Richard and Linda Thompson / Hard Luck Stories 1972-1982 box set

8CD box set • Remastered albums • Unreleased material

This September Universal Music will issue Hard Luck Stories 1972 to 1982 a new Richard and Linda Thompson 8CD box set that features remastered versions of all six studio albums and previously unreleased recordings.

This career retrospective contains the three classic Island Records releases –‘I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight’, ‘Hokey Pokey’ and ‘Pour Down Like Silver’ – and the long out-of-print albums First Light and Sunnyvista (both new transfers from recently relocated masters) as well as their final album Shoot Out The Lights.

Hard Luck Stories contains 113 songs in total which 30 are previously unreleased. All the studio albums come with bonus tracks and there are ‘Early Years’ and live discs to complete the eight-CD collection.

The set was personally curated by Richard and Linda and compiled and mastered by Andrew Batt. It contains a 72-page hardcover book featuring brand new essays (by Patrick Humphries and Mick Houghton) and rare and previously unpublished photographs.

Hard Luck Stories (1972-1982) will be issued on 11 September 2020. The SDE shop will have an allocation and you can order using this link, or the button below (we are shipping to the USA). Three 180g vinyl reissues (which come with a download code) are also released on the same date.

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Richard And Linda Thompson

Hard Luck Stories 1972 to 1982 - 8CD box set


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Richard & Linda Thompson

I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight [VINYL]


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Richard & Linda Thompson

Pour Down Like Silver [VINYL]


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Richard & Linda Thompson

Hokey Pokey [VINYL]



01: Sweet Little Rock and Roller – The Bunch – Alt version ( 3:48 ) Previously Unreleased
02: The Locomotion – The Bunch from Rock On ( 3:02 )
03: My Girl In The Month of May – The Bunch from Rock On ( 2:13 )
04: When Will I Be Loved – duet with Sandy Denny ( 3:17 )
05: Amazon Queen ( 3:58 ) – Previously Unreleased
06: Shaky Nancy from Henry The Human Fly ( 3:28 )
07: The Angels Took My Racehorse Away from Henry The Human Fly ( 4:02 )
08: Embroidered Butterflies from Brian Patten’s ‘Vanishing Trick’ ( 3:17 )
09: After Frost from Brian Patten’s “Vanishing Trick” ( 1;57 )
10: Sometimes It Happens – Demo – from ‘Dreams Fly Away’ ( 2:06 )
11: Restless Boy – Demo – from ‘Give Me A Sad Song’  ( 4:17 )
12: The World Is A Beautiful Place from ‘ Give Me A Sad Song’ ( 3:30 )
13: Shady Lies – Live at London University College, 25/10/1972 ( 2:23 )
14: Napoleon’s Dream – Live at  London University College, 25/10/1972 ( 2:02 )


01: When I Get To The Border ( 3:26 )
02: The Calvary Cross ( 3:52 )
03: Withered and Died ( 3:25 )
04: I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight ( 3:08 )
05: Down Where The Drunkards Roll ( 4:06 )
06: We Sing Hallelujah ( 2:51 )
07: Has He Got A Friend For Me ?  ( 3:33 )
08: The Little Beggar Girl ( 3:25 )
09: The End Of The Rainbow ( 3:56 )
10: The Great Valerio  ( 5:23 )

Bonus Tracks

11: Mother and Son ( 2:21 ) – Previously Unreleased
12: Down Where The Drunkards Roll – Take 1 ( 4:04 ) – Previously Unreleased
13: The End Of The Rainbow – Linda Thompson vocal version ( 3:57 )  – Previously Unreleased
14: A Heart Needs A Home – Demo version ( 3:58 )  – Previously Unreleased
15: The Great Valerio from Live at the Rainbow 16/03/1975 ( 5:16 )


01: Hokey Pokey Song (The Ice Cream Song)  ( 3:22 )
02: I’ll Regret It All In The Morning  ( 3:36 )
03: Smiffy’s Glass Eye ( 2:53 )
04: Egypt Room ( 3:52 )
05: Never Again ( 3:08 )
06: Georgie On A Spree ( 3:40 )
07: Old Man Inside A Young Man  ( 4:26 )
08: The Sun Never Shines On The Poor  ( 3:41 )
09: A Heart Needs A Home ( 3:47 )
10: Mole In A Hole ( 3:26 )

Bonus Tracks

11: Hokey Pokey – Live on Marc Time – 1975 ( 3:13 ) – Previously Unreleased
12: A Heart Needs A Home – Alternate 1976 version ( 4:03 )



01: Streets of Paradise  ( 4:17 )
02: For Shame Of Doing Wrong ( 4:43 )
03: The Poor Boy Is Taken Away ( 3:34 )
04: Night Comes In ( 8:11 )
05: Jet Plane In A Rocking Chair ( 2:49 )
06: Beat The Retreat ( 5:52 )
07: Hard Luck Stories  ( 3:51 )
08: Dimming Of The Day / Dargai  ( 3:52 )

Bonus Tracks

09: Wanted Man ( 5:35 )  – Previously Unreleased
10: Last Chance – Previously Unreleased ( 3:42 )
11: Diming Of The Day – Demo version ( 3:52 )   – Previously Unreleased
12: Things You Gave Me – Live at Oxford Polytechnic, 27/11/1975  ( 2:35 )
13: It’ll Be Me – Live at Oxford Polytechnic, 27/11/1975  ( 4:24 )
14: Calvary Cross – Live at Oxford Polytechnic, 27/11/1975 ( 13:24 )

