R.E.M. / Out of Time / 25th anniversary deluxe edition to be issued in Nov


Four-disc package with demos, live set & surround sound blu-ray

R.E.M.‘s classic 1991 album Out Of Time will be reissued as a special 25th Anniversary Edition in November, across a number of formats.

The ‘top of the range’ four-disc deluxe set combines the remastered album with a CD of 19 demo recordings (including every album track), a CD of the band’s performance at Mountain Stage (an important document, since the band famously didn’t tour the album) and a blu-ray disc which features the album in 5.1 surround sound and hi-res stereo. The blu-ray adds videos and ‘Time Piece’ an 18-minute Electronic Press Kit (EPK) which features in-studio footage, exclusive performances and more. The EPK and the 5.1 and hi-res stereo were first issued on the CD+DVD-A combo back in 2005, but this content is extremely welcome on blu-ray in this new edition.

The demos were recorded at John Keane Studio in early 1990 and should be a fascinating listen. They include versions of Losing My Religion and Texarkana with different lyrics.

A 3LP vinyl set will include all the demos, as will a cut-down two-CD edition of this 25th anniversary reissue. All versions will feature extensive liner notes by Annie Zaleski featuring interviews from all four band members and producers Scott Litt and John Keane.

The Out of Time 25th anniversary editions will be issued on 18 November 2016, via Concord Bicycle Music.

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Out of Time 3CD+Blu-ray


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Out of Time 3LP Edition


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Out of Time 2CD





1. Radio Song
2. Losing My Religion
3. Low
4. Near Wild Heaven
5. Endgame
6. Shiny Happy People
7. Belong
8. Half A World Away
9. Texarkana
10. Country Feedback
11. Me In Honey


1. Losing My Religion 1 (demo)
2. Near Wild Heaven 1 (demo)
3. Shiny Happy People 1 (demo)
4. Texarkana 1 (demo)
5. Untitled Demo 2
6. Radio – Acoustic (Radio Song 1 demo)
7. Near Wild Heaven 2 (demo)
8. Shiny Happy People 2 (demo)
9. Slow Sad Rocker (Endgame demo)
10. Radio – Band (Radio Song 3 demo)
11. Losing My Religion 2 (demo)
12. Belong (demo)
13. Blackbirds (Half A World Away demo)
14. Texarkana (demo)
15. Country Feedback (demo)
16. Me On Keyboard (Me In Honey demo)
17. Low (demo)
18. 40 Sec. (40 Second Song demo)
19. Fretless 1 (demo)


1. Introduction
2. World Leader Pretend
3. Radio Song
4. Fall On Me
4. It’s the End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
5. Half A World Away
6. Belong
7. Love Is All Around
8. Losing My Religion
9. Dallas
10. Radio Song
11. Disturbance At The Heron House
12. Low
13. Sawn Swan H
14. Pop Song 89

DISC 4 (Blu-ray)  OUT OF TIME

  • Out Of Time – Hi-Res Stereo
  • Out Of Time – Hi-Res 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Radio Song (music video)
  • Losing My Religion (music video)
  • Low (music video)
  • Near Wild Heaven (music video)
  • Shiny Happy People (music video)
  • Belong (music video)
  • Half A World Away (music video)
  • Country Feedback (music video)
  • Time Piece (18-min EPK)


LP 1


Time Side

• Radio Song
• Losing My Religion
• Low
• Near Wild Heaven
• Endgame

Memory Side

• Shiny Happy People
• Belong
• Half A World Away
• Texarkana
• Country Feedback
• Me In Honey


Side 1

• Losing My Religion 1 (demo)
• Near Wild Heaven 1 (demo)
• Shiny Happy People 1 (demo)
• Texarkana 1 (demo)
• Untitled Demo 2

Side 2
• Radio – Acoustic (Radio Song 1 demo)
• Near Wild Heaven 2 (demo)
• Shiny Happy People 2 (demo)
• Slow Sad Rocker (Endgame demo)


Side 1
• Radio – Band (Radio Song 3 demo)
• Losing My Religion 2 (demo)
• Belong (demo)
• Blackbirds (Half A World Away demo)
• Texarkana (demo)

Side 2

• Country Feedback (demo)
• Me On Keyboard (Me In Honey demo)
• Low (demo)
• 40 Sec. (40 Second Song demo)
• Fretless 1 (demo)

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  3. Greg Roman says:

    Does the remastered CD contain an unhealthy dose of compression?

    I thought the Murmur and Reckoning remasters sounded good, but everything else afterwards was just too loud and fatiguing, especially LRP and the Document reissues. I don’t have high hopes for this release given their recent track record. You would think they would put a bit more care into the sound quality, especially for albums like Out of Time and especially a future Automatic for the People reissue, given how important they were to the band’s success.

