Robert Palmer / Collected 3CD set

Robert Palmer / Collected 3CD compilation

Superb 3CD overview of a somewhat neglected back catalogue

The Robert Palmer Collected three-CD set will be made available again next week.

Originally issued back in 2016 (via Universal Netherlands), the compilation, broadly speaking, devotes its first disc to Palmer’s Island years, the second to his tenure at EMI and, perhaps most interestingly, has a third disc of relative rarities including b-sides, twelve-inch remixes and two tracks from rhythm and blues group Vinegar Joe – the band Robert was in with Elkie Brooks in the early 1970s. Collected then gets even more interesting by going back even further to 1969 for, Gypsy Girl, Robert’s debut with The Alan Bown Set. He contributed vocals to the song after Jess Roden had left.

The third disc also features Milk Cow’s Calf Blues, Palmer’s contribution to the 2001 Robert Johnson tribute album Hellhound on My Trail, and Life in Detail, a relative obscurity from the soundtrack of the film Pretty Woman.

Although there are many Robert Palmer compilations out there, this one at least makes an effort to be interesting and at 34 years, spans the widest period of time. It includes tracks from all his solo studio album and has this gem of a third disc which does break new ground with some of the selections.

Robert Palmer: Collected is released on 19 February 2021. This is effectively an import (it’s not officially licensed for the UK), hence the relative high price point (although it’s not too bad).

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Palmer Robert




CD 1

  1. Get outside
  2. Sneakin’ sally through the alley
  3. Give me an inch
  4. Which of us is the fool
  5. Man smart, woman smarter
  6. Every kinda people
  7. Best of both worlds
  8. What’s it take?
  9. Bad case of loving you (doctor, doctor)
  10. Jealous
  11. Can we still be friends?
  12. Johnny and mary
  13. Looking for clues
  14. Not a second time
  15. Some guys have all the luck
  16. You are in my system
  17. You can have it (take my heart)
  18. Pride
  19. Discipline of love
  20. Riptide

CD 2

  1. Addicted to love
  2. Hyperactive
  3. I didn’t mean to turn you on
  4. Simply irresistible
  5. She makes my day
  6. Early in the morning
  7. Tell me i’m not dreaming
  8. Change his ways
  9. It could happen to you
  10. You’re amazing
  11. Mercy mercy me / i want you
  12. Dreams to remember
  13. Happiness
  14. Witchcraft
  15. Girl u want
  16. Know by now
  17. You blow me away
  18. Respect yourself
  19. True love
  20. Dr. zhivago’s train

CD 3 

  1. Gypsy girl the alan bown
  2. Never met a dog (that took to me) (vinegar joe)
  3. See the world (through my eyes) (vinegar joe)
  4. Parade of the obliterators
  5. Pride (remix)
  6. You can have it (take my heart) (12″ version)
  7. You are in my system (remix)
  8. Some like it hot (the power station)
  9. Get it on (bang a gong) (the power station)
  10. Simply irresistible (e.t. remix)
  11. Mercy mercy me / i want you (12″ remix)
  12. Sweet lies (from “sweet lies” soundtrack)
  13. Life in detail (from “pretty woman” soundtrack)
  14. I’ll be your baby tonight ft. ub40
  15. Every kinda people (1992 remix)
  16. Milk cow’s calf blues (tribute to robert johnson)

44 responses to Robert Palmer / Collected 3CD set

  1. Mark Bliss says:

    Robert Palmer – Collected (2016 Compilation)

