Queen / News Of The World: 40th anniversary 5-disc super deluxe edition

Universal Music will mark the 40th anniversary of Queen‘s 1977 album News Of The World with a five-disc super deluxe edition.

The new package includes the original album on CD (the Bob Ludwig 2011 remaster) and two further CDs of recently unearthed outtakes and rarities including ‘Raw Sessions’ an alternative version of the whole album which brings to light never-before-heard alternative versions of each of the album’s 11 tracks. The record label promises that “every lead vocal is different” on Raw Sessions and as are most of the lead guitar parts and many other instrumental details. We Are The Champions is the full-length version of the song and not the edited 1977 album cut and All Dead, All Dead features Freddie Mercury on vocals, rather than Brian May. Fight From The Inside, is Roger Taylor’s demo vocal version (worked on in his home studio in preparation for the next sessions).

The fourth optical disc is a DVD which features a brand new one-hour documentary “Queen: The American Dream” created from backstage material filmed during Queen’s 1977 USA News of the World tour.

The 40th anniversary of News Of The World also includes a vinyl version of the album – a “pure analogue” re-cut of the original “direct from the unmastered analogue master mix tapes”.

Finally, this set comes with a 60-page book of images and a selection of NOTW related memorabilia (including three posters).

This News Of The World 40th anniversary edition is released on 17 November 2017.

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News of the World - 40th anniversary box set


VINYL LP: The Original News of the World Album – new Pure Analogue Cut.

Side One
1. We Will Rock You (May) 2:01
2. We Are The Champions (Mercury) 2:59
3. Sheer Heart Attack (Taylor) 3:26
4. All Dead, All Dead (May) 3:10
5. Spread Your Wings (Deacon) 4:34
6. Fight From The Inside (Taylor) 3:03

Side Two
1. Get Down, Make Love (Mercury) 3:51
2. Sleeping On The Sidewalk (May) 3:06
3. Who Needs You (Deacon) 3:05
4. It’s Late (May) 6.26
5. My Melancholy Blues (Mercury) 3:29

CD 1: The Original Album (Bob Ludwig 2011 master)
1. We Will Rock You (May) 2:01
2. We Are The Champions (Mercury) 2:59
3. Sheer Heart Attack (Taylor) 3:26
4. All Dead, All Dead (May) 3:10
5. Spread Your Wings (Deacon) 4:34
6. Fight From The Inside (Taylor) 3:03
7. Get Down, Make Love (Mercury) 3:51
8. Sleeping On The Sidewalk (May) 3:06
9. Who Needs You (Deacon) 3:05
10. It’s Late (May) 6.26
11. My Melancholy Blues (Mercury) 3:29

1. We Will Rock You (Alternative Version) 2:29
2. We Are The Champions (Alternative Version) 4:33
3. Sheer Heart Attack (Original Rough Mix) 4:17
4. All Dead, All Dead (Original Rough Mix) 3:08
5. Spread Your Wings (Alternative Take) 4:56
6. Fight From The Inside (Demo Vocal Version) 3:08
7. Get Down, Make Love (Early Take) 4:02
8. Sleeping On The Sidewalk (Live in the USA, 1977) 3:49
9. Who Needs You (Acoustic Take) 2:46
10. It’s Late (Alternative Version) 6:44
11. My Melancholy Blues (Original Rough Mix) 3:36

1. Feelings Feelings (Take 10, July 1977) 1:55
2. We Will Rock You (BBC Session) 1:36
3. We Will Rock You (Fast) (BBC Session) 2:52
4. Spread Your Wings (BBC Session) 5:33
5. It’s Late (BBC Session) 6:39
6. My Melancholy Blues (BBC Session) 3:13
7. We Will Rock You (Backing Track) 2:03
8. We Are The Champions (Backing Track) 2:59
9. Spread Your Wings (Instrumental) 4:23
10. Fight From The Inside (Instrumental) 3:02
11. Get Down, Make Love (Instrumental) 3:49
12. It’s Late (USA Radio Edit 1978) 3:52
13. Sheer Heart Attack (Live in Paris 1979) 3:35
14. We Will Rock You (Live in Tokyo 1982) 2:55
15. My Melancholy Blues (Live in Houston 1977) 3:48
16. Get Down, Make Love (Live in Montreal 1981) 4:35
17. Spread Your Wings (Live in Europe 1979) 5:20
18. We Will Rock You (Live at the MK Bowl 1982) 2:08
19. We Are The Champions (Live at the MK Bowl 1982) 3:32


215 responses to Queen / News Of The World: 40th anniversary 5-disc super deluxe edition

  1. Edwin says:

    I only want the vinyl, anybody wants to sell it?

  2. Martin Kilroy says:

    Hi Paul,
    I received the box-set on Friday and discovered that “two further CDs of recently unearthed outtakes and rarities” is actually one further CD of recently unearthed outtakes (which is brilliant by the way) and one of previously released rarities (it actually says so on the back of the box but sadly it was in my possession from amazon and unboxed by the time I read it.)
    You might want to amend your blurb (I’m assuming that you cut and pasted from a press-release) as I feel slightly sick that I have essentially just paid £100 for one CD! The remaining members of Queen should be informed that not all their fans earn as much as they do!

  3. Michael Crompton says:

    What is the difference between super deluxe at £150 and deluxe special edition at £102?

  4. Daffyd says:

    I would like the actual album as a 24 bit download. After ‘Live-on-Air’ was made available in hi-res I believed all future releases would be made available in this way. Seems to be no pattern to the way Universal in Europe do this. Hollywood Records in the US seem to be more consistent with their Queen releases in 24 bit. I’m not complaining but I think I would probably only listen to the bonus material once so hopefully Tidal will have all three CDs from the set available to stream.

  5. Nigel Day says:

    Can’t wait. And f**k streaming. I ain’t streaming nothing. I like to own my music not rent it out.

  6. Rod says:

    CD fan boys sprouting their usual rubbish. You must be tone deaf to think a brick walled CD sounds better than a record. Then again, most of you will never break the seal and actually listen to it and if you do it will be just the once.

    Do some research on how the mastering was done, Sgt Pepper was a good example of how they treat the CD brigade.

    Why they want to mix records with all that other crap is beyond me.

    • Neil says:

      Not all CD’s are brick walled as you put it and the only reason the put these useless lumps of plastic in box sets is to push the price up. It’s simple if people want vinyl release it separately instead of lumping it in with CD’s which in most cases it will be treated as an oversized coaster.

  7. Chris says:

    I note that the raw session versions of both We Are The Champions and We Will Rock You are available as single tracks on Qobuz.

    Does this suggest that the whole album may appear digitally at a far more reasonable price ?

  8. LMTR14 says:

    I’m glad they put a vinyl disc in!!!

  9. Carsten says:

    What I would really love to buy instead: A new and way better executed “all studio albums on CD” box set in a Super Deluxe style treatment. The 2011 sets were disappointing. I would love to get something in the quality range and packaging style of the “Kraftwerk – Der Katalog” set from Queen. And maybe an extra boxset that includes full live recordings from each era complementing the packaging style of the studio box set. Bring it on!