  4. Hans says:

    In my opinion not really interesting. I have those demos etc for years andyears on bootlegs. They were widely available back in 1991/2 Same for Mountain Stage. The b-sides are not interesting either. Don,t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan/collector for years but dislike those cash-in re-issues.

  5. Kevin says:

    Also, great new packaging images on Amazon US as well.

  6. Kevin says:

    The Pre-Order price on Amazon US has (mercifully and FINALLY) come down to $51.29. Was worried there for a while. Around $45 for 3CD/1 Blu-Ray would be perfectly reasonable. You can make it US Amazon price!!

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  8. Andy MacKinnon says:

    i see the deluxe has finally come down to a more realistic £43.02 on amazon uk now, fingers crossed for further reductions…

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  10. phil wilson says: have got the box set at £44.99, nice to see a reasonable price for this in the UK

  11. james says:

    Anyone know if cars are coming with Blu-ray players in them? Or if u can add it on? Would love to listen to Blu-ray audio in my car.

  12. Pat says:

    Scouring the net for an image of the deluxe box set to no avail..Has anyone seen the packaging?

  13. Steve Burke says:

    In reference to an earlier comment:
    A Blu-ray is not “useless”, they have these amazing things that have been out now for 10 years called Blu-ray Disc players that give you access to 24/192 @ 5.1 and up to 24/96 @ 7.1 and can do this all while displaying 1080i60 video at up to 40 Mbps using newer video codecs.

    Terrific to see Concord including Scheiner’s 5.1 mix, Belong sounds great opened up in surround.

    Pre-ordered this one already along with the single LP configuration.

  14. Gregory says:

    The blu-ray includes most of the music videos that were previously released on “This Film Is On”. Since we’re talking about an HD video format, is there any chance to see those videos remastered in HD here ?

  15. Pat says:

    An awful lot of whinging and moaning here…As somebody mentioned,the b-sides of this era are utterly inessential,barring two great songs.These are freely available along with 129 others from the Warners era for less than a tenner on I-tunes.
    Looking forward to hearing the demo versions to get a new take on songs so familiar to me.Just hope the box set design matches the quality of the music.

  16. Neil says:

    I fear like their recent remasters this will be brickwalled to hell. It seems that artists don’t care what gets reissued when it comes to compiling stuff and the mastering are concerned.

  17. JuzzyB says:

    I’m not surprised that the set doesn’t contain B sides as they haven’t been part of the band’s reissue strategy so far. I can’t get upset at the lack of Radio Song or Shiny Happy People remixes either, because they are bloody awful.

  18. Shawn says:

    I’ll pass. Nothing interesting here for me. How do these bands all keep making the same mistake? I think it’s just laziness on the band/label’s part. So much easier to throw some demos(boring) on or a live show(better, but it not what we want).

    I want “new” or Bsides or important remixes released when the album came out. But that means someone would need to make a effort. Do some research. Track down the music.

    It’s no mystery what they are pedaling us music fans. Oh…and then take the original album and hake the compression so it’s LOUD and give us the worse possible version of the album.

    It’s clear to me. So I’ll pass. So much stuff I want to purchase that gets it right. See the Everything but the Girl reissues. Not perfect but very well done.

    Love the Super Deluxe updates!


    • henry watson says:

      …artists are never going to please everyone. For every person who want B-sides on here, there will be someone who would complain. For everyone who wants demos…..repeat as required.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Not sure anyone would complain about including B-sides. The point is with not much added this could have indeed pleased everyone. Also some digital bundle being available doesn’t mean it’s okay not to include physically.

  19. Ronen says:

    Good to see that the REM website also offers a standard vinyl option. Hopefully a this will also be available in Europe. The triple vinyl looks great but may be a bit of an overkill for the casual fan.

  20. Steven C says:

    Tried to see if in the comments anyone mentioned the REM website. They have a great bundle with an awesome replica of the official tour shirt back then…

  21. Boaz Halachmi says:

    I’m very disappointed. Was looking forward to this release but the lack of the b-sides and remixes is such a shame. God, don’t they know already that is so essential after all the comments we gave on previous boxes? What’s going on, really?

  22. movement says:

    Say what you want about not including the outtakes. It means no-sale for me. I would have bought it if it were complete. I also declined to buy the Led Zeppelin III box for the same reason. I suppose they really really wanted to have a Coda box. That’s great, but I didn’t buy that either.

