Prince dies aged 57


Breaking news… multi-talented songwriter and musician Prince has died today aged 57.

No details have been released at the time of writing, but please use this post to share you thoughts on the man and his music, as we all come to terms with this terrible loss.

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  2. wayne klein says:

    It was a very sad day in the music world when Prince passed. Some of his music didn’t appeal to me but a lot of it did and he was a remarkable talent always striving to do something different. He remained an amazingly prolific and sometimes difficult artist to comprehend but he never was less than interesting.

    Much of the sadness and shock out there comes from how unexpected this was given his recent tour and release of albums.

  3. Played pool when e was sleeping on moon sound studios couch in uptown Mpls, was in the purple rain filming, saw him shred many guitars, i was then the Sennheiser rep, he loved his 441’s. Many great memories he was one of the best ever.

  4. Mike Sutton says:

    London 2007. Truly one of the greatest performances I have ever had the privilege to experience. Utterly mesmerising. Creativity simply dripped from the stage. In fact the more i think about it, I’m not sure I have seen any better live….he was that good, as we know.
    I can vividly recall David Icke seated around one of the stools by the stage. I remember thinking that there was no he was sitting in some media/press/freebie seat – it turns out Prince had personally invited him after reading some of his books. Out of all the so called media and celebrity ‘tributes’, his (on YouTube) is one of decency and sincerity.

    Truly shocked when the news broke – we have the music as a gift.

  5. Roberto Zúñiga says:

    So Bowie wanted to start a band up there in Heaven. He realized he needed a musical director. So he called the mighty Purple One. I am so sad. The only other act that deserves a separate section in this site, just like Bowie, is Prince. So the reissues will remain to be seen, as not really sure who will control his legacy. Probably his closest family, as he left no wife or children. Hopefully this stalemate with Warner Bros. comes to a good end so his music receives the treatment it deserves.

  6. Lmrc66 says:

    Is rock dying?

    • Daran says:

      No, crisis point is in about 10 – 20 years time when all the 60 – 70’s artists are dead, and the 80’s / 90 guys are retired. Then we will see the true scale of the crisis in the music industry as the vast void of talent left standing to take their place will be all too evident. But there will be the X Factor / You Tube generation left to entertain us… maybe Bieber will have transitioned into a serious artist by then?

  7. Fred says:

    I miss him… FOREVER IN MY LIFE… I luv U Prince…

  8. baward says:

    Daran, I agree. I kind-of like that there’s probably all sorts of stuff which remains (and will remain?) unreleased by many artists. I’d take quality over quantity any day; as an example, the 12″ of Eurythmics ‘Right By Your Side’ seems to go on forever (and not in a good way!)

    The capacity of Bluray possibly makes it more likely that artists will release dozens of variations of a song, demos, rough mixes, belly button fluff etc etc. As much as I love XTC, some of the stuff on the recent spate of re-releases doesn’t really make for repeated listening. Good to have them on there, though.

  9. O(+> Peter B says:

    Prince is my favourite artist because he was the very best. Parade is my favourite Prince album.
    One of the many reasons this is such a shame is that there’s been some great tracks on the 4 albums he released in the last two years (how many artists can we say that about?) so he was still creative and had plenty in the tank.
    I only saw him play once, in Melbourne a few years ago, but I’m glad I have that. During Cream, after the line “make the rules then break them all ‘cuz u r the best” he added “I was looking in the mirror when I wrote that” – hilarious!
    Oh dear, this is just awful. Just 2 months after Vanity died, too.

  10. Michael Khalsa says:

    He will be very much missed. Fortunate enough to see him live at the Sydney Opera House in February. Piano & microphone tour. He was incredible. Played for more than 2 hours. I have not seen a performer that had the audience held like that. Funny as well. Lots of the hits very conscious of the audience. He would start playing one of the hits like ‘Diamonds & Pearls’ then stop & pretend to look for the lyrics under the piano while the audience groaned. He played lots of the hits, even from the obscure records he choose the right songs like ‘I love u but I don’t trust u anymore’ & ‘the breakdown’. He did great covers like ‘sweet thing’ & ‘wait in vain’. From his records he would dedicate them to God. So I am trying not to be sad. It’s our loss not his. Cyndi Lauper described him as God’s child. And he was.

