Prince / Originals

Prince / Originals

Prince’s original demos of songs he wrote for others, officially released

The Prince Estate have announced the release of a new Prince album, Originals.

The fifteen-track album features 14 previously unreleased recordings that explores the behind-the-scenes role Prince played in other artist’s careers. Basically, it’s his versions of the hits he penned for other turns. The tracks were selected collaboratively by Troy Carter, on behalf of The Prince Estate, and JAY-Z.

Originals mostly hails from his mid-eighties imperial phase when he seemingly gave up on sleep to fire off songs for his proteges such as The Time, Sheila E, Jill Jones, Vanity 6 and Mazarati.

Among the better-known tunes are his demos of ‘Manic Monday’ (which he gave to The Bangles under the pseudonym Christopher); Sheila E’s ‘The Glamorous Life’, Martika’s ‘Love… Thy Will Be Done’ and The Family’s ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’.

Occasionally, Prince’s original demo recordings would be used as master takes on their albums, with only minor alterations to the instrumentation and a replacement of the vocal tracks. Other times, artists would rely on his demos to guide them through their own recording process, with Prince’s initial take informing their final version of his song.

Warner Bros. Records will release Originals physically as a deluxe 2LP purple vinyl + CD edition, a standard 2LP black vinyl and on CD.

Originals is released 21 June 2019.

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Originals - 2LP purple vinyl+CD deluxe


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originals - 2LP black vinyl


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originals - CD edition


First Released by (Artist: Album – year) followed by the year of Prince’s recording included on Originals

1. Sex Shooter Apollonia 6: Apollonia 6 – 1984 / 1983

2. Jungle Love The Time: Ice Cream Castle – 1984 / 1983

3. Manic Monday The Bangles: Different Light – 1985 / 1984

4. Noon Rendezvous Sheila E.: The Glamorous Life – 1984 / 1984

5. Make-Up Vanity 6: Vanity 6 – 1982 / 1981

6. 100 MPH Mazarati: Mazarati – 1986 / 1984

7. You’re My Love Kenny Rogers: They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To – 1986 / 1982

8. Holly Rock Sheila E.: Krush Groove (OST) – 1985 / 1985

9. Baby, You’re a Trip Jill Jones: Jill Jones – 1987 / 1982

10. The Glamorous Life Sheila E.: The Glamorous Life – 1984 / 1983

11. Gigolos Get Lonely Too The Time: What Time Is It? – 1982 / 1982

12. Love… Thy Will Be Done Martika: Martika’s Kitchen – 1991 / 1991

13. Dear Michaelangelo Sheila E.: Romance 1600 – 1985 / 1985

14. Wouldn’t You Love to Love Me? Taja Sevelle: Taja Sevelle – 1987 / 1981

15. Nothing Compares 2 U The Family: The Family – 1985 / 1984

122 responses to Prince / Originals

  1. Electric Sydney says:

    This is down to $21 on Amazon US as of now.

  2. Danny says:

    The sound of “Wouldn’t You Love to Love Me?” is close to bootleg quality and not “great”. Maybe that is why the song is hidden away as the second to last track? Still a great release.

  3. Ben in Colorado says:

    Tongue in cheek: Quit yer bellyachin’! :)
    Listening now to the disc purchased from Target with the bonus track.
    Volume is up, on my NAD CD deck, Marantz amp, B&W tower speakers.
    Sound is great. On all tracks.
    All recording info listed in a tri-fold insert. It once again reminds me of Prince’s versatility, in writing and performing.

    For $11.9 USD, a no brainer.

    • Stephen says:

      I love the content just not the quality. I’ve got better sounding bootlegs than “wouldn’t you love to love me” on here. Maybe I need to list my equipment to enjoy it?!? (Tongue in check)

  4. Stephen says:

    Just listening to this and it’s varying quality with some songs sounding like you tube rips. So glad the deluxe was delayed. Gives me time to cancel and save £50 for this rip off. Very disappointed in the prince estate

  5. Otto says:

    I like it, love to hear these versions.