  10. Tom says:

    I really do wish that Queen productions would listen to the overwhelming majority of fans who want a version of this box set released without the vinyl. Surely they know that this will affect sales because it will be downloaded illegally by people who don’t want to pay the excessive amount for vinyl but want the unreleased content…

  11. Stallings says:

    If you don’t want the vinyl, there are thousands of people who would purchase it from you to offset your cost. Use your heads… or… keep complaining.

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  13. Michael G says:

    Did order this straight away from amazon but have now cancelled I don’t need vinyl,I don’t own a record player so will stick with the normal CD.
    The price is outrageous for what is included, please don’t laugh have ordered the new shadows box set much better value and price,I hope whoever is responsible for the NOTW Box Set takes note your losing potential sales.

    • Keith says:

      I did the same ordered day one when the contents came out cancelled. Just can not justify that price for so little new stuff no contemporary show etc.
      Still Mr Fripp now has that budget.

  14. Ian Burgess says:

    It’s only the original album on vinyl in the box, not all the extra tracks, they are cd only, so where do the vinyl lovers stand on that? Some have said they only want the vinyl, do they mean just the album, or all the previously unreleased as well. Comments don’t seem to reflect that the only way to get them is on cd.

  15. Iain says:

    Just thought that I’d add my ‘NO VINYL’ needed comment.
    IF record companies listen/read these comments, please take note!
    Issue the vinyl separately for anyone who wants/needs(!) it.

  16. JR Larsson says:

    5.1 Blu-ray release or bust! You know the masters are there and amazing so why not?

    I personally would want a 5.1 mix of Sheer Heart Attack, Day at the Races or Jazz first.

    In this day and age anyone who believes the sound on VINYL is better than an uncompressed high-res format is a FOOL!

  17. Steve says:

    Danny, thanks for the additional info. I totally agree the documentary should be longer. And then, the Houston concert could have been served up as a backup feature. If there any sonic deficiencies, they could have been addressed. Missing piano parts? Fly them in from a different concert. Mono only? It’s amazing what software can do these days. I think a lot of fans would be happy with a DVD scrap book of interesting Bob Harris video footage, even if it couldn’t all be pulled into the context of the documentary.

    I don’t see much excuse for not including a hi-res mix of the album on the DVD.

    I’d still love to get 5.1 mixes of what they’ve got. Based on the disc 3 track listing, it looks like they still have multitracks for at least 5 of the songs.

  18. Danny Bertou says:

    PS: It is said that a DVD is included in the set as opposed to a Blu-Ray, because the documentary apparently features some low resolution black and white footage (the recording of WATC, perhaps?) and therefore the inclusion of a Blu-Ray would be pointless, since the definition isn’t there anyway. Well, that’s the word that came back from Freddie’s Birtday Party in Montreux at least.

  19. Danny Bertou says:

    As for no 5.1 mix and full Houston concert being included, this is what I gathered from the Queenzone message board:

    – No 5.1 mix because apparently some of the multitracks are missing (it is said that, in the past, by accident, the multitracks were sent to the international record companies to make LP-masters instead of the safety copies, and some of them apparently never came back);

    – No full Live In Houston because either they don’t have multitracks for that at all (apparently Houston tracks on previous releases are in ‘simulated stereo’ or something), or, according to Jim Beach, the piano track is either missing from the multis or distorted (which I always thought was just a lame excuse to not have to offer new product in the days when they were still on EMI).

    I’m really looking forward to to Raw Sessions-disc and the documentary (even though, without seeing it, I feel it could have been slightly longer; 90 mins. or 2 hours perhaps) and I think the book will be nice as well. The original album was always going to be included (a News Of The World boxset would be a bit pointless without it, wouldn’t it) and the LP is nice for the vinyl-lovers and completists among us (even though it does drive up the price). So, in short: I’m gonna buy this set! Queen is still my favourite band after all these years….

  20. Danny Bertou says:

    Even though I’m a little disappointed with this upcoming release, I don’t have too many problems with it. My objections are maily aimed at disc 3, which is an excellent exercise in cash-grabbing. To some extent I can understand Feelings Feelings and BBC session 6 being there (for completion’s sake) and My Melancholy Blues (Live) and It’s Late (Single Edit) are very interesting, but the rest of it is absolute filler. They could have easily replaced that filler with some – soundboard – live recordings from either 1977 or 1978 (Wembley’s Empire Pool, perhaps?). For instance It’s Late, Spread Your Wings and the Sheer Heart Attack/Jeailhouse Rock combo that they used as an encore on the NOTW-Tour (that last one preferably from Houston).

  21. Brad says:

    Even if they don’t want to make a surround version (and some bands refuse to do surround versions of albums that were originally done in stereo, on principle), including a DVD but NOT including a high-res audio version of the album is a big mistake. Especially at this price.

  22. elliott buckingham says:

    this is what should have been issued on the 2011 deluxe 2cd versions. I only want disc 2 of this set so hoping for a watered down release.

  23. Dr Magus says:



    God bless you YET AGAIN for giving us fans what QPL just can’t give – value for money. Roll on 3rd of November.

  24. Michael G says:

    Something like £50.00 pounds is a fair price for this box set!
    I have ordered it but if it fails to fall in price,I will cancel the order nearer to the release date.

  25. FozzieFozzer says:

    Any opportunity to hear a new recording of Freddie singing makes me really excited.
    Really excited – He has always been outstanding and my favourite singer since before I was 10 – 40 years!

    What is frustrating, as most people seem to share, is the huge sum of money required to pay for the filler in order to hear new gems!

    I am hoping the High Res sites will allow streaming or purchase of just the new tracks that I am aching to hear. Could be under a £10 if that does happen – Recently the Queen On Air release was also a high res download – so fingers crossed – For me, hearing the new Freddie vocals for a fair price is more important than a bloated product on a shelf. Heresy on SDE, but a stark reality for many! I love vinyl, and CD and high res downloads. I don’t like an unfair price!

  26. Gisabun says:

    The remix of We Will Rock You [for better or worse] that was released I think around 1999 when they dumped mostly remixes on all the albums seems to be missing from this box set.
    Would of been nice if they release the album plus 1 or both CDs separately.

  27. Will says:

    This crazy pricing needs to stop! 98 BP which comes to about $160 CDN. It’s all too much. No one would be griping so much if it didn’t cost so bloody much. Just to compare, the upcoming Smiths deluxe of ‘The Queen is Dead’ has as many discs, minus the vinyl and a giant ass book but will set you back a mere quarter of the price! Much better value. Note to record label decision makers, we want value . . . Value!!

  28. Catweazle says:

    Obviously, QPL have totally overestimated the demand for the limited NOTW pic disc: Still not sold out after nearly three days. (“Be quick we expect this beautiful piece to sell out in a matter of hours.”)

  29. Carl Homes says:

    Looked at the contents….shook my head.
    Went onto the official Queen website and purchased the Store Exclusive News Of The World Picture Disc.
    I could have been swayed with a 5.1 but it wasn’t to be. Oh well…move along….nothing to see here….

  30. Jens says:

    IMO the biggest mistake: no complete concert from Houston ’77 on DVD!

  31. Robert says:

    I also would have like to see a 5.1 mix of this album. And it should have been included in this 40th anniversary box set. Now we probably have to wait until the 50th anniversary box set in 2027 !