CD 5 – THE MADNESS OF LOVE – LIVE – * Previously Unreleased

01: Dargai – Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall 25/04/1975  ( 3:33) *
02: Never Again -Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall 25/04/1975 ( 3:07) *
03: Dark End Of The Street – Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall 25/04/1975 remixed ( 4:19) *
04: Beat The Retreat – Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall 25/04/1975] remixed ( 6:24) *
05: The Sun Never Shines On The Poor – Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall 25/04/1975 ( 3:48)*
06: If I Were A Woman and You Were A Man  – Theatre Royal, London, 01/05 1977 (2:54)*
07: The Madness of Love – Live, Theatre Royal, London, 01/05 1977 ( 7:00 ) *
08: Night Comes In (Linda vocal) – Live, Theatre Royal, London, 01/05 1977 ( 12:53 ) *
09: A Bird In Gods Garden – Live, Theatre Royal, London, 01/05 1977  ( 9:33 ) *
10: The King of Love – Live, Theatre Royal, London, 01/05 1977  ( 6:55 ) *
11: Layla – Live, Theatre Royal, London, 01/05 1977 ( 8:48 ) *


01: Restless Highway ( 3:58 )
02: Sweet Surrender ( 4:53 )
03: Don’t Let A Thief Steal Into Your Heart  ( 4:43 )
04: The Choice Wife ( 2:06 )
05: Died For Love ( 7:01 )
06: Strange Affair  ( 3:08 )
07: Layla ( 4:22 )
08: Pavane ( 5:07 )
09: House of Cards ( 3:30 )
10: First Light ( 4:22 )

Bonus Tracks

11: Strange Affair – Demo version ( 4:09 )  – Previously Unreleased
12: Drunk – Demo version ( 2:14 ) – Previously Unreleased
13: The Dust Of Your Road – Demo version ( 2:33 )   – Previously Unreleased
14: Layla – Demo version ( 4:38 )  – Previously Unreleased
15: Died For Love – Demo version ( 4:47 )  – Previously Unreleased
16: First Light – Demo version  ( 4:03 )


01: Civilization ( 5:01 )
02: Borrowed Time ( 5:34 )
03: Saturday Rolling Around  ( 3:24 )
04: You’re Going To Need Somebody  ( 3:47 )
05: Why Do You Turn Your Back ? ( 5:09 )
06: Sunnyvista ( 4:24 )
07: Lonely Hearts ( 5:05 )
08: Sisters ( 4:47 )
09: Justice In The Streets  ( 4:00 )
10: Traces Of My Love ( 4:05 )

Bonus Tracks

11: Georgie On A Spree – 7” single version ( 3:28 )
12: Lucky In Life – Demo version ( 2:42 ) – Previously Unreleased
13: Speechless Child – Demo version ( 4:17 ) – Previously Unreleased
14: Traces of My Love – Demo version ( 4:13 )  – Previously Unreleased
15: For Shame Of Doing Wrong [Gerry Rafferty version] ( 4:16 )
16: The Wrong Heartbeat [Gerry Rafferty version] ( 3:09 )
17: Back Street Slide (Gerry Rafferty session, 1996 remix)  ( 4:27 )


01: Don’t Renege On Our Love ( 4:17 )
02: Walking On A Wire ( 5:26 )
03: A Man In Need ( 3:34 )
04: Just The Motion ( 6:17 )
05: Shoot Out The Lights  ( 5:22 )
06: Back Street Slide ( 4:31 )
07: Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed ? ( 4:49 )
08: Wall of Death ( 3:43 )

Bonus Tracks

09: Living In Luxury – 7” single version ( 2:32 )
10: The Wrong Heartbeat – Shoot Out The Lights version ( 3:20 )  – Previously Unreleased
11: I’m A Dreamer – Gerry Rafferty session – 1996 remix ( 4:09 )
12: Walking On A Wire – Gerry Rafferty session – 1996 remix ( 5:12 )
13: Pavanne – Live, 2nd Story, Bloomington, Indiana 29/5/1982 ( 5:38 ) – Previously Unreleased
14: High School Confidential – Live, 2nd Story, Bloomington, Indiana 29/5/1982 ( 4:29 )  – Previously Unreleased


158 responses to Richard and Linda Thompson / Hard Luck Stories 1972-1982 box set

  1. Patrick Cleasby says:

    They’ve just mailed out. You have until 15th November to go to the web portal to request the discs.

  2. Graeme ewan says:

    Can we not all tweet Umc en masses or something? Not good on twitter so don’t know the most effective way.

  3. Peter Stanton says:

    My set was delivered to my daughter in Belgium from Amazon Holland. Unfortunately, she has no means of playing it to see if it works and the prospect of her coming home, or me going out there, gets more and more remote. I could get it posted, but then there is the risk of damage and the cost.

    £28.35 has just been taken from my bank account, so it would seem to be a superb deal , but only if it plays.

    Should I get her to return it or hang on in there??

  4. Scott Smith says:

    Received mine today and came here to comment and ask if anyone else was having problems. Well… Of the 8 discs, 7 of them won’t play the last track (they’re fine up to that point) and one of them won’t play the last 4 tracks. I’m just sending it back to Amazon for a refund and I may order another someday if Universal deals with this correctly. The sad part is this set would have generated some nice royalties for Richard & Linda but you can bet they won’t get paid for returned product.

  5. graeme ewan says:

    The countdown to extinction of this box set begins. Only days left til the big return and refund.then its all locked down!!! seriously tho. WTF are UMC doing? no announcement, no replacement, no respect of the employees, the very valuable people who should be empowered to do their job without pressure. Come on UMC. get this done properly. respect your workers in the plants and the artist. Thanks in advance.

