Roxy Music’s 1972 debut to be reissued as a 45th anniversary super deluxe

Demos • Outtakes • Peel Sessions • Steven Wilson 5.1 mix • Expensive

Signed edition now SOLD OUT but exclusives still available at official Roxy store.

After years of hints, rumours and speculation, Universal Music have announced today that Roxy Music‘s eponymous 1972 debut album will be reissued as 3CD+DVD super deluxe edition in February 2018.

This four-disc anniversary set consists of the original album on CD 1 (which interestingly uses the 1999 Bob Ludwig remaster), a further disc of demos and outtakes, a CD devoted to BBC radio sessions (including the January ’72 Peel Sessions that featured the unsigned Roxy Music with David O’List on guitar) and a DVD that includes a brand new Steven Wilson 5.1 surround sound mix, along with rare video footage of TV appearances and live performance.

All the discs are presented in a large-format 12″ x 12″ 136-page hardcover book which features some fantastic notes by author and journalist Richard Williams, who first wrote about Roxy Music in Melody Maker back in 1971! The book also delivers an incredible array of rare photos, including many outtakes from the famous Karl Stoecker cover shot of model Kari-Ann Muller (each disc in the set uses a variant from the session).

The second disc in this set is an incredible insight into this era, with four demos recorded (on Brian Eno’s Ferrograph reel-to-reel tape recorder at his flat in Camberwell) just over a year before the album came out. At this point in time, the band had played no gigs at all and included Roger Bunn on guitar and Dexter Lloyd on drums.

Talking to SDE about these demos, band member Andy Mackay said “The drumming and guitar playing were quite noodley, quiet and fiddly. And interestingly, by the time we got Paul [Thompson] and Phil [Manzanera] in, the Roxy sound was much stronger – it had that rock ‘n’ roll element, which I always thought was absolutely crucial to our continued success… that tipped us across from being just an art-school experimental band, to a proper pop group.”

Outtakes from the actual album sessions (which lasted just over two weeks) are also included. Every track is represented in some form or another and there’s the odd snippet of studio chatter and laughter to really take you back to Command Studios in Piccadilly, in London where the album was recorded, in March/April 1972. Non-album single Virginia Plain also features on this disc (the song was included on the album when issued in America and on some later pressings).

Two Peel Sessions (from January ’72 and May ’72) feature on CD 3 along with five tracks (including the then new single Virginia Plain) for a BBC In Concert broadcast in August of the same year.

Finally the DVD features Steven Wilson’s ‘new’ 5.1 mix (it was actually created back in 2012) in DTS 96/24 and Dolby AC3 Sound. For some reason, there isn’t a hi-res stereo version on the DVD (something that was promised for 2012’s Complete Studio Recordings box set, but eventually not delivered (without explanation). Steven Wilson has noted this omission too.  Commenting on Facebook today, about this reissue, he says “Back in 2012 I also remixed the album and several out-takes in stereo, and 2 years ago 2 of these mixes were released on a record store day 10 inch single, including an extended version of Ladytron. However, please note that none of these stereo mixes are included in this new deluxe set, so hang on to that 10 inch if you have it!”

This DVD also has video content, including the band performing Ladytron on The Old Grey Whistle Test, their first Top Of The Pops appearance doing Virginia Plain (according to Phil Manzanera, Brian Eno was “really pissed off that all you could see was his gloved hand”) and rare footage of Roxy Music at the Bataclan Club in Paris in November 1972, apparently “the only surviving visual document of this line up live on stage”.

There is also a two-CD deluxe edition of Roxy Music, but the record companies know what they are doing and they haven’t included any of the demos or the outtakes on this edition. Disc 2 is the BBC Sessions disc (disc three on the super deluxe edition). The packaging does look very nice though – you can see a photo of the hardcover casebound book package above, which comes with a 24-page booklet. The album is also being reissued on 180g vinyl LP.

We must address the issue of pricing. Amazon in the UK currently have a pre-order price of £172, which is insane. This price will inevitably come down to at least the £130 mark before the release date because that is the price it is for sale on the official Roxy Music store. Amazon France currently have a price of around £137. Obviously, none of these are particularly cheap  and you wonder if the executives at Universal have been chatting with Scott Rodger and Paul McCartney about price points. Worth it? Only you can decide, but the content is excellent and presentation looks very good. Update: Amazon Canada now have the super deluxe listed at CA $116 which is only £68!! But obviously people in Europe have to factor in shipping/import duty etc.

Roxy Music is reissued on 2 February 2018

Official Roxy Music Store (international shipping)

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Roxy Music

Roxy Music - four disc super deluxe


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Roxy Music

Roxy Music - 2CD deluxe


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Roxy Music

Roxy Music - vinyl LP




  • Re-Make/Re-Model
  • Ladytron
  • If There Is Something
  • Virginia Plain
  • 2 H.B.
  • The Bob (Medley)
  • Chance Meeting
  • Would You Believe?
  • Sea Breezes
  • Bitters End



EARLY DEMOS April/May 71

  • Ladytron
  • 2 HB
  • Chance Meeting
  • The Bob (Medley)


  • Instrumental
  • Re-Make/Re-Model
  • Ladytron
  • If There Is Something
  • 2 H.B.
  • The Bob (Medley)
  • Chance Meeting
  • Sea Breezes
  • Bitters End
  • Virginia Plain

DISC THREE (disc two on the 2CD deluxe)



  • If There Is Something
  • The Bob (Medley)
  • Would You Believe?
  • Sea Breezes
  • Re-Make/Re-Model


  • 2 HB
  • Ladytron
  • Chance Meeting


  • Virginia Plain
  • If There Is Something


  • The Bob (Medley)
  • Sea Breezes
  • Virginia Plain
  • Chance Meeting
  • Re-Make/Re-Model


The full album remixed in 5.1 by Steven Wilson


  • Re-Make/Re-Model – The Royal College Of Art, 6/6/72
  • Ladytron – The Old Grey Whistle Test, 20/6/72
  • Virginia Plain – Top Of The Pops, 24/8/72
  • Re-Make/Re-Model – Full House, 25/11/72
  • Ladytron Full House, 25/11/72

French TV, Bataclan, Paris, 26/11/72:

  • Would You Believe
  • If There Is Something
  • Sea Breezes
  • Virginia Plain

285 responses to Roxy Music’s 1972 debut to be reissued as a 45th anniversary super deluxe

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  2. Charles says:

    “the record companies know what they are doing and they haven’t included any of the demos or the outtakes on this edition”

    This is exactly why the record companies are hated so much. Stick it to the very few people actually still buying cds. Unreal. This is the greatest thing about the internet. We get to stick it right back to the record companies too.

  3. Brice says:

    Vinyl pressed by GZVinyl !!! an Horror !!!

  4. Bobbyjean says:

    I love roxy.I want this box set.unfortunately it is to expensive for me.I’ve had to leave my job to be a stay at home dad while my wife’s a choice I’m happy to have made but financially it puts a big strain on the house funds if I was to pay £129.99 .I love roxy I have all my life but my daughter comes 1st and I just can’t justify paying that price.they need to seriously think about the fans…thanks paul for finding the great deals you do.and thanks to everyone else who links deals and offers on this sight

  5. Vic says:

    I ordered this set on Amazon USA on December 14 for $89.98 USD and will receive it at this price. It is now listed at $162.44. I’m not sure if Amazon Prime customers get additional discounts.

    • Michael says:

      Vic, because of Paul giving us such advance notice about the 45th Anniversary edition of Roxy Music, I also discovered it was available for $89.98 USD on Amazon USA and ordered it on December 14. A day or two later the $189.00 USD price was shown on their website (which is too expensive), and later the price was reduced to $162.44 USD. I didn’t want to post anything about this great discount for fear Amazon would notify me that they could not fulfill the order. But the box set was delivered to my home today in perfect condition for $89.98 (£62.97). I think we owe Paul Sinclair and Amazon a big THANK YOU!

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        No thanks necessary, but very good news… I did highlight it on my ‘how to buy’ post and but I think we all wondered about that Amazon Canada price, and whether they’d honour it. Result!

        • Michael says:

          Yes, Paul you are very informative, and a ‘thank you’ is in order. If it wasn’t for what you posted on your website, I would not have known about this great deal. Believe me, I’m thrilled! I hope others who ordered from Amazon Canada or Amazon USA (early on) will also be delighted with their purchase.

        • Gareth Martin says:

          They sure did! Mine arrived this morning and as my lovely wife had given me an Amazon gift card for Christmas which I applied to the bill, it ended up costing me CAD $81 which is a little under 50 quid!! I am a very happy chappie this morning. Big thanks for the heads-up re: the Canadian price as I’m not sure I would/could have stretched to some of the other prices out there….at least not without putting my marriage is serious jeopardy!! I see that the price went up to CAD$125 today but there’s also a 1-2 month wait for it now. Thanks a million, Paul!

  6. Dave T says:

    “The Numberer” is not the only omission. Also absent, despite appearing on published track listings – the second (longer, superior) Peel session version of “If There is Something,” a couple of songs from the original demo – both being saved for an “FYP” deluxe? And, likewise, the “FYP” previews from the In Concert broadcast. Also, the Bataclan footage is the same as broadcast, meaning “If There is Something” is still a mess.


    Well, mine (from PM) turned up today and although it’s not listed on the back inlay… the little sticker on the front states “a 5.1 remix by Steven Wilson!