    CD 1
    1. Get Outside [from album “Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley”, 1974]
    2. Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley [from album “Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley”, 1974]
    3. Give Me An Inch [from album “Pressure Drop”, 1975]
    4. Which Of Us Is The Fool [from album “Pressure Drop”, 1975]
    5. Man Smart (Woman Smarter) [from album “Some People Can Do What They Like”, 1976]
    6. Every Kinda People [from album “Double Fun”, 1978] [Remixed Version from “Addictions” compilation, 1989]
    7. Best Of Both Worlds [from album “Double Fun”, 1978]
    8. What’s It Take? [from album “Secrets”, 1979]
    9. Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) [from album “Secrets”, 1979] [Remixed Version from “Addictions” compilation, 1989]
    10. Jealous [from album “Secrets”, 1979]
    11. Can We Still Be Friends? [from album “Secrets”, 1979]
    12. Johnny And Mary [from album “Clues”, 1980]
    13. Looking For Clues [from album “Clues”, 1980]
    14. Not A Second Time [from album “Clues”, 1980]
    15. Some Guys Have All The Luck [from album “Maybe It’s Live”, 1982]
    16. You Are In My System [from album “Pride”, 1983]
    17. You Can Have It (Take My Heart) [from album “Pride”, 1983]
    18. Pride [from album “Pride”, 1983]
    19. Discipline Of Love [from album “Riptide”, 1985]
    20. Riptide [from album “Riptide”, 1985]

    CD 2
    1. Addicted To Love [from album “Riptide”, 1985] [Remixed Version from “Addictions” compilation, 1989]
    2. Hyperactive [from album “Riptide”, 1985]
    3. I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On [from album “Riptide”, 1985]
    4. Simply Irresistible [from album “Heavy Nova”, 1988]
    5. She Makes My Day [from album “Heavy Nova”, 1988]
    6. Early In The Morning [from album “Heavy Nova”, 1988]
    7. Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming [from album “Heavy Nova”, 1988] [12” US Edit of Al B. Sure’s Westerville Mix, 1988]
    8. Change His Ways [from album “Heavy Nova”, 1988]
    9. It Could Happen To You [from album “Heavy Nova”, 1988]
    10. You’re Amazing [from album “Don’t Explain”, 1990]
    11. Mercy Mercy Me / I Want You [from album “Don’t Explain”, 1990]
    12. Dreams To Remember [from album “Don’t Explain”, 1990]
    13. Happiness [from album “Don’t Explain”, 1990]
    14. Witchcraft [from album “Ridin’ High”, 1992]
    15. Girl U Want [from album “Honey”, 1994]
    16. Know By Now [from album “Honey”, 1994]
    17. You Blow Me Away [from album “Honey”, 1994]
    18. Respect Yourself [from album “The Very Best Of Robert Palmer”, 1995]
    19. True Love [from album “Rhythm & Blues”, 1999]
    20. Dr. Zhivago’s Train [from album “Drive”, 2003]

    CD 3 
    1. Gypsy Girl (The Alan Bown!) [Single A-Side, 1969]
    2. Never Met A Dog (That Took To Me) (Vinegar Joe) [from album “Vinegar Joe”, 1972]
    3. See The World (Through My Eyes) (Vinegar Joe) [from US version of album “Vinegar Joe”, 1972]
    4. Parade Of The Obliterators [Instrumental 12” B-Side of “Pride”, 1982]
    5. Pride [François Kevorkian US Remix, 1982]
    6. You Can Have It (Take My Heart) [12″ Mix, 1983]
    7. You Are In My System [Early Fade of UK 6.08 Remix, 1983]
    8. Some Like It Hot [from album “The Power Station 33⅓”, 1985]
    9. Get It On (Bang A Gong) [Single Version / Intro Edit, from album “The Power Station 33⅓”, 1985]
    10. Simply Irresistible [E.T. Remix, 1988]
    11. Mercy Mercy Me / I Want You [12″ Remix, 1990]
    12. Sweet Lies [from soundtrack “Sweet Lies”, 1988]
    13. Life In Detail [from soundtrack “Pretty Woman”, 1990]
    14. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (ft. UB40) [from album “Don’t Explain”, 1990]
    15. Every Kinda People [Remix, 1992]
    16. Milk Cow’s Calf Blues [from Robert Johnson tribute album “Hellhound On My Trail”, 2003]

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thank you Mark

    • Gerbrand says:

      Minor correction : Every Kinda People is not remixed on Addictions (1989), it IS remixed on Addictions II (1992).

