Prince / new hits package 4EVER


Hits set for Nov, with Purple Rain deluxe in early 2017

Warners will issue 4EVER, a brand new Prince hits collection (and the first ‘new’ posthumous release), next month with the long-awaited deluxe edition of Purple Rain to follow in 2017.

4EVER is a fairly comprehensive two-CD 40-track collection that spans Prince’s Warner Bro. era and includes the previously unreleased Moonbeam Levels (recorded in 1982 for the 1999 sessions). Almost everything here was a single, although Prince’s only UK number one, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World is an unfortunate omission (it was originally issued on NPG Records, of course).

This new set comes with a 12-page booklet with previously unpublished photos by Herb Ritts. There is no news of any vinyl version.

The Purple Rain deluxe edition has been promised for “early next year”. It will definitely include “a second album of previously unreleased material,” with plans apparently agreed with Prince before his death. More on this when we get it.

4EVER will be released on 25 November (22 Nov in the US).

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1.    1999
2.    Little Red Corvette
3.    When Doves Cry
4.    Let’s Go Crazy
5.    Raspberry Beret
6.    I Wanna Be Your Lover
7.    Soft and Wet
8.    Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad
9.    Uptown
10. When You Were Mine
11. Head
12. Gotta Stop (Messin’ About)
13. Controversy
14. Let’s Work
15. Delirious
16. I Would Die 4 U
17. Take Me With U
18. Paisley Park
19. Pop Life
20. Purple Rain
21. Kiss
22. Sign ‘O’ The Times
23. Alphabet Street
24. Batdance
25. Thieves In The Temple
26. Cream
27. Mountains
28. Girls & Boys
29. If I Was Your Girlfriend
30. U Got The Look
31. I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man
32. Glam Slam
33. Moonbeam Levels
34. Diamonds and Pearls
35. Gett Off
36. Sexy MF
37. My Name Is Prince
38. 7
39. Peach
40. Nothing Compares 2 U

104 responses to Prince / new hits package 4EVER

  1. Herman Foster says:

    I want to know a comprehensive video collection. Will there be one

  2. ING says:

    Lame cash grab. Even if you want to make a case for just the hits it has obvious missing ones and includes others that really weren’t big hits. Even if just representing the WB releases it skips The Black Album, Come, The Gold Experience, Chaos & Disorder & Old Friends 4 Sale. Oh, & Plectrum Electrum & Art Official Age.

    Worse of all, the misleading title makes one think it will be comprehensive/ whole career… after all, he has a song called 4ever! Stupid

  3. Thomas G. says:

    Why will the be no VINYL LP release? How great these wonderful Herb Ritts Fotos and Cover would look on 2 LP Gatefold Album Cover – Please warner…give us 4ever on VINYL too!!!!

  4. AlexKx says:

    There could and or should be FIVE compilations that are two c.d.s each covering the best of Prince. I think there are something like 39 l.p.s or equivalent of released during his lifetime. They should also include unreleased tracks since he would sometimes record an l.p. every day. Totally nuts. This would have been more welcomed if there were far more photos and liner notes…instead…TWELVE PAGES?! Is this a joke?! Will this also be sold in DIGIpackaging?! The worst ever?! That is often at least in the last few years where there are regurgitations of songs re-released more than once in a compilation when they are released in digipackaging that I feel it really is just something to fill a void until something else better is done down the line probably measured by years…

  5. Nate says:

    Would have loved to have seen GOLD and THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD included. Surely it can’t be that difficult to get them cleared / licensed ?

  6. Michael Khalsa says:

    I hope that ‘Little Red Corvette’ is the album version. I appreciate these tracks will be remastered. I find it strange that whoever is in charge did not look at what’s available & offer the hits, and some of great album tracks like ‘ Dorothy Parker’ & the 12″ of ‘Mountains’ could be there & leave off some of the awful tracks included here. Adore Prince but may not buy this as is.

  7. Freek says:

    if it’s a different version, I want them too, but if it’s only an edit of the album version, I really don’t want 7″ versions taking up space on a deluxe edition in place of something I actually want to hear, like outtakes or even live versions.
    on the 4 Ever maybe, but definitely not on the Purple Rain deluxe!

