Prince / Purple Rain reissue / full details including four-disc expanded edition

4-disc expanded edition • 2CD deluxe • remastered • Prince-approved

NPG Records and Warner Bros. Records will release two expanded editions of Prince‘s 1984 album Purple Rain in late June, both of which contain a disc of unheard tracks from the late musician’s infamous ‘vault’.

The four-disc expanded edition and the two-CD deluxe both include the official 2015 Paisley Park Remaster of the album and From The Vault & Unreleased, a disc of sought after rarities, more than half of which “have never been released or distributed in the collector or bootleg community”.

These unheard tracks include Possessed – the ’83 Prince solo version; Electric Intercourse– the studio version not known to exist before it was discovered at Paisley Park; Father’s Song – a full, five plus minute version that prior to this fans could only find a minute and half snippet of in the movie; We Can Fuck – a track that has never circulated as the full, 10 minute version with these lyrics; and Katrina’s Paper Dolls – a finished master of the song, which has previously only circulated as a demo. All of the material is taken from the source and mastered by Bernie Grundman, the mastering engineer who worked on the original album.

The 3CD+DVD expanded edition adds a third disc of Single Edits & B-Sides, as well as the concert DVD Prince And The Revolution Live at the Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY, March 30, 1985. Audio and video has been restored from the original production master tape, although there is no confirmation as to whether the sound is mixed at 5.1 surround, in addition to stereo. The DVD is region free.

Finally, a vinyl LP of the new Paisley Park remaster is being issued, although curiously, there is no word out the vinyl picture disc, noted by SDE last month. Indeed, this is still listed on Amazon Italy. It may have been cancelled – we’ll keep you informed.

Warners have provided no information on packaging or presentation right now, for either expanded edition, and we don’t know what kind of book/booklet, sleeve notes or annotations fans can enjoy (if any!). We are also left to wonder what happened to the “two incredible albums of previously unreleased Prince music and two complete concert films.” that Warner Bros. Records promised us back in February. On the positive side, the four-disc expanded set is a wallet-friendly £25 in the UK right now.

Purple Rain will be reissued on 23 June 2017.

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Purple Rain 3CD+DVD expanded edition


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Purple Rain 2CD deluxe


Prince / Purple Rain vinyl LP remaster

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Disc One:  Original Album (2015 Paisley Park Remaster)

  1. Let’s Go Crazy
  2. Take Me With U
  3. The Beautiful Ones
  4. Computer Blue
  5. Darling Nikki
  6. When Doves Cry
  7. I Would Die 4 U
  8. Baby I’m A Star
  9. Purple Rain

Disc Two:  From The Vault & Previously Unreleased

  1. The Dance Electric
  2.  Love And Sex
  3.  Computer Blue (“Hallway Speech” version)
  4.  Electric Intercourse (Studio)
  5.  Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden
  6.  Possessed (1983 version)
  7.  Wonderful Ass
  8.  Velvet Kitty Cat
  9.  Katrina’s Paper Dolls
  10. We Can Fuck
  11. Father’s Song


Includes Disc One and Disc Two as from deluxe and adds:

Disc Three:  Single Edits & B-Sides

  1.  When Doves Cry (edit)
  2. 17 Days
  3. Let’s Go Crazy (edit)
  4.  Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix)
  5.  Erotic City
  6.  Erotic City (“Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive”)
  7.  Purple Rain (edit)
  8.  God
  9.  God (Love Theme From Purple Rain)
  10. Another Lonely Christmas
  11. Another Lonely Christmas (extended version)
  12. I Would Die 4 U (edit)
  13. I Would Die 4 U (extended version)
  14. Baby I’m A Star (edit)
  15. Take Me With U (edit)

DVD:  Prince And The Revolution, Live at the Carrier Dome,  Syracuse, NY, March 30, 1985

  1. Let’s Go Crazy
  2. Delirious
  3. 1999
  4. Little Red Corvette
  5. Take Me With U
  6.  Do Me, Baby
  7.  Irresistible Bitch
  8.  Possessed
  9.  How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?
  10. Let’s Pretend We’re Married
  11. International Lover
  12. God
  13. Computer Blue
  14. Darling Nikki
  15. The Beautiful Ones
  16. When Doves Cry
  17. I Would Die 4 U
  18. Baby I’m A Star
  19.  Purple Rain

Purple Rain Vinyl LP (2015 Paisley Park Remaster)

  1. Let’s Go Crazy
  2. Take Me With U
  3. The Beautiful Ones
  4. Computer Blue
  5. Darling Nikki
  6. When Doves Cry
  7. I Would Die 4 U
  8. Baby I’m A Star
  9. Purple Rain

238 responses to Prince / Purple Rain reissue / full details including four-disc expanded edition

  1. John says:

    £19.99 delivered (no pun intended) at

  2. Frank Piehler says:

    Just discovered on my Spotify Release Radar List that Disc 2 Track 5 Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden is available. Listened to it on my way to work without knowing what was on that list and recognized immediately that this was classical Purple-Rain-era Prince! Enjoy!

  3. Aubtie Sabrina says:

    Regarding the packaging, pledgemusic,com have the 3CD/DVD release as a digipak release

  4. Charlie Waffles says:

    WB dropped the ball on this release. My wish list would be able to see one disc devoted to the other groups that are featured in the movie. Every artist in the movie were on their A game at this point in time. Shame on you, WB Records.

  5. boogie tonight says:

    $24.80 pre order at I’m sure they don’t ship outside the states. ORDERED with my Target gift cards i had laying around. brought my total down to $8

  6. tony says:

    looks to have dropped to £ 22.99 on amazon

  7. Johnny says:

    Let’s face it – packaging aside – it’s a bargain for the equivalent 3 CD/ 1 DVD content of The Human League box set…

  8. One of the few super deluxe editions where there was no need to pause and think “Is it really worth getting?” before hitting the ‘confirm purchase’ tab.

  9. Klaus says:

    Now available at for foreign customers (i.e. outside Germany) as well for EUR 23.