  6. mark browne says:

    £50 quid is extremely expensive for a double album!!!! Just to get the purple one

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  8. fedge says:

    Includes bonus track, “Nothing Compares To You (Cinematic Remix)”

  9. MüllerMüller says:

    Japan Bonus Track >>NCTY Cinematic Version !?!?

  10. Andrew says:

    Looks like a superdeluxe is coming of the 1999 album around Christmastime. My favourite Prince album so looking forward to this one.

    • John says:

      I’d love that to happen. 1999 is my favourite Prince album too. My ideal tracklist….

      CD1 (Original Album)

      1999 (6:15)
      Little Red Corvette (5:03)
      Delirious (4:00)
      Let’s Pretend We’re Married (7:21)
      D.M.S.R. (8:17)
      Automatic (9:28)
      Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) (4:02)
      Free (5:08)
      Lady Cab Driver (8:19)
      All The Critics Love U In New York (5:59)
      International Lover (6:37)

      Bonus Track: Little Red Corvette (Dance Remix) (8:22)

      CD2 (A’s, B’s and Unreleased)

      1999 (7″ Version) ( 3:36)
      Little Red Corvette (7″ Version) ( 3:08)
      Delirious (7″ Version) ( 2:39)
      Let’s Pretend We’re Married (7″ Version) ( 3:40)
      Automatic (7″ Version) ( 3:38)
      Horny Toad (2:12)
      How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore? (3:50)
      Irresistible Bitch (4:12)
      Lust U Always (5:13) *
      Turn It Up (5:25)*
      Yah, U Know (5:37)*
      Don’t Let Him Fool Ya (4:31)*
      Moonbeam Levels (4:06)
      If It’ll Make You Happy (1:54)*
      Strange Way (2:03)*
      No Call U (3:02)*
      Extraloveable (7:55)*
      Purple Music (11:12)*

      *Estimated timings based on demos “known (to me)”

  11. Andrew says:

    I’m sure all you Prince Experts can come up with demos that even Prince if alive would have trouble remembering but this set isn’t about that.
    IF it $ELL$ enough the Estate may consider a Volume 2 or more ?
    We’d all LOve Expanded Versions of every Prince Album and all the ‘related acts’ but I think you will have to wait awhile for them… ??

  12. AlexKx says:

    Very “Bad” in terms of the cover, eh?! Also no “Toy Soldiers” by Martika?! That one is a classic.

    • Chris says:

      Prince didn’t write that song.

    • SHANE RYAN says:

      LOL. Wacko Jacko copied Prince’s 1980 single Uptown for the “Bad” writing, not the other way round. Wacko was always the imitator and prince the innovator.

      Toy Soliders as mentioned by others is not a prince song.

      • AlexKx says:

        I see he wrote a number of the songs on the studio l.p. but not that actual song. Sorry, folks! With that said while the picture looks older than 1987 the type graphic of his name on the cover looks like “Bad” by Michael Jackson. Sorry but it does. Which I guess is fine just interesting and pointing it out and wondering what others think about it.

    • Barnaby Dickenson says:

      Indeed. No Toy Soldiers? That’s one of Martika’s best. Prince missed a trick there. Also disappointed with his choice of Kenny Rogers tune. Would have loved to hear his take on The Gambler. Altogether now, ‘You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, Know when to fold ’em…’

    • JAVIER LOPEZ says:

      TOY SOLDIERS is NOT a PRINCE song!!!

  13. Phil Fogel says:

    Where are the Sheena Easton songs???? No Sugar Walls or my favorite Prince penned track 101, from her Lover In Me album, Damm that’s too bad it would have made this release perfect.