  8. Carlos says:

    The Purple Rain deluxe edition really needs to be a box set, with all released single versions, remixes and B-sides, unreleased extended versions and songs, the First Avenue concert, and maybe one of the concerts of the tour.

  9. Dustin says:

    from the WEA US Distribution website:

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks Dustin. Interesting! I know that had little choice but to include edits, but one of the things that makes “I Wanna Be Your Lover” so good is that long extended outro.

    • Danny says:

      Those are literally the same edits as The Hits/The B-Sides except “7” I think…

    • Eric M. says:

      I feel like some of the unmarked tracks have to be edits or early fades as well, to fit 20 songs per disc, but I haven’t done the math to be sure.

  10. Griffin says:

    Perhaps a Japanese 3″CD singles boxset like Madonna’s! Otherwise a 5″ CD singles boxset like Bananarama’s would be great.

  11. Leo Fenn says:

    This compilation offers nothing new to any big prince fan. I just hope the official Moonbeam version is a cleaner mix.

  12. John says:

    I too hope they are ALL the official 7″ released versions. I know it’s impossible to include every single over two CDs but PLEASE include Anotherloverholenyohead and I Wish U Heaven, hits from Prince in his prime. Maybe leave off Head and (Gotta Stop) Messin’ About to make room. I’m also really hoping the Long Radio Edit of Purple Rain (5:37) from the UK promo 7″ is included on the Purple Rain Deluxe Edition!!

  13. John says:

    It would be nice if one of these Prince collections had DMSR on it for the fans who have the original version of the 1999 CD.

  14. Luis says:

    This could be really good if the songs are properly remastered… Not a big fan of the random tracklist, though!

  15. Alex Stassi says:

    This is a perfect opportunity to release the 7″ edits otherwise it’s a pointless rehash imho.

    As for purple rain…. why not also include a deluxe 4 disc edition to the release schedule. There are enough extended versions and outtakes to fulfill this and enough die-hard fans out there to purchase this!!

  16. michael59 says:

    would buy this if “nothing compares 2 u” was indeed the studio version…

  17. Darryl says:

    I believe the only Top 40 singles not included are Partyman, The Arms of Orion, and Money Don’t Matter 2 Night. Unfortunate.

  18. TheMuncher says:

    I truly cannot believe Moonbeam Levels is finally being released… Susan Rogers must have insisted on it – once and for all.

    For those who have not yet heard it, you’re in for a real treat. It needs to be released as a single alongside the comp. A lost masterpiece and one of the great unreleased songs by anyone. So many more to come, but what a way to start.

    I can’t wait for this. Miss him so much.

  19. memoryboy says:

    All I can say is EROTIC CITY. Damn it, that track has to be my ABSOLUTELY favorite, essential, classic Prince Track. I know it’s a B-Side. It better be on the ‘Purple Rain” deluxe, 7″ and 12″ mixes, or somebody is gonna get hurt. This new hits compilation ain’t complete without Erotic City. With it’s classic Prince drum beat and naughty lyrics…. “We can f@ck til cherry’s gone”, sigh, such a disappointment :(

  20. Steve says:

    The “ultimate” promo originally had different tracks to what finally got released (Erotic city being one of them) so guess this may also change. Would love a vinyl release

  21. Brian says:

    As mentioned, it smells like a cash in just like Bowie’s Legacy.

    • bob says:

      All greatest hits albums are a cash in, record companies are in the business of making money, we all know that.
      What’s important is if they do well, and to me this looks like a great 2CD package for those casual fans who want all of Prince’s best known hits in one set.

      • Joseph says:

        This point about greatest hits collections is well-taken. We tend to wish for such compilations to be done of this artist or that, but once they are, here we go getting all up in arms about it. A number of my favorite artists were first experienced through hearing a couple of singles on radio and then listening to greatest hits before I was willing to dive into original albums and more. It’s been long enough since the last collection (Ultimate?) that 4Ever serves that purpose for younger fans (or would-be fans).