    • Eric Slangen says:

      That’s weird.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m confused. Why is this a surprise? I said this set included a 5. 1 Steven Wilson remix back in December…

    • Staggy says:

      Hi William. Could you possibly confirm a couple of things? Is the longer 12min BBC session version of “If There Is Something” included or not? Plus, have they fixed the incorrect date of that track (together with “Virginia Plain”) that is even listed on the official BF and RM websites? I know it’s a real hair-splitting detail, but given the price tag and considering the target audience, you’d expect things like this to be right. Thanks in anticipation.

      • WILLIAM ENGLAND says:

        If There Is Something is timed at 6.38 and dated 4/1/72 on the insert whereas Virginia Plain is dated 18/7/72

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  9. Ray says:

    I love this album, this was the soundtrack to my teen years, i never get tired of listening to it. I would really love to own the Super Deluxe version, in fact a little voice in the back of my head keeps saying go on get it. But at the moment i am resisting the temptation, if the set also included the Vinyl LP i think i would take the plunge.

  10. Jai E says:

    €87 including postage for the Canada Amazon box to Ireland, still expensive but the best price I’ve seen anywhere

  11. voxstarstream says:

    Got mine from Amazon Canada shipped to the U.S. for 98.39 USD. That’s about the best deal out there…we’ll see if they honour that price and ship the order!

  12. Stephen kelly says:

    Thanks for the Phil Manzanera tip Paul. Ordered it. And well done Mr. Manzanera. Maybe more artists should take note!!

  13. DaKraut says:

    Thanks for the Phil Manzanera offer heads-up. I, too, prefer Phil’s signature to Bryan’s – and I think the t-shirt is cool, too. So after some deliberation with myself – which I both won and lost – I decided to go for it.

  14. wayne klein says:


    Thanks for the heads up on the lower price Phil Manzanera price with the extras! It is much appreciated. Bryan’s signature isn’t worth the additional $30 to me. Universal needs to take a hard look at what they are offering fans and the insane inflated price they are offering it at.

  15. wayne klein says:

    Glad to see Phil Manzanera offering this at a better price with two cool extras (t-shirt, signed card). Beats the Roxy Music website price and has some nice extras. It’s too expense (still) IMHO but Phil at least took the high road (pardon the pun) and offered the set at a lower price with extras that are nice.

    Bless you Phil!

  16. Richard Bolla says:

    Paul oddly enough the widget above can’t accept the fact that price now on is NOT 89.98 anymore but add a “1” in front…. $ 189.98 ;o)

  17. Alte Venema says:

    And maybe this is the first of the super the deluxe edition of Roxy Music albums. And how many are there. And then hereafter Bryan Ferry sde!!!! That will be over the £1000,00.

  18. Sean says:

    Crazy pricing ! It’s the Phil one for me :)

  19. Tracey says: hasn’t changed its price on the SDE. Of the retailers listed above, it’s quite a bit cheaper than the rest.

    For what it’s worth, include me in the list of those who have had orders for the SDE cancelled by Krose and

    • DaKraut says:

      Yeah, Tracey, the price is good. However, I never know if customs intervene. If they do, then I’ll pay 19% VAT plus an addition 20% “penal tax” – not just on the set, but also on postage. Since I don’t know if this will happen, I’ll steer clear of that one.

  20. GHB says:

    Interesting how this is all panning out! Just received an e-mail from the Phil Manzanera mailing list – £100 for the set, with a free Phil Manzanera limited edition t-shirt and a postcard signed by Phil. If anyone is still interested these can be obtained from Funny old world ….

  21. Richard Bolla says:

    I preordered it on 14/12 at $ 89.98. Now price has skyrocketed on same store to $ 189.98 ! But my preorder, for the moment, still valid at the lower price….we’ll see what happens.

  22. Bill says:

    I also received a personal reply from Bullmose canelling my preorder saying the price went up $100 because Universal changed the pricing. I replied that perhaps there is a miscommunication somewhere in the Universal distribution chain confusing the signed print price (plus the deluxe set) vs. “just” the deluxe set. They found that “interesting”. So I guess we’ll see how this plays out.
    Also just checked Amazon US, $189. Jeez. What is going on?

  23. peter says:

    Paul, if there is any chance you can get Universal to understand there is interest in this boxset if it is actually priced at a sane price like the JT releases which are packed with even more music goodies than this RM release and come with nice booklets as well.
    Its to bad they will be losing many sales from fans that would actually want to buy this set but not at the inflated price they are asking.

  24. Kees says:

    Received cancellations from Kroese and ImportCDs…
    Strange though that JPC and are not listing the box yet.

  25. Alex says:

    Love the album. Still have my original 1972 copy AND the original publicity poster, but no way I’d pay £150 for the 4 disc set. Good ol’ UK prices ??

  26. Mr. Eastwood says:

    Universal Music and Virgin have somehow convinced themselves that the Roxy Music set is worth $100 more than previously advertised. That is amazing considering it’s only 3 CDs and a DVD with a 5.1 mix that has been available for 5 years. It must be that 136 page book. Universal makes the Wall Street crowd seem like vestal virgins in comparison. Perhaps in that 136 page book are some Enron stock certificates.

  27. DJ says:

    I also got a cancellation email from Kroese.
    However instead of considering legal action surely it is best to just be disappointed and let Kroese live to fight another day.It isn’t their fault they were given the wrong price.It is solely on the greedy ******** at the record company/Roxy Music.Surely our ire should be aimed solely at them?

  28. Kevin M says:

    There’s a nice condition 1999 CD of the main album, as re-used in this set, for 49p in the British Heart Foundation charity shop in Swiss Cottage, London, if anybody’s interested.

    Google some photos while listening to it for a nice little trimmed Roxy “deluxe” hour or two for less than the price of a Kit-Kat.

    • Wayne Klein says:

      They cancelled all preorders because Universal upped the price by $100. It will list for $185 I believe U.S. Bull Moose will be discounting it to around $150. I love Roxy but, sorry Bryan, I ain’t buying.

      When I see this type of crap I always think of the lawyer in Jurassic Park who suggests that it will be for the super wealthy unless it’s coupon day. Luckily he gets eaten. I imagine that’s the discussion that went on in the black tower as well. Here’s hoping Universal gets eaten by a big, bad T-Rex especially since they released the film.

  29. Koen Kroeze says:

    This is what I got today, after ordering the box-set at Platomania:

    Beste klant,

    Tot onze spijt moeten we melden dat uw bestelling van de Roxy Music Super Deluxe Box komt te vervallen. Wij hebben van onze leverancier een verkeerde inkoopprijs doorgekregen en kunnen de box tot onze spijt niet voor 54.99 euro leveren aangezien het prijsverschil veel te groot is. Onze welgemeende excuses hiervoor. Uw geld wordt zo snel mogelijk teruggestort.

    Met vriendelijke groeten,


    In short, translation:
    Unfortunately we cannot deliver the box at the price of 55 euros. The supplier had given the wrong retail price, so the order has been cancelled and the money will be returned.

    I presume will do the same…

    • Pascal says:

      Haven’t heard from Kroese yet. Anyone else?

      • Andy says:

        Yep – got my Kroese cancellation email this morning.

        “I’m sorry to inform you that we will nog be able to deliver you the Roxy Music boxset you ordered. Due to a mistake made by the recordcompany our price was far, far to low. Therefore I have had to cancell toy order. I have already refunded the money to the creditcard you’ve used.

        Our sincere apologies.”

  30. Ian S says:

    Disappointed to see the Roxy machine milking fans yet again. This has been going on for a while with reissue sfter reissue in different formats. All leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I wonder how much the whole package cost to produce. So, who set the price and why ?

  31. Bob peel says:

    Wonder how many orders pantomania ended up cancelling in the end gutted but I’ll also play the waiting game

  32. Brucey bonus says:

    At least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask when he robbed people !
    Pick it up on flea bay next year for £50 or less !

  33. Jules says:

    For @Pascal: Apologies, I should have typed “……£3.99 which equates to 30.76 today……”

    For @Kauwgompie: Fair point about economies of scale etc but that only applies to some purchases – yes bread, not houses (cheaper to build now) or cars (massive production due to technology or watches or taxi or train fares (in the uk !) or well…you get the picture.

    Also recordings by Roxy involve a bit more creative input than the cotton wool masquerading as a lot of bread these days. Oh yeah cotton wool !! There’s something else that has not been affected by inflation. Good times.

    Yes ‘globalization’ may have been an enabler for lowering prices for some items, but there is no law that dictates that because x’s sde cost x that y’s should be similarly priced. You have eloquently explained how a bit of patience will usually result in vastly reduced prices.
    e.g. I picked up most of the sde Zep output for 60% of what it first retailed at by simply waiting.

    Also there is the aspect of what is it worth to people ? The old argument of no one is forcing people to buy it will always hold true.

    Final thought unrelated to box sets : “…..economies of scale, globalization, massive productivity due to technology…” may have a cost that can never be met:

    Just one example among many:

    In the UK the idea of cheap air travel is expected/demanded, the new 3rd runway at Heathrow will increase annual flights from 480,000 to 740,000 & no seems to be able to explain how this kind of cynical development will cut carbon emissions which obviously we’re all so committed to….how very short term, how very now.

    Tick Tick Tick.

    • Pascal says:

      Well Jules, that still doesn’t answer my question really. Still wonder why £3.99 matches £30.76 today. Why not £ 13.34 or any other number?

  34. Geoff D says:

    Had a cancellation email from Plato earlier saying it was a pricing error that they can’t afford to fulfil. I didn’t expect them to really so not too disappointed. I’m prepared to play the long game on this one and wait for the price alert email next year. With the overwhelming response to this set being about the slightly disappointing content and ludicrous price, I can’t see them selling that many so it’ll be ripe for discounting next year.

