Radiohead to reissue OK Computer as deluxe box set with unreleased tracks

Radiohead have remastered their 1997 album OK Computer and will reissue it across three physical formats to mark the 20th anniversary. There will be a super deluxe edition style box set – with all formats including three unreleased tracks and the eight B-sides from the era.

These new editions are dubbed ‘OKNOTOK’; the box set comes with three 180g black vinyl records containing 23 tracks in total – album, three unreleased tracks and B-sides, all remastered, “from the original analogue master tapes”.

Exclusive to the box is a “C90 cassette mix tape” compiled by the band, taken from OK Computer session archives and demo tapes. The good news is that there are download codes inside the box for “everything”.

The vinyl within the big package is housed in a hardcover book along with 40 pages of artwork and lyrics (“except the ones that haven’t really got any lyrics”). You also get a 104-page notebook and a further 48-page sketchbook of artwork and notes.

Triple vinyl OK Computer

A triple vinyl edition gives you the three records in the box in a triple gatefold sleeve (“designed particularly for this record”). This contains the same 23 tracks and comes with a download code. No cassette/download of demos and no books etc.

Finally, a humble two-CD edition covers the same 23 tracks as outlined above with the remastered album, B-sides and unreleased tracks.

All formats are issued on 23 June 2017, except the box set which ships in July. Digital versions (of the 23-tracks) will be available on the same date, including 24-bit WAV downloads.

The box set appears to be exclusive to Radiohead’s online store, although the 3LP black vinyl or the two-CD edition are widely available. Update: The box is now available on Amazon and other retailers.

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OK Computer NOTOK - super deluxe box


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OK Computer NOTOK 3LP vinyl


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OK Computer NOTOK 2CD edition


Bonus material

1. “I Promise” (Previously unreleased)
2. “Man of War” (Previously unreleased)
3. “Lift” (Previously unreleased)
4. “Lull”
5. “Meeting in the Aisle”
6. “Melatonin”
7. “A Reminder”
8. “Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)”
9. “Pearly*”
10. “Palo Alto”
11. “How I Made My Millions”

183 responses to Radiohead to reissue OK Computer as deluxe box set with unreleased tracks

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  2. Scott B says:

    I personally think Amazon UK are wrongly advertising their vinyl as the box set: “Deluxe Edition, Extra tracks, Box set”.

    How can 3 vinyl in regular gatefold be called a box set and when the deluxe box set with cassette and book is only available from Radiohead store?!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hopefully, that’s where SDE comes in handy to explain formats etc. To be fair, I think only ‘box set’ is misleading, it is a ‘deluxe’ vinyl with ‘extra tracks’.

  3. Bart says:

    Yeah 100 pounds and were getting 3 new tracks….and this cassete tape made me really angry. Why no CD??? Simply if there was a CD with tape content i would buy this box…And i dont want download too. Im a CD lover only

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  5. Dean T says:

    Yes black or blue I’m looking forward to getting this on vinyl for the first time ,the blu one keeps slipping through my fingers right now but there’s still a chance I hope but it’s not a deal breaker for me..just a nice extra touch to the packaging,it a fair price for a triple album.

  6. Brad B. says:

    Glad to hear XL has the masters, with the advancements in recording hardware & software since this album came out in 1997 there could be enough of a difference in even an updated transfer without major adjustment of levels, compression, etc. that a remaster on CD could be worthwhile. Anybody buying these will most likely believe the original album already sounded pretty great, but if the original masters are on analogue tape then why not attempt a good remaster? Hopefully some DSD is involved, SACD’s of their earlier catalogue would be welcome!!

  7. Adey says:

    The only thing cassettes were any good for, was for backing up cds and making your own compilations, until cdrs (and minidiscs) started to hit the market. Pre recorded cassettes have always sounded bad.

  8. Ron de Joode says:

    How many Radioheads owe such an expensive soundsystem to hear the difference of the original transfer and the newly remastered version?

  9. Ron de Joode says:

    Why remastering an abum that still sounds good? Oow jeehhh … for marketing purposes ….

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      This is the exact quote from Radiohead’s website about remastering, for what it’s worth. “But why? The original analogue tapes are the highest definition version of the record, and nothing will ever beat them. However in the 20 years since the original release mastering technology has improved a lot, and with new equipment and techniques we can make a digital version that’s an improvement of the original transfer.”

