      What I’m saying is that they aren’t bothered about the middle market, at least not for ’round one’ of the product. Maybe they will release some of the individual components at a later date.

  71. Paulie says: in the US has the box for $360.99 right now, with “free” shipping, which is $29 less than the Amazon price at the moment. They also have the highlights vinyl for $29.99, and the highlights CD for $11.99.

    • David Bly says:

      Except that if you live in a state where PopMarket does business*, like New York, there is also local sales tax, which in this case would be $28.88. Of course there would be tax on the prices also.

      *For those of you outside the US, the laws regarding sales tax are such that it can only be charged in states where the company “does business”, i.e., has a physical presence.
      That means for those of us in New York and California, where many businesses have a presence, we often have to pay local sales tax (in my case it’s 8%).
      I do order things from various indie companies outside NY and I don’t have to pay tax there.

      This brings about the oddity that I can often buy things cheaper from cause I don’t have to pay NY sales tax AND I don’t have to pay UK VAT! Even with the UK postage it often ends up cheaper (same with Amazon France, Germany, & Italy).

  72. Kieran Caulfield says:

    I’d love the Arnold Layne single as I was there at the Barbican that night! and I was at the PF world tour in old Wembley Stadium too, so lots of memories in this box set, but would be better if they would just release it in alternative CD, DVD or BR formats. As it stands I can’t afford it. shame the Arnold Layne isn’t on the LP or CD.

  73. AdamW says:

    PopMarket (in the US, anyways) is offering this (today only!) for $360.99. Still not buying, but it’s an indication that they already know it’s way overpriced, I think.

    I looked it up – I paid $288 for Early Years, so the odds on this eventually coming down to $200-$250 seem pretty high to me.

  74. Philip Birtwistle says:

    Whilst I’m sure this will sell, it’s a case of too little for too much for this Pink Floyd fan!!!

  75. Daniel Huggler says:

    While lots of bills are supposed to flutter out of my purse for this rather expensive box (without Divison Bell on CD!!) there are still no pigs on the wing that would finally anounce the release of a decent Animals box set. I am really frustrated that one of Floyd’s best ever album is mistreated once again.

  76. Michael says:

    Flogging a dead horse

  77. Soren says:

    To much live material and video content to a very high price. I will pass on this.

  78. Ralf says:

    I didn’t go through all the comments but is the PULSE BR audio only? I know it has the VHS/DVD and not the CD setlist.

  79. Guy says:

    Shine on you crazy price tag!

  80. Chris says:

    I would love to see a price breakdown of the packaging and manufacturing costs. Actually just a full disclosure breakdown as to how they arrived at this end retail price. I’ve probably a better chance at seeing Trumps tax returns.
    It just reeks of greed. (See also Abbey Road)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Their costs are totally irrelevant. A bottle of Gin costs about £3 to make and some brands sell for for £35+ a bottle.

      • Gorecki says:

        But perceptions of their costs are relevant. If a potential buyer thinks they are being overcharged for something they believe cost far less to make they are more liable to think twice. The only reason the makers of a bottle of gin (ugh!), pair of trainers (yawn!), Apple widget-tron (yawn, again) or Pink Floyd set believe it can be priced so high is the notion there are people prepared to buy it more for the brand than for the reality/ quality of the various components. And to those who say ‘I must have everything by ‘artist x’ the artist has become more like a brand than a creative force.

        Personally, as I’m never going to be able to afford this (and not sure I could justify it in all conscience, even if I could) I’m rather hoping for some smaller boxes to come along further down the track as happened with the /ation sets. Perhaps for the cash-strapped this box could be called frustr/ation.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          This comes back to the point I made ages ago… considering how life changing music is, it is quite surprising that many people are simply not prepared to pay a premium for it in the same way they ARE prepared to do for their Nike trainers, or their Paul Smith shirt, or perfume or splashing out in a flashy restaurant. Different ‘rules’ are applied to products

          I personally think this Pink Floyd box and the McCartney boxes and some of the more expensive ones are the industry saying it’s had enough of this and is applying the same ‘rules’ and making the product ‘premium’ purely by way of pricing.

          If you have a blu-ray player, you are basically being asked to pay £430 for five CDs and six blu-rays, two 7″ records and loads of books and memorabilia. The only judge about whether this is ‘worth it’ – that means anything – is if people are prepared to pay that much for it. Having done ‘The Early Years’ box the label has data, research etc. and it has clearly decided ‘the market’ can indeed take such high pricing. People get left behind, because many won’t be able to afford, but the record label will not be bothered about that because it would rather sell 5,000 sets at £400 than 20,000 sets at £65. The label will also point to the ‘highlights’ sets saying there is something for those with budget constraints.