        In this regard, 4Ever does not feel as such of an egregious holiday cash-grab as Legacy. Prince’s catalog is not so over-exploited while Bowie has had it done to him over & over & over & over…

  22. Steve says:

    This is great, I agree that 7″ mixes would be the best – as they’re generally the least available. Then again, if I never have to listen the 7″ mix of Let’s Go Crazy, that would be great.

    What Prince really needs is some singles box sets. Especially like the Duran Duran boxes, that more-or-less authoritatively all 7″ and 12″ versions.

    Also, Purple Rain should be an SDE, not just a 2-CD. All the single versions, b-sides, unreleased full-length tracks (like the original live performance of Purple Rain at 1st Avenue), songs from The Time and Apollonia Six that featured in the movie, the actual movie, etc, etc

  23. kittens69 says:

    Slightly off topic, but yet another gorgeous Herb Ritts cover. 12 years since he died too soon. One of the greatest photographers and the creator of dozens of iconic album cover images.

  24. princebowie says:

    such a shame that anotherloverholenyohead has been overlooked along with I wish you heaven and dirty mind. those 3 class tracks are really big misses in my opinion.

  25. boogie tonight says:

    there was also

    Prince Ultimate with one side of 12 mixes

    Disc one

    “I Wanna Be Your Lover” (Single edit) – 2:57 from Prince (1979)
    “Uptown” (Single edit) – 4:09 from Dirty Mind (1980)
    “Controversy” – 7:15 from Controversy (1981)
    “1999” (Single edit) – 3:37 from 1999 (1982)
    “Delirious” (Single edit) – 2:38 from 1999
    “When Doves Cry” (Single edit) – 3:47 from Purple Rain (1984)
    “I Would Die 4 U” (Single version) – 2:56 from Purple Rain
    “Purple Rain” – 8:40 from Purple Rain
    “Sign o’ the Times” (Single edit) – 3:42 from Sign o’ the Times (1987)
    “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” (Single edit) – 3:39 from Sign o’ the Times
    “Alphabet St.” – 5:38 from Lovesexy (1988)
    “Diamonds and Pearls” (Single edit) – 4:19 from Diamonds and Pearls (1991)
    “Gett Off” – 4:31 from Diamonds and Pearls
    “Money Don’t Matter 2 Night” – 4:47 from Diamonds and Pearls
    “7” – 5:08 from Love Symbol Album (1992)
    “Nothing Compares 2 U” (Live) – 4:57 from The Hits/The B-Sides (1993); originally by The Family from the album of same name
    “My Name Is Prince” (Single edit) – 4:03 from Love Symbol Album
    Disc two

    “Let’s Go Crazy” (Special dance mix) – 7:36
    “Little Red Corvette” (Dance remix) – 8:22
    “Let’s Work” (Dance remix) – 8:02
    “Pop Life” (Fresh dance mix) – 6:18
    “She’s Always in My Hair” (12″ version) – 6:31
    “Raspberry Beret” (12″ version) – 6:34
    “Kiss” (Extended version) – 7:16
    “U Got the Look” (Long Look) – 6:40
    “Hot Thing” (Extended remix) – 8:30
    “Thieves in the Temple” (Remix) – 8:08
    “Cream” (N.P.G. mix) – 4:50

    The Very Best of Prince

    I Wanna Be Your Lover (2:57)
    1999 (3:35)
    Little Red Corvette (4:58)
    When Doves Cry (3:49)
    Let’s Go Crazy (4:39)
    Purple Rain (8:45)
    I Would Die 4 U (2:57)
    Raspberry Beret (3:31)
    Kiss (3:46)
    Sign O’ The Times (3:44)
    U Got The Look (3:58)
    Alphabet St. (5:38)
    Thieves In The Temple (3:19)
    Gett Off (4:27)
    Cream (4:12)
    Diamonds And Pearls (4:20)
    Money Don’t Matter 2 Night (4:48)

  26. mike says:

    I don’t think anyone can complain with unreleased, the old singles added for first time and if edits, all good for me.

  27. Peter says:

    I feel quite excited about this. Surely it has to be the single versions, with so many tracks to squeeze on. Just disappointed there’s no ‘Thunder’ 7″ – impossible to find for sensible money.