  11. peter chrisp says:

    What can i say although i am not a massive fan but gee his contribution to music was second to none apparently he was touring our world Australia & New Zealand 2 weeks ago and put on an incredible show a huge loss to the music world especially you the above fans. I could not believe it myself, heard about it 24 hours ago as soon as i checked out my computer that was the first thing i heard a very very sad day and check out a couple of comments i guess everyone is entitled to have their own thoughts, this one is from Justin Bieber can’t say i am a fan of his music and at times his attitude & ego no doubt Well not the last greatest living performer & one of his friends sux real bad.

  12. Stefan says:

    Way too soon, so sad. Gonna drink banana daquiris ’til I go blind.

  13. Brian says:

    I have noticed already on youtube you can find loads of his songs. Something he was totally against. So though it’s meant as a homage at the same time it’s kind of disrespectful.

  14. says:

    At the age of 14, I waited 36 hours in line to get tickets to see Prince. Purple Rain Tour, Miami Fl. Outstanding performer, and one of my first musical favorites.

    It is a shame the younger generation has no avenue (like Youtube) to watch the early videos, or listen to some of his best music. This might prompt them to buy more of his vinyl and cds.

    After his massive battle with Warner, Prince faded from the limelight. He later musical output, never reached the heights of the earlier stuff.

    Hopefully, we will get a serious Warner retrospective (with all of the 12″s released on cd). I could never figure out why Prince was so hell bent on not re-releasing his early stuff (with decent remastering). His decision, but it as a big loss to later generations.

  15. Henry W says:

    Can’t quite come to terms with this. Prince has been a constant feature on my turntable, and in my life, for over 30 years and I’m more upset than I have any right to be. I’m paraphrasing something I read many moons ago not only was he the last truly great rock star, he was also, arguably the first…
    I always though there was another Prince gig on the horizon and I was looking forward to taking my son to see him the next time he returned to the UK. Can’t believe that’s not going to happen now.
    Rest in peace little guy, rest in peace…

  16. Anthony C says:

    Hey Darren

    Most of Prince’s tours are represented with pro-shot concert films floating around on the bootleg circuit

    You have to see Prince at the Montreux Jazz Festival from 18th July 2009.

    He performs Empty Room live – simple breathtaking!

    Also of note, live at the Staples Centre in LA 29th March 2004.


    The Earth Tour live at the 02 Arena 3rd August 2007.

    There was also a concert on PPV Canadian TV but I can’t remember those details.



    The London Times reported that they had published 27 entertainment related obituaries so far this year.
    2016 – what the f*ck is going on?!?

  18. chdx says:

    Crushed by the loss…

    And as with Bowie:
    one of the first artist I bought albums from, one of the first I saw live, leaving while still having plenty left to say, shrouded in secrecy and unpredictable (for better or worse)…

    While I could live without anything coming out of the “vault” , I hope the live CD from his piano & microphone tour he announced and played for half an hour when he showed up a few days ago at his Paisley Park’s party will be out soon.

    • Daran says:

      “live CD from his piano & microphone tour” – Bootleg already is! I saw it when I was chasing up the video releases that Anthony C and Henry Watson mentioned.

  19. Daran says:

    Just watched the YouTube video of him on stage with Jeff Lynn and Tom Petty performing While My Guitar… for George Harrisons RnR Hall of Fame induction. Wow, and double wow… I saw him only once, during his 21 nights at 02. Lucky me it was the night Elton John came up on stage and sang with him. I remember two things about that night: he’s a god on any instrument he plays, and he changed his clothes far too often! I wish there were more concert DVD’s of his. I know he did not like live performances recorded visually, but we don’t have anything past the Aladdin 2002 performance do we?