  10. Calhoun says:

    I believe that if the alternates takes of Darling Nikki, Take Me With U or The Beautiful Ones are not on this release is because of two reasons :
    1/ they may not have found the master tapes yet (remember the vault is a huge thing), or they couldn’t be properly restored / upgraded
    2/ they save these for a future, larger release. The 2nd DVD have been postponed due to time restrictions for the remastering, but might compose a bigger release in the future. If we look at this release with Warner’s eyes, they sure have prefered to fill the CD with edits and b-sides than alternate takes that look, for most, very similar to the final release.

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  12. John says:

    There has been no indication that the singles edits are being included at this cost of other outtakes, none at all.

    Just because we know songs to exist doesnt mean they had any inclination to include them at any point.

    Maybe the choices for cd3 to the compilers was single edits or nothing.

  13. Kevin Henry says:

    On my way to HMV on 23rd June.

  14. LeBaron says:

    Personally, I’m excepting a kind of box ‘à la’ Michael Jackson’s Bad 25.

  15. David says:

    I still think that we may see a bigger ‘super’ box set toward xmas with this ‘other’ live concert that was being put forth in the original press release as part of the package. However I will buy the 2 disc set as the Syracuse performance isn’t all that good apart from the phenomenal 18+ minute version of Purple Rain. I also feel that the Syracuse concert will get a stand alone release in the near future.

  16. unique says:

    my view on the edits is i know there’s a lot more great unreleased material and there has been a fantastic opportunity to make a really outstanding release that would finally give fans the chance to hear great music in great quality. a mix of pure sonic upgrade for the hardcore fans, along with great tracks being heard for the first time to other fans. whilst superdeluxe editions aren’t aimed at the casual listener, i know that when they are on offer in stores they can be an appealing impulse buy. this set could have been chock full of amazing material that would have people raving about how great it was, about how great the unreleased music was, but it’s been let down by wasting space by including what is essentially shortened versions of tracks already on the set

    i know there are some people who do appreciate edits on releases like this as it allows them to collect the versions in the best quality, but i think more people would be interested in either longer alternate unreleased versions, or different unreleased songs. on the second disc, i would say keeping the extended versions would be the right thing, but i’d remove the edits and include the exteded version of 17 days (and remove the released version), add the bassline version of when doves cry, add the purple rain demo with extra verse, add wednesday, the baby i’m a star demo and that would make a better disc

    theres plenty of space on the first disc to add more so i’d add the b sides at the end of the album and a few outtakes and fill disc 2 with mostly unreleased alternate versions. the longer take me with u and beautiful ones, alternate darling nikki. disc 2 could have been an alternate version of the album with long / alternate versions of each track and electric intercourse and wednesday and father song at the end for example

  17. Miguel Rocha says:

    Very excited about this release, and looking forward to a 1999 deluxe edition also, but at this price I’m not expecting much in terms of packaging. As a best case scenario we’ll get something akin to the 20th and 25th anniversary Joshua Tree and Unforgettable Fire boxes, with the possibility of a small, hard back book. Worst case scenario, the Sony Legacy Editions, with a paper cd insert booklet. For this price that isn’t too bad, but still a major lost opportunity, and somewhat disappointing. Could have been fantastic with a remastered DVD/bluray of the film, the 1983 First Avenue Concert where much of the music made its debut, and a stunning book reflecting on this rich period in Prince’s career, all packaged in a 12×12 box with a variation of the poster that came with the original LP. Oh well.

  18. AnthonyC says:

    YES! I totally agree. Some people moan for the sake of it.

    The album remastered is great. The single edits and extended versions are a logical compliment – and great. The unreleased tracks are a gift!

    So why the complaints?

    If this was a 10 CD set and 5 DVDs people would still be moaning relentlessly.

    Personally I don’t get it and in actual fact I’m beginning to get really bored with people moaning for the sake of moaning – over and over again – give it a break!

    If you don’t like it then don’t buy it!!!


  19. Rough cut says:

    Why is everyone knocking the single edits? Even though I occasionally dip into the extended versions, I find the edits to be much more accessible.

    The way this deluxe edition is set up is perfect to me, with each disc designed to serve a specific purpose. Other artists should be so lucky.

  20. elliott buckingham says:

    there is no need for single edits on this release as these are available on last years prince 4 ever release. what we need is a comprehensive 12″ collection I have most on original 12″ singles but a nice remastered cd would be welcome.

    • Martijn says:

      Several of the single edits for this album were not on the 4Ever compilation. They haven’t even been released on CD at all! So I, for one, welcome them on this release. And this release does include all the 12″ versions of the Purple Rain singles. So you got your wish in that respect. :)

  21. Chris Squires says:

    Has the deal alert widget bitten the dust? I hope not. it is the highlight of my working day when something good pops up…. It’s quite addictive.

    Has it gone or just a glitch Paul?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi Chris… I took it down yesterday only because there are some ongoing technical issues with the sidebar widget, that can be troublesome (you may notice the occasional ‘£0’ price tag). The good news is that I’m currently working on a coding/development solution that will improve widget efficiency/responsiveness, and sort out these occasional gremlins). It’s more of a back-end thing, but it will improve stability and make adding other retailers easier. FNAC in France is waiting in the wings to go live on the widget for example, but we need to do this work to improve the foundations before we can do that. I’m really committed to improving SDE as a user-experience and hopefully will have some new functionality in the second half of this year… Since you asked though, it’s back up for now :)

  22. Neil says:

    Is there any reason why my post about this being cheaper on hmv has not been published Paul ?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Because it’s already been mentioned by others. And also HMV should be in the Purple Rain widget, but because their systems are so crap, they’re not.

  23. AlexKx says:

    I hate it when product mere less re-issues do not have BOTH the original year release on it as well as the re-issue year…of which it appears the “Purple Rain” picture disc does not have the re-issue year on it which between the two that should be on it…

  24. Missy says:

    Can a Prince super-fan advise on what got missed from this release? Are there a lot more tracks in the vault from these sessions?