    • Andrew Sweetman says:

      Volume 2 maybe. Eternity needs to come out officially too

    • Calvin says:

      actually Eternity was a song he wrote that Sheena Easton did that I would have loved to hear his version. She did a better job than Chaka Khan with that track in my opinion. I’ve always loved the lyrics.

  14. Peter says:

    When is the back catalog coming out?
    80’s during:
    Around the World in a Day
    Sign o’ the Times
    with stuff we may have never heard.
    ACTUALLY may never have heard.

    • Larry Davis says:

      Besides the Sheena Easton tracks, also “U” which was covered by Paula Abdul…but there are tons more than the first 15 here for future volumes…as for deluxe expanded remasters of the “classic” years, 1978-1995, except “Purple Rain” which was done already, I think it was widely stated that Sony Legacy doesn’t have the rights to these till 2021… that’s in 2 years…

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  16. Mike G. says:

    Just how secure is this Prince vault? Prince “aficianados” have most if not all of these. I’m still buying it tho. :-) Love coloured vinyl.

  17. Glenn Roger says:

    As a huge Prince fan, I am excited about the upcoming Prince/Originals box set coming up. I am aware of some of the versions that other artists did, however, there is a smoking demo of Prince’s song given to Kate Bush “WHY SHOULD I LOVE YOU” that would have been delicious if included. I loved Kate Bush’s version, however, Prince’s demo version came across more mystical. In fact, there are so many songs out there that Prince did a demo for then given to another artist to sculpt. It is my hope that this is just the beginning and that we will see more coming soon.

    • Paul Kent says:

      Erm, no, Kate wrote Why Should I Love You? Prince helped with the arrangement which would explain why a demo exists. It’s not included here, though, because he didn’t write it.

  18. What? Prince? Worry? says:

    Paul. Is Ian Wade a Prince like moniker for you?

    I even got two Prince lp titles in one sentence.

  19. Karsten says:

    …and deluxe re-releases of the first two Sheila E. albums would be amazing, too.

    • JP says:

      Yes to Sheila E reissues! And while we’re at it, The Family, and maybe a Madhouse box set would be welcome. Vanity, Apollonia, all of it. Maybe one big box for all the minions.

  20. Klaus says:

    Do we have to buy the vinyl + cd deluxe edition to get liner notes this time, like we did with the Piano & A Microphone release? Physical product should include liner notes not only the deluxe editions IMHO.

  21. Karsten says:

    Still hoping for a re-release of the Jill Jones album.
    Will it ever happen?

  22. Willbfree says:

    Only the finest free curled-paper-corner stock art will do. Look at that drop-shadow technique!

    Seriously this cover looks like it was done by a child.

  23. Adam says:

    Would love to hear his version of With This Tear that he gave to Celine Dion in 1991/1992. Not sure if it was recorded by him as a demo.

  24. Roel Glas says:

    What a shame they didn’t put Nasty Girl by Vanity 6 on this – such a missed opportunity. It’s classic Prince.

  25. Carlos says:

    This could have even been a 2-disc release.

  26. JM says:

    It is amazing people get excited, and consider themselves “fans” of Prince, when there is NO WAY this would be released were he still alive. It is truly disgraceful that his “family” does not have the decency to keep the music that he did not want released, unreleased. He is easily the most private entertainer that I can think of, and controlled his music and legacy like no other. At what point will people start to consider their desire to hear this music against his desire that you do not.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Unfortunately when you die, unless you leave very specific instructions, what you want to happen is no longer relevant.

    • Mijacmad says:

      And what fun would there be in that?

    • Henry Watson says:

      Really like the concept.
      Like the artwork – looks like an untouched shot from the Dirty Mind cover photo sessions by Allen Beaulieu (and I’d recommend checking out his Before The Rain book).
      Let’s face it though, there are now 3 certainties in life – death, taxes and Prince fans complaining about whatever get’s released!
      I’d personally have thought Prince’s version of “Open Book” would be worthy of inclusion on here (originally recorded for Martika, eventually released by Jeveeta Steele)…let’s hope they’re just saving that for Volume 2!