    Didn’t realise til today there was a Pettibone remix/edit of ‘Glam slam’ – I presume never on CD before? That would be amazing…

    • Eric M. says:

      The most frustrating thing about the “Glam Slam” 7″ remix having never been on CD is that there’s a bit of difference in the mix compared to the 12″ remix, so you can’t even re-create yourself from the CD single if you want to.

  28. Dave says:

    It’s seems strange people would complain about the similarity between this and Hits 1/2. Of course they are similar, it’s a hits collection. I just wish they would have released an accompanying video archive along with it.

  29. AnthonyC says:

    From 1978 to 1993, these are the only other commercial singles and promo singles that perhaps could have been included.

    Maybe a 3 cd set could have been a definitive pre-1994 collection.

    Just As Long As We’re Together (USA)
    Still Waiting (USA)
    Bambi (Belgium)
    Sexy Dancer (UK)
    Dirty Mind (USA)
    Do It All Night (UK)
    Do Me Baby (USA)
    Sexuality (Germany)
    Automatic (Australia)
    Let’s Pretend We’re Married (USA)
    DMSR (UK Promo)
    America (USA)
    Anotherloverholenyohead (UK)
    Hot Thing (USA Promo)
    I Wish U Heaven (UK)
    Partyman (UK)
    Arms Of Orion (UK)
    Scandalous (USA)
    Trust (Hong Kong Promo)
    The Future (Germany)
    New Power Generation (UK)
    Insatiable (USA)
    Money Don’t Matter 2night (UK)
    Thunder (UK)
    Willing And Able (USA Promo)
    Damn U (USA)
    The Morning Papers (UK)
    Pop (UK Promo)

  30. Muggi says:

    Shame, WB have done nothing to make me wanna buy this. I believe hits 1&2➕ B sides has just been dressed up. The enticement is moon beams. I guess they’re trying to market to a new generation, that’s fine its cool, but it ain’t for me. I wanna hear more vaulted material.

  31. AnthonyC says:

    Sadly this article misses one important point….

    Today’s press releases marks six month’s since Prince’s passing!

    RIP Prince.

    While people squabble over the estate, the vault and even this track listing, we have to remember the person behind the music and the FIVE decades of great musical experiences he gave us.

    Thank you Prince!

  32. AnthonyC says:

    For those interested…

    Tracks on Hits V1 and V2 not included here are:

    I Feel For You
    Pink Cashmere
    Dirty Mind
    Do Me, Baby

    Tracks included on 4Ever which were never on Hits V1 and V2 are:

    Let’s Work
    Take Me With U
    Paisley Park
    Girls & Boys
    Glam Slam
    Moonbeam Levels
    My Name Is Prince


    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I have a very big soft spot for “Pope”

    • Danny says:

      Definitely a better tracklist even if Do Me, Baby is a better song than Let’s Work and all of them are better than the abortion that is My Name Is Prince.

      The release date is just a month away so hopefully we will find about the edits pretty soon. Not expecting much since they are keen to stuck with the same versions, just like all of David Bowie’s compilations feature album versions of Rebel Rebel & Fame, I guess it’ll be the same for Alphabet St. for example…

  33. Kevin says:

    This looks fine, but what would have been even better was a properly remastered version of the 3 disc The Hits/b-Sides set. Although, I was always a little peeved that My Name Is Prince wasn’t on it.

    I may get this, but I’ll hold off until I hear any remastering details.

  34. Danny says:

    I admit this is the best tracklist for a Prince compilation so far despite being the fourth rehash of the Warner years. Let’s Work is such a waste, they should have included Scandalous now that Batman is once again part of his official canon.

    As for the post-Warner years, to be far it is only that one song that holds any relevance for a casual buyer so maybe that’s why Warner never attempts to do the licensing…

  35. Craig says:

    The tracklisting is okay and it probably is the best variation on a well worn theme but the one way they could have legitimised yet another hits compilation would be to licence The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.

  36. AlexKx says:

    A TWELVE who page booklet! How pathetic! I guess there is some sort of understanding that PRINCE fans are illiterate? Even then there are a billion pictures (and even artwork on some level) that could be used! They are going to have a hard time squeezing in an essay and good liner notes! Sheesh!

