Prince / Sign O’ The Times reissue

Remastered • 8CD+DVD or 13LP+DVD super deluxe •  45 unreleased vault tracks • 2LP peach vinyl • Plus: 2CD, 3CD and 4LP sets,

Prince‘s 1987 album Sign O’ The Times will be reissued by Warner Records in September and amongst the formats are two enormous CD and vinyl super deluxe editions that offer a massive 63 previously unreleased tracks, including 45 studio ‘vault’ tracks. Read on for all the details…

Getting straight down to it, the super deluxe edition box sets comprise the following:

  • CD1 or LP 1- Sign O’ The Times (Remastered)
  • CD2 or LP 2 – Sign O’ The Times (Remastered)
  • CD3 or LP 3 & 4 – Singles Mixes / Edits / B-Sides (Remastered)
  • CD4 or LP 5 & 6 – Vault Tracks (Unreleased)
  • CD5 or LP 7 & 8 – Vault Tracks (Unreleased)
  • CD6 or LP 9 & 10 – Vault Tracks (Unreleased)
  • CD8 or 9 / LPs 11-13 – Live In Utrecht June 20th 1987 (Unreleased)
  • DVD – Live at Paisley Park December 31st 1987 (Unreleased Sign O’ The Times show ft Miles Davis)

The 45 vault tracks are full of unreleased gems including a 1979 version of ‘I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man‘, two unreleased versions of ‘Strange Relationship‘ (including a Shep Pettibone club remix!), alternate versions of ‘The Ballad of Dorothy Parker‘ and ‘Forever in My Life‘ and a fantastic amount of songs that Prince simply never issued, many of which were destined for three aborted albums conceived in 1986:  The Dream Factory, Camille and Crystal Ball. These songs include ‘Rebirth of the Flesh‘, two completely different versions of ‘Witness 4 the Prosecution‘ and ‘Wonderful Day‘ (again two versions, one of which is a 12-inch remix). Full track listing can be found below.

It’s an embarrassment of riches and of course as well as all this unreleased material, the super deluxe editions contain a CD (or two LPs) of all the commercially released seven-inch edits, 12-inch remixes, B-sides, dub mixes and more. Like the album itself these have all been remastered by Bernie Grundman.

The box sets also deliver an entire previously unreleased audio recording of Prince’s Sign O’ The Times tour performance in Utrecht from 20 June 1987 and a DVD (NTSC, region free) with a complete previously unreleased recording of Prince’s benefit performance at Paisley Park, 31 December 1987 (featuring Prince’s only on-stage collaboration with Miles Davis).

Sign O’ The Times 8CD+DVD super deluxe with 120-page book (click image to enlarge)

Both vinyl and CD boxes are presented in a 12″ x 12″ sets and come with a 120-page hardcover book featuring brand new liner notes from various parties including Lenny Kravitz (who provides a foreword), audio engineer Susan Rogers, Dave Chappelle and Minneapolis music scene commentator Andrea Swensson. There are also detailed notes on the vault tracks by Prince scholar Duane Tudahl and the book also includes previously unseen photos and Prince’s handwritten lyrics.

As well as the two big boxes, 3CD and 4LP packages offer remastered album alongside the single mixes, edits and B-sides while the album-only editions come on limited 2LP peach-coloured vinyl and 2CD. All formats except 2CD and 2LP are ONE TIME ONLY pressings. Once the initial run sells out that’s it! Once the 2LP peach vinyl is gone, it will be replaced with a black vinyl version. Fans will be well aware that the 1999 super deluxe editions are now out of print less than a year after release. The vinyl sets will come with a download code!

Sign O’ The Times 13LP+DVD super deluxe with 120-page book (click image to enlarge)

Additionally, a special seven-inch singles box set on peach vinyl, with some vault tracks included, is limited to 1987 units and is exclusive to the Prince store and Third Man Records.

SDE has had an exclusive preview of some of the vault tracks and discussed this reissue with vault archivist Michael Howe. Stay tuned for more coverage!

Sign O’ The Times is  reissued on 25 September 2020 by Warner Music.

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Sign O The Times - 8CD+DVD super deluxe


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Sign O The Times - 13LP+DVD vinyl super deluxe


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Sign O The Times - 2LP peach vinyl


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Sign O The Times - 4LP vinyl edition


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Sign O The Times - 3CD edition


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Sign O The Times - 2CD remaster


CD1 / LP1: Remastered Album (Disc 1)

1 Sign O’ The Times
2 Play In The Sunshine
3 Housequake
4 The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker
5 It
6 Starfish And Coffee
7 Slow Love
8 Hot Thing
9 Forever In My Life

CD2 / LP2: Remastered Album (Disc 2)

1 U Got The Look
2 If I Was Your Girlfriend
3 Strange Relationship
4 I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
5 The Cross
6 It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night
7 Adore

CD3 / LP3&4: Single Mixes & Edits

1 Sign O’ The Times (7” single edit)
2 La, La, La, He, He, Hee (7” single edit)
3 La, La, La, He, He, Hee (Highly Explosive) (12” version)
4 If I Was Your Girlfriend (7” single edit)
5 Shockadelica (“If I Was Your Girlfriend” B-side)
6 Shockadelica (12” long version)
7 U Got the Look (Long Look) (12” edit)
8 Housequake (7” edit)
9 Housequake (7 Minutes MoQuake) (12” edit)
10 I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Fade 7” edit)
11 Hot Thing (7” single edit)
12 Hot Thing (Extended Remix)
13 Hot Thing (Dub Version)

CD4 / LP5&6: Vault, Part 1

1 I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (1979 version)
2 Teacher, Teacher (1985 version)
3 All My Dreams
4 Can I Play With U? (featuring Miles Davis)
5 Wonderful Day (original version)
6 Strange Relationship (original version)
7 Visions
8 The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker (with horns)
9 Witness 4 The Prosecution (version 1)
10 Power Fantastic (live in studio)
11 And That Says What?
12 Love And Sex
13 A Place In Heaven (Prince vocal)
14 Colors
15 Crystal Ball (7” mix)
16 Big Tall Wall (version 1)
17 Nevaeh Ni Ecalp A
18 In A Large Room With No Light

All tracks previously unreleased

CD5 / LP7&8: Vault, Part 2

1 Train
2 It Ain’t Over ‘Til The Fat Lady Sings
3 Eggplant (Prince vocal)
4 Everybody Want What They Don’t Got
5 Blanche
6 Soul Psychodelicide
7 The Ball
8 Adonis And Bathsheba
9 Forever In My Life (early vocal studio run-through)
10 Crucial (alternate lyrics)
11 The Cocoa Boys
12 When The Dawn Of The Morning Comes
13 Witness 4 The Prosecution (version 2)
14 It Be’s Like That Sometimes

All tracks previously unreleased

CD6 / LP9&10: Vault, Part 3

1 Emotional Pump
2 Rebirth Of The Flesh (with original outro)
3 Cosmic Day
4 Walkin’ In Glory
5 Wally
6 I Need A Man
7 Promise To Be True
8 Jealous Girl (version 2)
9 There’s Something I Like About Being Your Fool
10 Big Tall Wall (version 2)
11 A Place In Heaven (Lisa vocal)
12 Wonderful Day (12” mix)
13 Strange Relationship (1987 Shep Pettibone Club Mix)

All tracks previously unreleased

CD7&8 / LP11-13: Live In Utrecht – June 20, 1987

1 Intro/Sign O’ The Times
2 Play In The Sunshine
3 Little Red Corvette
4 Housequake
5 Girls & Boys
6 Slow Love
7 Take The “A” Train/Pacemaker/I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
8 Hot Thing
9 Four
10 If I Was Your Girlfriend
11 Let’s Go Crazy
12 When Doves Cry
13 Purple Rain
14 1999
15 Forever In My Life
16 Kiss
17 The Cross
18 It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night

All tracks previously unreleased

DVD: Live At Paisley Park – December 31, 1987

1 Sign O’ The Times
2 Play In The Sunshine
3 Little Red Corvette
4 Erotic City
5 Housequake
6 Slow Love
7 Do Me, Baby
8 Adore
9 I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
10 What’s Your Name Jam
11 Let’s Pretend We’re Married
12 Delirious
13 Jack U Off
14 Drum Solo
15 Twelve
16 Hot Thing
17 If I Was Your Girlfriend
18 Let’s Go Crazy
19 When Doves Cry
20 Purple Rain
21 1999
22 U Got The Look
23 It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night Medley (featuring Miles Davis)

356 responses to Prince / Sign O’ The Times reissue

  1. Erik says:

    For those who have opened the 13 LP vinyl set, is there an expiry date on the digital download code please? I have bought the box set for a present, but don’t want the code to expire. I can’t travel to the beneficiary due to COVID.


  2. Mark Taylor says:

    Anyone had shopping notification from I’m in the UK, pre-ordered in June and it still doesn’t say it’s been dispatched, it just says estimated delivery 30th November 2020 – 5th January 2021. Anyone else?

  3. Jim Brady says:

    Just got the 3 disc version from delivered today. The first two discs ripped into my computer just fine, but the third (the single edits, remixes and B-sides) in shown in Japanese text in my iTunes. Kinda odd. I suppose I’ll just have to go through the list of tracks and re-do the track info.

  4. John Matthews says:

    The alarm clock ring and the first four piano notes of Starfish & Coffee are just one reason why Sign is a work of genius. I

  5. Stephen says:

    I’ve said it before then go back but not this time. It’s over Amazon, I’ve given you money, loyalty and how do you repay me? I’ll probably need anxiety counselling after this. And no, there’s no more chances. Just give me my money back and keep what you obviously don’t say you have.

    • Stephen says:

      Then HMV told me my bank had rejected their attempt to take funds, so once again I cancelled and placed an order elsewhere which has thankfully arrived in pristine condition, yet HMV still took my money even though they are showing the order as cancelled and never attempted to dispatch it. That’s HMV on my s!@t list as well as amazon. Hopefully I’ll get my £230 back soon

  6. And so the shenanigans with Amazon UK begin. Informed at 9:21am this morning that my item was “unforeseeably” delayed and will be delivered some time next week. Up till 9:20am, the Amazon site was telling me it would be with me by 8pm today. Given the typical brush off by Amazon CS. The only consolation is the significantly lower price.

    The very same thing has happened to me with the Bowie box sets. What is it about high ticket, vinyl box sets and Amazon?

    Quite how the world’s largest online retailer can’t seem to fulfill orders placed three months in advance and yet SDE get theirs well in time is beyond me, and I mean no disrespect to Paul at all here. Amazon clearly have some strange purchasing policy which must allow them to drop the price but screw over those of us who pre-order.

    Sadly, my wallet tells me that the £60-£80 cost saving I will get is more important.

    • So, I popped down to my local record store yesterday to pick up a few RSD Drop 2 items and he did me a deal on the SOTT vinyl box, and coupled with some accrued in-store loyalty discount, I got it for even less than Amazon are selling it at!

      Happy as a pig in the proverbial :-)

  7. Bob L. says:

    Got my 8-disc deluxe set from Amazon Germany yesterday and got a really big surprise unpacking: NO discs at all inside! This goes back and hopefully I get a complete replacement set next time

  8. Terence Delaney says:

    It’s funny the 3 Promo Videos on DVD are not listed but they are on it, SOTT/UGTL/ICNTTPOYM, also the last live track goes on for 34 mins with Miles Davis. Also does anyone know they never usually put the lyrics for bonus tracks on these sets? Hoping they are on the Japan release at least!