    • Alan Mitchell says:

      Prince did say that he had no interest in reissuing his back catalogue and that it would be dealt with once he’d passed. On the Arsenio Hall show i seem to remember them talking about it.

      I’d also go as far as saying that Prince’s spiritual belief would mean that now he has no care for such earthly matters. He’s in a higher place. Which is great for us still here as it means we get to listen to the great man’s music, heard and unheard.

      To me it doesn’t seem as though the Estate are pilfering the Vault and holding a carboot sale for all. It’s been a steady flow of material that I’ve been happy to buy. The only exception would be the sound quality of Purple Rain deluxe. He and Josh are to blame for that though seeing as Prince was still alive for that remastering.

      But if others want to get their knickers in a twist over things they have no right to I’ll not stand in their way. I’m guessing they didn’t listen to The Black Album until it’s eventual official release, such was their commitment to the man’s wishes? ;)

    • CJ says:

      You know, I find this line of thinking odd–everyone seems to want deluxe editions and expanded albums and the like, but when anything comes out, there are complaints that “Prince never released this in his lifetime; he would be furious it’s being released now.”

      The reality is that he isn’t here to OK anything. If you want “new” Prince music, this is the only way you’re getting it short of a really intricate seance or waiting until your own death and hoping there are concerts in the afterworld (I’m assuming “Let’s Go Crazy” would always be the opening number.). He acknowledged while alive that the Vault was there so that his music would live on long after he was gone.

      If “real” Prince fans think this is a terrible thing, then they aren’t being forced to buy it; even though many “real” Prince fans had no problem buying or downloading much of this as low-quality bootlegs while he was alive.

    • unique says:

      you don’t know what fan means. it’s short for fanatic. look it up in the dictionary. fanatics do things that they otherwise wouldn’t normally do. some fans want anything they can get, no matter how. it’s like a compulsive disorder

      remember the fan is not the artist. what the artist wants and what the fan wants are different things. you may get some fans who tow the party line, like often seen with jacksons extreme fanatics, but other fans may disagree with the party line, such as bootlegs are bad. think about it. some artists say bootlegs are bad, other’s don’t, so depending on who you are a fan of, you get different points of view. prince would often contradict himself. he did a lot of very sexually suggestive and explicit music, then stopped cursing in his records. he changed his mind. many times. people do that. so just because someone says something at one time, doesn’t mean at a later time they think the same

      think about famous people. they say something that’s quoted in the media and some people will refer back to it 30 or 40 years later. just think how many times you said something in the past that you don’t think the same about today. think about the times you lied, or said something as a joke, or being sarcastic or ironic. when it’s printed in black and white, or without context, it’s harder to tell what was really meant. then decades later you’ve changed your opinion on that subject many times

      plus have you either lied or said something you didn’t really mean? have you ever told someone they look fine when they didn’t, or things would be ok when you didn’t think they would? what people say, and what they mean, and what they think can be different things. you don’t go to a job interview and open up the whole truth like you’re a gangster confessing your sins to a catholic priest

      so don’t take what you thought someone said in the past as unchangeable 100% accurate gospel truth

      consider facts. the music is going to be available, and you have a choice of listening or buying or not. what you choose and what others choose will be different. your views and opinions are unlikely to change others views and opinions and make them buy or listen when they weren’t going to, or vice versa

      the music is legally available, prince did nothing to stop it coming out, which he could have done. this is a guy who literally took items by force and physically destroyed them so they couldn’t be seen or heard again. who recorded over multiple tracks he recorded so they couldn’t be heard again. if he didn’t want anything heard again, he could have destroyed it, or left a will with terms of what he wanted. he was a multimillionaire who had a reputation for using some big lawyers, like johnny cochrane who helped OJ keep out of jail for a bit. he tried to sue fans too. so he could have easily left a will if he wanted one. i think because he was still a jehovas witness in the end, he didn’t leave one on purpose as typically they would leave everything to the church, so by not leaving a will it meant they wouldn’t get his music and senior church people wouldn’t be sitting round discussing what they would be doing with masters of unreleased versions of sexy mf, p control, head, sister, darling nikki and stuff like that