          • AG66 says:

            I’d rate music lovers (and music collectors) on a different range and level compared to the kid that is ready to spend stupid money for the latest snickers… Also this kind of pricing policy reflects the economic evolution of the last 25 years, where few people got richer and many others poorer. At this price tag it’s not a question of what are you buying, just how much you’re ready to pay. In this case you really buy the same music in three different formats, Plus all the typical embellishments (book, posters, cards…). I’m a collector but I’m not a fool, I still cannot justify 100€ for New Order’s Movement and I don’t care if price will never drop, they can keep their warehouses full of box sets until they go rotten…. It’s just nonsense, value of money is totally lost in this part of the world….

  81. Jon says:

    I would love to have this but US 500 dollars!!! I can understand if it was their “Middle” years but these are their final albums, which are decent enough, but most fans would never call them “great”. A shame really.

    • Rich says:

      “Most fans would never call them great”????

      I’m one of their biggest fans and I call post Waters era as truely great, obviously not as great as their middle years but definitely up there!

  82. fan says:

    Hooray !!!

    I suppose PULSE is the original edit found on the vhs and not the new cut from the dvd reissue?

    I’ve always preferred the original version,
    so wicked to have it in bluray,
    I can’t wait to see the result !

    And ADSOT with all the missing tracks from the tour,just,perfect !!!

    I don’t see how any real Pink Floyd fan could complain about this box

    • Wayne C says:

      I get what your saying but not everyone who considers themselves a fan has that kind of money, how can some groups like King Crimson and Tangerine Dream do box sets with more in them for less than an third of the cost of this?. After all there are only bits of paper and cardboard to fill it out at the end of the day!.

    • peter chrisp says:

      The box set looks amazing & it’s well & perfectly reviewed by Paul in all it’s glory & detail. Being a huge fan too, it was great seeing them live in Australia & in Melbourne 7 sold out shows. “I don’t see how any real Pink Floyd fan & there are many could complain about the box set. I guess with a massive price tag that’s the only reason for me. But everyone is different. Out here in Australia it will be worth around $550. Ouch! Somewhere in “time” if a record or a box set doesn’t sell up to a certain amount, will that set be reduced?

  83. Peter Anderson says:

    They should be looking at both the recent Tangerine Dream and King Crimson boxsets in terms of both content and price. Huge fan but would not buy until it is bargain bin listed for around £125 and even then a huge missed opportunity in terms of what could have been included.

  84. AndyHaines says:

    Floyd are my favourite band. I’d dearly love to purchase The Early Years, but I still can’t justify the price, ( well not to my wife anyway), but here we go again with a huge price tag on another box set. I don’t need blue ray, DVDs are as good as I need and my surround SACD player is fine for me so why not half the price and sell two different sets, one blue ray the other standard DVD? Looks like I need to start putting money away now for when, or if, we get the “middle years” box probably around 2025. Sadly we may lose another band member or two before then so who knows what we’ll be served up!

  85. Steve says:

    Cheapest so far is here in Australia at 550 aussie dollars…about 300 poind..but still…high hopes…wots uh the deal etc etc

    • Gary says:

      Here in the UK, Badlands (of Cheltenham) have it listed on their website at £399.99 which knocks £30 off the current Amazon UK price but….the trend recently appears to be a case of racking up the opening price of deluxe editions, Ozzy for £500 anyone?? Companies are testing the water to see what they can get away with and can’t help but feel many punters will become very disillusioned.

  86. Mark Margo says:

    Sometimes people should stop and think for a while, of course Pink floyd Mid years will be released 3 years from now, probably by 2022. The best will be the last.
    However it is excellent this new release I am very curious what they did best in Momentary lapse of reason.

    • Andy says:

      I’d love to see a Middle Years set, but I’m not sure if we will get one it given that they released all of the albums, bar Animals and Final Cut, as super deluxe editions already (the Immersion boxes).

  87. andrew balls says:

    why on earth do they insist on waiting to release what evrybody actually wants… the middle years!

    just bloody do it.

    Theres only one prog band that knows how to treat its fans concerning boxsets (and value for money) and thats King Crimson.

    • Gisabun says:

      Because most of the “middle” years were already out with the immersion box sets. They’re better off releasing immersion box sets of the missing albums – although The final cut version probably will be light on material.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        We still need *that* 5.1 mix for The Wall, don’t forget.

        • Seth Hollander says:

          They could sell a lot more copies, at a higher price, of The Final Cut Immersion edition if that included the 5.1 mix of The Wall… Maybe I should get a job in the planning dept of Pink Floyd Records?

  88. Simon Long says:

    Since this set was first rumoured earlier this year, I’ve been desperate to get a copy. But this price point is a slap in the face. Identical content on BD and DVD is completely pointless in this day and age, so 6 BDs @ £20 each, 5 CDs @ £10 each, say £30 for the book and memorabilia. At £200, this would be a mandatory purchase, but £400+ is so overpriced it just isn’t funny.

    I do really want all this content; I could probably find the money – but I cannot justify spending that amount on what you get here. It’s like the super deluxe edition of Waters’ live The Wall – until the price was announced, I was definitely going to get it, but stupid price tags like this just put people off. It’s really not as if Gilmour & Mason need the money…

  89. Michael says:

    What happened here? I probably wasn’t the only one expecting the next box to cover 1973 – 1982. Any explanation here..?! Paul, any inside scoop, why this huge jump?