    As mentioned before by many of you, this box set is overpriced. The CD’s with “Raw Sessions” and “Bonus Tracks” are very interesting, but not for £ 98 or € 114. Maybe I am going to buy this box set if the price comes down.

    I only wish that the wouldn’t force us to buy CD’s and vinyl in one box set. People who only want the CD’s are stuck with a vinyl record that the don’t want. The same thing for people who are only interested in vinyl.

  32. Marc VP says:

    @Tim Joseph

    There´s little (almost zero) chances we see Houston released separately. A live boxset has been/is in the works for years, initially planned as a “Live Killers” set covering the´79 european tour. If we´re lucky and this set is released someday, maybe it´ll cover other tours as well and there´s where Houston ´77 could have its slot.

  33. Tim Joseph says:

    Not sure if I’ve missed it, but given the last two box sets, I’m amazed that there’s no CD or DVD of the Houston 1977 concert. Unless there’s plans to issue that separately?

  34. steve gilmour says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha – ROFL – ha ha ha ha – same price as Metallica for less than 1/4 of the content. Do Queen never learn.

    Wait til this goes on SDE alerts at 49.99 people!

  35. Philip Cohen says:

    It would have been in the record company’s best interests to have included a Blu-ray disc, especially with high resolution surround sound. This material would have been fairly difficult to upload to unofficial download sites, and, for most internet users, unfeasably time-consuming to download.
    As for the CD & DVD material, its online piracy is simple and inevitable. Giving the consumer extra features that wouldn’t be there in a download makes the product more attractive to potential purchasers.

  36. Lemmin says:

    That price is an insult for what you get. Ridiculous, even with a dwindling base of customers they still need to gauge them for all they can.

  37. gwynogue says:

    “We will, we will, rob you!” *stomp, stomp, clap*

    I’ve ordered it, but if I don’t see a massive price-drop in the next 2 months I’ll be cancelling. Maybe we should try extortion? Tell Mr May that unless the price drops below £30, we will conduct a global badger cull.

    I’m in 2 minds about bundled vinyl (generally speaking, not just this particular item). On the one hand, it ups the price substantially and I’ll never play it (unless I ever get a decent record player) but on the other hand, it makes the packaging larger and fancier-looking.

  38. Mike Williams says:

    Category: Beating a Dead Horse.

    While I have to agree with most of the comments here about the vinyl version needing to be a separate release, or not being included at all. I’m fine with the DVD being included (hopefully all-region NTSC – does anyone know?). Although I personally would prefer a Blu-Ray, the inclusion of the DVD is compatible wit the most machines world-wide plus it will still play on a Blu-Ray player. Blu-Ray preferred, but DVD is better than nothing at all. And Queen’s releases are only involved with Disney for the U.S. Market (they’re on Hollywood Records in the U.S.). The rest of the world, including this release is through Universal/EMI.

  39. Dean says:

    As a new topic a couple others have hinted at…… given the extras here audio wise – what was with the two-disc editions from 2011? The second discs were very underwhelming (although I took them up on the single disc versions). Why were the second discs so lean, when all this material was there?

    Yeah, I know, cash grab. But this set really shows those 2-disc sets were basically a p*ss take.

  40. Reed says:

    Where is the half-speed master on wax cylinder???

  41. Nick says:

    I’m a massive Queen Fan – But come on £90 or more? Totally Oberpriced! I don’t see the point in getting the exact audio copy on vinyl lp you can get from a charity shop for 99p!

    It would be overpriced at £50! I’ll wait until January when it will be marked down under £30! Cos they wouldn’t have sold many by then, judging on these comments..,…. are you listening Universal….. ? Nah didn’t think so!

  42. Graham says:

    I would have been ok with this if it had a 5.1 mix on a blu ray. The inclusion of a DVD for the documentary seems ridiculous in this day and age, particularly as those who saw the film at the Freddie birthday party say it was projected in glorious HD.
    Having said that, I’ve preordered this because I’m a mug. I am also assuming the price will drop at some point, and the price guarantee will kick in. I am potentially going to lose that bet.
    I think it looks a glorious package… but it could have looked the same and been so much better.

  43. Charlie Waffles says:

    I want Queen Jazz as a Super Deluxe Edition. The best studio album by Queen.

    This is a horrible money grab. And, forced to pay for the vinyl. When will the labels ever learn?

    Oh, this is Disney’s idea. Shame on you, Disney.

  44. andrew r says:

    Does anybody really ever listen to these outakes?
    Fans and completists alike moan, then buy, then put on the shelf.
    All you really need is cleaned up sound and a book to justify buying it yet again.
    Buying back your youth is all this is!

  45. Tim says:

    I’ll happily buy the vinyl LP from this set if anyone wants to offload it and recoup some cash…?


  46. Gisabun says:

    I am hoping the tracks from the 2011 “bonus CD” and the stuff on the previous remaster are included.
    Like many, would of liked it without the vinyl and with 5.1 mix.
    The Doors debut album had the vinyl included [plus the usual “memorabilia”] but I ended up with the Japanese edit which has just the 3 CDs housed in a cardboard casing [OK, not my favorite packaging]. But at least it’s the stuff I wanted – and was even cheap for a Japanese release.

  47. M says:

    very exciting to see how much material is left from the NOTW sessions, a release worth waiting for and a foretaste for more SD editions from Queen to come. Still, I ask myself why we got so little bonuses on the 2011 remasters.

  48. Pim says:

    I’m suprised they haven’t got a “Queenonline Super Deluxe Exclusive Edition” for 299 with a replica robot, green vinyl and a NOTW scarf.

  49. Steven says:

    Wow. What a missed opportunity.

    This really should have followed the book style releases from Tull (and latterly Marillion). Three or four CDs, packed to the gills with out takes and maybe a period live concert, and a 5.1 remix and 24/96 stereo of the studio material.

    And charge £30 for it.

    By all means have vinyl, but make it available separately.

  50. Dr Magus says:

    Desperate cash-grab. It’s all been said above. Just a crap, crap release.

  51. Marc VP says:

    I am one of those diehard Queen fans with mixed feelings:

    – At last we get a proper deluxe treatment for an album (unlike those 2011 CD+bonus EP).
    – At last we get a wealthy collection of studio alternative takes, rough mixes, demos, etc etc. That´s fascinating stuff to me and can´t wait to explore those tracks.
    – At last we get to watch some of the (hopefully) coolest footage Bob Harris shot in 1977.

    But QPL, as usual, seem to live in their own universe, completely unaware of the current trends in the music business:

    – I don´t buy CD´s anymore. I am a vinyl lover and that´s the format I buy these days. But to force potential customers (most of them non vinyl users) to get a format they don´t want…well, that´s commercial suicide.

    – Including a CD with tracks (BBC) you already released with fireworks one year ago, or lame instrumentals (most probably from older releases like The Eye computer game or the Greatest Karaoke Hits CD) or live renditions of album tracks played on non-contemporary tours (Montreal and Milton Keynes AGAIN, really?????)… well that´s an insult to most music aficionados that keep supporting physical formats and deluxe packages.