    I hope….

  35. Leslie Hanagan says:

    I see that some of the European sites which had the cheaper offers have started withdrawing the offers stating that were a “pricing error”.
    Has there been any official statement from either Mr. Ferry or the record company over the pricing and content omissions?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      My guess is that someone, somewhere sent out a wrong dealer price and these retailers worked out their retail prices accordingly. Doubt there will be any official statement, to be honest, although I’m working behind the scenes to see if I can get further comment from artist/label etc.

    • Pascal says:

      I haven’t heard from my dutch reseller yet. So no withdrawal of the order I placed earlier. But we’ll wait and see what happens.

  36. Neil says:

    The problem with these box sets being so extortionate is that there is obviously a demand for these even at these silly prices. If everybody here or elsewhere who are complaining about the prices stuck to their guns and refused to buy this then maybe the record companies would get the message but then you just know that is not going to happen. That forthcoming reissue by Jethro Tull puts this to shame in a very big way as just an example. I honestly thought that Human League box was taking the piss but this is beyond belief.

    • Ben Williams says:

      I agree, that’s why I stuck to my guns and didn’t buy the super duper deluxe version of Flowers In The Dirt (that, and the fact my household budget wouldn’t allow it!)

      I fear that these types of sets will go up and up and up unless people just say no. I mean, look at that Hotel California box set. I still can’t get over the price of that considering what continent was offered!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      They were only 102 euros out!

    • Andy says:

      Yeah, they are canceling the orders they got at the lower price – I got my email from them this morning. I ordered the signed version from the Roxy site but would have cancelled that if Kroese came through.

  37. Simon Applin says:

    171 pounds = 1 month of food and a new tyre. lol

  38. eric says:

    A complete miss for me. For a band that had their last studio record released BEFORE CDs their choice to put everything of interest onto CDs … I just don’t get it… it’s not like it was a cost thing given how outrageous the pricing is for CDs. ….

  39. Thomas Lieb says:

    $63 US at That seems about right.

  40. Jules says:


    In 1976 I bought a new copy of RM’s ‘For Your Pleasure’ for £3.99 which equates to £30.76 & so 4/copies of RM’s debut at the same price (bought mine used for £2.50 in ’77) then would be £123.04 today i.e. you have 3 cds + dvd & the book for £130.

    I think what’s happened is that in 2017 in the era of downloads/streaming/online ordering/precious few bricks & mortar record shops etc it may just be that we are used to paying far less for music than its real contemporary inflation value. Whilst it is great that artists like Jethro Tull charge 30 odd quid for 5 discs, when someone else charges a price that sends you apeshit for an item which is most definitely Super Deluxe Art put the cost into an inflation calculator……you may be surprised.

    • Pascal says:

      @Jules: nice calculation, but I somewhat miss the basis between the £3.99 and the £30.76.
      Please explain.

    • Kauwgompie says:

      Putting items from the 70’s in an inflation calculator is not representative for what we pay now. Nothing that we paid £3.99 for in the 70’s is now £30.76. A loaf of bread is not £15 today. An airplane ticket was more expensive in the 70’s than in todays world. You’re forgetting the advantages of economies of scale, globalization, and massive productivity advantages due to technology.
      All cd’s are now cheaper than in the 80’s when they were first released. Either the 80’s price was a huge rip off or the economic advantages as described above have made the price drop. Probably the first. A cd in the Netherlands was $20 in the ’80’s. In the USA it was $10 at the same time.

  41. Kevin Brown says:

    Completely agree with what Richard Harris has said.
    We wait more than five years for a huge let down, because they have used THAT OLD 1999 remaster instead of Steven Wilsons new Stereo Remix. and NOT even including the Extended Ladytron track and The Numberer which was issued for Record Store Day, also on the rear of that sleeve it said that those two tracks would be on the “Forthcoming Deluxe Box set”
    At this price for 3 Discs……………….(Yes thats right 3 Discs the 1st disc been neither use to anyone, pathetic) and a book this really does need to drop less than £50 before it gets my interest. Shame on you Bryan.

  42. Richard Harris says:

    I’ve been so looking forward to this release for so long but the reality, both in terms of the pricing and content, have left a great deal to be desired. No stereo Steven Wilson mixes, no The Numberer and, most galling of all, the same 1999 remastered version of the album that is still onsale for £5.99 at online retailers. Are they really trying to tell us that after 18 years they are unable to improve on the quality of the remaster already on sale? Compare that with the different improvements made to the remastering of Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town in various boxed sets and remasters in the same period. It’s as if here after such a long wait they couldn’t actually be bothered to put much work in at all. A case for another one of your “open letters” as with PG and McCartney, I think Paul! So no sale for me until the price reflects the contents, which it certainly doesn’t at present.

  43. Kauwgompie says:

    Thanks Paul for your Poxy Music article. Although many complain about SDE prices, I don’t really think it’s so bad. Yes, Paul McCartney, The Eagles and Roxy Music are beyond ridiculous. But look at how many affordable box sets we have. Prince, George Michael, The Smiths, Lloyd Cole, Fleetwood mac, Inxs, Wet Wet Wet, Ramones, R.E.M. (Out Of Time), Simple Minds, Tears For Fears (when in print), Underworld, they were all very affordable, and even more so with a Deal Alert.

    And if a box is too expensive, just wait a few months and you almost always pay a lot less. I understand wanting to have the SDE of your favorite artist/album immediately but if you apply some sensibility and patience, there are almost always deals.

    I always keep track of prices of boxsets after I buy them, out of general interest and also to see where I went wrong (if so). In general I always find that the sooner I buy a box set (after its release), the more I screw myself. Another observation is that Paul’s Deal Alert are almost always the overall cheapest. Not just at the moment but even months and years later. The only time I ever found a cheaper deal than Paul’s Deal Alert, it was only a few dollars cheaper, hardly worth it. So if Paul advertises a Deal Alert and you want the SDE, grab it, it will almost never get cheaper.

    • Pascal says:

      I think you miss the actual point here: why is a 3CD + 1DVD box by f.i. George Michael priced at about 30 euros (that’s what I paid at Media Markt in Rotterdam recently) and this 3CD + DVD box from Roxy Music more than triple that price?
      It can’t be just the packaging and extra’s included. The actual amount of audio and video-content (i.e. the number of discs) is what it’s basically all about. The rest is ‘nice to have’.
      The point is that the pricing of these boxes seem to be totally random and not based on what is actually being delivered. See it like this: wouldn’t it be strange if the latest album by f.i. Coldplay could be fetched for 15 euros for the standard CD-format whilst the latest from Maroon 5 would cost me 45 euros for the standard issue?

  44. Jim Campbell says:

    Looks, and no doubtsounds, great but £130 from the ‘zon!
    Knock £125 off that and you may get a buyer

  45. Andrew B says:

    I think I would rather donate £180 to charity to help feed and clothe the homeless or sick kids than lining Mr Ferry’s back pocket. Just saying.

  46. Janice P says:

    I ordered a copy of the Super Deluxe 4 CD and book box set….then 24 hours later, I thought, “Are you mad paying all that?” So cancelled my order from the Roxy Music site. I adore Roxy and Bryan – but this is just taking the Micky. Bring the price down drastically and I will definitely buy a box set.

    • EW99 says:

      Same. I was so keen and then came to my senses over the weekend.

    • John Ireland says:

      I have to agree. I placed order straight away at official Roxy store and now common sense has kicked in and I’ll be cancelling my order.
      I’m struggling to justify this price tag plus I’ve Mr. Ferry’s autograph anyway.

  47. Kees de Baat says:

    I’ve bought this box in the Netherlands at and I have paid 47,99 EUR

  48. Paul Wren says:

    Stupid pricing. Just wait a few weeks/months and the unsold stock will be available at heavily discounted prices. I waited for a year for the Cream “Fresh Cream” deluxe six vinyl disc
    reissue to drop in price and picked it up online for £40 two weeks ago.

  49. baward says:

    I know nothing about the subject really, but I’ve a feeling that these sky high prices have something to do with the ‘desireability’ os the product, combined with the fact that the target audience is surely mostly made up of 40’s-50’s year olds (with no kids, or kids who have fled the nest) legacy market, who might be in a position to actually afford the stuff.

    Get people salivating at the product, put it on for an expensive (though wildly fluctuating) price, drop the product from sale, then re-introduce it for sale just when people are getting really annoyed! Or something, I must check with my friend Ross who works in marketing.

  50. Klaus Rippert says:

    Sorry, but this price is much too high. I have a lot of expensive compilations, but meanwhile the prices are growing higher and higher. I will wait what will happen in future, I think a lot of fans won´t buy those compilations any longer.

  51. phil yates says:

    Hi Paul, I ordered this from the Dutch Platomania website yesterday, so was interested to read your update this morning saying they have now removed it from their site. Out of interest, are they still legally obliged to honour any orders that they took before removing it? It’s not as if the item ‘will not be available’, as it will be…if they messed up their pricing surely that’s just their hard luck, or is it?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not sure they are legally obliged, unless they’ve taken the money from your account. If they’ve done that then I think that’s different and you should have a reasonable case..

    • RJS says:

      It all depends on their terms and conditions as to whether they’re oliged to honour your order.