    Maybe if the prices drop off a cliff like they did for the Peter Gabriel So box…

  23. Craig says:

    The 2CD version is in a clamshell box to match the earlier reissues so I’m opting for that and hoping Mountain Stage appears separately at some point to slip inside the box.

    Don’t have a blu ray player so not bothered about that, also other albums I have in the ‘book bound’ format tend to get played less anyway for some reason – I guess it’s a lot easier to grab the smaller sets and get the discs out.

  24. Neil says:

    The prices for this are a total joke even on they are asking £20 for the double CD.

  25. Renato says:

    Demos? Live set? Thanks, but no, thanks. B-sides, outtakes or radio sessions would be nice to get, but I couldn’t care less about demos or live stuff. I’ll give this one a miss.

  26. Dave T says:

    Think the format will be more like a high-quality book with spaces for cds/blu-rays like the Nirvana In Utero set. Both the UK and US REMHQ web stores are offering special exclusive bundles with the regular 3cd/blu-ray only £50 (although I did not check shipping cost) –
    The US site gives more details and images of the set with an immediate mp3 of Radio Song demo with your order

  27. Alan Blevin says:

    Hoping they are saving up all the Warner b sides/remixes for a physical version of the digital box.The boxes by Wilco and The Cure of these extras are fantastic.

  28. john T says:

    Available to pre-order from UK now from

  29. Steven Campbell says:

    Was just wondering if Amazon UK are getting the 3CD/Blu Ray set? I priced the Canadian amazon and it wasn’t much cheaper despite being listed as the cheapest once you factor in shipping to the UK and the fact it was going to take 6-8 weeks to get here. Disappointed at the lack of b-sides/remixes as some of them are quite rare like the Tower of luv bug remix of radio song or indeed the shiny happy people remixes but am hoping that Amazon UK gets it soon and that they’re not charging hideously over the odds for it as I have the original release and the release that was packaged with the DVD Audio also.

  30. Wayne Klein says:

    The remasters of REM’s stuff has largely been pretty awful. They need to offer these up in decently remastered sets.

  31. Michael Fortin says:

    I just noticed that ‘Green’ is being reissued tomorrow (8/26) on the Concord label. Looks like the same set that was issued a couple years ago on the previous label.

  32. Sean Lawler says:

    2008-2011 B-sides for all single released in that period ( well the ones I know anyway ) on iTunes for £8.99…131 tracks, I know it’s digital but it’s got to be a bargain at that price surely ?

  33. MFG says:

    Disappointed about the lack of b-sides. Especially Fretless. Could easily have fit the best non-album songs on the end of Disc 1.

    Also worried about the remastering. The 2005 DVD-A version sounds excellent (ripped from the DVD-Audio disc, re-sampled to 24-bit/96kHz, and burned onto a DVD). The reissues of the ’80s albums are far too loud and compressed.

    I’d prefer to have the Mountain Stage concert on a separate album, maybe combined with other live performances from their “no touring” years of 1991-93.

  34. Tom says:

    Saving my money for the Automatic For The People anniversary release.

  35. SimonP says:

    So much complaining about B sides and remixes. Surely if you’re all such big fans you’ll already have all the singles?

    • chrrr says:

      As a casual fan, I’d call most of their b-sides good enough to include in a deluxe set but rarely worth tracking down the individual singles. But that’s just me. And I just find listening to live recordings (save maybe acoustic sets) rather displeasing. So I am a weirdo anyway.

  36. noyoucmon says:

    I wonder what the 2-disc version’s packaging will look like. I’d love if it were a continuation of the last few–the little boxes that Fables, Lifes Rich Pageant, Document, and Green all came in.

  37. Francis says:

    Isn’t it being released in the UK ?

  38. JWL says:

    The problem for me is that the “remaster” will almost certainly follow the other REM remasters to date and mean the bass is cranked and the guitars are compressed.

    As already said, there was a nice DVD audio of this one a decade ago.

  39. Michael Fortin says:

    I wonder if the 2-cd set will be packaged in a lift top box like the other sets?

  40. Just Sayin' says:

    I don’t mean to be a wet blanket, nor do I doubt that everyone speaking here are big fans. But in the overall scheme of things – it’s 2016. REM? Honestly? They were THE most traded-in artist, without question, when I was working in a store that dealt in used CDs – and that, I might add, was in 1997. So….I don’t get it.

    • Steven C says:

      More than Dave Matthews band? Wow. In my indie shops, so Many Dave Matthews CDs spilled from the bins that they topped their “Do not buy” lists..

      • Just Sayin' says:

        They were up there, but nowhere near as much as REM. Other main challengers were Green Day and Hootie & The Blowfish. Keep in mind I’m also just talking about what was walking in the door, and not necessarily even making it to the bins.