    – Not including a complete show (being it audio or video) of that tour in this boxset, unlike most bands/artists on earth do, is unforgiveable

    – Now, the Bob Harris docummentary: of course I´d love to get the 200 hours of existing footage. But ok, if QPL decided to edit it down to just 1 hour, I hope and am confident that we´ll get stunning never before seen visuals. But …. for Freddie´s sake….. a DVD ????? a dated and subpar format? in 2017 ? in the age of Bluray/4K/UHD ??? We´re talking about a documentary shot on film. That´s HD. High Definition. A DVD? really, QPL? really, Mr. Brian “I´m obsessed with quality control and finest technology” May and Mr. Roger “I don´t give a damn, let´s do what Brian says” Taylor ???

  52. Justin says:

    Have purchased the ‘limited’ picture disc vinyl, but will wait and see what is done with a non-deluxe release. As a fan of 40 years and someone who usually buys most of this stuff without question, the box is not attractive for me without a 5.1 mix. With a surround disc (blu-ray please), they would have had my money in a (ahem) flash. I already have the 2011 remaster (twice) and the “On Air” box set.

  53. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    price is rubbish! adding vinyl is rubbish too! should be just a cd box and have vinyl separate !

  54. Rob says:

    I am with the general consensus also. I don’t want or need vinyl (nor do I understand the current obsession with vinyl, but that’s another story). I would have liked a 5.1 mix, a complete soundboard show from that era and the ‘raw sessions’ disc, the latter of which is an intriguing prospect. I hope that there will be an expanded CD release of this one, which includes the ‘raw sessions’ disc. Queen productions have a long history of releasing disappointing product: with a little more effort and some attempt to find out what the fans wanted, this could have been great.

  55. Mike says:

    This edition looked fantastic, until I noticed only one vinyl album was included. These mixed sets really irritate me and ultimately make me not purchase them. You either buy vinyl or CD. Not so bad if you are a CD buyer but a real bummer if you’re a vinyl junkie. Surely it can’t be that much trouble to give us the option! I only want the vinyl and can’t justify spending that much cash on all those CD’s. If the whole set had been vinyl I’d have bought it in an instant.
    Big shame because it looks like a great collection.

    • Chris Squires says:

      That’s what I loved about The Joshua Tree, an all vinyl set. It might be 6 or 7 slabs, but so what? If they are going to go down separate routes then they have to do an all vinyl set and an all digital set. I am happy enough with mixed but would prefer all of this on Vinyl.

  56. AlexKx@aol.cokm says:

    Bullocks! This is excellent for what it needs to be at this time as an anniversary set that will probably be out of print in a few short years! Love it all!

  57. Mick says:

    My turn to gripe. Great album, BUT:

    1) Too expensive – may hopefully go down a bit before release.
    2) (For this price) they should’ve included the green vinyl version of the LP. Black vinyl is blah, plus vinyl in general adds too much to the size and price of the package
    3) (For this price) they should’ve included 5.1 + hi-res stereo on the DVD (or better yet, a BluRay)

    Gonna pass since I have the 2-CD remaster, the green vinyl, and the Japan SACD.

    Now…if they’re wise enough to also release a CD-only configuration, then I’m in just for the “Raw Sessions” and “Bonus Tracks” CD’s.

  58. Dean says:

    Since record execs might read this – here’s what’ll really happen. I don’t want Vinyl, and more importantly, I don’t want to PAY for Vinyl. So in the end I’ll not buy and “find” the content I want, for a price very very very close to zero.

    Keep in mind – I *love* physical product. I’m happy to pay a premium for big boxes. Bizarrely, you’re not selling the product I want. It’s this weird box, with everything and its dog thrown into it.

    Except of course, the 5.1 mix the fans also wanted. What a train wreck. CD fans don’t want the Vinyl. Why would Vinyl fans want the CD’s? If you grab a coffee and go think about it, I’m sure you’ll see sense.

    • Chris Squires says:

      Oh I am happy with both. Vinyl for listening to when I have some real time and CD for “having something on”. I might be in a minority but I like having them all in one big box…

  59. Yani P says:

    And just to pick up on some of the comments above – vinyl is hardly a fad is it! certainly not to those of us who have been avid collectors for 40 years or more!

  60. Yani P says:

    I love vinyl having tens of thousands in my collection, but can appreciate why those with no interest get grumpy (always the don’t buy it option though).

    I wont be buying this for 2 very simple reasons –
    1. I have the vinyl more than once already!
    2. It is over priced and I cannot see any sensible reason why this should carry any kind of premium

  61. Dogfacedboy says:

    So I’m guessing they haven’t got a nice clean master of the heavily booted Houston 1977 pro shot DVD then?

  62. David says:

    Didn’t anyone noticed the backing track for We Will Rock You? So what do we get, 2 minutes of clapping and stomping? As for the one hour documentary, Harris shot hours and hours with the band, at home, in the limo, on tour, the Champions shoot, at the stage, i could go on. Hours and hours and we get one. Hopefully not the snippets that we already got in the past. Let’s pray to god that they will alter the bonus disc which features material we all have. I mean, the US single version of It’s Late is a nice touch and the Raw Sessions will be amazing but that bonus disc is a no go. I am amazed that after pleeding, begging and screaming we will get a disc of alternate takes. There are reels circulating from this album so i am sure those have been used. Does anyone know why this time after decades we get a disc of rarities? What is the reason after being denied them for decades. Did they look at the chart performances of The Beatles Peppers boxset? All in all, i am looking forward to disc 2 and the documentary but the rest is an opportunity missed.

    • Ben Williams says:

      Yeah, I noticed the We Will Rock You backing track. I actually laughed out loud.

      Two minutes of hands clapping and stomping, as well as a barrel being scraped.

  63. Ray says:


  64. John Bommarito says:

    Like the others who’ve said it better than I will, remove the vinyl, lower the price and I am in. No interest in any box that combines CD and vinyl.

  65. karl probst says:

    Too much money or am I just a poor sorry laddy???

  66. Renato says:

    I really, really, REALLY hate this whole “vinyl revival” absurdity. To make things worse, now these f***ers are trying to reintroduce cassette tapes… aaaaaargh! Why, oh why are they trying to sell decrepit technology as something cool and moronic consumers are biting, I’ll never understand. I wish they’d keep sucky vinyl away from deluxe editions, but since they aren’t, I won’t touch them. Give me CD-only boxsets and I’ll grt them; include useless shite and it’s a no go for me.

    • Rob says:

      Renato, I don’t understand this ‘vinyl revival’ either. It seems to me that it’s about being ‘cool’ and ‘audio snobbery’, it gives those that buy it the opportunity to say “…if you can’t hear the difference, you obviously don’t appreciate music”. A load of pretentious bollocks.

      • Mike the Fish says:

        It’s not about snobbery for me: some records sound better than some CDs on some systems. I enjoy playing records.

  67. Ken Moore says:

    I am also not interested in a vinyl record. I will await a future release, once the vinyl fad has faded. Maybe the 45th or 50th anniversary Deluxe Edition that we already know is coming.

  68. james johnson says:

    my FAVE Queen LP.
    1) I did not read all 100+ comments but will there be an Amazon Prime link @ some point?
    2) This sure looks like All new material

  69. Ben Williams says:

    Shame they haven’t done this in a more affordable 3x CD set for like £15 or something so people like myself who can only afford a couple of albums a month at best can buy this content. All I ever really want is the music and a nice sensible size package to store it in – that’s why those Sony book sets are so cool!

    But like a lot of folks here, will stick to that 2011 “deluxe” version.