  10. Dean T says:

    I sense a marketing ploy, a supposed 7000 vinyls sell out in hours…no sorry just don’t see it myself ..must be holding stock back to sell on release day over the counter as has been hinted at and then any leftovers (which their will be ) will go online ..just wait and see. Even with the big vinyl revival viny just does not sell that fast. Please don’t pay crazy e bay prices.

  11. Josh says:

    “So, not for the first time, we see people desperate to spend their cash unable to get what they want. What a curious business model the record industry now operates.”

    The fact is that you can sell out product within days, as opposed to months or even longer, if you make it a limited edition.
    Although, ultimately, the biggest profit margins will be realized by private re-sellers later. Can’t really blame people for following the path the artists/record industry has laid down for them (i.e. buy fast, horde and resell at an opportune time later).

  12. Wayne Klein says:

    Will the mastering suck?

  13. Mark R says:

    What no Minidisc?

  14. David Carter says:

    I was let down too got an email yesterday but still no refund as of yet, I certainly wont be using them again

  15. Gary Matfin says:

    Just got my e-mail today for the cancellation of my order for the blue discs from Recordstore. I’m a bit naffed off I didn’t get the album and feel for all you guys that have been let down too. It was the first time I’d used the site, I thought they seemed pretty reasonable too with other products. After reading all what you have said about them I won’t be using them again, obviously not a place to be trusted and I bet nobody from the shop is willing to make a comment about the albums availability either!

  16. Matthew Cheese says:

    I’m not sure recordstore had any copies at all of that record. I got in really fast, and still got my order cancelled. I’d wager they’re receiving no copies of it all.

  17. Domingo says:

    Stellan, it sounds great¡

    The link is for the blue vinyls from


  18. Andy says:

    Think I’ve ordered a coloured copy from the Dutch shop listed above 45euros all in.

  19. Mike Bushell says:

    I couldn’t give a stuff over blue vinyl, the 2CD is fine for me. I’d just like to echo the comments regarding Kid A and Amnesiac. I’d love to see set bringing these two together with alternate versions and unreleased stuff. This would be far more interesting than OK Computer.

    Oh, and while they’re at it, how about some good live albums?

  20. Mark says:

    To all who have missed out on the blue vinyl, it WILL be sold over the counter on day of release (23rd June) from independent record stores.

  21. I can only assume by the comments that it must sound better on blue vinyl! Never really rated the album that much but Paranoid Android is a strong contender for the best single of the 90’s

  22. Rich459 says:

    Think I read somewhere there are 7000 of the blue vinyls worldwide…and I’m sceptical about that unless they are numbered.

    Like the opaque white vinyl of AMSP I expect the prices on auction sites etc to drop considerably over time.

  23. andrew r says:

    Can’t read japanese .What is it?

  24. Steven Roberts says:

    Got my recordstore cancellation as well.

    Piss poor show, if you ask me:(

  25. Simon Taylor says:

    It’s very disappointing. I was tipped off (on steve hoffman forum,) that Recordstore had let people down before with limited editions (and i’m not posting here to bad mouth retailers, its just what i’d heard on the evening of everyone trying to order the blue vinyl,) so was already concerned their website was allowing orders to still be processed late into the evening. They’re a business, they need to make money but to offer 10% off on black vinyl to people they have let down seems a very poor show. Right now their reputation is very low amongst the very people who are likely to purchase from them in future. Definitely a lesson in how not to do business.

    I’m okay that the blue vinyl has gone, its very disappointing but not the end of the world. I will likely go for the black triple vinyl but in no hurry to use my “wonderful” 10% off with recordstore. I’ll hold out and see how the likes of amazon pricing goes.

  26. andrew r says:

    Not the first time recordstore have done this to me
    thats the laststraw for me with this bunch of amateurs!

  27. Dean T says:

    Yup ..just had mine cancelled to,a little annoying to say the least . Missed the boat on this one.

