Ride / Nowhere 25 reissue


Ride are to release a special 25th Anniversary Edition of their 1990 debut Nowhere in November.

Although it’s only five years since the 20th anniversary set (!) this new edition comprises the same 15-track CD (album / Fall EP plus Today Forever EP) with a new bonus DVD of the previously unseen Town and Country Club show from 1991. The first of two nights at the venue was filmed by James Deegan and was shot in on 16mm colour, super8 and black and white. The footage has been unseen for 25 years and was digitised in the summer of 2015.

The two-disc set comes in a hardback canvas-effect book with a 36 page booklet featuring new sleeve notes from Andy Bell, lyrics and lots of unseen photos.

There will also be a 2LP vinyl with the original eight tracks on the first record and the three additional tracks from the Fall EP and all four tracks from the Today Forever EP on the second LP. This set is limited to 2000 numbered copies and will be pressed on blue marble heavyweight vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, featuring previously unseen photos. Also includes MP3 download.

Nowhere 25 is released on 6 November 2015.


CD+DVD Edition

Limited 2LP marble vinyl


CD – Nowhere 25

1. Seagull
2. Kaleidoscope
3. In A Different Place
4. Polar Bear
5. Dreams Burn Down
6. Decay
7. Paralysed
8. Vapour Trail
9. Taste
10. Here and Now
11. Nowhere
12. Unfamiliar
13. Sennen
14. Beneath
15. Today

DVD – Town & Country Club ’91:

1. Polar Bear
2. Unfamiliar
3. Like a Daydream
4. Drive Blind
5. Vapour Trail
6. Beneath
7. In a Different Place
8. Perfect Time
9. Sennen
10. Taste
11. Today
12. Decay
13. Dreams Burn Down
14. Chelsea Girl
15. Nowhere
16. Seagull

15 responses to Ride / Nowhere 25 reissue

  1. Will_2 says:

    Anyone know which pressing they are using for this?
    The 2001 Ignition mastering or the 2010 Rhino?

  2. Brendan says:

    I have the hardcover Rhino edition from 2010, with the Roxy show as disc #2, and I must admit, I don’t think I need another. (Still have my original US Sire CD, too.) Great, great album, so I’m happy to see a good band getting out there for their victory lap. But this is one too many reissues for me.

  3. Mark S says:

    James Fenn: might be worth reading this interview with Steve Queralt from 2001.

    You put together the new Rarities CD for the box set, was it hard deciding on which tracks to include?

    Yes. There were loads of bits and pieces which could have been included jams, alternate takes, full versions of tracks that only saw the light of day as short interludes on the albums. There was a bit of pressure to include everything and to make it as concise as possible. However it would have been like a library for anoraks so i tried to make it stand up artistically and keep it interesting from the collectors point of view. God know whether I achieved it or not.

    Which tracks are your favourite on the CD?

    Tongue Tied by a mile.

    I’ve had a couple of emails from fans stating that ‘Hit Me Like A Train’ is not included which they think is a shame, do you think this will ever be released officially?

    Lets hope not. Besides what will the kids with bootlegs do if we released everything? I like the fact that there are still some stuff hidden away (for good reason) Ocean Smiles for instance!!

  4. Gazelle says:

    In my opinion ‘Nowhere’ is one of the classic indie albums of the nineties and is deserving of a deluxe reissue. An alternative ‘fantasy’ four disc track listing follows:

    01. Seagull
    02. Kaleidoscope
    03. In A Different Place
    04. Polar Bear
    05. Dreams Burn Down
    06. Decay
    07. Paralysed
    08. Vapour Trail

    01. Chelsea Girl
    02. Drive Blind
    03. All I Can See
    04. Close My Eyes
    05. Like A Daydream
    06. Silver
    07. Farthest Sense
    08. Perfect Time
    09. Taste
    10. Here And Now
    11. Nowhere
    12. Unfamiliar
    13. Sennen
    14. Beneath
    15. Today
    16. Eight Miles High
    17. European Son

    Tracks 01 – 04 from the ‘Ride’ EP
    Tracks 05 – 08 from the ‘Play’ EP
    Tracks 09 – 11 from the ‘Fall’ EP
    Tracks 11 – 15 from the ‘Today Forever’ EP
    Track 16 from the 1990 ‘Through The Looking Glass 1966’ compilation
    Track 17 from the 1990 ‘Heaven & Hell: A Tribute To The Velvet Underground (Volume 1)’ compilation

    01. Polar Bear
    02. Seagull
    03. Unfamiliar
    04. Dreams Burn Down
    05. Like A Daydream
    06. Vapour Trail
    07. In A Different Place
    08. Perfect Time
    09. Taste
    10. Nowhere
    11. Chelsea Girl
    12. Drive Blind

    01. Polar Bear
    02. Unfamiliar
    03. Like a Daydream
    04. Drive Blind
    05. Vapour Trail
    06. Beneath
    07. In a Different Place
    08. Perfect Time
    09. Sennen
    10. Taste
    11. Today
    12. Decay
    13. Dreams Burn Down
    14. Chelsea Girl
    15. Nowhere
    16. Seagull

    • James Fenn says:

      What date is the T&C film? There are lots of versions of both nights available on audio and video bootlegs but I’ve never seen a definitive answer to which of the two nights was broadcast on Radio 1 and which is the bootleg video which lots of people have. I’m not sure if it is worth getting if I already have the concert unless the remastering makes it so?

      It wold be great if they did something like Gazelle said but it really is about time the unnisued material was finally made available to those who want it,it will no longer affect the band commercially to have it heard. The bonus discs could have included the unreleased songs ‘Baby Baby’ ‘Hubba Bubba’ ,’Ocean Smiles’ and the studio version of ‘Smile’, the rough mix of the LP and the alternate versions of ‘Taste’ and ‘Drive Blind’. Even better the 1989 demos including the best song they never released, ‘Hit Me like A Train’. We can but hope!

  5. auteur55 says:

    Think I’ll be purchasing this. The version I have is a weird reissue from 2001. It has the Today forever ep on it but I’d imagine the remastering is much better since it’s fifteen years later. How about reissues for the rest of the albums?

  6. Mark S says:

    Only £20 through the official site and first 2000 numbered with a random 200 of those signed by the band.
    They’re also doing a great thing where they are auctioning off numbers #1 to #10 to highest bidders with proceeds going to the War Child Syrian Refugeee appeal. Great idea.

  7. PC says:

    Are they going to wait till the 30th anniversary edition before releasing whatever out takes, demos etc exist?

  8. Tim Barton says:

    I never picked up the 20th, so sometimes these things are worth another chance! Will definitely make amends for not buying the previous edition, and I’ll get this! The reissue business has certainly improved over the last few years!

  9. Phil Wilson says:

    The first ‘indie’ album I heard, and have not looked back since. I think this will be my 4th version of it, with the US one with the live at the Roxy bonus CD being a firm favourite. Saw them in Manchester on the reunion tour and seeing them in Liverpool next month, when I am hoping they will play nowhere in full, especially as they are adding tracks such as Decay and Today to the setlist for the current US dates. It’s interesting, but with some albums, and with some bands, you just don’t question the cost! (£22.22 for those on the mailing list if anyone is interested)

  10. Dav says:

    Brilliant album. Saw them on that tour so with the addition of that concert is definitely on the purchase list but looks a bit pricey at present.

  11. gb says:

    made my week.
    cheers Paul!!

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