  70. JF says:

    What is it with all this re-introduction of vinyl nonsense? A remastered cd sounds better than the vinyl equivalent, irregardless of how many grams it weighs (what’s all that about?). What the vinyl enthusiasts forget to tell you is that for it to make any difference in sound quality the turntable they play it on would probably have to cost about £3,000! Good to see a lot of people are not interested in it, cd’s sound better than vinyl, end of…

    • smorrissey says:

      They are just pleasing the smallest sector with it and failing to realise they are not fulfilling the bigger one at all (streaming and digital). Record companies wish vinyl make a full comeback and streaming services just disappear from earth (back to the past $$) sadly that’s not gonna happen.

    • David M says:

      End of what? Discussion? Definitely not.

    • richard says:

      I like your thoughts, JF

    • Marshall Gooch says:

      I disagree, JF. I love vinyl (and CD), both when done right. You don’t have to have a pricey turntable or system to hear the difference (though I imagine it helps–mine’s not that expensive). I did buy the two Ramones sets with vinyl and CD and I like them both. I passed on the Doors (debut album) one only because I already had 2 of the 3 items (mono vinyl and stereo CD) and wasn’t interested in the live material. I believe, in summary, that it all depends on: 1. It needs to be mastered well, vinyl or CD, 2. It needs to be something I really want, and 3. It needs to be a good deal.
      I was really waiting for that McCartney Flowers In The Dirt Archive set and not only was it overpriced but the most desirable material was relegated to downloads. I have all of those sets bar one other (Pipes of Peace) and will only be picking up the two I don’t have when I find them for a lot less than I’ve seen them so far.

  71. Ian Burgess says:

    I’m with the no to vinyl, yes to a 5.1 mix voters. I’d prefer a blu ray to dvd, but like so many recent sets, I don’t want / need both.

    I bought the Fleetwood Mac Mirage set.
    Disc 1 remastered album
    Disc 2 Outtakes / b Sides etc
    Disc 3 Live Concert (Soundtrack to a previously released vhs I believe, so not perfect, but a full concert from the tour)
    Disc 4 DVD 5.1 mix
    Disc 5 The Vinyl, remastered version.
    I’ll never play the vinyl but as the whole set was in the region of £55 not £95 I didn’t mind buying it.

  72. Greg says:

    Although I rarely buy vinyl and generally fault SDE’s for including vinyl, I have a soft spot for vinyl from analog tapes. In my opinion, it is the only reason to use vinyl today. That is why I bought the Beatles mono box, it was cut from the analog tapes. If an album is being cut from a digital source, I think Blu-ray is the best medium, unfortunately, it is not as trendy and profitable as vinyl. My only complaint is this set does not include a high-resolution audio Blu-ray, even if 5.1 was not available. At the price charged it should have been included, that way there is something for everyone.

  73. Gavin says:

    A nice 77 live set would have been preferable to the outtakes – and as a buyer of both cds and vinyl – I prefer them kept separate – so o can store them appropriately – way overpriced imo – especially as you can nab a decent orig vinyl 2nd hand quite easily

  74. Adey says:

    Too many record companies TELLING people what they want instead of GIVING people what they want.
    Its more gullible fans who are keeping the shysters in business.

  75. Paul Wren says:

    Plenty of anti vinyl comment here. I would prefer the vinyl by itself without the rest of the box contents. Maybe in due course……………………….?

  76. KevinK says:

    If they weren’t doing this just to make a lot of money, they could release a 2CD digipak with all the tracks. The original album and 10 demos etc on one disc; and the live Sidewalk with all the bonus tracks on the second.

  77. Adey says:

    Like many other music lovers who have already commented, i will ask the same question, why are they adding overpriced tat (vinyl) in the boxset that already has the music on (much more convenient for the ignored majority of customers) cd???
    Why can’t they offer separate cd and vinyl issues? That way, if people really want to get ripped off, they have the choice of buying BOTH boxsets.

  78. Neil Kelly says:

    Nice!! But £98? I’d pay £30 tops lol. Don’t need the vinyl. Keep it seperate!

  79. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Sorry to disagree with you Paul E, but I think those BR/DVDs are good as it’s a win-win for everyone. They are priced at around £15, whereas this boxset seems very, very expensive indeed. Whatever this is down to (packaging, royalties, or the “pure analogue ” mastering?) I wish them look with it.

  80. Mark says:

    Well I’ve pre-ordered but I really don’t want the vinyl. The last vinyl I purchased was in 1982 , I then went to cassette tapes then cd and the last vinyl I received was Christmas last year. Unfortunately I haven’t owned a record player since 1984 so its not much use…what I would love is a 5.1 mix of this album yes please yes please …I have the two DVD-Audio releases of The Game and Night at The Opera with the 5.1 releases and this album would have been a killer in that format. Also shame that the DVD is not Blu-ray…why are DVDs still being produced…other than that all is great.

  81. JonC says:

    I don’t understand all the whining about the inclusion of the vinyl. Don’t you realize how much you could sell that for separately? Heck…the only thing I care about is the new pure analogue vinyl cut…..and maybe the DVD.

  82. Norbert says:

    My personal, absolutely favorite record of her majesty. Well, it used to be my first from the royals back in the days, actually. Simply the best killer triple opening sequence of any record ever released. Who would dare to have the guts to beat “We will rock you”, “We are the champions” and “Sheer heart attack”, anyway??? Left me totally stunned after first listening session… and still does.
    Nice quote: 1978, election in Hessen/Germany; only three parties: SPD – CDU – FDP – right then living in Frankfurt/Main (welcome, Brexit’s ;-), all of them where driving along the main streets nearby my home… guess what ALL of them were playing over loudspeakers???

    Anyway, there’s no 5.1 mix; I actually own the japanese SHM-2-CD from 2011 and also the japanese SHM-SACD (single) with the 2011 remaster.
    I’d love to hear the alternative mixes – maybe for release as a double-CD?
    But for this edition: Thanx for the offer, but NO THX!
    “Who needs, well I don’t need, who needs you?”

  83. No 5.1 disc?
    No more bloody vinyl
    No buy from me

  84. Jake says:

    Even though I don’t play vinyl, I don’t mind these all-inclusive packages if they’re for a decent price or I’m getting something I really want in the set.

    While I’m not a huge Queen fan and don’t rank NOTW as a particular favorite, a 5.1 disc would have got me on the pre-order list.

    I’ll hold out for a 3-CD version or a radically dropped price. If neither happens, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that their next deluxe offering is something I can get excited about.

    • Mike the Fish says:

      Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage SDE was three CD’s, a 5.1 mix on DVD (including one b-side) and vinyl. Half the price, and less so when it went on special.

  85. Rob says:

    I love vinyl, but the vinyl in this set is kind of pointless. If you’re a Queen fan who likes vinyl, you probably already bought (as I did) the colored vinyl box from a few years ago. If you’re a Queen fan who doesn’t want vinyl…. well, you get it.

    The other annoying thing about this vinyl reissue is that they’re marketing it as a “new Pure Analogue Cut.” Seriously? When they issued the colored vinyl box a few years ago, they said they had to cut the LPs from digital because the analog masters were in poor shape. Apparently that wasn’t true, at least not for this album.