  90. Willy says:

    A Requiem for The Pre-Brexit Dream.

  91. Ben Williams says:

    Crazy price.. all I’d want is the “updated” Lapse Of Reason remix so it’ll be the ‘highlights’ CD for me.

    A set like this shouldn’t be more than £200, probably even £150.

  92. Jon says:

    Considering I can’t recall the last time I played MLoR or DB, this set doesn’t exactly vault to the top of my list. And my regard for Mr. Gilmour and Mr. Mason isn’t sufficient to get me to toss that much money at them. When the set hits $200 I might bite. If that’s next Xmas, fine. The elephant in the room, (or the giant pig, if you will,) is what’s not here. That 5-album period many fans might call the Real Pink Floyd. Where’s the mondo box for that? (Suggested title, The Overexposed Years.) Does anyone believe the decade-old individual boxes for DSotM, WYWH and Wall will remain the last word? That the record company has picked up its marbles and gone home? (Couldn’t resist.) No, there’s too much money to leave on the table. Not sure what all they could stuff into it, but I wait, with a certain detachment, to find out.

  93. Rett Russell says:

    This choice of material being released reminds me of the “logic” behind the Beatles releases… Revolver, Rubber Soul, etc.
    Meddle was and is my favorite PF album, and at this point I’m not sure I’ll live long enough to experience the high-res version. I’ve read that it exists in the Early Years box set like a sonic Easter egg, but come on……

    • Matthew Collier says:


      I didn’t want virtually *any* of the Early Years box set, but REALLY wanted the Meddle hi-res/5.1 mix. Sadly, when I bought the single Reverberation BluRay in the hope that that would still be on the pressing, they had deleted the “hidden” version of the album, so I “found it on the internet” instead.

      If they ever actually get round to “re-releasing”/releasing it as a standalone, I may even actually pay for it (again), just to be legit *(not that I don’t feel like I’ve already paid for it once already (or three times if you count the Reverbaration Blu, plus the original CD plus the 90s remastered CDs)).

      WRT to this set, whilst the price stings, I can’t pass up the opportunity to get the hi-res 5.1 version of MLoR, plus it will be great to have both the DSoT and Pulse concerts with hi-res multi-channel sound, plus the CD of the Nebworth show (I have that on home-recorded VHS somewhere), plus the 94 Earls Court gig which I was at.

      The extras in hi-res is nice also, they often don’t bother with the extra in hi-res, so hopefully they are worth having. I already have Division Bell hi-res/multi-channel from the Immersion box, but I guess they had to throw that in based on what this set is supposed to cover.

      Obviously, like most other fans, I am very frustratedly waiting impatiently for the release of The Wall (as we know James Guthrie is working on a hi-res/multi-channel mix of that) and I would LOVE for Animals to get the same treatment, it’s one of my favorites! (I suspect The Final Cut may only ever get “the treatment” when Roger needs some more cash, as that seems to be mostly “his baby”…)

      Mixed feelings on this one – if they release each part separately later, then fair enough… I guess (but it would be more honest to make that statement up front, like they did for the Early Years box set).

  94. Giovanni Acanfora says:

    WOW ! ££££££££ No Thanks

  95. Dean says:

    Erm…. no. The most interesting period or Floyd has been completely skipped. The last set ended in 1972. This one STARTS at 1987 – their worst period.

    What gives? I’d be selling my house to buy a similar set covering the glory years, but this? No way.

  96. Paul Thomson says:

    Got the Early Years after some serious watching for under £200 so I have Floyd Pt1 compleat. Love Floyd Pt2 (Waters years) and have the Immersive sets. Wouldn’t cross the road for Floyd Pt3 (post-Waters years) I’m afraid as it became an empty money making cliche IMHO. Bring on the Immersive Animals instead!

  97. Mike the Fish says:

    Very expensive, and why two 1 sided singles instead of one 2 sided one? To seperate the eras? The marbles thing has been done to death now. For those who don’t get it, they were there as a symbol of insanity i.e. losing one’s marbles. They were clear in the Wish You Were Here set as part of the concept of the artwork being absence, hence the suit with no person in it, etc. The beer mats/coasters, well I’ve no idea, but let’s let that one go.

  98. I wouldn’t buy this set even if it came with a set of Rachel Fury marbles, but let me add to the missed-opportunity list anyway: no “Echoes” from the early dates of the 1987 tour.

    And now the new Tool album is imminent, perhaps the “in memory of the people who died while waiting for…” trope can be assigned to the Animals reissue instead.

  99. Icy Waters Underground says:

    Would love to have seen the 1994 Omnibus documentary here. And the original vinyl edit of The Division Bell.

  100. Otto says:

    I’m not a fan of this band but that is one impressive deluxe edition.
    It’s something to see all the negative reactions.