  9. Lendy Enwisa says:

    It’s funny, at the moment if you would like the 3 disc version over the 2 disc version at Amazon US it will cost you 1 cent more.

  10. Kauwgompie says:

    Yay, finally Prince SOTT week! Ordered 3 cd boxes from Italy and 2 from Canada, then another 2 vinyl boxes from Canada and 1 from UK. Also 4 peach vinyl sets from the USA. This is not for resell. It’s all for me. I also got the peach 7” vinyl box. For the normal price. This album should be celebrated. What a gem, what a memory, what a burst of insane creativity. I used to say Prince was the Mozart of the modern times. An album like this comes only once in a lifetime. Enjoy all!! Reissue of the year. Perhaps together with The Seeds Of Love. Whatever they put online from that box, amazing. Paul, the tracklisting for that seems exquisite. Ordered 3 of those boxes. Not for resell. All for me.

  11. Stuart Reid says:

    Hi there. I’ve ordered from Amazon Canada but it now says it can’t deliver to my address which is here in Scotland. But u still have it showing in your prices ????

    • Mark Filby says:

      Hi, I placed an order with Canada earlier and so far it hasn’t been cancelled – fingers crossed, I did manage to get the 1999 vinyl deluxe from the US at the third attempt as 2 arrived damaged. What Records have a good price on the vinyl of £219

  12. Alan says:

    Has the release date changed as got an email from Amazon Italy overnight saying my set now won’t arrive until October 1st to 3rd.

    • Simonf says:

      Re: Alan

      I had one of those Amazon emails this morning. Here it is in full…


      We’re writing about the order you placed on June 26 2020 (Order# 204-0802139-4971568). We don’t have an estimated delivery date for the items below. We’ll provide you with periodic updates on your delivery date, and notify you as soon as the items are ready to dispatch.

      Prince “Sign O’ The Times (Super Deluxe)”

      Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused by this delay.

      Anyone know what is going on here? (I pre-ordered the 8CD/DVD set)

      • Ernie says:

        I’ve had the same email from Amazon too. Amazon UK still shows the release date as late September which is odd. I hope they are not going to mess me about like they did with the TFF “Hurting” box which luckily I was able to get from the Universal site before they quickly sold out.

        Paul, can you shed any light on this? Do Amazon not have the quantity to guarantee every order or is this a genuine product delay?

      • Nathan Thomas says:

        I had the same email from Amazon re the Richard & Linda Thompson box set then another email the next day saying it would be delivered today & it was – maybe it’s an amazon email problem

      • Branny says:

        I ordered mine from Amazon UK on 25th June and it still says due to arrive this Friday and so far I haven’t had any email to tell me any different.

  13. Eric Generic says:

    Hi Paul, on the SDE shop page for the 8CD/DVD boxset, it says free shipping to the UK. Will this be refunded after checkout/payment, or deducted at the point of payment? I’d rather use SDE than Amazon as they seem to be manhandling my orders a lot lately!


  14. Glenn says: (US-based) has the 8CD + DVD Super Deluxe Edition box set for $113.65 plus shipping (about 30% off list price). Vinyl SDE box not discounted however.

    • Brent says:

      Good price for Australian buyers, about A$110 less than WB Australia are listing it. Unfortunately won’t ship the vinyl set to Australia due to the weight.

    • Jason says:

      Don’t order from them! They ship late, do not pack properly, and take forever to issue a refund for damages. My 1999 Super Deluxe was destroyed by the USPS because Import CD’s basically shipped it in a paper bag.

      • noyoucmon says:

        Thank you, Jason, for your post–it is exactly what I needed to know. I was concerned about their packaging, and was on the cusp of cancelling my order at Amazon and going with them. Now I certainly won’t! I’m sorry that happened to your 1999 box.

  15. Richard says:

    Anybody in the UK order the 7 inch singles box ?

    I got mine delivered by Fed-ex today. Woefully inadequately packaged! Just put inside a bigger (much too big) single wall carton with some brown paper to pack-out the empty space.
    No bubble-wrap around the box for protection or anything like that!

    Box corners are “dinged” to an extent that has actually split the cardboard !

    Pretty FKD off right now :(

    $99 !!??

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Is this from the Prince store or Third Man?

    • Neil Lorentzen says:

      I got mine from the Prince store and it came very well packed. An outside box along with an inner corrugated structure that kept it well away from the edges, as well as brown kraft paper to fill the extra space. I wish everything was packed this well. Sorry yours came damaged. It really takes the excitement away from getting new music. :(

  16. Gary Howell says:

    I have tried to order from Japan, but they will not ship to me (Sweden) or to My Dads address in England. I find this a bit strange as they are shipping His Majestey’s Pop Life cd to tomorrow!

    Has anybody else had a problem?

  17. Heinz says:

    Sorry if this was asked before –
    but does anyone know, if the Vinyl-set does include a digital download?

  18. elizabeth says:

    Dammit – I ended up going out and finding the 1999 vinyl box, which was not quite as expensive as I feared, have the vinyl box for Sign of the Times already on order. Totally baffled as to why Purple Rain hasn’t received this treatment. I guess I’d stump up for similar sets for Lovesexy too and maybe Diamonds and Pearls, but I think that would be my limit.

    • Jason M says:

      The stooges in charge of Prince’s material are not bad people, so I sorta regret calling them Stooges, but they are not die hard fans, and based on interviews with multiple behind the scenes people on these projects, they are simply doing a job. They lack the passion necessary to put love into this kind of a package. I know asking a die hard fan to be involved with a project like this is a foreign concept to them, just like Blu Ray does not exist in their minds. Purple Rain Deluxe was a rush job, and they have mentioned it, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. As for the Sign Box, there are 3 versions of “Witness 4 The Prosecution” and it looks like they have chosen to include the weakest of the 3, while leaving out the best version. After attending 60 Prince concerts, and spending countless hours analyzing bootleg recordings, I am over qualified for the job, and would do it for free if I could be promised room and board at a cheap hotel lol.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        You need many more talents other than simply being a ‘die hard fan’ to put these packages together. You need to understand the commercial marketplace, you need diplomacy and tact when dealing with multiple parties (lawyers, record companies, rights holders etc.), you need technical knowledge and understanding, you need to be on top of licensing issues across multiple territories… I mean, the list goes on! “Being a bigger Prince fan” does not make you or anyone else more qualified than someone like Michael Howe, for example.

        • Jason M says:

          One of the main problems is they don’t have any dire hard fan input. And I did not list all my qualifications, and probably sold myself short by not including my marketing knowledge, and business experience. Still, I’m not being considered for the job, they always go to corporate types anyway. But this is going to likely be the best Prince box ever, but it could have been better, and many die hards are happy, but not overwhelmed.

      • B says:

        You’re a legend in your own mind.

  19. Excited to see ‘Kiss’ on the set list from Utrecht – a “weird” song that Prince re-arranged often.

  20. Björn says:

    Sold out at JPC.

  21. Mark Filby says:

    Expensive, but you have to admire Warner’s marketing, Purple Rain was a bargain, 1999 was the market test and now Sign O’ The Times for a pain in the wallet!
    What next, it would be Lovesexy, Diamonds & Pearls or Around The World In A Day for me but I guess they’ll look at what sold most.
    Love the site Paul, it keeps me sane and poor.

  22. Jeff D says:

    Not related to SOTT specifically but for those that missed out on the deluxe 1999 set, supposedly amazon US has it back in stock starting July 18 and for around $70!!!!

    • Joe Donato says:

      Thanks!! Good to know. I will be watching out for that as I missed out the first time. I should never have waited. It appears that these box sets have an even smaller market now, and as such, smaller numbers are printed up. The fact that the Bowie CD sets are much more expensive (especially the ‘Five Years’ box) than when they came out, is another example.

  23. Jason M says:

    An easy way to solve the Box Sets selling out, is 6 months before the release date, announce it as “Prince Sign “O” The Times First Pressing of 15cd 2dvd Box Set” (Yes, I made it 15cd 2dvd as a fantasy). Limited to 5000 INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED copies. If they get 4,000 or more preorders, they can announce a second pressing of 3000 or whatever, that will be billed as “Second Pressing limited to **** copies, and the box can be labeled as second pressing on the inside with the number, like “Second Pressing # 2007 out of 3000.” That way you don’t end up paying $400 on ebay unless you wait five years.

  24. CAB says:

    For those wishing to support independent business, Burning have all the versions of the Prince SOTT releases at pretty good prices.
    £135 for the CD box, for instance.

  25. Cornelius says:

    Prince ‘Sign O The Times’ 8cd/dvd is now £159 on Amazon UK.

  26. Rumour says:

    8CD+DVD box is now €113,24 +shipping at I have already pre-ordered it for about €140 with lowest price guarantee, so this is a very nice drop!

  27. MRP says:

    Amazon Italy have dropped their price for the 8CD+DVD set to 114.48 Euro, including shipping to the UK. This looks like the best price without incurring VAT/customs duty that I have seen.

  28. Steve says:

    1999 box alert – If anyone in the UK is still after the 1999 vinyl box at a decent price, I just got mine from Amazon USA, foe $210 + $58 in import taxes paid to amazon through their global shipping system. So in UK £ that’s a total £214.
    I know I should have bought it when it was released for under £200 but that’s better than the prices that are being asked now.

  29. mark browne says:

    Does anyone know if amazon Italy, superdeluxe edition will all the cds, book and cover be printed in English or Italian?

  30. OB says:

    There’s a 3cd edition, too. Amazon Italy

  31. Avner says:

    I emailed the Third Man and Prince Stores about expanding the run of the seven-inch singles box. The 1,987-unit run is cute, but obviously underestimated demand. They should make this a 2,500-5,000 unit run. I don’t mean a second pressing, but actually expand from 1,987 to 2,500, 3,000 or even 5,000 units. I, along with many other fans, missed out because it was available for only a few hours. I also reached out on both Instagram pages. My guess is that nothing has been printed/duplicated and it’s realistic to expand the run, but this could be complicated by estate/contractual issues.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      They haven’t underestimated demand, they have deliberately made this a very limited item.

      • GentleRabbit says:

        As one of the lucky souls who managed to bag a copy before they ran out (I decided to ‘pull the trigger’ immediately on this before taking more time to decide on where/how to get decent prices on the others), I understand that they want to keep it limited and exclusive but I do feel for those who missed out. I would be annoyed that I missed it and that it went so quickly, too.

        The main problem, as I see it, is that they (the Prince store, at least) placed no purchase limit on the item – so unless I’m mistaken, you could bag yourself as many copies as you could afford. I feel that this is unfair on people and could have been easily avoided.

        These sorts of exclusive, highly-limited items need to be limited to 1 or 2 copies per customer. eBay is already filling up with people exploiting the situation, as could have been predicted.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I agree about limiting. I often limit things to one per customer on the SDE shop. As a shop/retailer the other major problem with people buying multiple copies is that they are the ones who are always ultra-fussy about the condition things arrive in. So a very minor ‘dink’ on the corner of a vinyl sleeve (and I do mean very minor) that 90% of people would shrug off if it was to enter their collection becomes a big issue, because the person plans to sell it on, and can’t say ‘mint’ condition.