    • Henry Watson says:

      …I thought he pretty much filmed all his shows, albeit principally for private viewing.

      It’s certainly bitty post 2002 (which was a missed opportunity release of a fantastic tour)

      There was a professionally filmed piece with some footage from the last of the 21 nights at the o2. IIRC this was to be part of a Prince Opus ipod, which was ultimately never released. I think a few DVD copies of this made their way onto ebay and it’s probably not too hard to find a bootleg of it out there somewhere. He also did the cinema broadcast of the “official” opening night of the Musicology tour in 2004 . The other thing that springs to mind was the Tidal stream of about 20 minutes of the Paris Hitnrun show from 2014 (Crazy2cool)….and there where the teased releases of shows from Montreaux which never materialised.

  20. Anthony C says:

    I’ve just been listening to his final ever concert, held at 10pm at the Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia, USA – 14 April 2016.

    The final track – Purple Rain (medley with Diamonds & Pearls) – sang at the piano with the audience in full voice.

    That iconic song seems like a fitting tribute to a superstar in ever sense of the word!

    I miss him so much already!


  21. Donal Murphy says:

    Shocked beyond words, the soundtrack youth, and the first music act i got eqch album as they were released from Purple Rain going forward, i had one the best teachers in my music education, he showed me rap, soul rock, pop, funk, he showed me what was possible in music,and guided me down interesting alleyways off the mainstream, and then he had the very simple.material lime the excellent “Sometimes It Sniws In April” thank you Prince and RIP

  22. Brian says:

    soon all that will be left is us.

  23. Mark says:

    An article from March 2015 about ‘The Vault’ for those who’ve not read it


  24. Daran says:

    Baward, perhaps he’s made his wishes/arrangements for his music ownership in a will. Maybe it’s best that the vault isn’t opened up if Prince himself was not 100% happy with his unreleased songs. We may never know that, but I would hate to see his legacy profiteered on by an avalanche of releases the great man himself would not have put out if he had any say in it – even if being Prince songs none of them will be too shabby of course.

  25. HS says:

    For me, there were three living legends in the 80s – Madonna, Michael and Prince (all born in 1958). The seems larger than life, untouchable… Can’t believe that two of them are already gone, way before their time. Madonna MUST live forever! RIP Prince – there will never be another. The doves are crying…

  26. baward says:

    I appreciate this page, thank you. Talk about “The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.” It scares me to think who else might get to play that great gig in the sky in 2016, and its only April.

    To be slightly tasteless (apologies), what gets released depends on who actually owns it, surely? Or at least who its licensed to (probably no-one if its not been released.) I imagine that Bowie legacy releases might be quite sparse, as presumably Iman and the family own the masters – and its not like they need the money. By all accounts, the Prince vaults are crammed with recordings.

  27. Anthony C says:



    It wasn’t his time to go…


  28. Foxee says:

    I wasn’t a huge fan but I have to admit that his synths on Stevie’s Nicks classic ‘Stand Back’ are superb.

    Would now really love to hear the duet he and Nicks recorded in 1984 which has been locked away for 30 years.

  29. CJ Feeney says:

    It is sad and frustrating news. Like Bowie, Prince was still capable of surprising and delighting his fans. Like Dylan, with his Basement Tapes he was capable of producing great music and leaving it unused due to his perfectionism or, frustratingly, being distracted by the next project.

    You the feeling that if he lived to be 100 he would have continued making new music and giving great performances.

    His is not an obituary that lets you reflect fondly on a great and fulfilled career, like for example George Martin or Richard Attenborough, it is one that makes you sad for the music you won’t get to hear and the performances you won’t get to see.