  101. Robert says:

    This is getting to be a farce. However, we will keep getting this regurgitated stuff that wasn’t good enough twenty years ago as long as we keep buying them. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Rush, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen – obviously enough 50+ year-old fans spending our retirement funds on these “pretty boxes”. Unfortunately, I keep buying the wrong stuff. I passed on the 20th Anniversary Division Bell and bought the Immersion boxes and the former now sells for a king’s ransom and the Immersion box sets are as common as lint. I don’t think that I listened to the extras on the latter more than twice, so I seem to have more money than brains. ….But I must be strong on this one….

  102. John Barleycorn says:

    £399 on Burning Shed right now but beware of their shipping costs (!)

  103. Wayne C says:

    I honestly think the price of this is ridiculous, way to much money for repetition, I agree with many of the comments already and I cannot understand how anyone would pay that much for the set. Suddenly the Ozzy set doesn’t seem expensive in comparison. I love the Floyd but this is like the Led Zep super deluxe sets , same stuff stretched out and the price inflated!.

    What happened to the golden era from Dark Side didn’t that happen or something ?.

  104. Phil Cohen says:

    As for “Momentary Lapse of Reason”, in its original form, it was basically a David Gilmour solo album. Nick Mason was too far out of shape for drumming, so he contributed sound effects, while Vanilla Fudge’s Carmine Appice played the drums. Keyboardist Richard Wright joined towards the end of the project, when most of the keyboards had already been played by studio musicians. Wright recorded a few organ parts, which were not used. The new version turns the album into a real Pink Floyd album, with drumming by Nick Mason recorded a half decade ago, and keyboard parts by The late Richard Wright “Flown In” from live concert recordings.

    • Jules(Rules) says:

      Not entirely correct… Nick didn’t want to play drums (something he later regretted), although he did play a bit on “Yet Another Movie”, there were several guest drummers including Jim Keltner and a drum machine ;-), Rick also sang a backing vocal on “Sorrow” and what actually wasn’t used of his was a keyboard solo in “On the Turning Away”. His other parts did make the album, although you are right that a lot of keyboards had already been recorded (mostly by Jon Carin, who’d join the band live and played with both David and Roger in later times, and David himself).

      It’s still not really a Gilmour solo album, just due to the production and the style of songwriting. Compare to “About Face” and the difference is quite large, even if both are clearly 80s albums.

  105. Laszlo Molnar says:

    Thank you Paul for the great news! This box is pricey just like the Early Years but was lucky to get a great deal on Amazon UK. It was around 270.00 USD with shipping to the US. Hoping for the same here. I’m not really sold on an a remixed MLOR, to my ears it doesn’t sound very dated but shall see or rather hear. At least a high resolution stereo version of the original recording would have been a nice addition to the new mixes. I guess the 1973-1993 material big box is a no go due to the previous “immersion” boxes and forthcoming Animals and possible The Wall 5.1 mixes/box sets. Or after those releases, another “Middle years” box will hit our valet a few years from now. The Final Cut would also be perfect for a 5.1 mix. Surprised about the absence of La Carrera Panamericana, Versailles and Moscow concerts but oh well. All in all this an exciting release.

  106. Mark Yon says:

    I would love this, especially for the HD material…. but over £400 (currently) makes it a no-buy – at least at the moment. Will need six months (at least) to save…

    There are some odd choices made, aren’t they?

    I’m assuming that Animals/The Wall/Final Cut are still mired in Gilmour/Waters wrangles – possibly later. I’m not sure there can be much extra material from this period, for reasons others have said – more live work, less studio material. But if there is more than I know, I’m sure others will mention them on this thread!

  107. Kauwgompie says:

    Disappointing release. CD 1, 4 and BR 1 are sort of interesting, the rest is massive overkill of live stuff. One double-CD live album (Delicate Sound Of Thunder) is enough. Don’t need even more live stuff, nor the DVD’s. But I’m somewhat curious about the new mixes and definitely want the surround mix of Momentary Lapse Of Reason. But that totals 5 discs out of the 16 discs. So no, unless this box decreases in price considerably, I will not get this. If they release a separate BR of Momentary Lapse Of Reason + unreleased stuff, that’s really all I need. Not going to purchase 16 discs if I will only play 3 or 4 of them.

  108. Richard says:

    What about all the great suff from the in between periode … 1972 1987.???

    • Mike says:

      Other than lots of live stuff, I think they put whatever was releasable on those deluxe editions a few years ago. There’s supposedly an “Animals” re-do on the horizon, but there’s no outtakes from that other than rehearsals.
      I love “The Early Years” box. Got it for $241 on Amazon UK two years ago – that’s the right price for it. I’ll pass on this one, though.

  109. paul cutts says:

    Do you get a pre-paid postage box to send back the discs that inevitably will not work or contain errors like every PF release recently! Surely for over £400.oo they could include this.
    I will not be wasting my time or money on this overpriced hype.

  110. GARETH TAYLOR says:

    Why no Division Bell on cd …?