          • Mike M says:

            I disagree with that comment mate, some people just want a mint copy in their collection. Many of us cherish our records and look after them, if I buy a brand new copy from anywhere I expect to be mint because that’s how it was listed and because I want a mint copy not because I intend to sell it on. If I didn’t want a mint copy I would buy second hand.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            I’m not saying people don’t want mint copies… what I am saying is that most people who choose to buy vinyl online and get it sent through the post are reasonable and accept that no matter how well you pack, sometimes things can happen (slight dink, inner sleeve splitting etc.). My experience is that people are reasonable and won’t immediately demand a replacement, but people who order five copies will, because they are only buying to sell it on.

          • Harold Dixon says:

            Ultra-fussy is the wrong phrase, Paul.

            Customers who demand a new item to appear as described (new) have every right to do so. If you package a vinyl properly, without any ‘dinks’ at the point of shipping, unless someone’s been boomeranging them out of their window for laughs, they should arrive in perfect condition. If not, it’s your chosen courier you should speak to, Paul.

            You’re also not very ‘gentle’ with items, it must be said. Watching your unboxings sometimes makes me shreik when you leaf through a booklet like it’s a page from HELLO! magazine and crease a page. – Eeesh! – Burn! – Peace + Love xx

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            This is really just arguing for the sake of it. Comparing me handling some box set while doing an unboxing video and trying to imply that that means we treat customer’s product in a similar way while packing is rather ridiculous. By the way, as someone who has shipped thousands of records over the past few years I can categorically tell you that your statement about “If you package a vinyl properly, without any ‘dinks’ at the point of shipping…” etc. is nonsense. EVERYTHING we send is packed like that and stuff sometimes gets damaged. Please tell me exactly what I should say to Royal Mail to stop this happening?

          • Alan M says:

            I have quite a few albums bought new that have flaws. Split inner sleeves, corners slightly dented, record labels not sighted perfectly and so on. My 1999 deluxe boxset has the odd flaw.

            The way i see it is they’re gonna get played, they’re gonna suffer the occasional knock, they’re made out of paper, card and plastic. I like a bit of life in my stuff.

            And when it comes to second hand albums (unless i truly want a vg+) I’m more than happy with the odd message in Byro. To me it adds character and history to the album. I’ve got one that has a girl’s name with my surname and the year ’73. I love the fact that i was two years old when this person loved the record i now play. I’ve a Beach Boys double album with a note gifting it between friends. I’ve another that’s been used as support whilst someone wrote a letter. The depression of the pen covers most of the sleeve. It’s great these records have had a journey and been part of my fellow human beings lives :)

      • Alan M says:

        And that’s a good thing. What’s a limited edition really if it doesn’t have a number on it? Limited edition of 1,000,000? Not really very special at that point.

    • What? Prince? Worry? says:

      Let’s hope genuine fans got the 7” box set, instead of the scalpers, but I would assume alot these went to scalpers.

      • Bruno says:

        Allowing multiple copy buying for such an item is a disgrace. If it is targeted to reals fans then they only need 1 and will cherish it. Seeing copies already on ebay for up to USD 450 is ridiculous. However, I don’t agree with expanding runs if they are announced as limited. This devalues the item for those who pay the premium for the limited nature. Queen coloured box set is a good example. It cost a lot of money just to have it reissued twice. Bowie’s 5 years was not reprinted and those who paid the premium were rewarded with a genuinely limited edition. But please no multiple copies.

        • What? Prince Scalpers? Worry says:

          rest my case.

          Scalpers are selling them on ebay at inflated prices already, hence the quick sell out.

          Amazon will now flutter in and out of stock for pre-order, as I expect the original pre-order run sold out quickly (This happened to Series 14 blu ray of Dr Who and series 12 reissue).

          And to wade in on the issue of damage due to post, it happens, yes everyone would like a prisitne mint copy (go to the shops if you want to sift through all stock to find undamaged copies if that’s what you want) but this day and age everything sent via post is packaged to the best intentions but in the end some have dings and rips and the odd crushing.

          What Paul was getting out is that the scalpers are the picky ones that will buy in bulk and sell the mint or near mints send the rest back, or demand a new copy (I have noticed some folk on this thread have said they have bought three copies or more of the 8C + DVD, any particular reason?). For me, I’m glad I can have the thing to play and love instead of hoarding away in some dark room or bank vault waiting for retirement or death before you sell, hopefully the bottom of the market would of dropped out by then.

    • Klaus says:


      Sorry mate, not going to happen because the number of limitation was obviously set with a reason.
      I agree that it would’ve been nice if they chose to make 3.301.987 of these (originally released on 03/30/1987) instead because the supply would’ve lasted MUCH longer then ;-)

    • RJS says:

      Did Prince’s estate “reach out” to you on IG, asking you to join them in an advisory capacity for all future reissue campaigns…? Or perhaps Jack White emailed you? It’s limited for a reason and I’m sure they’ve done their forecasts and know what they’re doing.

      • Avner says:

        I have 20+ years in multi-media product management. I know what is possible, so my query was a fan with some insight – sadly, not specific to this project. But I know what CAN be done. It actually would be great if they reached out to fans!

  32. Kauwgompie says: has the 1999 big vinyl box for sale again. Last chance guys. Only $210. I quickly bought it.

  33. Wayne C says:

    Ordered the vinyl box set from What Records @ £250 and postage which is a good saving in the long run. Ordered a lot of stuff from them and they pack to those high standards as SDE do.

  34. Ben Williams says:

    Just ordered the 8xCD version of Sign O The Times on Amazon UK and have a receipt and order summary saying £143.99 – actual page still showing £199.99 – so if you are still looking for a copy before they sell out, I’d pre-order it asap

  35. gwynogue says:

    I’ve ordered from JPC.

    Every time I check Amazon Australia, it says ‘currently unavailable’. I’ve been checking since it was announced so – knowing Amazon Au – it was probably never available to begin with. Typical.

    Amazon Au is useless, plain and simple. I am *still* waiting for my Prince “Up All Nite/One Nite Alone” box set – even though it was (allegedly) released a month ago and I ordered it on the day it was announced.

    Oh well, someday my Prince will come…

    • Brent says:

      Warners Australia now have it listed for pre-order, prices for the deluxe are $310 for the CD and $740 for the vinyl !!!!
      Cheapest I’ve found so far would be to use Amazon Canada or Italy and use a forwarding service to Australia, I’m estimating about A$240 for the CD deluxe all costs and GST included.

    • Ant in NZ says:

      You’re very lucky with JPC if they are shipping to Australia – they have a shipping price to send to NZ, but then when you check out, they say they can’t deliver! I messaged them about this and never heard back!

  36. Marcel says:

    Canadian price for the vinyl deluxe is incredible. The equivalent of €230 including shipping. Cancelled my JPC order and ordered from Canada. Thanks for the twitter heads up, Paul!

  37. mattNYC says:

    Peach 2LP on Amazon for US $35 with free US shipping.

  38. AndreasL says:

    150 pound in RoughTrade. Paul, I thought you had a deal with RoughTrade and you were going to show their prices on your widget?

  39. Electric Sydney says:

    Thanks Paul! Do you have an inclination (like 1999) how limited the vinyl box might be? Like how quick should I be on the trigger. Thanks.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      My gut feeling is it might not be *quite* as limited as 1999 however, I can tell from the reaction on here and how quick we sold out that there is MUCH more interest in this box than 1999, despite the higher costs. Therefore it will probably go out of print just as quickly – if not quicker – than 1999.

  40. Richard Anderson says:

    Does anyone know from experience how much the customs charges from Canada to UK are likely to be. Obviously the vinyl box set is great value at less than £200 from Canada but would the customs charges bring it up to the same price as those on the European Amazon sites. Thanks

    • Klaus says:

      @Richard Anderson:

      From my German pov i can tell you that it is common here to pay VAT (for the box as well as for p&p) plus a small fee for custom clearance so you can try it out on yourself if you go through the buying process right to the point where you see the “buy now”-button.

    • Mike M says:

      No idea Richard, it’s a very good price but import charges have to be considered as does possible damage in transit, it’s happened to me shipping from the US. Great saving but it comes with added risk IMO.

    • johneffay says:

      Hi Richard,
      If it’s over £135.00 (unless it’s changed recently), you’re looking at a 2.5% customs charge, plus VAT (20%), so on a £200 purchase, you’re looking at £46.00. Of course, not everything gets stopped at customs, but it’s a risk you take with bargains outside the EU.

    • johneffay says:

      With regards to my last post – I’ve just has a quick look & it looks like the duty might not be 2.5% any more. In any case, the charge is duty + VAT, & it’s the VAT which is the real killer.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Don’t forget an £11 ‘admin’ charge by Parcelforce/Royal Mail to add on the top.

        • SimonP says:

          That always winds me right up when I buy stuff from the States. You pay all the taxes and P&P and the Royal Mail then want a bunch of money too before they hand it over!

    • Richard L says:

      For Richard Anderson re Canada customs charges. tend to use DHL for shipping. In the UK, they charge £11.00 for collecting customs duty, plus 20% of the total price – product + shipping. It seems you will always get done for this – no escape!

  41. Joe says:

    By the way: living in Utrecht, I am well chuffed that pretty soon the whole world will be listening to a concert recorded in my town!!!
    Prince played here multiple times, both in very small venues and in a football stadium (the concert included in this set). I was too young back then, unfortunately…

  42. John says:

    This is an essential purchase!
    However I have noticed the prices on amazon have shot up in a matter of days..the 8CD set now just short of £200!!! I assume this increase is in line with availability/demand as a number of other outlets still have it at sub £150?
    Also I have often wondered about if you order from or (still cheaper than UK amazon) is the booklet in French/Italian???! Probably a daft question but I am curious to know the answer if you know!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      All the books will be in English.

      • Mike M says:

        Paul are you restocking any of these boxsets? They are showing as ‘out of stock’ as opposed to ‘sold out’. Many Thanks

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I’ve basically been told ‘that’s it’ for both the box sets and peach vinyl. Unless Warner Records change their mind it’s looking very unlikely that we’ll get any more. Shame!

  43. Kevin says:

    Can anyone speak to the audio quality of the DVD? I imagine that multitrack recording was used since this was done at Paisley. Just wondering if any uberfans could speak to this. Thanks!

  44. Ben says:

    Why are there such significant differences in the prices? You can get both Super Deluxe Editions (CD & Vinyl for 280 EUR) in the USA for less, for what you have to pay in Germany for the Vinyl Super Deluxe alone (299 EURO on amazon by the time of writing).

  45. William K says:

    I know this is a UK based site but with many international buyers & contributors so I’m a little surprised at the apparent lack of interest in Amazon Italy’s lower price for the 8CD/DVD set. I’ve purchased it from them with a little help from a coincidental €5 coupon they sent me a few days ago. That will just about cover the shipping costs. The total price for me in sterling will be around £127 (or less). Many but by no means all of my Amazon Italy purchases over the years were dispatched from the UK.

    • phantomengineer says:

      I’ve cancelled my two previous orders – JPC and – see below, and plumped for Never had a problem with them, and pre-ordered the Roxy Music debut album box, the most recent Go-Betweens box, and The Kinks ‘Arthur…’ box all at the best price. These were received very quickly, and with absolutely no issues. Like William, I’m pretty sure at least two of these were sent from within the UK.