    • AnthonyC says:

      YES YES YES…
      There is too much to ever list.
      However masses of material from this era has been bootlegs over the years, particularly outtakes and unreleased songs and the First Avenue concert used to record the ‘live’ tracks from Purple Rain.
      There are many multiple versions of tracks; demos, different lyric versions and many lengthier versions.
      Computer Blue has loads of different experimental versions with Wendy And Lisa.
      It’s all out there and has been for years!


    • Clifton Montgomery says:

      There are extended versions of Take Me With You (slightly longer) The Beautiful Ones (has some extra lyrics/verses) & Darling Nikki (instrumental section). There are a few more outtakes that are Purple Rain related, Wednesday being the main missing one. All Day, All Night is from that period too. There’s also a rumored extended version of 17 Days (supposedly Questlove has heard it). Truthfully, though many fans won’t admit it, this set is pretty good as is.

  25. Randy Metro says:

    Apologies if this was mentioned and I didn’t see it. I believe there are 3 versions of God: single edit, 12” or extended version , and instrumental.

    • Graham Turner says:

      Randy, there are only two released versions:
      1) God (Love Theme From Purple Rain) which is the instrumental version heard in the film (7:54)
      2) God, aka God (Vocal) which is a re-recorded version with vocals (4:02).
      The vocal version was the one that featured as the flip side to Purple Rain back in the day (on both 7″ and 12″) – except in the UK where the 12″ substituted this for the Instrumental track.

  26. Gert says:

    I always prefer hires music material. So I have preordered on now. The only drawback: the missing video. But as I do not own a DVD/Bluray player anyway…

  27. Clifton Montgomery says:

    There’s a sample video of Let’s Go Crazy from the ’83 gig that’s making the rounds which looks to be cleaned up and has substantially better audio, supposedly supporting that birdie’s claims.

  28. emstini says:

    I’m not sure what they sound like, but “Wonderful Ass”, “Velvet Kitty Cat”, “Katrina’s Paper Dolls” and “We Can Fuck” is possibly the best song title sequence I’ve ever seen. If civilisation ends tomorrow I will at least die with a smile on my face.

  29. Ian says:

    Great release at the price, which will hopefully translate into great sales- and then further deluxe Prince releases to follow. Its been a rough week for obvious reasons, but this release is a bit of sunshine to help cheer us Prince fans.

    Already impatient for news of what follows next!

  30. Skipper says:

    Later this year Warner will release the August ’83 First Avenue gig on a CD/DVD combo. That’s the show were the Purple Rain tracks were premiered, recorded and later ended up on the actual album. Warner couldn’t get this ready in time for inclusion in the box that will be released in June so it will be a seperate release later this year. Believe me. A little bird told me.

  31. FunkLord says:

    It’s missing the unedited versions of Take Me With U, The Beautiful Oness, and Darlin Nikki. They could have dumped all the single edits and put them on that CD

  32. Chopdog says:

    I’m one of those digital monkeys out there (sorry purists). Certainly for video, I’ve long since removed a DVD/bluray from the living room. The future is digital downloads/streaming for video so I very much hope there will be an iTunes/Amazon/whatever version of video content as things get released.

  33. John says:

    There have been excellent Prince 7″‘s and poor Prince 12″‘s over the years, we’d be moaning if the edits weren’t on this re-release. Ultimately the issues with this set aren’t with what is included but what is not, and the price is right for what IS there. Maybe a super deluxe will emerge in time for the 40th anniversary or there’ll be further outtake specific anthologies down the line…

  34. Derek says:

    I can only imagine this won’t be the last Purple Rain special edition…just the first. There is so much more that could be added to complete this release. Perhaps the income from this initial release will go towards the ‘real’ special edition once Warner Bros see the demand?

    PS. What is the record for number of comments on SDE? :)

  35. TheScoundrel says:

    Phew. Ordered them al, couldn’t help myself after all this time!

    So very excited, really. What a moment. And to be frank, an expanded deluxe, a remastered vinyl, a picture disc and four 12″ singles for under $190 with shipping to Australia is completely brilliant. Please please please let them arrive safely.

    May U Live 2 C The Dawn!

  36. Lanny says:

    Believe it when I see it.

  37. nite says:

    Was hoping for a super deluxe version and TBH would have paid whatever they asked) but this will have to do.
    Thanks for the update Paul, I love your website. It’s on my daily check.

  38. Jim Edwards says:

    I think I’ve just become a Tena Lady.

  39. Galley says:

    $32.98 on Great price!

  40. Clifton Montgomery says:

    Also, for US customers, you can pre-order it on Amazon now, including the pic disc.

  41. Clifton Montgomery says:

    Someone asked: This is not the same as the Purple Rain remaster that came out in 2009 on vinyl. That one was done by Kevin Gray, released by Warner/Rhino. It’s still widely available.

  42. Doug says:

    The two releases are now up for pre-order on Amazon US as well.

  43. tonysp says:

    The New Prince official site seems to have the LP Picture disc back up, (JPC cancelled my order a few weeks ago).
    Only in $ right now so I will wait for a UK / euro site to show it.

    The 4 disc set does seem like a bargain right now.

  44. John says:

    A bit off topic, sorry, but a Sheila E “Best Of” would be nice Warners if you’re watching… :)

  45. Rough cut says:

    This sounds like the greatest expansion ever.

  46. Paul E. says:

    Hey Paul – I this Region free – I pre-ordered and live in the U.S. Didn’t want to wait for Amazon U.S. to list it in fear the price would be more. Thanks in advance.

  47. Dale says:

    Any sign of a US Amazon presale link yet?

  48. Bryan says:

    Copy for sale on eBay. It looks legit as well, with a barcode stickered sleeve.

  49. Doug S. says:

    Does anyone know if this is the same concert that was annoyingly shot in split screen that they broadcast on MTV back in the day or is it a different one?

    • Graham Turner says:

      If I recall correctly, they use a mirror effect during ‘When Doves Cry’ (similar to the official promo video) that splits the image down the centre and reflects it on the other side – kind of like a Rorschach image. It’s only for that track, though.

