Roxy Music box sets coming in 2015


Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera has revealed that the band’s first two albums will be reissued as deluxe box sets next year.

Speaking to Rolling Stone the musician said “We have some fantastic box sets of the first two albums out next year,” adding, “there’s all sorts of things; extra Eno ingredients and stuff. I’m very excited about it.”

Roxy Music’s self-titled debut was originally issued in June 1972 and features the hit single Virginia Plain. For Your Pleasure followed less than a year later, which was the last record to feature Brian Eno.

Manzanera also revealed that he thought the band was probably over “I don’t think we’re going to do any more shows” he told the magazine, “our job here is done”.

While we wait to see what content these boxes might deliver, the highly rated Complete Studio Recordings 1972-82 box set is as cheap as it’s been for a while. You can view a photo gallery of this collection here.

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  2. Wayne Klein says:

    So Paul can you find out what the story is with these? Are we goi g to get them or not?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Don’t know to be honest. What I heard is that BF himself is holding these up for some reason.

  3. Bob Preston says:

    Are we any closer to having a release date fir the box sets? Seems to be dragging on now.

  4. Howard Pitfield says: website states the deluxe set will include 5.1 surround mix of 1st album by Steve Wilson.

  5. Noel Fitzsimons says:

    I can’t really envisage anything worthwhile that could possibly remain unreleased – what usually happens are that a few ‘alternate’ versions or a couple of modern day ‘re-mixes’ appear.

    What I am seriously interested in is the 3 CD Box Set of Roxy @ The Beeb – full radio sessions with those marvellous radically different versions – in concerts – plus a DVD of early BBC appearences. Sheer bliss.

    Wait a minute – I’ve just woke up – but nevertheless a beautiful dream.

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  7. Colin Baldwin says:

    Steven Wilson’s new album is up on Amazon and their description cites:

    “Steven Wilson has not only been busy recording his fourth solo album, but continues to be the leading light and saviour of catalogue reissues by producing new mixes of classic albums for Tears For Fears, XTC, Yes & Roxy Music.”

    Make of that what you will :)

  8. martian martian says:

    Been waiting for these for decades-there is loads of stuff they could use.The Roger Bunn demos from 71,bbc with david O’List,there are performances live at Paris Bataclan in 72-I am really hoping all this is included alongside a reprint of the Kari Ann negative sheets poster for the first lp.There are also outtakes of Bogus Man from the first lp sessions .HERES HOPING!Also the Montreux 73 performance would fit beautifully in FYP!

  9. Kevin says:

    Unless there are demos, alternate takes or unreleased tracks still lurking in the tape boxes then I think what the extras could be is the BBC sessions and In Concert shows they did in 1972-73 with Eno on board.
    Whilst heavily bootlegged these would make wonderful extras once remastered and cleaned up.

  10. Phil says:

    True, Eno leaving Roxy Music was not like, say, Gabriel leaving Genesis, but the first two albums are nothing short of stunning, and regularly appear in lists of great albums. I most definitely associate Eno with these albums. But then, I’m an obsessive music fan, and most fans of bands don’t fuss over who did what and when. Can’t wait to see what they do with these. Also, I’m hoping that Avalon will get a reissue on 5.1

  11. Todd R. says:

    “the announcement” by PM here was picked up everywhere = yet Bryan Ferry is quoted this same week saying it would be interesting to finish something in the vaults – I just think Roxy Music continues it’s long sleep – but it’s not dead (not yet anyway). PS – just heard 10,000 Maniacs play “More Than This” live for the first time (for me) since 1997. Roxy lives on.

    • stan menshic says:

      Apparently they all reunited in about 2002 with Eno & did some studio sessions ,why are we still waiting for these sessions, Plz God if this is what Bryan is alluding to we could finally see the 9th proper Roxy Music album.

  12. Rik says:

    Slightly digressing, but I hope Phil Manzanera releases a deluxe version of “Diamond Head” too. I’ve got his deluxe digibooks of “801 Live” and “Quiet Sun”, which are fantastic packages. “Diamond Head” is one of my all-time favourite albums by anybody.

  13. James says:

    For Your Pleasure is IMO their best album. Honestly take the first three and call it a perfect trilogy. Eno was only missing for Stranded. Ironically I believe Eno has been quoted as calling Stranded the best RM album.

    • stan menshic says:

      I agree totally & I think Eno was being incredibly diplomatic, however, Stranded was a mighty fine album & where Eno could have really added his amazing sonic contribution is Country Life & Manifesto.

  14. Mic Smith says:

    Seeing Roxy Music debut on TOTP – the first time I had heard Virginia Plain – was as significant a moment as seeing Bowie doing Starman a month earlier – and produced the same reaction among friends the next day. For me every Roxy single was an event – every TOTP appearance a must see. I suppose it’s long been wiped but does anyone remember them doing Pyjamarama in April 73 with Ferry strumming a guitar? I’ve never see it repeated but remember it like it was yesterday.
    Anyway so far as these releases are concerned – interested to see what they contain. I may be tempted by the inclusion of BBC sessions and demos – not necessarily hoping for 5.1 myself.