      unless you can communicate with the dead, and you know what they communicate to you is exactly what they want, and not just what they say, you don’t know what he wanted. and if you could do that, i doubt you would be spending time posting on a site like this as you would be raking in the cash and not caring what some strangers on the internet think about a record

      personally i think it’s a great release. i’ve heard about half of what’s likely to be on it, unless they pull out some different versions, what i’ve not heard sounds very exciting, and in one or two cases the quality of what i have will be bettered a fair bit. and just look at the comments online about the tracks people wished were on it. instead of scraping the barrel, they have piles of fantastic similar recordings for future volumes, with the time, sheila e, vanity, apples, and family album in particular, and loads more. and whilst many may expect to hear pretty much the album version just with prince lead vocals, you never know if makeup is going to be some acoustic demo or 23 minute jazz funk odyssey

      i’ve been a big fan a long time, met the guy a few times, even sat in his studio discussing music and movies with him, and i know what he says and does and means are a huge jumble of ever changing contradictions, and i don’t think he didn’t want this stuff released. i think his most recent faith made it difficult for him to put certain things out, and legal and other limitations had another effect, which is why he concentrated on putting out his recent recordings instead of old ones, as he could only realistically release so much. that’s why he would refer to vaults material being released after his death, because he has full deniability. the ultimate deniability. he neither said he did or did not want anything released. i think he secretly wanted people to hear much of what was in the vaults. perhaps not most of the soundcheck and rehearsal recordings with mistakes or him having a go at the band, but to fans that’s amazing stuff. he documented it by recording it all. there’s about 8,000 cassette tapes in the vaults with that stuff, you know like TDK tapes, not reels. as time passes, people can say that what they did 30 years ago isn’t representative of what they would do now, so even if some of that stuff was heard, it’s a case of that’s what happened before maturity kicked in

      anyways it’s not the family putting this out, it’s the estate that doesn’t heed much of what the family wants, because they are as agreed with what they want as MP’s are with brexit

      • James Barker says:

        Well said! It’s simple if he didn’t want it released he would have destroyed it. He did this with Black Album and then changed his mind years later and released it. Actually Warner Bros. did but if he objected that strongly it would NOT have been released. Songs he didn’t want to keep he erased instantly (like Wally) so he MUST have wanted the vault stuff to be released eventually! He was probably laughing at how much stuff he had and thinking it’ll be impossible to release it all, so he didn’t!

    • Larry Davis says:

      Actually…he DID want his vault material released after he died!! What’s the point of keeping it all locked up in a massive vault, not preserved, for people not to hear it and have it, eventually?? His vault stuff, supposedly, was better than the records that did get released when he was alive…and he did want it all to get to the fans, but he wanted to guard it in a vault when he was alive…if it did not get put out eventually, and there is so much material, there is no way we would get to hear and have everything before WE die… seriously…the intention was never to take the unreleased gems to his grave, never to be heard…geez, that’s why there was a vault in the first place, to preserve it all until the time came to unveil it…and that time is now…it’s not like he recorded it and destroyed it, never for fans to hear it…plus it was too much stuff for Warner’s to handle…

    • Andrew says:

      I hate to piss on your fire but P said in a Rolling Stone interview in 2012 “there’s so much in there (as in the vault) I don’t think I’ll get round to releasing it, maybe one day somebody will”. I think that pretty much gives the green light for vault recordings to be released because he actually wanted them to be.

      • What? Prince? Worry? says:

        Thanks Henry. Ordered the book you suggested. Fantastic photos from dirty mind to 1999 my fave Prince period.