    The tow bonus CDs have lots of nice content on them, but it’s not worth $122. Maybe the price will come down, but it would have to come down a lot to get me to purchase.

    And why can’t Queen get back on the 5.1 bandwagon? The 5.1 mixes on Night at The Opera, The Game and the two video hits DVDs are so wonderful. The rest of the band’s catalog should really get that treatment.

  86. heinz-gerd says:

    Queen, this is only for better-earning people

  87. peter says:

    This is another big money grab and huge missed opportunity and I love Queen music so am very disappointed.
    Even for Vinyl lovers just do a needle drop and put it on a bluray with a ton of extras like the XTC,Yes,King Crimson albums are being done. Now those have great value as you get 5.1,regular album and bonus tracks and at a cost that doesn’t gouge the consumer.

  88. shaboo says:

    MASSIVELY overpriced cash grab – of course and again with forced inclusion of vinyl, because they were running out of ideas how to justify that absolutely ridiculous price tag.

  89. Alan Jones says:

    Thanks Auntie Sabrina!

    Picture disc vinyl ordered!

    I can remember buying the original from Woolies, Pembroke on 5 November 1977!

    I know this because they used to put a sticker on the inside of the cover!

    That’s the wonder of Woolworths!

  90. Paul E. says:

    “vinyl” – I don’t play it and, apparently, can’t spell it.

  91. Paul E. says:

    As soon as the studios STOP including DVDs in Blu Ray releases, we’ll get a well deserved reprieve on the vinly/CD bundling [probably not]. It’s entirely annoying and wasteful- bad for the consumer and our planet.

  92. smorrissey says:

    Also (and this is my very personal opinion) this album is not THAT great, i mean, yes it hast 2 hymns Champions and Rock you but apart from those the rest of it is average, i mean good but not great, at least not as great as night at the opera. I’m interested on CD2 but this time Queen is not giving me any alternate options of purchase which is sad.

  93. Rob Deighton says:

    Let’s hope the 50th anniversary edition is much better!!!

  94. Philip Cohen says:

    This is priced significantly higher than the Alan Parsons Project “Eye in The Sky” box, but Parsons gives you a Blu-Ray disc with high resolution stereo & surround sound. I won’t be buying this Queen box. I will be buying Parsons’ box.

  95. Steve says:

    I don’t need the vinyl – i have the box set. But i might buy a cd version if they release that….

  96. Kevin says:

    Shame about the vinyl inclusion. Despite the grumblings here, to me, that still says the market for product of this sort must be strong enough for labels to still be adopting this practice.

    How about not buying?

  97. Frenchy Eric says:

    I never stopped buying vinyls but i would have prefered a bunch of fun goodies like a tour program
    a promo sheet etc… instead of the vinyl album of NOTW !
    Anyway too expensive at the start like the Led Zep superdeluxe boxsets that went down from 120 euros to 90 euros within some months on

  98. Alan B says:

    This continues a trend I have started noticing recently – charging for a print. Usually a minimum of £10. All they are are the prints that many artists used to include for free (many autographed). They now talk it up as being on this quality paper or that but they are the same as the freebies. First one I got caught was the Best of the Kooks. They made it sound so wonderful but it was was just a bog standard print which they charged a tenner. At least someone hand numbered it to make it special. You have to admire those guys at Record Companies. Just when you think they have run out of ways of fleecing the punters they come up with something new.

  99. deus62 says:

    This is a must-buy for me!
    Of close to 6000 CDs, this remains one of my favorite albums.
    It’s a pity it doesn’t include any chocolate bars, but …


  100. Peter Muscutt says:

    All the vinyl + CD multi-format debate reminds me of when Blurays began to be released with a DVD as well. I’ve got loads of those and usually send the DVD copy to someone I know as I’ve not actually watched a DVD since about 2011!

  101. Nigel d Day says:

    They could at least have included a little toy robot :)

  102. Jamie says:

    Looked interesting, till the price bit.. IMHO about 50% more than it should be. Love the album but this is vastly overpriced..

  103. Steve says:

    To the posters wondering “why NOTW?”, because “40th anniversary” and it’s possibly Queen’s best-selling album ever.

    Since I’m a gullible Queen fan, I’m very likely to buy this box, regardless of its price/shortcomings ratio.

    I am fairly excited about the “alternate version” disc, but the rest? Kinda meh. No marbles is a big deal. (kidding, just kidding)

    I have to agree with others – lack of a hi-res and/or 5.1 is a huge disappointment. The inclusion of numerous instrumental/backing track versions in this box seems to indicate the original multi-tracks are not lost – so a 5.1 version should be possible.

    Likewise, the re-tread of most of the material in this box is a problem. I don’t need a second copy of the 2011 CD. The re-use of the BBC material, although normal for SDE’s, feels like a slap in the face to everyone who bought Queen’s last release, On Air.

    I could use a fresh press of the LP, the one I’ve got is a well-played copy from 1977. At least the LP in this SDE is different from the current retail version!

    The 66-page book seems a bit lite for an SDE, merely adequate. The one image we’ve seen so far gives no indication how the CDs are stored, with no evidence of separate CD sleeves. That’s a bit of a fail.

    The separate picture disc LP looks like a nice job with the die cut sleeve. I don’t know how the $35 price stacks up against the limited, numbered run.

  104. Wayne Klein says:

    I will be sitting this one out thanks.

  105. Paul Kent says:

    I mean, it’s just getting tedious now, continually commenting on effed up SDEs. The only reason for doing so is the hope that someone with clout reads this and forces a rethink. Vinyl and CD is a ball ache to start with, but to then include a 6 year old remaster and a so-called “bonus” CD that holds 75% previously released content is just contemptuous. A favourite album by a favourite band and I’m passing on it. Utter lunacy.

  106. patrick says:

    An all analogue remasrered LP. Looks a definite buy apart from all those silver frisbees cluttering up the box. They’ll never catch on!

  107. Michael McA says:

    Disgraceful. I don’t want the vinyl either. Would love the alternate versions on CD but bugger May and Taylor for another example of them having no regard for their fans. Milk milk milk a dead horse. And while I’m at it – Lambert taking Freddie’s place? Queen ceased to exist when the great man passed. Flog flog flog a dead horse. I admire Deacon for having nothing to do with any of the shoddiness. Appalling. And didn’t they release all the albums a while back on CD with next to nothing extra on them? Milk flog milk flog …… dreadful.
    £100? F**k em.

  108. Stumpybunker says:

    Very poor set compared to what could have been. And I like vinyl in box sets. 98 quid!! Queen, please let the Metallica team do your box sets from now on!

  109. heinzgerd says:

    98.f5 GBP, without 5.1 mix; are they nuts

  110. Friso Pas says:

    I’ve said it on the upcoming Alan Parsons EITS too, I believe.
    I’m personally very happy with different formats in 1 big sdl boxset. I like playing all of them.
    Too bad Brian won’t have a crack at another 5.1 mix, as he was so enthousiastic about it in the past. Mr. Wilson could have done it with him, maybe.
    So that’s shame.
    But Paul, I’d love to hear more about the new vinyl mastering.

  111. CraigH says:

    I’m not totally opposed to vinyl inclusion in boxsets (I’ve bought the metallica deluxe boxes for example) but it this case surely the target audience have already got the recent vinyl box so to shove another copy of the same record into this is reissue in order for fans to get to the extra material on cd is taking the piss really.