  30. Adam shaw says:

    I saw the great man perform 3 times ,the lovesexy tour was my first . I’d never seen any rock /soul artist with that much energy on stage and I’d seen a lot by then . The thing was we always knew American artist where well rehearsed but this was just mind boggling, the speed of his guitar licks , dancing all over the stage and vocals spot on . Later gigs he dropped the props and it was more about his talent , but on one occasion he had a high bar on stage on which he would swing over and hang onto like a gymnast , he started talking whilst on it basically saying if you believe all this show business stuff we were as mad as him , which stuck with me cause all we ever saw in the press then was how crazy he was and ignoring his music .
    To him music was everything and to a lot of us on here we feel exactly the same .

  31. Carlos says:

    BBC Radio 2, Thursday 21st April 2016, 18:34

    Simon Mayo:
    “Elton John and ‘In The Name Of You’ and before that it was Ronan Keating. Six Thirty-four, BBC Radio 2 and Clare has breaking news for you”.

    Clare Runacres:
    “Thanks Simon. In the past few minutes the publicist for the American singer Prince has confirmed that the artist has died at his home in Minnesota. The star who was 57 had been suffering from ill health and had to cancel two recent concerts. His private jet was forced to make an emergency landing last Saturday because of his condition. His staff said he’d had a bad bout of flu. Prince sprang to international fame in the early 80s following the success of his album 1999. He sold more than a hundred million records during his career. And we’ll have more on that in the news at Seven”.

    “Thank you Clare. 2016 is turning out to be a bit of a rubbish year”.

    Prince and the Revolution – Purple Rain (all 8 minutes and 45 seconds of it)

    sobbing uncontrollably

  32. Neil says:

    I saw Prince 6 times, once in 1993 at the NIA in Birmingham, once in 1995 at the NEC in Birmingham and 4 of the shows at the infamous O2 residency. The O2 shows stick in my mind because every show was different and he the atmosphere was electric. I remember almost screaming when he played The Beautiful Ones and Sometimes It Snows In April in ’92. In ’95 he played the Gold album before it had come out and although it wasn’t a popular move, I was in awe. This 18yo fan boy was craving new music and he delivered. I own every song he’s ever released (and manythat he hasn’t) and I am heartbroken.

    I hope his music is treated respectfully by whoever ends up owning it.

  33. mikey roberts says:

    Simply cannot believe it: seeing the guy on stage he seemed superhuman – like he was not subject to the same laws of nature as the rest of us.

    Can’t remember who first said this but right now “it’s not the end of the world. it just feels like it”

  34. Robbert says:

    Saw him first in 1980 in Amsterdam at the Paradiso when he did three shows in Europe prior to The Dirty Mind Tour. Because not a lot of people knew about his music then the venue was only half full but in later years everybody in Amsterdam claimed to have been there…
    Saw him 2 times more at sellouts at the Ahoy in Rotterdam at the height of his fame. During one of these the videoclip for You Got The look was made.
    Am hoping for some special editions of his albums.

  35. Martin says:

    This is so sad! I really can’t believe that.
    I grew up with his music, he inspired me making music, one of the greatest artists in the world!
    I can’t find the words….

  36. Barrett Bowie says:

    He was more King than Prince, a rare total master of songwriting, producing, performing, singing, and playing all the instruments. I think his “later” (and by later, I mean after 1994) work is underrated, by the way. It’s inconsistent, yes, but gems abound throughout.

    I think we’re all waiting for some definitive remastered, multi-disc box set career retrospective that collects his primo early material, the best of the last 20 years + essential rarities and live tracks. With his passing, maybe this will become more of a possibility? . . . (Granted, I’d rather sacrifice my selfish music collector desires for the sake of Prince actually remaining alive and well and thrilling audiences, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was thinking about this a bit.)