  41. Vince says:

    Why can’t we get separate 5.1 releases or at least an option? I hate it when the only way to get the surround mix is to buy the big set – ugh! Since I already have all of the DVD-A releases these will be a pass

  42. Rik Skyline says:

    Will these be released in the U.K. ?

  43. memoryboy says:

    “Out Of Time” is my Favorite R.E.M. album. Glad to see it’s being Remastered, but disappointed about the B-Sides and cant believe the remixes for Shiny Happy People’ aren’t included. Ugh

  44. Craig says:

    I’m not fussed about the lack of b-sides – demos and live is fine. If you’re eyeing this release surely you have the singles anyway or can pick them up for pennies on the secondhand market if not. I suppose to have a complete era set including b-sides would be a neat package but I personally prefer this approach.
    I’d still like a release of the digital rarities sets so the material that’s never had a physical release can do so.
    A fanclub compilation is surely on the cards at some point as they’re avoiding them on the reissues.

  45. Cosby Sweater says:

    Amazon Italy-links are not working.

  46. Alan Wilson says:

    There’s a fair few bundle options available from the official REM firebrand store as well, which includes things like, wait for it….. Jigsaws, T-Shirts, Slip-mats etc. I don’t see any mention of marbles though I’m afraid :)

  47. Tim-meh says:

    Its a little disappointing that the B sides aren’t included as I seem to recall Peter Buck proposing an alternative tracklist in the sleeve notes from In Time. There are also some great radio sessions from this period too – the Nicky Campbell Into The Night performances are particularly great. The Bingo Handjob show would have been a good inclusion too.

  48. Nick Spencer says:

    The Bingo Hand Job gigs were definitely recorded, or at least the night I was at was. A couple of tracks appeared on the CD singles. I thought this would have been the ideal opportunity to use them

  49. Very happy to see the 5.1 mix coming back into print! This set looks interesting, especially since I’ve been keeping the DVD-A on my wish list. I’m not too hot on the other content, but would welcome it. Will need to see if the used DVD-A is cheaper than the 4-disc set, but if not, I’ll be springing for this one!

    • Andrew Mogford says:

      The 5.1 mix is superb. You have a treat coming :)

      • Mike the Fish says:

        I disagree about the 5.1, I wasn’t impressed with it. Plenty going on in the rears, but the feel of the album is altered to its detriment. Better than the Green 5.1 mix though.

  50. spaceboy says:

    Why on earth would you do an anniversary edition and not include b-sides and remixes?! Ugh!

  51. patjoller says:

    If b-sides are part of the set most of you will say “milking the cow, already released in many forms” and as they are not included people are complaining.
    None of the b.sides were part of the previous re-releases so why should it be different now ?
    As said, it’s already available everywhere… I’m happy with demos and an unreleased live performance

  52. Runicen says:

    Much as I’m slightly bummed that the B-Sides and remixes aren’t included, this set is very enticing. Fingers crossed the big version comes down in price before release.

  53. William says:

    I have all the previous 5:1 mix releases but I have to admit the temptation to purchase this is unbearable.

  54. movement says:

    @Mike there are three different digital services I use and Complete Rarities isn’t available on any of them. One had the set for a little while but it disappeared before I could grab it.

  55. A-ghost says:

    Interesting re-issue since they are releasing a lot of demo-recordings. But I’m really missing the B-sides (in remastered form) from the 4 singles here and the era-material they released on other cd’s (like ‘I Walked with A Zombie’) in that period. B-sides that they recorded a shitload of material in 1990-1991, a lot of it was used for Automatic and as b-sides in those singles. But the songs (Fretless & It’s a Free World Baby for instance) are from the OoT sessions. missed oppertunity…

  56. Jim says:

    The b-sides would be nice and all that but none of the previous 25th anniversary editions have included them so it would seem odd to start now. We’ve had either a live album or demos. This time we get both. Everybody’s happy.

    What would be nice would be for the rarities downloads to get a proper release.

  57. Mike says:

    Rock and a hard place for the band.

    The b-sides are freely available as part of

    • Graham Ricket says:

      …but’s thats download only.

      Agree with others that disappointed that b-sides not included.

    • Neil says:

      Freely available for £54 for a bunch of mp3s. You are surely having a laugh.

      • Charles K. says:

        This site is not, know your audience. ;-)

        • Dave says:

          Okay, so it’s not a physical release but it’s still worth knowing about as you never know if record companies will ever release this as a CD collection.
          I’m happy it’s been mentioned as there’s some mixes I’ve never heard.