    • Andy says:

      They already did a 20th Anniversary edition of Division Bell five years ago. Probably too early to double dip into that release.

  111. Frank Sidebottom says:

    stick your price right up your hoop !

  112. Mark Reed says:

    Too much £ and not enough music. An insultingly thin selection of actual music with a disrespectfully bloated price.

  113. BK says:

    As a PF completest, it’s painful to see this box set price at $475 + tax. I’m truly shocked. I paid less than $400 USD for The Early Years box and that had 28 discs!

    In my opinion, it is absolutely false advertising to call a box set with matching content on Blurays and DVD’s as 16 discs when it’s only 11 discs of different content. Let’s do the math: $485 (Amazon USA) / 11 discs of new actual new content = $43/disc before tax. Would anyone pay $43 for a remix of Momentary Lapse of Reason? Or any of these items? Just saying.

    Why do people with Bluray players get punished by having to pay for DVD’s of the SAME CONTENT as the Bluray’s. This is 2019, people – if you can’t afford an $80 Bluray player, then you certainly can’t afford this box set!

    Do they even sell DVD players anymore??

    Price drop better be on the way!

    • Dean says:

      I’m not defending it, but there are more DVD players in the wild than Blu-Ray. Speaking personally – I only have DVD.

      • Gisabun says:

        Except, you can get more material on a BR than a DVD and you get better video quality and probably better audio [just compare a BR movie to a DVD movie just on the audio side].
        BR players are backwards compatible to DVDs and most tend to be network connected where they include built in apps [Netflix and others] as well.
        Watching a DVD movie on a 55″ TV is pathetic. Just watch [say] Steve Hackett’s Live in Birmingham. too grainy.
        The movie labels shot themselves in the foot by continuing to produce inferior quality DVDs.

        • David Bly says:

          “Watching a DVD movie on a 55″ TV is pathetic”

          Needing a 55″ TV is pathetic. I have a perfectly good 29″ TV and nothing looks grainy cause it’s a CRT, not one of these allegedly better formats they push these days.

    • Karl says:

      Excellent commentary l totally agree on all points. Well said!!!

  114. Mister Stick says:

    Only a sense of “completishness”, an affection for some of the music, and a recollection of the 1987 tour (I blew off astronomy class, and it surely depleted my grade) has me reviewing the details of this set. No way can I reconcile $423 USD (via Canada) for this, and I am sure all above are right… this will drop to around 300 bucks, easily.

    But enough about this litter box, specifically. What I would like to know is why such things are always sky-high, then cheaper by release date, then cheaper after that. The marketplace seems to understand this, so why the charade? Even if you pop the 400+ today, it doesn’t get charged until it ships, and then the price is always less. So it isn’t like Amazon is making bank off your bread, meantime.

    One of our geniuses of TV comedy had an expression: “‘Splain!, ‘Splain!”

  115. Cosmo Castanza says:

    Yet more very rich people totally out of touch .

  116. Bruno says:

    The amount of really new content is disappointing. I am a huge Floyd fan and paid far too much for the Early Years as anticipation got the better if me. I will not make the same mistake here. They will press far too may copies and it will be available around the GBP 200 to GBP 250 mark. Even then its possibly too expensive. The Floyd reissue strategy is really all over the place. Super Deluxe Editions with marbles, cards and scarves for DSOM, WYWH and the Wall (minus 5.1). Then 2 huge boxes covering specific periods. What next ? Pink Floyd the rest of the good years ?

  117. Dan T. says:

    Only thing I’m interested in are the throw out tracks from Delicate and Pulse, so for the price, no-can-do.

    Great write-up, Paul. As usual.

  118. Bart says:

    5 CD and only one CD of rarities? Yup i wont buy IT. Price is ridiculous

  119. Styrmugnsell says:

    Now I Wonder why “Animals” (the best of them all!) never been boxed yet?? This box seems boring and overpriced…

  120. Rob says:

    truly disappointed so much of the unreleased material, as well a couple studio albums, are on DVD or Blu-ray. I tend to do most of my listening these days in my car as time at home to truly listen can be hard to come by.
    Probably will buy just for the content, but will have to finagle a little home recording set-up to get the stuff on CD. For the price they are asking even a download card would have been nice

  121. Shawn C. says:

    I want it, but going to have to wait and see if there is a price drop. Too steep for me and too much inside that I’m not really interested in. Wish there was an option for a stripped down set with just the CDs and Blu-rays

  122. Christophe says:

    I bought the six early years box by their own for 190 euros ay all (the box set was too expensive sorry for the 7th exclusive box ) and i will buy the highlights cd for these one . Waiting for the “in beetween years”

  123. Jason Russell says:

    I happily got the Early Years set…pretty cheaply (in fact, about $0 after my scheming). This one looks nice, but not what I would call a must-have because it’s so many “remixes.” Decisions….

    The price is once again absurd. $199/$250 seems more realistic. Early Years original list was $699. On release day, I believe it was something like $460 on Amazon US, or about 35% reduced. If that bears out here, that would be around $300…

    And still duplicating Blurays with DVDs. Oh well….

