PJ Harvey / Is This Desire? reissue

PJ Harvey / Is This Desire? reissue

1998 album reissued in studio and demo form

PJ Harvey‘s 1998 album Is This Desire? will be reissued early next year with a demos album also available on CD and vinyl.

Co-produced by Flood and Head the album was Harvey’s fourth studio album and the follow-up to 1995’s To Bring You My Love.

The reissue of Is This Desire? follows the pattern established by To Bring You My Love and Dry, which means a ‘demos’ album is available on CD and vinyl, while the original studio album is available remastered on vinyl (only).

The original studio album is reissued on vinyl and a demos album comes out on CD and vinyl

The demos album comes with the same track listing as the studio album proper and features brand new artwork with previously unseen photos by Maria Mochnacz.

Jason Mitchell from Loud Mastering again handles mastering the new demos album and has cut the vinyl of the original studio album. Both vinyl albums come with download codes.

Is This Desire? is reissued on 29 January 2020.

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PJ Harvey

Is This Desire - vinyl LP


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PJ Harvey

Is This Desire - demos vinyl LP


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PJ Harvey

Is This Desire - demos CD


Is This Desire? vinyl LP

Side A

The Sky Lit Up
The Wind
My Beautiful Leah
A Perfect Day Elise

Side B

Electric Light
The Garden
The River
No Girl So Sweet
Is This Desire?

Is This Desire? demos CD

1 Angelene – Demo
2 The Sky Lit Up – Demo
3 The Wind – Demo
4 My Beautiful Leah – Demo
5 A Perfect Day Elise – Demo
6 Catherine – Demo
7 Electric Light – Demo
8 The Garden – Demo
9 Joy – Demo
10 The River – Demo
11 No Girl So Sweet – Demo
12 Is This Desire? – Demo

Is This Desire? demos vinyl LP

Side A
1 Angelene – Demo
2 The Sky Lit Up – Demo
3 The Wind – Demo
4 My Beautiful Leah – Demo
5 A Perfect Day Elise – Demo
6 Catherine – Demo

Side B
1 Electric Light – Demo
2 The Garden – Demo
3 Joy – Demo
4 The River – Demo
5 No Girl So Sweet – Demo
6 Is This Desire? – Demo

15 responses to PJ Harvey / Is This Desire? reissue

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  3. Stu Baby says:

    For crying out loud, this was recorded in the 90s. It doesn’t NEED remastering!

    There are only two reasons to remaster something
    1) Record company made such a balls up of it the first time that they have to go back and fix it. Almost never happens.
    2) A better source has been found. Almost never happens.

    • reuben says:

      The DR numbers for the original CD are around 7 (I don’t have or know about the original vinyl). If the new vinyl is less compressed, I would be interested in picking it up.

  4. WaterCoolerDictator says:

    January 29, 2021 you mean? :) Been really enjoying the demos, although I hope at some point PJ brings together some other obscurities (demo or otherwise) that didn’t make the albums but are still worth listening to.

  5. Urs says:

    I kind of like this approach of issuing the original album and the accompanying demos album separately. So each customer can decide whether they wish to purchase one of the two or both. E.g. I had original pressings of her first albums, so I only bought the demos. With this one, I will be buying both as I only had it on CD so far.

  6. Auteur55 says:

    The reissue campaign for PJ Harvey albums is so disappointing. A demos CD? No Deluxe, no remastering, no b-sides. There’s nothing for me to buy here.

  7. CJ says:

    This is my favorite PJ Harvey album. Looking forward to hearing the demos. Would have loved proper CD remasters of the first two alums (the original issues are just so quiet), but I’ll be happy with the demos.

  8. Shawn Breen says:

    I’m in the US, and none of my vinyl copies has come with a download. Are the downloads only available overseas?

  9. paolo says:

    A real shame she didn’t go for deluxe reissues on two-disc sets, giving the remastered album on CD1 and the demos on CD2.

    Would have bought even just the remastered albums, if CD was an option.

    Well, guess I’ll stick with my originals then.

    • Michael says:

      Why not buy the demo cd if you want the content though? It will be cheaper than if they included the main album you already have with it.

      • Caroline says:

        It seems to be a rights issue. The albums originally released by Island are going out on vinyl only and are, essentially, straight reissues of the original vinyl editions – there is no remastering, just a new cut. The demo albums, however, are owned and controlled by PJ Harvey and are the result of a new licencing deal. This seems to be the reason that a full 14-song track-by-track demo album of “Rid Of Me” didn’t happen because 8 of the 14 songs had already been copyrighted by Island on the “4 Track Demos” release.

      • paolo says:

        Not a die-hard PJ fan or completist whatsoever, so I don’t see the point in getting the demos as indipendent releases. Remastered CDs of the proper albums would have been my choice to replace/upgrade the originals.

  10. Rupi says:

    I have the PJ Harvey twitter feed set to alerts so I can get heads up on their official Kontraband site signed copies, which of course sell out in a flash. The last time I ordered a signed demos LP it was a bit of a farce because they repeatedly sent me unsigned copies or signed copies of earlier releases (which were sold out so not sure where they found those). Eventually after 4 attempts they finally sent me the right order!

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