Roger Waters / Amused to Death SACD & vinyl pre-order

Roger Waters / Amused to Death SACD and 200g vinyl reissue

Analogue Productions’ vinyl and SACD reissues of Roger Waters‘ 1992 album Amused To Death will be released on 5 November, according to new listings on Amazon.

The reissue was announced in January this year, with James Guthrie (who originally mixed the album) remastering from the original analogue tapes.

Amused To Death will be available on 200-gram double LP and Stereo Hybrid SACD.


2LP Heavyweight Vinyl (200g)

7 responses to Roger Waters / Amused to Death SACD & vinyl pre-order

  1. Tommy says:

    My guess is that they are taking this back to the studio again due to complaints about only getting it in stereo.- so I do for some reason believe we will get this in surround.
    That’s the only thing that could explain this delay to me..

    And no, I would not buy this in SACD stereo,- surround,- oh yeah!

  2. michael says:

    It’s been nearly a year since I pre-ordered this Vinyl release (I paid $50). It’s now late March and still no record. WTF?

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  4. Doug Babb says:

    Amazon vinyl price is $63.13. A bit high, Roger…

  5. Mickrock says:

    A Stereo mix for SACD? Are you joking? Are we returning to 1970?
    Hey-Zuess, DSOM was mixed for Quad…
    I will pick up the vinyl though.

  6. ChrisX says:

    For a split second I was thinking “What ATD in 5.1 on SACD? Cool” and then saw the company who was going to release it realising it would be straight stereo :-((

    • Justin says:

      Agreed. When I saw Guthrie’s name involved I got my hopes up. Unfortunately. Roger must be off surround sound this week. Will not be buying.

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