  124. John Barleycorn says:

    Looking at the way the CDs are packaged within their own hardback book I would venture to suggest that it will be released on its own at some point. I might be in for that if it’s reasonable enough at, say, £40-£50.

    • Jason Russell says:

      I would expect so, about 6 months after the initial release. Like with Early Years…and some stuff never released that way

  125. Steven Roberts says:

    VERY odd that they chosen not to include Division Bell and Endless River on CD.

    Deal alert, please, Paul :)

  126. Jeremy Wei says:

    Wow, too rich for my blood.

    And the “highlights” disc? Remixes of previously released material? I don’t think I’ll pick that up either. It’s disappointing, because the Early Years set I wanted to get, but it was so expensive.

  127. Tom says:

    Hmm,I want it but,OUCH!

  128. Marc says:

    I’m just about to begin the build out of my new 5.1 listening room in the new house. But $475 for this? Yeah, I’ll buy it but I am sure not going to be as pleased if it were more reasonably priced. And having a 5.1 of Soundscape would have been nice. How come being a fan feels more like I’m just being squeezed for more cash rather than being rewarded for my dedication?

  129. Ed Sander says:

    I made the big mistake being fooled by the number of discs figure with the Early Years, only to found out that everything was duplicated on DVD and Bluray. Not falling for that again. What’s left is not all that much rare material. So, I’ll wait for a more acceptable price too.

  130. David Hartley says:

    In a rather bizarre scenario (as we’re usually the most expensive), this is selling now for $550 in Australia, which is (roughly) US$370, £303, or €334.

    Postage within Oz is only $5, but I’ll leave it to your guys to see what it might cost you to get it where you are.

  131. Pchip says:

    Break this package up! Let the people who want surround sound have their own package. Price is outrageous! Disappointed!

  132. Yves says:

    That’s a very interesting set, but I’m afraid I can’t afford this. I hope that the updated version of A Momentary Lapse Of Reason will have its own release…
    Dream on, dream on…

  133. Joe Ellid says:

    Are any of these tracks the ones used on La Carrera Panamericana?

  134. KB says:

    Is there nothing from the 1992 soundtrack Pink Floyd did for La Carrera Panamericana?? Not many know about this but it happened!! Very dissapinting if not as that would have been the jewel in the crown…

    • Tim Abbott says:

      The La Carrera Panamericana soundtrack was vetoed from inclusion by one of the band members.

      • Joe Ellis says:

        WTF?!! Just why? As a fan of AMLOR this was an expected highlight for me :-(

        Looks like this is largely a disappointment, so one to catch when it’s discounted.

      • KB says:

        This is such a shame and really bizarre seeing how meticulously the Early Years Box set was curated, its still a part of their history and seeing how little output the band really had between 87′ and 2019′ one really would have thought the inclusion of La Carrera Panamericana would have been a no brainer. The inclusion of it may have pushed me to buy this set…all being in a few months when the price drops!

        Just a reminder that The Early Years set dropped to £223 over Christmas a few months after it came out so hoping this ridiculously over priced set will also drop….still love this band though!

      • Josh D says:

        Where did you hear this?

  135. Ralph says:

    Is it churlish of me to note the absence of the Live 8 Reunion gig?

    • MFG says:

      The absence of Live 8 songs is unfortunate, but not unexpected. Guessing that they created this compilation without any input from Roger Waters. Once you throw in the Live 8 tracks, you have to get his approval at the very least, which opens up a can of (waiting for the) worms.

      I’ll stand corrected if any of the content includes performances by Waters.

  136. Ian Burgess says:

    Yeah, a hefty price tag, but Floyd & The Beatles will always be the label’s cash cows, not necessarily the band’s fault. I agree, no need for DVD with the Blu-ray. I am sure that some enterprising / cynical retailer will offer a free bag of marbles if you buy from them.
    With Abbey Road, Stormwatch (Tull) and the next Whitesnake box all on order I’ll have to wait a little on this one.

  137. Ian says:

    I’m in I think. Does anyone know how long the Ian Emes Endless River film is? I would have also liked:
    1. Versailles concert film
    2. Moscow concert film
    3. Pre show tape played to audience (from Pulse cassette)
    4. La Carrera Panamericana soundtrack
    5. Live 8
    6. The Why Pink Floyd YouTube videos ( the ones showing pink floyd images floating across various cities)
    7. At a stretch – the Gilmour/Mason contributions at Waters’ Wall show (especially Comfortably Numb)

    These would have turned it into a definite yes.

    • KB says:

      Yes! Gutted about all the above. How on earth did they not put on L8 or L Carrera, I honestly thought those were an obvious must? The Early Years did such a good job of in earthing so much great footage, it seems some of the most obvious stuff is missing here…

  138. Rich459 says:

    Absolutely gutted that there are some glaring omissions after anticipating this set for months.

    No soundscape which was bundled with the Pulse cassette. Very little love for the Pulse tour in terms of additional content – Take It Back for example still not available as audio.