  37. Kauwgompie says:

    There are simply no words. I always thought of Prince as the most talented musician ever. Played his own instruments, wrote and produced his own music and that of many others and had hit after hit. If there is ever a sad day in the music industry, it’s today. I saw him in concert 4 times. The first time was at the rock n roll hall of fame induction when he played a medley of his hits and then guitar on the jam of “when my guitar gently weeps”. A legendary performance. The entire ballroom (at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel) was in awe. I later took my 6 year old to one of his concerts because I wanted my kids to learn to like his music. And they loved it. What a horrible loss. What a horrible day.

  38. Joseph says:

    Prince was a doer & he wasn’t afraid to be judged because he believed in himself and he believed in others. He had faith in the possibilities of living his life. I sincerely will always admire him for that. He was incredibly talented, and he was incredibly courageous to get in touch with that talent and let it out. Remarkable & unforgettable by being him & noone else. My heart goes to family & loved ones, can’t imagine the loss…

  39. RikTheHib says:

    Just finished listening to the 5CD edition of Crystal Ball (end-to-end & non-stop). Wow!
    Rest well Mr Nelson, you earned it.

  40. Omar says:

    As sad as circumstances can be, it’ll be a noteworthy to see what happens with his back catalogue.

  41. John D says:

    Sickening news.

    “How can a light that burned so brightly suddenly burn so pale?”

    Thank you Prince. I hope you were as happy as your music has made me.

  42. RJSWinchester says:

    Far more upset about this than Bowie’s death even though I liked their music equally. Maybe it’s because I grew up with the music of Prince whilst it was being released but with Bowie I was playing catch-up in the eighties. To call Prince a multi-talented genius would be an understatement.

  43. Stefan Richards says:

    So much respect for a truly innovative artist. R.I.P

    Thankfully I got to see him live at the London O2 on the the last of his 21 night run. Great stadium concert & he didn’t miss a beat. Fantastic show which I thought he could not top, how wrong was I.

    We had tickets for the after show gig at the O2 Indigo he & his band on fire, 2 1/2 – 3 hrs. 28 song set featuring 12 of his songs & 16 fabulous funky covers, Beatles, Stones, Led Zep, Chic, Jimi Hendrix, Wild Cherry, 2 yes 2 Mother’s Finest tracks and a slew of others. Some of the tracks were stretched out into full on funk jams. I felt privileged to have witnessed him in full force.


    One of my top 5 all-time gigs for sure.

  44. Ben in Colorado says:

    Paul, with the news of Prince’s death, as with Bowie’s and others, I am again reminded why I love your website. Reading all the comments from your readers helps to make these events more tolerable. I truly feel this is a unique community, and this is just one of many reasons why SDE is my first and last stop each day. Thanks for continuing to do all the work that is required to keep this machine running.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thank you very much… so sad what has happened this year.

    • Kai Karkkainen says:

      Could not agree more. This website is almost therapeutic in sharing the feelings of other like-minded people, thanks for giving us a platform to comment on. These last months have been horrible, it’s as if the Grim Reaper had been going through my records and decided to start erasing the soundtrack of my life! I’d better hide the rest of my record collection starting with Stevie Wonder, The Stones, Springsteen, Macca, Elton John etc. etc.

  45. Paul English says:

    RIP Prince, a true genius. His sequence of albums from Dirty Mind to Lovesexy is the greatest run ever.

  46. D B says:

    RIP Prince, can’t believe it

  47. scotty_G says:

    What a shock. This is what it sounds like when doves cry! RIP Prince

  48. Straker says:

    2016ad – A cultural annus horribilis like no other….

  49. Romain Delgrange says:

    I am deeply saddened to hear the news.
    I’ve been a fan of Prince all my life, since I’ve discovered and loved his music since I was still a baby in the 90’s, thanks to my parents. It was litterally “a life listening to Prince” for me, since I’ve been a fan all those years, seeing him 5 times on stage across the years (and even in a legendary aftershow in Brussels, all night long, with no more than 300 other people).
    Prince and David Bowie were my all-time favorite musicians. Both losses hurt me a lot. I haven’t even had the time to recover from David’s passing, just to hear that Prince has left us too.
    I do feel bad about that and my heart is heavy tonight. I actually still find all this very hard to believe.