  112. Markie G says:

    I get what people are saying about the addition of vinyl, but for me, I am glad it is there – it ‘forces’ the set to be at least 12″ in size so you get a nice big box, and importantly, the book is a nice size – rather than what would be, i’m sure, half the size of they decided not to sling a copy of the album on vinyl into the box. Also, I have no interest in a DVD, as my audio and video collections are very much seperate. And if there is a DVD, why not include a Blu Ray, even if it is showing SD content. Anyway, I digress, and admit – I’m OCD.

  113. BRENEZ Alain says:

    I already own the vinyl box set; so why would I need another copy even if slightly different? Why don’t they release a more simple and less expensive digipak version similar to Purple Rain? No space left for large boxes (I will have to sell some to buy the new Bowie box set).

  114. Paul Anthony says:

    Everything is fine until I scroll down to the price. £100? I just think of Messrs May and Taylor just sitting in a room saying, ‘Well, you know we’re absolutely minted, but you know what? I’m sure our fanbase could stump up the cost of a week’s groceries for some old tat we’ve had lying around for four decades.’

    I mean, FFS. I bought it on vinyl when it came out, then CD. They should have an amnesty, like Alias Smith & Jones; send us your old shit and get some new shit. Sheesh.

    Sorry about the swearing.

  115. Mark turrell says:

    Actually my favorite queen album. I wish they had used this opportunity to release a full contemporaneous show on one/two of the discs instead of a track from 77 a track from 82 which is what they did for the 2cd editions. A disc of demos and a full show would’ve been great bonus material, and hi Rez stereo and 5.1 on bd. I just don’t like the scattershot approach for the bonus material.

    • fenwick says:

      @ Mark Turrell. I 100% agree with you. The demo/alt take disc is great. But then don’t give us 11 scattered live tracks from different shows. Give us a full NOTW show from the tour…..


  116. AFGreenwood says:

    Hey Record companies: Stop mixing Vinyl and CD.
    You’ve already spoilt Ramones anniversary releases.
    I HAVE the vinyl from when this stuff came out. I don’t play it. I just want the extra tracks and (frequently) the remastered album, but my CD racks contain a number of deluxe boxes where the previous CD version sits next to them as the remaster isn’t as nice to listen to.
    More thought please or I just continue to spend my spare cash on guitars.

    • smorrissey says:

      I agree man, i had to pass buying those ramones editions because of that “detail”, old vinyl…not even my 72 years old father is listening to it anymore, hes getting ready for buying the iphone 8 instead lol

  117. Francis says:

    Just another cash in for the gullible.

  118. Francis says:

    I will not be buying this boxset because, like many others of late, it includes vinyl which I just do not want as it will never get played and just take up space. It is also a rather expensive boxset too (I for one can certainly not afford to pay out almost £100 and certainly not for a boxset of which one format will not see the light of day – the vinyl). I love Queen music but I hate this boxset. Obviously companies are not catering for those of us that only want CDs, Blu rays and DVDs because they can charge a higher price if vinyl included (well, I will not be buying it).

  119. Keith says:

    Was tempted but the inclusion of vinyl in the box means no sale.

    Yet again Queen over promise and under deliver.

    The CD content contains from the immediate look 1 CDs worth of new studio material. The BBC sessions were released last year a lot of the live material is previosly available. Even the feelings … Was released on the NOTW bonus EP version.

    A new documentary on DVD when the fans want the Bob Harris documentary. It all smacks of half arsed again.

    So Queen if you want my money drop the vinyl lets have the album on blu ray 5.1 mix with the Bob Harris Documetary on it instead of the vinyl. Lets have the CDs with some more genuine outtakes, and a complete contemporary live show, not touched up.

    Is it too much to ask to get a decent box set?

  120. Mikko Suhonen says:

    Strange choice for an album starting the eventual series of reissues. If it was Night at the Opera or …at the Races and if they discard the vinyl, I might be tempted. But for this album, this setting and this price no.

    • AlexKx@aol.cokm says:

      Not really. This was their best selling l.p. at the time. As for why now and this one it is because now is a particular anniversary for it. Plus “A Night At the Opera” already had an anniversary release and “The Game was already released on D.V.D. Audio. And how do you know more are to come? Maybe this won’t sell well enough to justify further releases? I hope not! (And dought it, eh!).

  121. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Steve Burke, there is a picture disc version of the album (recording mastered by Bob Ludwig) available in a limited edition of 1977

    £26.99 plus £3.95 p and p

    • Alan Wilson says:

      Thanks “Auntie Sabrina”

      I went for that picture disc vinyl version for now, will sit out the big set, for many reasons already mentioned by others.

  122. John Hirst says:

    I bought the Queen coloured vinyl studio boxset for the best part of three hundred notes. I’m more than happy to stump up a bit more for outtakes etc. but don’t try and sell me the vinyl again.

  123. popy says:

    CD 3 is pointless and an half-arsed job. BBC sessions again? Already bought that. Live tracks from other tours, and most were already released? No documentary in HD and no 5.1? QPL always manages to take the piss on Queen fans.

  124. Boaz Halachmi says:

    Official store adds an exclusive limited print.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      And £14 to the price…

      • Keith says:

        So Paul judging by the initial feed back here vinyl is deterring sales can you feed this back to the ‘record company ?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          SDE is well read by ‘industry’… I’m sure they’re aware, so maybe they’ve calculated that extra income is greater for higher priced sets is greater than income lost by a section refusing to buy due to vinyl.

  125. MINO says:

    2011 master? It’s almost 7 years ago…

  126. Rough cut says:

    Too pricey. Opt out without hesitation.

  127. Mike the Fish says:

    I get the all analogue vinyl pressing as in certain quarter there tends to be a lot of fuss about these things (I’m not so bothered, personally, but it could be interesting), so it’s a completist box for the audio. However I am surprised and disappointed there’s no 5.1, and it’s VERY expensive! It’s not like the album hasn’t recouped its costs several times over!

  128. Daz Flash says:

    Seems incredibly expensive for 1 x LP, 1 x DVD, a book and 3 x CDs.

  129. Kevin says:

    I think Queen are quite fond of it as they produced it themselves but I think the material is frequently weaker – Jazz the following year is a much stronger effort. I have to admit that there’s no way I’d part with nearly £100 for this – £30 for a 3 CD set and an eBook would be much more attractive.

  130. rosegirl says:

    I think I’m in the same camp as most people.
    Lovely content on the bonus cds – yay
    No Surround mix or hi-res files on dvd – terminal fail
    vinyl record I have no use for to boost price – terminal fail

    Bugger :(

  131. Ed says:

    My least favourite Queen album, but I’ll stick with the double CD version.

    If it were ‘Innuendo’ I’d be more interested, but I still wouldn’t want vinyl in with the CDs.

  132. Adam says:

    Massively overpriced, and no 5.1. No thanks.

  133. Craig says:

    Hopefully they’ll release a CD/DVD version ( although I doubt it ). I’m not interested in the vinyl.

  134. Hans Jörg says:

    Sorry but for me 120+ Euros no way. I bought the album 3 times now.

  135. BillyD says:

    I’ll take the 5.1 as well and no vinyl please. A record really drives up the price. Besides, how many times are Universal going to flog these lps?