    • Gerbrand says:

      Re: Platomania – Phil Yates – cc. Paul Sinclair

      Plato (a chain of record stores in NL including Concerto, Amsterdam one of the best record stores in Europe if not the world) is very reliable. I expect them to honour the order, especially now other Dutch online stores are offering the set for even less (see other replies). They have done so with me recently when they mispriced a new release.

    • Pascal says:

      Kroese (the other dutch retailer from where I purchased this box online) has only put a reservation on my cc for the item bought there.
      And FYI: according to dutch legislation a seller has to deliver unless the price is obviously ‘too good to be true’ and you could have reasonably guessed that the given price was false. In my opinion €48 for the box offered is definitely a reasonable price and certainly not ‘too good to be true’. I’d say a price of £ 130 shoulf give you more doubt about whether the price is correct. It’s too good to be true… well, from the record companys view then.

  52. Erik van der Scheer says:

    Ordered at Kroese Online in The Netherlands. EUR 47,99 incl. postage :-)

    • Erik van der Scheer says:

      Item is not available anymore. The webshop had charged my credit card already. I’m not sure whether the shop is legally obliged to honour my order.

  53. Michel Bendichou says:

    No vinyl. Again.

  54. Charlie Waffles says:

    I have the same complaint with uDiscover UK. They have great prices on some box sets I want. However, when you see the shipping costs added up to send it to the US I almost filled my shorts. They are charging in pounds 1.79 PER CD. Some box sets have five discs in them. I had six items in my shopping cart two weeks ago, all box sets. The total price of the box sets was $200 US dollars. Shipping costs were going to be $115 US dollars. I emptied the shopping cart right there.

    If the retailers cannot get a uniformed pricing and shipping costs some are going to go out of business. Let the good ones succeed and the overpriced Bozos close up shop.

  55. John Moore says:

    Ordered in Canada with shipping-at a decent price (not cheap but not silly)- prices have been so silly!

  56. Adey says:

    Total was €66,49 including postage to uk from (just ordered!)

  57. Adey says:

    As somebody else has already stated, are selling the boxset for €47. According to its a trustworthy site, so i know where MY money will be going…

    • Pascal says:

      As a dutchman I can confirm that Kroese is a trustworthy retailer. They have two physical stores in the eastern part of the country and certainly in that area are for decades considered to be THE place to be when shopping music.

  58. Adey says:

    Rip off prices. Also, with this being the 45th anniversary, will it be replaced by an even better set for the 50th in 5 years time, making this set “obsolete”?

  59. Gisabun says:

    I wouldn’t trust Amazon Canada with a ten foot pole. they are as reliable as a politician.
    They have canceled orders previously.
    I still have one item that has been delayed 4 times now even though it has been out now for 6+ weeks. I’m expecting it to be canceled.
    This same item WAS shipped to some [someone I know of got a copy] but went back to “This title will be released on December 29, 2017” a couple of weeks ago. How can you release it and then post this notification?

  60. John Sayers says:

    As others have noted, I find it hard to believe that “The Numberer”, the one non-lp b-side for this album’s lone single, “Virginia Plain”, is not included in this set. Just because it’s an instrumental and Bryan Ferry doesn’t sing on it, and the writing credit goes to Andy Mackay as well? Hmmm…..

    • JF says:

      So not only did BF think the price of the box set up, but he thought of doing Andy out of a few bob as well? Get a grip. Ffs, it’s the record company that sets the price not the artist!

  61. Scott G says:

    Excellent right-up Paul on the varying price differences and the lack of customer respect by record company. Nearly bought the limited signed version for my wife, who is a big Roxy fan, until I saw the price – not worth it. Might have considered it at around £50 (and even thats expensive for 3CD’s and a DVD) but not £150.
    And to not include a hi-res stereo mix on the DVD is shocking IMHO. Obviously keeping something back for the next boost to Bryan Ferry’s pension.

  62. Gary says:

    Thanks for the ‘Poxy Pricing’ article Paul, along with many music lovers on this site it was a voice of sanity in an increasingly insane world. Not so long ago labels and artists were bemoaning a declining music business due (in part) to illegal file sharing, downloads etc but companies also have their part to play in not ‘biting the hand that feeds’. Would be buyers will become alienated if companies seek to exploit in this fashion and pricing like this continues. As many on this site have said – ‘not at that price’ and the consequence will be that very little music will be issued in a hard format as it won’t sell enough to make it worthwhile and there will be no music industry as we know it to speak of, which is a shame as music lovers are a diehard bunch and there is a lot of money to be made if companies in the chain don’t abuse the system. The cost of the Roxy set makes The Pink Floyd 27 disc offerring look like a freebie and as you point out £100? For a book? Bearing in mind too the recent issues regarding the David Bowie reissues and the outlook appears pretty bleak unless you like your audio served up in virtual reality concert mode so perhaps we should eagerly await the bootlegs of virtual Dio and Abba gigs. Now where’s that old cassette recorder…..

  63. Todd R says:

    Maybe it’s cheaper in the States because we’re closer to Mexico (where seemingly all CDs are made now?)
    I’m blessed in CLE to have a fleet of new/used record shops. Outside of a few items – My wait list is out for some of these box sets, getting them for up to $15 less (to start) 3 months later is so worth the money.
    Otherwise buying new I always do a $10-$15 per disc measurement. What am I really getting beyond 4 cds in the box? actual information on the making of the album/set? (Tears For Fears yes, Fleetwood Mac kinda) all the b-sides (INXS – FINALLY see also “Kick 25years” (ugh)). $130 for a single-album deluxe edition is outrageous. Even with vinyl included (As much as I’d like to have Led Zeppelin fill my base shelf…..)

    • Pascal says:

      Well Todd, if it’s all about distance than this box set is probably made in Western Europe. Bad luck for the Americans this time then

  64. Clive says:

    It’s Human League box set all over again. Total bonkers prices point. It will end up half the price in about 6 months, I can wait for the price to be more acceptable

  65. Stephen Graham says:

    As for me it’s a nice product but at that price they can keep it.
    No doubt it will turn up at an agreeable price after they don’t sell very quickly.

  66. Koen Kroeze says:

    Just ordered the 3CD/DVD for only €54,99! (Platomania, Netherlands…not sure they will ship abroad) I don’t want to pay another £100 for an autograph, so I guess this is a fair deal…

  67. Bobbyjean says:

    Paul do you know what the difference if there is a difference in the new vinyl and the one released earlier this year?

  68. Solid Rick says:

    What’s the logic? The Jethro Tull and Purple Rain reissues showed that these don’t cost that much to create. Is it that Bryan Ferry thinks his fans are wealthier?

    Also, will the other albums follow in terms of sequence and format? Could be very pricey to collect the lot.

  69. Neil says:

    The likes of Marillion and Jethro Tull have released similar packages to this recently albeit without the book and they have all been under £30 as well as XTC which have been under £20 which is amazing value for what you get. What makes this so bloody special that they can fleece fans with prices like that this ? No wonder people download stuff illegally this is just encouraging it.

  70. Brian says:

    damn, I hate how they use the 5.1 as part of the set. I wish they would do them as a stand alone.

  71. Tracey says: now lists the SDE as “currently unavailable.” It will be interesting to see what price is listed when it shows as available again.

  72. JohnC says:

    For anyone wanting a preview of the BBC sessions and 1972 in concert search YouTube. As far as I know these are complete

  73. Trash says:

    My comment from yesterday is still awaiting moderation but I guess it wasnt that interesting….

    Anyway, happy birthday for yesterday Paul and keep up the great work!!!


  74. Kees says:

    Check out Platomania in The Netherlands. Selling the box for Eur 55 !!!!

  75. Poptones says:

    Signed edition sold out ?

    Always wonder why people care about autographs and signed editions.

      • RJS says:


        Because it doesn’t make the music sound any better and a signed potrait of Bryan Ferry would look Tacky (note the capital “T”) if hung up.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          The first bit is a fact, the second is your opinion. The fact that someone here is having to explain why a signed item is more desirable, is frankly ridiculous. Why would anyone want a copy of Sgt Pepper signed by all the Beatles. Doesn’t make the music sound any better, does it? Gimme a break…

          • RJS says:

            It’s a poster that’s signed, not the box set (book). I don’t own a copy of Sgt Peppers but if I ever found myself in possession of a signed copy, it’d be straight on eBay. I find autographs meaningless. Just my opinion!

  76. Charles Hodgson says:

    So now the BBC Peel Sessions / In Concert tracks are incomplete?
    Hadn’t noticed that.
    FFS, they haven’t got clue one.
    (Luckily I’ve got copies recorded from 6Music in full a few years back on a hard-drive.)

    And thanks to the fans who snapped up the 500 Ferry signed copies – the arrogance, this record was a group effort – for ensuring we get more overpriced & clueless sets in the future.

    I’m starting to feel I should just boycott major label releases entirely and spend my money with more deserving smaller labels. Numero Group and Grapefruit[US]/Ba Da Bing! for instance are outstanding.

    • Kevin M says:

      Well said Charles. You want to spend some money at more deserving labels or releases? Check out some of the small German label’s Bureau B’s fantastic sounding, perfectly mastered CD or vinyl reissues of the vast Cluster / Roedelius / Moebius / Cluster & Eno / Eno Moebius Roedelius catalogue… or the still in print Brian Eno / Fripp & Eno / Budd and Eno remasters, all were wonderfully mastered in 2004 and dirt cheap. The early Pere Ubu albums I think were influenced by early Roxy. People unfamiliar could check out The Modern Dance (recorded 1977-1978) and Dub Housing (1979). Or get some La Düsseldorf (Klaus Dinger post Neu!), some Popol Vuh, some Can if you don’t know or have them. The £30 Velvet Underground Matrix live CD set is astonishing, or some of Faust’s albums are not a million miles from Roxy à là The Bogus Man, The Bob, etc….. Faust IVis IMO the best, alongside the often neglected 71 Minutes of Faust.