  50. Mike Williams says:

    Since this is a “soundtrack” to the film, the 1st disc should have this track listing (which would all fit on 1 CD):

    1. Let’s Go Crazy – Prince & The Revolution
    2. Jungle Love – The Time *
    3. Take Me With U – Prince & Apollonia
    4. Modernaire – Dez Dickerson *
    5. The Beautiful Ones – Prince
    6. God (Love Theme From Purple Rain) – Prince *
    7. When Doves Cry – Prince
    8. Father’s Song – Prince *
    9. Computer Blue – Prince & The Revolution
    10. Darling Nikki – Prince & The Revolution
    11. Sex Shooter – Apollonia 6 *
    12. The Bird – The Time *
    13. Purple Rain – Prince & The Revolution
    14. I Would Die 4 U – Prince & The Revolution
    15. Baby I’m A Star – Prince & The Revolution

    The “new” tracks are indicated by the asterisks * and the tracks are listed in the order that they were in the film. Everytime I watch the film, I wonder where is the soundtrack with ALL of the songs!

  51. Robert Morgenstern says:

    Ordered the deluxe edition. Hope the remaster got dynamics and isn’t brickwalled.

  52. DJMarkus says:

    I’m a bit disappointed with all of these edits?
    Prince songs don’t really work well in edits…
    And what about The Time, Apollonia 6, and The Modernaires???
    Those tracks should be added for a proper “Graffiti Bridge like” soundtrack…

    • Barry says:

      I completely agree. A Purple Rain deluxe edition without the other artists from the film seems incomplete. Most of the film plot was related to the battle the bands!! I think they’ve missed a trick here.

    • Sean says:

      I agree, edits are not as exciting as extended versions.

      I, too, have long since added the other artists’ songs to “my Purple Rain”. It is very appropriate, but maybe the size of this project could grow to a size that would turn off a large segment of the market?

      Honestly, most of Prince’s 80s & 90s albums could be released as 3-4 disc sets given how many other stuff he was recording privately and for others at the same time.

      But, you know, we’re ready for a 200 CD Grateful Dead-like set….but we should just make our own?

  53. DavidTW says:

    Banquet is offering the Expanded for £19.99, but you’ll have to pay P&P on top. Still may work out cheaper than Amazon, but you don’t get the price promise, I guess. Indeed, such undercutting may encourage A-UK to drop their price.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Pretty sure Amazon will drop to the £20 mark, for what it’s worth.

    • Graham says:

      P&P is £5 but you can collect from the store if you are local – which I am. Going to cancel my Amazon order & go for Banquet as I can’t see Amazon going lower than £20 and also want to support Banquet rather than Amazon.

  54. Gavin says:

    Ordered – cheap as chips

  55. DenonHD8 says:

    Paul, I agree on both counts. I appreciate all that you do, and I apologise for the confusion.

  56. fredpostman says:

    Thank you Paul for the info;i always hoped there would be a longer version of ‘Take Me With U’ [my favourite track on the album]in the archives.Great price for the deluxe version though.

  57. DenonHD8 says:

    The point in pointing that error out is…….. That could be why the price is so low, because Amazon is listing it as 1 disc – and not the deluxe set.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Amazon are notorious at not being accurate, with stuff like this. SDE is your source of accurate information. :)

    • Ben Williams says:

      It might go up to like £30 maybe but the George Michael Listen Without Prejudice 3Cd & 1Dvd was only £30 so sometimes labels get it right with content and price.

      It would be nice if this is packaged like (hopefully soon to be released!) George Michael set! But I would gladly take this Prince set in a package like the reissues of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain 25 Years or Rod Stewart’s Storyteller. Great content and price, always a sales winner.

    • Michael Benstead says:

      They have now amended the details on the number of discs accordingly.

  58. HS says:

    Already the #1 seller in music on

  59. Sean says:

    I’m a fan, so I would pay 10 times this price, but, damn, the price is ridiculous.

    Is this what you can charge when you do not add beach balls, books of sheep, or vinyl?

    Or is this what you charge when the artist is no longer alive?

    Mind you, I would take a purple beach ball and whatever Prince thinks his Book of Sheep would be!

  60. CJ says:

    I’ve been eagerly waiting for this since the initial announcement back when Prince signed the new agreement with Warner’s that made it possible, so I’m just happy to be getting anything at this point. Yes, I’d love more, but mainly because it wouldn’t be possible to give me “too much” from this era.

    Was there ever an extended version of Take Me With You?

    I’d love it if they did a separate release for the “non-Prince” (ie, actually Prince with someone else singing it) tracks from the film. And I want a real release of Apollonia 6, I don’t care how much people laugh at that album. As if we could get the original demos for Manic Monday and…..oh now I’m doing it.

    • henry watson says:

      There’s a slightly longer version of Take Me With U circulating on bootleg, not substantially different – the released PR version fades out early in comparison.

    • Kauwgompie says:

      There is a 9’32” Hot Tracks version of “Take me With You” that I have. I didn’t expect that to be on this release because there is so much material from Prince himself before they would ever “stoop as low” as to use a Hot Tracks remix but it does exist and is quite good!

    • JA says:

      Personally I’d love to see a reissue of the Apollonia 6 album as well as some of the other stuff like Jill Jones/Sheila E./The Family/Vanity 6. There is definitely a demo version of Manic Monday floating around w/vocals by Brenda Bennett.

      I think it’s a decent enough boxset/reissue (I’m sure they’ll keep repackaging/rehashing his music for many years to come).

  61. Monty says:

    Beautiful. It would also be nice to have the “director’s cut” of Purple Rain with the missing scenes!

  62. DenonHD8 says:

    I realise that, I was just saying what the description said at A-UK.

  63. DenonHD8 says:

    The Amazon UK linkage says it’s 1 disc.

  64. Gary C says:

    Bernie Grundman, the mastering engineer on the original album, arguably one of the worst sounding CD’s from the 80’s, is engineering the remaster?

  65. John says:

    I think what folks are missing in their disappointment that this will be a mass-appeal set and a LOT more people will buy it in this form than if there were five or six discs. I know I’m not the most hardcore Prince fan, but I’m super excited for this set.

    • henry watson says:

      fair point … but why not give the option – basic 2CD, deluxe 3CD+1DVD, super deluxe everything plus the kitchen sunk?

