Queen / Individual black vinyl studio collection editions


If the lavish and impressive Queen Studio Collection box set is beyond your budget, then don’t forget you do have the option to pick up vinyl editions of all albums individually.

Although the individual releases are on black rather than coloured vinyl, that is about the only difference. These  vinyl records are still 180g, still pressed at Optimal in Germany, and still remastered by Bob Ludwig and cut at half speed by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios.

Innuendo and Made In Heaven are still pressed across two vinyl records, with the running times reflecting the full-length CDs, not the previously edited vinyl, and the packaging is the same with high quality poly-lined inner sleeves as well as printed inner sleeves reflecting the original packaging.

These are now competitively priced on Amazon Germany at around £17.50 each (doubles are a bit more) and are also now on Amazon UK and Italy. They are released on 25 September 2015.
















10 responses to Queen / Individual black vinyl studio collection editions

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks Rob – good info! I’ve now updated the post to reflect the fact that they are available in the UK now. Cheers,P

      • Kevin says:

        These are now on Amazon, but they are considerably more expensive than other sites (that’s putting it mildly; these are almost double the prices at WhatRecords), and the full set is still not up. Amazon UK used to be on the ball, but I get the sense the ball is being dropped on a number of fronts (not including Kindles, Prime, etc….obviously)

      • Rob Deighton says:

        No worries! Being waiting for these to come live for the best part of 3 weeks. Hope the prices come down!

        • Kevin says:

          But what if they don’t? Even if the do, it’s a long drop from £28.14 to £14.99. I’m waiting for the box to appear on Amazon because I have some credit lodged there; otherwise I would be going with other vendors. I still might at this rate…..

        • Kevin says:

          The box is now available to pre-order at Amazon UK. It’s yours for a mere £403……

  1. AlexKx says:

    Ha, ha! You are going to have to work harder in order to get “Studio Collection”! That and grow up and get a REAL job! SUCK IT! Bwah, ha, ha , ha, ha, haaa!

  2. DogfacedBoy says:

    Yeah, that was the one I was interested in getting as a double. Shame

  3. Rob Deighton says:

    Its worthing noting that Queen II is a single disc rather than a double like it is in the boxset.

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