    I’ll never forget Prince’s genuine talent, his one-of-a-kind music career, his unique sense of humor, his guitar playing and his kindness. He’s “forever in my life”.

  50. Craig Hedges says:

    This is a nightmare, all my heroes are dying.
    It feels like all the talent in the world is disappearing.
    Good night Prince – He’s up there tonight jamming with Hendrix

  51. Steven Adamson says:

    Gutted. Prince has been and will continue to be a huge influence on me. I’m grateful I got a chance to see him live. I hope his estate gets looked after properly and all of those unreleased recordings, concerts etc eventually see a release in a way that he’d be happy with. Gonna listen to nothing but Prince for the next few days.

  52. Simon F says:

    And so 2016 continues to be the worst year for music in living memory. I started following Prince around the time of Purple Rain, snapping up every album and 12″ single, all of which were magnificent with their expanded versions, and B-sides that were better than most other artists A-sides. I remember buying Sign ‘O’ The Times and playing that album again and again and again on that first day, just totally blown away by it all. Still my favourite Prince album.
    Finally got to see the great man live at Wembley in 1989 on the Livesexy Tour; without doubt the greatest concert I have ever witnessed. During the set Prince even managed to shoot a few hoops of basket ball and I just sat there thinking ‘is there nothing that this man can not do?!’
    An amazingly brilliant talented individual who will never be replaced. Prince – Thank U 4 The Music.

  53. Paul H says:

    Sometimes it snows in April.

  54. Ben in Colorado says:

    When 1999 came out I took the cassette to a “party” here in the sticks of Colorado, and popped it in. No one knew who this guy was, and it was a great night! I will never forget the feeling I had listening to that tape. It made me feel hip, dangerous, and made life seem full of possibility. It was so exciting and sexy and funky! I continued to buy all his music throughout the years, and to think of a world without him is hard to fathom.

  55. elliott buckingham says:

    just working my way through the 37 albums I have on cd 50 12″ singles and heres hoping warners now do justice to his back catalogue rip prince you were and always the best

  56. Anthony C says:

    A fan for 33 years – I feel I have lost family. Prince was and will forever be a part of the soundtrack to my life.

    His legacy is immense! He touched so many with his music and performances.

    His new live album had just been announced and now this… I’m deeply shocked.

    I’m so glad I had the opportunities to meet him over the years. The first time I’d met Prince my breath was taken away – he was and is a true superstar. I’ve worked with many celebrities over the years but Prince has presence. Prince has star quality. Prince has the power to sent tingles down your spine.

    He may be gone but I’ll keep listening until the day I die – that’s the power and passion of music.

    RIP Prince – words I thought I’d never type.


    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Wow…must have been interesting to meet him. Saw him live on the Diamonds and Pearls tour and a few years back when he did a ‘warm up’ show at Koko prior to his O2 run. A bit like Bowie, it just seemed like he’d live forever. He looked ageless and healthy. No one can say he didn’t live life to the full, but for it to be cut so short is tragic.

  57. Ern says:

    Shocking news. One of my all time favourite artists. Never fell out of favour with his output regardless how patchy it got. And in concert, he was amazing.
    Sign o the Times album was my first album I got and it was my summer album of 1987. I played that album non stop.
    For those that never listened to the Crystal Ball CD set, there are some wonderful gems in there.

    • Ben in Colorado says:

      I agree! Crystal Ball is one of my all time favorites. As a triple album, nothing is better. It was selling for $6 bucks years ago, and now I think it is really expensive.

      • RJSWinchester says:

        I remember looking forward to Crystal Ball but found it to be distinctly underwhelming, understandable I suppose given the amount of nineties music on it. The fourth disc – the acoustic The Truth album – is OK though.