  66. Lee D says:

    But I want it all on vinyl…
    And a full reissue campaign, including the deleted O(+> era stuff. On vinyl.

  67. R. Michael Cox says:

    On the good side (and there’s not much here) it’s a good price and we’re getting a “dvd” (not blu ray). As for the rest I think Prince fans are accustomed to being disappointed and this is no exception. Single edits? Who cares? Where’s the second dvd? An easy one to throw in here would be one of the First Avenue shows from ’83 or ’84. Both are excellent quality. I think Prince is the only major artist who hasn’t remastered his material and rereleased with extras. Sad disappointment.

    • Brendan says:

      In general, (not specifically referring to Prince) I’m not so sure that single edits always mean it’s the same (but shorter length) mix. I think there’s plenty of examples to show that single edit and mix have been used interchangeably even though the “edit” may be a slightly (or more than slightly) different mix from the album/regular version. That’s why I like to have the single edits (version/mix – whatever it happens to be called) too, so that I can compare the mix and hear how it may be different other than an early fade out and/or a shorter guitar solo, for example.

  68. MINO says:

    Paul wants money! Prince never wanted it!

  69. steveasian says:

    Thanks Paul for this incredible information. I just ordered from site and shipped to US for 22.32 Euros

  70. Derek says:

    There can be no Blu Ray version of the Syracuse show because it was shot on video (Betacam?). There is no reason however it couldn’t be mixed in 5.1 surround but it seems unlikely. It is disappointing that no second live DVD is being released as per the original press release – the famous First Avenue show on August 3, 1983 where Prince debuted several Purple Rain tracks live and recorded it via 24 track mobile truck (where I Would Die 4 U/Baby, I’m a Star and Purple Rain ended up on the actual album) would’ve been a perfect addition to the set.

    Prince fans have become used to bungled release dates and broken promises so the fact that anything related to Purple Rain is actually being released is a big win – sad yes – but reality in a purple world!

  71. Kevin says:

    Ordered! Thanks, Paul. That UK price was too good to turn down.

    I am wondering about what the packaging will be given the price is this reasonable. Makes me wonder if the packaging will be digipack. I know there have been digipacks that handle 3 discs, but have there been 4 disc sets in digipacks? I can’t recall any I may have off the top of my head.

  72. Neil says:

    Electric Intercourse is now available on Spotify UK

  73. Andrew says:

    Just ordered the deluxe set. This looks amazing. Shame though that the tracks from The Time etc aren’t included as part of the soundtrack but everything included makes up for that.

  74. Michael says:

    Will this be released in the US or is it import only?

  75. Neil says:

    I’m really surprised they haven’t gone for a premium edition box set with the x3 CDs/DVD as well as the LP – plus maybe a live CD, extended version of album on CD (e.g. with the longer mixes of Beautiful Ones, Computer Blue, Darling Nikki) and chucked the film in with it too.

    There are a few bits missing for fans (e.g. the longer version of 17 Days) but overall I’m still happy with the content on Discs 2/3 and the concert – plus the price is great.

    Looking forward to this a lot.

  76. Robert says:

    The price ended up as 20.83 once I went through the check out.
    A great deal.

  77. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Hope it’s packaged nicely, no flimsy cardboard sleeves but a nice fat-case edition.

    I like a nice package…

  78. unique says:

    it’s a shame they wasted all that space with edits and missed off 17 days extended version, when doves cry bassline version, Wednesday, purple rain demo, longer versions of beautiful ones and take me with u. there’s basically a whole load of good stuff they could have put on instead and made a much better release

    they could have also done with getting someone who actually knows what they are talking about to write the press release, or at least someone who would do a bit of research and checking with people who know their stuff instead of posting factually inaccurate stuff. of course the running joke with prince fans is the estate and warners and everyone else involved is running the place as badly as it was managed in previous years. fans are so used to disappointments, cancelations, delays and changes that no-one would count a prince gig until he’d walked off the stage at the end

    in saying that, getting the studio version of electric intercourse is worth it alone for some

  79. Michael says:

    That 3CD/DVD edition is amazing. I hope they do similar-ish editions for Parade, Around The World In A Day, Sign O’ The Times, and the underappreciated Come.

    • Ben Williams says:

      And Gold Experience; get that back in print!

      Though I hear Universal are taking care of those Post-Warner albums…

  80. Kauwgompie says:

    Also what’s missing are the 10 min version of Computer Blue, the
    6’06” version of The Beautifuk Ones and the 4′.44″ extended version of Darling Nikki.

    • Martijn says:

      Well, I’d say the 12:18 version of Computer Blue is enough for now. :)

      • Kauwgompie says:

        Is that the timing on the Computer Blue (Halfway Speech Version)?
        I haven’t seen the song timings anywhere but if that is true…great!!

  81. elliott buckingham says:

    the alt mix of darling nikki is superb but is sadly missing from this reissue

  82. Henri says:

    It’s even cheaper on only €22,90 for the 3cd/dvd. They won’t send it outside Germany however, since it is “ohne Jugendfreigabe”.

  83. Kauwgompie says:

    This is the minimum of what I expected. The good news is the extended versions are there I assume that Erotic City (Make Love Not War Erotic City Cime Alive) is the Dance Mix?

    Where are:
    1. Moonbeam Levels
    2. Neon Telephone
    3. Turn It Up
    4. Extra Loveable
    5. Teacher, Teacher
    6. Strange Way
    7. Don’t Let Him Fool Ya
    These are all songs from the Purple Rain recording sessions that have floated around for years.

    Too bad there is no 5.1 mix of this legendary album. This was a soundtrack no less so a 5.1 mix would have been more than appropriate.

    A live disc is missing too. I love the DVD but would have liked a live CD as well. Don’t care much about live recordings but Prince is a different story. I saw him live several times and that energy and incredible guitar playing is something you want to have in your car or everywhere else with you. Price is obviously good!!

    • henry watson says:

      Off the top of my head Moonbeam Levels, Turn It Up and Extra Loveable would be more 1999-era out-takes. Strange Way pre-dates that.
      Neon Telephone and Teacher, Teacher are from ’85. Teacher, Teacher was on an early configuration of Dream Factory (which evolved into Crystal Ball and ultimately SOTT – now that could be an epic deluxe edition!!!)