  28. Steven Pottle says:

    Totally disgusted…received the cancellation e-mail THIS EVENING! I could have ordered from elsewhere last night instead of feeling happy that I managed to grab a copy through This was a gift for a friend and now I have to tell them that 1) I don’t have a copy for them (after telling them that I have after receiving my order confirmation yesterday) and 2) Because Recordstore failed to inform me in good time the limited edition is now sold out everywhere…it’s ok though as I have a 10% discount on the regular version that they already have :( Never going to order from them in the future as I don’t want to gamble losing an item due to bad management and failure to update their website and inform customers etc…

  29. Steven Pottle says:

    Just received this…Oh, balls:

    Thank you for ordering Radiohead ‘Ok Computer: OKNOTOK 1997 2017 Opaque Blue Vinyl’ from
    We’re incredibly sorry but due to the exceptional demand of this product and the extremely limited nature of the product we are unable to fulfil your order.
    You can still order the Black Triple Vinyl edition of ‘Ok Computer: OKNOTOK 1997 2017’ via the link below with a 10% discount off your order…”

  30. Paddy says:

    Record Store have cancelled my order (No Surprises), Jumbo are still taking orders.

  31. Andy says:

    Just got my blue vinyl cancellation email from Recordstore.

    Got an insulting 10% off the black version as an “apology” for wasting my time and stopping me from buying one elsewhere that had stock (now all gone of course). All despite knowing that most ecommerce systems have stock counting functionality.

    The upside is that it’s one less company to buy from in the future.

  32. Jay says:

    As of 16:51 is showing 4 blue vinyl copies available….

  33. Steve Rickard says:

    Reflex Records are taking pre orders again, but they’ve increased the price to £30, but postage is only £2.

    • Steve Rickard says:

      Update reflex no unavailable!

      • Domingo Martínez says:

        Dear all,

        I´ve just received an email from recordstore… They´ve cancelled my order.

        So, I´ve just preordered in “platomania”.

        Good luck.


  34. David Carter says:

    Thanks I have also ordered from Jumbo Records just to make sure

  35. Peter says:

    Jumbo records have found out there getting a few more.u can order now before they go

  36. Matthew Cheese says:

    Anyone heard anything from recordstore? There’s no way all those orders will be honoured, but I’ve not heard anything about cancelled orders. Would be nice to know one way or the other so I can look elsewhere if needs be!

    • Andy says:

      They are canceling them. Just got my email:

      “We are sorry to inform you the following items have been cancelled from your order because they have been deleted by our supplier and therefore are no longer available.”

    • David says:

      Just received my ‘order cancelled’ emails from Record Store. Bloody amateurs!
      Really hope Diverse vinyl comes through – they’ve never let me down yet, so fingers crossed.

      • Alan B says:

        I also got my cancellation email. As has been posted by the time they did it (48 hours later) any alternative source had long since sold out.

        Did anyone who ordered from Record Store NOT receive a cancellation email ie they ARE getting one? Did they have any stock at all. The shop is owned by Universal and can’t be classed as an “Indie Retailer” can it?

  37. Peter says:

    I got it just now £24.99 in the UK coloured vinyl

  38. Mark Reed says:

    So the vast majority of the new ‘meat’ is only physically available on a cassette in a £100+ box set? That’s an abusive packaging ploy. I’ll download it off YT the day after it comes out.

  39. DPW says:

    Looks like Boomkat are still taking preorders unless they’ve done a Recordstore cock up. Same price as black vinyl.

  40. PC says:

    Blue version still available to order in this Dutch store:

  41. Steve W says:

    I’m not a Radiohead fac but THAT is how you do a deluxe re-release!!

    Other groups and record companies take note!

  42. Mark says:

    Just read that indie shops will be doing over the counter sales of the blue vinyl on release day. All is not yet lost!

  43. Rory says:

    Has anyone had their order with Record Store cancelled yet?

    • Alan Wilson says:


      I’ve not had mine cancelled yet (placed order around 6pm on the announcement day), however just in case it does I placed another yesterday with a different independent store to cover my back if it happens.

  44. Dr Magus says:

    Yorke and co need to have a word with Mr Fripp about how to release a box set that is oh high quality and value for money. No blu ray 5.1 mix is poor show!

  45. Not Available says:

    Does anyone else think Radiohead should get off the toilet and attempt to make another good album?

