Prince / Lotusflow3r 2LP vinyl repress


Prince‘s Lotusflow3r album from 2009 is being reissued on vinyl as a double album with the welcome bonus of the inclusion of two CDs…

This reissue from Because Music wisely excludes Bria Valente’s Elixer album, which was originally part of the three-CD set and focuses on the two Prince albums: Lotusflow3r and MPL Sound. The former was generally more warmly received, and certainly warrants re-examination seven years on. There’s some very good work on here, including jazzy opener, …From The Lotus, the poppy Crimson and Clover (which pinches the chorus from Wild Thing), the tight James Brown funk of Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful and the obligatory Prince Hidden Gem, the bluesy, soulful Colonized Mind.

This reissue packages both vinyl albums in a gatefold sleeve and comes with CDs of Lotusflow3r and MPL Sound. For the price it’s a bargain and will hopefully encourage curious fans, who may have been put off by ‘triple-album syndrome’, to explore Prince’s work in 2009.

Lotusflow3r is reissued as a 2LP+2CD package on 1 July.

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Lotus Flow3r [VINYL]



From the Lotus… – 2:46
Boom – 3:19
Crimson and Clover – 3:52
4ever – 3:47
Colonized Mind – 4:47
Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful – 3:52
Love Like Jazz – 3:49
77 Beverly Park – 3:04
Wall of Berlin – 4:16
$ – 3:58
Dreamer – 5:30
…Back 2 the Lotus – 5:34


(There’ll Never B) Another Like Me” – 6:01
Chocolate Box (featuring Q-Tip) – 6:14
Dance 4 Me – 4:58
U’re Gonna C Me – 4:36
Here – 5:15
Valentina – 3:59
Better with Time – 4:54
Ol’ Skool Company – 7:30
No More Candy 4 U – 4:14

19 responses to Prince / Lotusflow3r 2LP vinyl repress

  1. noyoucmon says:

    1999, Controversy, and Purple Rain have all been reissued on vinyl with, I believe, remastering jobs, going back to 2009.

    • Karen says:

      Has anyone recieved this box set. I pre ordered this in Amazon, and nothing. My work colleague had an email from Amazon, but This was because Amazon had cancelled the order! I also noted on Amazon site the MPL sound, no stock as well.

      I ventured into Manchester City Centre, I went into Fopp, no MPL Sound or Boxset. I asked about both, the Boxset was not listed on their system, and MPL sound awaiting stock. I then went into HMV. 4 copies of MPL sound at £9.99. Boxset was listed on system, but was told not coming to store, but could order it from them for €24.00

      • Jim Edwards says:

        Karen, I preordered my copy from Amazon and they also sent me an email saying it wouldn’t be arriving anytime soon. I cancelled it as I’m getting a little bit tired of all the delays and lack of information given out to the fans concerning all of Prince’s recent vinyl reissues. Amazon now has Around the World in a Day scheduled for late August. I’m gonna wait until I actually see them all listed. No preorders for me any more when it comes to Prince vinyl.

        • Karen says:


          I managed to get a copy of the the 2 Lp + 2 cd from the Marketplace seller
          reflexcd2 SHIPPING FROM THE UK.

          I emailed them direct, and a very nice chap called Andy emailed me back saying yes they have a copy.

          I have been told that it is a very limited pressing.

          I even tried Musicmagpie, and that sat waiting for 3 days to be dispatched. An email to them, asking and chances of it being dispatched resulted in them cancelling the order, and an email saying they could get no stock, YET they are still advertising that they have it. Make out what you will.

          I have also found out that Amazon in USA, are not expecting it until 22 July 2016.

          To me, in seems at present Amazon UK themselves we get no stock, and have you seen the price increase. Started at £18, and now shy of £29.00!

          Amazon UK didn’t even get MPL Sound either. That’s now increased in price to nearly £13.00

  2. memoryboy says:

    As a casual Prince fan who knows and loves mostly the hits from the 80’s, (not to say his music after ‘Purple Rain’ wasn’t bad) but I am surprised there is no announcement yet of his classic albums like ‘1999’, ‘Controversy’, ‘Purple Rain’ being reissued and remastered. They are choosing to focus on everything except those albums I am looking forward to. I am an 80’s boy, and also looking forward to David Bowie’s albums being reissued from that decade. Yet no announcement. Although I will say that I enjoy David Bowie’s 70’s, 90’s and newer releases just as much as his 80’s releases. Perhaps we will have to wait a year or two until my favorites are to be re-released. Such a long wait it will be….

  3. O(+> Peter B says:

    I really love MPLSound. If any Prince title came close 2 summing him up, it’d have to be (There’ll Never B) Another Like Me. U’re Gonna C Me is gorgeous and No More Candy 4 U is Prince at his fiery and playful best. Better With Time – he surely was.

  4. David Atkinson says:

    Great. Now can we have ‘Emancipation’ on vinyl?

  5. seikotsi says:

    Great album, but I did like the Bria CD too.

  6. elliott buckingham says:

    have the original 2lp release its a great set with great sounding vinyl.
    does the re-press include th poster from the original

  7. Ben Williams says:

    Excellent! Didnt get this one first time around, so very happy to be able to get it now.

    If someone could repress 3121 and The Gold Experience at some point, that’d be great!

  8. BlueGangsta says:

    The Morning After would have made a nice bonus track.

  9. Anthony C says:

    This re-press was already issued in September last year.

    This 2 vinyl set is identical to the original release and just has the inclusion of the CDs.

    I’ve always loved this artwork.

    I also urge people to buy the MPLS Sound single disc issue on CD and Vinyl as the artwork is also just as great.

  10. Wow! That came out of nowhere! And very welcome it is too. I remember the struggle to aqcuire the 3CD version as it was only available initially from Target stores in the U.S. I had to call in a favour to get myself a copy, and it was worth the effort too.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    • Rock Roll says:

      Prince didn’t support LotusFlow3r in the rest of the USA with any concerts or in-store appearances. Ultimately, the CD struggled to move at almost every single Target — and was clearance-priced at $1.99 in the summer of 2010.

      • Rock Roll says:

        It wasn’t only released at Target USA, that was only the original release exclusivity about it. About a month after its Target USA release, it became available 2 record stores worldwide (even Walmart here in Canada carried it!), and it also had an official vinyl release in France (as well as the single CD and vinyl versions of MPLSound were released in France).

        • I’m in the UK and at launch, not knowing how poor it would sell, being told that it was a Target exclusive, and having a need to own everything that Prince does as soon as it is released, the struggle was real! ;-)

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