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        It’s a bootleg, as I’m sure you’re aware, so not really ‘released’ in the sense that I’m pretty sure, Kauwgompie meant.

        • Kauwgompie says:

          Yes I did not dare to buy that release based on the sound related feedback of that recording on both Amazon UK and USA. Be nice to have had a properly mastered CD release of that concert or any other Purple Rain Tour concert.
          I did purchase “Naked In The Summertime” from Amazon USA and was disappointed by the sound. Didn’t expect “Purple Reign” to be much better.

    • Freek says:

      it’s a good thing the songs you mention aren’t there: they have nothing to do with Purple Rain. songs that ARE missing: G-Spot, All Day All Night and Wednessday.

      • Maybe because Wednesday is performed by Jill Jones it was not included. Princes live version of All Day All Night was performed at his 84 birthday show which I have ordered from cough elsewhere.

  84. Soren says:

    Thanks for the information.
    This is a very good price comparing to similar box set e.g. The Johua Tree for 85 £

  85. Aijahlon says:

    DISC #1

    One of the official press releases describes the Purple Rain remaster like this: “The 2CD ‘Purple Rain’ Deluxe set includes the official 2015 Paisley Park Remaster of the original tapes from the soundtrack, presenting an unheard vision of the album overseen by Prince himself before his untimely 2016 passing.” What the hell does “unheard vision of the album overseen by Prince himself” mean? I hope he didn’t JW some of the lyrics!

    DISC #2

    The only disc that’s actually worth getting. It’s too bad we didn’t get two disc of unreleased music, like they said we would.

    DISC #3

    NOTE: Only 4 out of the 15 tracks on Disc 3 of the Purple Rain (Deluxe Expanded Edition) have never been released on CD before, and 2 of those are just edits of the regular songs.

    *** First time ever released on CD

    01 – When Doves Cry (7? Single Edit) – 3:49 [Already released on CDs: The Crown Jewels, The Hits / The B-Sides, The Very Best Of Prince, Ultimate, and Prince 4ever]
    02 – 17 Days – 3:58 [Already released on CDs: The Hits / The B-Sides]
    03 – Let’s Go Crazy (7? Single Edit) – 3:49 [Already released on CD: Prince 4ever]
    04 – Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix) – 7:36 [Already released on CDs: German CD single – DE: 921 187-2 (1989 reissue), Ultimate]
    05 – Erotic City (Let’s Go Crazy 7? B-Side Edit) – 3:57 [Already released on CDs: The Hits / The B-Sides, Girl 6, Girl 6 single]
    06 – Erotic City (Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive) (Extended Version) – 7:25 [Already released on CDs: German CD single – DE: 921 185-2 (1989 reissue)]
    07 – Purple Rain (7? Single Edit) – 4:08 [Already released on CD: The Crown Jewels]
    08 – God (Purple Rain 7? B-Side) – 4:04 [Already released on CDs: The Hits / The B-Sides]
    09 – ***God (Love Theme From Purple Rain) (U.K. 12? B-Side) – 7:59 [First time ever released on CD]
    10 – Another Lonely Christmas (I Would Die 4 U 7? B-Side Edit) – 4:56 [Already released on CDs: The Hits / The B-Sides]
    11 – ***Another Lonely Christmas (Original Extended Version) – 6:52 [First time ever released on CD]
    12 – I Would Die 4 U (7? Single Edit) – 2:59 [Already released on CDs: The Hits / The B-Sides, The Very Best Of Prince, Ultimate, Prince 4ever]
    13 – I Would Die 4 U (Extended Tour Rehearsal Version) – 10:20 [Already released on CDs: German CD single – DE: 921 185-2 (1989 reissue)]
    14 – ***Baby I’m a Star (Take Me With U 7? B-Side Edit) – 2:52 [First time ever released on CD]
    15 – ***Take Me With U (7? Single Edit) – 3:43 [First time ever released on CD]

    DISC #4

    Prince And The Revolution Live at the Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY, March 30, 1985

    It’s good to have the audio and video restored from the original production master tape, and put on DVD for the first time, but it would have been a lot better to have two complete concert films on DVD like they said we would. Everybody, and their Uncle has already seen this concert!

    • Ben Williams says:

      Neither myself or my Uncle has seen this concert yet!

    • boogie tonight says:

      CD: The Crown Jewels – PROMO ITEM ONLY NEVER A RETAIL ITEM… and those other notes everything was not released in other markets. sorry most of that was wrong info for other markets.

    • CJ says:

      Wasn’t the version of Another lonely Christmas issued on The B-Sides a different version from the original release? Or am I thinking of “4 the Tears in Ur Eyes”?

      • Michael Khalsa says:

        Two different versions of ‘Another Lonely Christmas’ both 7″ + 12″. Also 2 different versions of ‘4 The Tears In Ur Eyes’ the one from Hits/BSides & another from ‘We Are The World’ album.

        Wonder what Warners will do next? I am looking forward to not only this but remastered Dirty Mind, Around The World, Parade & Sign O The Times which I expect to be the next release.

  86. Ralph MacGillivray says:

    Wow! What a treat and a great price too! No brainer to order it

  87. Rob says:

    This is great news! No link yet on an Amazon in the US is concerning.

  88. Kevin Davis says:

    Paul – Is there an official press release out there yet? I’m seeing a lot of the same descriptive words in different places, but something I’ve seen elsewhere and not in your article gives me some concern: “The 2CD ‘Purple Rain’ Deluxe set includes the official 2015 Paisley Park Remaster of the original tapes from the soundtrack, presenting an unheard vision of the album overseen by Prince himself before his untimely 2016 passing”

    “Unheard version” kind of sounds to me like careful PR wording – indicating something without directly saying what has been changed. According to Prince at one point, he had delivered PR to WB (now assumed to be this 2015 version) but that they were refusing to release it. Would love to read the full statement before speculating too much…

  89. Jan Mariën says:

    Couldn’t order the deluxe edition anymore in Germany at… (at 13.10 h.)
    But it still was available in the U.K.!
    Jan from Belgium

  90. Geert De Wilde says:

    At this price, it looks as if the packaging and artwork might be (very) minimal … I hope it’s more than just a clamshell with 4 cardboard envelopes …

  91. Ben Williams says:

    Could it be that the other unreleased album and concert film form part of another Prince ‘Vault’ release out this Xmas or next summer? Keep fans buying and keep costs down to make the sets good value? By the looks of things, keeping deluxe sets cheap is a great idea for sales.