    • Timo says:

      I did the same: a pre-order at . I normally go for .de as it delivers free of charge to my country, but in this case the price difference is still huge, and the Italian site charges only appr. 5 € for p+p. The confirmation email states clearly “Sold by Amazon EU SarL”, which means it can come from any of their European warehouses. I have occasionally also used the French site, w/o any issues (I prefer the EU sites, won’t have any problems with import duties).

  46. Frederic Muylle says:

    special seven-inch singles box already SOLD OUT

  47. Branny says:

    I ordered the 8 cd from Amazon for £143.99. I have a horrible feeling that I’ll be getting an “unfulfilled” email from them as it’s highly likely that they’ll be giving those willing to pay £200 priority. I hope not but won’t be surprised if I miss out.

    • David TW says:

      Branny, is there any evidence Amazon does that? I’ve never heard of it. I’m in the same boat as you if so!

      • Branny says:

        David have a read through the Tears for Fears reissues comments. Several people had problems with unfulfilled orders on the day of release only for the sde’s to then be relisted at inflated prices. The demand for this is going to be greater and from a business point of view makes more sense for Amazon to fulfill the £199.99 orders first. Hopefully there’s enough in the run for everybody.

        • Harcourt Fenton Mudd says:

          Hot thing! This is a beautiful looking set.

          This release will undoubtedly sellout before the end of June, let alone September…I am sure amazon can decide who to send the X amount of sets they have to the 3X amount of people that want them. Yes, the £200 pre-orderers will ”win”, I am sure.

          If profit is the name of the exercise here (and it is – prince, who we all know was very happy to release music, and lots of it, never wanted you to see hear or own the majority of what this SDE contains) then why oh why, when they have so many connotations of this SOTT release is there not a:

          3 cd standalone vault recordings

          2cd 1dvd stand-alone LIVE recordings

          Then all bases are covered and the rich and the poor can get a piece of this in their hands.

          I would love to have the 8cd set, but not at £140….and therefore also not at £200 ! …but what I really only crave in this set is the vault recordings …3 cds only.

          Despite all my rambling, Prince can be bought , and not for a princely sum neither . . . I just “treated” myself to one of princes albums I don’t own…Down to £3 on amazon…his 2nd album “prince”.

          Sign of the times
          Mess with your mind
          Hurry before it’s too late……

          • Nathan Thomas says:

            “ This release will undoubtedly sellout before the end of June, let alone September ” – This post didn’t age well since it’s now September & they’re still selling them (with Amazon even dropping the super deluxe LP price to £229 this week)

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Amazon is only reacting to HMV. HMV will be making next to no money on this so it’s a weird thing to do.

      • Richard Harris says:

        And so am I. There was enough online outrage at the initial Amazon UK price of £143.99 and no indication that a further £56 price hike would be forthcoming when we bit the bullet and ordered at the initial price, so why should those who ordered straightaway not have their orders fulfilled in favour of those ordering at £200? I know the argument is “it makes business sense”. Other UK online stores like Townsend Music and Badlands are still selling the CD set at around the £150 mark – they haven’t hiked the prices up to match Amazon UK and at least one of those two takes the payment when the order is placed so it’s not as if they can go back and demand a premium later.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I don’t think Amazon will do that.

          • Klaus says:

            @Paul Sinclair:

            Me neither. I’m quite certain that amazon has made arrangements with Warner on how many units they’ll be gettin’ and will stop taking pre-orders when the number of ordered copies reaches that number.

  48. Wayne C says:

    Although I absolutely love this album, and would absolutely consider it to be one of the most essential albums I bought when I was younger (bought it the week of release). I can’t get my head around the prices they are charging for this re issue!. Prices of these just seem to be going up and up and up. I bought the four Bowie vinyl boxes around the £170 mark and thought that was a realistic price for the contents within. But £280 + really is taking it to new levels. I’ve been a fan of Prince since 1999 came out, and saw him on the Lovesexy Tour at the NEC which to this day I consider in my top 3 shows of all time. My memories of that concert are more vivid ( the car coming out at the beginning and end) than any other concert I’ve been to. Yes he is an extremely important artist to all of us. To be honest most of it like others have said will only be played once and then put back in the box so I’m in two minds.
    Brilliant album and not a poor track on it – there is no doubt but the price is eye watering…

  49. Neil Dyer says:

    What Records has it at £129.99, plus £6.60 p&p (UK to UK)

  50. Sterling says:

    US buyers: if you order from importcdscom, register as a new customer. Once you confirm your account and email address you will receive a one time code to apply for a 10% offer for first time order. Using this I was able to purchase set for total amount of $113.72 which included shipping.

    At this time, this price is better than the Amazon US/UK/IT orders I have. I will cancel my Amazon orders if prices don’t drop further before release date. I’m not an eBay flipper. Just looking for the best price out there. I’ve never had problems ordering from them in the past; they will take your money at time of order however.

    Hope this can help others. Stay safe to all.

  51. David Goldsworthy says:

    Ordered the 3 CD set from Amazon directly.

  52. Isaías says:


    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Please don’t leave comments in ALL CAPS.

      • Jabber says:

        Paul, in your superb interview with Michael Howe. I think he did an excellent job explaining the reasoning for including or excluding vault material in the set. You just can’t please some people.

    • AndreasL says:

      Better? You serious? There will of course be more vault releases to come but as a stand alone box set this is incredible. Sometimes there is just no pleasing some people.

  53. Pritam says:

    I hope they master properly this time around; earlier CD version was plan atrocious!
    Not available on Amazon Canada yet! Hopefully soon.

  54. Ian Smith says:

    Not sure if it reflects big demand, but Amazon have used the price of the CD SDE to £199! Here was me expecting the price to drop, not go up! Glad I locked my order in at the original (lower) price.

  55. Mark Williams says:

    13 vinyl set £249.99 at !!!!!!

  56. Cornelius says:

    The UK Amazon price for the 8cd+1dvd has jumped from £143.99 yesterday, to £199 today.

    • What? Prince? Worry! says:

      HMV yesterday had the 8CD and DVD pre order price £200

      • Bill Trombone says:

        HMV will be gone in the next 7 months. After the virus this year and another difficult Christmas, they’ll collapse (again). They have never learned their lesson with pricing and this is why Amazon always beats their pricing on about 95% of all product. Plus their customer service is occasionally quite terrible.

  57. Alan says:

    I am just pleased this released a couple of days after my payday in September so the money will be there for it. Pre-ordered.

  58. CDM says:

    While I’ve already ordered the 8CD box version from a record shop in Glasgow, I’m really disappointed that some of those essential and ‘Crucial’ tracks that are well documented to be part of the Dream Factory, Camille & Crystal Ball projects are not included. For what is one of the most anticipated box set releases ever, this really should be the last word. That triple ‘The Crystal Ball’ CD hodge podge of 80’s and 90’s era tracks isn’t even available to buy. So it’s still going to be necessary to burn one or two CDs of the missing tracks from the various sources I have (B sides, Black Album, Graffiti Bridge, youtube etc.) to fill the gaps.

    Grateful for the information though Paul and looking forward to reading further discussion.

  59. Henry Watson says:

    If I was out to buy 13 lps and a DVD I’ve got somewhere between £210 and £275 in mind as the total cost. Not quite a like for like comparison but, whilst expensive, I don’t think the price of the vinyl boxset is that unreasonable. I did double take at the price of the CD version though!
    What Records are selling the vinyl box for £250 (plus £8 postage) – seems fair enough to me…

  60. Gary says:

    I’m not a Prince fan but for those who may have missed out, are currently advertising said box sets.

  61. Fred says:

    My dream come true. Vive The Artist the greatest of all time!!!

  62. R. Michael Cox says:

    Looking forward to the Michael Howe interview. Like many here this is may favorite Prince album (by my favorite artist). The peach vinyl is still not showing up on Amazon US. The estate does have it. I managed to snag the 7 inch singles set yesterday but the estate said they could not go back and add the peach vinyl on the same order. I was trying to avoid another shipping cost. I would like to match the peach vinyl with my 7 inch If I Was Your Girlfriend peach vinyl from the 80’s :) Cheers to the estate for doing this correctly and giving the fans a bang for their buck/quid.

  63. Laura says:

    Christ, what is it with people and deluxe releases?
    you’re getting three CDs of unreleased material plus live recordings and still, someone manages to point out “it’s missing an edit from a compilation”

    “Why DVD?”

    Someone even claiming the unreleased material should stay in the vault. Don’t listen to it if it bothers you so much?

    It doesn’t matter how much labels, estates or artists work to give you a deluxe box, for you it’s never the right size, the right format, the right tracklist or the right price.

    • deadair says:

      THANK YOU!!

      I feel like people are looking to become the physical manifestation of the Comic Store Guy from the US Show The Simpsons.

    • Lee says:


      I’m all over this like a fat kid on a see-saw. No complaints here. I’ve been waiting 25+ years for the remastering alone.

  64. JuzzyB says:

    The 8CD & DVD set is a lot of money. But it looks great. I understand that this is a set that a lot of people simply won’t be able to shell out for, but when I saw the announcement I imagined worse, price-wise. HMV want £199.99 for it! Now that definitely is too much!

  65. Bruno says:

    I am keen collector who does not really like Prince’s music. I am green with envy to see the 1999 SDE and now this amazing set. I have to console myself with “Pink Floyd – The Later Years” and the Led Zep multiple format with few interesting extras SDE’s. It is amazing to see when artists (or their estates) / record companies get it right. I would think that given it is not even released, that they will increase the print run on the Vinyl and CD SDE. Singles Box Set will soon cost more than any other format !!

    • Dave H says:

      It does help that an artist like Prince wrote and recorded so much material during his lifetime that he didn’t officially release. Some say he deliberately didn’t release material so that his legacy would carry on after his death.

      I don’t know how long it will take before the estate runs out of material to release. I don’t know if other artists who died recently like Bowie or Michael Jackson have a wealth of unreleased material like Prince but at least the estate is allowing the public to hear these recordings now and not 40 years later.

      • Gary says:

        Whatever the reason for the abundance of material it does show a tremendous creative and work ethic, wether or not you like the material (which personally I’m not keen on but there you go…) Otherwise, I reckon most artists following their death have a limited time when their popularity can reap optimum benefits and for some this may stretch for some years, depending on their (and their fans) ages, popularity etc. Then I guess there are some artists who kind of focus on getting recordings ‘just so’ whereas others just have this outpouring (as it were) of material, lots of which won’t see a release until (in Princes’ case) such a time as this. Others, like Neil Young are more pro-active on the release front! Speaking of which, it may be time for Paddy McAloon to take a deeper delve into his rumoured archive (just a thought!)

  66. madman says:

    That’s awesome! Too bad I don’t have the money for the super deluxe edition; oh well. But I am looking forward to your interview with Michael Howe. Your interviews are always great reads.

  67. Alan M says:

    Based on the number of times I’ve played the bonus 1999 LPs that made up the boxset i bought the SotT cd boxset and the double LP. If that 13 LP set had been £200 it’d have been a no-hesitation purchase but at that hefty price it’s just too much.

    Hopefully the cd remasters will be good. What were the 1999 cds like?

  68. CJ Feeney says:


    Has the size of the single run of these already been decided? or are they waiting to see pre-orders before deciding?