    …and Liam the answer to your question is that they surely have the intention of releasing something more or similar in the future as well!

  37. tom says:

    Would love to have a comp that included “Gold”, what a genius track that was.

  38. Steven says:

    the problem with this, as a massive Prince fan, is these will likely be all edited versions of the songs. Not edited in regard to explicit content, I mean song length. In the U.S., the 12″ version of “Kiss” and “Pop Life” were the versions that got the radio airplay, not the 7″ edit. The 12″ of “Erotic City” was considered essential in 1984, but perhaps we’ll get that on the “Purple Rain” super deluxe edition. More than that, the album version of “When Doves Cry” has an epic guitar-driven ending that was signature Prince. Everyone I know (me included) HATED the awful 7″ edited fade-out version. I’m not whining about “we have most of these songs”, because I’ll assume they will be remastered – many for the first time ever. It’s rather about presenting Prince the way he should be presented versus a record executive cramming as many short versions on 2 discs as possible.

    I would have made sure these were on a collection like this:

    When Doves Cry (album version NOT 7″ edit)
    1999 (full album version with intro “Don’t Worry…”, NOT edit)
    Erotic City (12″ extended)
    She’s Always In My Hair
    Pop Life (original 9:00 minute 12″ version, not album, single or Fresh Dance Mix)
    Uptown (full album version not edit)
    Something off Black album like “Le Grind”.
    Something off Gold Experience like “Shhh” and “Gold” without lame operator intros

    • Adam says:

      I’m not sure which U.S. you lived in back in the day, but it is false to say that the 12″s of “Kiss” and “Pop Life” got national airplay in lieu of the 7″s. At least for “Kiss” I can personally verify that the 7″ version was the version played on hit radio in both Boston and Chicago, since I moved that summer. I can only vouch for Boston the year before, but I only heard the 7″ version of “Pop Life” on radio there.

      Agreed that the album version of “When Doves Cry” is essential. The rest are a personal preference – I am not fond of any of the longer versions of “Pop Life” myself. I’m sure the full “Erotic City” will end up on the Purple Rain SDE.

  39. Darren_e says:

    Hoping for Sex Shooter and the Bird on Purple Rain, was always baffled why they weren’t on the original release as it was the soundtrack to the film and the running order is pretty chronological to the film.

    Re MBGITW could they not throw the version from The Gold Experience on there as the album was published by Warners?

  40. Paul English says:

    Single edits hopefully otherwise it’s pointless. The 7″ of Purple Rain is on Hot and New ’85

  41. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    Hopefully they don’t forget the fantastic “God” ( vocal & instrumental version )
    for the Deluxe Edition of “Purple Rain”. “God” is my all time favourite…

  42. Liam says:

    It’s a bit odd that this doesn’t go all the way up to 2015. Now that NPG Records own the entire Prince catalogue, I’m not sure why they would forego the opportunity to include at least “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”, “I Hate U”, “Cinnamon Girl”, “Black Sweat” and “Rock & Roll Love Affair”. Perhaps it would have involved licensing some of the recordings back through Sony or Universal if they were from the “3121” or “Musicology” albums, if they were still under license to them.

    • RJSWinchester says:

      Much like the latest Bowie compilation, this is just a record label Christmas smash and grab. It’s not aimed at obsessive Prince fans. This is aimed at casual punters who only know Prince from his eighties/early nineties heyday.

  43. Matthias says:

    Every time I see a Prince hits collection, I think, “Yes! This is the one that’s gonna contain ‘The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”!

    Maybe the next one.

  44. HS says:

    Amazing cover, good track list – but this really should have been a 3CD set. Leaving out “I Wish U Heaven” is a crime (to me at least) and tracks like “Let’s Pretend We’re Married”, “The Arms Of Orion” and “Erotic City” would have been great additions. A bit odd to leave out “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”… I am hoping for the single edits but I will buy this for sure no matter what. Really looking forward to Purple Rain next year. It is just such a shame that Prince is no longer with us…

  45. MFG says:

    Any news on remastering for the 4EVER songs? Hoping for sound quality improvements and some volume leveling, but no high compression / brickwalling.