    • David says:

      Did you not like ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ then?
      It was an absolute masterpiece in my opinion.
      And ‘In Rainbows’ was not too shabby either.

    • Dean says:

      As long as it’s as good as Moon Shaped Pool. :)

    • Paul E. says:

      @Not Available- If, by “toilet”, you’re referring to “A Moon Shaped Pool” (symbolism?)…than I agree as that was/is a good album. It’s been less than a year so let’s cut them some slack.

    • Jakob says:

      I think Not Available (and others) just mean RH should make another “rock” album when they say “good” album.

      Personally, I suspect it’d be a disaster if they intentionally tried to “rock” again.

  46. Ron I says:

    Just a word about Shipping cost of the box set. Nobody has mentioned that they’re offering one flat shipping rate worldwide. At least, that’s what it said on the product page yesterday. To ship the box to Canada was only going to be $13 USD, which is peanuts in light of recent extortionist shipping from eBay sellers and some vendors.

    I ended up not buying, though, because it was hard to justify all that money for the cassette and 24 bit WAV download, which is all I really want considering it’s just the standard black vinyl included.

    Thankfully, just managed to grab a copy of the triple-blue at Resident today.

  47. GL says:

    Since my original post it does indeed appear that the blue vinyl version has now sold out at Diverse:

    Thankfully my order with Diverse was for the blue one:

    Radiohead, OK Computer 20th Anniversary (Indies Only)
    Due on 23 June 2017

    I will of course submit the link/s to any other retailers I find still selling the blue vinyl one.

  48. Chris says:

    I got the 10th anniversary boxset for £3 in Fopp not so long ago. Not worth getting the 20th anniversary edotion imo if you already have that. Fopp is a great store, just not so many around anymore.

  49. Stickman says:

    Just checked the Diverse Vinyl store and its Black vinyl only. BLUE HAS SOLD OUT.

  50. Jay says:

    The Cat. number on the Diverse site is for the black vinyl.

  51. GL says:

    Just ordered mine (the limited blue one) from my local dealer:

    Free P&P for new customers as well (though unsure sure of full T&C’s for this)

    • Stickman says:

      GL, the Diverse Vinyl website doesn’t state it’s Blue.
      Is this just the Black vinyl version?

  52. These over-engineered and expansive box sets from Radiohead & Midnight Oil with their often spoken environmental mantras re-define the words ‘ironic’ and ‘hypocrisy’!

  53. Dean says:

    SuperDeluxe mentioned, some time ago, that the catalog was moving labels. Since then it has been inevitable reissues would take place.

    When I learned this, I decided to take a look at the earlier versions. The album boxes, with three discs (2CD and a DVD), were amazing, imo. While I knew newer versions would be coming, I decided to go for the boxes. I paid no more than £10 each for them.

    Hence, this new reissue is of little to no interest. As I understand it, Radiohead were unhappy with the earlier boxes, and had not wanted them released. Strange then that they’re changed their minds, but of course, it’s understandable.

    I don’t want Vinyl, and I most certainly do not want a Cassette. The older boxes look fantastic, have all the major content, and let’s face it, won’t sound better. So I’m out. I’m very happy with the earlier releases, and only a surround mix would tempt me back in.

    • Mic Smith says:

      They didn’t like the boxes because they had no say in their content or design. This box set simply signifies that they have control over their catalogue not any change of heart regarding box sets or reissues.

  54. Ian Hartley says:

    Just noticed that Jumbo Records in Leeds are still taking on-line orders for all formats, including the Ltd Indies only blue at £24.99. They post world wide so get in quickly !

  55. Ian Hartley says:

    Thanks- just placed an order as above- all the way to Finland. Let’s hope these get fulfilled ! £50 will still be a bargain once they get onto E Bay !

  56. Damian says:

    bit pricey but there are still some copies available here;

  57. Rory says:

    Anyone had a cancellation email yet from record store?

    • Chris Squires says:

      Had paypal email and recordstore receipt but no cancellation email as yet. I can’t imagine that recordstore would have 50 copies (would they?) And from people here and other buyers it must be near that number.

  58. Richard says:

    Just managed to preorder the blue version from Disk Union. Decent price too.