  136. Jonathan says:

    Really tempting but as others have said I’ve no interest in another vinyl copy, dvd or the book. So for me I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a plain old 3cd version, pretty please!

  137. adam shaw says:

    Why all this for NOTW ?
    It’s not a classic Queen album imo .
    Night At The Opera maybe but this !
    I’m a Queen fan and will probably buy it but like Macca box sets , there’s other albums that should get this treatment first .

  138. Kauwgompie says:

    Is that a new thing, “direct from the unmastered analogue master mix tapes”? So not remastered but the very original LP sound? Just trying to keep up.

    • Steve Burke says:

      No it won’t be the original LP as that was mastered, if they’re understanding what they’ve written, they cutting the vinyl as a flat transfer without mastering so similar to what Steven Wilson has done on some of the CD+Blu-ray releases he’s been involved in.

      Hope that LP is made available as a standalone release because that’s the only thing I’m interested in.

    • Fan says:


      The usual process for new old lp’s are

      Stereo master tapes>remaster>stampers

      Here it’ll be the pre digital way of doing

      Stereo master tapes>stampers

      So Queen have released vinyl sourced from 2011 digital remasters in a colored box and black records some years ago,now you can buy AGAIN News of the World as a REALLY analogue vinyl reissue

  139. Shawn says:

    Looks great, except for the price. I’d also prefer a version without vinyl for about thirty bucks less.

  140. gogandmagog says:

    2 bonus CD, great…Vinyl, no way…98.f5 GBP, no way = not buying

  141. scottyboy says:

    I agree with other posts here. Probably would have bought it but there’s no 5.1 mix and I don’t require a vinyl album so it’s a no from me.

  142. Fan says:

    Missed opportunity for either 5.1 of the album or dvd of the tour

    Still there are some interesting bonus tracks :

    1.We Will Rock You (Alternative Version) 2:29
    2. We Are The Champions (Alternative Version) 4:33
    8. Sleeping On The Sidewalk (Live in the USA, 1977) 3:49
    1. Feelings Feelings (Take 10, July 1977) 1:55
    14. We Will Rock You (Live in Tokyo 1982) 2:55
    15. My Melancholy Blues (Live in Houston 1977) 3:48

    For me, the rest is : YAWN

  143. Klaus says:

    Currently way too pricey. I don’t need no vinyl album.

  144. DJ Control says:

    The previously unreleased stuff looks interesting and I’ve ordered a copy of this box set because it’s my fav Queen album but disappointed* in the contents. Having already stumped up the cash for The Studio Collection vinyl box I really don’t need another vinyl copy of News Of The World.

    * an understatement if ever there was one.

  145. Alexander says:

    Finally, its a must ! Definitely will order it !

  146. Fran Hearley says:

    Sorry, but for me no 5.1, no sale…

    • Dave H says:

      Yes, I’m surprised a surround 5.1 mix hasn’t been included unless the multi-tracks have been lost. For the price that’s being charged, it would have made the set more worthwhile.

      A Night At The Opera and The Game both sound great in 5.1, I thought the plan at the time was to release more albums in 5.1 and the band were looking for missing multi-tracks.

      Recently purchased a couple of the Jeff Beck Japanese 5.1 SACD’s, expensive – yes but the do sound great.

    • AlexKx@aol.cokm says:

      That’s because this is probably going to be a limited edition since it is an anniversary re-issue which means a re-release can be done in the future to be what they want then!

    • Mark Carroll says:


  147. DaKraut says:

    Wow. This looks tempting. If the record company information is correct, then the alternate stuff is worth the price of admission alone. I’d’ve liked to have seen the “We Will Rock You (fast version)” in its entirety, i.e. the regular “We Will Rock You”, followed by the spoken passage with the fast version added. But hey, obviously, you really can’t have EVERYTHING. Still, this looks worth getting.

  148. Dave says:

    Nice package but couldn’t it come as a version without the vinyl?
    Getting tired of these packages where you have to stump up for every possible version of everything whether you want it or not. I’m not interested in the vinyl and so I wont be buying because I’m not paying the extra £35 premium for a frisbee I don’t need.
    Surely the best idea is a digital package with the cods / dvd and then a separate vinyl release?

  149. Dean says:

    Yet another set marred by the forced inclusion of multiple mediums. I do not want Vinyl, and I don’t want to pay for Vinyl. Since I don’t want Vinyl, I don’t need the box to be as large, so it better fits on my shelves.

    FAIL. And I’m out.

    • Anthony Grice says:

      I agree 100%. I waited years for a deluxe of Fleetwood Macs Tango In The Night and it was released the same way with vinyl. I haven’t bought vinyl in over 32 years and I’ve absolutely no interest in it now. Release the vinyl separately and I’m in.

    • smorrissey says:

      Same, also no 2 cds deluxe version or iTunes…fail!! Guess im gonna save myself some bucks this year TY Bryan May.

    • granata says:

      It unbelievable they don’t email (or phone; lest they use multiple communication methods) each and every fan to find out exactly what their needs are.
      I *DEMAND* this album on 8 cassettes and a one-sided flexi-disc only. For that reason, I’m out.

      • DaKraut says:

        I do understand the anger. The inclusion of multiple formats makes the sets that much more expensive. I reckon that without the vinyl the set would have been around 50 quid. Maybe 60. And when you buy sets like these regularly, it does make a difference. I think that’s what everybody’s saying here.

      • smorrissey says:

        You can demand all you want still streaming is the main format nowadays. ignoring it is a mistake.

        • paolo says:

          Streaming ain’t a format. I’m not a feticist when it comes to music, but if you only stream you don’t own any music. Sets like this are useless on streaming platforms, in my opinion. Why on earth would you stream any of the tracks included here if you are a casual listener? And if aren’t, so if you are a fan, you’ll want to own this stuff. That’s companies reasoning, I guess.

          • Klaus says:


            As far as streaming isn’t a format i’m with you.

            But even though i’m buying (unreasonably) many box sets i still listen to them as streams as well if offered, for one to find out if the musical content is worth the asking price for a set and also to casually listen to SDEs while being at work or on the road.

            So i’m fine with iTunes, Spotlight, Napster and others offering SDE-contents to stream.

          • christian says:

            Of course streaming is a format. Like cds it’s digital information that translates to music. Ones and zeroes – nothing more, nothing less. Whether that information is stored on a disc in your hand or a server in the cloud, it can be exactly the same information. Yes Spotify etc are lower bit rates, but Tidal is cd quality and will soon be high res so better than cd quality.

            So, if digital media is your preference, listening from a cloud that can’t get damaged at a higher bit rate that a physical, local disc that can get damaged is a smart move if you ask me. Personally I have no physical media in the house other than a 40 year vinyl collection. That and streaming does me perfectly now.

          • dave jones says:

            ordered mine. cant wait.

      • AlexKx@aol.cokm says:


      • Phil Hitchings says:

        nothing less than an 8 track will be enough for me!

    • AlexKx@aol.cokm says:


    • James King says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Part of the beauty of the evolution of the box set was the uniformity that DVD and Blu ray brought to the package. Five inch discs collecting both archival audio and film fitting beautifully together in (hopefully) a nicely designed package. No vinyl and thank God no more VHS. What a primitive horror that team made.

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