    Nice to have some some chronological separation between the first and second discs on this comp (unlike Hits 1 and 2). A third disc with the best of his post-WB songs would make this even better.

  46. bob says:

    I think that this compilation looks great.
    I love the track listing, the cover is fantastic and the booklet sounds as if it will be good also.
    I would say this is better than the previous Prince compilations.
    Also I agree with Paul, the symbol on the sleeve is a nice touch.

  47. RJSWinchester says:

    I hope the Purple Rain SDE contains the full legnth version of Computer Blue.

  48. florian m. kranz says:

    AS Stephen has said: my main critique is, that it stops with the Warner years (logically). The next 3 CD box must be in cooperation with NPG records. 1995-2016 included.

  49. Adam says:

    Please be the single edits, PLEASE! Will ABSOLUTELY buy for the edits on CD.

    Love the cover!

    (Also, can we please get a comprehensive video retrospective, with ALL the videos from this era? Kthxbye.)

  50. Neil says:

    They used Take Me With U as the backing music to the top 40 countdown on radio 1 in the 80’s i recall.

  51. gwynogue says:

    At 20 tracks per disc, I think it’ll be the 7″ edits. I’m quite happy about that – if you want the full album versions, get the full albums.

    That cover photo is beautiful.

  52. David Mcintyre says:

    I’ll buy this just for a good quality version of moonbeam levels, a favourite bootleg of mine for over 20 years. Chuffed it’s finally getting some official recognition. Also keen to see what they do with purple rain

  53. Eric M. says:

    It is hard to gauge my interest in this without seeing which versions of some songs are included. I own The Hits/The B-Sides and Ultimate Prince so most of this is pretty redundant. However, say for instance if •glam slam• turned out to be the Pettibone 7″ remix, I would probably pay good money for the whole set.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hopefully we’ll get timings soon. Am I right in thinking that Hits 1/2 had some bespoke edits created for those compilations, or where they all ‘proper’ single edits?

      • Paul Kent says:

        All single edits, barrring “Alphabet St.”, “7”, “Little Red Corvette”, “Sexy MF”, “Let’s Go Crazy”, and “Purple Rain”.

      • Eric M. says:

        I am not aware of any incorrect 7″ edits on The Hits. There were cases were an album-length would be used randomly instead of proper edits.

  54. Neil says:

    Clearly this compilation is aimed at the mass market a là the Bowie Legacy album (the cynic in me thinks ‘thrown together for Christmas’) but as a lifelong fan, it’s just lovely to see Moonbeam Levels getting an official release. I’m happy buying this complication for that track alone. No doubt there are legal complications with The Most Beautiful Girl In The World.

  55. Michael says:

    I will be ordering this. Apart from having all the major singles, this set boasts/includes “Girls And Boys” which has never been included on any other Prince Best Of’s and was only ever released in Europe.

  56. Mic Smith says:

    As a casual admirer of Prince’s work I’m pleased to see a new retrospective of his singles and am likely to get it as I don’t have anything by him bar a few scattered tracks. I understand though that for proper fans this is probably not what they would prioritise.

  57. Michael Fortin says:

    Hmmm, doing a quick comparison I can probably stick with my Hits/B-Sides CD set. I’ve been putting off buying Purple Rain because I’ve been waiting for the deluxe edition. Glad to hear it is finally going to be released.

  58. memoryboy says:

    I am very excited this is coming out, I hope the remastered sound quality is excellent. And I hope the version of ‘Purple Rain’ is the 7″ single edit version.

  59. memoryboy says:

    What? No ‘Erotic City’???

  60. Ben Williams says:

    Take Me With U, Mountains and Batdance on a Prince compilation = fantastic

    The cover photo = fantastic

    Unreleased track = fantastic (but just one?)

    Timing = Like the Bowie Legacy CD, not surprising, and slightly unoriginal. Would rather have a lavish box of hits (complete Warner singles and b-sides?)

    Lack of Most Beautiful Girl In The World on Prince collection (again) = Nooooooo!