      Lots to do with even say, £50, rather than give it to this clown dance of a release, and a pile of new, kind of in context historical hopeful enjoyment for early Roxy fans who don’t know all that stuff I’ve mentioned and more.

  77. Nigel Bevan says:

    Way to expensive and I think we all keep clear as it will set a presedent of future releases/costings. Do we really need this in our lives when we properly all have this in numerous formats already?

  78. EW99 says:

    Oof, just noticed that Bitters End is missing from the second Peel session and Grey Lagoons from the In Concert. I guess they had to squeeze everything on to a single disc.

    • JF says:

      Yes I noticed that as well, the BBC Sessions bootleg I have has both those tracks on it. I think “Grey Lagoons” or “The Bogus Man Part 2” as it was known then, will be kept for the FYP Deluxe release (2085?), which is a bit stupid separating it from the rest of the show. I’m not sure the dates are correct either, maybe a mix up with the recording and actual broadcast times?

  79. JohnC says:

    Wonder when For Your Pleasure will be out. When this was first announced over 3 years ago Phil Manzanera said the first two albums were ready for the box set treatments. Start saving now

  80. Kauwgompie says:

    Looks like the SDE box is now £77 on Less than half compared to other prices. Is more like it. But will still not buy at that price. But at least it’s moving into the right direction.

  81. Nigel D Day says:

    As Sparks once sang, Thanks,but No Thanks.

  82. Bobbyjean says:

    I would love to know how they came up with the over £170 is shocking.even the con of amazon dropping the price to let’s say £99 is still way to’s time us idiots stop buying these overpriced box sets.this I want but no no no.£59.99 is about right .king crimson understand there can’t be this horrible to your fans when let’s face it only true fans want a super deluxe.very badly thought out and no cd steven Wilson mix is madness.thank you Paul for the bowie heroes link

  83. Pete Murs says:

    Well I wasn’t going too , but saw ltd Edition signed poster by Ferry with first 500 sales , so orded for Feb 2nd , ……..Had to be done , was told by my other half buying me for my birthday

  84. Kauwgompie says:

    The signed version is now sold out. So they sold at least 500. For the die hard fans. So even at that price, the signed copies flew off the shelves. I’m sticking with The Complete Studio Recordings Box I bought several years ago with one of Paul’s Deal Alerts. Even has “The Numberer” on it.

  85. Mic Smith says:

    After reading AlanB’s post above I tried again for the signed print version – again had the same issue as before (password not recognised, inspite of it being provided by the site) – sent a query to their help desk (open 9-5 Monday to Friday) but then was sent another password change which I hadn’t requested and the order went through!

    I guess I should keep an open mind until it arrives but at this point it seems I’ve got the signed print edition……

  86. Michael says:

    I’ve been waiting quite awhile for the Steve Wilson 5.1 remaster of Roxy Music. Like many, I was hoping the Roxy Music re-issues would be released with similar packaging and price points as XTC. The super deluxe set of Roxy Music looks lovely, but if record companies keep putting these super high price tags on desirable deluxe packages, all music enthusiasts like myself will be broke before we reach retirement age. Sadly, I will have to be sensible and pass on this :(

  87. Kenneth says:

    Wow. Macca and the Eagles must be blushing right now.

  88. Klaus says:

    Thanks to all of you commenting here for brightening my evening. Some of your comments even made me laugh out loud while reading them. I’m gonna wait for the three King Crimson-SDEs i purchased the other week at Saturn’s 3-for-2 deal for EUR 275 and listen to them while waiting for Universal Music to rethink their value for money concept.
    Oh, and late in the evening but i hope still in time my best wishes to our host Pauls birthday. May he be around for much longer to provide us with information on priceworthy and not so priceworthy physical product (and the occasional download). Happy Birthday Paul.

  89. AlanB says:

    Had a long think about this today and finally paid for the signed print version. This is one of my favourite albums of all time and surely one of the best debut albums ever. I have seen a copy for 122 Euro on the FNAC website. Looking forward to the For Your Pleasure and other albums hopefully at a cheaper price. Wonder if Eno will release his first four great albums in this format?

  90. Keith Wright says:

    I would love to know what ENO makes of this.
    Record companies are now at the last chance saloon, so this will be common practice, its priced for the over 50’s generation disposable income.

    No more money left for rip offs.

  91. Ciaran says:

    It’s one of my favourite albums so I buckled and bought it. Went for the signed print version as I can frame that and get additional (for your) pleasure from that. Agree the price is ridiculous. With regards to the mixes and lossy 5.1, I always wonder how much musicians actually understand and follow this stuff. So it may be a lack of understanding/knowledge rather than cynicism.

  92. paolo says:

    It is a great packaging, no doubt, but I’m not enough into Roxy to justify the purchase. I mean, even if it wasn’t that ridicolously overpriced. The 2CD set looks great too, but if I got it right the album is the very same version as the 1999 remaster, which I have, so no real point to buy this either. Unless they make casebound 2CD sets for all the albums, in that case I’ll be interested in an upgrade for my RM collection. On a side note the 1999 remasters sound way better than the 2012 boxset versions, in my opinion. I originally got the box with the intention of get rid of the 1999 CDs, but then I sold the box instead.

  93. Louise says:

    I’ve really got into Roxy recently and would love to hear this, however the only way I will buy this is either when it’s more realistically priced or when I have my head replaced by a cabbage. I’ll wait for universal’s biannual sale of stuff they’ve drastically overpriced, shouldn’t take long…

  94. Schu says:

    This belongs in Paul’s “SuperDeluxe – :Highway-Robbery : WTF : Smokin’-Dope : Attempted-Money-Grab: – Edition” rip-off category.

  95. Ian McJannet says:

    20 pounds for two disc and an extra 150 pounds for the other two !!!!
    The old saying springs to mind ……. At least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask
    YET AGAIN I say it needs everyone to boycott the 4 disc version maybe then things might change ….. but it won’t happen !!!!!!

  96. Salamander says:

    I own a copy of the SHM SACD, which is a flat transfer from the UK original analogue master tapes to DSD. It is vastly superior to the 1999 compressed remaster and is simply sounds fantastic (as do the other Roxy SHM SACDs by the way). It, however, also exposed some limitation of the the original source material and mix. The only way to improve on these editions is to remix. Why, oh why was the Wilson mix not included in this overpriced edition? Did Ferry & co. not approve the mix, are they holding out for an even pricier version? I really consider the omission of the Wilson stereo mix a show-stopper. At this price I cannot justify the purchase of this set. Despite the extra contents it pales in comparison to the Crimso, Tull or XTC sets … speaking of which, I still need that Black Sea to complement my collection, so that is where my budget will be spent.

  97. Dutchie says:

    I would order but when I add to shopping bag it doesn’t reflect having the signed print. Does anyone else have this? The title of the item omits that part.
    Unless I have a guarantee that I’m getting one of those included I won’t pay this price. Anyone have any insights as to how I can secure? Thanks in advance.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It doesn’t show the signed print in the checkout… but as long as you’ve paid £150 you are getting the version with the signed print. £130 in the checkout means you have the one without the signed print.

    • EW99 says:

      And once you’ve bought it, it shows as a separate item in your order. You can cancel the order quite easily if it’s not there so if there has been a mistake then no harm done.

  98. Eric Wayne Norlander says:

    I just want to know why all of these sets always offer a signed print (usually one that won’t even fit neatly into the box set…)?
    The prints are often not attractive enough to tempt me to frame and hang them; I’d much prefer the box set itself to be signed either right on the front lid, or, preferably, on the title page of the included book!

    Oh, and the price point sucks too, lol.

  99. Alan says:

    The Roxy retirement booster box set

  100. Mister Stick says:

    Geez, what blowback… And people say Roxy is forgotten. If that were really true, there wouldn’t be the kind of eye-rolling that we can read about here, quite understandable since so many had such high hopes. And all of it correct: No new Wilson stereo mix at either the CD or hi-rez level makes this box deficient, and the price defines this as a gyp. I mean they should at least include a sound file of a Jerry Hall voicemail where’s she laughing at Bryan Ferry – surely there must be a hundred takes of that.

    If you can’t resist, though, you might as well jump on the autographed version, right? I can’t recall any signed special edition so close in price to an unsigned copy (though Bryan might well write “Merry Christmas, my dear chump” on every one of them). But for the rest of us, there’s certainly more that can be done with a hundred and eighty smackers. Hey, that’s almost enough for one of those dinner jackets that Ferry made into his trademark… Now, if he starts signing those things, let me know.

  101. Nass Khan says:

    Rip off

    I am a big Roxy Fan but way too much money.

  102. Sean says:

    Will the DVD even play in the US. The Ferry Avonmore Deluxe edition DVD would not, it was PAL only.

  103. MikeT says:

    If I could get just the 5.1 disc, I would buy – but not buying this set because of the price. Hopefully they find it in their “hearts” to release the 5.1 disc separately.