    (I know the 7″ box is limited to 1987)

  69. phantomengineer says:

    Only noticed this this morning, by which time it had disappeared from Checked but shipping to the UK, so went with the JPC option which with shipping came to about £170.00. Ordering direct from the official Prince store worked out a few quid more. Now, it’s suddenly appeared again on at £143.99, so ordered from there also to be on the same side. If I get one from two orders I’ll be happy, having nearly missed out on the 1999 SDE.

  70. mike says:

    The problem (setting SOTT aside as my favourite album of all time and that I would pay it happily) is the quite ridiculous and escalating prices for SDEs, they are beginning to bear no resemblance to the cost of the product and more ‘how much can we get away with’. Obviously the music industry has always been about the almighty dollar, but this is verging on taking the proverbial.

    Note SOTT is still much better value and farbetter thought out than Macca & Pinkus Floydus but that goes without saying!

    • Tobias says:

      That’s a little vague. Which Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd release is this better than? Can you give an example? I’m sure I can challenge that point.

      • Klaus says:


        I think she or he is referring to “Flaming Pie” and “The Later Years”.
        With other Pink Floyd-SDEs you might challenge her/his point but with Macca? Good luck.

  71. joemesk says:

    the remastered version of purple rain was disapointing
    i don t believe this one would be better

    try the SHM-CD ( japan) version of sign and purple
    the sound is marvelous

    • Graham Turner says:

      The remastering of Purple Rain happened when Prince was in negotiations with Warner Bros to release Art Official Age & PlectrumElectrum. He threw in the Purple Rain ‘remaster’ as a ‘sweetener’ for the deal and had it created by band member / producer Joshua Welton on his behalf. It was essentially an afterthought – something he knew WB wanted badly – and not done to the level of love and care usually applied to these things.

      The 1999 remaster was handled by industry professional Bernie Grundman and sounded great.
      SOTT is also being handled by Mr. Grundman and, as such, I expect it will sound equally as good as 1999 and far better than PR.

    • Lee says:

      I have the Japanese SHM-CD, and to me… the difference is negligible. The same master tape was used.

  72. Steven Campbell says:

    To the chap who said the Prince Sign of the times is out of stock it isn’t on Amazon, not yet anyway. I’m intending getting it but not for awhile yet.

    • Barry says:

      That was me – it was out of stock at 6am and then came back in a couple of hours later (as per phantomengineer’s post). I’ve no idea if this is an indication of stock volumes or an Amazon quirk or not. Who knows how they work – the availability of otherwise of the Divine Comedy box being an example.

  73. Liam Bastick says:

    Do you know, I have just bought from Europe a copy of each version – plus shipping ($25 in total!!) – for less than it costs for the vinyl box set in Australia. It’s such a rip-off what’s going on Down Under.

  74. Steve says:

    Love it, but… has anyone mentioned the extra £100 price tag over the 1999 vinyl box, for 3 extra LPs?
    Reminds me of the Depeche Mode and McCartney boxes where they just keep getting more and more expensive.

  75. David T-W says:

    Don’t think I’ve ever been so conflicted about a box set. I love SOTT, and I’ve been waiting for this so long. But jeez if £140 for CDs isn’t a lot of money.

    And the vinyl set is inconceivable for me. I think too much of the set is devoted to live material to warrant buying the vinyl; 10 LPs + 2 CDs of live + the DVD for £200, and I’d’ve been all over it, though.

    So, after 24 hours, I caved. Knew I’d regret it if not. And if I feel I’ve made a mistake, I can cancel in advance, so it’s a no-lose situation.


  76. PGD says:

    This was my first and, still, my favourite Prince album. But the mastering on the CD version was terrible – really quiet and tinny – so much so that I rarely listen to it now. So the vault and live tracks will be great, but mostly I’m looking forward to a decent remaster to do the music justice.

    • Stuart says:

      Totally agree, the material is top drawer, but the mastering on the original CD is dreadful. Hopefully the remaster is huge step up

  77. John says:

    Looking forward to reading your interview with Michael Howe, Paul. Your chat before the 1999 release was such a great read. I’m wondering if Funny Love and Twosday were mentioned somewhere as to why they weren’t included? Not complaining, how can you with the lavish amount of content on offer, just curious. The interview will be the perfect way to increase even more the excitement around this release. If thats possible, it seems to be selling like hot cakes and rightly so. :) Got my order in quick sharpish at the SDE Shop and can’t wait for September 25th!! Might get the Christmas tree up 3 months early in celebration. ;)

    • limongi says:

      I hope that Purple Rain will have the same treatment ?…..because the 2017 Edition is far away incomplete (i want the 1st take of When doves cry the more produced & longer one….this info was confirmed by Mc Creary last year in severals interview…she indeed listened with Howe this specific Version in Los Angeles Studios)…i’d like to see this question ask to Howe by Paul…i know it’s a little bit out of subject)

      Impatient to read this interview with Mr Howe !!

    • Tom m hans says:

      Maybe an SDE keepsake booklet to fit into the SDE box?

  78. Wim says:

    Hi Paul, Great News… comes the Vinyl box with a download?

  79. Erwin says:

    Wow. The first cd I ever bought, getting the superdeluxe treatment.

    Going back to 1987, where 14yo me was laying in his bed, windows open and listening to Prince playing in the nearby Galgenwaard stadium in Utrecht. This concert is now included. He played 4 nights in a row, but I was too young to go.
    I went the next year to the lovesexy tour.

    Sad to see(for me, not for you Paul) that the 8cd is already sold out.

  80. seikotsi says:

    Did anyone also completely change their mind on their favourites from the album? When it came out I ‘hot thing’ was my favourite and couldn’t understand it was b-side only to ‘i could never take the place…’. Now ‘i could never take the place…’ is one of my top 5 fav prince tracks, and hot thing does nothing to me…

    • Kauwgompie says:

      Agreed. That guitar solo alone (on I could Never…), brilliant. My favorites have always been “It” and “Strange Relationship”. That’s why I’m very excited about the inclusion of the Shep Pettibone mix of Strange Relationship. How SR never was a single is beyond me.
      “It” is a very unique song. Great melody and those drums are epic. A bummer this wasn’t part of the live show. The first 100 times I listened to this album I heard new things all the time. And with each time listening, the album grew on me. It’s epic. Words cannot do it justice. I can’t wait to listen to the vault songs. Witness For The Prosecution is excellent, very promising. I don’t do vinyl but I bought the vinyl box last night (in addition to cd box and singles box). What the hell, I’m going all out on this.

      • seikotsi says:

        That’s really interesting because I didn’t even remember ‘It’. I am just listening to it now, and it is indeed quite special!

  81. Björn says:

    Special seven-inch singles box SOLD OUT on TMR and Prince Estate Website.

  82. Barry says:

    CD box no longer available on Amazon UK. This is going to be interesting….

  83. T. V. says:

    That’s great news. I’ve been waiting a long time for this. It’s incredible. Something wonderful is surpassed.

  84. AdamW says:

    Ordered the CD super-deluxe and the 7″ box (which appears to be gone now). I have… no complaints. I cannot wait for this!

  85. JMD says:

    Just per-ordered my copy from Warner Music Australia Store for $338.15 AUD
    (I’m in New Zealand)

    I haven’t got time to fuck around with this.
    This is dead serious to me.


    • Ryk says:


      JBHifi NZ now has it listed for pre-order for an amazingly low NZ$269.99! I’ve now ordered from them and cancelled the international orders I had that would have cost must more, especially with the shipping.

  86. O(+> Peter B says:

    Great news, I just hope I can get it!

  87. Joe says:

    The deluxe vinyl set looks almost identical in format to the Bowie box sets, although the artwork looks even nicer (lyrics on the side, spot varnish). Can’t wait for this.

  88. Michael Kraxenberger says:

    Am really tempted to get the 7” box, but why in the world is Hot Thing (Edit) in there 3 times? Are they different versions? Does anyone know? Thank You!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The Hot Thing single is replicating the US 7″ promo, which did indeed repeat the edit on side A and B. The trouble is that edit was also the B-side of I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man, so they are accurately representing what has gone before, but as you say it does mean you get three versions of the same edit (and I do believe they will be identical).

      • Michael Kraxenberger says:

        Thank You Paul! I used to be a hardcore Prince Collector, but this time I passed. I really stoked about the actual Box Set and will be the first in the store – just like in the good old days when Sign “O” the Times was released in March 1987. Lucky enough, this was also the year when I first saw him live.

    • DGold says:

      That’s the way the original 7′ singles were tracked. Hot thing was the B side for I Could Never Take the Place, & The Hot Thing 7″ had the same track on both sides.

  89. Mick says:

    Is there any place that 2-LP peach vinyl can be had in the U.S.?

  90. Ernie says:

    An absolute diamond of an album. Who else out of the big guns of the 80’s had the dare or creativity to unleash something like this? As for this, I saw a track listing for this box last week & knew I had to buy it. The price is very steep & more than I would normally spend on this type of thing but really, roughly 15 quid a disc & a great sounding book too? Sod the cost, it’s mine, I’ll only regret it when it sells out if I don’t. I would’ve bought it from you Paul, support ye small trader, but you’d sold out by the time I’d read this article

  91. Ryk says:

    A few comments:

    So much for getting a copy. None of the links Paul provided will ship to NZ, and NZ doesn’t even have an Amazon either. Guess I will be waiting to see if any local distributors stock it (which, based on Paul’s “limited” comment, I am thinking unlikely).

    I have a blu-ray of the concert movie, given to me for Christmas 2017 (purchased in NZ), so it is/was available.

    I also wish Purple Rain (his best album in my opinion) was done to this extent.

    I am sure the LP versions of this, 1999, and Purple Rain are all the same size and would fit nicely alongside each other ;)

    The price is still a bit on the steep side even for the content when you compare what you got for the previous 2 SDEs:
    – Purple Rain 3CD+DVD I got for just over $40 Canadian (when I was living there)
    – 1999 5CD+DVD I got for just over $80 Canadian (when I was living there)
    – Sign o’ the Times 8CD+DVD currently around $205 Canadian (for comparison)

    • Dave says:

      Hi Ryk
      You can open a Youshop ( NZ Post )account. This gives you a UK address that Amazon ships to and then they send here. As often free post in the UK you are not paying shipping twice. You do loose out on VAT though and you pay GST.

    • Stephen says:

      As much as physical content means the world to me, knowing that official versions of previously unreleased songs will be a available worldwide to stream and download is a cushioner that means not all is lost

    • Graham Turner says:

      Now listed at . I’m presuming they would be your best bet?

      • Ryk says:

        Thanks Graham, although it’s there for AUS$320, which it a bit steep. Although, that bodes well for it being on jbhifi nz at some point (often only at the point of release though). Usually their prices are reasonable too, meaning I won’t be paying over $300 for this sucker.

        Dave, I do have a YouShop account, but the shipping from the U.K. was getting expense with it before COVID and it likely much higher now (and you have no idea how much the shipping will be beforehand), but I have put an order through Amazon UK for now (which can be cancelled) and will keep an eye out locally until release date in case there is a quicker/cheaper option.

  92. Brian says:

    My favourite Prince album and one of my all time top tens.
    Had to order from the Prince site bc you won’t deliver to Canada, sorry Paul!