      CD1-6. Every Kinda People [from album “Double Fun”, 1978]
      CD3-15. Every Kinda People [from album “Double Fun”, 1978] [Remixed Version from “Addictions II” compilation, 1992]

  2. Scott G says:

    For those who may be interested Riptide is now available in hi-res 24bit 96kHz and 192kHz on Qobuz.

  3. Paula says:

    As a collector of all of Robert’s work it’s nice to see this getting a reissue. I do wish tho that we could have more ‘new’ boxsets and re-issues of his albums. I’d love to know why theres been some refusals from his estate to release stuff. Surely its a better way to keep this incredible mans music alive and talked about..

  4. Larry Davis says:

    I got this collection years ago when it was new, it was not expensive & I love it…I have a feeling this set is something we have to settle for, as there seems to be legal problems in getting his back catalogue properly restored, reissued & remastered…and I might be in the minority but I much prefer the Addictions remixes of BCOLYDD & others because the guitar riffs on those versions have more guts…the ones from 1979 are kinda lame IMO…the tracks were improved on Addictions I feel, but it’s just taste…I find the tracklistings on this set to be perfect…

  5. Tiger Tim says:

    It’s such a shame Mr Palmer’s back catalogue has not been remastered and properly curated. Riptide was such a huge album and deserves better.

    • Neil says:

      Maybe if Edsel had used master tapes on those reissues about 10 years ago instead of mp3s we could have got our wish.

  6. Dave says:

    Would love to hear more of Vinegar Joe and the great vocals of Elkie Brooks.

  7. Lucas says:

    The volume on the 2016 edition is too loud!

    There’s also problems with the following tracks:

    CD 1.6 “Every Kinda People” – remixed version from the 1989 “Addictions” compilation.

    CD 1.9. “Bad Case Of Loving You” – remixed version from the 1989 “Addictions” compilation.

    CD 2.1 “Addicted To Love” – remixed version from the 1989 “Addictions” compilation.

    CD 2.7 “Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming” – 12” Edit of Al B. Sure’s Westerville Mix from US single. While technically a minor rarity, this remix is inferior to the album version.

    CD 3.5 “Pride” – the US Remix by Francois Kervorkian, which differs to the UK extended version (the corresponding A side to “Parade Of The Obliterators”).

    CD 3.7 “You Are In My System” – an annoyingly early fade of the 6 minute remix.

    So buyer beware and check first!

    • Brett says:

      Thanks for the heads-up, Lucas. These kinds of things are important to me. I’m especially sick and tired of the amount of RP best-of’s that use the re-voiced/remixed version of You Are In My System. What the hell was wrong with the “Pride” version anyway?

  8. Marc says:

    For people in The Netherlands: (Universal Netherlands) sells the 3CD for € 14,99 (+€3,95 shipping)
    I don’t know if they ship abroad.

  9. Vincent says:

    What about ‘looking for clues’ as I’m fairly sure the single version is different to the version used on compilations?

  10. smorrissey says:

    I was about ordering but i don’t think so Paul…

    Order Summary Amazon UK
    Items: MXN 529.13
    Postage & Packing: MXN 717.48
    Import Fees Deposit: MXN 372.55
    Exchange rate guarantee fee: MXN 34.40
    Order Total: MXN 1,653.56

  11. SimonP says:

    I love Never Met A Dog but I don’t wanna pay twenty three quid for it.

  12. Gerbrand says:

    3 other Collected sets will also be available next week:
    Thin Lizzy
    Gerry Rafferty & Steelers Wheel
    Paul Carrack

    And a re-pressing of the Etta James Collected 2LP. This time on black vinyl. The original was purple.

  13. Chumil says:

    I’ve had this since its release and I can only recommend it, it’s an excellent set.

  14. Poptones says:

    Interesting but too pricey.