    • casho says:

      Good if you read Japanese…

      • Andy says:

        Visit the site in Google Chrome and it will offer a translation of the site into English. I tried to order on that site but it kept trying to get me to register and didn’t like any address outside of Japan.

  59. Daryl says:

    Why on earth is the digital version £1 more than the CD??

  60. Eamonn says:

    Their website mentions that postage and packaging will be the same regardless of where you live so as to be fair to those in faraway lands. Mailing democracy but explains why they have to bump it up for domestic orders.

  61. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Apparently, the boxsets’ worldwide postage costs are the same, so as “not to discriminate”…

  62. patjoller says:

    That blue vinyl edition was a nightmare to get. Managed to ask my friends at plaid room and was lucky enough to be one of the first to order there, even if the shipping costs are outrageous.
    But there goes my love for this band, I spent all my cash to have those editions even if I already own the original cd, the expended 2009 edition and last year’s vinyl reedition. Now there’s a boxset and a blue vinyl edition to add, I hope my favorite bands are done with anniversary/celebration boxsets. Spent tons of cash on the Oils tank, U2 vinyl boxset, Bowie’s RSD releases and now Radiohead.

  63. Mic Smith says:

    The box set appears overpriced to me and the postage charges on top are scandalous in the current market. I’m no lover of cassettes but can still play them but with the download code the tape won’t get played……

    I’ve ordered it and the 2CD edition (which is great value by itself) but in all honesty the vinyl set doesn’t appear to be a great deal for most fans. I’d do this for very few artists these days. I suppose the money I saved from boycotting RSD has paid for this indulgence.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yeah, you feel like they could have ‘built in’ the £10 UK postage on a £100 box set, a bit like Pledge does with their offerings…

  64. Paul E. says:

    I hope the cassette offers the download in FLAC or WAV at least…I hate MP3 downloads where the CD wasn’t included in the set (goes for vinyl, cassette, floppy disk, or whatever dated format is the flavor of the month). The last cassette purchase I made was Wolf Parade’s “Apologies to the Queen Mary” where for $12 I received the (still unopened) tape and hi res FLAC files for the deluxe remaster (25 tracks) plus an additional hi res download of an exclusive concert. That type of bundling makes cassette collecting a bit easier for CD diehards like me ;) I am genuinely excited to hear the “OK Computer” remaster and do own the 2 CD / 1 DVD edition…

  65. Julian Hancock says:

    So, not for the first time, we see people desperate to spend their cash unable to get what they want. What a curious business model the record industry now operates.

    • StevieB says:

      But different people want different things with archive and SDE releases, so no matter what an artist or record company does, and no matter how many variants they offer, there’ll always be those who don’t like it in some major or minor way.

      • Julian Hancock says:

        I was referring to the blue vinyl. That is a simple matter of producing enough copies. The record industry now appears to favour a collectors market ( similar to that of limited edition Teddy Bears etc ) to selling as many copies of something as people want to buy)

  66. Mark says:

    I was really wanting a 5.1 mix on SACD, DVD-Audio, or Blu-Ray audio. I am glad that their will be a 24 bit download. Just wondering why its in WAV instead of a FLAC file.

    • Dean says:

      Sound quality wise – there is no difference between FLAC and WAV. WAV files though don’t carry all the tagging info. I’m guessing they went WAV because iPods and the like can’t play FLAC.

  67. StevieB says:

    This has been my favourite non-Beatles album EVER right since I first heard it/bought it/saw them live back in 1997. Didn’t realise that it was an analogue recording. I have the 2009 version but will get the 2-CD version. As was said previously on this thread, some albums it’s ok to buy more than once.

  68. Chris says:

    Recordstore is now “sold out”. Crossing fingers to get a blue vinyl. Feels more like a lottery than a purchase…

  69. Matthew Cheese says:

    Recordstore have now said there’s a big problem and that things have got “out of control”. Most if not all, orders will be cancelled in the morning I would think.

  70. richie says:

    104 page notebook, hmm, lacks the imagination their music does.