    I expect Van Morrison Too Late To Stop Now II and Leonard Cohen Live In Dublin fat digibox packaging for this one, which is fine by me!

  92. Simon says:

    Is this vinyl remaster the same as the one that is currently available anyway as part of the latest reissue campaign? (I think it came out in 2015 also, but not sure)

  93. Bob says:

    Soo excited for this especially the dvd

    Was at paisley park last week for the celebrations the revolution played a blinding set on the actual anniversary and they showed a 45 min revolution set from miami infact was there last gig it was superb

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That must have been amazing!

      • Rob peel says:

        Hard to describe Paul when Wendy played sometimes it snows in April and then let’s go crazy and then purple rain talk about emotions was also stood outside first avenue at around 6.10pm UK time which was odd more or less exactly a year since it was announced

        1 other thing when npg/3rdeyedgirl played on the final nite they did kiss and purple rain at the end with a hologram type video but it was actually a pro shot video from some gig and the whole of him was gold guitar everything it worked so well even ida said to me the day after she hadn’t seen it until she turned around and saw the screen , there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when we left the pp staff was giving out hankies and tissues

  94. Steve says:

    No extended The Beautiful Ones with 2/3 minutes extra lyrics towards the end. It was up on YouTube briefly before being taken down and it was amazing. Other extended Purple Rain tracks were there too. What a missed opportunity.

    • Alex Stassi says:

      I agree… the extended version of Beautiful Ones and Darlin Nikki are better than the album versions. Big shame.

      • Warren Mason says:

        There are numerous alternate and extended versions of the Purple Rain songs including “Purple Rain” with an extra verse. There are probably five different variations of “Computer Blue” that I have heard. Someday there will probably be complete session releases (can’t wait for the Graffiti Bridge set in 30 years). Until then this is a really great deluxe edition that has something for everyone on it including remastered sound.

  95. Kevin Barrett says:

    No purple vinyl? Really?

  96. JuzzyB says:

    Deluxe ordered – great SDE alert! Especially looking forward to hearing ‘We Can Fuck’ – there is a definite shortage of puerile Prince songs about having it off ;)

  97. Dan says:

    So cheap, snapped that up quick before it goes up!

  98. Josh says:

    Didn’t the original announcement say “two (unreleased) concerts” were included?

  99. I’m sure we can all pick holes in this – yes, it would have been nice to have the originally double-album sequence of Purple Rain; yes, we can argue the selection of unreleased tracks and remixes until He rises again, etc etc…

    But I’m delighted with the track selection, the price and, especially, having Syracuse – which I literally wore out on VHS – once more

    Thanks Paul, and have a great bank holiday weekend

  100. Thanks Paul,
    Just bagged the box set for less tan £20 on
    Great start to the weekend – please keep up the good work, love your site ;-)

  101. henry watson says:

    I’ve heard a track by track commentary by members of the Revolution and sleeve notes by Susan Rogers…but this could just be wishful thinking!
    Can’t help feeling this is a bit of a missed opportunity – especially in light of the initial announcement (unless there’s a super deluxe edition still to be announced). Great to hear the vault tracks (if you weren’t excited about this already then the taster of Electric Intercourse that’s been made available with pre-orders on iTunes/ Amazon will put that right!) but I’d have preferred a little more coherence to their compilation – the set could easily have accommodated on (or more) of the initial configurations of the albums and/or an “alternative” Purple Rain with some on the longer alternative versions of the released configurations. Disappointing there’s no room for “Wednesday” on here, delighted that “Father’s Song” is!!!! Would have been nice for a special edition vinyl 3lp set with the remastered album plus vault tracks included, but it is what it is. Anyway, order placed , can’t wait until June…

  102. LeBaron says:

    Ordered on
    SDE über alles !! <3

  103. Neil says:

    Hopefully the DVD is NTSC…

  104. Louis says:

    :( No 5.1

  105. JuzzyB says:

    I think that’s a link to the digital version.

  106. Pastuiven Verkwil says:

    Great price for a set that could’ve been better. and yet another letdown from Warner: they said “2 albums of unreleased material and 2 concertfilms” in the press release from February. On the other hand: as Prince-fans were kinda used of not getting what was promised… All in all: happy with CD2, but also dissapointed…

  107. Neil Kelly says:

    Amazon UK is less clear that it’s deluxe. I’ve ordered on Amazon UK and German to be sure. With postage (free in UK for me) it’s £24.99 UK and £23 from Germany

  108. HS says:

    Can’t wait, just orderd the 3CD+DVD version. Much cheaper than I expected too!

  109. elliott buckingham says:

    corvette was on 1999 hence why its not on purple rain deluxe

  110. Graham says:

    Shame there is no option to have concert on blu-ray. Don’t like order of disc 3 – why not have all the edits together followed by the extended versions. I don’t really want to listen to the same song twice in succession.

  111. Paul W says:

    Thanks again just put my order in

  112. michael59 says:

    the 3cd+dvd edition looks nice! like the bonus content with the rare stuff, edits/mixes and the concert dvd.

  113. Sheldon Cole says:

    McCartney, Queen etc take note – we like B sides and 12″ single versions!

  114. Rob C says:

    Only way to go is the full deluxe on this one…some interesting listening for disc 2!

  115. Michael McLean says:

    No full length Purple Rain??

    • Neil Kelly says:


    • Kauwgompie says:

      Full length Purple Rain is The album Version . So yes it is included here.