    • Rimshottbob says:

      What nonsense. If you want to control what happens to your work after you die, you leave a will. Making available music that the man made is not disrespectful.

  27. Jonian says:

    I know it might sound like sour grapes but as a diehard fan I still think they could do better. Jay-Z being involved makes it a lot worse. Even casual fans have heard almost all of these demos. Remastering the early WB albums with bonus tracks & live material would be more enticing IMO. Of course they probably don’t have the rights to that stuff yet.

    • Paisley Hyperbole says:

      How does Jay-Z being involved “make it worse” ? You don’t even know what his involvement was beyond being involved with Tidal, he could’ve just signed off on it. His name is there to get more attention in places that otherwise wouldn’t pay it any. And casual fans certainly have not heard most of these demos at all – about half of them are circulating amongst die-hards, with probably most of the others in the hands of the inner-circle. Casuals may have heard the NC2U from it’s release a while back and that’s it.

  28. Matt says:

    Damn it; I buy it if I Feel For You was in it

    • What? Prince? Worry? says:

      I feel for you is on the second Prince lp entitled Prince. Chaka Khan did a cover of it.

      • Alan Mitchell says:

        Gotta chuckle at the post this replied to.

        Opening song when he opened the show that was aired on tv from the O2 aswell. Bit of an odd choice i always thought but typically Prince.

    • Calhoun says:

      I Feel For You is not a song given to another artist, it’s a Chaka Khan cover of the 1979 track from Prince’s second LP.

    • Mick Lynch says:

      No need for a demo of I feel For You as that was released on a Prince studio album before Chak-Chak-Chaka Khan covered it, so its not one who wrote for someone else.

  29. P Rince says:

    These will be from cassettes – NOT from Prince’s own vault.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The Estate have access to the vault… so why they’d ignore the vault and use an old cassette might take some explaining.

  30. Mike Williams says:

    Does anyone know if the whole Paisley Park library is owned by Prince’s estate? I’d love to see deluxe CD reissues of Vanity 6, Appolonia, Jill Jones, The Family, Mavis Staples, Carmen Elektra, etc.. Or does Warner control all of that?

  31. James Barker says:

    For those that have not heard any of these in the “bootleg” versions that have existed for quite some time expect to be Amazed! The vast majority of these have been around in variant sound qualities for decades but all true Prince fans and for those that appreciate great musicians should look to buy this. The songs he gave away are better than many he put out on albums and this (unfortunately) small selection of tracks will be a great addition to anyones CD or a Vinyl collection! I cannot wait for this release!! Well done Prince Estate, keep up the good work!!

  32. CJ says:

    THIS I am excited for. I bought Piano and a Microphone and played it once. It was OK, but with everything available to the estate in the vaults, it was kind of underwhelming. Having a physical copy of Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic in my hands tomorrow is going to feel better, but when THIS comes out–I predict constant rotation on a loop in my house until my housemate either threatens to walk out or asks me to leave. LOL

  33. James says:

    This is exactly the type of ‘vault’ release I was hoping they would consider. A smart idea. Very much looking forward to it.

  34. Larry Davis says:

    Another exciting release coming and this is great…just got the 2 RSD releases, so this is worth looking forward to…I always knew “Manic Monday” was written by him…and I always thought it had more in common with the powerpop style of “Raspberry Beret” than “1999”, which I love both songs muchly…I do wonder if there was an Apollonia 6 version of the song?? It was originally supposed to be released by them on their 1 album from 1984…and I have it on cassette…CDs exist but only 500 were pressed in Japan cuz a mistake was found and was pulled and never fixed or reissued corrected…I wonder if now it will be?? Cool cover too, “Dirty Mind” era and graffiti design is a nice touch…

    • CJ says:

      The version of Manic Monday that I’ve heard was recorded as a duet between Prince and Apollonia, a bit like Take Me With U. I don’t know if there’s one that is just the group. I think it was meant to be a duet all along. You can find it on YouTube in really low quality if you want to get an idea of what it sounds like. I’m really looking forward to having it on CD in proper quality.