  15. Tim says:

    Considering there’s only previously been one A-side and one B-side apiece for each of these albums, these must be the most expanded albums ever!!

    Hope it contains the complete BBC Sessions. Long overdue.

  16. Steven O'Connor says:

    These first two albums are where I began with Roxy and remain my favourites. I believe they would be wonderful in 5.1. There are some very interesting and experimental things happening in the music (and not just from Eno!) that would translate well into surround. Bring on the 5.1, I say.

  17. Richard says:

    Yes, SACD, DVD-A, 24/96 or higher!

  18. Michael says:

    I so hope they consider deluxe-ing Flesh + Blood.

  19. Tom M says:

    Remember this from 2012?
    “Additionally, there will be a high-res audio version of each album on DVD, all transferred from the original analogue masters.”

    I’m not sure Roxy Music’s albums really need 5.1 but I would be happy with stereo, hi-res flat transfers on SACD or DVD-A.

    • Rob says:

      The 5.1 mix of “Avalon” is one of my favorite surround sound mixes, so I would love to see the rest of the catalog get this treatment.

  20. Mychael says:

    I wonder if they include the original vinyl version of “Virginia Plain” – Bryan Ferry in a recent interview: “We fixed the mistakes in the backing track when we last did some remastering…”

  21. Ian Harris says:

    I think out-takes of unheard songs will be very thin on the ground. When you think of some of the dross Roxy Music put out as b-sides (Sultanesque etc) there doesn’t seem to be an indication of a lot of surplus material being around. However, demos, alternative versions, live tracks or radio sessions of the tracks we do know and love would be very welcome indeed.
    Wasn’t the box set from a couple of years ago originally going to include 5.1 mixes?

  22. JL says:

    I most definitely think ENO when I think Roxy, 5.1 or bust on these! I have the album box, and don’t need anything else, except 5.1

    • Lennie says:

      Thinking of Eno when thinking of Roxy is analogous to thinking of Roy Wood when thinking of ELO. They were both only there in the very early years, before both bands did their best work and became the concept of their true leaders, in these cases being Bryan Ferry and Jeff Lynne, respectively. I have had this conversation with many Roxy Music fans, and nobody thinks Brian Eno was all that relevant to the group. Let’s instead appreciate Eno for his amazing solo work, like Another green World or Taking Tiger Mountain, or for his work with U2. But lets not overestimate his contribution to Roxy Music.

      • stan menshic says:

        Lets not Underestimate Eno’s contribution to the 1st 2 albums & if he is analogous to anyone it would be John Cale in the Velvet Undergound where the 1st 2 albums are totally ground breaking & the next several albums are much more mainstream and commercial.

      • Chris Marsh says:

        For me, when Eno left Roxy Music, everything of interest went with him. After ‘Stranded’ (which I rate as ‘Ok’ at best) each album was a further step towards blandness and mediocrity.

  23. Steven Roberts says:

    If they go the XTC route and release these as CD/Blu-ray combos with loads of outtakes/demos/alt. mixes and a hi-res 5.1 mix, I am most definitely in.


  24. Lennie says:

    I love these 2 albums, but I would have preferred they did box sets for Stranded, Country Life, and Siren instead. The latter 3 were much more worthy of extensive box sets. Many fans don’t really even connect Brian Eno to Roxy Music anymore.

  25. Glenn says:

    We know that Steven Wilson definitely did a 5.1 mix for the first album a few years ago so hopefully it will be included.

  26. Richard Rootes says:

    +1 vote for 5.1 mixes – just received and played Drums and Wires Blu Ray (& signed card), which is absolutely fantastic

  27. Paul English says:

    hopefully they use the same flat transfers as the 2012 set.

  28. peter says:

    I am so hoping these reissues will have 5.1’s on them and that someone of Steven Wilson’s caliber involved in these reissues for doing new mixes and can we have these in our hands beginning of 2015 instead of end of 2015. If they have extra tracks,live mixes from that time period that would just be extra icing on the cake as 5.’1 is what I am mostly hoping for from this announcement.

  29. Eddie says:

    Were the discs in the 1872-82 box ever released individually?

  30. Charles Hodgson says:

    Yeah, wasn’t on the UK vinyl LP I bought in the early ’80’s and grew up with, so for me it’ll never belong on there. I’ll be amazed if these Deluxe versions turn up anything great, considering the slim pickings on the era B-Sides. But, of course, I’ll still be interested to see the tracklistings…!

  31. abitoftap says:

    To be pedantic, Roxy Music didn’t include Virginia Plain when originally released in the UK, although it did in the USA.
    When it was issued on cd, Viginia Plain was generally included.

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