    • Lee Realgone says:

      If there isn’t an obvious development on this by October 1st, mine is being returned for a full refund. I have a limited income – as much as I love running my own website, it brings in absolutely no money – so can’t afford to be stuck with a faulty box set.

  6. Kenneth Shurtluff says:

    I’m having the same problem as many of your supporters. Discs 3, 4 and 7 are defective. Still haven’t listened to discs 5 &8. I’m in the US and bought my copies from JPC. Heard back from them this morning and they told me to ship them back to Germany. They offered replacement copies, but what’s to say they won’t be defective as well?

  7. Guy.S says: contacted me today saying a replacement box set is being sent out and for me to send the other one back using a Freepost Address. I don’t know if they have fixed the problem or are just hoping that the new box isn’t faulty, I will find out as soon as it arrives. I had the signed art print edition so I will be keeping that back as I think I’d never see it again.

  8. Gary Fowles says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about not being alone with this problem of skipping discs. I’m glad that at least there are a few of us and if we all mail in to the correct email address then hopefully something will be done about it.

    It’s a shame since the set is actually pretty nicely put together, I’ve read the book already and couldn’t be any happier that it is one of those box sets that I love, CDs + decent book.

    Oh well, let’s just keep each other posted on any developments.

  9. Sascha H. says:

    I send the box set back to amazon and get a replacement box today. I hope the discs will work out well this time, disc 1 is in my player right now.

  10. BRIAN NIELSEN says:

    Nice box set
    Great book
    But cd´s shit…..shit…..shit
    Disc problems of many of them
    I have also send a mail to UMC ABOUT THIS
    All the best from Denmark

  11. Guy.S says:

    Anyone looking for the plastic inner sleeves in the UK for cardboard sleeved CD’s or box sets like Hard Luck Stories, John Lennon Imagine, Paul McCartney/Wings Wild Life etc to stop any scratching when taking out or replacing. sell Nagaoka brand of antistatic inner cd sleeves £10.99 for a pack of 20, they also sell Analogue Studio antistatic inner sleeves which you can get in different price bands (10 for £4.49 – 100 for £26.99) these prices need post cost adding to them, look under CD care for the items. sell the Nagaoka sleeves as well and have some Nagaoka for £5.99 for a pack of 20 though limited in stock.

  12. Paul English says:

    Just finished playing my set.
    All 8 discs play fine.
    Haven’t tried ripping them though.

  13. Andrew Greenwood says:

    I’m playing through now, as I have been away the last three days since it arrived.
    no problems yet (up to disc 3 track 9) but hope if there are issues we can just get a pack of new discs from Universal as I did with the dodgy Bly Rays issued with the Pink Floyd boxes (that I just found out about in time) and not have to send the whole package back and play them all through again to see if the next version is from the same batch.
    I’ll keep returning here and Steve Hoffman to see what the consensus is and if there are Universal updates (most likely through Paul I suspect)

  14. Sascha H. says:

    No reply from umusic. Are they gonna fix this problem right now ? I will send the article back to amazon hopefully to get a good exemplare of this box set. I am sad about this all cause it is realy a fantastic box set. Love their music.

  15. Mike says:

    Another one going back – got to Disc 4 then the skipping started. Only serves to increase the number of people who give up on physical product. Come on Universal…..

  16. Guy.S says:

    I ordered from and put disc 4 track 14 on straight away and sadly I am stuck with the same problem, at 11 minutes there is a clicking/electrical sound and then the track skips and the sound drops out, I haven’t played any of the other cd’s yet but have contacted record and Universal. The CD was clean, no scuffs/marks. Player: Pioneer BDP-LX58.

  17. Sascha H. says:

    No reply from umusic. I wonder if there ever will be a replacement ? Should I be more patience and wait a few more days ?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I hear it’s being looked into. Not sure this is something they can hope will go away.. so let’s wait and see.

      • Lee Realgone says:

        I’m actually considering sending mine back to Amazon for a full refund. Not sure I want to risk holding onto a box set that has multiple errors – and a majorly borked disc 5 – past the return date only to be disappointed by Universal’s solution. It seems like a big ask for them to do a replacement programme for all 8 discs…

  18. Mean Mr Mustard says:

    This is a real shame. The packaging is lovely but dodgy CDs? What is it with quality control and these deluxe editions? Why put so much care into the packaging and not give a rat’s behind for the actual music? I remember the trouble with the Pink Floyd blu-ray of DSotM and the Bowie ‘Heroes’ (although there is some argument that this wasn’t wasn’t an oversight). Why don’t they test these things before releasing them? Aaargh! Irritated and baffled…excuse my venting.

  19. Sascha H. says:

    So I listened to all of the 8 CDs. 4 of them stuck several times. A few minutes ago I send a mail to umusic for a replacement which hopefully will work out well. I hope they fix it soon.

  20. Gavaxeman says:

    So my copy arrived today ..played disc 1.. reading errors on each of the first four tracks despite discs looking fine ..seriously disappointing

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      What do you mean by ‘reading errors’? Does the CD play okay in your CD player? I’ve played CD 1 and CD 2 so far and both are fine…

      • RichardL says:

        Got my set from Amazon UK: Czech manufactured. So far all discs play OK. Have tested each one, and checked selected tracks focusing on the ones members here and elsewhere have flagged up as problems, and the noisy player/knocking issues (my player is a 30 year old Phillips CD850!). Looking at peoples’ comments, the affected discs and tracks seem to be random, and may be related to the packing and the packaging design. Cleaning may be the answer. I loathe these slot in books as they always result in multiple scuffs from careless packers which don’t affect play generally but are ugly, and, worse, marks on the discs at ‘quarter to the hour’ and ‘quarter past the hour’ where the different layers of card in the slot are forced onto the playing surface of the disc. These marks are normally towards the outer edges of the disc and vary in intensity – a lot of the problems reported concern the later tracks towards the outer edge. I always (obsessively probably) check my discs using the light bulb method and clean with a CD cloth and good ol’ breath! I also decant the discs into thin plastic CD cases for storage so they don’t get worse scratches. I found all discs in this set had packing scuffs and the ‘outer marks’ – worst I’ve seen in a long while. There was also a fair smattering of packer’s fingermarks on most discs. Cleaning removed the fingermarks and some of the worst of the ‘outer edge’ marks. On Disc 4 – which has had more problems reported? – I also found what I think is some kind of overspray (from the top surface possibly?). This has left more solid marks that cannot be removed. Invariably this seems to be a batch issue. I checked that part of my disc played OK. I may just be lucky. The only slight problem I’ve had is that the index on Disc 5 took marginally longer to load than normal; subsequent plays have been OK. Hope this helps.

      • Gavaxeman says:

        Jumps a few seconds ahead , then a blank second etc ..happened on each of the first four songs on disc 1 at some point ..stopped after that ..asked amazon for a swap set and see if the second one is better

  21. Sascha H. says:

    Well, I pre ordered my copy and get it on the 11th of September. I played 5 CDs today and on CD 4 track 14 are several faults, the CD stuck. I think this track is on another CD so if this is the only fault I won´t have to request for a good cd which plays well so I hope that the other 3 play without problems. Cause all in all it´s a beautifuly made set. Just love the photos with Linda. WOW ! What a beautiful woman !

  22. Steve Peatchey says:

    Exactly the same issues with my discs. Hopefully UMC can come up with a solution along the same lines as the Bowie boxset a few years ago before I go through the Amazon returns procedure

  23. Dean says:

    Well, add me to the list of people who got a defective set. Disc 1 was great, Disc 2 was wonderful, Disc 3 was a blast! Disc 4 was a skipperty-do-da. :-(

    Subsequently found other discs have problems. My discs look pristine, no scratches, smudges, or marks. So I guess it’s simply in the production of this set.

    The book is nice, but obviously the manufacturing fault just destroys my excitement. Shall I return it for a refund, or await a replacement scheme? Advice please.

    • graeme ewan says:

      Yep, tried to rip cd3 on EAC and its stuck on track 8 for 2 hrs!! and issues with other tracks on other discs.I would wait a week or 2. If a product is defective would have at least a month to return.

  24. Stevie says:

    To anyone who has not received their copy, I would count yourself lucky. Multiple reports of errors in playback and discs refusing to rip. Mine too. I ordered this the day it went up for pre-order. I am going to hang on for a few days to see if the manufacturer fesses up. If they don’t, I will be sending this back to Amazon. It will be interesting to see if those waiting start to suddenly get orders filled – maybe Amazon will start shipping out all the faulty boxes they receive back!

    • graeme ewan says:

      Hi Stevie, Thank the Lord it isnt just me with disc issues on this one. Is there any way we can all get together and contact UMC “En Masse”. to get replacements? I see zero point in sending back to Amazon with zero guarantee of getting a non faulty replacement. That’s if they even have replacements in stock.

      • stevie says:

        hi Graeme
        A few people have sent emails to UMC. It’s been reported on the Steve Hoffman forum that our host here, Paul, is going to see what he can find out via his own contact at UMC. I am going to hang on to this faulty box in the hope that UMC might send out replacement discs in due course to anyone who has bought it and reported errors.

  25. David Tomlinson says:

    Well, I keep getting emails changing the dates, now September 22-October 9. But given what I paid (GBP 46.98 plus 4.85 shipping), I’m not canceling. The charge has already hit the card, so I’m assuming it is or will soon be on the way.

    Currently GBP 87.03 on Amazon UK.

    I’ve never heard half of these discs, so I’m hoping they all play. This should be enjoyable on my mid-range setup in my very small listening room.

  26. Graham says:

    Disc 6 is faulty (the last track has fluttering and there are visible marks on the CD) and I can’t rip discs 6, 7 and 8.

    • Rob says:

      I received my copy of the “Hard Luck Stories” CD Box Set a couple of days ago from Amazon. It appeared to be in excellent condition on receipt. Visually, the discs look OK. However, I have been very disappointed to find that all the discs I have tried so far in the set have problems. There are glitches on tracks 8 and 14 of disc one. Disc two has similar glitches and stutters from track 6 onwards.
      On disc 3 there are glitches on tracks 9, 10, 12, 13 and 14.
      I have tried the discs on various machines and had the same problems. I have yet to try other discs, but pessimistic as other people have had problems with discs 6, 7 and 8. I have emailed Universal to see if the discs can be replaced.

  27. Ian Ryder says:

    Just to add to the comments, I also had the email from Amazon on day of release telling me I wouldn’t get it til October. The following day it turned up. I think Amazon have some badly flawed automated systems as this has happened with day of release stuff from them many times. I’ve said it before, they cornered the market with aggressive pricing and great service, now they’ve decimated the marketplace the service has gone to shit and the pricing isn’t always the best either. As for this box set, my disc five seems fine, what was the other disc people are having problems with? I like the mastering. ‘IWTSTBL’ is in my top ten albums of ever and I love the sound on this edition (CD in my case) and I’ve long waited for ‘First Light’ on CD just for ‘Sweet Surrender’. It did not disappoint.

    • Nathan Thomas says:

      If amazon have ‘decimated the marketplace’ & caused you untold pain over new releases/service/pricing maybe you should actually put your money where your mouth is, stop using them & make your future purchased via SDE etc.