    All the various edits of The Division Bell singles that they recently put on iTunes are not included – all this stuff I thought would have been a given to be honest.

  139. Tyrone says:

    Sorry for being thick, but are the PULSE, Knebworth and Nassau concerts Video and audio or just Audio?

    There is no mention of the aspect ratio or resolution.

    The 6 blu Ray discs contain the CD and DVD media. So am I correct in thinking that this equates to £70 per blu ray?

  140. Justin Bryant says:

    Hi Paul. Do you know if the Bluray are region coded l? Will be cheaper for me in Australia to get from US than UK, but my player doesn’t play Region 1 Bluray.

  141. KB says:

    An odd one? They did the Early Years SO well..I mean part form the unnecessary guff the audio and DVD were fantastic. I thought these sets were supposed to focus pretty much on the unreleased live / studio & DVD? A lot here has already been seen or heard? I’m pretty sure everyone was expecting the middle years? Hopefully they’re still locating footage and live concert for that….think ill pass on this one…

  142. Andrea says:

    This makes me wonder a bit. First we got the Immersion boxes, which were great. Then we got the Early Years box, which was AMAZING. Now we get this which is – meh (let’s face it, quality was wavering after Waters left, and they mainly became a live band, a Pink Floyd-cover-band to be precise).

    And as for Animals, possibly their greatest album, possibly the greatest rock album ever made, we’re still getting nothing, maybe a 5.1 mix, but absolutely NOTHING in terms of extras…

    • Mike says:

      Are there “extras” from “Animals”? My bootleg collection sez “no,” but I’d love to be wrong. My fave PF LP too.

      • Andrea says:

        Actually, there are quite a few excellent boots, Oakland and Madison Square Garden being among the most praised. These are audience recordings with great sound. Remains to be seen if PF recorded those shows. And there could be outtakes from the studio sessions.

  143. Louis says:

    Great gift for our ears (not for our wallet). Two questions:
    1. Why DVD and Bluray in the same package? It increase the price with nonsense.
    2. Will this split in few packages as that Early years edition? I guess not, why?

  144. Andrew Greenwood says:

    insane price for something I already have most of the audio for. CDs 4 and 5 plus the blu rays is all I would be interested in, so that could be around the £100 mark and then I’d probably go for it.
    Sadly, unlike the Early Years which I got from Germany on a 3 for 2 deal (giving up the Extras box as I already had all the movies on Blu Ray anyway) I can’t see how this would break down into smaller affordable chunks.
    I would feel differently if it had been the Middle Years (my teens, basically), but perhaps there aren’t many extras for that period after all the Immersion stuff.
    I am looking forward to the Animals 5.1 though and will probably buy that even if it is (fairly) ridiculously priced!

  145. Marco says:

    Uhm…from a quick first look it seems that to have the alternate High Hopes and Lost For Words tour rehersal on CD we have to but also the “best of” on single CD, since it looks that on the big box these two tracks are only featured in the BluRay.

  146. WaterEra says:

    I have no interest in this period but it’s weird that TDB and TER CDs aren’t included!

  147. movement says:

    I’m a sucker for this period so I will be buying. The only question is how hard I hold out for a bearable price. I have to admit $450 is more than I want to spend on this even though the visuals are likely to be fantastic.

  148. bollokcs says:

    I would love to see the video material in HD,but not interested in the remixed CDs. It far too expensive anyway.

    Paiul is there any chanche to relase any parts of it separetly?

  149. Rob S says:

    Interesting that Endless River doesn’t appear to be included. Despite the (-2019) in the title.

  150. adam shaw says:

    Can’t believe there’s no Delicate Sound Of Thunder concert film on the blu ray. Have to keep watching my old laser disc version !

  151. Nick Love says:

    I’m a huge Pink Floyd fan but this is actually a relief, I can skip it without losing any sleep at night. I’m not at all interested in any releases with any post release overdubs and the setlists between Delicate and Pulse are so redundant that I don’t feel any interest for any further live material from the era. I’m guessing the unreleased tracks are just jams from the names, the best of which were likely cherry picked for The Endless River.

  152. vikerii says:

    No ‘Peace Be With You’…absolutely bummed about this. Assumed it would be in this box, but it’s not. It’s all I was looking forward to from this era. Hard pass.

  153. Bren says:

    I’m in. Venice on TV in 1989 was my gateway to all things Floyd, an absolute revelation. Hang the price, I want this.

  154. John Murray says:

    Fantastic looking set, at an equally fantastic price! It’s a shame they can’t adopt the King Crimson approach to value!

  155. AdamW says:

    And the usual wait for a deal begins.

    Gotta love Mr. Gilmour’s confidence in this material (and yeah, I dig it, and I’d love to own it), but even if you just go by volume compared to the Early Years one, this doesn’t compare favorably. Add in the far lesser amount of previously-unreleased material, combined with the far lesser historical interest in this era and, well… I’d be hard pressed to put up $300 for this, let alone $450. We shall see.