    • Michael says:

      Yes Manic Monday by Apollonia 6 is available. Not very good. The songs The Glamourous Life & 17 Days were also supposed to be on that record. Vanity 6 also did Sex Shooter which is actually good

  35. O(+> Peter B says:

    This seems great and I’m looking forward to it. I think a companion CD of the versions recorded by the other artists (The Time, Sheila E etc) would have been great.
    Hopefully this is a step towards reissuing deluxe versions of the Warner Bros recordings by Sheila E, Vanity 6, Apollonia 6, The Time and The Family, with all the 7” and 12” versions and b-sides.

  36. Francis Maher says:

    This is great . I’ll take it . Let’s hope the ball keeps rolling . Buy this and keep asking for more . 3 years gone , just keep his profile high . The “special editions” will come . Money talks .

  37. Davers says:

    I loved his demo of Martika’s Kitchen. Excited to hear Love Thy Will Be Done.

    • Graham Turner says:

      Prince’s version of Love Thy Will Be Done is fantastic – Martika stuck incredibly closely to the demo version, backing harmonies and all. I’m really excited for this release.

    • Mijacmad says:

      It’s good, if you can’t wait look out ‘Deposition’ (Foefur’s Remaster), it’s there along with Martika’s Kitchen, Neon Telephone etc etc

  38. Carlos says:

    I like this concept, it´ll be very interesting to compare his versions to the ones recorded by other people. Though, I’m still waiting for the release of more deluxe editions of his most memorable albums, like Sign o the Times, 1999.

  39. Andreas says:

    Feels like we’re scraping the barrel when the barrel is still half full! There has to be a lot more unreleased quality material from that golden time, not to mention deluxe versions of the classic releases.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Totally disagree. Prince was renowned for his high quality songwriting for others and as someone who doesn’t collect his bootlegs, I’m really excited about this official release. I really like the artwork too.

      • What? Prince? Worry? says:

        The artwork is very Dirty Mind. Photo from same time (circ 1980) but doesn’t really fit in with when most of these tracks were demoed. But hey its Prince -gimme gimme gimme

  40. John says:

    Brilliant, something good to look forward to. After the great extras on the Purple Rain deluxe, this has got me proper excited. More of the same please!! ☺

  41. Shane says:

    Thankfully there’s also classic black vinyl! This colored vinyl craze has become irrelevant because literally every new release is colored. And overpriced accordingly.
    Even I had no idea he had written Manic Monday. I can totally hear him singing it his way.

  42. Michael says:

    I would like to hear Noon Rendevous. I heard there is a long version with Shelia E. I’m gonna pass on this. I would be interested in a compilation of the original songs of his done by other artists. Some songs by The Time, Shelia E, Apollonia 6, Chaka Khan, The Family & Martika are great. And unavailable in some cases.

  43. Garry Dickson says:

    Would have been good to see a Sheena Easton collaboration on there. Maybe ‘Sugar Walls’..

  44. noyoucmon says:

    Hoping these aren’t tossed-off sketches like the Piano and a Microphone 1983 album, but I figure they will be.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      They’re not like that at all, as far as I understand.

    • Craig e says:

      They are all fully formed and complete apparently in the same manner as Nothing Compares 2 U on it that was released last year

    • Leo says:

      They are full versions and do sound alot like the actual versions. Prince finished the tracks completely most of the time and only replaced the vocals.
      Those tracks are really great,I can assure you.

    • CJ says:

      I’ve heard some of these on bootleg form, and they are definitely fully-formed songs. These will, finally, be in much better quality than some of the MP3 leaks we’ve had over the years. I love the Prince/Apollonia version of Manic Monday, but have never heard it in clear quality. I would pay the money for this just for that one track–even more excited by the rest of the material.