      • Ian Ryder says:

        Nathan, I buy from plenty of places including SDE and bricks and mortar shops. I’m just saying Amazon is the big evil corporation that serves only itself that we’re all enslaved too. I’ve said to much, they’re probably already sending the terminator back from the future to silence me or steal back my Richard and Linda Thompson box set so that they can still supply someone in 2089 that hasn’t got their preorder yet.

  28. graeme ewan says:

    Disc faults. Can anyone help? disc 5 , the last 2 songs will not play. Very light visual damage at this point on the disc but I have ancient cd’s that play in worse condition. Anyone else had issues or who can I contact for a replacement disc? thanks. Bought from Amazon at £56 so doubt they have replacements.

  29. Paul Thomson says:

    Absolutely livid that Amazon have screwed this up. How can you trust them with a pre-order if they screw this up so badly. Will I get my Bob Mould box set? So incredibly pissed off about this and, as usual, Amazon behave without the slightest concern. On the plus side hearing about remastering concerns being raised by those who have heard them (noted Alexander’s concerns below), Any other SDE listeners got a view on that?

    • Stuart Wright says:

      It is worth hanging on as I got the ‘October/November’ email from Amazon yesterday but the box arrived today!

    • graeme ewan says:

      got a couple of faulty discs on mine. not good. discs and card board do not mix. dont know what to do re replacements. amazon are useless in this respect. anyone know who to contact at the Label?

      • David Powell says:

        Not sure how “amazon are useless in this respect” – every time I’ve had a faulty item (which isn’t usually Amazon’s fault) they’ve sent a replacement immediately by next day delivery without any problem – how exactly are amazon useless re faulty replacements? I’ve had far worse experiences with smaller independent record shops who seem to view faulty items & replacement requests as a customers attempt to scam them somehow

  30. Philip John Birtwistle says:

    They’re clearly struggling for stock at Amazon. Fortunately for me my order, placed 16th July, landed just when they said it would. Time to introduce the neighbours to the box now…..

  31. Kevin says:

    Hi There
    Extremely disappointed with Amazon UK regarding R & L Thompson box set received email this morning indicating could not fulfil order at present encouraging me to cancel order
    Delivery date now between 2nd October & 4th of October not a happy bunny used Amazons UK ring back service spoke to 3 members of staff who all advised me to cancel order with Amazon. No explanation given as to why unable to deliver box set or reason for delay extremely poor custom service & communication
    Box set still being advertised on site more expensive with a 1 to 2 month delivery date

  32. Paul Gray says:

    I too ordered from Amazon and am now advised of the delay. I’d be interested to hear Andrew’s take on this, presumably demand has outstripped supply or is there a problem with the CDs as mentioned on Steve Hoffman’s site?

  33. Alexander says:

    Really sad to say that the remastering isn’t that good. Especially the two Chrysalis albums sound much, much better on the Hanibal CDs. They are a bit louder but – and this is what I dislike more than limiting – they have a very harsh boosted treble/upper midrange. This is even more annoying as Andrew commented on the forums how much better his new remasters would sound. The only album the remaster doesn’t bother me much is Shoot out the lights. The difference from the much hated Island remasters to the ones in this set is smaller than the difference from the Hanibal Cds to this box. Sad, I had high hopes.

    • Nathan Thomas says:

      The remastering sounds fine to me on my high end sound system, but I guess you can’t please everyone as many have preconceived notions of some ‘perfect remaster’ tailored to their own particular preferences

  34. Peter c l says:

    I ordered same day it was announced on Amazon uk. Now they’ve cancelled my order

  35. phantomengineer says:

    Pre-ordered on 16.07, the day this was first announced, and have now received two emails from Amazon in the last few days saying no delivery date now known. Rumours related on the Steve Hoffman site regarding licencing issues, particularly in the US, between record labels. Anybody else heard anything?

  36. Paul K. says:

    This is quite exciting. For one thing I was told the First Light and Sunnyvista masters were lost. Here’s a question for Andrew Batt. What are the sources for the 1977 Theatre Royal material? I know some of it was recorded and broadcast by Capital Radio.

    Thanks for putting this together.

  37. Paul Kovit says:

    This is quite exciting. For one thing I was told the First Light and Sunnyvista masters were lost. Here’s a question for Andrew Batt. What are the sources for the 1977 Theatre Royal material? I know some of it was recorded and broadcast by Capital Radio.

    Thanks for putting this together.

  38. Robert G says:

    Why not the complete Rafferty sessions??

    • Philip John Birtwistle says:

      Richard & Linda vetoed the material we didn’t get here according to Andy on the Steve Hoffman forum.

  39. Dave Hughes says:

    I believe the Rafferty SOTL recordings are still easily accessed via bootlegs…

  40. Tom says:

    JPC shipping to the US – Is that a fairly new development?
    My recollection is that Paul used to post a statement saying that JPC orders were only available in the EU and UK…? Plus I thought I saw a disclaimer on their site a while back, about it. Am I wrong on that?

  41. Lee Blackstone says:

    Still no Amazon US listing? The box set has been listed on Amazon UK for days…

  42. Andy Johnson says:

    Anyone know if the discs will be issued separately at some point?

    • CJ Feeney says:

      Well the first three original albums (Bright lights, Hokey Pokey, Pour Down) are released on vinyl the same day as this box, presumably with the new mastering. No idea if the other three will get issued.

      As for the bonus material, I’m still woring out what stuff I already have. It would be the third time I’ve bought that performance of “Dark End of the Street” (track 3, disc 5).

      If the remastering is really good, I’ll upgrade but I’m still not 100% sure on this.

