Rick Wakeman / Journey to the Centre of the Earth super deluxe box set


A new four-disc box set of Rick Wakeman’s legendary live album, Journey to The Centre Of The Earth will be issued in May…

Originally released on A&M Records in 1974, this new, extended edition features the album remastered at Abbey Road (by Andrew Walter) with an additional previously unheard bonus track The Pearl and Dean Piano Concerto (Royal Festival Hall 1974) and performances of ‘Journey’ Live from Boston (1974), Live In Buenos Aires (1993).

That’s three CDs worth of content, with the fourth disc being a DVD that features a quad surround sound mix and a hi-res stereo mix – both “supervised and approved” by Rick Wakeman.

From the look of the image above, expect a Tears For Fears / Simple Minds-sized super deluxe box.  The set features original artwork from Roger Dean, a replica Japanese tour programme and new sleeve notes by Prog mag editor Jerry Ewing who interviewed Rick to get an overview into the album concept and recording.

The 3CD+DVD Journey to the Centre of the Earth box is released on 6 May 2016.


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Rick Wakeman

Journey to the Centre of... box set


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Rick Wakeman

Journey to the Centre of... CD+DVD



Disc One
1. The Journey (Album Version)
2. Recollection (Album Version)
3. The Battle (Album Version)
4. The Forest (Album Version)
Bonus Tracks
5. the Pearl and Dean Piano Concerto (Royal Festival Hall 18th /01/1974)

Disc Two
1. The Journey (Live In Boston 1974 Part 2)
2. Recollection (Live In Boston 1974 Part 2)
3. The Battle (Live In Boston 1974 Part 2)
4. The Forest (Live In Boston 1974 Part 2)

Disc Three
1. The Journey (Live In Buenos Aires)
2. The Recollection (Live In Buenos Aires)
3. The Battle (Live In Buenos Aires)
4. The Forest (Live In Buenos Aires)

1. The Journey (Quad Version)
2. Recollection (Quad Version)
3. The Battle (Quad Version)
4. The Forest (Quad Version)
5. The Journey (Hi Res Mix)
6. Recollection (Hi Res Mix)
7. The Battle (Hi Res Mix)
8. The Forest (Hi Res Mix)

27 responses to Rick Wakeman / Journey to the Centre of the Earth super deluxe box set

  1. Manuel says:

    I just bought the single CD version since the bonus track was included. But surprise, no bonus track, just the album! I am going to return it to the shop. Paul do you know if Universal is aware of this mistake and if they are going fo fix it?

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  3. John D says:

    Having been critical above it’s only right that I acknowledge your point Paul. Ultimately it’s your site and you can cover whatever you choose; where your coverage coincides with my interests I think you do a fine job.

    I felt the ommission from a site I have come to enjoy and refer to on a very regular basis: for me Emerson’s death was far more significant than Bowie’s. I recognise I’m in a minority there.

    Thanks for your continuing work on the site.

  4. Charlez says:

    You do not have to justify anything to your regular watchers Paul. I have been elsewhere to look for elp references. SDE is the work of a dedicated fan of music and does you do a great job. You can’t please all . . . . . . .

  5. Brian says:

    Yes, I know Paul is busy, but David Bowie, for instance, received wide coverage by this site. Keith Emerson *has not even been mentioned in a weekly summary* let alone the kind of coverage Bowie received.

    Going back a couple of years, there was a notice that a Super Deluxe Edition of Brain Salad Surgery was going to be released, but there was nothing after that, no review, no notices, zilch.

    Keith Emerson (and ELP) deserve so much more than they’ve been given here.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Let me just say that this site isn’t like Pitchfork, owned by Condé Nast and staffed hundreds. It’s more or less completely the work of one person – me :) For better or for worse there is still that personal element to it. I can’t write about everything. The Bowie coverage was a personal reaction to the death of an artist that has had a massive impact in my life. The fact is, I’ve never bought one single ELP album. Just one of those things. The lack of coverage is not a slight on Keith or ELP, it’s simply a reflection how I have to prioritise things. There were no posts about George Martin either. SDE doesn’t have some public remit where there has to be a post to honour deaths of great artists. The Bowie coverage worked because it was obviously a deeply felt personal connection. Me posting something about Keith would have rung hollow. There seemed little point posting a news story saying he had died because everyone knew that fairly quickly anyway. I promise you there is no conspiracy not to post about ELP. There are nine posts in the past to do with them and I did an unboxing video for Sony when Brain Salad Surgery came out.

  6. James Lee says:

    I agree Keith Emerson was a great but please give Paul a chance he has a job and family as well as the weekly stuff he does on the site.

