Red Hot Chili Peppers / Greatest Hits: 2LP coloured vinyl set


Warner Bros. will  next month reissue a special coloured vinyl edition of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits compilation from 2003.

At that time, this 16-track best of was issued as a double LP set in Europe but numbers were low and thus this album commands very high prices on the used market for the 2LP version. It wasn’t put out at all on vinyl in the States which probably explains why this new limited edition appears to be a US-only release and is pressed on grey marbled vinyl.

This collection followed the massively successful By The Way album and at the time included two previously unreleased tracks, Fortune Faded and Save The Population.

This new 2LP coloured vinyl edition of Greatest Hits is released on 23 February 2016.



LP 1
1. Under The Bridge
2. Give It Away
3. Californication
4. Scar Tissue
5. Soul To Squeeze
6. Otherside
7. Suck My Kiss
8. By The Way

LP 2
1. Parallel Universe
2. Breaking The Girl
3. My Friends
4. Higher Ground
5. Universally Speaking
6. Road Trippin’
7. Fortune Faded
8. Save The Population

13 responses to Red Hot Chili Peppers / Greatest Hits: 2LP coloured vinyl set

  1. Robert Morgenstern says:

    JPC has this for 19,99 €. That’s at this time 22,40 € cheaper than on

  2. elliott buckingham says:

    received yesterday brilliant sounding not brickwalled at all

  3. elliott buckingham says:

    pre-ordered this but amazon uk are now showing not available

  4. RJSWinchester says:

    It would be good if they released a remastered and remixed CD version of Californication that wasn’t physically painful to listen to!

    • Robert McCallum says:

      that remaster was released (on vinyl only) back in 2012…. too bad they didn’t issued a CD version too :/

      • Cristina says:

        The Californication LP was recently available at but the customer service could not confirm me if it was the 2009 release or the 2012 reissue. Is there any way to externally distinguish them?

  5. Martin says:

    Thanks Paul
    Have gone ahead and pre-ordered.
    Any info on a UK outlet for the upcoming and long awaited Stadium Arcadium Vinyl reissue at all?

    I have seen it listed on and at with a suggested release date of February 23rd 2016.

    You’ve got to love the peppers, especially on vinyl….
    Thanks again Paul

  6. elliott buckingham says:

    just pre-ordered cheers for the heads up

  7. Martin says:

    Thanks for the heads up – jut preordered. Does anyone know how many of these they’re making?

  8. Denis Woods says:

    Hi Paul,
    Have you heard anything about the RHCP doing anything for the 25th anniversary of Blood Sugar Sex Magik?.

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