  43. Bongo Fury says:

    right now € 18,99 at

    • John Rea says:

      Hello Bongo! A brilliant find! Unfortunately I can’t find anyway to translate into English and I am wary of finding that I have signed up to prime…

      Good man!

      • Klaus says:

        @Bongo Fury:

        Brilliant find indeed (and also quite obvious a pricing mistake) but only for those who live in the Netherlands and Belgium (or have family or friends there) because only delivers this to these two countries.


        If you read this in time when the price is still on this level and you order it to your parents adress could you order one for me too?

      • John says:

        I see that it is now a very reasonable 30.22 on the site .Now with the September release date..

        Ah well!

    • Phil says:

      Shows release date as 31/12/20 for some reason… Tried to order anyway but won’t let me ship to UK. Really can’t imagine they’d honour that price though.

    • Pablo says:

      Thanks for flagging the deal it will not ship to Spain so I am maintaining my french order. Let us know if they honour this price as it appears to be a mistake on their side. Cheers

    • Daniel says:

      I just bought it minutes ago on for 30.22 euros. I’m lucky enough to have family in the Netherlands. It would be a good idea to add to the list of Shops under the heading Compare prices and pre-order at the top of this page. Thanks for finding all these great super deluxe editions, Paul !

  44. jason says:

    Anyone know why there’s no Amazon US listing yet? Will this not be released in the US?

  45. Andy says:

    Great news, I’m really looking forward to this release! :-)
    Are the lyrics included in the book, too?

  46. Flint says:

    Looks to be a very satisfying addition. Having several of Mr. Batt’s previous projects I know this will sound great. Especially looking forward to the 2 tracks from Bloomington, IN in May 1982. Our second R&L show. (The first being the night before at Tut’s in Chicago.) Two sleepless nights in a row! No problem. Our adrenaline was pumping on high. So glad we got to see them, not knowing it was the lest time. Simon, DM and Pete backing. Ah well. Always glad to see some new tracks pop up. Even with our 1980’s tape trading network there’s still a lot of unheard tracks here. Thanks for doing this.

  47. Pablo says:

    Hi. This set looks superb, looking forward to it thanks for bringing this up. I also have the Bobby Gentry, Fotheringay and Sandy Denny sets and they have great sound to my ears. Just bought this from amazon France 71,87€ plus shipping, maybe you could include this one also in the widget? Thanks

  48. Wayne Klein says:

    I will end up buying it as I am a hardcore R&L fan having said that, I had kind of wished for a DVD compiling all of their TV appearances. I would have liked for an official release of theRaferty sessi0ns in this set but Richard and Linda have never held it in really high regard.

    Andrew did a great job with his previous releases so I’m in.

  49. Robert Lett says:

    Not sure if they are signed but……comes with the litho at least available at UDiscover site.

  50. XAVIER says:

    NO original art covers? I repeat, disappointing if not …

  51. David Olstein says:

    I’ve ordered this, so I guess I have the right to gripe a bit. Personally, I’m disappointed that we didn’t get any new Rafferty material. But that can be remedied with a 40th anniversary Shoot Out the Lights SDE. I also wish that for the bonus material, they had focused on studio outtakes and demos. They could have saved the live material for a separate box. But again, they could still release a live box containing complete concerts that were excerpted on this set.

    • Mister Stick says:

      In the ’33 1/3′ book series, Hayden Childs wrote the volume on Shoot Out The Lights. A good read, though he overdoes it on comparing the Gerry Rafferty recordings to the version that was eventually released.

      Each track on the Joe Boyd-produced version is scrutinized against the rejected recordings, with the same conclusion each time. Childs steps all over all of Rafferty’s productions, almost as if that was the point of the book. He uses the exclamation point that Richard walked away from the sessions completely disappointed with everything, and with no regard for Rafferty at all. Just a guess – but Gerry was a hard drinker and you can imagine that posing an obstacle to working with Sufis.

      Had Rafferty found a label to buy the masters (he paid for the sessions himself), it’s pretty clear that promotion would likely have been a fiasco. I don’t think we would hold the album in as high a regard if Joe Boyd hadn’t saved the day. All that being the case, since Richard and Linda are curators for this new set it’s not surprising to see most of the Rafferty stuff left on the floor, is it? The versions on disc 7 and the remixes on disc 8 are more of an acquiescence by Richard than I expected to see.

      That aside, very much looking forward to this release. It’s just a crime that aren’t more live recordings from the first part of the ’82 tour. According to Childs, the early shows were all blazing, and the word got to Boyd, who caught up to the Thompsons ready to record a live album. But by the time he arrived, Richard and Linda had apparently fallen out for good and the following shows were a wreck.

      Thanks, Paul.

      • jim abbott says:

        I saw one of the shows near the end, and “wreck” is not the word I would use at all. A terrific performance, it was, and considering the tickets were 4 dollars on a Sunday night in Poughkeepsie NY, very generous to the audience.

    • Andrew Batt says:

      Hi David, Andrew the compiler here. Releasing the Rafferty material in it’s entirety was not an option- that will never happen: Everything on this set was personally approved by Richard and Linda. As to outtakes, i used everything that was possible- i think you should be looking at this another way, which is that after several RT boxes and the Island remasters, i think it incredible i was able to locate any new songs at all! I also specifically wanted a live disc included in this set.