  7. Philip Cohen says:

    I think that I’m going to wait until the “Journey To The Centre of The Earth” 4-disc box is released, and look at customer reviews on before deciding whether to purchase. If there are sound quality issues, early purchasers will tell us.

  8. Brian says:

    I find it shocking that there has been ZERO mention of Keith Emerson’s death on this site, let alone a tribute. He deserves much better than that; he was unquestionably the greatest and most influential keyboard player in rock in the 1960s and 70s (Rick Wakeman would agree), influencing many, many other players. ELP’s seminal four studio albums have all received the Deluxe and Super Deluxe Edition (in the case of Brain Salad Surgery), but none were given any decent sort of coverage here.

    • John D says:

      Agreed: my opening comment here made a similar omission that lessens the site.

    • Bill says:

      I read the news today, oh boy. About a Lucky Man who made the grade. And though the news was rather sad, well I just had to laugh. I saw the photograph…
      Pianos flying thru the air.
      A maze of wires running everywhere.
      The fastest fingers in the land. He was the best of them.
      Now we know how many notes it takes to fill the halls of God.

      What would our youth have sounded like without ELP? Who else could have fired our imaginations and expanded our appreciation of great music more than those 3 magnificent players? My brother and I strived to play drums like Carl Palmer. I tried to play guitar and sing like Greg Lake, but I think my deepest emotions resonated with the tremendous keyboard work of Keith Emerson. All those beautiful piano solos, delicate and fragile like “Fugue” and “Take a Pebble”, others thundering and earth shattering like “Karn Evil 9” and “Aquatarkus”, but each & every one composed and delivered with such inspired genius. He was truly Mozart and Rembrandt reincarnated in our time, even if for just a few fleeting years. How lucky we all were to have been alive to witness it.

      • Simon F says:

        Well said Bill.
        I was always more of a King Arthur man myself. Now if that got a SDE release I would go for that. But I’ll give this a miss.

  9. Jay Kranz says:

    well this is fairly underwhelming. why not include the rest of the royal festival hall concert it was recorded at that was released here as the missing half already:

    Live in boston was included in bootleg Box 1

    and then I have a sneaking suspicion that the live in Buenos aires will be the one from this show in Buenos aires already released in a more complete concert:

    I’ll probably still get it cause I am a sucker and it is one of my favorite albums but I think it could have been a lot better or maybe just a CD DVD set to be more affordable.

  10. Adam shaw says:

    Well as already pointed out l hope the quad isn’t a needle drop . Some one pointed out on the last Rick remasters discussion that the original tapes were list in the Universal fire . Also the excuse that a needle drop was used on Ricks site wasn’t very convincing .
    Let’s hope

    • baward says:

      You would have thought that Rick himself would at least have a vinyl copy of this (and the other albums) on quad. After all, he has all his old 70’s synths still I understand.

  11. Dean says:

    In these cases I don’t mind the needle drops. Better to have it than not, and it’s not like I’m ever going to set up a quad vinyl system……

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I made some enquiries…. what I’m hearing is that don’t be surprised if these are needle drops, although haven’t had absolute confirmation!

  12. Straker says:

    I prefer his later, more mature work on Watchdog.

  13. Neil M says:

    the sound of the barrel being scraped.

  14. baward says:

    Another needle drop from the original vinyl for the surround disc? I assume that the quad master is lost.

    • Rob says:

      I was going to ask the same thing.

      Paul, the quad mixes on the recent “Six Wives” and “King Arthur” reissues were ripped from vinyl as the quad masters could not be located. Can you find out if this is the case here?

      • Philip Cohen says:

        Yes, the Quadraphonic “King Arthur” was dubbed from vinyl. Universal concedes this. There’s a repetitive scratch through the first 90 seconds of “Merlin The Magician”, and Universal couldn’t be bothered to de-click it. They got this “needledrop” from an unauthorized upload, and the uploader later stated, that if he had known that Universal was going to use it on an official release, he would have cleaned it up better!
        Universal CLAIMS that the Quadrophonic “Six Wives of Henry The Eighth” is from tape, but if it is from tape, it is from a SQ-matrix encoded 2-track master, hence the imperfect Quadraphonic separation. The other two Wakeman Quadraphonic albums were in the discreet CD-4 “Quadradisc” format, though where the Quadraphonic “King Arthur” was released, I don’t know. Only “Six Wives” & “Journey To the Centre of The Earth” were released in Quadraphonic in the States.

  15. John D says:

    I would have liked a blu-ray of the Australian televised concert. Not perfect, but the best we’ll have fro the time.

    That would be much more interesting than a quad version or hi-res mix to me.

    Still, will get this with pleasure.

    By the way Paul – maybe a survey of the numerous ELP versions would be a nice tribute to Keith. Ithink he deserves mention on your fine site.

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