Queen / Bohemian Rhapsody 12"


Universal Music will release a standalone twelve-inch vinyl of Queen‘s classic 1975 single Bohemian Rhapsody later this month.

This 40th anniversary release is due on ‘Black Friday’ and it is the first time the song has been available on 12-inch vinyl, although a similar twelve-inch is featured in the super deluxe edition of the A Night at the Odeon which is slated for release a week earlier.

The key difference is that the B-side to this standalone twelve-inch is I’m In Love With My Car, whereas the record in the box set features a previously unreleased soundcheck of Now I’m Here on its flipside.

Availability of this Bohemian Rhapsody single is currently limited, although you can pre-order now from Amazon Italy.

The Bohemian Rhapsody twelve-inch is released on 27 November 2015.



Side A: Bohemian Rhapsody

Side B: I’m In Love With My Car

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  2. Andrew Mogford says:

    Been checking Amazon uk every day since this article was published and never seen it available. Was this ever actually available to buy?

  3. Dean says:

    These releases are the worst of the music industry at work, and often attracts the “music as an object” types.

    Limited release? Really? Well, I suppose THIS copy is limited, but so what? The song is out there in many places, as is the B side.

    Record Store Day used to be about saving the good old record store. Now it’s become an event where things like this get pushed out to make a quick buck for the record label, and “collectors” snap it up so they can sell it in via Ebay and the like for ever higher amounts (such as the post above mentioning someone trying to sell it for 220!)

    People will no doubt buy these as an “investment”, a term which has become the scourge of music lovers. Such a shame… but in modern times it seems as though people love nothing better than parting fools from their cash.

  4. Mike the Fish says:

    Or you could buy the 7″ for somewhere between 49 and 99p in a charity shop. BTW the b-side version of I’m In Love With My Car is slightly different to the LP version, as it has some car sounds at the beginning.

  5. Alastair says:

    Love the Yoda-esque ‘with my car I’m in Love’ on some of the European picture sleeves

  6. Trev says:

    Thanks for that Paul. Just ordered mine as Amazon UK now have it for sale at £14.

  7. Kiki says:

    If you take a look at the original italian sleeve, you’ll see that this one is mirrored… Taylor and Deacon are reversed!
    Apart of that, I’m not sure of the real interest in this release, as it’s the album version and not an extended or even an edit…

    • Catweazle says:

      I think the original italian sleeve had the image mirrored, so they corrected that on this new version. Got my copy from a couple of days ago.

  8. Martin Stacey says:

    Though I must remind myself how amazing this song still is.

  9. Martin Stacey says:

    Of course we could ‘celebrate’ the old fashioned way and just listen to the song we have already paid for umpteen times. These re-releases do get a bit tiresome, and that fact seems to be reflected in this uninspiring release.

  10. eric slangen says:

    Who is the designer for the new Queeen stuff. FIRE HIM/HER!!!!!

  11. AlexKx says:

    What shockingly bad typography!!! So does this mean that it is a bootleg?! Because it sure looks like it!

  12. Paul English says:

    No extended or contemporary remixes means no sale to me.

  13. Moloch says:

    Yikes! they went for the uglier option (typography) and the iconic picture belongs more to the Queen II album… even if they used that pose for the video. If they wanted to reproduce some original cover, there were better options…

  14. Catweazle says:

    Wow, great offer: Amazon Marketplace in Germany have a used copy (how??) for € 211,79 and a new one for € 220. Bloody idiots!

  15. Tom says:

    Thank you for Amazon Italy link. Much appreciated!

  16. Craig Hedges says:

    Blimey that was a good guess – Just thought I’d try and answer my own question and looked on eBay for a 12″ version of Bo Rhap and found the the sleeve used for this release from….Italy Still begs the question..Why?

  17. Craig Hedges says:

    This had an original UK picture sleeve – was didn’t Universal use it? I’m guessing try the fonts this is a sleeve from another territory like Italy or Spain.
    Wasn’t there a 12″ single when the single was re-released after Freddie’s death?

  18. Mike says:

    That is one damn ugly sleeve.

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