      • Gus Mozart says:

        Hi Andrew – Unfortunately, many fans won’t be satisfied, no matter what you do as a producer or compiler. There are so many variables, and details involved that the average person doesn’t take into consideration. Just looking at the track listings, I can see that you’ve put a lot of effort into finding things that will surprise listeners. I’m a longtime fan of Richard & Linda and have my fair share of bootlegs and unreleased recordings, but I’ve never even heard of songs like “Wanted Man” or “Drunk”. A full disc of live material from 1974 and 1977? Likewise, two tracks from Bloomington in 1982? All the demos and alternates? It’s an embarrassment of riches, and I can’t wait to hear it all. I was lucky to purchase the Sandy box when it was released, and it was meticulously done, so I have no doubt that this will be of the same caliber. Also, Linda has swooned over it on Fb, which is a good indication of it’s quality. Thank you for all of your efforts over the past decade or so. It’s very much appreciated.

  52. Chris says:

    Can anyone here speak to any previous mastering jobs from Andrew Batt?

    I’ve previously bought more than one copy of some of these albums because at first I wasn’t quite happy with the mastering, only to find that the replacement I purchased was much worse. I’d love to have a sense that this is going to be an improvement.

    • Tim Abbott says:

      He did the enormous Sandy Denny box, and the Fairport Come All Ye box set, as well as the recent Bobbie Gentry set, so he’s familiar with the genre and material, and I don’t recall any complaints about his work with those releases.

    • Philip J Birtwistle says:

      Here is a list of some of his work:

      Richard and Linda Thompson ‘Hard Luck Stories – 1972-1982’ 8CD boxset
      Bobbie Gentry ‘The Delta Sweete’ 2CD and 2LP deluxe edition
      Bobbie Gentry ‘The Girl from Chickasaw County’ 8CD boxset (Grammy nominated)
      Bobbie Gentry ‘Live At The BBC’ LP
      Fairport Convention ‘A Tree With Roots: The songs of Bob Dylan’
      Fairport Convention ‘Come All Ye – The First 10 years’ 7CD Boxset
      Sandy Denny ‘I’ve Always Kept A Unicorn: The Acoustic Sandy Denny’ 2x CD and 2x Vinyl
      Fotheringay ‘Bruton Town / The Way I Feel’ [Record Store Day 7″]
      Fotheringay ‘Nothing More: The Collected Fotheringay’ [4cd boxset]
      Fairport Convention ‘Rising for the Moon’ [Deluxe Edition]
      Marianne Faithfull ‘Broken English’ [Deluxe Edition]
      Nico ‘The End…’ [Re-presents edition]
      Sandy Denny ‘The Notes and the Words’ [4cd boxset]
      Sandy Denny ‘The North Star Grassman and the Ravens’ [Deluxe Edition]
      Sandy Denny ‘Sandy’ [Deluxe Edition]
      Sandy Denny ‘Like An Old Fashioned Waltz’ [Deluxe Edition]
      Sandy Denny ‘Rendezvous’ [Deluxe Edition]
      Sandy Denny [19cd boxset]
      Marianne Faithfull ‘Live at the BBC’
      Fairport Convention ‘Live at the BBC’ [1cd highlights edition]
      Sandy Denny ‘Live at the BBC’ [4cd Boxset and 1cd highlights edition]

    • Andrew Batt says:

      Hi Chris, Andrew the compiler/masterer here. I believe I have improved the sound over previous cd releases. Hope you agree!

  53. Dennis YARDLEY says:

    Once again a great deal – £70 for 8 discs……..someone should tell Macca!!!!

  54. Michel says:

    This is great! One question: did Richard Thompson authorize this one? Not a word of this box set on his site…..

  55. Ricardo Perfecto says:

    HUUUUGE fan. Can’t wait to order this if/when it shows up on Amazon Aus or US (I’m in Aus).
    Won’t preorder with JPC as they need up-front payment and I have had service issues before in any case. Paul I love your site and would love to support the SDE Shop but can’t afford the freight-totally understood as a small business you can’t amortise shipping costs overall and get deep discounts.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks for the consideration. The international shipping costs might come down when we get proper confirmation of the weight of this item.

    • Alan Blevin says:

      Just an alternate view.I have used JPC quite a bit since the Amazon geoblock.They haven’t taken payment until they ship the product to me and I have found their service and packaging fantastic. have stopped shipping cds to Australia and you have as much chance of Australian Amazon stocking this as you have of hitchhiking to Mars.Maybe try if you don’t want to use JPC.

  56. Shame it does not include the complete Gerry Rafferty sessions.

    • Andrew Batt says:

      Andrew the compiler here. That was not an option i’m afraid, and will never happen. Richard and Linda signed of on every track.

  57. John Bobo Bollenberg says:

    any chance of signed copies?

  58. David Tomlinson says:

    Linda Thompson is on FB and she was hinting about this. Is it true that some copies will be signed?

    • Guy.S says:

      They had a signed version (50 copies) at record at about 4pm yesterday, theses went pretty much straight away, don’t know if that is the only place that will have a signed version.

  59. John Orr says:

    I know it’s a different topic, but just to say thanks again Paul, for the Tin Machine and Bob Dylan (olive green) records. Superbly packaged once more!

  60. Alan Blevin says:

    Spectacular.Put together by the same people that did the Bobbie Gentry box which should tell you everything you need to know about audio and packaging quality.

  61. Mike M says:

    Looks decent this.

  62. CJ Feeney says:

    I’ve been doing a “future stocktake” of my pre orders this week and realised the last week of September could put me in the red! And this is two weeks before. I guess it’s less likely to sell out on presales than some big releases, but do I want to take that risk?

  63. James says:

    Wow! This is an instant buy for me, because I know Richard Thompson’s later solo work, but only have one of the Richard & Linda albums.

    • AndyB says:

      You are in for a treat! Some of the best music of all time (with the exceptions of Sunnyvista and First Light which are still good, imho.) It should be mentioned that Richard Thompson very recently released a new digital only EP, “Bloody Noses,” which is quite good!