    The peach 7″ singles box set is already sold out on the Third Man Records site.
    I ordered the LP box set, 7″ singles box set. Peach 2LP with t-shirt, badges and to smooth things over with the missus, the Hot Thing tank top. :-D

    Early birthday present to myself.

  93. Trevor Smith says:

    Hi Paul, can you please confirm that you have received my order? I have just received a email saying ‘ did I forget something’ from SDE. I ordered the 8CD 1DVD box this afternoon when I got your notification. Thanks

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi Trevor… unfortunately the only open order I can see with your email is for Erasure. Not exactly sure what has happened… ?

      • Trevor Smith says:

        No problem Paul, thanks. Seems that in my haste to order while at work I didn’t complete the PayPal transaction and by the time I received the email reminder a couple of hours later it was sold out! Have preordered it at Amazon albeit for £4 extra!

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Shame… but appreciate you coming to SDE first, even if it wasn’t to be this time. Cheers, P

  94. John says:

    Cant wait to hear the 12″ Mix of Wonderful Day. I’ve only heard the short clip on youtube, which I love. Be great to hear it in it’s full glory.

    • Steve says:

      Everybody get up on 1

      Papa wanna have some fun

      Everybody get down on the 3

      Party mama, you & me

    • david McIntyre says:

      Prordered on Amazon. This is also a must for me. The fact that not only was this song, ‘Wonderful Day’ considered, possibly for the album but strong enough that a 12″ mix was made points to the possibiliy that this was also being considered as a single release, possibly.
      Also can’t wait for Duane Tudahl’s book next year.

  95. Michael says:

    I just cancelled my order. I like the album. Not as much as Purple Rain, Around The World In A Day, Parade & Lovesexy.

    Some of it is genius:

    Sign O’ The Times
    The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker
    U Got the Look (Long Look) (12” edit)
    I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Fade 7” edit)
    Hot Thing (7” single edit)

    Power Fantastic (live in studio)
    Crystal Ball (7” mix)
    A Place In Heaven (Lisa vocal)

    However it’s $320. It is also missing the edit of Adore from the The Hits/B Sides. Plus some of the songs from the proposed Dream Factory album which ended up on the Crystal Ball CD. I am going to skip & buy the 3 CD. And the extra songs online. Thank you Paul.

  96. Peter says:

    Peach vinyl ordered through your shop Paul, something to look forward to in the autumn.

  97. Michel Banen says:

    I’m not even a Prince “fan” but I pre-ordered the 8 CD / DVD and peach 2-LP anyway.

    My favourite Prince albums are LoveSexy, the Batman soundtrack and Parade sso if any deluxe versions of those albums will appear…. I’ll get them…. An “Black album deluxe” too…..

    Thanks for the extensive info Paul !!!

    • Steve says:

      Black Album & Lovesexy should be packaged together. Black Album & White Album, one replaced the other. We’ll see.

  98. Elizabeth Hirst says:

    Eep – that singles box looks like a no-brainer, so I’ve picked it up along with the Peach Vinyl from Prince’s store. Can’t decide between the CD and vinyl box, so have checked out both in Amazon (sorry Paul, but I probably won’t have the choice if I wait)

  99. paul says:

    why couldn’t purple rain get the same super deluxe treatment?

    • Graham Turner says:

      It was still early in the process of sorting out the Vault when they released that – I suspect they were limited with what they had available at that time.

      I wouldn’t be enormously surprised if they revisit it again for a proper Super Deluxe Edition in 2024, for the album’s 40th anniversary. Particularly as it’s one of the few albums Warners get to hold on to after 2021 (along with Parade – rumoured to be the next SDE, Batman & Graffiti Bridge)

  100. James Barker says:

    It truly looks like an Epic release, no doubt this will be the number one re-issue in everyone’s chart for 2020. The 1999 reissue was great and a neat little set. Looks like the Prince Estate have pushed the boat out here for arguably his greatest work, certainly one the best of many! Was hesitating on buying and was going to get it via SDE Shop (again) but just seen on the thread that it’s sold out at Paul’s place already!! So I’ve preordered from amazon before they sell out!! It sounds expensive but will be well worth every single penny!! Out of interest are you able to share the allocation you had?!

  101. Luke says:

    3CD version for me, that’s more than enough. Have the Deluxe of Purple Rain and the 2CD version of 1999.

  102. musiclover72 says:

    Just ordered coloured 2LP from you Paul and ordered 7 inch box set from Prince Official Store. Will probably be ordering 13LP Box Set also but not immediately. This announcement has made my week as I wasn’t expecting more Prince releases this year due to Covid 19.

  103. Rob Bickmore says:

    Thanks Paul. Couldn’t resist the 13 LP set. Ordered through SDE. Only recently got myself a new turntable for the first time in over 30 years and you’ve already directly led me to purchases of Tin Machine, Elvis Costello and now Prince. Thanks, I think!

  104. Michael says:

    Do we yet know if the SOTT (super deluxe edition vinyl) will come with a download card like 1999 super deluxe vinyl did.

  105. Kauwgompie says:

    The 8cd/DVD box is already sold out in the official Prince Store. This could be a Depeche Mode “Mode Box” situation where it’s sold out before the release date.

  106. Kauwgompie says:

    I usually never pre-order but I don’t think anyone is waiting on a deal alert here…
    I ordered 3 copies of the super deluxe 8 CD box. This is arguably one of the best, if not THE best album of all time. Can’t wait to hear the unreleased tracks. This being a one time print, I would not wait till Christmas to order this epic release.

  107. Giles says:

    Paul – I had the CD SDE in my basket for purchase from you but now says Sold Out and it has been removed while I had my tea ! Will you get another allocation or do I have to order from amazon ?! : (

  108. Shane says:

    For those wanting to order from his website, don’t rush for the 10% discount off your first order: it does not apply to any media!
    I ordered the CD box, cause wow, I love that they are doing another album in this SDE!
    And the 7″ box yay

  109. Rob says:

    Greatest album of all time for me. I promised myself I’d pay “whatever” for this one so I can’t gripe too much, though there’s something different about seeing those figures all together. I too am disappointed the CD box set isn’t following the 1999 format. I’ve preordered the peach vinyl and both the vinyl and CD box sets but may let one of the latter go nearer the time if I start to baulk at the price…
    Alas despite wavering over the 7” box set too I just can’t justify the $100 plus $25 shipping. It’s essentially an extra £100 all-in from a US site that’ll probably nab a customs charge and arrive dented and be too much of a hassle to return. I figure £460 for the two box sets and the peach vinyl is quite enough for one reissue campaign. Maybe I’ll live to regret that later!

  110. Tim says:

    One of the greatest double albums ever made and what must be one of the most eagerly awaited SDE’s ever. Shame about the price, each Prince box seems to double and makes me feel Purple Rain was a loss leader to suck us in.
    My Prince knowledge is limited but I know his manipulation of the Linn LM-1 drum machine was considered unique but for me I would have preferred almost all his work to have a real drummer and just sometimes use a drum machine creatively which he could clearly do. My hope in the past for this release was to hear a studio version with a real drummer, can anyone tell me if any extras for fulfil this?
    The 80’s drum machine ruined many a song for me, for example I find it particularly annoying
    on The Cocteau Twins, it was truly the worst thing musicaly in that decade and there were many.
    I would have loved to hear this album with a drummer like Tony Allen, anybody else feel the same way?

    • richard says:

      Nope, his use of the drum machine in this period is part of the appeal, as it was with the Cocteau Twins, don’t expect much different from the outtakes, live drumming def not needed here.

      • Trash says:

        Have to totally disagree with you, Tim (and agree with the other poster).
        Prince, and indeed the Cocteau Twins’, use of drum machines is what makes them unique amongst all the drum machine users in the 80’s. For the Twins its the uniqueness of the sounds and with Prince it’s not only the sounds but also the grooves he manages to create.
        I don’t think SotT would sound quite as interesting if he had used a real drummer.

        PS I also think Scritti Politti use of drum machines was pretty fantastic too!

        • David Mcintyre says:

          And from what W&L have said in the past, Prince was quite an admirer of the cocteau twins back then. I believe Susan Rogers mentioned this mire than once Interviews

        • Brent says:

          I want me some Scritti deluxe editions! Love Cupid and Provision!

  111. Michel75 says:

    Great news! Thank you Paul.
    The Estate is doing an amazing job at a fast pace which is even better. This should inspire other estates (George Michael for instance) or living artists who are doing either a poor job or no job at all. They should think that fans will fade away in the next 10-20 years (sorry to be a bit brutal), don’t expect Z Generation to get into these…
    Any way hoping to have Controversy/Around the world/Parade/Lovesexy/Batman (at least) in the next 3-5 years as well as the reedition of the many rare gems from Paisley Park label.

  112. Steve says:

    Super excited about this release! I’ve been diving into Prince lately, with just getting Up All Nite, The Rainbow Children, and Ultimate Rave — looking forward to more of the same with this new box.

    Some random thoughts follow…

    Seems like they’ve learned their lesson on SDE pricing, and then some! Can’t blame them (well, except for the threat that it’s a one-time limited pressing on the SDEs)

    With the download code included in the vinyl, and the CDs in a 12″ box, I’m really torn on which edition to get. So many good choices – a real approach-approach conflict! The prices prevent me from just buying it all! Vinyl box, please — and throw in the CD box, the singles box, and the peach double LP too! Oh, and the regular 2CD for convenience! I wish :)

    I’m very happy the CD SDE is in 12″ format, just to get a full-size book. These Prince releases have included great printed material; I regret not getting the 1999 vinyl — the CD booklet was too small! I understand it would be nice to line up all the Prince SDEs on the shelf, but that’s not a big issue for me. Maybe if I was going to buy the CD *and* vinyl boxes both, I’d be more put out by non-consistent formats.

    I can’t comment on the completeness of the included material, but it certainly seems like a generous out-pouring from the vault.

    I *will* complain about lack of Blu-Ray. Sign of the Times practically cries out for a surround mix! I’m guessing it was treated it as a decision between widest compatibility (DVD) vs incremental quality of source material that doesn’t really merit Blu-Ray resolution. If that’s the case, they missed the boat – the luxury of having all the content on a single disc (… or 2) with a well-designed menu system can’t be overstated. Just look at the Blu-Ray forward releases such as John Lennon’s Image Ultimate Edition or XTC’s Surround Sound Series. Even if they can’t do surround mixes, it would be the click of a button to lay down hi-res stereo mixes.

    FYI, Amazon US is currently listing the 4LP and 3CD versions for $79.98 & $29.98 respectively.

  113. Ian Smith says:

    Such a shame we’re only seeing a release like this because Prince is gone.

  114. SimonP says:

    So is the only way to get the video content to buy one of the big sets?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yeah, looks like it…

      • SimonP says:

        Bummer. I thought most of the Purple Rain and 1999 extra content was pretty throwaway. Can’t see this being much different. Stuff usually stays in vaults for a reason.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Your last sentence is often true with other artists, but Prince is definitely a big exception!

          • SimonP says:

            Not for me. I only like one track of the Purple Rain SDE and that’s the extended version of Computer Blue…

        • Jerome Lantheaume says:

          euh sure …

        • CHUFFEDTOCLEVER says:

          When you’re as prolific as Prince, you accumulate a vast library of material that a large percentage of won’t be released. In the case of real talent, namely Prince; Paul McCartney; Neil Young; Bob Dylan etc. the unreleased material can be equal to and, sometimes, surpass the quality of the released tracks. If you don’t appreciate what artists release from their vaults, this website probably isn’t a pleasant visit for you.