  71. Rich459 says:

    Somethings definitely not right with recordstore :-/

  72. Neil McL says:

    Thanks guys for the blue vinyl every indie store was sold out

  73. Caroline says:

    The 2009 edition wasn’t authorised by the band. At that time, the masters were owned by EMI/Terra Firma and they just gathered together what material they had without consulting the group – contractually, this was allowed and the group couldn’t stop them. But that’s why there was no unreleased material on those editions.

    What would be really fascinating would be a full Kid A/Amnesiac box set with the outtakes and alternates from those sessions.

    • EW99 says:

      Now *that* I’d punt some money on. I know I must be a bit weird but I’m not that bothered about OK Computer.

  74. Tripp says:

    When did Radiohead get the rights to their EMI era masters back? I realize EMI is no more, but I was under the impression that either Warner or Univeral owned these, now. Maybe they still do and this just means they get along with whomever has them.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      XL Recordings (Beggars Group) bought the Radiohead EMI back catalogue last year. The band must be working closely with them on this.

  75. Matthew Cheese says:

    You can order 100 copies from in one transaction.

    I think they might be screwing us. They need to take that preorder link down quickly.

  76. StevenL says:

    Worrying that I’ve just got a copy from recordstore too. Hope they bought all 3000 :)

  77. Steve says:

    Record seemed good for blue vinyl a moment ago. Thanks to all who suggested the link.

  78. Chris says:

    I think can’t fulfill our placed orderings but I tried it anyway.

  79. Andy says:

    Ergh… got the box set too from Radiohead site, damn my addiction. $143 inc shipping to the US.

    Though, weirdly, they wanted an extra $13 to ship the CD version too (I passed on that). How heavy are 2 CDs these days?

  80. Donal Murphy says:

    Interesting to see are around £10 cheaper than some sites, @ £22.99

    • Chris Squires says:

      I have a horrible feeling that if we all “got lucky” at the recordstore we will be getting a let-down email soon as they can’t fulfil. I normally like to be positive but I just wonder if they haven’t been updating their stock / availability….

      • Simon Taylor says:

        Seen a few comments elsewhere that recordstore may not be so vigilant with their online store on previous experience. And seeing its being posted everywhere and they’re still taking orders, i’d just be a bit wary.

  81. Gary Matfin says:

    Wow, that was a bit of a slog but got a copy off Recordstore about 5 minutes ago. Just keep trying folks!

  82. David Carter says:

    I already have the 2009 cd but really wanted it on vinyl and there are a handful of albums it really doesnt matter owning twice, and this is one of them.

  83. Dean T says:

    Thanks for the link a treat…my order also confirmed a blue set.
    Be quick if you want one.

  84. Francis says:

    I will stick to the 2009 boxset 3disc edition (2CD/DVD).

    Track Listings
    Disc: 1
    1. Airbag
    2. Paranoid Android
    3. Subterranean Homesick Alien
    4. Exit Music (For A Film)
    5. Let Down
    6. Karma Police
    7. Fitter Happier
    8. Electioneering
    9. Climbing Up The Walls
    10. No Surprises
    11. Lucky
    12. The Tourist

    Disc: 2
    1. Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)
    2. Pearly
    3. A Reminder
    4. Melatonin
    5. Meeting In The Aisle
    6. Lull
    7. Climbing Up The Walls (Zero 7 Mix)
    8. Climbing Up The Walls (Fila Brazillia Mix)
    9. Palo Alto
    10. How I Made My Millions
    11. Airbag (Live In Berlin)
    12. Lucky (Live In Florence)
    13. Climbing Up The Walls (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session 28/5/97)
    14. Exit Music (For A Film) (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session 28/5/97)
    15. No Surprises (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session 28/5/97)

    Disc: 3
    1. Paranoid Android
    2. Karma Police
    3. No Surprises
    4. Paranoid Android (BBC TV’s Later With Jools Holland 31/5/97)
    5. No Surprises (BBC TV’s Later With Jools Holland 31/5/97)
    6. Airbag (BBC TV’s Later With Jools Holland 31/5/97)

  85. Steve says:

    is still taking orders – the page says black vinyl but the cat # is the blue vinyl edition. On check out it confirmed I had ordered a blue vinyl edition.

  86. Tobias says:

    Thanks for the links! Very muc appreciated!!! I finally got lucky with recordstore… all others sold out already… incredible!