  61. princebowie says:

    there are some real positives here to be fair.
    obviously moonbeam levels in pristine remastered quality is the real pick, but im also happy to see bat dance on a compilation and the not often seen singles Paisley park, mountains, girls and boys, let’s work and I’m happy about glam slam, I like that track. if it’s true and nothing compares to you is a previously unreleased solo version then that’s great too.
    it’s a shame I wish you heaven hasn’t made the cut though, another rarely heard prince gem.
    I do feel this could have been better if stretched to a 3 or even 4 discs covering more of his career and a few choice deep cuts which could surely have been singles in there own right.
    the purple rain deluxe set I hope is more than just the 2 discs, I would like to at least see the associated 12 inch mixes. surely electric intercourse will be included.

  62. Stephen K. says:

    Definitely needs another disc. For starters (just covering the pre-90’s output):

    Would like: “Housequake”, “Hot Thing” – b-sides that received radio play, I think they also charted.

    Want: “Just As Long As We’re Together”, “Still Waiting”, “Dirty Mind”, “Do Me Baby”.

    Need: “Let’s Pretend We’re Married”, “America”, “Anotherloverholenyohead”, “I Wish U Heaven”.

    Also: the other Batman singles, “Partyman”, “The Arms of Orion”, and “Scandalous!”.

  63. Marc Mac says:

    Finaly Batdance on a compilation !!!
    to bad about the other 4 Batman singles.
    I´m odd as that with Prince and Bowie my favorite stuff is on Batman And For Bowie Labyrinth, but they always get overlooked.

  64. Stan Butler says:

    Paul, I’d appreciate if the previous incomplete reply from me was deleted.

    What I was going to say was that as it’s a Hits collection then it is inevitably going to be similar to Hits I/II.
    As those compilations are 23 years old, a new comprehensive singles collection was well overdue, especially after his passing. I have most of this, but good to see Paisley Park included.

  65. Kauwgompie says:

    I do hope they don’t screw up the Purple Rain deluxe. I want all the 12’es, B-sides and unreleased songs. At minimum. And add a bonus live disc to the Superdeluxe version. And a DVD from the concert. Only then will I be satisfied. A simple 2cd will NOT do!!!

  66. Kauwgompie says:

    Yawn…,maybe Moonbeam Levels is interesting. The rest we know for many years already.

  67. Thorsten says:

    I wonder why they didn’t release a 3CD “Singles” Box
    like the Phil Collins one?
    Missed opportunity!

  68. Andrew Mogford says:

    I’m the other way round – I want the longer and album versions. Doubt we’ll get them on this though. There really are much better compilations out there. Will still probably get this though.

    As for Purple Rain? Oh yes!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I had a brilliant promo cassette back in the 1980s called “I Love Prince” which went from I Wanna Be Your Lover to Glam Slam and it was all the full length versions! Literally wore that tape out I played it so much. Happy memories.

  69. Galley says:

    Without doing a comparison, it doesn’t seem all that different from The Hits I and II.

  70. Superharry says:

    The version of Nothing Compares 2 U on this compilation is said to be Prince’s previously unreleased solo-version and not the duet version (with Rosie Gaines) that was on The Hits / The B-sides from 1993. According to Prince’s former studio engineer Susan Rogers.

  71. Saint & Greavsie says:

    No ‘Money Don’t Matter 2 Night’?

  72. Steven Adamson says:

    Glad to see “Moonbeam Levels” finally getting an official release. There’s a few tracks I’d replace on here personally (I’d switch “Glam Slam” with “Let’s Pretend We’re Married” – the 7″ edit has never been available on CD, “Gotta Stop (Messin’ Around)” with “Erotic City” and “Soft and Wet” with “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore”). Hope they do an overview of his post Warners output too. There’s some great stuff on those albums!!

  73. RJSWinchester says:

    Good news about the Purple Rain SDE. It was promised a couple of years ago. I hope the version of Alphabet Street on the new compilation is the single edit. I don’t dislike the full length version but I really would like a copy of the single edit. It’s my absolute favorite Prince song.

  74. LostTurntable says:

    The original title “Quick Cash Grab In Time For Christmas” must’ve been taken.

  75. Ian Harris says:

    I’d be interested if the 4Ever contains the single edits. I really don’t need the Cat rapping section on Alphabet Street for starters!

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