  115. Richard says:

    Ordered! Thanks Paul.This is the Prince album I have been waiting for to be given the deluxe treatment.Can’t wait for September.

  116. Andrew says:

    7″ box set is now sold out on Third Man Records….

    • Beechlander says:

      The 7 inch boxset appears to still be available for $100 pre order on the Prince site – delivery starts at $24 plus the dreaded import duty. Is it only available from the US?

  117. Trash says:

    Hi Paul –
    Possibly a stupid question but do you know of the vinyl is likely to come with a download code?
    I prefer vinyl but love the idea of building my own compilation of the unreleased tracks to listen on my iPod Classic (yep I’m afraid I’m truly old-school).

    Thanks Paul

  118. Carlos says:

    Great album, outstanding extra content. I liked the 1999 deluxe edition box, guess there’ll be no uniformity in the boxes format (anyway, this one might be one of the last, if not the last one, of the WB-issued deluxe editions before Sony gets almost all reissues rights). The price also went up by a lot (1999 deluxe was too cheap I guess, bought it for USD 45 shipped). What I don’t like is it’s a limited edition, with current shipping options to most countries strongly limited, if nonexistent, I’m afraid it might sell out before being able to purchase it and ship it (September seems distant, but with this pandemic I guess we don’t really know).

  119. Steely says:

    Looks great, but wish the estate would dig deeper on the live stuff. All the bonus live stuff on these sets have been circulating for decades. And the boots sometimes have better quality which is wild. DVDs? At least give us a download streaming code for the video

    • DGold says:

      The Live boots for the Ulrecht shows is a pretty low quality audience recording & the Paisley Park New Year’s Eve show has only been partially available on video. This should be a massive upgrade.

  120. Friso says:

    Great, great news.
    It is probably the Sgt. Pepper’s of my generation. So many extra tracks, what a treat.
    Exactly the way this should have been handled. Bravo!
    One thing though…. Too bad that the rights to the Sign ‘O’ The Times movie is in different hands. I have that beautiful boxset from Germany from last year, which is where you only can get it, with the remastered movie on blu-ray and an extensive documentary about the movie with lots of interviews with people close to that project. It should have been in this boxset for the fans who don’t have that.
    Don’t get me wrong. I love this upcoming boxset, and probably will go all out on the vinyl and CD boxset and also the peach vinyl. Then later on, I can still decide if I will let go of the big vinyl set, depending on the quality of the tracks. I’m guessing probably not, but you never know.

  121. Lee says:

    This is amazing! So many unreleased tracks! I’m loving that the Prince albums are getting this treatment, for fans it’s a dream come true. My only teeny whinge is that non of them are uniform and don’t match each other. The Purple Rain deluxe discs are in a digipak, the 1999 are in a small box now this is in a 12” box. It would have been really cool to have them the same so they could all sit together nicely

  122. joel ivins says:

    $149.98 on amazon us…$160 ish with tax…just pre ordered…thanks paul for all the info!!! looking forward to any tidbits that you will be sharing.

  123. Hi Paul, thank you for this excellent news. This was the one that, like so many others, I was waiting for.

    One question: will the SDE store price-match Amazon if the latter’s price drops substantially between now and release? I’ll completely understand if not, given the differences in scale. Instinctively I’d like to support SDE but, given the cost, I may be tempted to hedge my bets – and, as others have pointed out, it is expensive compared to 1999. (Obviously I understand that that is beyond SDE’s control.)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No. Afraid we won’t be price matching Amazon. Obviously, no pressure to buy at any particular retailer, but I’m always delighted when people choose to support SDE :) And I can guarantee we are getting the stock.

      • Peter says:

        So your deluxe and peach vinyl 2lp stock is guaranteed ? I will support SDE

        Well done Paul…

        please can we clarify what alterations what Michael Howe has done to the tracks as there were edits made to previous material he has mastered and I think it’s only fair to be upfront with any alterations needed particularly if the masters were damaged (which is more understandable!)

  124. Matthew Jessee says:

    So excited – this is what most Prince fans have wanted for so many years! An embarrassment of riches, to be sure.

    There are a few things I wish they’d done as well – I know it’s being a greedy Prince nerd but I hope these also see the light of day. Wondering what Michael Howe would comment on them:

    – The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker (Extended Version): this was a planned single with artwork. Suprised it didn’t make it into the 7″ box set! Perhaps this is the same as the horn version but I don’t think so…
    – Crystal Ball (Purple Underground Version): This is a longer version of the track before Clare Fischer strings were added. Love this version.
    – Joy In Repetition (segued from The Ball & original long intro version): Guessing this is saved for Graffiti Bridge Deluxe – but would that ever happen?
    – Crucial (full length with guitar version): Guessing this song might be part owned by Sony because of the Crystal Ball ’98 album? Quite a few SOTT era tracks that aren’t on the deluxe were on this collection (Movie Star, Dream Factory, Last Heart, etc)
    – U Got The Look (full length version with banjo): a legendary outtake that finally started circulating recently. Sheena Easton told the story long ago about Prince handing her a banjo and telling her to thrash on it for the song!

    Look forward to ordering from you, Paul!

  125. GentleRabbit says:

    Well, here we are, and there you go.

    Wow, wow, wow indeed. How long have we been waiting for this? What feels like an eternity. It is a tragedy that it took the tragic loss of our Prince in order to finally see this arrive, but it shall be worth the wait… in spades.

    For those who are thus far unfamiliar with any of the Vault tracks collected on this set, you truly are in for the ride of your lives. A large chunk of the songs are equal to (or even greater than) much of the work he decided to release officially. This period in particular saw such an explosion of creativity and brilliance from Prince that is almost unparalleled in contemporary music, and saw him tossing bonafide masterpiece after bonafide masterpiece by the wayside at an alarming rate in his feverish quest to create the ultimate album project (or projects). Not relegated to B-Sides or even offered to other artists, but often just filed away in the fabled Paisley Park Vault to gather dust – simply because their creator didn’t think they quite fit his current vision. They are immense, vital and compulsive works by a genius at the top of his game, firing on all cylinders and taking no prisoners.

    I suppose that those of us who are already familiar with some or many of the unreleased tracks only have ourselves to blame. I personally searched out and collected what I could in times passed, for in reality none of us ever really knew that these (extradirdinary) releases would come in our lifetimes. What matters is that these are finally arriving, are being done great justice to and are set to give the uninitiated a far clearer understanding of the breadth of Prince’s capabilities as a songwriter, producer and musician. Aside from the many tragedies and horrors of many recent events… what a time to be alive. May U Live 2 See The Dawn? Well, we’re fortunate enough to live to see Prince’s albums turned into big, beautiful box sets :)

    I myself will be attempting to (hopefully) grab copies of most of these before they all eventually go – definitely the 13LP (just to think… a 13LP Deluxe box set of Sign ‘O The Times!) and peach vinyl but hopefully the CDs if money and stock allow. I am, however, starting with the exclusive 7″ box set as I don’t know how long they’ll last. I truly hope that they manufacture enough copies of the SDE for most everyone this time.

    Phew. What a day. Thank you Paul for your work as always, thank you to the Estate for this wonderful occasion… and thank you Prince, for everything.

    • CAB says:

      Dear Mr/Ms Rabbit,
      I was going to content myself with the 3 CD version of this release as the box set is a bit heftily priced. After your pre-review of the vault tracks, I cancelled my order and went for the full on box.
      I bought Sign O The Times on vinyl in 87 after hearing If I Was Your Girlfriend on the radio. The single Sign O The Times had already been released, but it was IWYG that tipped it for me.
      Me and the guitarist from the band I was in at the time imbibed and listened to all 4 sides in stunned and stoned silence. I don’t think I’d more enjoyed listening to an LP first time since London Calling or Joe’s Garage.
      So thank you. I have taken a rather expensive plunge, but I’m sure it will be worth it. The purple genius was at the top of his genious-ness, and I’m sure I won’t regret spending the cash.

      • GentleRabbit says:

        Cheers CAB, you’re very welcome. And no, you will not regret a thing here. You’re in for a treat ;)

        Just a quick question, Paul – seeing as you guys (understandably) can’t post the giant LP box to Australia – and now that your stock of both the peach-coloured vinyl and CD box have been exhausted – how many copies exactly have you been allocated?

        And more pertinently, do you have any inkling of how many copies might be made of each different edition in this run? Forgive me for prying and please feel free to disregard the question if need be, but I’d love to have an idea of, roughly, how limited these are (after 1999 seemed to disappear faster than many were expecting).

        I would hope that with this perhaps being the most eagerly (and long) awaited deluxe reissue of all time (in music nerd circles, at the very least), that they will produce enough to meet most of the demand… however, I am feeling just a tad nervous. With the currently unpredictable nature of world events (and international shipping etc), along with the unknown number of units, combined with the presumably huge demand for this set and that along with my deep commitment to bagging a copy… I’m just trying to figure out the best course of action.

        Thanks Paul, and good luck to all in grabbing what you’re after. Happy (if expensive) days, indeed :D

  126. Robert meighan says:

    The holy grail of super deluxe releases for me…This is the greatest album of all time imo and the quality of these unreleased songs that didnt make the album show what an absolute genius he was.

  127. Jamie says:

    No USA Links?

  128. Travis says:

    Early Christmas present!

    For those interested, is the link to get the 7″ box set, currently priced at $99.98 USD directly from the Prince estate.

  129. Josh says:

    is “Sign O’ The Times Limited Edition 7″ Vinyl Singles Box Set” exclusive to Prine Official Store or will it be available via Amazon & co as well ?

  130. Mr P says:

    Been waiting for this for ages……

    And then got told today i’m being made redundant :(

    fate can be a cruel thing

  131. DRE says:

    Took me about 2 seconds to decide to order this. Fantastic number of unreleased tracks.

  132. Matt says:

    Ordered the 7′ box set from the Prince store for now. Will wait for Amazon to list the SDE vinyl set. If the new Bowie set is announced for before the end of this year, I will be a very happy soul.

  133. David Mcintyre says:

    Hell yeah

  134. Elliott Buckingham says:

    Well overpriced for the CD set I wish they would keep to a standard pack like 1999 CD boxset which is a perfect size I also wish they would release these in order of original release.

  135. Kauwgompie says:

    Pre-ordered. No brainer. My favoite album of all tme.
    Paul, there is a small mistake in the pricing widget. It says 13cd but that should be 8 cd from what I understand.

  136. William Keats says:

    No US purchase sites shown, are US/Canada expected?

  137. Ian Murphy says:

    Hello Paul, what a great announcement. There’s just a small typo in the number of CDs for the deluxe Amazon listing (unless it’s 13 discs!)

  138. John says:

    WOW!! Amazing!! Thanks Paul, ordered through SDE Shop…… no brainer!!

    • Kevin from Edinburgh says:

      Those 8 cds are priced like it’s 1999….

      • Klaus says:

        @Kevin from Edinburgh:

        No, these 8 cds are priced like 5 of them include material which is officially released for the first time plus an additional dvd with an also officially before unreleased concert which brings together not one but two absolute music legends (both sadly deceased for a while) on one stage for the only known recorded performance they played together PLUS a 120-page book sized 12″x12″.