    • tom says:

      If I could only find a copy without taking out a HELOC…

  58. RJSWinchester says:

    He was to the eighties what Bowie was to the seventies. Prince could do everything and play everything and he was an amazing dancer too (even with his high heels on). Saw him in 1990 at Maine Road and in 2007 at the O2. Nobody could command a stage quite like him. Dirty Mind and Sign ‘O’ the Times will always be in my Top 10 all time favourite albums.

  59. tom says:

    1987 – Live in Frankfurt/Main – Sign O the times – I just graduated High School and Life was never so fresh. And Prince was already laying to rest “The Revolution”. Next stop “Lovesexy” live and then a brief return for “Diamonds And Pearls” live again. Still collecting 12″ Prince records. The Best. No scandals, just music, love and peace – RIP. Shellshocked.

  60. Charlie D says:

    Just wanted to add my voice to how sad I am over the news today. His influence, musical brilliance and obsessive passion for performing will 4ever b remembered.

  61. James Barker says:

    Can’t believe it, my all time Hero gone too soon! I’ll revisit his music again today from the start, him and all his related artists through my iTunes (Prince) RIPed CDs. It will take me 1.5 days to listen to everything! So sad, hopefully we’ll get some older stuff finally released, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t get anything. Nothing Compares 2 U!

  62. Rough cut says:

    It’s a sad day. I saw him live in the summer of 2013, and he rocked. RIP.

  63. Daran says:

    When he was average, he was good. But when he was great he was perfection. The world of music is immeasurably worse in April than it was on January 1st. I fear we are entering a phase of icons leaving us. Hang on folks, it’s going to be a rough and sad ride…. RIP Prince.

  64. Tim says:

    An absolute, amazing and singular talent and prodigy, the like of which we havnt seen since and probably never will again. Am shocked beyond words as we all are.

  65. mike says:

    Doncha just love Prince?

    More than life itself!

  66. Mike says:

    Cant believe it. The man for who iconic and legend are words that fit. Massive loss to music. RIP Prince.

  67. FRED says:

    I can’t believe it …He’s the soundtrack of my life … I LUV U PRINCE

  68. Andy Vizor says:

    Can not believe another great great icon, superstar, musician, writer, producer…. Gone way way too soon. He, like Bowie, was way above some of them (most of em, lets be honest). Tragic loss. This has been a shite year for music & entertainment losses. Bowie, Prince, Glen Frey, John Bradbury, etc. Also TV personalities we grew up with, Victoria Wood, Ronnie Corbett etc.what a bummer of a year! RIP Prince. Baby You’re A Star

  69. Steve says:

    An absolute genius – saw him twice, wish I had seen him more. He was a unique talent the like of which we may not see again.

  70. Florian M. Kranz says:

    There was truely something transcending about him and his music.

  71. joel says:

    another huge loss…when he was on, he was brilliant…my first prince record was sign o’ the times…had been recently mulling over looking into the albums I had never heard…such a fucking shame

  72. Jason Brown says:

    When people talk about musical talent, here’s one who absolutely defined it. Yet another sad loss.

  73. JDM says:

    The year is going to live long in the memory for all the wrong reasons. I still remember when Kerrang! put Prince on the cover and the metalheads went ape in outrage but why the hell not? The cat could play guitar as well as Eddie Van Halen or Stevie Vai. Soul, funk, rock… He had it all.

  74. Paul says:

    The best live act on Earth. A total genius.

  75. Metal Mickey says:

    The consummate artist, I hope the tributes are worthy of someone who was right in the middle of that perfect Michael Jackson/Jimi Hendrix/Stevie Wonder venn diagram… now playing the amazing Live In Holland 1988 bootleg to get me started on what’s going to be a Prince weekend… RIP

  76. Kiki says:

    That’s a very sad new for the pop music.
    Now as it’s been said previously, the record compagny will probably take this “opportunity” (can we say a death of a musical genius like that ?) to provide the expanded edition Prince promised when he got back with Warner…

  77. Auntie Sabrina says:

    HITRUN Phase Two is due for release 29 Aoril

  78. BritinDetroit says:

    The vinyl was very much part of the 80s for me – heck I even bought the metal tin Batman……After he went to symbol, I drifted away.

