Prince / Sign O The Times HD remastered edition blu-ray


Out yesterday in Japan, is this “HD Remastered” special edition blu-ray of Prince’s Sign O’ The Times 1987 concert film.

This is a Region A release (Americas, East Asia) and can be purchased as a standard blu-ray or as this deluxe version which comes with a booklet, postcards and an outer slipcase (optimistically referred to as a ‘box’).

This comes with a 5.1 DTS HD audio mix as well as stereo LPCM. Whether it’s any better in terms of sound/image than the Australian Region B blu-ray is not really known, but the packaging and design of this new Japanese issue is certainly much better, and more in keeping with the original artwork.

Sign O’ The Times HD Remastered Edition blu-ray is out now in Japan.


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  2. Neil Wilkes says:

    I just sprung for the cheaper edition
    which makes a serious difference to the price (I don’t need the extra crud, just the album).
    This should be superb – it will very much depend on who did the remastering though, and if it is as bad as a lot of stuff these days, it will be returned forthwith.

  3. Mike Cox says:

    meant to say USD (Us Dollars, not USS)

  4. Mike Cox says:

    I would love to have this but not for the price ($65 USS?). Also look forward to hearing about the quality.

  5. Whitesoxx says:

    Apparently the blu-ray is region free

  6. DanielBrush says:

    hey guys where the tracks live version from purpure rain, when dove cry,let`s go?
    sorry but doesnt there my favorites track in concert
    im not gonna sell this blu ray i saw the setlist i dont like it.

    • Danny says:

      Excuse me?

    • Neil Wilkes says:

      Hey Danny.
      Wrong tour, my friend – this is from the SOTT tour, with a different band as well compared to the “Purple Rain” album.
      The title track alone is outstanding & is streets ahead of the studio versions, which to me sound tame by comparison.

  7. claudio says:

    …will it be released worldwide?

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