        Nobody forces anyone to buy this though.

        You are even in for a gamble if you think this is currently too expensive and can wait for a deal alert on whatever format you prefer or like me can pre-order it right away from some dealer who offers you a price guarantee so you won’t pay more than anyone else on release date.

        The ball’s in your field.

        Nice punchline though i’ll admit… ;-)

        • Kevin from Edinburgh says:

          Hi @Klaus,

          No, I have to come clean, and say that I only came here for the cheap joke…apologies.

          It does look a nice set, though, and I’m sure that everyone that buys it will enjoy it.

          But seriously, I am interested in what I perceive as very different pricing structures for music products these days. Some appear complete bargains (e.g., Jethro Tull; King Crimson), whilst others are often perceived as cash-grabs, or something similar (e.g., see the recent Paul McCartney release). This looks to sit somewhere in-between those two poles.

          Paul – with your inside knowledge, is this something you could run a feature on? I’m curious as to where the money goes* (is it mainly the music? The essays/photos? The 5.1 mix? The packaging?). It’s difficult to compare like with like, as variations abound, but some insight into the decision-making and eventual pricing of these deluxe sets would, I’m sure, be of great interest to those who frequent this site.

          *by way of disclosure, I love an SDE as much as everyone, here, and much of my annual budget goes on the items featured on SDE.

  139. Trevor Smith says:

    What is the link to the Prince store please? I want to order the singles box!

  140. Richard says:

    Happy, happy, happy !!!

    Ordered from SDE

    Thanks Paul

  141. WeeSluggy says:

    oooh..yes plz…take my money and guess i’ll have to knock in some overtime at work now , but it’ll be worth it thou !!

  142. Jon M says:

    Unreleased Shep Pettibone remix! Will pay the price for that alone……

    …..oh and everything else too. Amazing!

    Assuming this will be released in the US as well.

  143. tec says:

    Shut up already…damn! Just ordered the Limited Edition Vinyl Singles Boxset and the Peach 2LP version. CD Boxset for Christmas methinks….

    • Michael Benstead says:

      You’ll need to be careful…they are only doing one run of these, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

  144. MiaBocca says:

    It’s an amazing set with few glaring ommissions (the full length Crystal Ball as the TITLE TRACK of the original album seems the most obvious), but other than that it’s an amazing collection with almost everything anyone ever wanted from this period in terms of unreleased songs – Cosmic Day, Wally, Rebirth of the Flesh etc.

    But why the price? It seems incredibly predetory to release this at this time in only these formats – The CD version is TRIPLE what I paid for the 1999 SDE. I was expecting a similar sized box and booklet and would be perfectly happy with that – Releasing the CD version in a 12″ box with the hardback book just seems like they’re taking advantage of the fans. It’s a tough sell in tough times and makes me think worse of the estate when generally they’ve been doing great work.

    • What? Prince? Worry! says:

      The price is alot better than the McCartney rip off, and the Prince has alot more for its buck.

      • Harcourt Fenton Mudd says:

        Yes, pricing a lot higher than then 1999 set but not quite up on the flaming pie echelon. . . .

        . . .as with the 1999 release.. .the VAULT songs are the ones I am interested in … presented here in 3 cd’s…. seems a bit pricey to pay £140 for 3 cd’s.

        . . .I felt a similar thing with the 1999 set… having 2 discs of vault tracks for £55……. wow, what a bargain that seems compared to this set!

        Money don’t matter tonight………….. but it sure does matter if you want to buy this set!

        I want a vault tracks standalone. I don’t need the original album songs and I have a glut of live prince recordings.

        Vault only 3 cd set … I would buy that – but not for £140 with all the “extra” stuff I already own.

    • Steve says:

      There’s an issue with rights, apparently. Warner is releasing this set, as they rights to all pre-1995 releases until the end of 2020. They maintain rights for soundtracks going forward – PR, Parade, Batman, Graffiti Bridge.

      So apparently anything on or associated with a soundtrack is a non starter (Feel U Up is associated with Batman, Joy In Repetition is associated with Graffiti Bridge). There’s also an issue with songs he released on 1998 Crystal Ball not being able to be reused for this (Crystal Ball (12 minute version), Dream Factory, Movie Star, Crucial (other version), Last Heart, etc)

      • Adam Mattera says:

        That’s interesting about the soundtrack rights – didn’t know that. A version of Feel U Up was included on 1999 deluxe recently though, so I’m not sure how exactly the rights work. Perhaps as Feel U Up was recorded years earlier or not specifically on the Batman soundtrack (just b-side).

    • Dan says:

      Crystal Ball is a complete headscratcher, especially as there was never a 7″. Dream Factory is nearly as glaring, but I suppose that could conceivably be on Parade, along with the Original Old Friends 4 Sale. Most baffling to me, though, is not just including the SotT Movie. Super-Psyched for Dorothy Parker with Horns. Not expecting an improvement, but I’d happily take an entire disc of the evolution of that song.

  145. Adam Stanley says:

    It would be nice to have the full length La, La, La, He, He, Hee (Highly Explosive). Maybe the edit is a typo?

  146. Andrew says:

    Hi Paul –

    Just a question about payment. Do you take payment straight away? I’m definitely getting this but need to know which card to use.

  147. Lee says:

    Why are DVDs still being manufactured in 2020?

    • Kevin says:

      The same reason vinyl and cd’s are.

      • Lee says:

        Vinyl and CDs have not been rendered obsolete by another format the way DVD has been by Blu-ray. For $175 to $350, it would be nice to get all the content in its optimal format.

        • Klaus says:


          I guess there are still a LOT of people out there with a different opinion about redundancy of dvds.
          I’m not one of them but i can understand folks that are neither into 80″-screens nor lots of bonus material with film releases and musically no interest in surround mixes.
          The nicest thing would be to include (Pink Floyd-like) a dvd AND a blu-ray with these sets but obviously this doesn’t seem to happen.

        • Jason M says:

          The estate and Michael Howe have not heard of Blu Ray yet. Just like NOBODY has told them that cds can hold 80 minutes of music. The SOTT cds likely have tons of room for bonus tracks left unused. Although honestly, I am overjoyed at the set, but am somewhat scared that Nick Reverb Bolas has infected the set with echo/reverb, like he did with Originals. Many annoying things here. Essential missing tracks: Joy In Repetition(Linn Drum Intro), then the amazing 3 track suite: Girl O My Dreams/Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got/We Can Funk (Those 3 segue together in legendary fashion), 101(awesome song given to Sheena Easton), and a few more I am forgetting. Blu Ray usually has better sounding audio, but sometimes the old video is so bad that it can actually look a tiny tiny bit worse on Blu Ray, but we should have the choice of our own. The coating on the back of the discs seems to last longer and be more scratch resistant on Blu Ray as well.

    • JerryX says:

      Too right, VHS all the way!

      • Andrew says:

        Yep, especially as a) given the price of the box set they could have included a blu-ray version and, importantly, b) this has already come out on blu-ray. I’m guessing there will be a standalone release on the format down the line.

    • cdmaniac says:

      Elements probably didn’t warrant a Blu release. Maybe it wasn’t shot on film. Maybe the original elements are gone & they have a low quality source to deal with, who knows. I would always prefer an HD version but sometimes it isn’t in the cards.

  148. Miguel Rocha says:

    Between this and the Let It Be box, I’m salivating!!! 2020 has most certainly been a terrible year, but this news adds so much sweetness.

  149. Dennis Yardley says:

    Paul McCartney take note!!!

  150. Nicholas Brooks says:

    Can’t wait. And I hope you do an unboxing video!

  151. P.E. says:

    OMG! My favourite Prince album. I’ve been waiting for this to be reissued like this for years. I’m so grateful to the estate for providing fans with these gems. The price is quite a jump up from the 1999 box sets though.

  152. Frank says:

    I went to the Sign ‘O’ the Times show in the Ahoy’ in Rotterdam (June 1987), which was recorded for the movie. I remember I was still hypnotized when I came home (I was 18 at that time).
    The album (and the movie) still sounds fresh and is -for me personally- one of the greatest records of all time. It covers rock, pop, funk, soul and gospel and never sounds forced. On my personal list it comes after The White Album, Abbey Road and Revolver (by The Beatles of course) and Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys.
    Needless to say I’m very happy with this box set!

  153. Paul Kent says:

    Regretfully, I can’t order from your good self, Paul, but I don’t have the funds to stump it all up front, plus I can’t risk missing out, so Amazon it is… sorry.

  154. paul wren says:

    This is how you do a super deluxe box set – top marks. King Crimson do a similar great job with their box sets as well. I wish other artists would take note, especially The Rolling Stones.

  155. Mark says:

    Given the 1999 scenario I’m probably going to tie in the Italian price for the CD special edition.
    Would love the vinyl version but too rich for my blood at this time unfortunately.

  156. Adey says:

    I wish Bowie boxsets were this good!

  157. Phil G says:

    I hear there’s been some grumbling online that most of the set’s additional material is already available on bootlegs but so what?

    Looking forward to hearing these spanking, newly remastered versions! Plus the 12 x 12 format is going look great next to my Sign O The Times Blu-ray set…

  158. Marc says:

    7 vinyl single box, limited to 1987 pieces, are sold through the official prince shop. 100 US dollars (+plus shipping 2 Holland 24 dollars)= 124 dollars…

  159. Andrew Mayo says:

    Will there be a download
    Code with the vinyl issues ?

  160. Tom m hans says:

    Sold. Waiting on comments why xyz song/version, blu-ray, atmos dolby scheiner mix 5.1 is missing….
    Preordered from the UK to the colonies.

  161. mike says:

    Wow! Deux.

    It looks incredible for one of the greatest albums of all time but pricey compared to 1999 SDE really – bigger box I guess…

  162. What? Prince? Worry! says:

    Fangirl pant wetting squeal

    Take my money Prince please take it.

    This looks fucking awesome, sadly this makes the Purple Rain deluxe look like a £5.00 bargain bin CD.

  163. Julian says:

    Absolutely outstanding. Hurry up September!

  164. RJS says:

    Witness 4 The Prosecution (Version 1) available on streaming platforms.

  165. Mark Thompson says:


  166. Steve says:

    Ok…this looks incredible. One of the greatest albums given a great makeover.. one thing though… having just sourced the 1999 super deluxe on cd (via Japan.. thanks Paul) I see the CD box set is 12 inch sized rather than being able to slot next to the 1999 one on the shelf. I am torn between thinking this will be great as the book is larger (easier to read!) and wanting it to slot next to the others on the shelf! Either way I guess I am stoked to see this album I played on repeat whilst doing my paper round on the Walkman being reissued and remastered (some tracks I found a tad quiet) and will get a pre order in soon!

  167. Björn says:

    Christmas time, I‘m in heaven.
    Pre-ordered the 13LP at JPC.
    Thanks Paul!

  168. RJS says:

    You’ve listed 13CD further up the page. This the big one! Really looking forward to it even though it is expensive (£15/disc).

  169. Heinz says:

    Great news, thanks Paul!!!

  170. Richard says:

    Take my hard earned money, just take all of it damn you , cue head exploding!

  171. Peter says:

    I love prince and adore this LP, but not at these prices, lets hope with pre-orders the price may decrease.
    – £140.00 for 8 CD & DVD
    – £285.00 for 13 LPs & DVD

  172. CJ Feeney says:


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