  45. paul wren says:

    I’m no particular fan of Prince but I do like the concept of this release – I had no idea that he wrote Manic Monday!

  46. James Barker says:

    Great news! The start of something good I hope!

  47. elliott buckingham says:

    the artwork is very dirty mind era

  48. RJS says:

    I think I’ll listen on Spotify. It’s available for streaming on Tidal two weeks before the physical release.

  49. MusicFan says:

    As a dedicated Prince fan and Prince collector I think this release is great.

    This does lend itself nicely to become a series as there are so many more tracks that would fit this category.

    It would have been nice to have the other Martika tracks but hopefully they will officially be released on a future volume – however the bootleg versions are great quality.

    Sadly the Estate yet again are exploiting the fans knowing they will purchase all of the formats! To release THREE vinyl colours is madness; BLACK, PURPLE and WHITE.

    It’s crazy that it is cheaper to buy the CD and vinyl rather than the ‘deluxe’ vinyl with CD.

    The Estate and Warners will know that the previous releases haven’t sold well and that the fans will always buy multiple formats, so it’s the hardcore fans who are collectors that get exploited!

    Obviously (and soooo boring) that the non-collectors will state we have a choice and that we don’t have to buy all formats yet that isn’t what being a collector is about!


    • Ian Smith says:

      Yes I think it’s certainly a step in the right direction. This looks like a great release and shows that we need not expect just expanded editions of old albums.

  50. Ian Smith says:

    Noon Rendezvous is a lovely song, I’ll be buying this just for that. The rest will be a bonus!

  51. Kevin says:

    Why can’t they just release the vinyl in purple without the needless CD?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s only needless if you don’t want it.

    • James Giraffe says:

      Yeah. Good luck playing your vinyl in the car, kitchen, dining room – any room that doesn’t have a record player! CD isn’t needless at all.

      I’m looking forward to this release. I always suspected that there must be his own versions of songs he gave away.

      I’m I alone in thinking that Manic Monday bears a strong resemblance to 1999?

      • David Regan says:

        At least it’s a physical format not a stupid download having the CD with a fan of both formats.. handy when you want to put on the CD if you don’t or can’t be bother to get the LP out to listen to and you don’t have toget up half way through to turn the LP over..but some record companies put them in plain paper sleeves..why cand the put them in cardboard sleeves wih the album cover on it like the ones you get with music magazines and newspapers

      • Brian says:

        James, you’re showing your age. They stopped regularly putting CD players in cars a few years ago. CDs are collectible items now, there a whole generation who have never really used them.

        • James Giraffe says:

          No CD players in cars, Brian? Oh my! I had no idea. Good job I don’t drive. I’d get so bored!

  52. Darren Howard says:

    Ooh something to get excited about at last!

  53. Lee Anderson says:

    Can’t help but see Michael Jacksons BAD album cover! Also, the Purple release with CD makes the CD approx $23 unless there are changes to the packaging. Cheaper to purchase the white vinyl and CD separately – I like the concept of the album though as I haven’t been one to source all the unreleased/demo tracks prior so will be nice to hear them.

    • Gerbrand says:

      Thanks Lee, now I can’t unsee it, HA HA

    • Craig e says:

      As I understand it he purple vinyl/cd version is in hardback style case with 24 page booklet

    • CJ says:

      I’m glad I read through the comments before posting, because I was thinking the exact same thing about the cover. Prince would have a fit about it looking that similar.

      • teiemka says:

        You do realise that the photo is fron circa 1979-80 well before MJ could spell Bad…….. and I don’t believe MJ ever wore stockings like Prince does in this photo.

        • AlexKx says:

          The type used for his name amongst the white background makes it look like the cover for the studio long play of “Bad”. There is no denying that. Mmmokay?

  54. Franck S. says:

    There is also a white vinyl edition available on official Prince estate website

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