Rhino launch vinyl limited editions in ‘Start Your Ear Off Right’ campaign


Rhino have launched a series of limited edition vinyl – from acts such as Madonna, The Stooges and Hootie & the Blowfish – to kick off 2017 in a campaign dubbed ‘Start Your Ear Off Right’.

20 titles from “some of the most revered acts in music” will be available from 10 January, primarily only in North America and Canada, and even then, in specific retailers such as Barnes and Noble, CD Warehouse, Sam Goody etc.

Product details include a double coloured vinyl version of Madonna‘s 1990 compilation The Immaculate Collection, with LP 1 pressed on blue and white marble and LP 2 on gold vinyl; The Stooges’ Funhouse on orange and black vinyl (this is available ‘worldwide’) and a picture disc of Foreigner‘s third album Head Games.

For FULL details of the 20 releases and further information on retailers head over to this page on the Rhino website.


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Hootie & The Blowfish

Cracked Rear View [VINYL]


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  2. elliott buckingham says:

    the immaculate collection is on amazon uk as a pre-order of £57.99 it seems even amazon are getting into the art of flipping

  3. Nick Preece says:

    Does Anybody know if the Barnes and Noble Issue of Madonnas Immaculate Collection is on the Coloured Vinyl?

    I contacted them and Barnes and Noble Don’t Know whether it’s coloured or not…..Is it only on coloured vinyl?
    Pretty ridiculous they don’t know what they are selling!

  4. Mick says:

    It’s true, these Rhino special releases are US/Canada. A bit tough to get some of them even here in the US. Last year I got the blue vinyl LP of the first Cars album. This year I got the clear vinyl Deep Purple “Machine Head”, the splatter vinyl of Alice Cooper’s “Billion Dollar Babies”, and the orange vinyl of Faces “First Step”.
    But it’s also true that the UK gets as many, if not more goodies (IIRC there was a UK white vinyl Deep Purple “In Rock” I pined after in vain not all that long ago…). To put this in perspective… I recently ordered the Jethro Tull green vinyl “Aqualung” LP from Burning Shed (because Sainsbury’s was not an option here). That £17.99 LP with exchange rates & shipping cost me $31.93. Oh, and that’s not to mention the credit card’s foreign transaction fee.
    That is to say, I understand the frustration some of my UK brethren are feeling right about now…

    Oh, and BTW, Burning Shed will be selling that Yes “Going For The One” picture disc. ;-)

  5. elliott buckingham says:

    I hate the fact that the price of things never transfer correctly so a album in America would be $20 so the uk price should be £16.28 because of the exchange rate but it never works out right+ the cost of postage to or from America is so high

  6. stephendking says:

    Only available from certain American shops does really narrow it down though. And it’s so expensive to pay postage, VAT, the charge for collecting the VAT and possibly customs duty to get something sent to the UK even if you can find someone to send it to you. I’m guilty of buying all manner of fancy reissues I don’t really need but it has got to the point that I breathe a sigh of relief when something like this appears and it doesn’t include someone I collect.

  7. Paul Wren says:

    Relax, people. It’s a global internet world and more than ever beforen we can now buy whatever we want from anywhere, subject to knowing about it – thanks Paul. The only decision we need to make is whether we want to buy it, postage/import duties and all. It’s great, isn’t it?

  8. Glenn Roger says:

    I’m really annoyed about some of the comments mentioning that people have issues Rhino is only releasing limited edition vinyl in the US and Canada. The U.K. And Europe are always coming out with the coolest limited edition’s that are NEVER released in the US and we have to pay higher prices to get them. So with that said, I say welcome to our world!

  9. Steven C says:

    I’m coming to the UK on the 20th. I can bring all of these titles for anyone willing to trade one of the HMV Morrissey gold vinyl issues

  10. eric slangen says:

    I like the Iron Butterfly album. I try to get at Barnes.

  11. Lee Taylor says:

    Of all the Cheap Trick albums, why Woke Up With A Monster? Couldn’t get the rights to The Doctor?

    • Robert says:

      Because Woke Up With A Monster is the only title Cheap Trick recorded for Warner. And Rhino is Warner.