  87. Gisabun says:

    So in the end, with the exception of 3 unreleased tracks we are actually getting less than the 2009 edition. Meh.

  88. Neil says:

    Surprised they used analogue tapes in 97.

  89. Adrian S says:

    So the £100 box gives you a tape and a book on. Quite a little for an extra £75 on the vinyl version….

  90. Alan Wilson says:

    This blue version is selling like hot cakes, it’s literally flying off the shelves. I’ve read on one of the sites in 3,000 limited edition.

    Only a few stores have it remaining from what I can see, I’d get in quick if you want one.

    Still also in stock at Boomkat but £31.99 is pushing it when most others are asking between £22 – £25 for it.

    • Justin (uk) says:

      Thanks Alan- got “Lucky” with the recordstore link

      • Justin (uk) says:

        )o: recordstore have just emailed to say they have cancelled my order due to lack of stock (even though i got an order confirmation two days ago)

    • Catweazle says:

      Thanks Alan, just secured a copy thanks to your recordstore link!

  91. Kauwgompie says:

    I thought cassettes were kind of a creative thing that they put into SDE’s more or less as a joke, or filler. New Order put it in that Japanese box, Oasis in the SDE of What’s The Story…, Visage came out with a bunch. Now Radiohead. I prefer additional remixes or unreleased songs over a somewhat useless cassette. It’s definitely creative and they do give you a download code so you’re not missing out on anything. Don’t remember the New Order box came with a DL code.

  92. Auntie Sabrina says:

    David, the 4,000 edition blue vinyl is a US pressing (sold out at eBay for £154…).

    Hope you get a copy love…

  93. Will_2 says:

    Looking forward to this.
    Shame there is nothing live.
    They were superb on this tour.

  94. Elliot says:

    I’ve got all the 2009 Collector’s Editions except for Kid A. If the 3 new tracks and C90 cassette tracks were available as a download from the band’s site, I’d get them straight away.

    I’m hesitant to buy the box set for a handful of tracks I don’t have as the vinyl doesn’t interest me although the books sound nice.

  95. Danny says:

    With one thing and another, this is turning into an expensive month…

  96. Kevin says:

    Wow, the CD version is incredibly reasonably priced, but it does also look like a bare bones digipack.

    Fine by me! If it’s been remastered, I’m in. I don’t really need all the demos.

  97. Graham says:

    The 2009 edition had in addition 2 mixes, 2 live tracks & 3 Radio One evening session tracks plus a dvd of videos. Won’t be getting new version.

  98. Tobias says:

    found opaque blue vinyl on… but already sold out :-(

  99. José Ramón says:

    Finally we get “Lift” ;) Very happy!

  100. David Carter says:

    Anyone find the limited blue vinyl anywhere?

  101. russell finch says:

    The original CD was pretty loud, let’s see if they have the class to remaster it quieter !!

  102. Mike says:

    What does this leave out in relation to the 2009 “Limited Collectors’ Edition”, hmm?

    • Chris Brown says:

      At a glance it omits the two remixes from the ‘Karma Police’ CD2, the two live tracks from ‘No Surprises’ CD2, three BBC session tracks released on the EMI deluxe and all the DVD content.
      However I guess it’s possible the live/remix/BBC tracks will turn up on more specialist collections at some stage. Personally I’d rather have a full set of BBC sessions together than three thrown on the end to fill space.

    • Adam says:

      The two “Climbing Up The Walls” remixes, the live tracks, the BBC session and all the video content.

  103. Bongo Fury says:

    Tracklist of the bonus cd:
    1. “I Promise” (Previously unreleased)
    2. “Man of War” (Previously unreleased)
    3. “Lift” (Previously unreleased)
    4. “Lull”
    5. “Meeting in the Aisle”
    6. “Melatonin”
    7. “A Reminder”
    8. “Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)”
    9. “Pearly*”
    10. “Palo Alto”
    11. “How I Made My Millions”

    8 of these songs are on the 2009 collecter’s edition

  104. Mark Jensen says:

    I don’t understand people who complain about cassettes or say they won’t play them. I love cassettes and love listening to them and will consider buying the box set mainly because it comes with a cassette. To me, this is a very valid form of physical media, and completely different than a download and more fun than a cd.