    • Joseph says:

      Not really. They started releasing deluxe sets well before this compilation was released and they never included b-sides on them. In addition, this thing is digital only and, as your wiki link explains, incomplete.

    • Eddie says:

      Digital only!

      Doesn’t count…

  58. Jan says:

    Would have been nice to see all the regional remixes added, even if just on the blu ray.

  59. Joseph says:

    I’m still so baffled as to why they have always shied away from including b-sides in these sets. And then when they did release them, it was digital only. What a bunch of bullshit.

  60. Will says:

    The original DVD-A of this sounds excellent. I’m not sure if this needs a remastering to be honest.
    I’ll pick it up for the demos…maybe just get the 2CD set.
    I’d rather they did a compilation of the old fanclub singles rather than go back and revisit the likes of Out of Time.

  61. Martin says:

    Typical of the REM half arsed release programme and £54 for 3x vinyl – Jokers

  62. Daveyman19 says:

    Common theme here… no B-sides and remixes again! Granted the demos & live are welcome, but surely there was room for the b-sides and remixes from the era?

    Why is it getting that these items that fans & collectors crave are now seemingly forgotten about by artists/record companies – really pee’s me off sometimes, apologies!

    Otherwise a great album that deserves the deluxe treatment, but no book either to illustrate how this album came together – were R.E.M even involved in this?

    • Neil says:

      No doubt it will be reissued again in another couple of years and will include the B-sides and remixes. Record companies have been doing it for years and they aren’t got to stop now if they can get more money out of people.

    • RJSWinchester says:

      “no B-sides and remixes again”

      In all seriousness, they’ll be holding them back for a 3oth/35th/40th* Anniversary Ultimate Deluxe Edition (*Delete as applicable). Their back catalogue is basically their equivalent of a pension pot and when they want to release bit of equity they re-re-re-release their music! Personally, I’d prefer the option of buying a one disc set of the demos. Remasters of music I already own holds no interest for me.

  63. Bruce Nicholson says:

    This is a very welcome release. The demos have been in circulation as bootlegs [often called ‘Outtakes of Time’] for almost as long as the album itself, and yes there are very interesting demos. REM’s demos are always interesting to hear – often the music itself is very close to arrangement of the final album cut [of course not produced] but the vocals are often very much a work in progress. Texarkana is a great example. The Mountain Stage performance will be very interesting [shame there is no visual material of this] – here in the UK we got maybe half a dozen tracks on a radio 1 [?] transmission but I dont think the whole show ever got transmitted, so these other songs will be interesting. Its true that the band didnt tour the album though they did these acoustic performances – I think there was one in Milan, they maybe did some TV appearances while in the UK doing their Bingo Hand Job gigs, and of course famously the MTV performance. Looking forward to this a lot….

  64. Ronnie says:

    Looks like a great set with a useless Blu-ray.
    Why no 3cd set?

  65. Paul Anthony says:

    I had a bootleg of the demos years ago…loaned it to someone, never saw it again. Might actually buy this one.

  66. Tim says:

    This is amazing!

  67. Chris Lancaster says:

    That sounds excellent. I’m sure there will be moans from some, but I’ll be very interested to see which demo versions are included. I’ve got various bootleg tapes that I picked up from record fairs in the 1990s that include hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of different demos from the album sessions. I’m looking forward to hearing (some of) these in (hopefully) good quality.

  68. Andrew Mogford says:

    Oh dear. Very disappointing indeed. This is completely half assed as a release. Where’s all the B sides and remixes that were released at the time?

  69. movement says:

    What about the outtakes? Fretless only appears in a demo version and It’s A Free World Baby doesn’t appear at all? I was hoping to get these in high resolution.

    Since I already have the DVD-A this is a marginal upgrade.

  70. Charles K. says:

    Nevermind, thought the two disc only included the live disc. I’m an idiot. Still want to buy the Blu ray separate though.

  71. Charles K. says:

    Pretty bloated set if you ask me. Honestly, I love live albums but REM has used them endlessly on the previous boxed remasters to justify higher prices, in most cases it was the only extra along with silly post cards.

    A two disc set with the demos would be perfect here with a Blu ray 5.1 and vinyl available separately.

    Complaining aside, I’m still going to get it. Just needed to vent.

  72. Kevin says:

    Good news, despite no remastered B-sides. *grumble* This was something I was never crazy about with The Cure deluxes. Cure demos are not that interesting. I will admit the R.E.M. demos might be better, but I was never crazy about the Athens demos with the previous I.R.S. deluxes. The live shows were much better.

  73. Jurgen says:

    Is it a new remastering?

  74. Greg says:

    $81.48, with shipping and import fees to the UK for the BluRay edition. I was going to order but not now!!!

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