Red Hot Chili Peppers / The Getaway


Red Hot Chili Peppers return next month with their 11th studio album, The Getaway.

The album has been produced by Danger Mouse and mixed by Nigel Godrich. You can listen to Dark Necessities below.

There are no deluxe editions as such but Warners’ RHCP store is offering exclusive bundles with a cassette single and lithographs.

The Getaway will be released on 17 June 2016.

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The Getaway [VINYL]


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the getaway - CD



1. The Getaway
2. Dark Necessities
3. We Turn Red
4. The Longest Wave
5. Goodbye Angels
6. Sick Love
7. Go Robot
8. Feasting on the Flowers
9. Detroit
10. This Ticonderoga
11. Encore
12. The Hunter
13. Dreams of a Samurai

9 responses to Red Hot Chili Peppers / The Getaway

  1. GHB says:

    The cover is a painting by Kevin Peterson, a Houston-based artist …. I really like his work, of which this album cover is very characteristic …..

  2. nsfw says:

    Sounds like Atoms for Peace rubbed off on Flea…Not a huge RHCP fan but I do miss John’s harmonies.

  3. Carlton says:

    I’m going to sound like a prat probably, but cassettes should count for LESS money–are we really nostalgic for that crappy format? I understand vinyl aficionados (even though I am not one), but cassettes?

  4. probablyrustin says:

    The font is a bit more “Disney” than chalk graffiti, but nice cover shot.

  5. Charles K. says:

    That cover is great. Unabashed fan of all their work, looking forward to this.

  6. eric slangen says:

    60 euro for the vinyl + litho and cassette??. Expensive.

  7. seikotsi says:

    Beautiful. I would buy it for the art work alone. And maybe even the cassette single.

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