      • Larry Davis says:

        Not sure if you were being sarcastic or sincere Lee, as either people love or hate Cheap Trick’s “Woke Up With A Monster”, and most hate “The Doctor”, yet it has a small group of fans. Me, I LOVE “Monster”…it has 2 of my alltime fave Trick tunes in “You’re All I Wanna Do” and “Didn’t Know I Had It”. “Give Me Everything” was almost as good, as is the title track. As for “Ride The Pony”, Trick’s stab at funk, I used to hate it, but it grew on me. Only the last 2 songs on it are a tad subpar…and I have the Japanese version with their cover of instrumental “Sabre Dance” as a bonus track…would be nice if that was on the vinyl as a bonus track as well. As for “The Doctor”, I like it but it’s not a fave, yet like “Monster”, it has 2 all-time fave trick tunes in “It’s Only Love” and “Take Me To The Top”. And no, Sony would never license this to Rhino/Warners, as much as they would love to.

  12. Piotr says:

    Hootie And The Blowfish and the word revered in the same sentance and its not even April Fools Day.

    • HalloweenJack says:

      Very well put, Piotr! ;)
      Those in the UK should be thankful that Hootie & the Blowfish won’t be taking up shelf space!
      Though I am sure it would make a great frisbee.

  13. Scott G says:

    Juno Records have Yes-Going For The One-Pic Disk listed for £19.50

  14. elliott buckingham says:

    i was miffed that black Sabbath a great uk band only got American reissues on coloured vinyl and the double lp sets that mimic the deluxe editions from a few years ago

  15. Nick Preece says:

    Just Found a Site Who are Listing all 20 Start Your Ear Off Right Vinyls and Ship to the UK – they aren’t Too expensive – Ranging from $13.99 for the Cars Pic Disc to $29.99 For Madonnas Immaculate Collection – Plaid Music – delivery is $24.99 to the UK for each LP……

  16. mike says:

    Yep but the Sainsburys ones are barely getting a premium now on ebay, just simple economics of supply and demand in end….

  17. Jay Kranz says:

    odd chosing going for the one of all the yes albums for picture disc treatment. the one with a triple gatefold as its art gimmick, so you lose 2/3rds of the picture…

    fragile coulda worked nicely I imagine.

  18. Larry Davis says:

    Nice, but why would anyone want that Hootie record on coloured vinyl?? Unless you are a diehard Darius Rucker country fan or of 90s nostalgia. As for us getting the exclusives?? Um, you lot in the UK get a ton more than we do, haha…

  19. Bryan says:

    I getting a bit bored now with all these practically unobtainable limited editions. The only people who truly profit are the scalpers, the losers being the poor (literally) fans and collectors. Case in point: Sainsburys limited vinyls being snapped up in bulk buy scalpers and bunged on eBay for 3,4 times the price. You’re welcome to them, I won’t die for the lack!

  20. Nick Preece says:




    • Carlton says:

      You do realize about 90% of the stuff reported on SDE is on available as an import if you live in the US, right?

  21. Simon Taylor says:

    Why would anyone want a picture disc of Head Games? That’s one of the worst albums covers ever. Strange decision.

  22. steve p says:

    The hootie vinyl is on amazon uk for pre order at 22.75 .. just ordered my copy

  23. Simon Taylor says:

    Any news on UK availability? After obtaining the Sainsburys coloured vinyl of Madonna’s True Blue and Live A Prayer I’d really like the Immaculate Collection to complete the set.

  24. Otto says:

    “only in North America and Canada”…frack Rhino.

  25. elliott buckingham says:

    typical America getting great limited editions and we get nothing

    • probablyrustin says:

      Interesting… I can’t even keep track of the number of releases that never see the light of day in the US. I’d say the UK gets *far* more deluxe/limited/re-issue releases.

      • Glen Buchanan says:

        As a Marc Bolan/ T.Rex fan I depend on my local record store to get me the UK Record Store goodies not availed in the US or Canada. Somehow they always come through! Love Vertigo Records, Ottawa

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