    • Gavin says:

      I have a really nice tape deck but sorry , it’s my least favourite media – much prefer vinyl and cds – cassette just never were that good imo

    • J T says:

      Respectfully, that makes no sense. You’ll consider paying $140 for a box set featuring three records, a 40-page book, a 104-page notebook, a 48-page sketchbook…”mainly” for a cassette?

      I love the cassettes I have because that was the sequence in which I listened to the music on those particular cassettes (I was making mixtapes for my own listening preferences), but any cassette lover who wants to listen to this music on cassette can just record from vinyl or CD.

      As a songwriter, I see the genius in putting on tape that which was originally recorded and listened to by the band on tape. It’s a wink at the anti-technology sentiment perceived by many to run through the album. And it is its own excuse for why a demo tape might sound like a tape, in contrast with the higher fidelity of a finished work of art (much less a remastered one).

      But as a music consumer who bought the original CD back in the day, bought the box set a few years ago, and might actually triple-dip on such a beloved and brilliant musical milestone particularly for bonus tracks I don’t already have—but who’d most likely listen to them on CD or in iTunes—I have to pay a hundred quid to get the part I’m interested in, a 90-minute cassette archive of the writing and recording process. That, and its digital copy, are ONLY available to those who pay for several pounds of paper and cardboard.

      We’re all presumably here because we embrace the concept of Super Deluxe Editions above and beyond “regular” deluxe, I just lament the irony that the anti-capitalist masterpiece by the guys who considered the previous box a “cash grab” to “squeeze every bit of lost money” doesn’t let people like myself who are fascinated with delving into the creative genesis pay for the opportunity to do so without also paying for a lot of stuff I’ll look at once, if that. For that matter, will I experience that tape once, and upon further revisiting just go back to the album as a whole, appended by favorite bonus tracks? Sure, that’s the question with any media purchase, but it’s magnified when the price is this high for an added value this disparate.

      Fourteen dollars for a 2-CD set to get three bonus tracks I don’t already have? OK. Fourteen more to get a version with the 90 minutes of archives on another disc or two, or in the dual cassette/download format? Definitely. Only that’s not an option.

      And so, the quandary. Do I, too, pay $140 for a box set featuring three records, a 40-page book, a 104-page notebook, a 48-page sketchbook…mainly for a cassette? Respectfully, that makes no sense.

      • Jakob says:

        I would question how much money they’re going to make from this Super Deluxe Edition as a “cash grab”. Depending how many copies they’re making, they might be selling it at near cost. Those books aren’t going to be cheap to print and pressing three 12″ 180 gram discs isn’t cheap either, never mind the box with die-cut spacers for all the items. This is a pricey production job.

        I suspect the material on the cassette will be a “one and done” experience (though an interesting one) so cassette/DL for that I’m okay with. My only beef with this is they didn’t toss the two CDs in the box as well.

  105. -sg- says:

    Wow, finally, a studio recording of I Promise, Lift, and Man O War. After all of these years. That 90 minute session tape looks interesting….

  106. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Plus £10 postage and packing, the double CD is £10 plus £3 postage.

  107. gogandmagog says:

    uuuffff more vinyl and now cassette…so you get lot of paper and a download code, the rest you look at it…mmmhh the CDs, let’s wait the price

  108. Mark S says:

    So to all intents and purposes the bonus mix tape thing in the super deluxe is just like the McCartney thing in being effectively download only.
    In as much as I expect about 1% of people to play the cassette.
    If you buy the box set you’re getting a format that is unplayable to most people.
    I guess a lot of folk will defend this cos it’s Radiohead.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes and no. Radiohead are giving you ALL the B-sides on physical (CD, vinyl) and 3 unreleased tracks on physical. The Radiohead mixtape session/demo content is download only and while I would have liked that on CD or vinyl, it’s not quite the same because the argument with McCartney was that previously released B-sides (and remixes etc.) were download only. Stuff that had been out before was now ‘relegated’ to download only. Radiohead aren’t doing this.

  109. Gavin says:

    Limited coloured triple vinyl from indie retailers also

  110. Alan Wilson says:

    There’s also a stunning blue opaque triple vinyl version available from indie retailers only.

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