  156. Mark D says:

    Christmas has just got expensive

  157. Dale says:

    Wish they’d do a ‘Middle Years’ set. I know they released the Immersion boxsets for DSOTM, The Wall and WYWH, but I’d love an expanded Atom Heart Mother, Meddle, Animals & Final Cut. For me, the early 70s up to Rogers departure is my favourite period for Floyd.

    • Marco says:

      I thing they will definitely do “The Middle Years”, but I suspect they will split it in two volumes. I hope volume two will finally feature the original The Wall Movie Soundtrack, with Tigers Broke Free, studio version of What Shall We Do Now and all the alternate takes that were in the film.

  158. Nick Spencer says:

    Ok, I’ll bite. What is the need for DVD’s when the Blu-Rays are there?? A Blu-Ray player is £50, no need to duplicate…

    • David Bly says:

      Well, firstly, not everyone has a Blu-ray player, and they may not want one.

      Whether people realise it or not, many people have still not ‘upgraded’ to Blu-ray cause they’ve just gotten so pissed off over changing and failing formats over the years like HD DVD*, DVD-A, SACD, MiniDiscs, and more.

      Many modern musicians are not bothering to release Blu-rays at all, and just releasing DVDs, as they play just fine on Blu-ray players. After all, they shoot a video on a stupidphone, and is is really necessary to release it on Blu-ray?

      What you really should complain about is people who release TWO versions of box sets – one with DVDs and one with Blu-rays. I accidentally got the Blu-ray/CD version of Bruce Springsteen’s “The Promise: The Darkness On The Edge Of Town Story” real cheap from a store that was going out of business, and didn’t notice it. I still haven’t seen the video parts.

      *Although I don’t have an HD DVD player, but I bought a still sealed copy of “Blazing Saddles” for $5 at a Salvation Army Store.
      While it likely may not happen, I hope beyond hope that I can somehow get Mel Brooks to autograph it and tell him I’ve never watched it! (I do have a DVD of it).

      • Dean says:

        Also, mastering Blu-Ray costs more than DVD. So if they were going to cut one of the other….. be careful what you wish for!!

    • Gary Thompson says:

      I made the same point at the time of the first box.

      • Andy says:

        If you can afford a £400 box set you can afford a £40 Blu-ray player.

        • David Bly says:

          Again, why buy something you don’t need or want.
          As has been pointed out here, the cost of making both Blu-ray & DVD discs available is very small, like pennies/pence.
          But they use that excuse of more discs to up the price even more.

          It’s not so much the price, it’s the concept of being made to pay more, and being forced to buy a piece of hardware cause millionaires can’t afford to give you both.

          If David Gilmour needs me to watch/listen to stuff on a Blu-ray player, then he should bloody well send me a fecking player!

  159. Cédric (Switzerland) says:

    Wow. I (almost) don’t care about the price. It’s a must-have for me. Kids won’t eat for a few months, but who cares? ;)

  160. paul wren says:

    No marbles which I’m sure will disappoint some people. Vinyl ordered.

  161. Andrew r says:

    Money don’t give me that doo goody good …. think I will wait till they are giving them away .

  162. Chris Artist says:

    Thanks for the write up Paul but I think most casual fans (and some more serious) will be out at that price point. Hopefully it will drop below £200 like the Early Years.

    • Paulie says:

      Early Years dropped “below 200,” is that a typo? Have never seen it below $390 since the pre-order. To this day, still don’t own it (kids gotta eat), have gotten some of the standalone sets but can’t afford the whole shooting match. I expect this “Later Years” set will tank and will watch more closely for deals.

      • Jason Russell says:

        I saw Early Years get as low as about £210 on Amazon UK (after I bought three at £250) in February 2017…and then it went back up.

      • Mike says:

        “Early Years dropped “below 200,” is that a typo?”
        On one occasion Amazon had a lightning deal below £135.

        You had to be quick though.

        And regarding the Later Years – yes it will have to drop in price before I purchase.

  163. Remon says:

    Nice to see it’s finally out. I’d like to know the screen resolution of the Blu Ray discs (1987 Nassau shows were shot at 35 mm so do we get 16:9?). Why didn’t they release a DVD and a Blu Ray boxset, I don’t need both…..pricing is heavily discussed at other fora

    • FortyFabio says:

      I’m afraid that the Delicate SOT live video will be “restored” from the standard definition edited video tape and not from the original 35mm film (which probably doesn’t exist anymore). The 80’s style of the edition (directed by Wayne Isham) shows that it was made after the 35mm film was transfered to video tape. If it really was restored from the original negative, it will be very silly to replicate (make all over again) the edit with all the exaggerated public reaction, forced slow motion, etc, etc.

      I’m hoping for a full restoration from the negatives with a full HD 16:9 presentation for the blu-ray, and of course edited in a more “realistic” way, taking in consideration that numerous shots were made without the audience. But I don’t think this is the case, let’s wait for more details.

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