    • Klaus says:

      The full length version of the song “Purple Rain” is the version that appears on the original album (CD 1 of DE and SDE), running for 8:40 min.
      The version on the DVD is even longer, if my memory serves me well it ran about 20 min. because Prince couldn’t stop repeating the famous guitar lick at the end of the song.
      I watched the concert live back then as part of one of the (at least in Germany) famous Rockpalast-nights and liked it quite well at the time, but found myself astonished how much better Prince was if you experienced him in concert yourself, when i attended the gig he played in Dortmund in 1986 as part of the “Sign O’ The Times”-tour. That was one of the best live-performances i’ve ever been to, and i watched several hundred ’til now.
      I hope that will re-list the SDE soon because for 23 EUR this will be a real bargain, for once without waiting for a deal alert.
      Currently you can order it for 23 EUR at but German buyers have to add an extra 5 EUR for ID-verification (showing that your age is above 18) because the DVD is not proofed by our FSK yet, but i don’t know if this will be charged to non-German customers as well. If interested you might just give it a try.

      • tom says:

        Same here – Rockpalast Night and Sign O the Times in Frankfurt – afterwards Lovesexy Frankfurt as well – he lost me there a bit… Cat on a swing… Peace.

        • James McNamara says:

          Can you tell me when and where Prince performed in Frankfurt somewhere betwee 2000 – 2007. I was living there then and I went to the tail end of the the concert but I can’t remember the date or even the year. It was an awesome show even when he said “Goodnight and thank you Berlin!” We all laughed including Prince.

  116. elliott buckingham says:

    pre-ordered. also my pic disc order on amazon Italy is still live with a june release date

  117. Ronald says:

    No bluray only DVD. Is this 2017?

  118. mark browne says:

    whats it like buying vinyl from Germany though? will it be safe to the uk?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      UK link is up again (sorry, a few widget gremlins).

    • henry watson says:

      I’ve never had a problem with ordering vinyl from Amazon France or Germany. The last vinyl I bought from Amazon France looked to have shipped from their Dunfermline warehouse!

    • Gorni says:

      No problem, Mark. Via Amazon it will be well packed and comes save to your home!

  119. James Pigg says:

    Same here. Just ordered. £24.99 almost seems to good to be true.
    Cheers for the heads up Paul.

  120. Gorni says:

    My pre-ordered picture disc via amazon germany was cancelled by amzon yesterday, just to keep you all informed. It seems to be not reelased in this format sadly… Cheers from Germany, Stefan.

  121. AnthonyC says:

    It’s great to see the track listing that was leaked two weeks ago was real!

    Electric Intercourse is available everywhere now – and it sounds exceptional!

    Vinyl is also available from :

    It’s just a shame the promised second DVD has been dropped.


    • Tulum says:

      Nobody said, two concerts and two unreleased material in the Purple Rain box. Maybe the other comes with a reissue before the year ends.

  122. DavidTW says:

    Interestingly, there’s also this:
    Worth preordering at this price on the offchance it includes the DVD.

    • HS says:

      This is the digital version, so surely no DVD.

    • Paul W says:

      Isn’t that just the download version?

      Pleased with the deluxe edition and, particularly, the price. The upcoming Nick Cave one and this one show that the fans don’t always need ripping off.

    • Neil Kelly says:

      Be careful i’ve just bought that on your recommation and ‘Electric intercourse’ is currently playing. I’ve been charged 99p seperately and can’t see an option to cancel. I’m confused!

    • Alex Stassi says:

      That’s the mp3 version

  123. Neil says:

    Wow, other than disc 2 then, a terrible let down, as predicted.

    No second disc of unreleased music, and no second concert film.

    This is the shape of future Prince to come

    • Michael Benstead says:

      And this is what it sounds like when entitled whingers moan. A new remaster, unreleased songs, remixes and extended editions galore and a DVD, for £25. We’ve not had anything like this for over three decades, and you’re still not happy?

      • CJ Feeney says:

        I think Neil is entitled to moan when Warners promised substantially more than they have delivered. I’m sure people here would pay more for the promised 2nd disc of out takes and 2nd live concert (they were expecting to pay more looking at many comments).

        I just hope they don’t later relese a super deluxe+ with the extra promised content after everyone has paid for this set.

    • Matthew McKinnon says:

      I’m pretty happy. Nice to have the extended and single edits collected and remastered, too.
      More of these sets please – a 4-disc Parade set would be a killer.

    • Warren Mason says:

      The second concert film was supposed to be the August 3, 1983 First Avenue show that was the source for most of the Purple Rain backing tracks. Apparently the masters could not be cleaned up in time for this release. Look for it in the future….

  124. James Baker says:

    We already knew the track listing from the leak a couple of weeks ago. It’s a shame WB have not produced a Blu-Ray disc also, maybe they don’t have the resolution on that classic broadcast. I’d expect the DVD to be stereo too knowing WB. Could have been an amazing release but to be fair it’s still pretty good and at that price you cannot go wrong! Can’t wait!!

  125. Andrew Mogford says:

    Oh my God. On track for my favourite release EVER. Shame dance mix of corvette is not there but everything else I wanted is. Astonishing price. Thanks for the email notification on this Paul!

  126. alan says:

    Can’t say no at that price

  127. mark browne says:

    wow thanks, really want the vinyl to be purple! – pre-ordered everything, but dvd? no bluray or surround sound?

    • Lloyd says:

      I was expecting a purple vinyl too…but coloured vinyl seems to be everywhere you look nowadays..and perhaps seemed too obvious?

  128. BM says:

    at this moment 22.99 EUR on for the expanded edition

  129. Fred says:

    Can’t wait. .. Ordered

  130. Ben Williams says:

    3 Cd’s and 1 DVD for £24.99. Wow! Bought immediately and looking forward to June 23rd!

    So why can NPG/WB sell this for such a good price and McCartney has to sell the same disc count for £110 more?! Looks like good value to me, was expecting Purple Rain SDE to be like £40/£50!

  131. Richard says:

    Finally. Can’t wait to get this. Would have been interesting to package this with a copy of the film as well – a Complete Purple Rain experience. Oh well.

  132. Tim Brooks says:

    WOW! Thanks Ordered quick – £24.99 for 3CD and DVD sounds too cheap :)

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