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CD with signed art card

Travisrecently announced new album 10 Songs is now available via Amazon UK as a signed CD edition.

The band’s official store is offering a signed version of the two-CD deluxe (with demos), but Amazon are offering a no-nonsense CD option with just the album which comes with a signed art card.

10 Songs is not due out until 9 October 2020 (via BMG), so it’s a bit of a wait, but hey, that gives you time to save up the £10.99 required to put this signed CD in your collection! There’s no premium when compared to the non-signed CD, which is just how we like it…

While you’re here, scroll down to have a listen to the new song A Ghost, which is track six on the new record.

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10 Songs - exclusive CD with signed art card


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10 Songs - standard CD


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10 Songs - 2CD deluxe with demos disc


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10 Songs - single vinyl LP


Travis / new album '10 Songs'

10 Songs 2CD deluxe

CD 1

1. Waving At The Window
2. The Only Thing
3. Valentine
4. Butterflies
5. A Million Hearts
6. A Ghost
7. All Fall Down
8. Kissing In The Wind
9. Nina’s Song
10. No Love Lost

6 responses to Pre-order a signed Travis CD

  1. John McCann' says:

    No love for travis on this site,even ron sexsmith generated more comments and 3 of them were mine

  2. LAMS says:

    “The walking man” in the cover reminds me of Gay Dad’s first album cover. Weird that I’m reminded of that, but, hey, maybe a reissue of Gay Dad albums is coming; I can only hope.

  3. Quante says:

    If you’re a Travis fan, then you’ve got to be delighted that for £15 you can buy a box set with a demo disc and signed lyric sheet. Travis deserve praise for this and for not delaying the demo version, and so ensuring that their fans don’t have to double purchase the same cd with extras six months later. The music industry’s marketing strategy in recent years to repackage a new album with additional material, within months of the original release, was one of the shittiest tricks to pull. The prevalence for streaming makes selling physical product so much tougher, so no doubt artists like Travis need to sign and add demo discs to entice a purchase.

  4. Adey says:

    So its not really a signed copy, its just a free signed artcard that comes with it, or is the art card the inlay??

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s how I described it!

    • JOHN TOLLERVEY says:

      It looks like being a grey postcard sized art-card. There appears to be the dude (Fran?) in a red boiler suit in the middle. I’d always prefer the CD signed or a 5×5″ signed card of the CD artwork. All best :)

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