  104. don cooper says:

    Heartening to see a working-class lad making good.
    Then proceeding to extract it big-time over comparable souls.
    The price of Brylcreem nowadays…

  105. Francois says:

    Adam, I do hear the quality between lossy DTS and 5.1 PCM even at a 44.1Khz bitrate. Even DTS HD and DTS do not sound the same at all (the former being more efficient in terms of dynamics and bass management to my ears.) This is easy to compare when listening to the two editions of Jethro Tull’s Aqualung (BR vs DVD). There is even a huge difference in sound (not always on quality, but on sound nevertheless) between DTS HD and Dolby THD.
    My personnal preference always goes to the PCM un-mastered tracks (the “flat transfers”). yes they often lack in dynamics, but they are always better with details.
    All in all, everybody perceives sound and music differently, simply because we do not have the same ears, brains and so on. What matters is you can purchase what suits you better when the price tags is so high.
    We have seen multi discs edition, around 80€ to 100€, in the past that allowed everyone to choose they own prefered sound (even sometimes with redundant DVD and BR). If the price had been around 35 to 40€, I would not have complained (I surely do not complain about Jethro Tull editions with DTS 5.1 at 39.99€). When you are asked to pay premium, you expect premium, even if in the end the difference is minimal or impossible to ear.

    • Adam says:

      Francois, sadly I do not have the Aqualung set with the Blu-ray, but the DTS 96/24 mix on the DVD sounds excellent. And of course there are sonic differences between DTS and DTS-HD and between DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD. I don’t know about “huge” differences – a lot depends on the source material – but yeah, no one disputes that.

      If the complaint is that for $200 there should have been a BR with a DTS-HD or LPCM 5.1 track, then fine. But if the complaint is that (leaving cost aside) the DTS 96/24 Steven Wilson presentation of this particular rock album is going to be somehow wanting, I seriously doubt that.

  106. james Beresford-wylie says:

    I would happily pay circa £150 for the box if it had 180gm Vinyl and HD-Audio 5.1 and stereo.

    I like may have waited years for this , however at that price and with lossy 5.1 I will wait a few years more for the real deal.

    We need to lobby these fools to have a re-think

  107. Oscar Cosulich says:

    Sailors Tales box: 21 CDs; 4 BRs; 2 DVDs = £ 130
    Now you know why Brian Ferry wasn’t accepted in the court of the Crimson King

  108. Michael says:

    I will keep my money in the bank thanks. Like others I would like some of this content. However as with like the McCartney reissues (where I have mostly stuck to the 2cd sets or not bothered at all) I am unable to justify the huge price differential between 2cd edition and the super deluxe set for maybe a book, (in some cases) a box, and a handful of additional tracks/videos. In this case I appreciate there is a 5.1 DVD with video content but its still only 4 discs.

    There seems to be a trend in huge prices for some of these large format sets now – Queen, REM in recent months. Remembering that in these sets one of these cd’s usually duplicates (or remasters again) a recently remastered disc I really can’t justify the additional spend for the additional content. I will happily wait for these to drop in price/appear in a sale or not buy at all.

    I have a huge collection of box sets and special editions from the last 20 years but cannot justify spending £20 or more (here nearer £35) per disc.

    I love physical products and generally bypass downloads but have to draw the line somewhere. I appreciate the need to support the industry or perhaps these sorts of sets may cease, but I wonder if some marketing executive haS watched the film “Field of Dreams” a few too many times…… “if you build it, they will come”

    Well sorry I won’t

  109. Steven says:

    Paul, PLEASE try to get an answer as to why they are not going with SW stereo mix. It seems perverse to go to the time and trouble (and expense) of getting Mr Wilson involved only to then shelve his work in favour or a heavily criticized/brickwalled remaster from almost 2 decades ago………

  110. Ian Harris says:

    It’s a bargain (sic) on HMV at £129.99!

    I might, just might, have gone for a signed copy at £150, but only if it was signed by Ferry, Eno, Mackay, Manzanera and Thompson.

  111. Catweazle says:

    Makes the News of the World Box look like a bargain!

  112. Gorecki says:

    I was excited until I saw the ludicrous price…. more than my weekly income!

    Does anyone remember just 6 years ago U2 released Achtung Baby with 6CDs, 4DVDs and big book-thing for about 100 quid? More than twice the content, two-thirds the price! Those were the days….

    It’s interesting to note that the signed edition costs £150 while Amazon’s listing is £172 – clearly Amazon believe that Mr. Ferry’s signature actually devalues the set by £22!

    Amazon: “Give us 172 quid or we’ll force you take a signed copy! Mwahahahaha!”

    These big corporations truly are evil…. :)

  113. Gansbarre says:

    I hate to pile on since there are bits that are great (BBC/Peel Sessions finally getting an official release), but why the 1999 remaster and not at least the 2015? Brickwalled beyond belief:

    • Adam says:

      While an 8 DR is not ideal, describing it as “brickwalled beyond belief” is deceptive. That description should be reserved for things in the 1-5 (maybe 6) range. I don’t have any of the discs to compare, but the hyperbole is unnecessary, I think.

  114. WILLIAM ENGLAND says:

    …and on top of the £150 price tag is the £7 p&p…

  115. Mark McKendrick says:

    2-disc: £20….
    4-disc: £40.
    Hello UMe….
    Goodbye UMe.

  116. Adam says:

    Honestly, describing a DTS 96/24 surround mix as deficient in some way is ludicrous. Sure, it’s not DTS-HD, but it’s not exactly a cinematic score, either. The odds of any of you being able to tell the difference is close to nil. The Depeche Mode DTS 96/24 mixes sound terrific, and I’m sure with Steve Wilson at the helm this will sound just as good, if not better.

    That said, unless one of my Roxy Music junkie friends ponies up for this set, or the price gets cut by at least half, I’ll never hear it. The Metallica boxes are cheaper and come with at least 3x the material, including a very nice book. This is highway robbery, and I will not be party to it.

  117. BritinDetroit says:

    So this was done by Steve Wilson around 2014/15 and now is presented four years later at an eye watering price.

    Is it too early to ask if Steve did “For Your Pleasure” and that we might expect it in 2020 ?

  118. BobG says:

    I waited a little over a year for the “Fresh Cream” Deluxe (which is also 4 discs, with the 4th being a blu-ray instead of a DVD) and got it for $33.00 (including shipping) when purchased from for one of the recent black Friday deals (and this set has much more compelling and extensive track lists on disks 3 & 4).

    There is no doubt waiting is the key element here for these deluxe sets and yes, I know the temptation of wanting some of these sets right away. I realize that the original price for Fresh Cream Deluxe started much lower but with over 50% savings for waiting for about a year is worth it in my book.

    There is no doubt in my mind that by next year’s black Friday, this deluxe set will be much more affordable.

  119. Lemmin says:

    They really shouldn’t have bothered at this price, this is almost an insult.

  120. Geoff G says:

    As with everyone else. I would love to have this in my collection. But at that price I doubt it ever will be. :(

  121. Brian says:

    Dreadful. I hope they don’t sell a single copy at that price.

  122. Cosmo Castanza says:

    Yet another outrageous price fleecing loyal fans …… these people never have enough money ?
    I am lucky enough to be able to afford it , but would give it to a homeless charity rather than fill up this and other troughs.

  123. David Martin says:

    After waiting so long – color me disappointed.

  124. Jay says:

    Clearly the price of the 4 disc set includes personal delivery by Bryan and a full live album set in your living room – so it’s rather good value.

    • Not Available says:

      Agreed. At what works out to $45 per disc US, I would expect the band to come to my house to perform it. Welcome to the first ever “limited edition” that doesn’t sell out.

    • moog_man says:

      Includes the Roxy time machine which transports the band to their former svelte selves, and make-up artist. Customers are required to supply the electricity and call their mates over.

    • Adrian Johnson says:

      Yes, I was thinking that at that price Mr Ferry would be delivering it to me personally, then taking me out for lunch to regale me with a few anecdotes about the recording…

  125. Colin Harper says:

    Madness not to include the SW stereo remix anywhere. I’m sure the deluxe package specs are sensational, but at the price you’d expect no less. 1999 master + BBC 2CD disc is just cynical.

  126. François says:

    My disapointment is bigger than was my expectations towards this release. No Bluray, no SW new mix, a lossy DTS surround rendition of mr Wilson’s work.. We have entered the era of low quality SUPER deluxe at high prices. It began with mid range overpriced quality of REM’s Automatic for the peopke, reached a peak with Hotel California and now here we are with a 5 years in the making not so (technically) deluxe edition. I buy these for the content and the quality of the audio as much as for the packaging, apart for super upper deluxe of Rush’s Farewell to Kings and Alan Parson’s Eye in the sky, nibe of thr last main stream box are up to the expectations (I do not count KC Sailors Tale as a mainstream box).
    Anyway, at this pricetag, an addtional bluray with lossles surround and new SW stereo is a mandatory item, isn’t it ?

  127. BrianM says:

    call me a sucker….just ordered the signed version but was hoping it would be signed by Phil too

  128. Mike the Fish says:

    I’m way priced out of the market for this at the moment. No way to attract casual interest. This could have easily been a £40 or less set. The larger book clearly makes it more expensive but not too that extent. Are Universal pursuing a how much will people stretch to programme?

  129. Travis says:

    No Pyjamaram?

  130. JohnC says:

    I remember as a 14year old taping the BBC concert and the John peel sessions. I treasured that tape. Then one day put it on to play and found my mum had taped over it with a Lena Martell LP (look her up). Will definitely buy the 2CD version but no way am I paying that amount for the super deluxe. If they are on streaming services I’ll give the outtakes a listen but at the end of the day they were originally left off for a reason

  131. JasonC says:

    Looking forward to the SDE Deal Alert for this one in, I’ll guess, July 2018!