    I’ll pass as I already have the Ultimate Collection 3 CD set (released in 2003) and it’s pretty good. The 3rd CD is a bonus CD with live tracks (not remixes).

  15. Stephen says:

    The version of addicted to love that appears on addictions was, as far as I’m aware edited from the album version for that compilation and appeared thereafter as the “goto” version for many a compilation after that. I might be wrong, but that’s what lives in my head

  16. Kauwgompie says:

    Great compilation. I do have most of the Robert Palmer remixes and rarities from the messy Edsel reissues, famously sourced, or co-sourced, from MP3’s. Don’t think I will be getting this. The “Collected” compilations are all very good. The third disc typically has remixes and rarities. The Huey Lewis, Commodores and Level 42 “Collected” albums are also very good.

  17. Robert says:

    Any news on a vinyl release of this compilation as they did for e.g. Marvin Gaye?

  18. Seikotsi says:

    I had no idea that You can have it (take my heart) (12″ version) is an actual 12″ version. I have that 12″ and it sounds just like the normal song. Probably it is a minute longer or so without changing much musically.

    Looks like quite a decent compilation. Won’t be buying it because I got a 5CD boxset a while ago.

  19. John Barleycorn says:

    We need a Robert Palmer ‘Gold’ budget, triple CD collection. Now that would be value.

    • Peter m says:

      I have the Robert palmer gold 2cd set, its from
      Another gold series of compilations.
      Its basically just an island years best of.
      Some of his EMI work is excellent, if you
      Have never heard it.

  20. Shaun says:

    It’s really too bad the planned released from Hidden Masters was cancelled.

  21. Otto says:

    No more buying from the UK unfortunately for me.
    I ordered the Steven Wilson deluxe edition and got a €34,21 import fee to pay extra. That is just too much.

  22. Patrick says:

    Great news ! Do you guys have more info on which versions of the songs that are included ? I was hoping for a collection with the original hit versions instead of the 90’s “addictions” remakes.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      These are the original versions.

    • Stephen says:

      I believe the following are the “addictions” versions:
      Every kinda people.
      Bad case of loving you
      Addicted to love

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Not totally convinced this is entirely accurate. There was only ever one version of Addicted to Love wasn’t there? I listened to Bad Case Of Loving You earlier and thought it didn’t sound remixed…

        • Stephen says:

          There’s a fair few versions of addicted to love. The original U.K. 7” version was pretty hard to find “digitally” upto a few years ago. It’s all in the intro

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            What I mean is that there’s no ‘Addictions’ version of Addiction to Love (ie that is remixed).

        • AudioDile says:

          Just read multiple reviews on Discogs and Amazon that confirm what Stephen said about the Addictions versions for those 3 tracks.

          I don’t think we’ve had a comp in the last 15 years that had the original version of Bad Case of Loving You, if ever. There’s never been a comp with the full original extended version of You Are In My System, either.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Okay… fair enough!

          • Neil Hunt says:

            AudioDile, I have the Canadian edition of the “Gold” 2CD set and “The Very Best Of The Island Years” and they both contain the original “Bad Case Of Loving You”. Both compilations are worth seeking out.

        • Tom From Pittsburgh says:

          Addicted To Love edited both the intro as well as the long instrumental portion for the single release. On the first Addictions album they used the full original intro with the rest of the single edit. That version has been used frequently for compilations since.

          Bad Case of Loving You was re done for Addictions Vol 1. Slightly faster tempo, more metal like arrangement & some great guitar work by Eddie Martinez.

          • DLG says:

            Tom – great points. In fact there are at least 3 edits of the original Addicted To Love track:
            UK Single Edit
            US Single Edit
            Addictions Edit

            (There’s also a soundalike remake Palmer did in the mid-1990s for a compilation, probably for licensing or financial reasons. It’s been licensed to other compilations too, with few noticing/caring that it wasn’t the original. I have it on Pure 80s #1s. When I heard it, I thought “Where are the keyboards? And why do the drums sound so sucky?”)

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Ooh… that soundalike is news to me!

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