  64. David Binder says:

    Wow! I’m an RT (and RT & LT) freak, and have all of the studio albums, including the last batch of Island Remasters and the Rhino Handmade of Shoot Out the Lights (plus that album on SACD). But to get 2020 sonic upgrades, and enough bonus material I didn’t already have make this a must-get. Even though I’m in Canada and hope it’ll get announced at at a reasonable price (not likely), I’ve preordered at Amazon UK now, since is still not shipping to Canada.

    Only question, Paul: is there going to be a booklet that has, along with detailed track and personnel credits, an essay about this seminal period in RT’s career?

    Can’t wait for September!!

    • Andrew Batt says:

      Hi David, Andrew the compiler here. There is a large hardback book included with outtakes from all the album cover sessions, new sleevenotes by Patrick Humphries and Mick Houghton, and yes musician credits for all the recordings. Enjoy!

  65. Mike T says:

    Will this be available stateside – via

    • AndyB says:

      Available at uDiscover Music Store for just under $100. It will probably show up at Amazon in the near future. Fingers crossed!

      • jason says:

        Here’s hoping! I don’t love amazon, but they won’t charge me until the item is shipped. Between that the and certain price difference, using uDiscover can’t make sense for me.

  66. MSP says:

    Looks to be a fantastic box set! Would have wanted Henry the Human Fly included as well, even though it’s not strictly a Richard and Linda album. Also interesting that the bonus tracks from the Island 2004 reissues of the first three albums are not included. Would like to know why.

    • David Binder says:

      I suspect the bonus tracks from the 2004 remasters are not included so folks who already have them (like me) won’t feel totally ripped off by having to buy everything again. That said, I’d still buy the box if they included them, and then I’d hand off my old remasters (assuming the new ones sound better, of course!) to a friend in need.

      • David Olstein says:

        I’m pretty sure there’s still enough room to accomodate the Island reissue bonus tracks. It’s a shame they didn’t include those too. I have the Island reissues, so it’s no big loss for me, but it would have been notice to have everything in one place.

        • Andrew Batt says:

          Hi David, Andrew the compiler here. I didn’t include them, as i wanted to avoid repetition unless the quality of the earlier bonus track was very high. This boxset is not aiming to be ‘complete’ it was compiled to represent all the albums and supplement them with the cream of the bonus material available, either previously released or unreleased; and with Richard and Linda signing of on each track, this represents an approved overview of their career.

    • Andrew Batt says:

      Hi MSP, Andrew the compiler here. Those 2004 tracks were not included because I wanted to avoid repetition unless the quality of the earlier bonus track was very high.

      • MSP says:

        OK, thanks for the response Andrew. Great to see your comments in this thread, and thanks for all of your hard work in putting this box set together!

  67. Rashers says:

    wow and old fashioned CD box set for a reasonable price. Looks fabulous – must buy!

  68. Tom says:

    Would have loved to see the two concerts included from the Old Ash Tree in Kent in 1973 that have been circulating lately – a great snapshot of the live shows from R&L from that time and one when Simon Nicol joined them. But an official MADNESS OF LOVE will do for now…

    • Colin Harper says:

      I passed WAVs of those concerts (from reels I inherited) to Andrew recently when I heard about this set, but it was too late. Perhaps another time.

  69. Bill says:

    Excellent news. I have CDs of Sunnyvista and First Light which are long out of print andhappy to see them replaced. But no Dragging The River. :(

    • Andrew Batt says:

      Hi Bill, Andrew the compiler here. that song was earmarked for inclusion but due to a rights issue we couldn’t include it. The sound on First Light and Sunnyvista i feel is a big improvement from the earlier CD issues

  70. Andrew Baker says:

    I was lucky and got one of the 50 signed copies which were available elsewhere – they all went exceedingly quickly. Two of these albums have been next to impossible to get hold of on CD for ages and went for really high prices when they cropped up on eBay. Shoot Out the Lights is up there with Blood on the Tracks and Rumours in terms of breakup albums.

    • Paul Thomson says:

      Andrew, how do you know you got a signed copy? Does it tell you on the receipt? I bought two copies (one for me, another for my brothers birthday (or Christmas ). Would love if they were signed but it does not say they are. Cheers.

    • David Tomlinson says:

      Where was that available. Linda is on FB and was alluding to signing some copies.

    • David Bly says:

      Andrew Baker

      I was quite late on that, even as I got the e-mail. But the COVID-19 has meant I tend to get up much later than I used to, as I rarely go out anymore.
      The e-mail came at 10:12 AM (Eastern time in the US), but I didn’t see it until 1:50 PM. I tried to look elsewhere, but it was only another Universal site that had it, and it was the same situation – all gone.
      But I did order from Universal cause they had 250 copies with an unsigned print, only available through them.

      I am VERY annoyed I was not up in time, and I think I have to hope that someone on eBay will eventually have a copy to sell.

      A friend did not understand, thinking I could get it autographed later, but as far as I know, Linda does not tour anymore. As it is, it’s hard to get Richard to sign things these days (although I have in the past, I did not succeed the last 2 times I saw him), but the real impossible get will be Linda.

      • Mike M says:

        300 copies come with an exclusive litho print, the first 50 of which were signed. Signed lithos went in minutes.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          50 signed is ridiculous. Why bother with such a low number.

          • David Olstein says:

            Agreed. The probably should have just offered 300 copies with lithographs, with the 50 signed copies ramdomly included. Or they could have auctioned off the 50 signed copies for charity.

  71. Danny says:


  72. Regan Judson says:

    This looks great!

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