  132. Michel says:

    Hello, you can order the 3CD+DVD deluxe set on French for 122,99€ + free shipping to France or free delivery in Fnac shops.

  133. elliott buckingham says:

    just wondering why no Blu-ray for the 5.1 mix. is there a noticeable difference between a dvd and Blu-ray regarding sound quality of music

    • james Beresford-wylie says:

      You can have high res audio on a dvd (DVD-A) and it sounds great, much better than DTS . However , yes it depends on your kit as to how much better it sounds.

      I’m always amazed where someone goes to all the trouble to mix 5.1 in 96/24 HD and then releases the thing in lossy DTS or Dolby. It is I believe only down to authoring costs , Easy way out is to do what they’re doing (add vinyl as well) and then have the HD versions available as downloads

  134. Simon says:

    This price makes the Wishbone Ash set ( £250) for 30 discs beautifully packaged look like a bargain.

  135. Ben Williams says:

    I may sound like a broken record here, I’ve commented the same thing before with Universal Music produced box sets on SDE this year a few times before, but this box set is stupidly overpriced!

    I love deluxe editions (don’t we all, that’s why we’re here!) but I’ve found that this year has been a blow-out year for anaemic pricey sets that aren’t worth the money. News Of The World, Flowers In The Dirt, Automatic For The People And the king of them all, Hotel California. It’s as though the bottom has fallen out of the market and labels are making one last dash at pricing as high as possible to make money off of legendary acts.

    If the sets were like the Metallica boxes, this sort of price would be justified but for 3 CDs and a surround mix, how can that price be justified? Okay, there’s Brian Ferry’s autograph on 500 of them which is nice but I’m really starting to lose faith on these sorts of sets.

    The Ties That Bind by Springsteen offered the best in terms of style, substance and value (for these kinds of deluxe large book sets) and it’s a shame that the labels (Universal Music mainly) do not make more affordable deluxe sets like that rather than anything over the £100 mark that holds very little musical content.

    It’ll be interesting what people think, I just feel that the super deluxe pricing has gone a bit crazy this year.

  136. Dennis Yardley says:

    One of my favourite albums…………but not at that price!

  137. Kevin M says:

    I hope it’s coincidence, and not a ploy, that this has been announced on the anniversary of John Lennon’s death, what with Roxy’s very high profile link with that death (the Jealous Guy cover version which was a colossal UK hit in the wake of Lennon’s murder).

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I really don’t think it has anything to do with it…

      • Kevin M says:

        I guess / hope you’re right. The amount of expensive inadequate “deluxe” or box set rubbish being put out by the companies increasingly makes me think they’re capable of anythng.

      • Paul Murphy says:

        There’s a marketing conspiracy theory for you! Maybe they announced it today because it’s Paul’s birthday and they felt that, in cake-and present-fuelled largesse, he might just focus in the wonderful content and skip the “and the punchline is…?” pricetag.

    • Mark Nicolson says:

      Preposterous comment Kevin.

  138. Lou Jenkins says:

    Thanks Paul

    Signed print makes it a pretty good deal for 150.00

  139. Alan B says:

    Compare and contrast the content and price with the XTC re-issues. They must be making a £100 profit per box. Even the LP is £30! It should come with a free highwayman’s mask.

  140. Mic Smith says:

    Tried ordering the signed copy but the site has difficulty recognising the password they sent me! Oh well I’ll shop elsewhere.

    • DDB9000 says:

      I’ve been trying to order it also, and it said than my card was declined, which it shouldn’t be – tried again – same thing – then I realised there was nothing in my cart!
      So I tried and tried, and I add it, and still come up with an empty cart which I suspect is why it won’t take my card.
      Site is really screwed up.

    • Jonathan says:

      Took me several failed attempts to get through too but managed to bag a signed super deluxe set in the end

      • David Bly says:

        I finally did also. It tuned out my bank had just started a new system where they don’t let foreign purchases over $199 go through without verification. Fortunatele I found out about this in time, and got mine ordered also.

  141. APAP says:

    Ridiculous price aside, This is a SDE right? So where is “The Numberer”? Who thought “Oh that’s just a B Side we can forget about it”

  142. Kauwgompie says:

    By the way, the “outtakes” aren’t really outtakes because except for “Instrumental” they are all the same titles of the songs that are on the regular album. So these are not “outtakes” but alternative mixes. I wonder how different they are. They are not “demos” because otherwise they would have called them “demos” like in the first section of disc 2 of the SDE.
    To me an “outtake” is a song that didn’t make the album and therefore became a b-side or was never released. But if they are the same song, they are not outtakes but alternative mixes. Are they wildly different, or virtually the same? I guess no one knows but this makes the content a bit less interesting to me. And studio laughter? Not really my cup of tea either.
    I already mentioned the price. That is obviously massive insanity.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I don’t agree with your definition. An outtake is a version that wasn’t included in the final release. Doesn’t have to be a new song. An alternative mix, suggests a finished or near finished mix that may have been considered for release… none of these fit that description.

  143. Steven Roberts says:

    Content missing, lossy 5.1, and THAT PRICE….

    Obscene :(((((

  144. Charles Hodgson says:

    I really want this. It’s one of the greatest records ever made, and I’d ideally like to have every note, demo, full album recording sessions, etc.
    As noted by other posters, there are some inexplicable choices made here.:
    *1999 Remaster on Disc One
    *No SW Stereo Mix and the RSD 10″ tracks (longer version of “Ladytron”)
    *No “Numberer” B-Side
    *”Virginia Plain” included in Album tracklist, rather than as a bonus track (depends which version you grew up with I suppose, but it wasn’t on the UK Gatefold Version I got in the early-80’s, so it jars for me having it stuck in the midst of the original tracklisting.)
    *Lossy 5:1 on DVD, rather than lossless Bluray (not an issue for me personally, but clearly disappointing for many).
    *The Demos, Outtakes and Radio Sessions (Discs Two & Three SHOULD sound incredible).
    *Recognition for Davy O’List’s contribution to early Roxy Music (at last!)
    *A lovely looking package / book (I’m sure!). It has to be at that price!
    The question for me will be at which price-point to bite on. What’s the lowest price this Box Set will go to? My record on getting this right is not good!

    • Bogdan says:

      DTS 96/24 sound on the DVD is hi-res, not lossy. The data stream should be around 8-10 Mbps, which is about 6-7 times more data compared to standard CD (which is also lossless).

      • chrrr says:

        Nope. DTS 96/24 is definitely lossy at ~1.56Mbps on DVDs. Only Blu-Rays have uncompressed DTS formats. Unfortunately.

  145. EW99 says:

    I’m in for the signed version. I may well regret that when I calm down but I’m pretty excited right now for this.

  146. Ern says:

    Another in the ongoing series of You Love My Music So I’ll Overcharge You So You Don’t Spend Your Money On Any Other Artist series of reissue releases
    Also known as Greed
    Buy XTC
    Happy Friday

  147. Steve says:

    Agree with others, the premium for another cd, a dvd and book is completely ridiculous. If those elements were sold separately would it be realistic to expect them to be big sellers at around the ton for the set? I suspect most people would just laugh at the ambition, settle for the £20 set and thus put themselves further from future purchase of the big set even if it were to drop considerably in price.

  148. Gary C says:

    Content wise, and we do have to pony up for the book/box with all the pics and interviews which would have taken some time to put together too, I would rate this around £70; that being £50 for the music/DVD and £20 for the book sounds like the best way of looking at.

    • Larry Davis says:

      This whole talk about the price gouging over a frikking BOOK reminded me…you may not like the artist, but Roxy/Universal shoulda followed Garth Brooks’ example here. He just released a 5CD/240 page book called “The Anthology, Vol. 1”, first editions in a grey slipcase, looks very nice, and the 5CDs are mostly unreleased demos from his 1st 5 years, but it’s 52 tracks, and the set is Part 1 of 5 sets coming out down the line…the cost?? Target is selling it for $24.99US!!! Much better value than Roxy, whether you like Garth or not…just saying.

    • Kevin M says:

      Gary C “..we do have to pony up for the book [..], I would rate this around £70..“

      The very high quality “David Bowie Is” official hardback 320 page archival book, with masses of visual content and multiple specially commissioned written pieces, was £25 – £29.99 on publication date not that long ago. Currently £22.75 new from amazon uk.

      • Ex-Oligarch says:

        The idea that the book production costs are driving the price is simply wrong. “Coffee table” books in reasonable print runs routinely sell in in the $10-$40 range, and production costs are only a small fraction of that price.

        Note also that the raw content of these reissues has already been produced. Those expenses have long since been recovered or written off. The label incurs the costs of dredging the photos and recordings out of its archives, hiring a writer to produce an essay and a graphic designer to assemble the book, and perhaps someone to remaster and remix the audio.

        The pricing of these sets bears almost no relation to costs. It is entirely a matter or marketing and profits. Convincing consumers that these are luxury items or collectable “investments” allows the labels to charge an absurdly high margin and maintain the high executive/administrative compensation in the industry.

  149. Jan says:

    Since I have very good sounding SACD version of the original release + best of RM also on SACD I am not interested at all in this release particularly for that price.

    It is a total rip-off and I will wait until the price decreases below 50€ and if not, it does not matter to me. Cheers.