  79. Ben Williams says:

    This year has been very sad for the art world. Prince was a legend. One of those performers who soundtracked all our lives. I am still in shock as I write this. So sad. He gave us songs for dancing, songs for living, songs for loving. A true icon, gone. Rest in peace.

  80. Andrew says:

    Words escape me. This is just so sad.

  81. Ben Williams says:

    This year has been very sad for the art world. Prince was a legend. One of those performers who soundtracked all our lives. I am still in shock as I write this. So sad. He gave us songs for dancing, songs f

  82. Alan says:

    Prince’s music brought something exciting, colourful and a little bit dangerous into my teenage years. He was a true artist, a visionary and a little bit bonkers. But brilliant. Totally absolutely brilliant!

  83. Derek murray says:

    “At the record company meeting…..on their hands a dead star…”
    The record companies will be be frothing at the mouth at the prospect of releasing all those unreleased tracks he’s recorded over the years and finally getting those remasters out as well.

    • Michael Khalsa says:

      Warners have had the master tapes for awhile. Prince said this when asked about the ‘Purple Rain’ reissue he said the delays were caused by Warner Bros not himself.

  84. Charles K. says:

    Tragic, still haven’t come close to getting over Bowie. He was a genius songwriter and guitarist. His guitar skills don’t get enough mention. Doves are certainly crying.

    • andrew R says:

      100% check out his solo at the george harrison tribute concert
      blows everyone out then saunters off stage. Peerless, should be
      regarded in the same league as Clapton Beck and Page. What a loss!

  85. Simon says:

    Just terrible.
    Very lucky to see him live solo in Auckland NZ just a few weeks ago.Simply stunning.


  86. Joe Vollaro says:

    Heartbroken…what a legacy of music he leaves…let’s hope we get some wonderful super deluxe editions worthy of his talent. R.I.P

  87. Paul W says:

    I saw Prince on his NUDE tour in 1990. As spectacles go, it wasn’t much of one, not after the pomp of LOVESEXY in 1988 (which I saw on TV and later on video). And yet it was still one of the most energetic shows I had ever seen or will ever see. Spellbinding. And now he’s gone.

  88. Gary Butler says:

    In total total shock, r.i.p. Can’t really take this in yet.

  89. Johnathan says:

    “Written, arranged, composed and performed by Prince” — words that have been such a part of my life’s soundtrack for the past 30-plus years. I’m glad to have witnessed Prince’s otherworldly talent in person a couple of times in recent years, even as I kick myself for skipping out on three other opportunities. Prince will forever be a musical genius, a consummate performer, and absolute visionary.

  90. Chris Squires says:

    After the sudden passing of the wonderful Victoria Wood yesterday the Mrs. and I were discussing who next after such an awful year. Never would have thought Prince. He collaborated with Queen Kate for crying out loud. Awful year. Just awful. Time to dig Purple Rain out..

  91. Kai Karkkainen says:

    2016 has got to be the worst year in the history of popular music. David Bowie, Glenn Frey of the Eagles, Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire, now Prince!!! When will this end?

    • colin says:

      Lemmy & Colin Vearncombe as well!

    • Scott T. says:

      Apparently, it will end when we figure out how to be immortal. We’ve lost some serious mojo musicians and life still goes on. Rather than sticking to tradition and buying best of’s and boxed sets from these folks and exploring something new would be appropriate. For example, yes Michael Jackson and Prince have died. But Terence Trent D’Arby continues to write amazing songs (buried a bit in his need to put records out with 40 tracks on them) and Mayer Hawthorne’s live performances rival the ones I’ve seen with Prince. Will I miss all of these artists? Of course. But maybe this is a time in which people can discover or rediscover the talents that are still among the living.

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