  150. Chris Squires says:

    It looks beautiful and very desirable, but as many have said there are comparable (and better) sets available for 25% of the price. Just bought Setting Sons for £25 with just as much content of interest and the Simple Minds sets….. well.
    The signature edition is interesting as the companies must know this will be a £70 deal alert.
    BUT… is that part of the new industry plan? Put out £50 worth of content at £150. You will still sell some at 300% extra profit over it’s value. Then when you have a £75 deal it seems like a steal and a second wave will buy at 50% extra profit over it’s value. Finally you shift the last copies at £50, it’s actual value and still a decent profit. It certainly a plan that holds water when you see what macca did. I bought at £67, thinking I’d got a bargain, but really I was buying £50 worth of content for £67 and thinking I’d scored.

    Or is printing really that expensive?

  151. Gerbrand says:

    The correct “The Peel Sessions” dates are :
    1. Recorded: 1972-01-04. First broadcast: 21 January 1972
    2. Recorded: 1972-05-23. First broadcast: 23 June 1972
    3. Recorded: 1972-07-18. First broadcast: 01 August 1972

  152. I’m so glad that the Super Deluxe edition of my all-time favourite album – Simple Minds’ New Gold Dream – was only £35 or so, and it was bloomin’ excellent too.

    I love the actual look of this Roxy set – the alternate covers on the CDs are great, but that price is crazy. Obviously it’ll go down in price further down the line, but I doubt we’re going to get a blinder like we did with The Man Who Fell to Earth set the other day (HMV were still selling that one for over £100 at the same time Amazon were selling it for £20!).

    Also, it’s such a shame Steven Wilson’s remix work will be tucked away on such an expensive set – at least his work on Yes and XTC have been much more affordable.

  153. Neil Wilkes says:

    3CD and a DVD for £170?
    You have got to be kidding me – not even a lossless 5.1 at that price point?
    Pure, unadulterated greed.
    Much as I want this, I am in no way paying a penny piece over £50 at the very, very highest.

  154. Andy says:

    The vinyl and the deluxe CD also come with a signed poster via the Roxy Music website (500 copies of each format).

  155. Stuart Morrison says:

    A rip-off, pure and simple. Jethro Tull produce as much, if not more, content for 20 quid, or so.
    £172?? They can shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  156. Frank Bruce says:

    No, that price for a 4 disc set? The record company is trying to mug the fans, £50 at a push and even then i’d need to think about it. I’ll pass

  157. That price!!! More like POXY Music. And I take it Mr. Ferry will be signing copies in fox blood? I do love this album, by the way.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The signed Graceland super deluxe was £200 wasn’t it and that was quite a few years back. Just sayin’!

      • Klaus says:

        Haven’t bought it. Already had 4 copies of it ;-)

      • That’s appalling too! To be honest, the whole signature thing doesn’t do it for me. I mean, if it was a copy that was signed in front of you like at a record store and there was a chance for a cool personal/unique message, then that’s amazing, but just having Bryan or Simon do a quickie signature without knowing who it’s for and then charge over the odds for it just doesn’t appeal. But each to their own!

  158. feline1 says:

    Delighted by the wealth of content, although at that price I’d want Brian Eno to personally come and bugger me.

  159. Stumpybunker says:

    Absolutely ‘nope’ at that ridiculous price! No SW new stereo mix on Cd, the t.q isn’t hi Rez on Blu Ray, and no vinyl. Would at least expect some marbles….

  160. Adam says:

    Sorry, but that price is insane! I wanted it as well, but it’s worth half that, no more.

  161. Kevin Barrett says:

    Jeez they really made the most of that photography session!

  162. Dean says:

    A nightmare package.

    Cost is way too high. Worse, the stereo mix appears to be one from 1999, ignoring a new stereo mix completed by Steve Wilson in 2012. They are including SW’s 5.1 mix, but not in the 2-disc version.

    Opinions of the 1999 stereo mix is generally that it’s poor – so this is a disaster.

    • Noted. I wonder if they felt the SW stereo mix was too radical? I have never managed to hear the Ladytron RSD 10″ so can’t offer an opinion sadly.

      Funnily enough, I just found my own reviews of the 1999 remasters for Record Collector magazine the other day. Surprised it’s being used in this:

    • Larry Davis says:

      Sir Paul McCartney, all is forgiven!! With that price, I’d much rather track down the “Complete Studio Recordings” box and “The Thrill Of It All”, the vidclips DVD and live reunion release…the book looks nice, but not at that price!!

    • Wayne Klein says:

      I don’t ,understand why the,y chose to,go with the horrid Ludwig remaster from 1999. They originally approved it, then went for flat transfers knowing that the previous versions weren’t exactly pleasing to a lot of folks.

      Yet they curiously go back to this rather than using Wilson’s new remix (don’t know who mastered the 5.1).

      This is so ass backward I’m amazed. Wonder who’s decision it was to use the Ludwig?

  163. David says:

    Price is way too high but I’ve pre-ordered anyway and will see how rich I feel nearer the time.

  164. David Holdstock says:

    Agree with all the comments on price – brilliant set, shockingly priced!

  165. Paul Rymer says:

    Seems a similar package to the Tears For Fears sets but they were priced at around £40 if my memory is correct. Human League’s set last year was seen as overpriced at £80. The Bowie sets on Parlophone are £100 but have way more material included. I’m not going to buy at that price.

  166. Dave H says:

    For that price you would expect the 5.1 surround on blu-ray.
    If everyone boycotts buying it at £130, it will surely have to come down in price.

  167. Simon says:

    I think £60 to £70 is the right price for these type of sets, the discs are cheap to produce it’s really only the books that are expensive. £130 is insane I think. If they want people not to buy it and obtain the material through other means they are certainly going the right way.

  168. Kauwgompie says:

    WHAT…..$180????? I’m not a penny pincher when it comes to buying SDE’s, although, come to think of it, I almost buy them all through Paul’s Deal Alerts (yes I capitalized that). But $180 for 3cd + 1dvd? George Michael and the Smiths are 3cd + 1dvd as well and I bought those for $32 and $24 respectively. The Smiths SDE is now on sale on for $22. And Roxy Music want $180 for the same plus a book? So essentially you pay $150 for a book? No this is a train to nowhere, that’s gotta come down. There is no way I would ever pay that.
    Paul McCartney’s Flower’s In The Dirt was less expensive, I was able to get it for €77. It comes with 4 booklets. 5 if you purchased Paul’s Trever Horn interview booklet. U2’s Joshua Tree latest SDE comes with 3cd + 1dvd, 2 real books and I got that for about $80. At the most this Roxy Music SDE should be $80 or so. And that is already pushing it.
    At this price, it’s an easy no for me.

    • Klaus says:

      Got myself a copy of The Complete Studio Albums when it was about to become out-of-print for a reasonable price and added a second hand-copy of the live 2-CD of the re-union tour for a fiver and that’s for me all the Roxy Music i need.
      Maybe they would be better off if they licensed the book to Taschen Verlag and they’ll sell it for about GBP 50. In this planned edition this is clearly a NO-brainer for me;-)

  169. poptones says:

    Being a huge fan of Roxy Music, I was waiting for that release and was happy reading that blog entry until I saw the price and puked ! It’s a shame the first deluxe version of a Roxy album gets such an awful treatment.

    I’ll stick with my LP and CD versions. For what it’s worth, I bought the Smiths’ Queen Is Dead 3CD + DVD for €26 a few weeks ago which was a good price. I know the Roxy box set is presented in a large-format 12″ x 12″ 136-page hardcover book so I guess it means we’re paying £100 for the book ! ;)

    There’s really no need for a large 12″ x 12″ format unless the package includes a 12″ LP.
    Never Mind The Bollocks was released in a similar packaged box 5 years ago and it didn’t sell very well. I bought it on sale for approx €25 three years ago. It’s re-released this month in a CD sized format and the price is around €40.

  170. Martin says:

    Would love it as was my first album in the 70’s but at that price not a chance. It need to be sub £100. Doesn’t surprise me on prices bough as the recent Roxy M vinyl’s were well over priced

    • Andy B says:

      Looks like a lovely package but the pricing is crazy. Plus I’m surprised they haven’t included Virginia Plain B-side The Numberer for completeness sake.

      • Tony Ward says:

        Agreed. My first thought as well. At least it’s available on the original 7″single & in the fab 4CD boix set “The Thrill Of It All”

  171. Barry says:

    Knock £140-£150 off the price and I’m in. Odd that the 1999 mix is used (not well regarded) and the other deficiencies mentioned in Paul’s post. Unfortunately, this seems to be another example of ‘what could have been’.

  172. Aubrey says:

    I love this album. It has grown to be one of my faves and this package looks awesome (That price though…).

  173. Ade Swatridge says:

    Would love this but not at that price point. They could have got all this on a bluray like the XTC reissues and kept it under £20. Insane.

  174. I’m sure I’m not the first, and certainly won’t be the last…. but I just spat coffee through my nose when I saw that price. Even if Amazon come down to £130, that’s still £80 too much in my book.

    My delight at the 5.1 mix finally getting a release has been tempered by the lossy format and highwayman pricing :-(

  175. Darren Vickers says:

    Disappointing there isn’t a vinyl double or triple album remastered from analog tapes.
    No vinyl, no purchase for me.

  176. Ian Harris says:

    Yes! At last!
    But that price? No way!

  177. Randy Francis says:

    Oy vey, $225 for the super deluxe! What hole do they have their heads shoved into?

  178. Gary Shaw says:

    But not at anywhere near that price.

  179. Auntie Sabrina says:

    £129.99 for the Four Disc Super Deluxe and £14.99 for the 2CD Deluxe version from the uDiscovermusic store plus postage

  180. Catweazle says:

    Love it but oh! the price – no way I’m gonna spend more than 80 € on it.

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